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Eucalyptus Honey
Posted by MIMO (Morocco) on 07/20/2022
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Eucalyptus Honey for Hemorrhoids

OK, so my treatment is actually quite mixed, but I'll try to highlight all the important points before I describe what happened (spoiler alert: it's a bloody miracle). So, here is my current treatement:

- Apply Eucalyptis Honey directly on the Roid whenever possible, and especially after bowel movements

(if it's external, like mine were, then its as easy as applying cream, if it's internal, get it in somehow if you can, or just eat it)

- Mix honey with ACV every now and then, and apply EUCALYPTUS HONEY + ACV mix

- You may add castor oil, garlic (oil or raw juices), for more bazang.

- Continue until it's gone

Now for my full story:

Table Salt

I don't know where they came from, but one did. It was huge, on the top right side of the inside of my but, just outside and coming from within the anus. The pain was horrible, so I immediately thought "dirty place, diseased-type skin... put salt on it to calm it down". I did just that, and the pain was excruciating, but the overall pain of the Roid died down with it.


I applied ACV with the salt, to get a deflating, disinfecting effect going on. It worked, but I ran out of ACV, so I put salt again and it grew back in size. So, I went and got ACV and followed a lady on here who said rise out baby wipes, soak in ACV and put it up there, leaving it over night. It worked wonderfully for a while, but then my skin condition started to deteriorate, making the Roids worse, and then suddenly another bigger, worse Roid showed up at the bottom. I thought if this cure don't work, it's surgery for me.

Eucalyptus honey

So I cam across this scientifically proven olive oil + honey + beeswax mix. I couldn't get my hands on beeswax (because to be honest I'm new and didn't even know beeswax was consumable! ). So, I bought eucalyptus honey, knowing its antibiotic nature, and just put it straight on. IMMEDIATELY, just like the ACV the first time, the pain, itchiness, uncomfortableness, all of it, was gone. The size still remained.


So, eucalyptus honey makes all the bad go away and looks after skin, in fact improving it, and ACV does the opposite, which is destroy all that is in its path. Therefore, I can destroy the bugger without any damage, all with no pain or weird remedy, just mix it in a cup, put my finger in it, and put it on top (after washing that area properly, which is what you should do after every bowel movement. You don't wipe plates clean without washing, don't do the same to your butt).

Extra - sitting

I also ensured to change my sitting habits and ensure I'm not sitting in a way that could put bad pressure on them.

Final remarks and current results:

I can feel the little skin sticking out a bit, because they are veins going up that way after all, but everyday it reduces in size. It went from a grape size and blocking even my passing of gas, to barely the size of a pea. It should be gone by the weekend. I'll let you know if it is.