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30 Seconds Or Less
Posted by KK (Nairobi) on 06/19/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I'm "healed" of my hemorrhoids (the how below).

I've suffered for years, often with recruiting pain. ACV helped me manage my pain: 50/50 acv/water solution on a cotton ball, wedged between my cheeks for around 10 minutes. Plus a repeat 10 minutes of I was still in pain.

Then I read the primary cause of inflamed hemorrhoids is pressure. And sitting on the loo for long is the main cause of that pressure. The recommendations are to take 5 to 10 minutes. I was doing that, occasionally a little longer.

I then found an article that said all mammals, the largest to the smallest, take an average of 12 seconds to poop. Watching my dog poop on walks have me an example of this. When he had more to eliminate, he just did two or more 12 second stops/squats between walking. Never stopped there waiting for the shy ones to come.

This fixed my hemmies instantly and completely. From the first time I pooped like my dog, taking 30 seconds or less on the pot, I have not had any inflammation or pain. Gone completely. After years of suffering!

Try it. Sit, push if you must (don't be scared to push, my dog does. Speed is paramount), as soon as you feel a "break", wipe and get up. If you're a dude, don't pee while sitting, finish pooping, wipe, stand and pee.

That's it. That's what healed me. Three weeks now. Went from daily piles and pain to zero. Try it. 30 seconds or less.