Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

Resveratrol, L Arginine
Posted by Mohammed (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 10/09/2012
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After three angioplasty procedures in a period of long ten years, my heart health never improved. At last, I was admitted to st. Michael hospital toronto, canada for an immediate open heart surgery. For six months I was ok but my heart complaints started to come back slowly. Chest pain, high blood pressure, heavy feeling after every meal, difficulty walking on stairs etc. I am sure every heart patient is familiar with these symptoms.

In a state of frustration, I determined to do some research on myself. I tested every possible herb or supplement on my heart health and at last came to a miraculous conclusion. Nowadays I almost claim my heart works like a baby.

In a long period of time after the bombardment of statin and blood pressure pills, your heart loses its natural activity. It needs an alignment by proper supplements to combat three factors at the same time:

Fat and cholesterol reduction, blood pressure control, and opening clogged artery.

It's about a miracle molecule Resveratrol and L arginine the ultimate arsenal to reduce blood pressure without any side effect, egg white the only cholesterol free pure protein against its rival carbohydrate to turn fat and triglycerides into body mass, and a cup of green tea all included in a breakfast.

I claim is a discovery if you implement it in my ways. Trust me I suffered for long 15 years and I found a positive way to inflict an alignment on my heart one day at a time. And in 10 to 15 days your heart starts working like a baby.