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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/04/2011

Hi Diamond, please note also that gingivitis can also be a symptom of a vitamin c deficiency. Taking vitamin c supplements will also be beneficial for your gums.

General Feedback
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 06/03/2011

ah dear, I think I have only ordered the the wrong strenght, in hydrogen peroxide ive ordered 35% instead of 3%, I have emailed the company to see if it has been released, I did explain what it was for, to treat ginivitus, hope they can sort this out, wah a mess, my gums are really sore at the minute, im gonna leave oil pulling for a few days, when I look at my gums now, they do look pinkish, but my gums look like they are receeding more, one tooth at the front of my my mouth wasnt receding but it is now, my heads in bits.x

Replied by Jennifer
(Sunrise, Fl)

Hi Diamond, Yes, only use the 3%. Hydrogen peroxide can be tough on your enamel. Never use it straight because it's too strong - I fill 1/4 of the glass with hydrogen peroxide and 3/4 with water, but you can experiment to find a level that works for you. As an added bonus it will whiten your teeth (and so will the oil pulling). You can skip the sea salt, to be honest I don't think it's the most effective part of the routine for me, but for some people it really helps. Stick with the routine for at least a month to see results. Good luck!

Goldenseal and Cayenne

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Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 03/12/2013

I have always had pretty healthy teeth, so I was shocked one night when I was brushing and had a spot at the toothline start to bleed a good bit. It hurt there when I flossed, too. I mixed goldenseal powder and cayenne together and brushed my teeth with it a couple of times that day. (Very spicy and tasted terrible! ) The next day the gum was back to normal! I got the idea from Lalitha Thomas' book, Ten Essential Herbs, which is a super resource.

Replied by Henrietta

I use the cayenne pepper and goldenseal mixed together, the inflammation I was feeling is gone, but on my upper right side behind the wisdom teeth I still have a bump there and it got smaller with oil pulling, but the oil pulling loosened my fillings and I had to stop. I will continue to use the cayenne and goldenseal even it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Someone suggested coconut oil after brushing. I am going to try that now.

But I need to get rid of this abcess, any ideas?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Henrietta,

Garlic and/or activated charcoal added to what you are already doing may help to knock out the infection.

With the garlic - you would take a clove of garlic and slice a sliver of it, wrap it in a piece of paper towel and hold it against the abscess for 20 minutes several times a day.

Charcoal will also help to draw out the infection. The easiest way is if you can find charcoal tablets (not capsules.) You just hold one in you mouth against the infected area and let it dissolve there. If you do this at bedtime and repeat if you wake up in the night, you will have the charcoal near the infection for a long time, which would be helpful.

Taking garlic internally may also be helpful. 1 clove, crushed, four times a day. You can mix it with honey and spread on toast or just take it off the spoon.

I hope you feel better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

Hello Henrietta,

Try colloidal silver. You can take it orally and soak a bit of cotton ball and hold it to the abcess for a bit.

Replied by Donna
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I cured a painful tooth infection by taking 100mg of Iodoral a day. I don't know if you can start the iodine protocol at a dose this high though...I was already taking 50mg a day when I doubled it for the infection. The pain stopped completely on the 3rd day. That was a couple of years ago. I hope this helps someone.

Gum Brushes

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Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa ) on 10/23/2013

Go the pharmacy to the dental hygiene section and look for interplax brushes. The come in narrow, medium and large. There are some that are replaceable and some that you throw away when you are finished with it. Buy the size depending on the space between you teeth, use it to brush between your teeth on a daily basis. My gums used to bleed and flossing did not help until I saw these brushes and began to use them. After a while my gums did not bleed and my dental hygienist said my gums were so much better. There was no bleeding when I went in for my regular cleaning in August. I use these brushes instead of flossing.

Hard Palate

Posted by Paul (Newtown, Pa, usa) on 08/22/2012

Hi everyone, It's about 5 months since the hard palate in my mouth began irritating me. A sensitivity and soreness which, for the most part, has been present almost every day.

I have had all the necessary blood tests, seen a doctor and had a cancer screening by the dentist. I follow a good diet, maybe 1 cup of coffee a day and seldom consume alcohol, meat, sugar or wheat (gluten) products. I am fit, quite healthy and have been trying various mouth rinses, from essential oil blends to acv, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, you name it. I have also been oil pulling for about 2 weeks now but this uncomfortable sensitivity and irritation continues.

If anyone can recommend anything that might help me to understand how to address this I would be most grateful.

Many thanks and thanks for a wonderful site!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Have you ever heard of "silent gerd"? You don't really feel the acid coming up, and I believe it usually happens when you are sleeping. It can cause a lot of damage. Perhaps look it up on line and see if the symptoms relate to what you are going through. Good luck to you.

Replied by Paul
(Newtown, Pa,usa)

Hi Kay, thanks for your suggestion. I will look into this.

Replied by Meg
(Kansas City, Mo)

Dear Lisa, Thank you once more for the videos... Each one has important information for our dental health and I daresay there may be more to come before Nadine Artemis' presentation is completed. I have learned so much and am truly grateful for the information and your kindness in sharing it. I am certainly putting what I have learned so far into practice! Blessings, Meg

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Meg, I'm so glad you've been enjoying and learning from the healthy teeth and gum videos I have been posting! More importantly, that you are actually applying them. I know I have learned so much from her. I have her book and read it as well and as I said before, loosely apply her method.

For me, realizing that teeth are living, dynamic parts of our body, not something we are helpless to change standing by watching them decay, has been so eye opening. There is so little we are taught in the main stream, about truly taking care of our teeth. I got rid of mainstream toothpaste first and then "healthy toothpaste" as well. Glycerin is in most toothpaste and it creates a slippery film over our teeth not allowing the natural flora of our mouth to heal them and continually re- enamelize them. Dr. Bronner's soap, sea salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are such better choices for our mouth health. Also, have you incorporated a tongue scraper?

Anyway, I promise to keep posting these videos as I receive them. I'm so glad you've learned new information from them! Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Thanks Lisa! What a great website... I spent half of the afternoon there yesterday! Loved the teeth and gums information.

So many interesting videos on their site. I especially liked the (seven part) video of the Earthing experiment with David Wolfe. Am going to post on that in a minute.

Just wanted to say thanks, and tell everyone if they have not checked out this site, they should! :-)

Replied by Meg
(Kansas City, Mo)

Hi Lisa, Thank you for the next instalment on dental health... Very interesting tip re b. soda & ACV in dealing with plaque.

Also, thank you for the information re the zapper... I have decided to purchase one after looking up the website you posted and also comments by David Wolfe on the use of the zapper for gum infection problems. I don't see that I have anything to lose, and everything to gain.

Another interesting point from David Wolfe in another video excerpt on youtube was the connection between the meridian of the stomach/pancreas/spleen and the top molars both sides of the mouth.... Exactly where my problems are in both cases. Donna Eden explains the meridian flows and demonstrates them on youtube also. I am practising these flows too, especially the one for the pancreas/stomach/spleen. Thanks again, and 'always victory' for all of us trying to take responsibility for our own health issues.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Meg, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear how the videos have helped you and that you also got some answers after listening to David Wolfe on zappers! That man is absolutely amazing. A genius actually, with a wealth of information on an encyclopedic amount of subjects. I have heard him speak many times as he is the person who conducts and orchestrates the Longevity Now conferences I attend. I have now been fortunate enough to have attended 5 of them and each one always has some new, cutting- edge information. He was the first person I ever heard on zappers and that was on youtube. Each time I go go a conference, he has gathered drs, scientists, herbalists and extremely knowledgeable people in their respective subject!

Like you, I have everything to gain the more knowledge I have to work with! And I love passing on to others what I have learned. It empowers each and every one of us and then we can make educated decisions regarding our personal health and life! The best to you always, Lisa


Posted by Vlad (Romania) on 08/17/2016

For Gum Disease, henbane tea rinse mouth, do not swallow. An excellent remedy with 100% effectiveness of recovery, henbane tea, be careful not swallow! Just rinse your mouth with it every morning for a week. Full recovery.

EC: For more info on the herb henbane, which is classified as a poison, please see http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/h/henban23.html and, not to be missed, http://www.sacredearth.com/ethnobotany/plantprofiles/henbane.php


Posted by Paramatman (Detroit, Michigan, U.s.a) on 10/16/2011

This is for the individual who wanted to know remedies to improve the condition of her gums. American Botanical Pharmacy sells "Daily Oral Therapy, " that reverses gum disease. It is not inexpensive but it is worth it. Their website is www.herbdoc.com.

Their herbs are formualted by a Master Herbalist and N.D. who has 20 years of clinical experience reversing so called "incurable" diseases. Their herbs are organically grown or wildcrafted. They sell a superfoods formula which is excellent.

This N.D. recommends that one detoxifies by starting out with cleansing the colon first; then, you can go on to cleanse your kidneys/bladder, liver, etc. Must start out with colon always.

Hope this will help.


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Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 05/22/2016 64 posts

I had gum pain so I started taking 500 mg mornings hesperidin. The gum pain improved immediately and disappeared over the next 2 months. Hesperidin is a bioflavinoid.


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Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 07/07/2016 42 posts

During the middle of the night my tongue found a huge deformation in the upper gum on the left in the back. Didn't know what it was but upon thinking that I have had recent occurrences of my upper tooth being loose, I sensed it was an inflamation/swelling of the gum. It was hard to the touch of my tongue. I knew that equesitum hyemale had strengthened the bond of tooth to bone before so I thought that it would possible take that down if it was swelling. I had 1tsp of horsetail powder by the name above mentioned in a tea bag soaking over night in a mug of water and had already drank some. I in the past took it into my mouth and held it there for as long as I could. Last night I did that for about ten minutes and spit it out. I thought the swelling had gone down a bit. So I did it again. I went to sleep and this morning I know it was swelling because it was completely gone. I have been taking the horsetail not religiously to get sillica into me and organic grass fed beef bone and organic chicken bone broth, which ever bones I had, also for the silica content, religiously every day at least 2 cups per day.

I hope this helps. It is the direct application (transdermal) that works the fastest. I have also been taking borax 3 times a day 3 tsp (1tsp in a liter of water solution) sometimes with food sometimes with juice or water. I noted it in a recent post and reported that I was still alive.

My pet Babe, my only living heir, has had a growth on her chest inside her left leg and she is getting borax 1/4 tsp 3 times a day with a little sardines. I had been giving her tallow with olive oil on it and nothing was happening so I thought that I may have been nourishing the growth. Two days ago I began applying the borax solution with a cotton swab and today it is much reduced. I find it problematic applying the borax liquid and was wondering if something like DMSO would get it in deeper. I read that lanolin is a carrier (getting a substance in sub cutaneously). Anyone with carrier experience, please help.


Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Donna5783 (Dothan, Al) on 10/22/2022 2 posts

Hydrogen Peroxide for gum infection

After reading posts from this website for gum ulcer remedies, I came across one using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide completely eradicated my infection. This was after my dentist gave me 2 rounds of antibiotics ( 2 months apart) and the infection came back a 3rd time. This infection was very difficult to be rid of as it was under a permanent bridge. I used the 3% store grade 3x a day at first, for a few months. Now I just use it 2x a day to maintain a clean mouth after brushing and using my Waterpik flosser. I swoosh it around my mouth for 1 minute, then spit it out and rinse. It has also done wonders for eliminating plaque. I just had a dental checkup and my hygenist was very pleased. She said I had very little plaque. I am so happy the infection has not come back, and it's been 6 months since the last one. I did not want to go back on antibiotics since they weren't doing the job.

Replied by Linda

Do not use peroxide in your mouth if you have any metal, especially mercury in your mouth as it will leach out the metals.

Replied by Marilyn
(Calhoun Georgia)

Did you brush you teeth with the hydrogen peroxide or just swish it around your mouth? Did you do it mixed with water or straight from the bottle? Thank you!

Replied by BARBARA

I am glad you are having some relief from the Hydrogen Peroxide ... but IMO you need to get to the "root" of the infection (no pun intended). There is a reason for it! From someone who has experienced more dental work in my lifetime (I'm 64) than anyone should have to (due to bad dentistry), I have been "clean" for years now, due to a very competent biological dentist. The key is to take care and be proactive when it comes to oral health. Dental issues can linger for YEARS, possibly making things worse. Just my two cents.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ken (Highlands Ranch, Co) on 09/21/2015

Gum Problems:

I find rinsing my mouth with drug store H2O2 after I brush my teeth has kept gums in perfect shape. I've been doing this for 10 minths now and the dentist never has to clean my teeth.

I used to have bleedings sore gums all the time, but no more...just rinse and don't swallow. Any sore in my gums goes away over night.

I bet your denstis witll never tell you this. Google H2O2 and Gums. Wow!

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Ken: Do you dilute the drugstore bought H2O2 before rinsing your mouth? Tx, Larry

Replied by Mama To Many

When I was a girl, I had canker sores often in my mouth. Once my mother bought an over the counter product for them. I didn't like the taste and wasn't consistent in using it. Now I realize it had hydrogen peroxide in it, because when I rinse with hydrogen peroxide, it tastes like that medicine did! It takes me back 40 years instantly. Of course, that medicine probably cost several dollars, and a bottle of peroxide back then was probably a quarter.

These days if I use hydrogen peroxide in my mouth, I do dilute it to 1%. 3% seems too strong for my mouth. So I just put one part peroxide and 2 parts water in a little cup to rinse my mouth.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Ozjasz
1 posts

I've rinsed with H2O2 3% 1:1 or even 1:2/1:3 solution only twice with a few days break between. It made my tongue whiter. Now, after the second rinsing I can "feel" the white coating on my tongue. I feel as if hydrogen peroxide has killed all the bacterias in my mouth, like my tongue is completely sterile now...

What can I do now? I'll definitely NOT rinse with h2o2 anymore...

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nina (Massachusetts) on 03/12/2015


I am a scientist who has worked with hydrogen peroxide and familiar with considerable research regarding peroxide. I also am a strong believer in natural products and medicine, when possible. Please be aware that there are many forms of hydrogen peroxide, and what you typically buy at the store is NOT considered safe for consumption or oral use (in fact, many scientists do not condone use of this type of hydrogen peroxide for use in wound healing, either, as it kills beneficial cells as well as potentially infectious ones). What is used in oral products like mouthwash, toothpaste, or whitening products is not the same thing. Hydrogen peroxide that is produced in our bodies has benefits with regard to signaling processes, but is also damaging to the body--and our bodies produce other endogenous chemicals to counteract its effects. Recommending to a large group of people a chemical that has been consistently shown to be harmful in this type of use is ill-advised. I highly recommend revising your article on gum health to either remove or, at the very least, clarify your stance on the use of hydrogen peroxide. Thank you.

Replied by Val9000
(New York, Ny)
2 posts

I believe most of the regulars who use and post on this website are referring to food grade peroxide when they say H2O2, which must be diluted down for specific uses. I usually use the 12% (because it's less volatile than the 35% F.G. H2O2), add about 1 heaping TBSP of Celtic salt and dilute the H2O2 to around 1 part per 6 or more parts distilled water for a mouth wash, shake & try it, adding more water, so the mixture is strong enough to be effective, but not strong enough to give a burning sensation after gargling several times in a row.

I believe the problem about killing more than just bacteria is what the NON-food grade kind of hydrogen peroxide sold at all pharmacies (that says on the bottle to dilute 1 part peroxide to one part water to make a mouthwash). It has toxic impurities, and you can't ingest it after diluting, but you CAN drink diluted F.G. H2O2. I got some kind of food poisoning after eating a tasty fried fish off a food cart in Mexico City and immediately got capsules with instructions to take 16 every 6 hrs to kill every kind of possible parasite, but after 7 days of that and still vomiting all day long, I remembered the instructions on my bottle of F.G. H2O2 that tells how much to add per litre of water and to drink each liter within 8 hrs, so I followed those instructions and was COMPLETELY healed in less than 24 hrs, like nothing ever happened. Nonetheless, I just read that raw, organic apple cider vinegar or even white vinegar kills 99% of all bacteria & viruses, and it is very good as a household cleaner when diluted and is non-toxic to smell it, or get it on your skin, and is edible, so maybe a certain dilution of ACV would be a better mouthwash to cure gingivitis than F.G. H2O2. I've heard many times that ACV kills the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, so it may have cured my food poisoning, also. My mother used to put alcohol to hold for a minute or 2 in our ears if we got an ear-ache and that worked very well. I got great results with the same concentration of F.G. H2O2 as for my mouthwash minus the Celtic salt. I'm not so sure about putting diluted white vinegar in my ears with a dropper to prevent ear aches, as I occasionally do with diluted H2O2 in the amount I stated above. I believe the same people who say don't put peroxide on cuts, say not to put alcohol on cuts either. Perhaps after washing with soap(with ~40% of it, white vinegar I mixed in, which I already use for washing hands & dishes, and then putting some Neosporin on the cut could be a superior treatment for cuts. We can look further for vinegar mouthwash as a cure for gingivitis on this section of Earth Clinic and see how many votes it got for working for that. I've always liked hydrogen peroxide for cuts because it barely stings. They say that when peroxide stops bubbling that means it has killed all the germs. I've always liked the idea that when I put the diluted as above F.G. H2O2 (without salt) in my ear, I just waited until it stopped bubbling in side my ear canal before sitting upright and letting it come out. I'd feel better trying well diluted in distilled water, organic, FILTERED ACV, than some unnatural combination of toxic drugs purported to cure ear aches - I don't believe it would work - but I'd like to see several people on Earth Clinic say they've tried it in their ears or as mouthwash, and it WORKED, 1st.

Let's read all the experiences & votes about it on Earth Clinic!

(Orlando, Fl)
47 posts

ACV as a mouth wash is a bad idea as the acid erodes your enamel. Charcoal, baking soda and H2O2 are all much better. And yes the store bought HP says it can be used as a mouth wash. I really doubt that something that can be poured on an open wound can harm you when used as a mouth wash. Please cite studies and references when claiming that regular HP is harmful in any way.


Food grade hydrogen peroxide, (diluted with water, of course, 1 capful to 1/2 c water) is exactly this: food grade, more compatible with the body. I feel a night and day difference with this over store bought hydrogen peroxide. 'You' may call it 'regular' hydrogen peroxide, but I would call the store bought 'irregular', it is loaded with heavy metals, it's not meant to be put in the body. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, 3.5%, isn't too far off in price and you don't need as much of it. Also, I've read a Pubmed research study that one should only use this once every 3 days as it can cause dental enamel erosion, adding onto the concern from what the scientist stated above.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Wierd Sceince (Derry, Nh) on 01/16/2014

I've had the same issues with bleeding gums for many years. Going to the dentist for a cleaning was always a bleeding experience. I always thought that blood thinners like aspirin and plavix were supporting the bleeding. I then tried 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]. The bleeding gums stopped completely and immediately. The very next time I used floss or dental pick, no bleeding what so ever. It has been this way for a month now.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jazzenjohn (Franklin, Mi.) on 10/20/2012

Hydrogen Peroxide for Bleeding Gums

YEA I've been using Hyd peroxide for a mouth rinse after flossing. I've pretty much always had some bleeding after flossing, but just 1 week of using a tablespoon or two of peroxide, swishing after flossing, it has completely stopped.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 06/03/2011

hi ya, i ordered of the internet last night, food grade hydrogen peroxide h202 35% in a 250ml bottle. I dont think there is a dropper with it, ill have to go to local chemist for one. How do I use this as a Mouth Wash? Is it one drop in a large glass of water? Then swilling for a minute. please advise thank you.

Replied by Sunnyapril From Santa Fe
(Santa Fe, Nm)

The correct way to mix 35% food grade HP is to mix 11 oz. of distilled water and 1 oz. of fghp in a jar with a lid and then you can transfer small amounts of it to a smaller bottle for use. You don't need a dropper for this. I actually pour a small amount of the watered down hp onto my toothbrush, and then brush. I add a little toothpaste on the top of it too. And I brush my tongue too. My mouth feels wonderful afterwards. WARNING: be very careful when pouring the food grade hp into the first bottle. If it gets on your fingers, it will burn, so if this happens, run cold water on the burns.

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