Grover's Disease Remedies

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Carolyn (New York , Ny) on 03/03/2017
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I've had Grover's for 11 months. After much trial and error, this has worked for me:

For the rash, application of triamcinolone 0.1% cream twice daily on affected spots. Liberal use of moisturizing cream (any kind) many times a day on all parts of the body and especially on the itchy spots. Only lukewarm showers. No soap (it dries the skin).

For the itching, 1000 mg quercetin daily (available online or in health food stores), and avoiding foods and drinks that either contain histamine or produce histamine in the body. This had been particularly helpful. I usually take it just before dinner, because it's harder to limit the histamine foods for a larger meal. I also take a half pill of Benadryl before bed, and a blend of bifidus probiotics, to help my system produce DAO, which is implicated in histamine intolerance.The Grover's is now under control and I no longer think about the itch.

Oil Pulling, Coconut Oil

Posted by Judy (Schertz, Texas) on 03/20/2014

Grover's Skin Disorder and Polycythemia Vera:

Hello out there. Could use some help here in regards to the Grovers issues, read the oil pulling, which I hope will help and going to take Coconut oil capsules as well with using the oils recommended. The Poly Vera have had for 7 years and treated with med and blood withdraws. Yuk but it works. Anybody out there that has this? Thanks.

Replied by Rusty
(Jacksonville, Fl)

The type of water we use to bathe ourselves probably has an effect on grover's disease. I've had grover's for a few years, and it's almost gone because I realized that the more you irritate it with over the counter lotions and perscription creams - the worse it gets, or it just doesn't go away. I don't have a water softner in my house and I shower with "hard" water. I started showering the area that showed a rash WITHOUT using body washes or soaps, and the rash went away. Yes, the grover's disease rash still shows up once in a while. If it flares up, I use a irish spring soap bar (Publix grocery store makes a "spring fresh" brand), and the soap bar really helps my skin. Then I go back to washing my skin in the shower without soap. My skin looks clear from doing this.

Replied by Martin
(New York City)

I also have PV for 22 years and was just diagnosed with Grovers. Have you had any success in treating Grovers?

Replied by Rusty
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Judy and Martin, I don't have PV, I just have grover's disease.

Oregano Herb

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Posted by Barrie (South Island, New Zealand) on 01/22/2018
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I had suffered from Grover's disease for about a year. My doctor couldn't tell me what it was but a specialist diagnosed it. Somewhere I read that Oregano oil relieved a sufferer, I bought some and found it too strong. However I went out to my herb garden and ate 3 leaves off my Oregano herb. It is very pungent. 3 leaves (and they are very small) twice a day after meals. And now after about 4 weeks I am almost clear from this constant itch which was driving me mad. I want to tell the whole world. For me I have gone 95% totally clear.


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Posted by Bob C (Savannah, Ga) on 03/27/2018
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Grover's Disease OTC Itching control that works for me:

I just found this site a few hours ago and wanted to pass on what is working for me. I haven't read all the posts but I am thankful that this site exists and you all post to try and help each other.

Although I have had intense itching for over 4 months, I only received the results of a biopsy confirming Grovers about a month ago. My dermatologist recommended Gold Bond Relief Lotion with 3% Salicylic Acid. It is an over the counter lotion that works for her other Grovers' patients and it is available at Walmart and Target for under $10. Supposedly other drug stores carry it at a higher price but I have not been able to find it.

The salicylic acid lotion works almost immediately for about 6 hours most of the time. A second application over the first application works, but not nearly as effective as immediately following a shower or bath. (I have read reports that bathing submerged for at least 5 min is best, but a shower works for me.)

A few days ago I tried A&D ointment and that worked great in suppressing the itching the one time that I tried it. Going bare chested without a shirt is also very effective in extending the time duration after applying the Salicylic Acid.

The dermatologist prescribed the antihistamine Hydroxyzine HCL 25mg. Although the direction is for 1 pill, I take 1/2 a pill before bed and I usually sleep through the night without waking up itching. I also have a prescription for 6% Salicylic Acid cream but the cream and lotion have been discontinued (not FDA approved). I tried the 6% gel, but it makes me light headed and since the 3% works I am happy to stay with it.

Good luck .... I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Cindy B (Sarasota, Florida) on 07/02/2014
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Last summer I was diagnosed with Grover's disease .. Fought it all summer.. it came back this summer ..a friend of mine told me her secret to treating it. Monistat 7 cream ..applied 2-3 times a day. I did this and within 3 days it's almost gone!

Replied by Kathy
(Mashpee Ma)

I have been diagnoist with Grovers also ealier this year. I have been on steroids with no effect at all. I read this post about using Monistat 7 and decided to try it. I use it 2x/day then put baby powder on the lesions. I also take 2400mg fish oil / day. This has definately helped me. This itching goes away within 3days but I stopped using it for 4 days while recovering from unrelated surgery and it came back in full force.

I have also noticed that staying out of the heat will help. I tried taking an oatmeal bath as recomended by an RN and my legs broke out something awful. It may have been the temp of the hot bath however.

Replied by Sandy
(Stevenson, Wa)

Did you put Monistat 7 on open sores and rash?

OTC Claritin

Posted by Ekb (Iowa City, Ia) on 02/02/2015

I hope this helps: Claritin OTC works for the itching of Grover's but not the rash. A huge improvement tho'. Someone on one of the community index sites suggested it and since I already have seasonal allergies but not as much in winter, I resumed the Claritin, 2 times a day: morning/evening. After day one the itching backed off by 80%. After 2 weeks, I'm itch-free. I'll probably be taking Claritin for the rest of my life.

With regards to the rash itself, I'm suspicious it's histamine-related since it behaves similar to my eyelid swelling & itching: flares in extremes of hot & cold weather. The Elidel Rx that works for my eyelids doesn't work for the Grover's, nor does Retin-A that I have on hand. I'll be discussing this topic with my dermatologist next visit. The Triamcynolone only keeps the Grover's at bay, at best, as was already discussed.

Peppermint Oil

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Posted by Linda (St Petersburg, Fl) on 05/30/2018
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I have found a near miracle to get relief from the intense itch of Grover's Disease. It is Peppermint essential oil. I mix it with Nivea lotion or Coconut Oil. You can adjust the portion to your own liking. I put about 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls to about 4-5 drops of oil in my hand, mix it up and apply. I get about 10-12 hours of relief from the itch plus it helps with keeping the skin moist and healing. I'm grateful!!!!!

Replace Metal Fillings

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Posted by Buddy (Kingman, Arizona, Usa) on 07/14/2011
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I had Grovers for about 15 years. About two months ago, I had all my metal fillings replaced and my Grovers has cleared-up.

Thanks and good luck..

Replied by Dan
(Philadelphia, Pa.)

I had bilateral knee surgery last June and after the implants I noticed the rash and last week it was confirmed by biopsy? Do you have any other information about metals introduced into the body causing Grovers?

Replied by Jaydee
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I know you posted a while back. And sadly, I wish what the comment about metal fillings was true. I've held a dental license for over 20 years and there is NO proof that the removal of dental fillings does any help in this area, or really and any area. If it did, I would be the first to shout it from the roof tops. I wish my fiancée's cure to Grover's disease was this simple. That means that I (I.E.- ME AND MY CLOSE COLLEAGUES) could and would, all afflicted tomorrow. However he has NO metal fillings nor metal joints. This is nothing more that hocus pocus and wishful feelings..

Salt Baths

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Posted by Jack (North Platte Ne ) on 06/25/2016
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For grovers disease:

Take salt baths, I use salt, baking soda, and borax. For small flare ups, I make a sea salt solution until it won't dissolve any more salt and apply directly to the outbreaks. This has rescued me.

Replied by Linda Foster
(Long Beach)

I was just recently diagnosed with grovers disease and will be going back to the doctor. I have been searching the websites to find out of it can be transferred to someone else as I care for two grandchildren. If you can help me with this one question I would be thankful.

Replied by Robert
(Palmdale, Ca)

How much salt etc you put into the bath?

Replied by Jim C.
(Santa Rosa, Ca, Usa)

I am an ancient avid male swimmer just contacted Grovers. Does anyone know if swimming in a chlorine water pool is definitely counter productive? Staying in shape is also important and yes Grovers is a big pain/itch in the back.

How about this new Salt-only pool purification, anyone had help swimming in that sort of pool water?

Sea Buckthorn Berry

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Posted by Megan F (Portland, Oregon ) on 03/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Grover's Disease 2 years ago and have tried practically everything to get rid of the itching chest rash. Recently I started using sea buckthorn berry oil rubbed twice per day directly on the rash and it seems to be clearing up and reducing the itchiness (it's been 4 days) I will update if it clears it up totally.


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Posted by Lynn (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 07/08/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, Lynn from new Zealand here. Diagnosed with Grovers disease 20 months ago. Have had every steroid cream, OTC creams, lotions and potions, Acetretin and Tetracycline drugs that exist! Or so it seems. Nothing really ever "fixed" the problem. Intense itching and spots, sleepless nights and miserable.

HOWEVER, I recently went on an extended holiday in Bali and swam 2-3 times a day in seawater. Over a short period the rash and itch improved and almost disappeared. Then I went on to Malysia where the seawater was too polluted for swimming. Swam in hotel pools, rash returned . It got me thinking about seawater so I researched this well. Found a site and read the story of Richard L who has cured his Grovers with seaweed powder. I made a paste and applied it afer showering, leave on for 15 minutes and then shower off. Do this for quite some time and he claims his grovers is gone. I'm trying this now.

Also am going to hot pools nearby that are seawater heated by heat exchange, so natural. Skin feels much better afetr each swim and rash and itch DEFINITELY improving. I'll do this for the rest of my life if it gets rid of the Grovers and makes life bearable. Any others found seawater can help?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

Two cents : histamine creates itching and Dr. Batmanghelidj in his water cures books wrote that histamine is a SIGNAL that the water/ mineral system in the body is out of balance. Sometimes the digestive tract is short of enzymes or acids and cannot break down ingested items we intake. The skin absorbs whatever it comes into contact with .

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Lynn,

For sure....! We were frequently advised by parents when growing up on our small island in the pre-historic era to take our skin problems into the surrounding sea water for an inexpensive treatment. Seemed to work a treat. We are prone to being somewhat cynical of things touted as being simple or free but it is frequently in the mind I reckon. My ears and sinus condition also improved if I tried a bit of diving, as long as I pretended to be a dog when exiting the water by shaking my head about a bit to drain the ears, much to the amusement of my friends and on-lookers. This was the brief period in my life when I cared what people thought of me! Only when I got a perforated ear drum was I cautioned not to go swimming for a whole year. If you try out the usual hot pools though, you ought not to duck under unless they are certified as being safe to do so. The offending amoeba is also present in parts of the States as well as New Zealand (in case any Americans are reading this! ). Our grandparents knew a thing or two or three!

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Penny

How did the paste work for you? I live in South Florida and had already thought a saltwater swimming pool would be a nice addition to the house. Its better for anyone's skin, than chlorine treated pool water. Thanks.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Angela G. (Illinois) on 09/07/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I recently was diagnosed with Grovers Disease and the Triamcinolone cream is not working and making it worse. This is the worst I have ever had it since I was a teenager.

I started using Tea Tree Oil at night and my husband noticed a difference and it is looking better. The bad thing is Tea Tree Oil smells awful. I do not know what I am going to do if we end up moving to Florida with the job change. The heat and sweating is bad for my skin.

Vitamin A

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Posted by Elena (California) on 04/30/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking 50,000 IU daily for Grover's since this past Monday. As of today, my skin is almost cleared up!! Thank you to the contributors who shared that information! Just as a reminder take Vit D, 2000 IU more or less, because Vitamin A depletes Vit D.

I'm going to continue for another week, and then reassess whether I should continue on a decreased dosage of Vitamin A.

Best to All

Replied by Penny

Hi Elena - Please confirm you are taking 50,000 IU Vit D? I'm not following your next comment = take Vit D 2000 IU or less because vitamin A depletes Vit D. Please clarify. I've had Grover's for YEARS. It started on my back and is now on my legs. Thanks

Vitamin A
Posted by Judith (Ny) on 04/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Grover's after a 3 month on and off rash all over my body would never go away and I finally got a biopsy. It was insane, water only made it worse, every article of clothing exacerbated it, I had very little itching just burning. Diaper rash cream and zinc powder kept it dry but didn't stop new outbreaks. I tried vitamin d, steroid creams eating clean, nothing worked. I felt depressed and hopeless. Well after researching the very few Grover's sites, I saw that vitamin A helped a lot of folks, so I tried high doses. I'm in it a week and I'm amazed at how all my body is practically clear except my back. My last resort was accutane but I'm going to try sticking with the a before I start the script which is just a much stronger version of A. I hope this helps someone suffering from this awful condition.

Replied by Loraine

Hi Judith: Can you please tell me the name of the vitamin A that you used. My daughter suffers from this horrible issue and nothing seems to be working. I read your post and suddenly feels hopeful again. Thank you so much.

Replied by Judy
(Bronx, Ny)

I just bought it from GNC. I started taking 50000 and went up to 50000 3x a day. I would check with your dr first since high doses aren't safe for very long but I'm not planning on staying on this more than a few weeks.

Replied by Loraine

Thank you Judy...have a blessed Sunday!!

Replied by Linda
(St Petersburg, Fl)

I've started Vitamin A today. How are you doing with it?

Vitamin A
Posted by Pete (Ca) on 02/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

High dosages of Vitamin A is what cured my Grover's Disease. I tried everything and my Grover's Disease only got worse...steroid creams, Tetracycline, diaper rash creams, tanning salons, etc. Nothing worked my condition only got worse. My chest and back was covered with the small red bumps and the itching was driving me crazy! Reading everything I could find on the internet on Grover's I decided to stop everything and try a routine of Vitamin A.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I began taking 48,000 IU of Vitamin A each day. This consisted on two capsules 3 X daily, 8,000 IU each capsule for a total of 48,000 each day. It could be just coincidence, but 10 days later my Grover's Disease is almost 100% gone. I plan on continuing this dosage until I have no signs of the disease then gradually reduce the dosage to a maintenance dosage of 1 Vitamin capsule each day, or 8,000 IU.

I hope this helps as much as I believe it helped me.

Replied by Lynn
(New Zealand)

Hi Pet,

I am interested in trying your Vitamin A dose to heal Grovers. I have had Chronic Grovers for nearly 2 years and would do just about anything to fix it. However, I have read that high doses of preformed (supplemental) Vit A can be toxic and quite dangerous. I would be interested to know how you are doing now and if the process continues to heal and are you now on the daily maintenance dose you stated? Thanks and all the best.

Replied by Sherry

i was just diagnosed with Grover's today. I will try your Vit A therapy tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Replied by Marcella
(Newport Beach, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently having a flareup of Grovers over the past 3 - 4 months on both shoulders and upper arms. The itching was maddening and while I had had a couple of other outbreaks of grovers in the past on chest and back, I had not experienced the itching before. And the symetrical upper arms and shoulders was new as well. So I came back to this forum to read about folks experiences and was reminded about the coconut oil which I had some success with in the past and started applying to the areas twice daily. I dont find that coconut oil abates grovers for me but that it calms it down and helps with itching immensely. Then after seeing the prior posts about Vitamin A I thought I would do that as well. I already take 75,000 iu of Vitamin A daily - I have had surgery that makes me malabsorb Vit-A so I take this high dose to begin with but went ahead and upped to one more pill and have been taking 100,000 iu daily almost two weeks now and the grovers and itchiness is about 95% gone. This was a life saver for me after months of suffering.

Replied by Mary Ellen
(Oracle, Az)

Is it still working? Please update.

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