Grover's Disease: Natural Remedies for Relief

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kp (California) on 04/03/2018

I was diagnosed with grover's disease in January of this year. The symptoms began with very itchy feet at night and the progressed to outbreaks on back, chest, stomach, arms and legs. At one point, my arms became totally inflamed and looked like lizard skin. This is a horrible condition and my heart goes out to all of you that are enduring this. I have been to four doctors, two of which are dermatologists. The family physicians had never heard of it, so no help there. The dermatologists had absolutely no real advice to give, other than topical steroids, which don't really help unless you could bathe in the stuff.

The posts and words of advice on this forum have been the only relief and help I have had, so thank you everyone. I want to post what has helped me. To me this seems very inflammatory. I have found that ibuprofen helps alot. If you space it out as needed and throughout the day, it can bring relief. Also another thing that I haven't seen posted too much is baking soda baths. About 1/2 to 1 cup in the tub and soak 30 minutes helps with the itching and it is not toxic.

At night I take an antihistamine like Benadryl which helps with the itching and for sleeping. For diet, I have added vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements daily, along vitamin C. I drink the juice of a lemon (diluted in water) and also cilantro a few times a week. One dermatologist told me not to exercise (?) but that sounded so depressing. I try to walk every day for a few miles. No one knows if this is an immune disorder, but I believe that staying as heathy as possible has to help. I pray for you all, that you all will back to health and well again very soon.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carolyn (New York , Ny) on 03/03/2017

I've had Grover's for 11 months. After much trial and error, this has worked for me:

For the rash, application of triamcinolone 0.1% cream twice daily on affected spots. Liberal use of moisturizing cream (any kind) many times a day on all parts of the body and especially on the itchy spots. Only lukewarm showers. No soap (it dries the skin).

For the itching, 1000 mg quercetin daily (available online or in health food stores), and avoiding foods and drinks that either contain histamine or produce histamine in the body. This had been particularly helpful. I usually take it just before dinner, because it's harder to limit the histamine foods for a larger meal. I also take a half pill of Benadryl before bed, and a blend of bifidus probiotics, to help my system produce DAO, which is implicated in histamine intolerance.The Grover's is now under control and I no longer think about the itch.