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Posted by Trammi (Trinidad, Trinidad And Tobago) on 05/27/2011

Hi all, I was diagnosed with GERD in April 2011. I was prescribed Omeprazole and Gasec. These did not make me feel any better. I developed cramps under my skin. A friend of mine recommended herbal treatments of Kangen water and wheatgrass tablets combined. I have improved greatly. The fast pulse rate, heartburn and short breath feelings I used to have, have lessened. This seems to be helping but lately I have seen bright red blood in my stool. Can anyone help with this please?

Replied by Mike

Trammi....when you have excess acid it bloats you and presses on you vagus nerve ..this causes heartbeat craziness..and pain in centre of chest..there is nothing wrong really with your chest heart just pressure on the nerve causing th e symptoms....omeprazole with COLD water first thing in morning 15 mins before breakfast /cups of tea /coffee cure mine .. when in dire straits I use half tea spoon bicarbonate soda with half glass cold water mixed twenty minutes later relief...bicarbonate soda is an alkaline and dilutes the acid that is causing the bubblingin your gut which causes the probs....when you put alka seltzer in glass of water it fi=zzes like hell ..this is what is happening in your gut ...the bicarbof soda neutralise this fizzing

Gentle Remedies for GERD

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Posted by Krishna (Dubai, Uae) on 02/17/2013

My daughter aged 20 years has been suffering from GERD since one year. We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her symptoms are:

- Loose Esophagus Sphincter.
- Prescribed Clintodac one tablet daily after dinner.
- Initially she was vomiting as soon as she takes food.
- Started taking juices, coconut water, Glucose water, milk.
- She cannot take Paracetomol etc due to acidity.
- Started Ayurvedic medicines and after five months she started taking Salads, Curd, Milk, Oats, Bread, Eggs, cereal, Vegetables (without spice). No spicy or oily foods or fast foods. Most of them alkaline foods.
- Due to college activities she may not have taken regularly her medicines or food. She had stomach infection and fever that lasted for 10 days.

- Now she is back to beginning and vomitting whatever she takes. We are again starting with Juices, Coconut water, milk only.

Is there any treatment that would help her eat food without vomiting them?

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Hello Krishna, Looks like your daughter is having low stomach acid. When there is low stomach acid, the Esophagus Sphincter will not close properly. This results in vomiting, burping, indigestion, infection.

IMO, high stomach acid is better than low stomach acid.

Clintodac what your daughter is taking now is a protob pump inhibitor. Which worsens the problems more. Now to increase the stomach acid. First stop cintodac.

After every meal drink lemon juice. Lemon juice made with half lemon squeezed and mixed with jaggery not white sugar in a glass of water, if you don't get jaggery then you can use sugar or honey. If your daughter sees any improvement make this to 1 lemon. If she feels good when taking this, she has to continue this for 1 - 2 months. During this time the stomach may heal and start producing its normal acid. This is like giving rest to your stomach so it can recuperate. If lemon juice works you can notice improvement in the 2nd day.

Alternatively, there is a supplement called Betaine Hcl which provides acid to your stomach. I am not sure whether you can buy in dubai. you can buy it online.

Take 1 betaine hcl capsule with meals. If you are feeling comfortable, then take 2 betaine hcl capsules in the next meal. If you are feeling good then take 3 betaine hcl in the next meal. Now if you are feeling acid reflux or stomach burning sensation then drink a glass of water mixed with half teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize stomach acid.

Now, the result is you have low stomach acid and you have to take 2 capsules with your meal for some time.

Some people are very low in stomach acid for which they have to take 4 - 6 capsules. Try Betain Hcl with pepsin. Betaine Hcl does not cure GERD, it just supplements Hcl, But the idea is lessen the burden of the stomach and give it time to rest and heal. If you don't find Betaine HCL, lemon juice is the simple and best remedy.

Let us know how your daughter is proceeding, it can help many here.

Good Health.


Grape Seed Extract

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Posted by Glen (Colorado, US) on 12/10/2014

Mix Lemon Juice, Grape Seed Extract for Gerd/Acid Reflux

I was on the purple pills for years. Had GERD type problems on and off 2004-2012, only got worse as time went on. Tried many of the remedies here, and some did help, some didn't. Learned not to eat Tomatoes.

Long story short, I have no problems anymore, eventually developed a strange combination thus:

I take 1/4 cut lemon juice and mix in two capsules worth of powdered "grape seed extract", after it's mixed I add a packet of the vitamin c powder.

I drink this slowly on empty stomach, at first twice a day, now occasionally. I would like to say why it works, bla bla bla biofilms etc., but I do not really know myself. General theory:

The plenol compounds in the grape seed won't mix with water but will with the lemon juice. Lemon juice by itself did seem to help but also kinda burns!!! But if acidity is tamed with the vit C powder it does not burn.

Hope it helps others as it did for me!!


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Posted by Annette (North Branford, Ct) on 12/01/2012

I have been suffering with GERD since March of 2012, I am 52 years old, and recently after many months of researching the best natural treatments, I must say that Glutamine along with Chamomile tea is absolutely amazing. My GERD is nearly 90% gone. I take the Glutamine on an empty stomach or between meals, 1/4 teas. In water. And I drink a cup of chamomile tea about 20 minutes after I eat a full meal. And now my GERD is nearly gone within a few days. Brown rice and sweet potatoes are a staple side dish in my everyday meals and this has also helped tremendously. I just wanted to share this with those suffering from GERD. All the best~

Leg Raise Exercise

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Posted by Prioris (ME) on 01/09/2024

How can I strengthen my esophageal sphincter naturally?

Straight Leg Raise Maneuver

Leg raise exercises can be done to strengthen esophageal sphincter muscle
Studies have shown it works. You can do them from bed. I had immediate improvement in my GERD. Just did a couple sets of 10.


Licorice Root Extract

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Posted by Tony (Miami, Fl) on 04/29/2009

(DGL) a.k.a. Licorice is incredible, I read a book on health secrets & they recommended Licorice. poeple this herbal vitamin is the best, In one day (with the help of prayer) this vitamin worked!!! please if anyone is expieriencing GERD or acid reflux try this product. you can find it at any herbal or vitamin store!!!!!!!

Licorice Root Extract
Posted by Betsy (Santa Fe, NM) on 11/20/2008

Thank you all for your comments regarding ACV and GERD. I have had this annoying problem for a couple of years now. My nurse practitioner suggested using DGL or"Deglycyrrhizinated" Licorice Root Extract. It is available from several different companies at any local health food store. It is not a cure, but it is very soothing. Two tablets in the morning keeps acid reflux away all day for me, but I will try ACV too. Will report back...Thanks!

Marshmallow Root Tincture

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Posted by KElly (Madison, WI) on 04/10/2008

GERD: Marshmallow Root tincture. Has Eliminated sore throat, sinus issues not too mention other issues that go along with gerd. Instructions varied on web sites I followed the bottle.


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Posted by Ellen (Portland, OR) on 12/19/2021

I was on PPI drugs for over a year for GERD. The GERD gave me syncope, coughing, and dizziness related to low blood pressure. The drug only made things worse by suppressing the acid. I had some improvement from choosing alkaline foods over acid ones, and paying attention to food combining, but I could still get very ill from even alkaline foods, including GERD cures aloe Vera juice and apple cider vinegar.

Nothing worked until I did two things. I took liquid melatonin once every day and I made sure I was drinking at least 3 pints of water a day, shooting for 4 when I could. I put a pinch or two or unrefined salt into each pint. This helps to prevent low blood pressure and helps the body to not just urinate out the water right away.

After a couple of weeks (relief/success was instant! ), I got off of the antacid drug (I chose to taper because it virulently I suppressed acid when you try to kick the drug suddenly), and I have never had a return of the problem that made me a basket case afraid to go out (in case I fainted; the acid was always making me feel hot and very dizzy, with a wildly erratic pulse). I went to a general practitioner and several specialists, but it was only by doing my own Internet research and implementing the EarthCiunic suggestion of melatonin (plus following proper hydration practice for someone of my weight and activity level) that I was helped.

I am completely cured of the issue. I no longer lie awake with GERD/cardiac distress, though I do urinate three times a night because of the water I drink. I am 78 years of age and an athlete. Thank you, EarthClinic, and Art from California who posted about melatonin as a GERD cure!

EC: The URL to Art's article on Melatonin for GERD: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/art-solbrig-protocol-for-gerd.html

Replied by Art
2173 posts

Hi Ellen,

Melatonin is established as an effective treatment for GERD, but is also noted for potentially helping in the repair of gastric ulcers and for its esophageal protective effects against the damage caused by acid entering the esophagus from GERD. Melatonin may also be useful in the prevention of esophageal cancer!

Here are several study links confirming that melatonin is effective for GERD and possibly healing of peptic ulcers and some esophageal issues :







Posted by Ron (Port Saint Lucie, Florida ) on 07/24/2016

Gerd: Melatonin seems to be helping protect my esophagus. There is a vitamin, amino acids, hormones, therapy, with Melatonin I found online. 170 people's I believe. Versus PPI's

Milk Powder

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Posted by Radph (Auckland, New Zealand) on 01/18/2009

I suffered from Gerd for years caused by a Hiatus Hernia. Eventually I found relief by using milk powder. I would hold a teaspoon of milk powder in my mouth and suck on it. This gave almost immediate relief. After many years the symptoms stopped, and I no longer use any treatment.

Milk Thistle

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Posted by Bumble Bee (United Kingdom) on 02/05/2014

Heart burn, Gerd, reflux cure. I took one Milk Thistle tablet for three days on each episode. I found I would get a longer cure each time. It was so effective that I haven't needed anything for three years. Other prescribed medicines would ease symptoms but it returned within days if medication stopped after prescribed times. Good luck.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Elsa D. (New Zealand ) on 01/01/2022

GERD caused by Hiatal Hernia (HH), diagnosed thru endoscopy. Started my GERD with too much burping, I got worse, I have strong palpitation in my stomach and feeling like I have heart palpitation but it was my stomach. This is my own sickness that cannot be cured, I think bec it was caused by HH.

My treatments: Chiropractor will pull down HH. Acv, baking soda, DGL, LIFE Extension brand of ESOPHAGEAL Guardian tablet sucked during bedtime Elevate my head when sleeping And most of all, I used my fingers to press the stomach, chest, neck, all parts that is painful . Breathing problems is solved and it happens bec your intestines is full of air that goes up . Press upper bone on the chest and burp so acid reflux will not go up to the throat. Occasionally use a belt between my diaphragm and stomach to prevent acid going up to the chest . It caused anxiety too when acid is up, Lobella is calming. Lots of warm water. Chew the food.

When there is pain press it or poultice clay leave it overnight. The remedy is to press and burp plus all remedies mentioned above to manage it. Don't worry you will not die, something had trigger it and you will be sick only for three days. Don't worry too much and carry on with life as long as you can IF not have a rest.

I inherit this weakness from my mum and she is 86 yrs old now, not taking any medication and I am 70 yrs old, started this ‘pet' when I was 52 yrs old, on menopause- life still beautiful and living the dream.

Love Elsa

Replied by Elsa D.
(New Zealand)

hello everyone with GERD

I'm back again for some exciting experience I had just a few days.

i have sooo much things happening in my stomach bec I have eaten different nice but naughty foods during the holiday season.

i woke up spinning and my stomach is giving me too much problem . I can't drive bec I'm dizzy and feeling in my stomach

i want to vomit but I can't I did the suggestions I have posted earlier, it does help but problem always came back. I have been dizzy nearly a week, not vertigo . It's coming from my stomach

When someone had the same experience I had, recommended Eno Fruit Salt. Went to Indian store bought one but the lady owner recommended ‘TRiphala' as well.

Arrived home and took some Eno, seems good.

before bed I took Triphala, next morning took another dose .

The next day morning, the GERD sickness I had for more than 20 years seems fixed

Oh I took some slippery elm that day too, to calm down the spasm in my stomach .

Bec that spasm in my stomach make me dizzy too that urge me to moved my bowel (sorry)

Would you like to try?

Go to Indian store or store online


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Don (Michigan, USA) on 02/15/2019

Ok folks here we go. I got rid of my GERDin about 7-10 days doing everything I was told not to do. I refused to take PPI's and the aluminum packed ant-acid pushed on my by doctors.

1. I started with the traditional tsp. baking soda in small amount of water morning and night. It helped.

2. I ate a thick slice of raw organic ginger root with every eating. It has natural antibacterial and huge amounts of digestive enzymes. And it really helped.

3. I ate lots of dill pickle spears. Felt good.

4. Soak in a glass jar, steel cut organic oats in pickled juice / water over night in fridge and ate by spoonful as needed. Lasted several days. Was filling and stopped acid. This was working but I felt this overwhelming hunger to rinse my stomach with beer. Previous to this it had been about 10 years since I drank alcohol.

5. One evening I drank 6 lights beers. It felt SO GOOD RINSING MY STOMACH WITH THE SUDS.

6. The next morning (with a little headache) I felt a need for grapefruit. I bought a bag of 9 grapefruit and ate EVERY ONE of them. And it felt so good. Citrus is supposed to be a no-no.

7. I started eating about two big salads of whatever MIXED GREENS DAILY. With 2-3oz fish protein, canned salmon or shrimp. THIS DID MORE FOR ME THAN ANYTHING.

Today, although I am not thrilled with drinking beer, I drink a light beer on the days I feel the need. BEER WITH CORN STILL HURTS MY STOMACH. BEER WITHOUT CORN SOOTHES MY STOMACH.

No more butt burning acid gas, hoarse sore throat or upper stomach pain.

Here is the biggest thing I learned from this. Have you ever watched a dog sniff food before it eats. If it sniffs good he scarfs it down, if it sniffs bad he walks away. SNIFF FOOD BEFORE YOU EAT. YOU WILL KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF IT IS GOING TO HEAL YOUR STOMACH OR HURT YOUR STOMACH. For instance, any kind of apple does not smell good to me, and if I eat it my GERD will flare up.

CONCLUSION: For me eating lots and lots of mixed green leaves is the number one thing that keeps GERD away. A daily grapefruit is refreshing and soothing. An occasional corn free beer. A few dried cranberries WITHOUT SUGAR is good.

Experiment with small amount to see what your body wants and does not want.

Grapefruit hack: Stop trying to spoon out a grapefruit half, that is just plain silly. Cut the grapefruit into six wedges; then eat it holding like a watermelon or easily pull out of the peel to eat in one piece.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cheryl (Va Beach, Va) on 08/14/2011

I recently was made aware of an article by Dr. Bruce West, M. D. , who said that it's very possible that "diaphragm strain" is the CAUSE of many cases of acid reflex, GERD, and hiatal hernia! To me, this is a landmark document and anyone interested in healing their stomach issues should definitely check into it. ARTICLE 2: Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Reflux, GERD And Esophagitis. If this is the cause of many cases of acid reflux and hiatal hernia, these could be fixed without surgery or drugs - just by contacting one of the specialists (chiropractor-kinesiologists) on a list Dr. West mentions in his article. Most doctors don't seem to know anything about this (no surprise here! ). I think the article does say you need to be a member of HealthAlerts to get access to the practitioner list, but a small price to pay if you find you have a hiatal hernia and want to avoid surgery, drugs, and working only with the symptoms for the rest of your life! It's worth a shot by anyone with symptoms of GERD, hiatal, hernia, etc. I go to my doc. NEXT Fri to find out if I have a hiatal hernia, since I did the barium xray series last Fri. If he says yes, the first thing I will do is locate one of those practitioners and see if I can get relief that way! In fact, even if he says no, I plan to check it out -- tests don't tell you everything always, and my symptoms are 100% of every symptom Dr. West mentions for this problem (yes, 100%- acid reflux, weakness in my body, fatigue, headaches (I never had headaches before I got the reflux), sore ribs, poor appetite, nausea- horrible nausea, and wt loss)! ).

Another thing-- I began fresh cabbage juice, undiluted (not bad tasting) and find it helps with increasing my appetite - even if not resolving the underlying problem of acid reflux, etc. (Just juice 3 days-worth of cabbage in a juicer or blender -- take 1 oz. 3 times a day for 3 days, meaning juice 9 oz. Of juice each time. Don't think you can keep in fridge longer than 3 days fresh, but maybe; then, before you drink your last 1 oz. of the 3 days' worth, juice 3 more days worth! Do this for 2 weeks- or more, if you find it's really helping. ). I have been on the cabbage juice for just 3 and a half days and I have had three-four bigger appetite "bonuses" since getting the reflux months ago! Having small meals is also a good idea and has helped me. My idea of a small meal is a reasonable-sized pc. (between the size of your palm to even the size of your palm plus fingers! ) of fish or a cube steak cooked in a little bit of sunflower oil (my favorite), salt, and perhaps pepper for flavor, and about 6 tbsps of corn or other veggie, and then frequent small meals after, whenever you get hungry (don't overeat at any of them--limit yourself, knowing it could cause a bad reaction AND knowing you can eat again in 2 hours! ). Have the cabbage juice on an empty stomach. What I do is have 1 oz cabbage juice when I get up, wait 2 hrs, then have a reasonable meal- 4-6 oz. Plain Seven Stars (Original, full fat) yogurt from health food store (more creamy and less sour than Dannons or others I've tried-- you can add stevia too, and it's quite nice! ) and fresh fruit, or a medium-sized Kyo-Green drink and some protein (like 1-2 slices Swiss cheese and/or yogurt) plus my vitamins, and then I wait 2 hrs more without food ( I might have water after a half hr after eating, or 1 oz. of aloe vera juice, diluted w/ water or not), then another 1 oz cabbage juice, wait another 2 hrs (most people can wait 4 hrs to eat, can't they?), and have another meal. I like fish or meat, with fresh or frozen veggies -my favorites are artichokes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, and if you feel like it , a small salad, and there is also rice! I have a last 1 oz. of cabbage juice before bed. It took away a queasy stomach last night! This appears to be improving my appetite and is also cutting down a lot on the nausea, my major gripe with all the symptoms! Reflux is less troublesome also, esp. at night. It seems to have improved my quality of life enough to keep me content until I can get a firm diagnosis, and hopefully fix the issues without conventional medical intervention!

Aloe vera juice is very helpful too- said to kill h. pylori in studies (http://www.mangosteen--juice.com/aloe-vera/aloe-vera-juice-research.php) -- cabbage juice does too, but there is a protocol by Dr. Shallenberger- think you have to get his newsletter -so will tell you the gist: it involves the use of 1 oz. of cabbage juice 3 times a day as I'm doing but adding 1 cayenne pepper cap with the cabbage juice 3 times a day, for 2 weeks- -- he says this kills the h. Pylori. The BIG caution I discovered is : you can ONLY use the cayenne pepper caps if you have ulcers but DON'T HAVE acid reflux or hiatal hernia! SO, DON'T USE the cayenne/capsicum if you HAVE acid reflux or a hernia! That's why I decided not to assume I had h. Pylori now-- I hope I don't. The ulcer protocol ALSO uses "mastic chewing gum" (find on Web) that kills h. Pylori in mouth and esophagus, AS WELL AS mastic gum capsules (I think mastic gum is OK to use with acid reflux/hiatal hernias, but pls check before buying). It also says to use a new toothbrush before you start as h. Pylori can exist on your toothbrush! Clean it with tea tree oil nightly to keep the h. Pylori down.

AND for acid reflux, also remember Slippery Elm losenges. I suck on those at night if I get reflux after I've gone to bed and don't want to get up. I take as many as 4 over a hr or two, if I stay awake. They're safe! Good luck and hope this helps! I may not be back on this site but this should get you started if you want to try some of these things...