Natural Cures for GERD


Posted by Marlita (Makati, Philippines) on 04/05/2008
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OKRA(lady's finger) cured my acid reflux... i also tried the purple pill like OMEPRON OMEPRAZOLE for more than a month and then other brands.

no medicines cures my reflux then i have complication coming from it ( PHARYNGITIS & LARYNGITIS )

ive been browsing sites to look for remedies or much better CURE and im very much lucky to bump on this site. i read that OKRA (lady's finger ) cures his GERD by eating OKRA for 2 mos.

I TRIED IT... by boiling for a minute, removed the seeds then eating 6 pieces a day... 2 pieces for every meal within 10 DAYS im cured already.

I know it has something to do with OKRA'S natural slimmy characterics that help cures the inflammation of my LOWER ESOPHAGEAL SPHINCTER the major reason of the reflux

the slimmy characteristic coats my LES as it gives time to heal it....i guess that's the most important part HEALING FIRST YOUR LOWER ESOPHAGEAL SPHINCTER before your GERD eradicated.

Now i can eat anything i want... my GERD it's just a nightmare for me and dont want to remember as it cost so much depression on me while sleeping in SITTING POSITON for more than a month.

THANKS TO YOUR SITE i read that information here.

Replied by Juve Orbista
Parañaque Manila Philippines
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Ohhh thank you me my GERD coming 4months this July 20 and I'm healed by okra I'm sure I'm almost ok now with the help of good diet and PRAYERS ..thank you OKRA


Posted by Sese (Cavite, Philippines) on 06/20/2009

I have been suffering from GERD for 5 months & had taken H2 blockers & proton pump inhibitors for 3 months which had only given me temporary relief. I also noticed that i developed other health problems after taking these meds for few weeks but nevertheless continued taking them as ordered by my doctor. I'm done taking those meds for 3 weeks now & I noticed that the other health problems i had developed are gone which make me think that they were all just the side effects of the meds. I'm so scared to take those meds again that's why I'm so glad to have found this website.. I want to try ACV + baking soda.. Should I take it before or after meal?? Any reply will be highly appreciated..

EC: More info about acv + baking soda here:

Posted by Lida (Mahnomen, MN) on 04/03/2008
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I have chronic gerd and also am allergic to iodine. I use digest advantage for lactose intolerance an OTC in small amounts whenever my stomach acts up. I also take benadryl in very small amounts an hour or so after the digest advantage. It works miracles for me. I tried so many other meds that only worked temporarily and caused soo many discomforts. I am back to eating and drinking whatever I wish mostly.

Pickle Juice

Posted by Rebecca (Cincinnati) on 05/24/2013
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This is a total shock! I have been suffering from GERD symptoms for about two weeks. I realized I have been eating all the foods that trigger it from reading this forum. I tried ACV, baking soda, even drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide in water. Nothing worked. Out of desperation, I looked in the frig for pickle juice after reading all the comments and voila, the symptoms are dissipating. Amazing!

Posted by Steve (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 10/27/2011
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I am a healthy and fit 56 year old. As I've aged, I have learned to avoid eating later at night and to choose my foods wisely, selectively avoiding foods that cause heartburn. Both efforts have helped control GERD, which I ocassionally experience at night while horizontally resting or sleeping. When I do eat the wrong foods or eat late at night, I'll take OTC medication to prevent GERD. Late last night I ate several slices of pizza, a notoriously avoidable food for me, but I followed that with three garlic kosher dill pickle spears. Not an inkling of indigestion! Truly remarkable!

Replied by Mark
Novato, California, Usa
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I'm 29 years old, I've had Acid Reflux / GERD since at least 2009. During 2009, I was in a bodybuilding transformation contest, and I worked out 5 days a week. After 4 months of weight training, my acid reflux became severe, and I went to the hospital to get an endoscopy. They found nothing, except that my esophagus was red. Well I laid off the weight lifting for a couple years and started again in 2011. It took a whole year before the acid reflux kicked in again, and this time, it returned with a VENGEANCE! I felt paralyzed by the pain, I was getting tingles in my arms and legs, had a hard time breathing, could barely swallow, felt like I was going to choke on every bite of food, had panic attacks, even felt like I was going to randomly swallow my tongue. I couldn't lay down at night, without feeling like my whole body was in shock, due to the acid in my esophagus. I had a hunch that it was the acid hitting some vital nerve in the esophageal area, which was subsequently causing the all of these other symptoms I described above. Sure enough, I was right!

I went to the E. R. In August of 2012, and they put me on a 2 month supply of Protonix. This immediately stopped all of these symptoms, including all of the acid reflux. I have also tried Aciphex, which works well too, but it has a lot more side effects than the Protonix. I'm a health nut though, I've never drank, never done drugs, I work out, eat well, etc.. So I wanted to get off of these PPI pills. I decided to look on here, where I found Pickle Juice. I have also tried apples which helped for a short time, but then they stopped having a powerful effect, and I started waking up in the middle of the night with acid in my throat.

Well I just now came across this site, looking for other remedies that might help, instead of the pharma-pills. I saw all these about pickle juice, and figured I'd give it a shot. I went to the store and bought 2 bottles of 'Polish Dill pickles with garlic. ' I ate one spear of a pickle, just to test the waters. I was afraid it might cause a worse worse reaction, but to my surprise, not only does my acid reflux seem gone, but I noticed that it made me feel like I could breathe better?? I'm not sure if pickles have ever helped people breathe better, but I certainly noticed that my lungs seemed to open up more and the congestion in my chest seemed all but gone! I will post more as the days go on, and I try more pickles each night. Thank God for this site!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Mark... The fact that your symptoms go away when you take Pickle Juice, ACV or even Vinegar tells me that the reason for your GERD problem isn't caused by too much acid in your stomach but is, instead, caused by TOO LITTLE stomach acid production. Pickle Juice is acidic so when you take it at mealtimes this raises your stomach acid to the correct pH strength -- hence no GERD. But taking Pickle Juice will only accomodate and remove the symptoms of your problem -- it is therefore not a cure. To address and repair the root cause of your problem -- lack of stomach acid -- you will have to supply more chlorides to your body.

Here's how it works. When you eat, the stomach acid pH must be at a pH of between 1 - 3(very acid) for proper stomach digestion. If it is higher than that, more alkaline in other words, then the stomach will fail to kill all the pathogens incoming with your food. This will eventually lead to dysbiosis -- pathogens like E. Coli, H Pylori, Candida, Gardia etc will begin to dominate your upper intestine area leading to all sorts of other serious problems. This is also the main reason and cause for your reflux or GERD problems.

When food is eaten, a hormone called secretin is put out into the blood which triggers the secretion of the pancreatic juices and main stage digestive enzymes -- and this process is triggered only if your stomach acid pH is between 1 - 3. So if you pH is higher and at incorrect strength, then the pancreatic juices and digestive enzymes for mainstage digestion will not be triggered and so your food will just sit there in your duodenum rotting and fast breeding pathogens also causing your GERD and reflux problems.

The remedy is as follows:

* Take betaine hydrchloride tablets at with every meal. This will help to supply the necessary chlorides and will address the root cause of your stomach acid problem.

* Take pancreatic enzymes containing bromelain and papain at every meal. This will aid proper protein digestion in both the stomach and duodenum.

* Take Sea Salt(not refined table salt) -- 1/4 to 1/2 tspn with water once per day -- outside mealtimes. This helps to supply chlorides for proper stomach acid production.

* Take Magnesium Chloride -- 1/4 teaspoon once per day -- taken at mealtme. This also helps to supply chlorides for proper stomach digestion.

* Alkalize the intestines using Ted's Sodium Bicarbonate and water remedy. Take this remedy 1/2 hr to 1 hour after every meal. This remedy helps to promote proper alkaline digestion in the upper intestine and also addresses a possible lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices.

*(Optional) Kelp Extract -- regular advised dosage -- Iodine is also necessary to help regenerate stomach acid.

The above remedy can also be taken together with the Pickle Juice if you want.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

Most common information in the internet is, GERD is because of the high stomach acid.

The real truth is if there is low stomach acid then the lower esophageal sphincter valve LES VALVE that is connecting the esophagus and the stomach opens and cause the food juices to flow upwards causing GERD or ACID Reflux.

The best emipirical test to confirm low stomach acid is the Betaine Hcl test. The test is done as:

Take 1 betaine hcl capsule with meals. If you are feeling comfortable, then take 2 betaine hcl capsules in the next meal. If you are feeling good then take 3 betaine hcl in the next meal. Now if you are feeling acid reflux or stomach burning sensation then drink a glass of water mixed with half teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize stomach acid.

Now, the result is you have low stomach acid and you have to take 2 capsules with your meal for some time.

Some people are very low in stomach acid for which they have to take 4 - 6 capsules. Try Betain Hcl with pepsin. Good Health

Posted by Kayla (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) on 08/09/2011
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My girlfriend was having horrible stomach pains and was feeling really sick. She had eaten a lot of foods that were bad for her GERD all day long. I finally, after reading the site, talked her into drinking some pickle juice... It really helped... It started instantly and was kind of a slow process but is feeling better now... Thank You..!!!!!!

Posted by Babs1968 (Marietta, Ga, Usa) on 06/09/2011
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Here it is at 2:55 AM and I have been up for over 2 hours now pacing with my GERD. I am a pretty healthy person and I am also a Chiropractor. I was recently diagnosed when I went to the ER because I thought I was having a Heart Attack. I am 42 years old, eat pretty healthy, get adjusted regularly, and do moderate physical activity. Even as healthy and holisitic as I am, I succumbed to omeprezole because the pain was so severe. I had such a bad reaction to it. I was severely nauseous and dizzy. I went back to the GI Dr. (trying to be a good patient) and he gave me aciphex. I am refusing to take it. GI Doc says that it will allow the acid to subside and let the esophagus heal. I think that is a load of bunk and based on what I have been reading on this site, many of you feel the same. I have not taken perscription meds since I was a kid, why was I going to do so now? Here I am at 3:00AM, with severe pain, so I went to the web and came across your website. I did not have any Apple Cider Vinegar, so I turned to the pickle juice idea. I was in doubt that it would work but at 3 AM, I was feeling desperate. I love pickles and have stayed away because I thought it would make my GERD worse. I took a shot (about 1/2 cup) and now I feel much better. I started taking digestive enzymes today (Alka Pan and Alka Green) suggested by another Chiropractor. They are not working yet. I am hopeful that they will. I also like the apple idea. I usually have them around and will be buying more tomorrow. Thank you all for your suggestions and Thank you Earth Clinic for having this awesome website. I have added it to my favorites. Sweet dreams all.

Posted by Rita (Miamisburg, Ohio) on 03/04/2010
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Thank you so much for this site. I have been suffering for years but more since I was dropped from medicaid and could not get any of my medications. I love pickle juice but never drank it thinking it would make the GERD worse. BOY WAS I WRONG! It does help and for the first time in months I am acid free and out of pain.

Posted by Janie Y (Mattoon, Illinois) on 01/30/2010
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I have been suffering from Gerd for years. There are some foods that really irritate it the most. I find that by leaving the caffeine (anything chocolatey!), and tomatoes(the red ones as the yellow ones seem ok and aren't that bothersome) alone, I am fine for the most part and seem to suffer less. But, oh how I love to eat them both! Thank goodness I have discovered (because of your website) pickles/pickle juice and anything pickled! When I feel the Gerd coming on (because I am only human and vulnerable to these temptations,I have slipped and eaten those things to which I shouldn't have and thus pay the price),and... that is when I will grab a pickle slice or two. I also like pickled asparagus spears/pickled cauliflower, pickled beets, etc.(most of these are found at our local health food store. These things seem to really do the trick and with-in seconds after gobbling a few of these up, wa-la the Gerd has disappeared! I also drink a tab bit of the juice as well. Maybe a couple tablespoons full. Anways, thank you for your website and for everyone who contributes.

Posted by Sharon P (Mineral Bluff, Ga) on 11/30/2009
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hi my name is sharon have been diagnosed with the medical condition gerd really couldnt understand it until tonite...starting feeling the systoms coming on about an hour ago and nothing at home to take so went to the internet and typed in gerd and found this read the section on pickle juice and tried about half of cup and starting feeling relief in just a few minutes...will be a full time drinker of pickle juice 43 years old

Posted by Kaylabrooke (Big Spring, Texas) on 09/14/2009
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Wow, the pickle juice actually worked! I have had acid reflux since i was born and finally got put on meds when i was 12 (now 20). i was on nexium 40 mg and it really seemed to work, enough that i took myself off it about two years ago because i thought it was gone. i had no more problem until about a month ago, ive been getting gerd attacks again. i really didnt want to get more meds since i'm in between doctors but the pain is killing me. then i found this website at 1:30 in the morning trying to make the pain stop. thank you so much cause i took a few gulps of the pickle juice and about 5 minutes later i think i can finally go to bed!

Posted by Karen (Monticello, IA) on 01/13/2009
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I just had 0100 am GERD attack while sleeping. For the first time ever I went to your web site and found people suggesting pickles. All I had in the house was Sweet pickles and IT WORKED.

1/2 cup of sweet pickle juice and two (2) sweet pickles (medium) and pain is gone within 15 minutes and I am ready to go back to bed - pain free.

Karen Tharp

Posted by Chris (Jacksonville, Florida) on 04/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

No Way!!!! This was unbelievable!! It's 11:00 at night and my girlfriend was in tears from her GERD pain. I read the pickle juice comments and as a last resort prior to the ER had her try the pick juice remedy. IT WORKED IMMEDIATLY!!!!! totally recommend this to everyone.

Posted by Stacy (Royal Oak, IL) on 04/12/2006
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Unbelievable!! I am 2 days away from an endoscopy which is the first step in surgical correction for GERD. I have suffered from GERD for over 12 years and in preparation for my next pregnancy, have decided to have the issue corrected. Mine became so bad after my first pregnancy that for the last 5 years, I have been taking double dose OTC Prilosec with only partial relief. To prepare for the procedure, I have to be off of Prilosec for 5 days prior and 2 days post. This scared the tar out of me since I am usually in burning pain if I am even 2 hours late with my pills. I am now 3 days off of the pills and have been, so far successfully, fighting the urge to call and cancel the whole thing just so I can get back on some Prilosec ASAP. With my doctors ok, I have been taking above the max dose of Tums but when I hit about 30 for today, I figured that couldn't be too good. Looking for alternatives, I found this website and read about the pickles. Ironically, I had a pickle from lunch that I had not eaten for fear that it would make me worse. I went and got it and decided, at this point, nothing could be worse. Right after eating it, I noticed a difference. More than I had gotten with all the Tums all day long. Unfortunately, I only had one spear and will have to stop and get more on my way home but this really was amazing. Absolutely worth a try.

Raw Potatoe Juice, Baking Soda

Posted by Reflux Master (Brazil) on 04/16/2014
4 out of 5 stars

GERD: Things that I tried that didn't work for me:

1: remedies 2: surgery (actually it got worse!! ) 3: Betaine Hcl 4: probiotics 5: ACV 6: Almonds 7: Lemons 8: Apples 9: Kale 10: Gluten-free, Dairy-free diet

Things that works for me, but didn't cure:

1: Raw potato juice 2: Baking Soda

Replied by Dave
Fountan Inn, Sc

Hello, Reflux Master from Brazil;

You list the things that didn't help and the two that did, both alkalizing in effect. So that may tell you that the issue is largely (in your case) and in most cases the issue on reflux is usually ACIDIC body in nature. Try this experiment... which works for me; For one MONTH... get off ALL acidic foods; really...hard to do but the biggest source of base line acidic issues. Get off COFFEE, even decaffed. (It's acidic too.) No chili products, nothing with tomato, like Ketchup...and I know that in Brazil you may have lots of such acidic food temptations.

Next: reduce your red meat intake after 1:00 pm especially. The body has trouble digesting too much dense proteins. Let up on those a LOT. Eat salads at night and finally: Fish and chicken are OK. NO milk products after 1:00. Like: Ice Cream.

At night take this digestive remedy. Around 9 pm take a tablespoon in a glass of water with one third teaspoon of baking soda...Let finish fizzing and drink. An hour later take an HCL-Betaine tablet.

And finally eat a few bites of papaya...the miracle digester. And careful for too much SUGAR...that's the wild card and often overlooked in getting the body alkaline. OFTEN sugar is the main culprit. SO...NO sugar after 1 pm. The idea is ... let your digestive system catch up with the foods you give it and give it alkalizing items and let up on acidic items. 90 percent of people who follow the DIET logic and the DIGESTIVE logic of the above formula will get substantial relief. I take that back...95 percent. REALLY. Try it. I know the coffee break is hard but the coffee I found was about half of my problem.