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Posted by Hola From Ab (Calgary, Alberta) on 06/13/2013

Alternative to ACV much easier and less painful.

I am lucky in that I have only had the odd isolated wart appear. ACV did not work for me! From the other posts on here obviously many have had success with this remedy but for me it just inflamed the whole area and turned the wart into an open sore that healed back to a wart. Fortunately I found a remedy on this site for treating cold sores which has worked beautifully for genital warts as well.

First put some ice in a plastic bag and hold it against the wart(s) for about 15-20 minutes. Virus's don't like cold apparently.

Next take a gob of toothpaste, sprinkle some alum powder (available in the spice section of the supermarket) and mix with a q-tip. Plaster the wart (s) with this paste.

After doing this for a couple of days the wart(s) should dry into scabs at which point I apply some vitamin E oil to speed healing. Hope this works as well for you.

Replied by Need Help!

How long do you leave the alum powder/tooth paste mixture on for? Should it be a certain time or should it be constantly? How often should it be changed? I have genital warts on my labia and around the opening of my vagina (they are spreading!!! ) and I am afraid to try ACV because I do not want to be a burning hot mess down there. Help please!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Gel

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Posted by Danielle (Manchester, Uk) on 07/20/2013

For those who are experiencing irritation and swelling after using Apple Cider Vinegar I'd recommend aloe vera gel. I used it on both my anal region and the inside of my labia/opening to my vagina. It is incredibly soothing and I applied it after toilet trips, I massaged it into the sore areas and then left a cotton wool pad with some on placed on top. Aloe vera gel has antiviral properties so in itself it can aid the removal/healing of genital warts. Although used on its own constantly it would take a while I found that for those days when I needed a break from pure ACV, aloe vera gel did work perfect for me. My warts were gone within a week might I add. Unfortunately I also think I have some inside my vagina and although I'm waiting to see my GP, does anybody know a home remedy that I can try for those? I was considering Apple Cider Vinegar but because they are inside I'm scared? Thanks and remember vitamins vitamins vitamins!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe, Cayenne, Garlic, Vegan Diet

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Posted by Betty (No ho, united states) on 10/02/2007

I had Hpv I had warts in my anal area. I Had to be in vegan diet no soda etc just a vegan diet.I mixed Applecider vinegar and aloe vera the plant getting the clear gel3 raw garlic also water plus mixed all together buy cayenne capsule take 3 times same with apple mixtures just take for two months you will see results in 1 week feel' better it kill parasite in your body also please try to vegan diet try to stay away from eggs milk if can no red meat at all. I don't have virus the trick is to build immune system make your white cells strong

Replied by Daver
(San Diego, California)

Apple cider works, I got rid of 2 flat skin colored warts with it and rubbed Vitamin E oil on them, they dissapeared after about 2 weeks.. I got really depressed and they came back and worse.. I got like 5 of them, I started rubbing a banana peel on each of them 3-4x a day and then today I rubbed ACV on with a cutip on each wart individually, and the ACV literally turned the wart white and rubbed it off, started bleeding so I applie vitamin E oil immediately with some aloe vera. Hopefully it stays away this time, im taking 3000mg of Vitamin C and 100mg of zinc with 8 garlic pills a day, so hopefully I can conquer this virus and not have to deal with it anymore. Im a firm believer in Zinc for immune system. I usually take 50mg a day, but im gonna do 100 for the next month and see what happens. However the warts did rub off! The skin aroun was unnaffected, I believe the banana peel started softening the wart skin adn the Apple Cider Vinegar just rubbed it off, I hope the vit e prevents spreading.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lexi (Chicago, Il) on 01/17/2017

Hi guys!

First let's take a deep breath because as frustrating as this is, there is a way to treat this embarrassing problem. After tons of research I decided to go the organic apple cider vinegar route. This whole process took me about 4 days to a week (can't remember because this was a couple of months ago) the first day I soaked a cotton ball and covered the affected area and secured it with a ton of bandaids. The angling was definitely very difficult, but I made sure as best as I could that each one was getting exposed to the apple cider vinegar. I did this at night so I could just lay down and not have to worry about any shifting of the cotton balls. I kept it on for a few hours while sleeping until I couldn't bear it any longer. I repeated it the following night. The second time around I woke up in agony and found that I badly burned the skin that surrounding the warts, my butt cheeks where the vineagar dripped down to looked like scabbing. This was very painful. The warts definitely were a bit raw too. Since I was in so much pain I slathered the whole area with a mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil.

From then on out I did not use the apple cider vinegar. I continued to use the mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil. I Would slather it on very well in the morning and at night. I forgot to mention during this whole process I was taking a shower at night and would put the mixture on the clean skin.

In the morning I'd use a peroxide soaked cotton ball to clean affected area and put the mixture on.

My diet all throughout was immaculate. If you don't eat well then you're not serious about seeing results. I drank a green juice everyday. I didn't eat anything processed. I ate lean organic meats, but stuck with a mostly plant and fruit based diet. Every morning I eat a table spoon of coconut oil and a shot of the apple cider vinegar. Eating healthy for a week can be difficult for some but it's crucial!!!!

It's just one week for getting your lady parts looking good and back to normal. Be persistent and don't give up hope if you don't get immediate results. I felt defeated when the first three days didn't give me the same results as other reviews. Everyone's body is different. HAVE FAITH AND GOOD LUCK!!!

Replied by Bm
(Puyallup, Wa)

How exactly did you do the combination of coconut oil and tea tree oil? Do you know what the ratio was? Did you mix it together before applying or apply one and then the other?


Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil

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Posted by Anonymous (Hometown, Usa) on 03/14/2013

Lets try to keep it short. I've been fighting this for over 2 yrs. I freeze em and they come back. Found this site and tried Apple Cider Vinegar straight applied with Qtip an hour a day for a week with no results. Decided to try the ACV asprin and oils. Works great. Just chill and watch a movie every night and recharge the paste as it dries out with more ACV on a Q tip. After 3-4 days they noticably dry and start to scab. 4 days seems to kill em. Dont overdo it or its tough on the skin. Put vitamin e neosporin or whatever you have on the new skin. Soon they are GONE. I am going to do the soak in ACV twice a month for awhile to make sure these things never come back. So stoked.

Replied by Mitch
(Angeles City, Pampanga, Philipines)

How can I cure my genital warts in just at home treatment ? Can't comportable with this and I transfer it in my bf shy to tell him about it and he doesn't know that he has this also ;(

Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Catherine (Swindon, England) on 01/17/2013

First of all a massive thank you for all your help! I've had GW for almost a year and my GP would not refer me to a gynecologist and she only prescribed creams that never worked. Here is my story:

-I've had GW for 8 months now, GP thought it was nothing, then diagnosed me with chlamydia and then yeast infection. I did my research and knew it was GW, but my GP wanted me to go to a hospital 1hr away - I don't have a car. And that would mean loads of tests and no direct treatment, so I looked for remedies and found the ACV aspirin one.

-I tried it 3 days ago, soaked cotton balls in the mixture and applied them for 4hrs. I was in a lot of pain, didn't fall asleep until 4am (lesson: do the treatment during the day), but I pushed through it because I really wanted these darn things off.

-3 days later, the skin is grey and wrinkly, took a shower and most of it came off!! I am so incredibly relieved! I know dab some hydrogen peroxide on to keep the raw skin clean, it still hurts a bit because my warts were spread from my labia down to my anus.

-I really hope the warts don't come back but for now I am so happy! Thank you guys sooo much!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Elderberry

Posted by Nick (Atlanta, GA) on 05/30/2009

I am currently on day 4 of ACV treatment and elderberry extract...

A good healthy diet with elderberry extract will help A LOT! Take about 2100 MG throughout the day (2 pills, 3 times a day) everyday for a month. I know this may seem like a pain to deal with, but it will help. You will notice the warts shrink in size and eventually disappear. Elderberry heals from within so instead of burning the surface of the wart (and your skin), the elderberry will cause an immune response to the area infected.

You can purchase elderberry from your local herbal supplement store. Give it a shot!

Just remember to stay strong. HPV is the most common STD out there. 75-80% of sexually active adults get HPV throughout their life. Not everyone shows signs or symptoms, but just remember that you're not alone.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic

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Posted by Bb (Wa) on 01/18/2017

So I found a pretty small cluster of bumps on my peritoneum and freaked the **** out. My conclusion was obviously Genital Warts which blew my mind bc I haven't even had sex for 3+ months, my last pap 2 months ago came out normal, and I was under the impression the Dr tested for it in my std test.

Anywho, I immediately started treating it Night 1 with Tea Tree oil.

Night 2 I used ACV on a cottom ball 3 diff times over about 4 hours. It burned and everywhere that the ACV touch turned puffy and white. I still do not know why but it looked and felt like an explosion.

Day 3 I hysterically cried and had severe panick attacks. My vagina lips were redish and sore even tho the wart was not located on the lips. Used less ACV on a cottonball for a couple hours.

Night 3 Smashed Organic Garlic and TT oil on a cotton ball and slept w it overnight. It burned very badly!!!

Day 4 removed the cotton ball to find blood and wart cluster burned off! The skin is completely raw. My Drs visit was today and she confirmed I had literally burned the wart off.

But I have to note that I'm extremely disappointed w the Dr... I was pissed when I found out they didn't test for HPV in the STD test and when I insisted on an HPV/DNA test she refused stating "it's so common, we don't test for it." NO WONDER it's common idiot, none of us know we have it and so it spreads. So I don't know what type of HPV strain I have, or that I scientifically even have it bc apparently all they do now a days in the year 2017 is eyeball it. Unbelieveable.

Bf all this started and during, I've been taking L-Lysine & Silica which are helpful supplements (w/ herpes and cysts) so I think it's safe to assume they'll help w warts too. I got a really good idea to make a spray bottle diluted w water, acv, tt oil, and maybe a smashed garlic clove to spray on after a shower to inhibit wart growth.

Will keep you all updated, I'm only on day 4 but what I had is gone, yaye! I'm starting to cheer up but I'm sad my sex life will never be the same.

Wish I knew how common Genital Warts are or I wouldn't have been so irresponsible. Love you all and good luck. May we all be cured ;)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Kitty (Hope-land, Idaho) on 04/03/2009

My journey to rid myself of GW: Tonight begins my hope for relief. About a moth ago, I felt a strange growth on my anus as I was finishing in the bathroom. I figured it was a skin tag, and decided to forget about it. Over the last few weeks, I'd began to notice more and more, until about a dozen or so of these things were surrounding my anus and speading along my perinium. Last night I finally got up the courage to examine them. I put the mirror down there and HOLY HELL WHAT THE @#+$ IS THAT??? Immediately I jumped online and searched. It finally all added up. I was diagnosed with HPV 3 years ago while pregnant with my son, but the doc said I didn't have a strain that would cause GW. Guess she was wrong. I'm thiinking it got into the anal region when my ex husband decided to spice up our sex life with anal sex, causing fissures and bleeding. I thought, these disgusting little buggers have GOT TO GO! I found this site and, thank the heavens, I'm beginning a compress of ACW, crushed garlic, and a splash of HP at bedtime. I've also started eating a garlic clove or two a day, along with echinaecea. I have high hopes from all the yeas on this site, and I have been a believer in natural healing for years. Update tomorrow... wish me luck!

Replied by Mad Woman
(Key West, Fl)

Could you please tell me if it worked. I also noticed a small bump about 3 months ago. It was really small so I thought it would disappear. But lately I have been stressed and I guess they just multiplied. I too was diagnosed with hpv about 3 years ago but never had an outbreak.

I just started using Apple Cidar today and want to know if theres a chance it will work. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Shulie (Ottawa, ON, Canada) on 02/17/2009

I am so glad that I found this site yesterday!!

I could not face going to a doctor with this and was getting really desperate

I soaked a baby wipe in vinegar and held it to the area for ten minutes, then thoroughly dried the area using blow drier. Next, I sliced a garlic bulb into thin strips and soaked them in olive oil and then attached one slice to the most affected area with a bandaid. This involved a lot of acrobatics!! I left it on for 3 hours and then repeated the vinegar process and then taped on another slice of garlic. I did this every 3 hours and left the garlic on all night.

Today, the warts have cleared up considerable and there is no pain, I plan to do this procedure for the next few days until they have cleared up.

I have never had these before and would like to know if anyone else has severe stomach cramps at the same time as a break out

Thanks so much

Replied by Holly
(Knoxville, Tn)

... You said there is no pain where you put the Garlic?

Because Garlic burns the skin. Cut one, and bandaid it to your hand overnight... It will burn.

I had a two big plantar warts on my hand. I got the advice from a natural medical book. I could not leave the garlic for the full 24 hrs required. I think it was 8 to 12, it was unbareable. The book said that blisters would form and make the wart "fall off. " I got one blister, it was beside the wart where the garlic had laid on my skin. You're only suppose to cover the wart. Also that didnt work for me, maybe because I didnt wait a full 24 hrs. I dont know.

If you want to know the name of the book email me HollyBoston90(at)yahoo(dot)com

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Mass.)

Plantar warts are on the toes or bottom of the feet. Also warts are a human Papillomavirus. I used to use my mothers corn remover for my hand(warts)it worked wonders but I still have the virus, thats another issue I am dealing with. good luck

Replied by Aliyah

I have bad stomach cramps too. I thought it was just me..I never had this either and it's my first time . I just started the apple cider vinegar thing now. I taped it on and I plan on keeping it on for 4hr but it's burning a little but I can make it through cause a lot of people says it works.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Pete (San Diego, CA) on 10/13/2007

This is follow up on my posting from 10/8/07. I was going to post feed back one week after I started treatment. However, I already have results to report, so here I am, 5 days after.

In my previous posting I explained that I had warts between the buttocks that had been criogenically removed in two session at a clinic. But that recently some new ones had come out in and around the anus, with intense itching. After a ACV rub, I had counted a total of 10 warts, all small except two that were medium size (about 1/8 inch).

For the first 2 days I spot treated the warts for 10 minutes with full strength organic, unpasteurized 6% ACV. It burned for the first 5 minutes, but then it was ok. Then I followed with the liquid gel content of a garlic pill during the day. At night I put a wedge of raw garlic on the warts.

Daily I also took the following:
Vitamin E 1000 IU: 1 pill 2 X day
Vitamin C 1000 IU: 1 pill 2 X day
Multivitamin: 1 pill 2 X day
Garlic Pills: 3 pills 3 X day
Echinace: 1 pill 2 X day
Gingseng: 1 pill X day
4 glasses of water with 2 spoons of ACV a day.

The 3rd day I could not use the ACV application because the anal area had become raw and it hurt too much. So I just kept the area clean and apply the content of a vitamin E as lotion.

The 4th day I checked and it appeared that the area was healing, and I could not see the warts but wasn't sure.

The 5th day, the area was very much healed (that fast !) and I definitely cannot see any warts whatsoever.

However, I will point out that the itching has started to happen in a new area, just outside the anal area, especially at night. I apply the content of a garlic pill on the itchy area and it takes about 90% of the itching away Immediately, upon contact. If I want to geto 100% if the itchin away, I put a wedge if raw garlic.

I will continue taking the vitamins and supplements and applying the garlic on the itchy area. If I see any significant developments, I will post again. I just want to thank the site owner for this wonderful website, and the people that shared this remedy, which works incredibly well and so fast.

If anyone has comments for me as to what else I can do about the itchin or warts, please email me. Thanks !

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Pete (San Diego, CA) on 10/08/2007

I was diagnosed with genital warts in the anal area about 3 months ago. I know I had had intense itching for a couple of years but I did not know what it was, until about one year ago I saw a small growth between the buttocks, and over the months it grew and I had it diagnosed in a clinic. Initial treatment was cryogenic. The first two visits (one week apart) removed them completely (two warts).  But they started to grow back again after about a month. So they treated them again and they were gone. That was about a month ago. However, last week I had severe itching in the anal opening, and I was horrified to see several small warts. I went to the doctor and she said I needed to see a different doctor with adequate tools for that location. I found this website yesterday, and I started a treatment suggested here by other readers:

First, I did a 6% Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) test: I smeared the anal area with ACV for about 10 minutes using a soaked Q-tiped, making the warts clearly visible (they turned whitish). I counted 10 of them (ten !!!! ).

I went to the store and bought garlic soft gel pills, vitamin C, vitamin E. Am taking one multivitamin daily, plus one of C, and E. Also 3 garlic pills in the morning and 3 at night. I am also drinking 2 spoons of ACV in a glass of water, 4 times a day. I am applying the content of a garlic gell pill directly on the affected area during the day and at night I left a small slice of garlic on the warts. It burned for the first 5 minutes, but then it was ok. I noticed that the intense itching was about 98% gone immediately and hasn't returned. Relief !!

Daily I am also applying full strength (6%) of ACV on the warts, twice a day for about 10 minutes. It burns but it is tolerable, especially because I really, really want to get rid of these disgusting things. I will post an update weekly with my progress. I hope my case will also help others. So far the only progress I can report is that I got relief from the itching. Almost completely gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Maja (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/06/2007

so i'm into my 3rd week of ACV application and am seeing change...finally! i have had HPV for the last 3 years and as i mentioned in my previous post i have tried everything. for the last 3 weeks i've been taking 4-8 garlic pills daily along with my ACV. i'm not sure the garlic pills are doing anything. my warts are small and fine (chicken skin-like), very' stubborn. what i have noticed is they're turning white and peeling off like an onion...layer by layer. i'm going to try the Job's tears and report back in a couple weeks time. although i still have the warts and none have officially vanished i can see the ACV fighting. in week 1 i would soak a cotton pad of ACV on the wart for 10mins. i'm in week 3 and and bumped that up to 30mins. i feel a burn but it's tolerable and it tells me it's working. my case seems to be different than others as it's not 1 big wart. its clusters of small ones and i hate them! i can't wait till they're gone. thanks EARTH CLINIC! who have definitely opened my eyes to alternative treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Victor (Srakaew, Thailand) on 09/27/2007

Wanted to get back to you all. I was writing a huge posting just a minute ago, I don't know if it posted or if my computer erased it, but here is the info again.
For the last 2.5 months I've been taking garlic pills, the last 1.5 months, I've been using the liquid inside the softgels and applying it as a lotion plus taking the pills. I've seen great results using the cream, but for the month that I was only taking the pills, they did absoulutely nothing. About 2 weeks in to using the lotion I ran out of the pills I had been using (Sundown Odorless Garlic) and bought another, less potent brand. All of the reaction that had been going on in the area affected by GW stopped and started to heal. After it was pretty much healed up, I noticed that a lot of the warts were gone, and some were barely visible. I don't know if they are still warts, or if what I'm seeing are just little scars. Anyhow, thinking that the job wasn't done, I went and bought the Sundown brand, and started using it again for the last 2 weeks. The reaction hasn't been as dramatic as before, but, some of the skin is starting to flake off again, and it appears that the warts/scars(?) are getting smaller.

In my previous posting I mentioned that I was using ACV as a wash 2 times a day on the affected area. Two days after I wrote that, I had to stop doing it. The pain was almost unbearable. However, the wart I had been spot treating with a swab was gone. After about a week of healing, the skin was healed and no sign of the wart, except for some very light, minimal scarring.

Using my experience, this is what I recommend to you guys:
1. Take 3 Garlic Soft Gels (Sundown--73.5mg, if you can) twice a day for good measure, but I really don't think it's doing anything for you, but keeping your cholesterol levels low
2. Apply the gel from one soft gel to the affected area twice a day to stop and eliminate many small warts.
3. Spot treat larger warts with a ACV on a swab directly applied to the wart twice a day for 10 minutes each time.

One last thing, when the skin starts flaking off when you are using the garlic gel, it will be a little painful. On a scale of 1 to 10, the ACV I was doing hurt at about an 8; the garlic gel treatment, at about a 4 and only when I was washing in the shower.

This method is working for me, and I am seeing results. I hope this helps. Once again, good luck to all of you.

Replied by Victor
(Sra Kaew, Thailand)

Hello everyone. I wanted to get back to you all in reference to my two previous entries into this web-site. Well after a year of trying multiple different organic cures for Genital Warts I gave up. I tried Garlic (useless)/Coconut Oil (useless)/Tea Tree Oil (useless)/ACV (effective-but not 100% for me). So, I broke down and went to see a dermatologist and there was some good news, some bad news. The majority of the "warts" I had weren't warts in the first place, they were something called "Pearly Penile Papules". Harmless, non-contagious growths. However, there was one genital wart. He froze it with liquid nitrogen, and said that in a couple of weeks it will probably be gone. Now, I ask you, was a years worth of torturing myself with different medications, thinking I had a more severe case of warts than what was actually the case worth it? No. I could have been done with this 1 year ago, instead my life was stilted for that whole year. Go see a dermatologist and he will take care of the problem, and tell you what it is you have. Looking at pictures on the web, and trying to figure out what you have will leave you like me-wasting a lot of time, frustrated and depressed. The procedure was relatively painless and quick. Save yourself the heartache and go see a doctor. Nothing to be embarassed about, as some statistics say that 50% of the population has genital warts at least once in their life. Doctor's respect your privacy, and will get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Good luck everyone. I hope that my story helps/convinces some of you to go see your doctor/dermatologist. Take Care!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Victor (Srakaew, Thailand) on 07/14/2007

I've been trying the ACV treatment on my warts for about 1 week now. And I am happy to say that it works! I've been struggling with this since about January when I got my first outbreak. I didn't want to go to the doctor because I was embarassed, so I checked on line. I found this product called "Warts No More". IT DOESN'T WORK. It did, however, help spread my 4 or 5 warts to something like 30. It was a waste of money and very frustrating. I also used Compound W "Freeze Off", and that took care of one of the bigger ones, but about a month ago it came back as two smaller ones. I also tried salycilic acid (Wart Stick), which is the highest content of salycilic acid I could find over the counter (20%), but it was way too rough on that sensitive of an area. So I stop after a week, and let all the skin heal--no scars thankfully. So, this brings me to ACV. I read something about a "Vinegar Test" doctors use to determine if someone has GW. Still in denial, I tried it out a couple of times-I saw no results. However it appeared that the warts had gotten smaller. That's when, on a web search I found this site. I've been taken 3 3 Garlic Pills a day (jury's still out on that, I don't know how much effect its having, they do appear a bit more under control, and they are getting smaller) for about a week now. I have also been doing an ACV wash twice a day after my showers, as well as applying ACV directly with a swab for 10 minutes twice a day on the two warts mentioned above. I've been doing the direct application for 3 days, and today, I see only two scabs where those hideous things had been. I'll keep you all posted on the progress of this treatment for the other warts. But, for once, I think something is truly working. Save your money! Go buy some ACV at the supermarket, and pop some garlic pills for good measure. You will be pleasantly surprised. I was! Good luck to all of you.

Replied by Nathan

Hi Viktor, Saw your post on the above and have started to act on it today. Keep me posted on your progress. I have had mine for some 7 months now. Only redeeming feature is that so far it has not spread much and i limited to the foreskin beginning ( am not circumsized). One doc i know said it would be best if I circumsize but i have decided to give this a go. Thanks.

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