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Posted by Hola From Ab (Calgary, Alberta) on 06/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Alternative to ACV much easier and less painful.

I am lucky in that I have only had the odd isolated wart appear. ACV did not work for me! From the other posts on here obviously many have had success with this remedy but for me it just inflamed the whole area and turned the wart into an open sore that healed back to a wart. Fortunately I found a remedy on this site for treating cold sores which has worked beautifully for genital warts as well.

First put some ice in a plastic bag and hold it against the wart(s) for about 15-20 minutes. Virus's don't like cold apparently.

Next take a gob of toothpaste, sprinkle some alum powder (available in the spice section of the supermarket) and mix with a q-tip. Plaster the wart (s) with this paste.

After doing this for a couple of days the wart(s) should dry into scabs at which point I apply some vitamin E oil to speed healing. Hope this works as well for you.