Natural Remedies for Eye Issues

| Modified on May 30, 2023
Apple Cider Vinegar Formula
Posted by Blue Silver (Santa Ana, Ca ) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Special Formula for Eye Drops by Stanley Burroughs from his book The Master Cleanser with Special Needs and Problemas. I recently had film in my eyes, I made the home remedy formula and my eyes cleared up. Based on the book if you take the drops, you should have no dangerous side effects. Many cases of glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film, and growth of varios kinds have completely disappeared. The drops may be applied one at a time to both eyes serveral times daily. Continue use until the condition has cleared up.


5 Parts (measures) distilled water

2 parts best grade of honey

1 part pure apple cider vinagar

(Sterlin or other good brand)

Mix together and store in a bottle. It need not be referigerated as contents will not spoil. If eyes are in good condition, keep them that way by regular use as no harm can ever come by using it. It has a strong smarting effect for a moment, then the eyes clear and feel very good after each use. The drops have proven to be superior to most commercial drops.

In my opinion, what really does the job here, is ACV, it's a cure all. Good luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar Formula
Posted by James (Golden, Co Usa) on 02/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hello and Thank You! I would like you to know that the information you posted is helping me through what was very upsetting and quite a concern only this morning. I have had some type of infection in my left eye for years and years. The eyelids have been partially swollen for all that time. I have used colloidal silver and pau d'arco drops and lots of other herbal eyewashes.

This morning I woke up and was quite concerned to see that my left eye was very inflamed and the tissue not only above and below the eye was swollen, but even the tissue on either side of the eye as well. This has never happened before. I found your post this morning and immediately mixed the honey and vinegar solution. There was a noticeable reduction in the swelling upon the first application!

After one or two more washes, I learned something after all this time. Thanks to Dr. Richard Schulze, I had learned the proper way to wash my eyes; that is to hold the eyewash cup (must be a good one, that actually is curved properly to conform to the shape of your eye) tight against the eye and tilt the head back and then to allow the liquid to soak the entire eye, while looking up, down, left, right, up/left, down/right, up/right, down/left, semicircle up, then semicircle down, and to repeat this a few times before letting the liquid run out of the eyewash cup by tilting the head forward. What I learned this morning was that for that procedure to really work, one must tilt that head all the way back, and possibly even lean back (a chair is a good way to do this), so that the eyes are looking straight up at the ceiling. For the last year or so when using the Schulze eyebright formula in this way, as well as other washes, including plain water, I wasn't tilting my head far enough back. This resulted in only partial coverage of the eyeball in the liquid. I found this out this morning because I happened to be using a new eyewash cup which is fully transparent, and I could see through the liquid (the vinegar and honey and water), and could tell that my head wasn't back far enough - that only the lower 2/3 or so of the eyeball was actually completely making contact with the liquid. So I leaned back a bit more and could clearly see that now every bit of the eye was "under water" so to speak. Once I began washing the eye in this way, the results were stunning.

I have repeated this now about ten times today, and not only is almost all of the swelling on the sides of the eye completely gone, the eyelids themselves are much closer to normal and looking just great. On top of that, my vision is sharper and my eye feels much, much better. Thank you so very much for posting this simple yet monumentally effective formula. The treatments do indeed sting, but I have found that if I relax and don't resist and tense up that it really isn't too bad at all. Additionally, sometimes I just allow the liquid to sit in the eye for ten seconds or so before moving my eyeball around and doing the exercises to ensure that every last bit of the eye is in contact with the liquid. This helps my eye to relax, and the sting mellows out enough to where I can really do all of the exercises two or three times before allowing the liquid to run out.

Bless you for taking the time and making the effort to reach out and share what you know to help a fellow human being. I sincerely appreciate that more than I can say. Please know that you have made a huge difference in the life of someone who was suffering greatly, just by your simple act of thoughtfulness and taking a few minutes to post this.

From my heart to yours, Thank You For Your Caring

Sincerely, James G.

B Complex For Yellow or Red Eyes
Posted by Beehive (London, Uk) on 05/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars


For as long as I can remember the whites of my eyes were yellow. My eyes were very sensitive. Driving at night made my eyes go red (or bloodshot), going into a mall with the artifical lighting made my eyes go red or even stepping outside on a windy day would have this effect. I accepted the fact that the whites of my eyes were "naturally" yellow and that the little blood vessels in my eyes were very quick to appear prominent and angry and that my eyes would become very red at the drop of hat. I began taking a vitamin b complex supplement (sublingual liquid) as well as cod liver oil. I began taking the vitamin b complex in the hope of reversing grey hair. It has now been a month. A few days ago I noticed that the whites of my eyes are actually WHITE!! My eyes don't feel sensitive or irritated like they did before. I believe it is the b complex that has had this effect. I take double the recommended dose every day. It may be possible that the cod liver oil together with the b complex may be working well together. In the past I have taken cod liver oil on its own but still had sensitive eyes with "yellow" whites.

Posted by Peggy (Plano, USA) on 08/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Scratched Eye Remedy:

A wonderful natural remedy for a scratched eye is a (Grated Raw Potato)! Simply take a white Idaho or baking potato and peel off the skin. Then grate about one tablespoon onto a paper towel. Squeeze the potato to get the starchy water from the potato on the paper towel, then place the paper towel directly over the injured eye for 15 minutes. It usually does the trick in a single treatment. Do not rub the eye. It will take the pain away and speed up the healing process significantly! I have seen this remedy work (4)times now.

1. I burned my eyes about 25 years ago on a sun lamp.

2. My daughter was scratched in the eye by our cat.

3. A friend was hit in the eye by a paper wad!

4. My son didn't know what he did, but woke up with a painful scratch in his eye.

I was given this wonderful natural remedy from my dad when I burned my own eyes, and have joyfully helped many others with the same remedy. Now I am happy to pass it on to others!

Manuka Honey Eyedrops
Posted by Butterflycari (Ut) on 01/24/2021 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I had a really bad sinus infection that also led to a bad eye infection. I tried two rounds of zithromycin and it helped but it came back. I tried many different things and the thing that helped my eyes so much was manuka honey eye drops. I took equal parts boiled distilled water that was cooled to room temp and I mixed equal parts manuka honey into it and put it in a sterile dropper bottle. I have been using 2 drops every four hours or so and it has been a godsend. My eyes feel immediately better. It stings a bit at first, but it is so worth it. I am on day 2 and I feel almost back to normal.

Posted by Pomegranate (Sw Usa) on 10/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

This is some info about high dose thiamine or B1. I read about it and tried it, I am now up to 1200mgs a day in spaced out doses of 100mgs each. It does not affect my sleep at all so I can take it quite late in the day. I have had only one side effect, a light frontal headache at times. I can also take it on an empty stomach OK.

Some people reported improvements in energy, and less pain. I do not have pain, except when I have a migraine, and I have not experienced increased energy, but I am not up to the maximum dose they used in the study yet.

What I have experienced is this...

Background: For a long time I have been having flashes of light in both eyes. Doc says could be retinal tearing, since I also have huge floaters in both eyes. He says "If you see a dark veil coming down over your field of vision, RUN, do not walk to the ER." Nice.

Anyway, my eyesight is suddenly improving! The flashes are not completely gone, but are SO improved. I was amazed last night when I was driving in the dark and in the grocery store. I was reacting just like when my son got his first glasses. WOW look at that! Etc. My eyesight is not as cloudy and my eyes do not feel as tired and strained. I don't frown as much trying to see.

I was shocked, because that is not the reason I tried the thiamine in high doses. I was trying it because of chronic fatigue and energy. So I don't think this is a placebo effect. I wasn't even thinking of my eyes. I had pretty much given in to the thought of future blindness. I went home and did some searches.

Mega-dose thiamine yall! Whoo hoo!

I also have added B2 (no side effects) and may add B5 as well later on.

If I do get an increase in energy, I will report it. It may be that my eyes are taking up all the energy in their healing, if that is indeed what is happening. (hope, hope)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marty (Nashville, Tennessee -- Music City, USA) on 04/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I use organic apple cider vinegar for several things, and have noticed that the whites of my eyes do not appear blood shot anymore. They look white, white and crystal clear. Since I have severe allergies, this is a wonderful benefit from the ACV! Organic apple cider vinegar is simply awesome.

Nystagmus Remedies
Posted by Kate (London, Ontario, Canada) on 06/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, my name is Kate and this is the story of how my daughter Caroline's Nystagmus was healed. I'm not sure this is the best forum for this but I couldn't seem to find anywhere else on the internet related to Nystagmus where I could post/share this information. I'm setting the intention with this post that it finds and inspires as many people as possible to take control of their situations and help themselves or their loved ones who are currently suffering from Nystagmus. Here goes!

When my daughter was 4 months old, we noticed that her eyes were constantly in motion, always shifting back and forth from side to side. My mother-in-law first noticed it and I was immediately so upset with myself that I didn't notice it prior to then. In hindsight, prior to then, whenever I'd make good eye contact with her, she'd be breastfeeding so her eyes would "stick" at the sides - which I later learned was her null point. Anyways, after a visit to the optometrist, it was confirmed she had nystagmus, probably about a 6 or 7 out of 10 in severity. I'm sure there were more specific terms to describe it, label it, etc. but that's basically the jist of it as I didn't really attach to it because I instinctively knew it was something that would be short-lived for her - despite what all conventional research, medicine and a subsequent Opthamologist advised. So what did I do? (Aside from first being devastated, upset, afraid, etc., and all of those not so serving emotions that I'm sure you're feeling as well.)

1) I accepted that she had Nystagmus at that moment in time and while I felt wretched over it, I reminded myself that she was perfect, beautiful and divine and it was my self-limiting beliefs and judgements of her that was truly the problem. I then set out to get clarity on this. The Universe then delivered me EFT or commonly called, "Tapping". Google it, it's a very much a thing these days and I tapped the dickens out of the situation, and in turn got a ton of clarity on myself. It's totally bonkers and you feel ridiculous doing it but I PROMISE you it works and you'll start to notice a dramatic improvement in most areas of your life. Follow any thread your subconscious brings up, most of it likely being totally unrelated to the Nystagmus situation but just go with it without judging it. Your subconscious and higher self knows what you need to work through so don't make it harder than it needs to be by trying to analyze and understand it all. There's also a great script by Nick and Jessica Ortner to get you started on Surrogate Tapping if it's for a child. Whatever this looks like for you, please, please, please remember that this is all about YOU. No one else. Always bring it back to yourself - how YOU feel, what YOU perceive, etc. This is especially important for parent's of children with Nystagmus to remember. Hang out in the negative for as long as you can and clear it as much as possible. Soon enough you'll feel the energy shift and you'll find peace with the situation. You may need to do this several times over a month or two or daily if you can swing it to get the energy clearing. 15 - 20 minutes at a time is good or longer if you hit a big issue. If you stick with it, you'll feel the shift and receive the message for that particular session and know when it's time to stop. IMPORTANT - I think doing this is the foundation to the beginning of the overall healing process. Same goes for pretty much anything in life really. I also practice this daily now for whatever seems to be bugging me. I digress... Anyways, once I had some serious tapping sessions with myself and shed some more tears (it's not always fun but man it's rewarding when you work through your crap), I was able to make peace with Caroline's eyes and this opened myself up to the Universe for more divine intelligence. Her eyes also improved bit by bit during this time. I thoroughly believe our kids to be energetically linked to us so any work I did on healing myself emotionally seemed to benefit her physically (and likely emotionally as well as I believe that to be the impetus to all physical ailments).

2) The Universe delivered help in the form of an amazing Osteopath who had a lot of experience with cranial/sacral healing. I took her to him for an hour or two each week for about 4 months and the improvement in eyes was gradual but this was definitely a game changer. After 4 months we knocked it back to an hour a week or an hour every two weeks. I think babies clear and heal quickly though. This might need to be more robust with an older person who has had it for a while. By the time she was 10ish months old, it was basically gone. About a 1.5 out of 10. And it continued to improve to about 0.25/10 now (almost two years old now). Basically, they no longer drift whatsoever and her vision is totally locked in place wherever she's looking. The only thing is, every now and then (once a week?), when she shifts her gaze quickly and drastically from one place to another, her eyes SOMETIMES rattle just a smidge for a fraction of a second or so. However, I'm sure most people would never even notice this and her vision is amazing otherwise. In fact, day care can't believe how amazing her eye/hand co-ordination is for her age!

This is a rough synopsis of the osteopath's notes as he worked along over time. Also, he thinks she got jammed up a bit a birth which is what triggered a lot of it. I had her naturally at home in the tub but she got stuck on the way out and I had to get out of the tub with her head hanging out of me (not fun! ). He thinks this contributed to it as she was stuck in the "expulsion phase". I believe this in my heart, too. Here is a list of his notes, with the best I can make out his handwriting, it's quite messy. I am not an Osteopath (I'm a CPA/Tax Accountant so I'm not going to begin to try and explain this. Also, your situation will likely be unique to your experience but this might help someone seeing an osteopath as a place to start. TIP - find an awesome osteopath, ask around and find someone with tons of experience who is well respected.)

-Osteopathy Compactias - Compressed Squamus Condjlar area of Occiput
-Restrictions CoG1 -Fixed T9 -Discrepancy Between L & R Orbits - Discrepancy between both Occiput Mastoids
-Major Frental Bone + Sphenoid Bone Compactia - L+R Frental Bone Compactia -B/ Frental Sphenoid Zygoma (sp?) + Maxillory L+R
-Compactions affecting the orbits - B/ Temporal/Sphenoid Compactions were present - Treatment took place over several months to accommodate the baby's growth phase. The latter stage of treatment once the orbits sutures were functioning, her sacrum, occiput mastoid, and cervical (sp?) Co-C4 were cleared and mobilized. This ensured optimal function between the occiput and sacrum and its dural connections.

3) I did some syntonic light therapy on her through my optometrist (shone these little flashlights on her head for a few moments each day when she was nursing) and did some body exercises. Lots of cross crawls and tummy time on a bouncy ball, trying to get her to move around and improve her range of motion in her neck and lay down new neural pathways, etc. I think this definitely helped but I'm not convinced this alone would have made the dramatic shift of the first two items.

***I believe in RIE parenting (google it) where basically you don't force your kids to do anything before they're ready to achieve it on their own. I trusted in her innate timetable and let her develop the way she was meant to without forcing her into all of these car seats/devices and/or in awkward positions. Also google the baby liv video for child movement. I basically just left her on her back on the hardwood floors so she could get acquainted with her body and move freely for whatever her body needed to do to heal. She was "late-ish" for gross motor (I hate that term "late" - all kids will move when they are ready if given ample opportunity to be free and discover the capabilities in their bodies). She rolled at (9months), crawled (11months), got into sitting all on her own at one year (propping your kid in some awkward position to make them look like they're sitting is not cool. This limits their ability to get there on their own and cuts off many important foundations for movement and neuro pathways being laid down in their brain), and finally she walked around 16.5 months (again I never held her hands and "helped" her walk. Doing that is so not helping in my opinion, rather limiting them in their movement and self-confidence.) One thing she did for quite awhile - 5ish-10 months - was scoot around on her back by pushing her heels in the floor and pushing around on her shoulder blades. I called this her crab walk LOL I think she needed to do this to free up whatever was constricted in her body and get her eyes moving a certain way (looking up over the back of her head as she slid around likely helped). The point of all this is to TRUST that your child will develop in his/her own way at his or her own pace and you need to respect that. His or her body is so innately smart so don't try to tinker with it. If you're stressed out about someone telling you they should be doing "this" or "that", I recommend tapping on it. You'll get clarity and then know if this is truly in the best interest of your child or yourself for that matter.

4) Fermented foods and high quality probiotics. I started feeding her fermented veggies just prior to 6 months and BAM! Her eyes settled drastically after only a couple of days - coincidence? I'm lucky that we have a farmer's market close by and there's a lady who makes real deal sauerrkraut (no vinegar or other gross stuff) so you get this massive hit of awesome bacteria in your tummy. I would puree them with avocado and mango or some fruit at first and she LOVED these. We still eat fermented foods everyday and I believe this to be the secret to success for any ailment. Try to find someone local who knows what's up in this department. Body ecology is also another great resource for this. I also give her (and my older child) super good probiotics right from birth. My favourites being BioKult (on amazon- the adult cap is fine to break open for babies/kids) and Body Ecology's got a good probiotic too - bifidus something or other. Costco here in Canada also sells BioGaia which is another good probiotic. Just keep taking them and switching it up. This is really important too if the baby was delivered via C-section and/or not breastfed. For the record, I also don't immunize my children for anything and they're ridiculously healthy compared to their peers - never had one round of antibiotics and have never really had any "medicine" Tylenol/advil etc., as fevers do their job and burn out the illness quickly. Take all of that for what you want to make of it.

5) I also took her to a really good chiropractor and continue to do so. I believe in this very much for overall health but I'm not convinced it would have totally healed her on its own...

6) I took her for a couple of Reiki sessions with a great practitioner - also a great thing to do.

Finally please just sending blessings to this situation. You're totally allowed to be bummed and honour that - don't suppress it - but TRUST that you're going to learn so much from this experience. While it sucked balls going through all of this, I'm now so darn grateful for this experience. If I learned anything, it's that we are SO powerful and we really can heal ourselves. You just have to get yourself out of being a "victim" to your circumstances and instead of asking, "why is this happening TO me?", ask, "why is this happening FOR me?". This will empower yourself to heal accordingly. Please know and trust that we have a huge advantage when it comes to our ability to heal: we are bestowed with a profound inclination to be healthy. It's part of our Divine nature. And don't let any doctor's try to convince you otherwise. If they're not on board with you, find one who is! If I'd listened to the Opthamologist and accepted her verdict, Caroline's eyes would still be shaking about and I wouldn't be here giving you hope. It might not happen over night, but little by little, stick with it and you're bound to see miraculous results.

Deep breaths, LOVE and blessings your way. You will get through this, one step at a time. Believe and know it to your core - the Universe will guide you if you can be open to receiving.

Stay excellent,

Posted by Coodlepoodle (Pilottown La) on 05/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have had the same results with Vit. B1. Had eye floaters for about 2 year. This is the only thing that works for me. Helps my digestion and energy too.

Horner's Syndrome Remedies
Posted by Glagg (Vancouver, Wa) on 05/21/2018

When I was in my twenties I had a one droopy eye so I had all the scans, eye check, full body MRI ect... They thought I had a stroke the eye doctor told me I had Horner's syndrome. I went to A 7th generation Chinese Medicine doctor and he cured it within 48 hours with Chinese Herbs. I went back to eye doctor " Oh, looks like your cured we must of misdiagnosed you."

Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years they know a lot more, about curing Naturally.

Castor Oil
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/18/2022

Castor Oil Benefits and Uses - Edgar Cayce's Famous Treatment (

I use a lot of castor oil but not for sleep. It works miracles topically on liver pain, oral pain, and the pain relief can help you sleep better. I sleep the best with magnesium or activated charcoal. I always drink water before bed and when I wakeup. Usually when something is troubling me, I can't get much rest. Eric Berg teaches on you tube cortisol and how it affects lack of sleep. Gut health and B vitamins effect calmness and when you take too much B you can eat a horse. Journaling helps me get stuff out of my mind onto paper and helps me see what is going on inside me. Realism is my aim and I journal freely, then go find the issues and ask myself, can I fix it or just trust it to work out in time? Fresh air, sun on my skin, and walks help me get better rest.

Posted by Mona (Norfolk, Nebraska) on 04/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'm passing this on from someone else who told me about it a month or so ago. Honey will take the redness out of your eyes and also return the whiteness to the whites of your eyes. If you put one drop of pasturized honey ( like Sue Bee honey) in your eye right before you go to sleep, in about two weeks the redness will be gone and the whites of your eyes will be nice and white. The honey burns for a minute so get ready but this really works. It is an old Indian remedy that has been used for centuries and will work for cataracts as well.

Watery Eyes Remedies
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/08/2021 235 posts

Dry eyes? Castor oil applied at night on each eyelid not only helps me sleep, it's thoroughly moisturising and soothing, when I remember to apply it I always wake so refreshed :)

Eye Bath
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I went to an optician 4 times as I felt as if I had broken glass in my eyes. He said there was nothing wrong. On my fith visit, he said 'oh yes, you've got blocked eye glands!! He gave me some ointment to keep my eyes lubricated, which after 1 use, I decided not to use anymore. So what I did was use a clean separate cotton wool pad on each eye, and washed them gently in warm distilled water, then used a separate clean 1 to dry eye. I did this 4 times a day. With in 3 days after weeks of hell!!, they were fine!! I now do this EVERY TIME I have any eye problems, and it ALWAYS WORKS. Hope this helps some 1 else. LOVE Andrea C xxxxxxxx

Apple Cider Vinegar Formula
Posted by James (Golden, Co Usa) on 02/07/2014

One additional note on the above technique of eyewashing. I have since found that a recliner chair is the ultimate way to perform the technique. Simply place a towel on the top of the chair back, to keep the liquid off of the chair. Fill your eyewash cup (or cups if doing both eyes) about half full of the eyewash formula, walk over to the chair with the eyewash, and then sit down and kick up the footrest if it has one. Then place the eyewash cup tight against the eye, and gently and slowly lean back all the way and recline all the way, so that you are comfortably leaning back and your head is fully supported. You should be looking straight up at the ceiling, in total comfort because of the recliner. Now you can really relax properly, especially as regards the neck. I have found that it is a strain on the neck to try to do this eyewash procedure properly without a recliner. But with the recliner my neck muscles are totally protected and relaxed, and I can sit there for as long as I need to and comfortably wash my eyes out like never before. When finished with the eye exercises, slowly lean forward and then tilt the head forward so that all of the liquid runs out of the eyes quickly. It is good to have a towel across your lap and waist to catch the liquid. Or you can just wear work clothes or old clothes.

Try this also with your favorite herbal eyewashes. This technique is a winner, and if followed faithfully will give your eyes treatments that really can't be accomplished in any other way. Pamper your eyes with this love! They'll reward you famously!

James G.

Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Patti (Muscatine, Iowa) on 11/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Dry Eye remedy

I have had dry eyes for over 25 years. I suffered with it for a long time while trying different remedies which didn't work. My opthamologist actually told me about this proven remedy. I have been taking 1000mg gelcap of flaxseed oil 2x/day for several years now and it has worked wonders for me. You have to take it for several weeks before you see results.

Green Tea
Posted by Thankful (Macon, GA) on 01/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the green tea bag remedy and it worked great for me. I was diagnosed with graves disease and my eyes stuck out for the longest and now after 8 years of looking like a frog my eyes are finally returning to normal.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Madefree23 (Staten Island, Ny) on 04/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using coconut oil on my body and ingesting it for about 3 yrs. Like most women I wake up with puffy wrinkly under eyes in the morning. I was using expensive products to combat this. One day I got mascara under me eyes and didnt have makeup remover so I used the coconut oil (cold pressed) and MAN I couldn't believe it! No puffs no wrinkles. In a few minutes. Love it. So Happy!

Vitamin C
Posted by Liberty (Phx, Az) on 11/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C Complex for spasmodic eye blinking (Blepharospasm)

I had a continually worsening eye irritation in both eyes for about 2wks. Once it progressed to continual blinking (I believe it's called blepharospasm), interference with my vision, and waking up with my eyes caked with goop, I decided to search earthclinic for a remedy. I decided on trying holy basil in my eyes, as shared by Sabiba from Morocco, for conjunctivitis.

I made a tea with dry loose-leaf Holy Basil tea (Tulsi tea) and dripped it into my eyes. It stung at first, but it did bring quick relief after the initial sting. But it did not heal my eyes.

I then began to take 1000 mg doses of powdered Vitamin C with vitamins and minerals added (including calcium and magnesium but not a significant amount). By the 2nd day, I knew the C was healing my eyes and the blinking had almost completely discontinued. My eyesight has cleared up as well. I will continue the vit C for a few more days, maybe 5. I'm thankful that God guided me to using the Vitamin C because the only other thing that has helped this in the past has been a trip to my homeopathic dr and taking their remedies. This has saved me about $150.

Red Eye Remedies
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/21/2014

Shadel from Nebraska -- brew a nice cup of chamomile tea, let it steep and taking a washcloth, soak it and place on your eyes. It is very pleasant and soothing. This is used widely in Europe. After fifteen minutes or so, dab your eye dry and you will feel the benefit of this simple treatment. Om

Watery Eyes Remedies
Posted by Lucinda (Leeds) on 01/20/2014

My eyes water 24/7, I'm not allergic to anything, and I don't wear mascara. This has been going on for just under 2 years and I'm constantly having to dry and touch my eyes. I have been to the doctors and hospital but they can't seem to find a problem. I will try anything!

Posted by Sp (Wb, New Jersey, Usa) on 01/06/2013 32 posts

Hi John, I had fat eyelids for years. Not long after I went gluten-free one of the many wonderful side-effects I experienced was having my eyeslids lose that puffiness. They no longer rest on my eye lashes. I also lost bloating in my face and abdomen. Before I went gluten-free I was eating whole wheat and other good quality foods that had gluten. Look into hidden food allergies and food sensitivities. It might be a possibility. It might also be seasonal allergies. And for me, my seasonal allergies are not nearly as bad as they used to be now that I am gluten-free. So a hidden food allergy/sensitivity can make your reaction to other allergines (pollen, pets, mold, etc. ) worse. Also note that if you are outside during your allergy season or doing gardening or yardwork, pollen amd mold spores can cling to your hair. Be sure to have washed your hair before going to bed and change your pillow case if you didn't. Hope this helps you find the cause.

Posted by Stephanie (Yountville) on 04/25/2014

For pinguecula, herbal Eyebright by Dr. Christopher is awesome for any eye ailment, allergy, eye sight issues, glaucoma, pinguecula, etc. Use a few drops in a cup of hot distilled water, wait to cool and rinse your eyes with the "distilled water containing a few drops", twice per day for a week or so. The way it works is by extracting all toxins within the surface of the eye that have collected over the years. It's simply amazing how it works. Don't get me wrong, it stings, but the cayenne stimulates circulation of all the surface cells and it starts cleaning and healing itself immediately. This stuff is nothing short of a miracle, no joke. People even report bluer eyes, hence the name "bright eyes" as it restores original color By removing years worth of surface toxins covering the outer layer. Also, makes your eyelashes grow because it stimulates those cells too when you use an eye cup to do it. Yes, I am speaking from experience. It worked on my pinguecula (gone now after being told it would never go away without surgery) and my son, a child whose eye was so red and irritated and swollen he had to miss two days of school, I finally thought to try this with him, so he rinsed his eye with this formula ONCE and the redness and swelling were gone within 3 minutes. NO JOKE. Dilute, please only use a few drops in distilled water.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/13/2012

Hi Maria, I am not disputing what you say about copper in soil but the CSIRO is not a reliable source of info. They also said it would never rain again because of global warming. Ie they are very political. Many supplements we take deplete the body of copper. Many pesticides also deplete copper from the body. I have read many farmers of goats/horses treating pale/graying hair with copper and getting great results. I will look further into it, thanks. I am determined to get my hair back! A lack of copper in the body also allows yeast/fungus to take over (according to Joel Wallach).

Black Tea Bag
Posted by Tina (Chilliwack, Bc. Canada) on 10/11/2011

I did such a dumb thing- I really did not want to tell the tale, but to prove that black tea bags really work, I'll have to confess. I had 2 itchy eyes from too much computer. I was tired, went to the bathroom and thought I picked up the visine. It was not. A similar bottle with eye glass cleaner, was what I grabbed. I immediately rinsed with water. The more I rinsed the more it hurt. A trip to emerg did not make it better. As the lady in the forum metioned, they gave me antibiotic drops. 10. bucks 1 ml. gr. It did not get better, only worse. Pus, swollen eyelid and pain. I made a cup of strong tea, drank the tea and used the bag on my eye. Now, 15 minutes later, tea is gone and so is the pain and pus. The eyelid opens and no more sticky, yellow stuff, that kept my eye shut. Going to bed now and let you know tomorrow how I feel. Tina

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zozo9 (Miami Beach, Florida, USA) on 08/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have trouble with one of my contacts and what happens is it floats around my eye, so at nighttime when I am ready to take it out, I have to find it. Consequently, I have pinched my eyeball several times thinking I had it.. The next morning I woke up with a nasty eye infection and like others here, it felt like I had a piece of sand in my eye. So, I found this website and tried what one of your other patients said to do... I mixed a half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a shot glass and filled the rest up with filtered water. Then I put it up to my eye and did a quick rinse. Yes, it burned a little and my head felt like I had a headache for a couple of hours. I took some aspirin and I laid down for about an hour. My head swell cleared up and by about 4 hours later, I could tell my eye was well on it's way back to being normal. Of course the next day, it was. Thank you so much for this website! It saved me a lot of money for the doctor!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Coregon (Medford, Or) on 09/27/2010

To Pookie regarding using cottonballs with ACV on eyes:
I think when Angie said to brush the cottonball over the eye.. She meant to say brush it over the EYELID, (not brush it directly on the eyeball), because she did say that it helps to "lift your eyelids a bit".. I took that to mean that you should open your eyes slightly so a little ACV gets in. Note: It really helps all readers if the suggestions are very specific, so there is no doubt what you meant.