Natural Remedies for Eye Issues

Infrared Light Therapy

Posted by Baboo (India ) on 09/21/2020

Infrared Light for eye treatment. It is easy to find documentation.

Aging retinal function is improved by near infrared light (670 nm) that is associated with corrected mitochondrial decline.

EC: We are very curious to learn if anyone has used infrared light therapy on their eyes and what effect it had. Please post if you have!

Replied by Tessa

Hi -

Regarding infrared light therapy on your eyes, I think it depends on the product.

I have a Sota LightWorks paddle - one side is red light, the other side is NIR (near infrared). It works by putting the paddle directly on the skin (not through clothing).

Other companies (Joovv, PlatinumLED, etc.) have panels of red lights and you stand in front of them at a distance for a certain amount of time. I don't know about those.

The red side of the Sota paddle is not to be used on the eyes. However, for the NIR (near infrared) side, they advise you to apply the light to the side of your head with your eyes closed.

If you are in doubt about putting any light device on or near your eyes, I would check with the manufacturer first. Better to be safe, than sorry.

Also, there are cautions for those who are pregnant and anyone with pacemakers, etc.

For the record, I haven't used the Sota LightWorks paddle on my head at all. I'm concentrating on my sore joints (ankles, etc.) and over my liver (no problems there that I know of, just preventative).

Here's the manual:



Posted by Brad (Providence, Rhode Island) on 01/13/2012

In response to the post eye color and health, Iridology is the reading of the eye. It has been around since 1861. I had a friend take the picture then we sent it to Dr. Mary Reed out of Pennsylvania and she did the reading. It's mind blowing what the feedback is. There was a group of 30-40 people who had the photos done. The eye tells so much like what your deficient in and what organs are struggling. Anyone interested can go to marys site I have no affiliation with her, I am just an average person trying to get healthy. Good Day all.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 01/10/2012

I have been reading a bit on this in the past few days and wanted people's opinions. According to Iridology apparently there are only two colors of eyes blue and brown and anything else is simply a colored film over the iris which happens when the body is in a toxic state. It did pique my interest as my eyes were blue until I was about 2 years old and changed to green (around the same time I had a bad reaction to the smallpox injection). My son's eyes also seem to be a hazel color but with a yellow color as well. I don't remember people having a yellow tinge to their eye color when I was young but these days it is common.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed their eyes changing color if their health deteriorated? Some people say their eyes turned blue/brown after a liver/gallbladder cleanse.

Here is a link to a discussion where people are finding similar results

Replied by P
(Middle Of, Fl)

Hi! I went to the site you posted; very interesting, 2-3yrs ago I swore my eyes were orange, I would check all mirrors to make sure it wasn't my room reflecting in them and did notice orange hues in them, I thought that was weird, but now makes sense because I had a poor diet at the time, now they're light brown with a dark rim in the outer layer, my mom has yellow eyes and that's been forever!

Your eyes tell a lot about you! And now you have me wondering!

I hope others have more input about the eyes!

Thanks for the FYI

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

Wow this is extremely fascinating. I would love to see more on this. I know my husband and my two oldest daughters have what I call camo eyes. They are a swirl of green, blue, brown, and yellow in different variances for each. I would have to say my two oldest children are probably my worst eaters as they are teenagers and I can't always control what they eat. My husband thinks I'm a little "whacky" with all of the natural cures and vitamins I use so he refuses to use any of them unless absolutely necessary. He also has kidney disease so I'm sure his toxin levels are pretty high. My eyes are a very solid sagie-green right now but just a few years ago they were much more yellow hued and when I was a youngster they were blue. I will have to look into this book and see if it means anything in my world. Thanks for the post Debbie. All of my kids were born with beautiful bright blue eyes. The two oldest have changed drastically over time. My middle child has the worst health issues and her eyes which used to be bright blue are now a greyish-silver with specks of yellow around the iris. The two little munchkins still have fairly bright blue eyes but they are still young.

P.S. I also have read that the yellow in the eyes is excess copper which could be considered a toxin if it is in excess. Hmmmm.....

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Jen, yes I agree it is totally fascinating. I am looking at everyone's eyes now and they are all different. I think the thin blue line around my green eyes is getting a bit thicker than it was but I will keep an eye on it. I am also now taking wheatgrass powder which is a good cleanser for the body. I will report back any changes to my eyes. I am also on iodine which chelates heavy metals from the body.

I will post any other interesting articles I find on the subject. Would love to hear from people who have done body cleanses and what it did to their eyes.

Haven't heard yellow in the eyes meaning copper toxicity but my father has nearly white hair and his eyes have a yellow tinge (the hair alone would indicate he is very copper deficient). I read that Australian soil is very copper deficient.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Interesting, my father has very unusual light brown and yellow eyes. His hair is grey (he is 84) but still very strong. I always thought that he just happened to have an unusual eye color.... I am still not sure this isn't the case! My youngest daughter has beautiful big grey eyes but when she was a child she had a dark halo around them which has faded with the age. She is now 23. I imagine this is just part of growing up.... I don't know!

By the way, I always thought that it might be a great idea for people who so wish to post a little profile on this site, maybe with a photo? It is done on other sites.... At least then people know who they are talking to! There are a few people I have been interacting over the years whom I feel like I have got to know but I have no idea what they look like, neither have they of how I look like! I know a lot of people prefer anonimity.... I am never afraid to show my face! Just an idea......

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Debbie, It's the sandy soils that can be deficient in copper here in Oz but copper is now considered one of the main contaminates to some of our soils due to the use of biosolids and the years of fungicide use. Vineyards, orchards and vegetables now are grown in copper toxic soils. The CSIRO has found this in their studies. There has even been some difficulty in growing sweet potatoes in Qld due to copper toxicity. Diagnotes/Media/Html/TheProblems/MineralToxicities/CopperToxicity/Copper toxicity.htm

Also lots of farmers are now spreading chicken manure from the broiler farms on their pastures and it can contain excess copper as some chickens are fed it to promote quicker growth with a lower cholesterol rate in their meat.

Whilst copper deficiency is one cause of gray hair I have known a few people with excess copper who have gray hair. B-12 is another another cause.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Maria, I am not disputing what you say about copper in soil but the CSIRO is not a reliable source of info. They also said it would never rain again because of global warming. Ie they are very political. Many supplements we take deplete the body of copper. Many pesticides also deplete copper from the body. I have read many farmers of goats/horses treating pale/graying hair with copper and getting great results. I will look further into it, thanks. I am determined to get my hair back! A lack of copper in the body also allows yeast/fungus to take over (according to Joel Wallach).

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Debbie, The main reason I have raised this is that a Dr (now passed away) I knew many years ago who mainly prescribed nutrients used to test his patients for anything that could be tested for and whilst everyone had different deficiencies the thing that stood out was that most patients had excess copper and low zinc. Joel Wallach also says that copper levels are more often too high than too low on his page about his colloidal copper product. (

In your search if you use the words "excess copper autism (and also developmental delay)" there are some interesting results.

At least you will know soon if copper deficiency is causing your gray hair as you will see it in your new hair growth. I have also read that chlorinated water in the shower causes gray hair but there again a few of those I know with gray hair only have tank water. I've also read that mercury can cause gray hair and that the gray hair of women had higer concentrations of mercury found by hair analysis. Have you come across this in your travels? I personally believe that there are several causes of gray hair including copper deficiency.

Interesting about goats as we planned to raise some goats at a place we used to live under the mistaken belief that they clean the weeds up out of pasture. Our goat always ate his copper until we started bringing home and feeding him branches like willow, blackwood and also ivy. From then on he never wanted it and he was in great condition. Copper is also given to stop them ringbarking trees. We came to realise that because they are browsers they need much more than pasture.

Anyway back to your original interesting topic an Herbalist who was also an Iridologist I went to many years ago said green was an eye colour and that some people who had brown eyes actually have green eyes with a toxic layer and that gray eyes were blue with a toxic layer. I don't know about the green but my husband's grey eyes are now blue after a couple of years of herbal treatments.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Marie, thanks for the links I will read them.

I also came across this interesting article the other day on copper and zinc in hair. Testing was done on two subjects hair before and after washing with water and before and after using shampoo and also before and after colouring hair.

The findings found that shampoo and even hair colour, added copper and zinc, and it could not be washed out of the hair... But from what I am reading it also gives a false reading as to your copper and zinc levels in the body as it is not "available" zinc. It seems you may be showing high copper levels (in a hair sample) but actually be copper deficient.

I would be interested in your understanding of the article. I colour my hair as well so if I were to have a hair and mineral analysis done I may well show to be toxic because I have coloured it for over 20 years even though I am deficient. They say that it shows that hair and mineral analysis is not worth having done (and I was about to have this).

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

There is a disease called Wilson's disease that is caused by to much copper. One of the symptoms are as taken from the website below:

Signs and tests A slit-lamp eye examination may show:

  • Limited eye movement

  • Rusty or brown-colored ring around the iris (Kayser-Fleischer rings)

If you google Kayser-Fleischer rings you will see some of the rings and how interesting they are. The copper accumultes in the liver from birth and symptoms show later on. One of the symptoms is the yellowish ring around the iris. It sounds like it could be found to be amongst the diseases found with Iridology.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Debbie, I think that some of their methodology is flawed eg: we don't know the hair length they took; they used the IAEA procedure which is not recommended by a leading expert in the field Paul Eck and I believe Dr Mercola has written about it also (the washing can give to much variance in the results); also you would be recommended to NOT use shampoos that contain either selenium, zinc or harsh chemicals because they may cause a slightly wrong result.

Having said that I think that dyed hair can alter the results, although whilst some labs test it they need to know the dye used. There have been a couple of other studies that have tried to prove that the results are not credible and I think they were written up in JAMA but Dr Mercola and others went through their result and showed the several flaws in them. Sorry I have lost the references, have had two goes already at this post but as I had not saved them lost them due to computer problems. Thus the lateness I'm sorry.

You need about 3-4cm of preferably non dyed hair. Some will take hair from other areas of the body say the underarms but they need to know where the hair was taken from due to the different growth rates. If you swim daily in chloriated water they need to know that also as it can alter it sightly. So providing the testing lab is one that does not pre wash the sample and they have all the information about the products you use and also if you swim in chlorinated water you should still get good results.

Have you and your son had a blood test to see what your copper levels are? This would be a good starting point.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Marie I am still undecided not to get the hair testing done now. I am still not convinced it will be accurate. I have been taking Molasses regularly and also been giving it to my son. Molasses contains a lot of iron. Iron, (according to the mineral interaction wheel I put on the site) is an anatagonist of copper. If iron is higher than copper, copper will be depleted. He was also given a lot of iron when he was born (prem) and we eat a fair amount of meat. I can't see how either of us would be toxic in copper at all. Also if the mother is copper deficient it is passed on to the baby (and that would definitely fit).

Lattice Degeneration Remedies

Posted by Bev (Durban, South Africa) on 05/01/2014

Hi Ted, I have lattice degeneration of the retina can you please tell me if there is anything I can do to help this. Many thanks.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Actually there is a way to possibly stop the progression or reverse them without the use of invasive laser surgery. The ishemia or vascular insufficiency is the cause. It caused by your diets that blocks the circulation such as cheese, chocolates, fats, fried foods. If you avoid those it will at least stop some of progression and possibly reduce it. The other is lack of blood flow due to stickiness of blood. The common cause is acidic blood which constrict blood flow and fructose found in fruits where the body metabolizes into triglycerides, liver fats, and uric acid which restrict blood flow. Most carregeenan is added to ice cream and many consumer food and that cause kidney problems as well as steroid use which raises blood sugar that messes up natural healing. So avoid that. I am trying to be as simple as possible for you to be able to do it yourself. And the obvious antioxidants, such as vitamin e, vitamin c, vitamin A, are at least required also.


Replied by Bev
(Durban, South Africa)

Many thanks for your information. This makes sense as I have been told I gave calcification of the aorta as well. Can you please tell me if coconut oil and olive oil is ok, and is supplementing with antaxanthin better than taking other anti oxidants. Thanks again. Bev

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Calcification for home remedy is lemon juice and additional calcification can be accumulative uric acid, which can be prevented by eating cucumbers. The third is vitamin c ascorbic acid. Calcification can be caused by calcium absorption by avoiding calcium and taking lysine. In ability to repair capillary wall you take vitamin k. The matter should be cleared in one month's time on the average. Ted

Macular Edema

Posted by Pat (Seattle, Wa) on 10/12/2012

I cannot find anything on macular edema on Earthclinic. My husband has diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. So far, they have injected his eyes with Avastin and it did not work.

Now they want to give him steroids... Injected again into his eyes. However, the Avastin has already increased his ocular pressure from 17 to 21, making him a borderline glocoma case. If they inject steroids, there will be increased ocular pressure, worsening of his cataracts (which will eventually be removed), and increase in vitreal floaters.

We want to see about a natural way to decrease the inflammation in the macular area of the retina. We have heard of an anti-inflammatory nutrient called serraflazyme. Have you heard of this? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Pat: sorry, haven't heard of serraflazyme but it seems worth a try as it could only be beneficial overall. Other natural anti-inflammatory substances/products are the herb Turmeric (Curcumin), Vit-C, Quercetin, Fish or Flax Oil. I have got major good results w/ a special trademark or patented formula called CeladrinTM. Magnet Therapy is also very good for inflammatory issues. I use Magnets once daily for a few minutes over each eye for maintenance & prevention.

Replied by Kitkat
(Costa Mesa, Ca)

Cannabis is helpful for glaucoma and it's now legal in WA.

Replied by Kathy

I know it has been 4 yrs. since your post. I would like to know how your husband's eyes are doing? My husband was told he has macular edema and is also diabetic. He keeps himself in shape and is a carpenter by trade. Thinking of trying colloidal silver.

Manuka Honey Eyedrops

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Posted by Butterflycari (Ut) on 01/24/2021 2 posts

Hello, I had a really bad sinus infection that also led to a bad eye infection. I tried two rounds of zithromycin and it helped but it came back. I tried many different things and the thing that helped my eyes so much was manuka honey eye drops. I took equal parts boiled distilled water that was cooled to room temp and I mixed equal parts manuka honey into it and put it in a sterile dropper bottle. I have been using 2 drops every four hours or so and it has been a godsend. My eyes feel immediately better. It stings a bit at first, but it is so worth it. I am on day 2 and I feel almost back to normal.

Mother's Milk

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Posted by Lafe (Douglas, Arizona) on 08/26/2009

eyes: I suffered from welder burn several times before I found the ultimate unbelievable remedy.

I tried everything from aloe vera, potato juice, eyebright, nothing gave instant relief except for one thing, NURSING MOTHERS MILK! I was dying in severe pain one night from welder burn, my eyes felt like they were full of sand and on fire. My wife said that she had used her breast milk in her babies eyes all the time and that I should try it,"What could it hurt?," she said. I put a few drops in my eyes and I was dumbfounded! Instant cure! Within minutes the pain ceased and the swelling and red eye was gone and I was sleeping soundly. I would have never believed it had I not tried it on myself. Since then several family members have tried it and they swear by it! (not my wife's, of course) So if you're dying in pain give it a shot as strange as it sounds and you will be amazed.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Sherry (Covington, Ga) on 06/13/2014

I have used the herb eyebright & bilberry for dry eyes, it has helped , I can tell a difference when I use these herbs.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sophie (Portland, Oregon) on 11/06/2008

My dry burning red eyes cured

This is story is an interesting one I'm a 15 year vegetarian I thought maybe I had a deficiency. I had itching dry burning eyes with a prominent swollen blood vessel in one of my eye this had been going on for six months. I was prescribed Restatis and Genteal lubricants, which aggravated my eyes. The next suggestion from my doctor was to plug my tear ducts which seemed extreme to me. So I began to try oil pulling and black tea bags remedy with a temporary decrease in my burning red dry eyes. Next I began taking 800 IU of both E & A with a slight change. I then added 2000 Mg of each cold pressed Flax Seed Oil and Oil of Evening Primrose plus and I begain taking product called, ( 2 capsules )Super Vision Eye Formula dietary supplement from Trader Joe's and within the first three days I noticed a remarkable shift taking place by the second week my red eyes were now pure white and the swollen blood vessel was no longer visible I was cured no more dry, burning, red itching eyes, I believe it might be the Bilberry in Super Vision is an amazing and awesome product. Anyhow this cured my problem and it might work for you too.

Replied by Davy
(Seattle, Washington)

I've seen so many doctors and after four years of suffering from severe scratchy, red bloodshot dry eyes, dry mouth, and intense itchy skin I was at my wits end. My dry eye problem was worse at night, my skin always felt a creepy crawly feeling, if I ate any processed sugar at all it only made the symptoms unbearable.

The symptoms were alleviated by taking 5000 mg vitamin C three times a day and 1 tsp Olive Leaf Extract twice daily. This very first dose of vitamin C I took was 6000mg it literally stopped the itching in its tracks, within the hour! I continued taking the Vitamin C and Olive Leaf Extract and in a few days my dry eyes were getting better and finally my dry eye problem was cured no more dry eyes! There is a couple of other things I did when my dry eyes was on the way to healing. I began to take a shower with laundry Borax detergent soap. I used organic virgin coconut oil in my mouth and around and in my eyes which helped . I also began the alkalizing three times a day. I believe my dry eyes, dry mouth and itchy skin problems is directly related to living in house that had mold/mildew problem quite a few year back. The individuals that resided there at that time were now also suffering from auto-immune types of symptoms, migraines, tiredness, and hair loss. Now they are going to try my method to get well.

I believe I had mycoplasma (fungus) the doctors rarely if ever test you for this. I suffered from this for about a long time! I think this fungus was overtaking my system and my body was losing the battle which increased my symptoms until I finally figured out what was going on. I think to put the pieces of the puzzle together finally find a cure has given me huge sense of relief and peace. My only concern is what are the long term effects of having something like this for a few years or if there any long terms effects? I hope this information will help other people who are suffering from the same symptoms that I was.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I have the same symptoms, dry eyes and very dry skin. My eyes feel drier during the night and then I also have a dry mouth (inside, not around). Did you take 5000mg of Vit. C divided by three or 15000mg in total a day? I was taking 4000mg, now tried 5000mg but it is not the first time that I start to have problems with my gums and my lips start feeling sore and dry. I don't really have any mold in my house.

The type of soap you talk about doesn't exist here but did you put the olive oil inside your eyes? I tried castor oil as someone advised here but my eyes got very swollen and looking funny. When they got better I tried again with another type of cold pressed Castor oil and the same thing happened. Some people advised here the use of Manuka Honey but I have to confess that I don't really have the courage to try anything in the eyes anymore.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Francisca, Have you ever considered Traditional Chinese Medicine? Unlike western medicine which isolates body parts and treats them, there is an underlying cause that TCM identifies and then treats. Most likely, all your seemingly separate symptoms are related through your organ function. Hope this helps.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Lisa, thanks for the suggestion. I tried Chinese medicine a few times for my allergies and it worked very well, the only problem is that the Chinese shops in the UK (we have none that I know of here in France) have been in the news a number of times in a very negative way so I don't dare to go there anymore. They are all over the place but if you try them there is something about them that is not quite right. I went to a few different ones but they always operate in the same way, there is a male "doctor" who never speaks English and who writes down a lot of notes in Chinese, a young lady who translates, then they suggest you buy very expensive supplements, if you say you find them far too expensive they try to sell you something else or give you a discount.... Everything is hidden away somewhere because, I believe they are only allowed to sell herbs.... it is all quite fishy and as people have had their kidneys damaged because of their supplements I won't try anything again although I believe that it is a great way to treat yourself! Too bad.......

Replied by Davy
(Seattle, Usa)

Hi Franciso,

I also tried MD, ND chinese doctors, acupuncuture, energy work, the rife machine, etc.. I spent a quick twelve thousand dollars, even with medical insurance, but no resolve. Until recently finally. To clarify the amount of vitamin C. I'm small I weight about 105 so my dose is low. I began with 15000 mg, divided up throughout the day. I took 5000 mg in the morning 5000 mg at 1:00pm and then another 5000 mg at bedtime. Then I tapered these amount down to where is more comfortable. I also start taking a teaspoon of Olive Leaf Extract three times a day. And eventually tapered down to two teaspoons a day. The only thing I put in my eyes is ORGANIC castor oil (no pesticides cold pressed)so in the evening when eyes would become dry I would used one drop of organic castor oil in each eye. Keep it by your bedside.

I found relief when I first had the onset of these symptoms a few years ago by using the popular Healing Ointment advanced therapy for dry skin. It comes in a white jar with a dark blue navy lid It is called A----r. I used this while my research continued, because I wanted to go to the source of the problem, so it doesn't go deeper into the body and manifest in another way. Couple more things to consider: Eliminate sugar because it causes more dryness and itching, revaluate how you feel in two week of being sugar free. Go with organic and all natural with everything you use. Detergents( I use borax) shampoos, conditioners soaps, even makeup. Have your blood checked for mycoplasma, anemia and hormones. Request a food allergy test.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Davy, thanks for all the advice! The Castor Oil I used is cold pressed, bought in a health food shop so I expect it won't have any pesticides. Actually I used two types, same problem. I eat very little sugar, have done that all my life because I don't like sweet stuff. Never tried the Olive Leaf Extract but I have heard about it. Maybe I try to find some the next time I am in the UK or will try in Switzerland. I can't compare my weight with yours as I don't think that you are talking about Kg. I am small as well.

Right now I am taking about 7g of Vit. C (it is impossible to find a scale which accurately measures 1g here, I have one for the kitchen which is not accurate at all although it is from Tefal). My hormones were checked as I am approching the menopause, they were high, no idea what that means. I don't know what the Mycoplasma is and I would have to see in my papers if anemia was checked. There used to be a naturopath here in the region but he has moved out, now it is more difficult to get things checked through a normal doctor therefore I don't have a GP anymore, although it is covered by our (very expensive) health insurance (here everybody has to have an insurance, it is not like in the USA).

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Francisca, I diluted manuka honey in water and it helped a lot. I was accidentally sprayed with pepper spray.

Replied by Cate
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi everyone. I'm not here to suggest not using any of these remedies, but to suggest you might want to try to cut back on or eliminate grains, wheat in particular. Terrible inflammation happens with every mouthful. Just a suggestion.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I've been noticing more pain in my temples after eating sweets. I've also been getting ear pain. I am gluten intolerant, but in denial. I've tried warm green tea bags (which bring relief) and I've even applied straight manuka honey to my eyelids. I did castor oil one night but was in pain the next day. I think cutting out the sweets is part of the secret. I'm going to try to go on Olive Leaf Extract capsules again. Can't hurt. I think I need to do Ted's alkalyzing remedy again, but I'm afraid it will interfere with my morning and nighttime Armour Thyroid pill. I may try the flax seed and aloe vera cure too. I also made a cilantro pesto to remove mercury. I'll try anything! One thing I did try that was on here was the caramel truffle tea recipe. I felt great after drinking it. Someone else posted it, but here it is again:

ONE TBSP EVCO [Extra Virgin Coconut Oil]


Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West, South Africa)

Hi Lou, Anybody with digestive problems should do a liver flush & take betaine hcl & in your case where you get pain @ the temples it is a sign of gallstones so do the liver flush & a lot of health issues will be solved.

Nystagmus Remedies

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Posted by Kate (London, Ontario, Canada) on 06/15/2018

Hello, my name is Kate and this is the story of how my daughter Caroline's Nystagmus was healed. I'm not sure this is the best forum for this but I couldn't seem to find anywhere else on the internet related to Nystagmus where I could post/share this information. I'm setting the intention with this post that it finds and inspires as many people as possible to take control of their situations and help themselves or their loved ones who are currently suffering from Nystagmus. Here goes!

When my daughter was 4 months old, we noticed that her eyes were constantly in motion, always shifting back and forth from side to side. My mother-in-law first noticed it and I was immediately so upset with myself that I didn't notice it prior to then. In hindsight, prior to then, whenever I'd make good eye contact with her, she'd be breastfeeding so her eyes would "stick" at the sides - which I later learned was her null point. Anyways, after a visit to the optometrist, it was confirmed she had nystagmus, probably about a 6 or 7 out of 10 in severity. I'm sure there were more specific terms to describe it, label it, etc. but that's basically the jist of it as I didn't really attach to it because I instinctively knew it was something that would be short-lived for her - despite what all conventional research, medicine and a subsequent Opthamologist advised. So what did I do? (Aside from first being devastated, upset, afraid, etc., and all of those not so serving emotions that I'm sure you're feeling as well.)

1) I accepted that she had Nystagmus at that moment in time and while I felt wretched over it, I reminded myself that she was perfect, beautiful and divine and it was my self-limiting beliefs and judgements of her that was truly the problem. I then set out to get clarity on this. The Universe then delivered me EFT or commonly called, "Tapping". Google it, it's a very much a thing these days and I tapped the dickens out of the situation, and in turn got a ton of clarity on myself. It's totally bonkers and you feel ridiculous doing it but I PROMISE you it works and you'll start to notice a dramatic improvement in most areas of your life. Follow any thread your subconscious brings up, most of it likely being totally unrelated to the Nystagmus situation but just go with it without judging it. Your subconscious and higher self knows what you need to work through so don't make it harder than it needs to be by trying to analyze and understand it all. There's also a great script by Nick and Jessica Ortner to get you started on Surrogate Tapping if it's for a child. Whatever this looks like for you, please, please, please remember that this is all about YOU. No one else. Always bring it back to yourself - how YOU feel, what YOU perceive, etc. This is especially important for parent's of children with Nystagmus to remember. Hang out in the negative for as long as you can and clear it as much as possible. Soon enough you'll feel the energy shift and you'll find peace with the situation. You may need to do this several times over a month or two or daily if you can swing it to get the energy clearing. 15 - 20 minutes at a time is good or longer if you hit a big issue. If you stick with it, you'll feel the shift and receive the message for that particular session and know when it's time to stop. IMPORTANT - I think doing this is the foundation to the beginning of the overall healing process. Same goes for pretty much anything in life really. I also practice this daily now for whatever seems to be bugging me. I digress... Anyways, once I had some serious tapping sessions with myself and shed some more tears (it's not always fun but man it's rewarding when you work through your crap), I was able to make peace with Caroline's eyes and this opened myself up to the Universe for more divine intelligence. Her eyes also improved bit by bit during this time. I thoroughly believe our kids to be energetically linked to us so any work I did on healing myself emotionally seemed to benefit her physically (and likely emotionally as well as I believe that to be the impetus to all physical ailments).

2) The Universe delivered help in the form of an amazing Osteopath who had a lot of experience with cranial/sacral healing. I took her to him for an hour or two each week for about 4 months and the improvement in eyes was gradual but this was definitely a game changer. After 4 months we knocked it back to an hour a week or an hour every two weeks. I think babies clear and heal quickly though. This might need to be more robust with an older person who has had it for a while. By the time she was 10ish months old, it was basically gone. About a 1.5 out of 10. And it continued to improve to about 0.25/10 now (almost two years old now). Basically, they no longer drift whatsoever and her vision is totally locked in place wherever she's looking. The only thing is, every now and then (once a week?), when she shifts her gaze quickly and drastically from one place to another, her eyes SOMETIMES rattle just a smidge for a fraction of a second or so. However, I'm sure most people would never even notice this and her vision is amazing otherwise. In fact, day care can't believe how amazing her eye/hand co-ordination is for her age!

This is a rough synopsis of the osteopath's notes as he worked along over time. Also, he thinks she got jammed up a bit a birth which is what triggered a lot of it. I had her naturally at home in the tub but she got stuck on the way out and I had to get out of the tub with her head hanging out of me (not fun! ). He thinks this contributed to it as she was stuck in the "expulsion phase". I believe this in my heart, too. Here is a list of his notes, with the best I can make out his handwriting, it's quite messy. I am not an Osteopath (I'm a CPA/Tax Accountant so I'm not going to begin to try and explain this. Also, your situation will likely be unique to your experience but this might help someone seeing an osteopath as a place to start. TIP - find an awesome osteopath, ask around and find someone with tons of experience who is well respected.)

-Osteopathy Compactias - Compressed Squamus Condjlar area of Occiput
-Restrictions CoG1 -Fixed T9 -Discrepancy Between L & R Orbits - Discrepancy between both Occiput Mastoids
-Major Frental Bone + Sphenoid Bone Compactia - L+R Frental Bone Compactia -B/ Frental Sphenoid Zygoma (sp?) + Maxillory L+R
-Compactions affecting the orbits - B/ Temporal/Sphenoid Compactions were present - Treatment took place over several months to accommodate the baby's growth phase. The latter stage of treatment once the orbits sutures were functioning, her sacrum, occiput mastoid, and cervical (sp?) Co-C4 were cleared and mobilized. This ensured optimal function between the occiput and sacrum and its dural connections.

3) I did some syntonic light therapy on her through my optometrist (shone these little flashlights on her head for a few moments each day when she was nursing) and did some body exercises. Lots of cross crawls and tummy time on a bouncy ball, trying to get her to move around and improve her range of motion in her neck and lay down new neural pathways, etc. I think this definitely helped but I'm not convinced this alone would have made the dramatic shift of the first two items.

***I believe in RIE parenting (google it) where basically you don't force your kids to do anything before they're ready to achieve it on their own. I trusted in her innate timetable and let her develop the way she was meant to without forcing her into all of these car seats/devices and/or in awkward positions. Also google the baby liv video for child movement. I basically just left her on her back on the hardwood floors so she could get acquainted with her body and move freely for whatever her body needed to do to heal. She was "late-ish" for gross motor (I hate that term "late" - all kids will move when they are ready if given ample opportunity to be free and discover the capabilities in their bodies). She rolled at (9months), crawled (11months), got into sitting all on her own at one year (propping your kid in some awkward position to make them look like they're sitting is not cool. This limits their ability to get there on their own and cuts off many important foundations for movement and neuro pathways being laid down in their brain), and finally she walked around 16.5 months (again I never held her hands and "helped" her walk. Doing that is so not helping in my opinion, rather limiting them in their movement and self-confidence.) One thing she did for quite awhile - 5ish-10 months - was scoot around on her back by pushing her heels in the floor and pushing around on her shoulder blades. I called this her crab walk LOL I think she needed to do this to free up whatever was constricted in her body and get her eyes moving a certain way (looking up over the back of her head as she slid around likely helped). The point of all this is to TRUST that your child will develop in his/her own way at his or her own pace and you need to respect that. His or her body is so innately smart so don't try to tinker with it. If you're stressed out about someone telling you they should be doing "this" or "that", I recommend tapping on it. You'll get clarity and then know if this is truly in the best interest of your child or yourself for that matter.

4) Fermented foods and high quality probiotics. I started feeding her fermented veggies just prior to 6 months and BAM! Her eyes settled drastically after only a couple of days - coincidence? I'm lucky that we have a farmer's market close by and there's a lady who makes real deal sauerrkraut (no vinegar or other gross stuff) so you get this massive hit of awesome bacteria in your tummy. I would puree them with avocado and mango or some fruit at first and she LOVED these. We still eat fermented foods everyday and I believe this to be the secret to success for any ailment. Try to find someone local who knows what's up in this department. Body ecology is also another great resource for this. I also give her (and my older child) super good probiotics right from birth. My favourites being BioKult (on amazon- the adult cap is fine to break open for babies/kids) and Body Ecology's got a good probiotic too - bifidus something or other. Costco here in Canada also sells BioGaia which is another good probiotic. Just keep taking them and switching it up. This is really important too if the baby was delivered via C-section and/or not breastfed. For the record, I also don't immunize my children for anything and they're ridiculously healthy compared to their peers - never had one round of antibiotics and have never really had any "medicine" Tylenol/advil etc., as fevers do their job and burn out the illness quickly. Take all of that for what you want to make of it.

5) I also took her to a really good chiropractor and continue to do so. I believe in this very much for overall health but I'm not convinced it would have totally healed her on its own...

6) I took her for a couple of Reiki sessions with a great practitioner - also a great thing to do.

Finally please just sending blessings to this situation. You're totally allowed to be bummed and honour that - don't suppress it - but TRUST that you're going to learn so much from this experience. While it sucked balls going through all of this, I'm now so darn grateful for this experience. If I learned anything, it's that we are SO powerful and we really can heal ourselves. You just have to get yourself out of being a "victim" to your circumstances and instead of asking, "why is this happening TO me?", ask, "why is this happening FOR me?". This will empower yourself to heal accordingly. Please know and trust that we have a huge advantage when it comes to our ability to heal: we are bestowed with a profound inclination to be healthy. It's part of our Divine nature. And don't let any doctor's try to convince you otherwise. If they're not on board with you, find one who is! If I'd listened to the Opthamologist and accepted her verdict, Caroline's eyes would still be shaking about and I wouldn't be here giving you hope. It might not happen over night, but little by little, stick with it and you're bound to see miraculous results.

Deep breaths, LOVE and blessings your way. You will get through this, one step at a time. Believe and know it to your core - the Universe will guide you if you can be open to receiving.

Stay excellent,

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Gary Craig was the creator of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques and many of his EFT manuals are free online.

Replied by Mandy

A wonderful alternative for Nystagmus! Thank you Kate for sharing!

Replied by Lorraine
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear Kate, So happy to have found your story and so happy Caroline is healed! I am actually writing on my husband's behalf. He is 73 and developed downbeat Nystagmus about 18 months ago. We have just found an Osteopath that does cranial/sacral treatment so your story confirms our prayers were answered in that we found the right treatment and believe he will recover from this issue as quickly as it showed up. He has also had chiropractic treatment but on hold for the moment and over the last 2 months he has also had electronic stimulation treatments as well as EE System scaler wave treatments. So far he has not seen much improvement but we are very hopeful that he will. We are firm believers in the fact our bodies were made to heal themselves and try our best to stay in that groove. We now will look into EFT techniques to strengthen what we already do.

Once again thank you so much for your report on this very debilitating temporary annoyance.

Blessings and Love to you and your family.

Lorraine and Fred

Ocular Melanoma Remedies

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Posted by Kayle (Vancouver) on 07/26/2023

I read about a woman who wrote that her husband was cured using castor oil eyedroppers infused with cannabis oil drops in the eyes. In less than 6 months, he was cured of ocular melanoma. I'm not a doctor or giving advice; I just read that and feel they should do a study on it

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

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Posted by Louis (Nashville, Tn) on 02/20/2013

Well, this is wonderful. OP. In the summer of 2012 my eye was tearing constantly. Doctor had prescribed different drops WHIch did not help. I discovered op when looking for coconut oil benefits. I started this procedure, my nose ran a lot for three days then my eye stopped tearing up. My eyes are not red I can wear makeup. Teeth and gums are feeling healthier. This is a blessing for me.

Old Maid Flowers

Posted by Daniel (Miami, Fl) on 06/19/2013

Old maid white flowers for eye - they are used for dry eyes, red and irritated eyes, conjuntivitis.

EC: Hi Daniel, we take it you are referring to Madagascar Periwinkle? Zinnias are also called Old Maid Flowers.

..."Despite serious safety concerns, Madagascar periwinkle is used for diabetes, cancer, and sore throat. It is also used as a cough remedy, for easing lung congestion, and to reduce fluid retention by increasing urine production (as a diuretic). Some people apply Madagascar periwinkle directly to the skin to stop bleeding; relieve insect bites, wasp stings, and eye irritation; and treat infections and swelling (inflammation).

Source: WebMd

Parasite Cleanse

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Posted by David (Portland, Oregon) on 07/22/2011

I've been through so much with my eyes for the last six years. I've suffered with dry, red, itchy and gritty eyes. My eyes are especially dry when I'm sleeping. Sometimes the itching eyes can just makes me crazy .

I also traveled extensively to some remote places I always thought I picked up something in my travels. Anyhow, I've done lots of research and I've tried everything listed here only to have them work temporarily. I've seen opthamologist with all of their sophisticated equipment. and in-depth tests. I finally just gave up on getting any real help there .

One day it occurred to me that it felt like something was moving in eyes and so I itched it... When I arrived home I looked at my eyes with a magnifying glass that it looked like a very small thread like wormy parasite with a head and tail .. A floater or trichonsis ? More research and I found that many others were reporting seeing this thin thread like thing in their eyes too. One woman had an eye condition glacoma or floater or something like that and took a parasite cleanse. And her condition was gone! She took the parastic cleanse kit the one by _ulda Clark. I didn't buy that one I just went to the herb store for my supplies .

The parasitic cleanse is one where you take Wormwood and Black Walnut Green tincture to kill the parasites and then you take Clove tincture oil to kill the eggs. You MUST TAKE them altogether to end the parasites life cycle and infestation. So I started two weeks ago. Now my eyes are no longer red, burning, gritty or itchy at all in fact my eyes are white and clear! My dry eyes have really beginning to improve I use an amazing Homeopathic remedy _imilasan Dry Eye Relief . I also use a potatoe ( grated potatoes)in a very warm compress on my eyes two times a day morning and evening which feel pretty nice, and eat 1 tablespoon three times a day of organic virgin coconut oil I'm doing both of these VCO AND potatoe for three weeks. Anyhow perhaps my findings will help someone else.

Replied by Rita
2 posts

Thank you so much for posting this information. I came here to find the answer to help my eyes and having used Hulda Clark's methods many years ago I am reminded how effective they are, I'm excited to start the parasite detox, thank you.

Parinaud's Oculoglandular Syndrome

Posted by Angel (Norwich, Ny) on 10/12/2012

10/6/12: I was called by the school nurse to pick my 1st grader up, as he'd vomited "all over" the cafeteria. I got him home, gave him soup and ginger, and he seemed fine. No fever, no lethargy.

At around 8:30pm, he came to me and said "I think I broke my jaw. " He's 6, so I'm used to his imagination, and I humored him, moving in to "examine" him in mock earnest. On the back of his left jaw, in front of his ear, I felt a hard lump. I was stunned. Within an hour, it went from almond to golf ball size, but his former doctor - who I texted immediately and sent a picture to - told me to just treat the pain (it hurt when touched), and take him into the office the next morning. I also made a mental note to make sure to check for the puffiness he'd woken up with around his left eye, and see what the doc thought.

10/7/12: The doctor who examined him immediately called another doctor in, and within moments we were sent to radiology for an ultrasound and then for blood work. And she didn't notice anything strange about his puffy eye, especially since my son rewarded her with a tale of a playground battle in which he was victorious against an eye-attacking enemy. The blood was fine, she said when she called later, but there was a gumball-sized tumor in his parotid gland. She told me they'd call back once pediatric surgery could see him. In the interim, give him Motrin for pain or fever. Everything in me died.

For the next few days, the left side of his face grew and his eye glazed red and the lid sagged. I feared the worst as he could stomach nothing, not even water, and grew hotter and hotter. We returned to the doctor, she gave me a script for an eye ointment for his clearly inflamed eye, and something for nausea. My friend picked us up, and after asking my son about his new kittens (2 we adopted in July), and he told her how he loved them, but that they liked to scratch and nibble him. He liked it, though, when they licked him about his face. She asked if maybe they had something to do with it? I told her I didn't know, trying to absorb the fact that even as I begged, the doctor said absolutely nothing to relieve me of the fear that he had cancer.

Somewhere around 2 am, I decided to Google "cat scratch parotid". Whoa. There's a link. Then I Googled "cat scratch disease pink eye". WHOA. Parinaud's Oculoglandular Syndrome? I click the "images" tab, and see several images that look exactly like my son. I called the doctor's office, gave the name of the condition to the receptionist, and the doc called 20 minutes later. She could barely pronounce it, yet told me it wasn't what he had because it only affected armpit glands. Not true of Parinaud's Oculoglandular, but sometimes true of cat scratch disease.

10/12/12: My son gave blood that will be tested for evidence of the Bartonella bacteria of cat scratch disease.

I'm writing in hopes that anyone can guide me in helping him. Today, 10/12/12, I gave him a couple tablespoons of colloidal silver. Previously, I've been putting a few (3 - 4) drops of Lugol's in his water, and even placed some directly on his englarged gland (I saw some things that suggested the Parotid could grow tumors from iodide, so I stopped). I also give him at least 1000mg of Vitamin C daily. Since his face continues to grow and distort, I'd say there's been no success, though I'm hopeful about the colloidal silver, based on testimonials of others who have had to treat various manifestations of Bartonella infection.

I have pictures, if anyone would like to see them. This site has helped me through many scary things, and since this condition isn't listed here yet, I'm hoping to create at least one place that can document the successful natural treatment of this rare but scary condition. Thanks for any advice.

Replied by Bernadette

Angel, I am reading this ten years later and find myself wondering how your son is who should be a teenager now. I see that the disease has a good prognosis so I trust he has fully healed. Blessings

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