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Posted by Kate (London, Ontario, Canada) on 06/15/2018

Hello, my name is Kate and this is the story of how my daughter Caroline's Nystagmus was healed. I'm not sure this is the best forum for this but I couldn't seem to find anywhere else on the internet related to Nystagmus where I could post/share this information. I'm setting the intention with this post that it finds and inspires as many people as possible to take control of their situations and help themselves or their loved ones who are currently suffering from Nystagmus. Here goes!

When my daughter was 4 months old, we noticed that her eyes were constantly in motion, always shifting back and forth from side to side. My mother-in-law first noticed it and I was immediately so upset with myself that I didn't notice it prior to then. In hindsight, prior to then, whenever I'd make good eye contact with her, she'd be breastfeeding so her eyes would "stick" at the sides - which I later learned was her null point. Anyways, after a visit to the optometrist, it was confirmed she had nystagmus, probably about a 6 or 7 out of 10 in severity. I'm sure there were more specific terms to describe it, label it, etc. but that's basically the jist of it as I didn't really attach to it because I instinctively knew it was something that would be short-lived for her - despite what all conventional research, medicine and a subsequent Opthamologist advised. So what did I do? (Aside from first being devastated, upset, afraid, etc., and all of those not so serving emotions that I'm sure you're feeling as well.)

1) I accepted that she had Nystagmus at that moment in time and while I felt wretched over it, I reminded myself that she was perfect, beautiful and divine and it was my self-limiting beliefs and judgements of her that was truly the problem. I then set out to get clarity on this. The Universe then delivered me EFT or commonly called, "Tapping". Google it, it's a very much a thing these days and I tapped the dickens out of the situation, and in turn got a ton of clarity on myself. It's totally bonkers and you feel ridiculous doing it but I PROMISE you it works and you'll start to notice a dramatic improvement in most areas of your life. Follow any thread your subconscious brings up, most of it likely being totally unrelated to the Nystagmus situation but just go with it without judging it. Your subconscious and higher self knows what you need to work through so don't make it harder than it needs to be by trying to analyze and understand it all. There's also a great script by Nick and Jessica Ortner to get you started on Surrogate Tapping if it's for a child. Whatever this looks like for you, please, please, please remember that this is all about YOU. No one else. Always bring it back to yourself - how YOU feel, what YOU perceive, etc. This is especially important for parent's of children with Nystagmus to remember. Hang out in the negative for as long as you can and clear it as much as possible. Soon enough you'll feel the energy shift and you'll find peace with the situation. You may need to do this several times over a month or two or daily if you can swing it to get the energy clearing. 15 - 20 minutes at a time is good or longer if you hit a big issue. If you stick with it, you'll feel the shift and receive the message for that particular session and know when it's time to stop. IMPORTANT - I think doing this is the foundation to the beginning of the overall healing process. Same goes for pretty much anything in life really. I also practice this daily now for whatever seems to be bugging me. I digress... Anyways, once I had some serious tapping sessions with myself and shed some more tears (it's not always fun but man it's rewarding when you work through your crap), I was able to make peace with Caroline's eyes and this opened myself up to the Universe for more divine intelligence. Her eyes also improved bit by bit during this time. I thoroughly believe our kids to be energetically linked to us so any work I did on healing myself emotionally seemed to benefit her physically (and likely emotionally as well as I believe that to be the impetus to all physical ailments).

2) The Universe delivered help in the form of an amazing Osteopath who had a lot of experience with cranial/sacral healing. I took her to him for an hour or two each week for about 4 months and the improvement in eyes was gradual but this was definitely a game changer. After 4 months we knocked it back to an hour a week or an hour every two weeks. I think babies clear and heal quickly though. This might need to be more robust with an older person who has had it for a while. By the time she was 10ish months old, it was basically gone. About a 1.5 out of 10. And it continued to improve to about 0.25/10 now (almost two years old now). Basically, they no longer drift whatsoever and her vision is totally locked in place wherever she's looking. The only thing is, every now and then (once a week?), when she shifts her gaze quickly and drastically from one place to another, her eyes SOMETIMES rattle just a smidge for a fraction of a second or so. However, I'm sure most people would never even notice this and her vision is amazing otherwise. In fact, day care can't believe how amazing her eye/hand co-ordination is for her age!

This is a rough synopsis of the osteopath's notes as he worked along over time. Also, he thinks she got jammed up a bit a birth which is what triggered a lot of it. I had her naturally at home in the tub but she got stuck on the way out and I had to get out of the tub with her head hanging out of me (not fun! ). He thinks this contributed to it as she was stuck in the "expulsion phase". I believe this in my heart, too. Here is a list of his notes, with the best I can make out his handwriting, it's quite messy. I am not an Osteopath (I'm a CPA/Tax Accountant so I'm not going to begin to try and explain this. Also, your situation will likely be unique to your experience but this might help someone seeing an osteopath as a place to start. TIP - find an awesome osteopath, ask around and find someone with tons of experience who is well respected.)

-Osteopathy Compactias - Compressed Squamus Condjlar area of Occiput
-Restrictions CoG1 -Fixed T9 -Discrepancy Between L & R Orbits - Discrepancy between both Occiput Mastoids
-Major Frental Bone + Sphenoid Bone Compactia - L+R Frental Bone Compactia -B/ Frental Sphenoid Zygoma (sp?) + Maxillory L+R
-Compactions affecting the orbits - B/ Temporal/Sphenoid Compactions were present - Treatment took place over several months to accommodate the baby's growth phase. The latter stage of treatment once the orbits sutures were functioning, her sacrum, occiput mastoid, and cervical (sp?) Co-C4 were cleared and mobilized. This ensured optimal function between the occiput and sacrum and its dural connections.

3) I did some syntonic light therapy on her through my optometrist (shone these little flashlights on her head for a few moments each day when she was nursing) and did some body exercises. Lots of cross crawls and tummy time on a bouncy ball, trying to get her to move around and improve her range of motion in her neck and lay down new neural pathways, etc. I think this definitely helped but I'm not convinced this alone would have made the dramatic shift of the first two items.

***I believe in RIE parenting (google it) where basically you don't force your kids to do anything before they're ready to achieve it on their own. I trusted in her innate timetable and let her develop the way she was meant to without forcing her into all of these car seats/devices and/or in awkward positions. Also google the baby liv video for child movement. I basically just left her on her back on the hardwood floors so she could get acquainted with her body and move freely for whatever her body needed to do to heal. She was "late-ish" for gross motor (I hate that term "late" - all kids will move when they are ready if given ample opportunity to be free and discover the capabilities in their bodies). She rolled at (9months), crawled (11months), got into sitting all on her own at one year (propping your kid in some awkward position to make them look like they're sitting is not cool. This limits their ability to get there on their own and cuts off many important foundations for movement and neuro pathways being laid down in their brain), and finally she walked around 16.5 months (again I never held her hands and "helped" her walk. Doing that is so not helping in my opinion, rather limiting them in their movement and self-confidence.) One thing she did for quite awhile - 5ish-10 months - was scoot around on her back by pushing her heels in the floor and pushing around on her shoulder blades. I called this her crab walk LOL I think she needed to do this to free up whatever was constricted in her body and get her eyes moving a certain way (looking up over the back of her head as she slid around likely helped). The point of all this is to TRUST that your child will develop in his/her own way at his or her own pace and you need to respect that. His or her body is so innately smart so don't try to tinker with it. If you're stressed out about someone telling you they should be doing "this" or "that", I recommend tapping on it. You'll get clarity and then know if this is truly in the best interest of your child or yourself for that matter.

4) Fermented foods and high quality probiotics. I started feeding her fermented veggies just prior to 6 months and BAM! Her eyes settled drastically after only a couple of days - coincidence? I'm lucky that we have a farmer's market close by and there's a lady who makes real deal sauerrkraut (no vinegar or other gross stuff) so you get this massive hit of awesome bacteria in your tummy. I would puree them with avocado and mango or some fruit at first and she LOVED these. We still eat fermented foods everyday and I believe this to be the secret to success for any ailment. Try to find someone local who knows what's up in this department. Body ecology is also another great resource for this. I also give her (and my older child) super good probiotics right from birth. My favourites being BioKult (on amazon- the adult cap is fine to break open for babies/kids) and Body Ecology's got a good probiotic too - bifidus something or other. Costco here in Canada also sells BioGaia which is another good probiotic. Just keep taking them and switching it up. This is really important too if the baby was delivered via C-section and/or not breastfed. For the record, I also don't immunize my children for anything and they're ridiculously healthy compared to their peers - never had one round of antibiotics and have never really had any "medicine" Tylenol/advil etc., as fevers do their job and burn out the illness quickly. Take all of that for what you want to make of it.

5) I also took her to a really good chiropractor and continue to do so. I believe in this very much for overall health but I'm not convinced it would have totally healed her on its own...

6) I took her for a couple of Reiki sessions with a great practitioner - also a great thing to do.

Finally please just sending blessings to this situation. You're totally allowed to be bummed and honour that - don't suppress it - but TRUST that you're going to learn so much from this experience. While it sucked balls going through all of this, I'm now so darn grateful for this experience. If I learned anything, it's that we are SO powerful and we really can heal ourselves. You just have to get yourself out of being a "victim" to your circumstances and instead of asking, "why is this happening TO me?", ask, "why is this happening FOR me?". This will empower yourself to heal accordingly. Please know and trust that we have a huge advantage when it comes to our ability to heal: we are bestowed with a profound inclination to be healthy. It's part of our Divine nature. And don't let any doctor's try to convince you otherwise. If they're not on board with you, find one who is! If I'd listened to the Opthamologist and accepted her verdict, Caroline's eyes would still be shaking about and I wouldn't be here giving you hope. It might not happen over night, but little by little, stick with it and you're bound to see miraculous results.

Deep breaths, LOVE and blessings your way. You will get through this, one step at a time. Believe and know it to your core - the Universe will guide you if you can be open to receiving.

Stay excellent,