Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

Avoid Sage
Posted by Marla (Burkesville, Ky) on 10/27/2016

For years I have had seizures. The medications finally got to the point of not controlling them. I was doing research on anything I could find to help. I would notice mine would tend to be more in the fall/ winter time which didn't make any since to me. I was a attending a lot of meat shoots and winning fresh sausage, eating dressing at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. What did this have in common? Sage! I looked up in my herb book that anyone that had seizures was to avoid sage. Since I have done this I have now been having less seizures (it's been 7 1/2 years now)since I have had one. A friend also tried doing without sausage just to see, (he couldn't make it through breakfast without having a seizure)so he ate bacon a week and was seizure free, and when he ate the sausage again, BOOM a seizure. Just wondered if anyone else had this before.