Natural Remedies for Edema (Swelling in the Tissues)

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Norman (Metro Cebu, Philippines) on 05/27/2010
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Sir or Madame,

I'm a Man. 66 yrs now. I'm in Philippines and so not the same is always available here. I have been a black strap molasses user for about oh 7 yrs and for a daily nose bleeding problem which it cureed very well. by a tblspn a day with a mug of hot water, sometimes I add milk.
But I've had a swelling edema problem in my feet & ankles & legs for 5 yrs already & have worn compression socks which I hate and they don't solve the problem anyways. I have upped my molasses intake to at least 3 tblspns daily for aprox a wk now and don't see the results I hear people write about yet I'm very hopeful. With this The molasses does not say black strap though, Is that a problem?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Soymoon (Milwaukee, Wi) on 02/26/2010
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Worked Temporarily

I have been having Edema in my legs, ankles, feet, arms and hands for a month now. My shoes no longer fit and my wedding ring needed to be cut off. Have tried parsley and celery juice. Seemed to work at first but not any longer. Had a blood test and kidneys and blood sugar looked good. Regularly take Butchers Broom and ACV to no avail. Any help?

Swollen Feet Remedies
Posted by Gilbert (Orlando, Fl) on 12/16/2009

Swollen painful feet

I'm not sure what's going on. My feet have been so swollen and painful that I walk funny when taking the first few steps. I went to a specialist and all he did was offer me steroids. He said it may be related to plantar faciitis or for some reason the length of my toes. This has never happened before. Any ideas?

Swollen Feet Remedies
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/29/2011

I have the same problem - excruciating!! I also have very flat feet and saw an ad for that problem - plantar faciitis - the symptoms being when you hit the floor after a nights sleep extremely painful feet. The podiatrist sells you a kind of stirrup. Do you have flat feet? Do you wear orthotics? But it could also be as mentioned diabetes. For me, Im also wondering if all this excess calcium in my body is making my circulation so slow this is just another symptom. My whole body is in extreme pain in the morning until the morphine kicks in but if I could get rid of the feet pain it would stop me nearly puking in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Glo (Woodbridge, Va) on 08/19/2009
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Hello.. This is a great site, thanks EarthClinic. I've been suffering from edema (both legs,ankles,feet, hands) now for 2.5 yrs. Doc's just prescribe lasix or other dieuretics. Most of the time I have no success, just putting those drugs in my system. I take 2 tbsps of ACV twice a day, this does not reduce the edema. I have sincerely eliminated salt from my diet as much as possible, even before the edema I was not much of a salt fan. This is so frustrating. does anyone have home remedy suggestions for me?

Pulmonary Edema Remedies
Posted by David (Brisbane, Australia) on 07/28/2009

pulmonary edema: My 73year old neighbour has a constant build up of "fluids in the lungs", she doesn't know what her condition is actually, not sure if her doctor cared enough to explain to her clearly! She has extreme difficult breathing now and is generally on a home respiratory machine. She lives alone and has no care taker. From what I've read she might have Pulmonary Edema, fluid blocking the air-sacs within her lungs. Every month she has to go to the hospital to have the fluid drained, from what I've read pulmonary edema is often linked too heart problems but she has never had any heart trouble and eats a fairly healthy diet so I'm a bit confused to what caused this. What is her likely condition? What needs to be done for her to recover?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Lenny (Ny) on 01/07/2014

How much did u take per day?

Posted by Diane (Fairbanks, Alska, Usa) on 06/17/2013

How much powdered ginger should I use in my gunpowder green tea to ameliorate the massive all over body swelling which my doctors say is lymphatic obstruction. However, no salt, mostly veggies and fruit (raw) with brown rice or sweet potatoes and sometimes bits of chicken AND their lymph breaking massages have not helped. I should mention this started after several surgeries repairing head, brain, neck and shoulder injuries from an accident. I am now allergic to chemically based allopathic meds. I think their meds has caused this problem. They have me now on insulin, metformin, glyburide, and 25 mg of HCTZ daily with 300 mg of potassium. (I also developed diabetes during all this). Can someone please help me? I still have a young son to care for and teach... I am practically bedridden with the severe swelling and pain. Yes. Walking makes it worse. The doctors measured my body water content and found that I am "... At least 41 pounds of water over what you should be carrying. " I drink 2-4 quarts of water per day. Any less and I start holding even more! All heart, lung, kidney, and liver functions show healthy normal. HELP!

Distilled Water
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile Tn.) on 11/28/2013

STEPHANIE, be careful, because distilled water will remove minerals from your body, especially calcium. You are flirting with osteoporosis.

Distilled Water
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 11/28/2013

Robert Henry,

I was hoping you would reply to Duke. Glad to hear you are doing well. I noticed your comment that distilled water removes minerals and wondered if RO water does the same thing? Hope not! Thanks and best wishes.

Distilled Water
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 09/12/2014

Dear Robert Henry,

Thank you for explaining this. I have heard that one should not drink distilled water and now I understand why.

I was so happy to read your post yesterday about your vacation and resting etc. I am glad you are doing well.

~Mama to Many~

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