Natural Remedies for Edema (Swelling in the Tissues)

Trace Minerals
Posted by Jared (Portland, OR) on 02/26/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Concentrated Trace Mineral Supplements. Direct cause and effect for me.

Was seeing an increase in left leg edema. I Increased water intake. Starting feeling migraine symptoms and recalled reading an article regarding trace minerals and migraines so started increasing my trace mineral intake. No more edema. No more migraines.

Everyone can stand to increase their trace minerals.

Foot Massager
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars


HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,, as all know I fell and crushed my T 12 three years ago and have had edema since. Took diuretic pills, PT, lymph massage, etc. with little improvement.

Was told about the MED Foot Massager, bought it and again had little help until I did some study. The leg lymph system is fed from both sides of the T 12 vertebrae and I suspected the location of my leg lymph restriction. So about a week ago I began putting my feet on the machine and then sitting on the machine while on a bench. My feet, ankles and legs began to go down so I did the regimen morning and night . Now they are close to normal.

Guess by sitting on the massager my restriction is relieved and the lymph fluid can go on it's merry way.

As all know the lymph system is the sewer system for your cell waste. Without that waste being removed, you will absolutely not feel well. Also, physical movement or exercise is the only way it gets to move. Hopefully this massager has helped my problem and may give your some ideas if you have edema.


Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beets
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 12/18/2017

To Shirley,

After reading your post and doing some research I found that a potassium deficiency can be a contributing factor to edema. Beets are high in potassium so following the line of logic I started taking a potassium supplement - 2 X 99 mg/day plus ALA 8 X 200 mg/day with good results. Beets have also become a favourite but being a lazy cook I simply use a can of baby beets.

Limiting Carbohydrates
Posted by Edemasufferer (Port Townsend, Wa) on 12/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

For the past 5 years, I have lived with edema in my left leg. I tried everything from lympathic massage and acupunture to Western medicine ( diuretics and a salt free diet). Nothing worked. Then, I found diet that has almost completely cured the edema, which I hope will help others that are suffering. I limit my carbohydrates to a max of 30 grams a day: every meal consists of low carb vegtables, protein and fat. No starch, no sugar, (no fun! ), but the edema has radially reduced in the past 30 days. I also supplement with the herb cleavers twice a day. I was not a "believer" when I first heard about this working for my condition. Obviously, I now think differently. Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jodi (La Quinta, CA) on 09/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Edema, Poor Circulation:

I recently was told by my Naturopath to begin 1Tbsp of ACV before every meal. One of my health complaints has been very swollen ankles ( even legs sometimes) and cold pale feet. It has been a week and among other things, my ankles are very skinny, my feet now have color again and my overall circulation has improved. I also have dropped 5 pounds- but I'm also following the Elmination Diet to identify allergies so I can't completely credit that to the ACV. My whole body seems to have been de-bloated. I notice that after drinking the ACV my appetite wanes, so I do eat less and can definitely feel my food digesting.

One way to know if you are digesting food properly or not is to check your stools. Do you recognize your meals? If you can identify what's there- you are not digesting your food.

I'm thrilled with the results so far and am anxious to see what else happens from my new dosing.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Norman L (Abbotsford, BC) on 03/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had serious swelling of ankles, feet & legs. And all doctors could suggest is poor circulation and one way valves in leg not working properly and would have to wear pressure socks for the rest of my life, but I was not willing for this and kept searching and trying all sorts of natural things but when finally I went back to blackstrap molasses, which I used to take for nose bleeding & cured that and after some time of use I ran out of it, & forgot to replace it and got swelling problems, but never connected it to molasses. But after 2 yrs for some reason I tried blackstrap molasses again and after some time I noticed something, less swelling to happen and gradually dissapeared and not even swelled during the day anymore and so it must be the molasses that played a part in circulation for me in my legs. I will continue taking it for this is a much better cure than wearing pressure socks, which did not go to fix the problem anyways. Thank You.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil Pulling
Posted by Gloria (Weslaco, Tx) on 12/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 53 yr. woman that has been using ACV and oil pulling for about two months now. One of my problems had been swelling of my ankles wrists, & lymph nodes. Since I have been oil pulling, and using ACV the swelling has decreased alot even when I sit long periods of time. One thing that happened while I was taking blkstrap molasses 1 tbs. a.m. and one before bedtime. I gained weight because of the rich vitamins so I cut down to just 1 tbs. before bed. Oh! and the spider veins are fading around my ankles and legs.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Yesterdaysecho_jen (Collinsville, Oklahoma) on 09/08/2010
4 out of 5 stars

After going on a two mile walk three nites ago my right leg from knee down to foot swelled, bad. I started taking the two teaspoons of vinegar yeasterday morning and hoping to start on the peroxide treatment as well, but I'm concerned about this swelling... Though it's down some, I'm concerned about the walking now and wondering if whatever's causing this swelling the vinegar will take care of... ? Any response would be so appreciated.

Calcium and Magnesium
Posted by Cam (Edmond, Ok) on 06/11/2017

Just a heads up, the calcium to magnesium ratio should be as close to 1:1, as possible.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 04/27/2013 2072 posts

Also, there is another dietary problem at work here, the severe lack of the micro-mineral Chromium. Chromium deficiency causes an Insulin insensitivity. The cells are trying to incorporate the Insulin so they can burn glucose, BUT the absence of Chromium won't allow this otherwise simple function. I don't know how, but the spice Cinnamon also very much helps the body burn sugars.

The amino acid Taurine helps cells utilize minerals (opens the ion gates).

Elana's Vegetable Soup
Posted by Elana (Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This is good for edema... In a large stockpot place:

2 potatoes with skins, 3 carrots, 1/2 head cabbage, handful of fresh parsley, 1/2 bunch broccoli. Add lots of water and bring to boil till tender and drink the juice. I make enough for 2 days and drink at least a quart a day or whatever you like. It tastes so good and the feet swelling goes down. I make soup from the vegetables and that is yummy too!

Posted by Rita (Cleveland, Ohio) on 06/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello to everyone with the problem of swelling in the leg, ankel, and feet. I drink hot lemon aid (no sugar) twice a week. Squeeze the juice from a real lemon half cup of water heat and drink 2/3 time a week (real lemon juice is a natural diaretic) I learned this a a weight clinic and it really works!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 04/24/2021

The actual reason ACV works is because it constricts blood vessels, so it helps with venous insufficiency and varicose veins, which are major causes of edema.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rob (Toronto) on 07/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I believe for any chronic repetitive condition a food diary and elimination diet is probably the best thing one can do for edema. Rather than applying anti-inflammatory compounds you may get to the root cause of what is causing the inflammation. In my case I just kept note of when I would have the condition and what I ate the prior day. If I eat very cleanly, just some specific greens, teas, and little to no meat all is good. It seems the suspects for my edema/inflammation are milk products, soy milk with the added fillers, I only drink a Soy product which contains soy and water, which doesn't not cause issue. One should have their kidney's checked to rule out that they are functioning properly. Low salt of course.

Celery Juice
Posted by Jacklyn (United States) on 06/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Celery Juice For Edema

I have been suffering with Edema for years. My ankles and legs get swollen on a regular basis especially when I sit all day at a desk or if I am on a long flight. I have tried ginger tea, ACV, blackstrap molasses, and even drinking more water. I also tried walking to make the blood circulate but it still wasn't working.

Then I tried celery juice while on a vacation. After 1 day the swelling in my legs and ankles came down by half. After 2 days it came down by 3/4 and I was in the bathroom peeing all the time. By the 3rd day, my ankle and legs were the smallest they have been in years and I could see the veins in my feet. I drank the 16 oz celery juice every night. You will have to go to the bathroom in the morning. Now I have started drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach. If I miss it for one or 2 days, the swelling comes back. No other green juice works for this. I have tried. Just 16 oz of Celery Juice, with nothing added, is best. If you are adding something, which you shouldn't, it is ok to add a little bit of lemon juice.

I am happy that I found this, and I hope it helps you too.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 02/02/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My mom gets swelling in her hands from eating too much sugar. Try not eating sugar. Sugar is also said to reduce potassium from the body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/27/2017

Wow, ALA 600mg./day. I have been taking 200mg./day and will now double my dose. If I see improvement I will then consider going up to 600mg./day.

Thank you for your post!

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 10/10/2017

Update: ALA (r+alpha lipoic acid) seems to be effective in controlling my Edema. I still have the occasional flareup but not nearly as severe as previously.

I have eliminated anything containing nitrates (bacon, processed meats) and diet soda from my diet. I have tried eating a few things like beets (high in potassium) and asparagus (diuretic) without any noticeable change.

Since my previous post I have increased the ALA to 8 capsules- 800mg/day and plan to continue on this course.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, Canada) on 07/06/2018

Update: Since my last post I made a mistake and bought regular ALA instead of r+ALA and find it to be not as effective so I'm going back to the r+ALA and will advise if it works better.

Asparagus or Vtamin B6
Posted by Jgmurphy (Skokie, Il) on 12/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Edema: A wonderful natural diuretic is asparagus. Some have also had good results with vitamin B-6.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by J.j. (Private, California Usa) on 11/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

It worked to heal me of my swollen and sore feet. One especially stayed swollen, and I had this problem for two years. After trying apple cider vinegar it was gone within 3 days. I have to stay on the acv,which is fine with me. With it I have not needed anti-inflammatories, and get better relief. I take 3-4 tbs every 3-4 hours when awake, for best results. Eventually I expect less will suffice. Everything is better, I have a great deal more energy, and I just feel better.

Distilled Water
Posted by Arlene Marie (Jekyll Island, Ga) on 06/13/2014

Distilled water removes only the inorganic minerals from your body which can cause all sorts of problems especially joint pain. DW will not remove any organic minerals. Do the research.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (California) on 09/12/2017

If you are going to use straws, which I do, make sure they are made of stainless steel - which means you use them for life and clean them by dropping them in boiling water, or paper which are usable for a few times before they are disposed of. At least they are paper and break down. There are plant-based plastic straws but like the regular straws made of petroleum, the acid in the ACV may leech out of the straw into your body, which is not good.

Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/25/2019
5 out of 5 stars

R+ALA 400mg./day worked for me in 24 hr. reducing the swelling by about 75%.

Be sure to get the one with R+. I'm not sure what the R+ stands for but in previous posts on the old site it was stressed that it was better than just ALA alone.

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