Natural Remedies for Edema (Swelling in the Tissues)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by J.j. (Private, California Usa) on 11/16/2009

It worked to heal me of my swollen and sore feet. One especially stayed swollen, and I had this problem for two years. After trying apple cider vinegar it was gone within 3 days. I have to stay on the acv,which is fine with me. With it I have not needed anti-inflammatories, and get better relief. I take 3-4 tbs every 3-4 hours when awake, for best results. Eventually I expect less will suffice. Everything is better, I have a great deal more energy, and I just feel better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 04/24/2021

The actual reason ACV works is because it constricts blood vessels, so it helps with venous insufficiency and varicose veins, which are major causes of edema.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rob (Toronto) on 07/03/2020

I believe for any chronic repetitive condition a food diary and elimination diet is probably the best thing one can do for edema. Rather than applying anti-inflammatory compounds you may get to the root cause of what is causing the inflammation. In my case I just kept note of when I would have the condition and what I ate the prior day. If I eat very cleanly, just some specific greens, teas, and little to no meat all is good. It seems the suspects for my edema/inflammation are milk products, soy milk with the added fillers, I only drink a Soy product which contains soy and water, which doesn't not cause issue. One should have their kidney's checked to rule out that they are functioning properly. Low salt of course.

Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/25/2019

R+ALA 400mg./day worked for me in 24 hr. reducing the swelling by about 75%.

Be sure to get the one with R+. I'm not sure what the R+ stands for but in previous posts on the old site it was stressed that it was better than just ALA alone.

Avoid Nitrates
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/07/2017

Thanks so much for your post Janet! OMG, what was I thinking? Bacon and pepperoni sticks have now been banished. It will give me a good excuse to order waffles with strawberries and whipped cream next time I'm out for breakfast. he, he.

Avoid Nitrates
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 06/15/2021

With all due respect to Janet, nitrates don't cause edema or swelling. In fact, they're used to TREAT those conditions.

I suspect that the reason her swelling diminished was because the foods she mentions --deli meats, cold cuts, ham, bacon, hotdogs -- are all EXTREMELY high in sodium. Cutting out those salty foods, if you could call them 'foods', will definitely help reduce edema and swelling.

Sea Salt in Water
Posted by Davy (Portland, Oregon) on 08/27/2012

This is a truly amazing cure, drink two to three glasses of water. In each glass add a 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt. I'm sensitive so I used an 1/8 teaspoon of Sea Salt. My lower back was super swollen from Edema tried this method and within three hours all the swelling and pain was almost completely gone!

Start drinking more water, for example if you weigh 100 pound you drink 50 ounces of water. I would drink a couple extra glasses to be on the safe side.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/27/2017

Wow, ALA 600mg./day. I have been taking 200mg./day and will now double my dose. If I see improvement I will then consider going up to 600mg./day.

Thank you for your post!

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 10/10/2017

Update: ALA (r+alpha lipoic acid) seems to be effective in controlling my Edema. I still have the occasional flareup but not nearly as severe as previously.

I have eliminated anything containing nitrates (bacon, processed meats) and diet soda from my diet. I have tried eating a few things like beets (high in potassium) and asparagus (diuretic) without any noticeable change.

Since my previous post I have increased the ALA to 8 capsules- 800mg/day and plan to continue on this course.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, Canada) on 07/06/2018

Update: Since my last post I made a mistake and bought regular ALA instead of r+ALA and find it to be not as effective so I'm going back to the r+ALA and will advise if it works better.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Rawjulie (Pine Mountain Club, Ca, Usa) on 06/13/2010

Raw Foods cured my pregnancy-induced edema

I ate mostly oranges, fresh-squeezed orange juice, watermelon, and green juice (kale, carrots, dandelion greens, beets).

My ankles and feet were extremely swollen, propping my legs up helped temporarily, but it didn't last. After being 100% raw for 3-4 days the swelling had gone away completely. I eat a healthy diet normally, but eating all fresh foods and mainly fruit was what made the difference.

Asparagus or Vtamin B6
Posted by Jgmurphy (Skokie, Il) on 12/15/2009

Edema: A wonderful natural diuretic is asparagus. Some have also had good results with vitamin B-6.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 05/13/2016 47 posts

To Glo w-virginia, I don't think 2 t. of ACV is enough to do the trick, but since it did nothing to help, you just may be better off getting a medical doctor to at least get you a proper diagnosis for starters, then check your options for natural remedies. And the 2nd thing is the salt...I can't speak to your condition, but just generally, that salt is vital to good health. I have switched over from that white garbage to pink salt...tastes way better too. did you know that salt used to be traded like money? it was that valuable!!! You may also wish to get a consultation from a naturopathic physician [[ seek one out in your zipcode, look on yelp for comments, then look on doctrs grades, you'll see it, pick one and make appt for consultation, to go over your diet, and so between the 2 docs, you may be able to normalize your body. Best wishes

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Bobbi (Florida) on 07/19/2017

UNSULPHURED BLACK STRAP MOLASSES isn't good as a sweetener. When I was 19 I took 1 T. in hot water w/ milk for a month. My blood count went from 8 to 13 in a month!!! Lots of minerals

EDEMA: It may help edema since it helps your blood & perhaps circulation. GET OFF SALT & SUGAR, KIDNEYS DON'T LIKE THEM!

Distilled Water
Posted by Arlene Marie (Jekyll Island, Ga) on 06/13/2014

Distilled water removes only the inorganic minerals from your body which can cause all sorts of problems especially joint pain. DW will not remove any organic minerals. Do the research.

Distilled Water
Posted by Robert Henry (St George Isl., Fl.) on 09/12/2014

HI U NO DRUGS, , , , , , , , , , , , because you don't understand, does not mean it is not so. Pure water is a very strong solvent and because of what is known as hydrogen bonding it has an affinity for minerals to satisfy this ionic charge.

Like in paper mills, most industry uses steam in the process. A small amount of steam condenses in these pipelines and the water is called condensate and it is pure or distilled water. To remove, the steam line will have a line going down to a trap which removes this hot distilled water which then falls on concrete. After awhile, this distilled water will absorb the calcium ( or mineral) and a hole in the concrete will occur.

This phenomena also takes place in your body when you drink distilled water. Folks also don't appreciate that a double osmosis filter in your home will do the same thing.

Back in the ridges of Tennessee we use an alkaline water ionizer which doubles the amount of minerals that are normally in the water. We want the added minerals and the ionized structured water.

I hope this has shed some light as to why distilled water removes minerals from your body.

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY=======

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (California) on 09/12/2017

If you are going to use straws, which I do, make sure they are made of stainless steel - which means you use them for life and clean them by dropping them in boiling water, or paper which are usable for a few times before they are disposed of. At least they are paper and break down. There are plant-based plastic straws but like the regular straws made of petroleum, the acid in the ACV may leech out of the straw into your body, which is not good.

Posted by Red (Neck) (Goodlettsville, Tn.) on 03/23/2018

For Edema, I have done many things but Serrapeptase seems to work the best as Edema's cause would be an enlarging heart caused by the interior wall of the heart thickening and stiffening due to "critter" infestations causing scar tissue to form in that part of the heart.

Also inositol and D-Ribose helps lots. Also, if the O2 levels in the blood are low the heart will attempt to compensate by pumping harder and frequently the lungs are the source of the problem as the crud we breathe plugs up and scars the lungs thus reducing the O2 uptake by the blood.

For toxic moments in life, Burdock Root or Milk Thistle helps the liver clean out the "remains of the dead critters" and clean water is very helpful too.

Avoid Nitrates
Posted by Paul (Minnesota) on 09/19/2014

Thanks for the follow up!! Good job!!

Avoid Nitrates
Posted by Dale (Nc) on 07/13/2020

For what it's worth, nitrates also occur 'naturally' in many foods. I put 'naturally' in quotes because the source is often chemical fertilizer which causes the nitrate levels to be unnaturally high. Celery is a prime example. You'll notice that instead of sodium nitrite they are now often putting celery juice in processed 'uncured' meats. That is because celery juice is high in nitrates, and then bacteria in the mix converts the nitrate to nitrite, and there you have the preservative created naturally - but it is nitrate and nitrite nonetheless.

So, if you are avoiding nitrates (as my wife tries to do) you might want to research which foods are likely to contain high nitrate levels (celery, watermelon, and others). The difficult part is that it often depends on how they were fertilized, so the numbers usually cover a wide range.

Cream of Tartar
Posted by Arthur Hall (West Terre Haute Indiana) on 05/24/2015

I mix Epsom salts (potassium sulfate) cup for cup with water. Put it in a spray bottle. It absorbs through skin without the effects of taking it orally.

You will relax immediately; so will muscle cramps. Will put you to sleep easily. Spray some on and rub it in daily. Saves on using large amounts in bath or foot soaks

Butcher's Broom
Posted by Chrissy (Manahawkin, NJ) on 01/30/2013

I have been using Butchers Broom for months now. I ran out if it and the edema came back. So I started taking t again and I have reduced swelling again. It works very well for me. Good Luck...

Pulmonary Edema Remedies
Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/29/2009

Hi - if your neighbor's edema is possibly related to her heart - capsicum/cayenne is always an effective means to strengthen the heart. I found this very interesting article about pulmonary edema from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM). They recommend both conventional and alternative therapies. Granted - she should speak w/ her doctor but I would pay special attention to the natural remedies. I will keep her in my prayers....she is lucky to have a concerned neighbor like you.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Lisa (Thomasville, Ga) on 05/25/2015

Should only use unsulphured blackstrap molasses which is the third boiling of cane sugar with magnesium, potassium and other minerals.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 11/07/2017

According to Dr. Berg, a potassium deficiency can be the cause of edema for some. Blackstrap molasses is high in potassium so that could be the reason it worked for you. We are all a little different and what works for one may not work for all. For this reason it is wise to try different cures and hopefully we will find something that works.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cindy (Az) on 10/04/2020

I know this is an old post, but for anyone reading now, the reason ACV works so well (on so many things) is because it is a detoxifier! As we pull toxins out, we drop weight, get rid of pesky and bothersome ailments.

The best type to get has the mother and it should say it is unfiltered as well. And if you can find ACV that is unpasteurized, that is the best.

A lot of the reason for all the sickness these days is pasteurization. Literally, almost all foods that used to be homemade and contained tons of probiotics naturally, are now heated to 165 or greater to kill all chance of any bacteria--good and bad--potentially making someone sick. Unfortunately, now everything we eat makes us sick! Think of this--wine and cheese used to be made without pasteurization. Almost everything we ate before pasteurization was "discovered", we had so many good bacteria in us, we weren't getting sick from being so toxic and having failing immune systems!

Pasteurization also gets rid of the digestive enzymes that naturally come with food. No wonder we have so many ailments. We have wiped out our good bacteria population and have eliminated most of the enzymes needed to digest our food.

ACV is good. And if you want to take back even more control of your health, look up cultured or fermented foods. (Kombucha, Kefir, Yogurt, sauerkraut, all homemade canned/bottled veggies that are made the same way as sauerkraut.) Kombucha is the easiest and cheapest to make. And is a great fizzy-drink replacement. It's an acquired taste, but so is coffee and wine! And then you love it and you can't stand the taste of all the soda, bc you can taste the chemicals and it's just way too sweet. Even converted my husband to a kombucha drinker. All women know if their husband has been converted to a new good food, it can't be too awful, and it actually must be good--given a couple of weeks to adjust! Plus it only has 60 calories in 16 ounces. Delicious!! It can be used as ACV too! (Tastes better! )

Butchers Broom
Posted by brian (New South Wales) on 07/29/2023

I've had a bout of odema of the right foot for the last month or so. I did some online research and found Butchers Broom was recommended on this site and others. I bought a bottle online and it arrived last week. I've been trying it for several days: two capsules 940 mg each per day. In this time, I've noticed the inflammation and swelling have receded. And I've not noticed any of the pain I've had when the foot was swollen. I will keep using it for a month or more to see how long the effect lasts. But it looks like an effective treatment for odema.

CBD (Cannibis Oil)
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 04/10/2018

I have been diagnosed with venous insufficiency where only two out of six veins in one leg are working properly, causing Edema swelling. I suspect that my veins were damaged due to knee replacement surgery.

I have found CBD (cannabis oil) to be very effective in eliminating the swelling in my leg due to Edema. I first took it in the form of large gummy candies purchased from a licensed dispensary. After three days of taking one gummy candy per day I was surprised to see that the swelling in my leg had completely disappeared. I have since switched to the CBD tincture which is the much stronger liquid form dispensed from an eye dropper at .5ml per dose. After just three days of taking the tincture once a day I noticed that the pain in my foot was also starting to disappear.

I will continue with the same dose of CBD as long as my condition continues to improve and will provide an update in a few months.

Cream of Tartar
Posted by Hh ( Dc) on 10/24/2015

Thank you for sharing.

I have been taking Lasix (furosimide?) and daily potassium supplements for many years for my valve leakage, and gradually I started retaining more and more fluid. Cloth still fit, just that the scale shows numbers that pop my eyes wide. Tried so many things...none worked.

So I tried 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar with glass of water and was amazed by how fast it worked.

Then went and read more , and learned that's it may not be good if taking potassium sparing drugs. (my meds were non-potassum sparing) Optimistic by the result started taking 1/2 tsp with glass of water daily.

I must say, I feel good, I've lost 10+ lbs of fluid over a couple of months. Plan to adjust/reduce to 1/4 tsp once I reach my optimum weight and see how it goes.

Calcium and Magnesium
Posted by Cynthia (Ca) on 09/28/2015

Step 1 -Take a daily calcium supplement of 1,200 mg. According to the Mayo Clinic, calcium supplements may reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and help eliminate water from tissue. You should not take extra calcium if you have been diagnosed with any kidney illness, such as nephritis or kidney disease, without talking to your doctor.

Step 2 -Add a magnesium supplement of 200 to 400 mg per day to your diet. The Mayo Clinic reports that extra magnesium may reduce water retention. However, the clinic does advise that magnesium will cause problems for those diagnosed with heart or kidney disease.

Step 3 -Purchase a multivitamin that contains 1,200 mg of calcium and 200 mg of magnesium as an alternative. Check the labels of the vitamins to ensure they offer both minerals in the proper quantities. Do not take two pills to get the right dosage of calcium and magnesium. If necessary, purchase separate supplements of these two minerals to add to what is available in the multivitamin. The Harvard School of Public Health also recommends extra vitamin D for overall health to possibly prevent some of the illnesses that may cause edema.

I tried all other ways to cure edema. The above really worked for me.

Rife Machine
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 08/14/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This is the latest in my leg edema that occurred following a fall that crushed my T 12 vertebrae. All have follow this saga since Feb '14. Well, I have some interesting news to report. Have done it all including a monthly lymph massage, etc. The therapist suggested that I elevate my legs at night and that helped.

Recently I learned that my Rife Machine had a program to get your lymph system to circulate. I have only done this for the past weeks and my ankles and legs are now normal so something is working. They don't stay normal throughout the day, but I am attributing my improvement to my GB 4000 Plasma Rife Machine.

The treatment is for only 15 minutes. I am also using this device in my cancer blood treatment. There is almost no ailment that this machine can't be used for. My wife is now using it to address her thyroid deficiency as she has been on meds all her adult life.

Also learned that this device can be used to address normalizing most all body functions. That seems the way to go.

How a Rife Machine works is to bombard your body with wave frequencies that will address your problem. These same frequencies types can also cause you harm, and that includes microwave, cell phones, wi-fi, power lines, etc. Even a rheostat on a ceiling fan or light can cause you grief. Don't believe me.. then take an AM radio and see if all you get is static next to this device. That static is zapping you with cancer causing EMF's.

Have taken you around the watermelon, but some EMF's heal and some EMF's cause you sickness. I am not an expert in either. Just trying to get you to read. You know my line.


Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beets
Posted by Kelly (Northridge, Ca.) on 03/31/2017

How many milligrams of ALA? Please I need the same relief you got!

Cream of Tartar
Posted by Bo (Pdx) on 08/17/2013 10 posts



One night when the leg cramps & electrical nerves were very bad & we were out of bananas, I did actually get brave/despearate enough to just sample- with the tip of my pinky finger- a taste of Cream of Tartar. My sample was Less than 1/16th tsp...

Within minutes I began suffering the classic effects of Extreme Hypotension, bordering on medical Shock. it was a terrifying experience & I believe I came close to dying that night. I thank the Creator that just before I came to the point of passing out, a sudden small thought entered my swimming conciousness- "take Sea Salt NOW", and immediately I did, and sat on the floor, and in short time began to feel my pounding heart slow a bit and become more steady, and my veins stopped throbbing and I became less dizzy and faint, and was able to go back to bed (still wondering if I would wake in the morning)

This is a Very Extreme Reaction- and I believe Uncommon Side Effect- BUT I want to state that I believe this occured because I am allready a Clinical Hypotensive with chronically dilated veins. Cream of Tartar is a powerful VASODILATOR which is why it is so effective to reduce blood pressure, but as such is extremely dangerous to people who allready live with Chronic LOW Blood Pressure due to naturally dilated veins. We who have Low BP from large veins should stay far away from all Vasodilators, whether chemical OR Food-Sourced, it doesn't matter- we have no margin for error. Vasodilators in an allready dilated cardiovascular system can trigger medical shock and potentially kill.

Swedish Bitters
Posted by Marsh (Denver, Co) on 02/20/2013

My ob-gyn recently put me on a few heavy drugs to stop major menopausal bleeding. The drug - I believe - did weird things to my body although the bleeding stopped. One of the symptoms was swollen ankles and urine that was colorless for a few days. Swedish Bitters was recommended and a massage that concentrated on the internal organs which was amazing in itself. This morning, no swollen ankles, my urine was back to normal and I have more energy than the past few days.

Fulvic Acid Complex
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 12/23/2013

Hi Mary...Since you only have edema in the right foot, then it is probably a local problem(not a body-wide problem) caused by a blockage in your lymph in the ankle region. So if you take bromelain (a protein digesting enzyme) 500 mgs outside mealtimes 3 time a day, this should help to remove the protein blockages in your right ankle and reduce the edema.

I would also take the Quantumin at 6 drops a day since this contains minerals and is also beneficially alkalizing for the body.

The 35 ml Quantumin bottle will last about 3 months.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Julie (Iowa, US) on 12/24/2014

I have seen this molasses post in a few places elsewhere. And always without evidence. I seriously doubt consuming SUGAR would resolve edema. if anything it would make it far worse.

Distilled Water
Posted by Stephanie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/27/2013

Distilled water has been very helpful for me. I started using it June 1 2013 see a huge difference in my health, joint pain and well being.

Distilled Water
Posted by Helen (Australia) on 01/04/2018

False. Distilled water removes inorganic minerals, which your body can't use anyway. Organic minerals are immediately utilised. Be aware of this when buying mineral supplements: if they're not organic, they're not beneficial.

Distilled Water
Posted by Ricardo A. (Brazil) on 11/02/2018

Osteoporosis is easily prevented or reversed drinking lots of vegetable juices including green leaves. It is a disease of people who do not like to eat fruit, green leaves and vegetables.

Distilled Water
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/13/2023

Dear Sandy,

My children grew up with well water and will not drink "city water, " when we go to hotels or airbnb's etc. So I understand your dilemma.

Some options would include trying a Brita filter; we used one when we lived in Michigan. Store bought spring water would have minerals in it.

Ask around. There may be a spring somewhere that people like. Where I live there are a couple and we see people stopped and filling up bottles right on the side of the road. (Rural roads.)

If you know anyone who has good water they may be happy for you to fill up gallon bottles at their house. My son and daughter in law have bad water and fill up bottles whenever they go to her parents' house.

When we travel I usually just get bottled spring water.

I have used a Berkey Filter in the past, but they are pretty expensive.

For the issue of feeling poorly after drinking certain waters, charcoal tablets can be taken to help with that. I keep a bottle of them in my car; I never know when I will need them!


~Mama to Many~

Grape Vine
Posted by Fran (Rocky Face, GA) on 01/12/2007

Someone ask if we knew anything for Edema. I worked as a herbalist for years and I remember the day a lady came into the office to tell me the story that another herbalist had healed her of Edema, he told her to go to the woods and cut a grape vine, which I believe to be those long vines hanging off the trees in the woods, but I am not sure myself. anyway, he told her to start a fire with a piece of tin on top and put the vines on it until they turned to ashes and take 1 tsp in water and she would never have this problem again.... Please know I knew this lady was truthful but even she couldn't remember the amount so I am unsure of the safety...

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