Natural Remedies for Edema (Swelling in the Tissues)

Swollen Feet Remedies

Posted by Violet56 (Bend, Or) on 04/03/2012

NEED HELP WITH FOOT SWELLING AFTER ELEVATION! ... Yep you heard right. I had an ankle fusion (fused at talus) on Right Foot/Ankle Only;11 months ago, and about 6 months ago started having terrible issues with foot pain/plantar faceitis/ect. But the real issue is that during the night my right foot (measured at mid foot and below toes) swells about 1 to 1.5 inches around. It feels not only painful upon rising but as if I am trying to walk on a water balloon. The swelling gradually lessens throughout the day. The left foot and ankle are normal. This really concerns me and the Doc's just shrug and shake their heads. Please note that I have arthritis in the right foot from a broken mid foot in 2003. The original damage that forced fusion was compound right tib-fib-ankle joint fractures in winter 84, right ankle has had multiple surgeries prior to fusion, but never anything like this odd swelling???

Any help out there??? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Try Magnet Therapy.

Replied by J

Try Serrapeptase. Take on empty stomach. It is an enzyme that is amazing, literally for any kind of inflammation, and if you have arthritis and damage in foot it will help that, , , , , and perhaps the edema.

Try Magnesium too, and try to flush out body with 2-3 L water a day.

Swollen Feet Remedies
Posted by Gilbert (Orlando, Fl) on 12/16/2009

Swollen painful feet

I'm not sure what's going on. My feet have been so swollen and painful that I walk funny when taking the first few steps. I went to a specialist and all he did was offer me steroids. He said it may be related to plantar faciitis or for some reason the length of my toes. This has never happened before. Any ideas?

Replied by John
(Chicago, Il)

Swollen feet can indicate either gout or diabetes. If you can afford to, you should go to a regular doctor for diagnosis. I am surprised your podiatrist didn't tell you about gout or diabetes possibilities. Odd.

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have the same problem - excruciating!! I also have very flat feet and saw an ad for that problem - plantar faciitis - the symptoms being when you hit the floor after a nights sleep extremely painful feet. The podiatrist sells you a kind of stirrup. Do you have flat feet? Do you wear orthotics? But it could also be as mentioned diabetes. For me, Im also wondering if all this excess calcium in my body is making my circulation so slow this is just another symptom. My whole body is in extreme pain in the morning until the morphine kicks in but if I could get rid of the feet pain it would stop me nearly puking in the morning.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Jamielah (Lithonio, GA) on 11/21/2006

I just started taking Blackstrap Molasses. I'm hoping it will cure my reinke's edema. Swelling in my vocal chords. I dont want to have surgery. Do you think it will? I have little legions on my vocal fold. I hope blackstrap will shrink them."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Jamielah: A lot of conditions should be helped by taking lemon and baking soda, basically take one whole lemon and add baking soda until the fizz stops. Then add water to 1/2 glass. The body once it is alkaline, should be much better in fending off the inflammation or swelling by increasing the immune issues.

Usually taken twice or three times a day should help alkalize. Reduce eating white bread, pizza, or foods with white flour and drinking of any sweet drink will help. I am not certain if black strap molasses will help as it has sugar.

However, licorice extract should be a better option and so is taking zinc acetate 25/mg for 3 days every week not exceedng two months and some garlic"

Replied by Daniel

Licorice root increases my edma dramatically along with Bacardi and coke. flying aslo has the same effect so I tried the apple juice and olive oil programme. dring pure apple juice for five mornings straight. On the evening before retiring to bed I mixed 1/2 glass of apple juice and 1/2 glass of olive oil mixing them until the mixture was complete. the swelling stayed away for about 5 months. from this I learned it was my liver the culprit..

Trace Minerals

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Posted by Jared (Portland, OR) on 02/26/2020
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Concentrated Trace Mineral Supplements. Direct cause and effect for me.

Was seeing an increase in left leg edema. I Increased water intake. Starting feeling migraine symptoms and recalled reading an article regarding trace minerals and migraines so started increasing my trace mineral intake. No more edema. No more migraines.

Everyone can stand to increase their trace minerals.

Replied by Jules
(Oregon, USA)

Hello Jared (& fellow Orgonian),

Could you please tell me what kind of trace minerals you take and where you find them?

Thank you!

Vitamin B Complex

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Posted by Susan (Townsville, Queensland) on 04/08/2009
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Vitamin B Complex: Recently went on an overseas air flight. The 1st leg of the journey was 7 hours, my feet and ankles were extremely swollen on landing. But during the 2nd leg, 12 hours, I was lucky to find spare seats and lay down to sleep, so I had minimal problems on landing. 4 weeks later, on the return 12 hour flight, I had to sit the whole time, but I made sure to get up and walk every half hour or so. On landing, I had swelling again, but this time with an ugly red rash up the inside of both shins. 3 days of extensive walking and sight seeing only made the rash darker, although the swelling did subside. But of course it returned after the 7 hour flight home. I read at home that night that Vitamin B might help with Edema - fluid retention. I took 2 "Mega B" capsules, and the next morning, the swelling was gone, and the rash had completely disappeared, there not a trace of it, yet it had been an extremely dark, solid, red mass with slight itchy bumps, running 2/3rd's up the length of each shin. I only wish that I had known this before the trip, I would have taken a bottle of Vitamin B with me. I now take Vitamin B each day, and have noticed that my feet are no longer puffy in the mornings .. a problem that has occurred every now and then since my last pregnancy 11 years ago. Thanks for a truly informative site.

Replied by Cheryl

Thank you Susan ....

I have also had Edema for quite sometime - on and off. But is quite bad just now. So will give Vitamin B a try. I also take Apple Cider Vinegar every morning.

Vitamin E

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 04/03/2014
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Edema of the legs.

Third: Crushed vertebra.

The cordical is the cortex or the outer layer and is usually associated with the brain but can also relate to kidney. So the MRI showed the outer area of both kidneys is atrophying. Dangerous and potentially lethal as I'm sure the MDs have told you.

The Edema is the big clue that tells us the cause of the atrophy. I have a 91 year old pal who takes lots of nutritional stuff and has for 40 years. I went to see him in the assisted care facility and there he was ... laid up with special wrappings around his legs... legs lifted; Edema.

What is going on, I asked him. With all the great nutritionals you swallow why should you have a circulation problem? And after talking to him, that was just about the only problem he had. His mind is still sharp; he looks good (outnumbered 7 to 1 female to male residents he is the center of attention at the Saturday night "events" there at the Facility).

But I digress.

I insisted on reviewing his nutrient inventory. Mercy. He takes more pills than I do, and I take 40 or so a day.

HOWEVER, the one I was looking for, and there were some exotic ones in his "box" was missing.

What, dear reader, will facilitate the blood's circulation more than any other?

What is the greatest cause of Edema? Circulatory insufficiency. And as to the previous question...what will facilitate blood circulation, and vein and arterial dilation, and elimination of inflammation that can restrict circulation and even plaque removal which certainly will cause Edema...

I am sure the astute reader and you, Robert Henry, know the answer to this question. But do you know what? My old friend, the one in the nursing home was not, I say NOT taking that fundamental...absolutely bottom line essential vitamin. And literally, within 10 days of adding that ONE nutrient to his regimen he was nearly Edema free. this: Lack of blood flow as evidenced by the Edema MIGHT also be the cause of the atrophying kidneys. May Be....

THE KEY is NATURAL VITAMIN E....Lack of proper circulation is killing you. It can only help in your recovery of the vertebra. If surgery, E can help the healing.

The Doctors "Shute"... brothers... and Canadian physicians back in the 50s were talking about Edema and Vitamin E. Circulation and Vitamin E. Clot removal and Vitamin E.

If this were me, I'd start with 200 IUs daily of Natural E (d alpha tocopherol, and not the dl form which is synthetic). After a few weeks, increase to 400 IUs, and two weeks later same increase and two weeks later same increase. I take 1000 IUs daily and have for ... oh, 30 years or so. And make sure your are taking Magnesium and Arginine. 500 mg of each. (I take 5 thousand mg of Arginine.) Some folks, if facing big circulatory problems will take DMSO cream and mix in Vitamin E and apply topically to the effected areas; goes straight to the site, through the skin. And some folks, if the problem is not resolved, will increase the oral dosage to 2000 IUs.

Robert Henry, you are REALLY smart. Now, try to think of anything else to improve circulation, because (re the kidney) whatever the cause is (Cysts?), the improved circulation on the outside of the Kidney (Cortex = Cortical) will benefit both that problem and the Edema.

Now as many nutrients as you do take, maybe you'll tell me you are taking 1, 000 natural Vitamin E. But if that is the case, then SOMETHING is stopping it from acting. Are you sure it is natural? REALLY synthetic (sure it's cheap) but it won't work. Magnesium? Enhances the E and so does Vitamin C and selenium. Robert Henry, think now; you've helped thousands. You can figure this out. Don't give up.

You are loved and we need you.

And one more thing: Act fast.

Your old pal,

And YOUR student,



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Posted by Chrissy (Manahawkin, Nj) on 07/29/2012
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I have had edema in my left calf, ankle, and foot for over 1 year. I had heart tests, kidney &. Liver tests and last week I had 6 different dooplers (sonograms) to check my veins and the blood flow. Every test was perfect. So I now will start with taking the Butcher's Broom to see if this will help with the swelling. I already started 3 weeks ago with drinking about 2 quarts of water a day. That reduced a little swelling, but the water helped a lot with making me feel good overall. Will report back in a few weeks.

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