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Diverticulitis Treatment: Natural Remedies

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Rick W. (Munster, IN) on 02/10/2022

I found out about GSE after stumbling upon this site. I was originally diagnosed with acute Diverticulitis at the beginning of January, and was placed on a 10-day regimen of Levaquin and Flagyl- of which I completed. It took a good 7 days on both antibiotics for the pain to go away. After the cycle, I switched to a high-fiber diet, per recommendations from the Dr. I thought I was free and clear, and finally in "maintenance mode."

Fast-forward almost a month after my first flare up, I had a second- and more severe, flare up the first week of February. Since I had just completed a cycle of two strong antibiotic/antifungal, I did not want to go through a second cycle, at the risk of developing C-Diff. So I purchased some GSE, Slipper Elm extract, and Aloe Vera juice to try instead.

I've been taking 12 drops of GSE mixed with 1 full dropper of slippery elm into 8oz water- 3 times daily. In addition, I am drinking 5 oz. of aloe vera juice once in the morning. Just as the antibiotics, it took a good 7 days for the pain to completely resolve. But as I already mentioned, this flare-up was MUCH worse than the first one. As far as I can tell, the natural combo of GSE, Slippery Elm, and Aloe Vera juice works AT LEAST as well as the antibiotics; and they won't mess up my gut like antibiotics will.

I'm planning to stick with the aforementioned dosage until I've completed 10 days; then I will decrease to just one dose of GSE and aloe vera juice per day for maintenance. I think I've found a winner to keep this under control moving forward!

Replied by Pay It Forward

To add to that, I recommend tapering down to a one-a-day maintenance dosage (3,2,1 dose), once you are feeling better and not before. That maybe 7,10,14, days etc. If it's an extremely harsh episode I take up to 20 drops in "00" size capsules and a glass of water, 3x daily. I've taken this dosage for many years based on a dear friend who's an RN and used this successfully with her own family, including her own children. Amazing anti bacterial healing properties in GSE. Read through The National Library of Medicine for yourself.


Hello Pay it forward, do you mean you take 20 drops of GSE on a daily basis even when you're not having a flare or only when you're having a flare? Then do you take some daily for maintenance? I have wondered whether it should be used daily nonstop in case then it wouldn't work as well when you need it, don't know if that's true though.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Rebecca P. (Georgia) on 08/07/2021

GSE totally and completely healed diverticulitis by using it 2-3 days straight 8 drops 3 X day .. I suffered for years and found this on EC and started that night then for 2 days. That was in 2012 and I have never had another attack since and today is 8-7-21 .. no one believes me but that is the truth.

Replied by Kari

Do you use it everyday for preventative measures? I had a diverticulitis attack about 3 years ago, and I think I'm having another one. I used to use the grape seed extract everyday but I haven't for about a year, I think it really did keep the diverticulitis at bay. I just went and bought some more, hopefully I can get through this without going to the ER.


It's NOT grape seed extract. It's grapefruit seed extract that you want for the infection.

i noticed people are getting this confused.

Replied by Intanet
(Bronx, Ny)


Were you using the maximum strength or the regular strength?

Thanks for your help.

(Bronx, N.Y.)

I am replying to my own post since it got no replies in 2 years. I think when people post here, they should make it a point to mention what strength of GSE they are using. There are two strengths...regular and maximum. To use 10 drops of maximum is too much so, I am assuming they are using the regular strength. Please make that distinction since it is misleading for people who are not aware that there are 2 strengths for sale.

For clarity, I called "NutriBiotic"...the company that sells both strengths and they told me that the regular strength GSE has directions for taking it internally but a few years back, the FDA had them stop putting a dosage on their Maximum strength bottles and told them that they had to put: "For external use only" on the Maximum strength bottles. But, they used to put "Take 3 drops daily" before they were told not to. So, if you use the Maximum strength, use only 3 drops a day as it is much more potent.


I take GSE in pill form...obviously it is for internal use and very safe.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Eileen (Lancashire) on 03/07/2021

Hi everyone.

I have had pain in my left side on and off for a year and sometimes felt like I had a fever, shaking, nausea, bowel problems, and now affecting my bladder. etc. My G.P had only ever done urine tests but they have been normal. I think I have diverticulitis and I'm waiting for a scan to be done to confirm or not.

After reading the comments here, I have been taking Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) @10 drops x 3 times a day plus aloe vera high strength and slippery elm for 3 weeks, which I feel is just keeping me stable until I get a diagnosis. I'm now just taking the GSE and each time I reduce it to twice a day I start to feel not well again. ( infection symptoms)

I have changed my diet. I am eating porridge, some fruits and lots of veg. I can tolerate fish if not oily, but not meat. I only drink water or herbal tea. I take probiotics

How long is it ok to take the GSE for at full dose and is there anything else I need to do, please?

Replied by Peter

As someone that has struggled with this for over 10 years, I sympathize with you. I have have every symptom you listed. All at the same time, when it is at its worst. The bladder part is the one that tells me that I am in trouble. I wonder what your MG dosage of GSE is in liquid form? All I can say is that it should do more for you than just hold you over. Within a day or 2, you should note a pretty positive change. After a week or so, you should be mending quite well. I actually just posted my dosage today, but for simplification purposes, when I am in your condition, I take 2 - 250mg dry capsules twice a day. This brings me out of the woods quite quickly. All I can say is that when the pain gets to my bladder, I am one poor choice from ending up in the hospital. I cut ALL solid foods and cut right to broth for at least 24 hours, and if you can make it longer, do so. Fruits, vegetables and fiber are TERRIBLE for you at the state that you are in. You are actually aggravating your intestines with the vey things that are supposed to help you in the first place. Fiber is the enemy during infections. It causes your bowels to inflame and irritate more. Putting stress on already weak areas.

Once you are out of the woods, then you can cut back to porridge and eventually solids.

I know that I did not answer your question on GSE, because I think that you will find many subjective answers. What I can tell you is that the state that you say you are in is very close to the state that puts me in the hospital and at very high risk of sepsis. IMO, you cannot worry about how long you can take GSE (albeit, I feel that low doses daily is totally fine for me. Something like 125mg GSE.). You are trying to avoid permanent damage as well as toxic shock.

Probiotics are fine for the most part. Just know that some people, including myself sometimes get constipated from certain types. Find the one that works for you. I find that Visbiome and culturelle work best with my body.

One more thing to try: N-A-G. When I am in the woods, I add N-A-G to the mix. While I know that most of my issues alleviated from GSE alone. I've read quite a bit on N-A-G and it should definitely help. I find it more effective than slippery elm and agrees with my body more.

Good luck.

Replied by Intanet
(Bronx, N.Y.)

I have read many posts of people finding relief from diverticulitis by using Grapefruit Seed Extract and, I am grateful to learn of their experiences with it but, it's the Type of GSE that needs to be clarified when posting dosage. Example: Nutribiotoic makes a Maximum GSE Liquid concentrate and also, a regular strength one. I have the Max strength one. The Max strength bottle says only one drop, but, the Regular strength bottle says 10 drops so, very different potency.

If someone who had had diverticulitis and found relief from GSE, would be kind enough to mention the dosage but ALSO, whether it was Maximum strength or the Regular strength version that they used, that would be great. Thanks.

Pay It Forward

Nutribiotic's maximum GSE liquid concentrate drops provide the highest concentration of grapefruit seed extract available. Contains Citricidal (60% grapefruit seed extract and 40% vegetable glycerin), derived from the seed and pulp of grapefruit. The grapefruit bioflavonoids (polyphenolics) are converted into an extremely potent compound - Dilute 1 drop of Maximum/Citricidal GSE in a minimum of 1 fluid ounce of water. I also know others who take 2-3 drops daily for stubborn cases. But you must monitor based upon how you respond.

Their standard strength (which I use most) contains 33% GSE and 67% vegetable glycerine. Suggested doses for Adults: 10 drops of NutriBiotic GSE Liquid Concentrate into a glass of water or juice (5 oz. or more) and drink, 1-3 times daily, with or without meals. *I put our drops in empty '00' size capsules which you can buy online and drink with a glass of water.

Maintenance: I use 1 dose of 10-15 drops per day of standard strength. During an episode I take 15 drops three times per day. In extremely difficult cases (including pneumonia or viruses) I take 20 drops 3x daily. Then taper down over a few days to a maintenance dose, once you're feeling your norm.

It is truly amazing in supporting the body to heal. We won't travel without it in our first aid kit.

(Bronx, N.Y.)

THANK YOU Pay it Forward for that distinction between the two strengths of GSE. It will be a great help to others too when deciding what dose to take. Much appreciated!

Replied by Sean

Hey there, Yep, you guys all have got a good grasp on healthy healing of this hideous and painful problem. I would just add that I have had the whole nine with shakes, fever, excruciating pain and the works. Did a full CT, along with MRI, and thank God it was this and not worse. After my dual cycle of pharma meds, I started researching. But today, I found this caring group and site and very thankful. I would add that along with the GSE, I use Oil of Oregano, Caprylic Acid, And, NOW Candida Support, Trace minerals, and newly added Fulvic Acid. Organic chicken bone broth is really good along with Omega 3, slippery elm pills, and electrolight powder. Need to keep hydrated. I just started going to the gym again and find this is also helping. I did my normal weight training, but will now start with abs work to strengthen the region. Get the blood flowing down there. My pain location has been just to the left and just above my pelvic bone, right where the final turn goes past the badder. My affected area is 8 CM long on the otter colon. It sucks. Maybe they will come up with some new process to laser it down or something someday. Oh, and I bought a huge bag of NOW psyllium powder that helps with the constipation, which I believe is what actually causes this whole mess. Because of all your stories, I will now get some Aloe to add to this plan. To be clear, I have always had some issues there and I am 55 now. Even in my 30's I had issues. The 1st bout of DIV, was roughly 4 years ago in 2019. Diagnosed in 2020. Did I mention that this sucks? I pray and hope that we all find a safe solution to our horrible problem. Lastly, I will say that inactivity at a computer for 10 hours a day probably doesn't help either, so get out and move, walk, jog, ride a bike, because it really does help. If you're up to it, hit the gym and find time to relax yourself. God Bless.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Diane (MN) on 05/29/2019

Has anyone had diverticulitis symptoms continue for more than a couple months? Mine have improved but are still there even though milder. Sometimes just moving causes discomfort sort of a soreness or just a very mild pain

. I've been using GSE drops for two weeks twice a day, was doing three and cut down because things had improved and then tried once a day but went back to two because I thought the symptoms might be increasing again, how long do you use the drops, and how long are they safe? I still haven't added many foods back in so mostly I'm still on a softer low fiber diet, it's hard to tell if a food I've tried to add back in is causing a problem since I still have mild symptoms? Anyone had this continue so long?

Replied by Lisa

I had a bout with diverticulitis that lasted 3 months. I have learned to follow a clear liquid diet until I see and feel improvement. Then go to a liquid diet. I take 2 grapefruit seed extract pills a day. If I get too sick, I take wild oil of oregano 2 x a day.

Replied by Waggles

I've had pain for well over a, month and cannot shift it! So frustrating

Replied by Billie

Well had a pain. Where? And are you a male or female? I ask because I'm the early 80s I had an abdominal pain so intense while driving I could not even press the brake pad Al let alone shift it finally eased. Had similar pains but not nearly as intense. Sil had a pamphlet on scar tissue from C-section from both children and the pamphlet and the back half was on endometriosis. When I read that pamphlet I had an aha moment went straight to dr handed him the pamphlet told him “This is what I have” he laughed and said” You'll be wasting my time and you're money but ok. After the surgery what waking up in or he told me how sorry he was to of doubted me because you were wrapped up in it even one of my tubes was wrapped up in it.

20 years later had a ruptured tubal pregnancy, the same tube that had been tied up in it. Anyway I didn't have any of the symptoms I had 20 years earlier but he found more, not a lot but more and removed that. 10 years ago had total hysterectomy and didn't say anything about finding any more.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Laura (Va) on 02/26/2018

Have had about 4 or 5 diverticulitis flare ups. Each time, one table of Grapefruit Seed Extract cured the sharp pain in my left abdomen fast. It can be bought at health food store or online. I'm so thankful to know about this, because I'm terrible at handling pain!!! I take it most of the time to prevent further problems, and it is helps with inflammation as well.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Marc (New Jersey) on 11/27/2017

I swear by Grapefruit Seed Extract for diverticulitis. I was getting a flare up every 4-6 months for 3 years. Haven't had a flare up in over a year since I started taking it. 10 drops 3x a day during flare ups and they disappear in 2 days.

Now I take 10 drops every morning in a glass of Concord grape juice and doing great. Vitamin Shoppe sells it. It worked better than antibiotics

Replied by Shawn

Was your grapefruit seed extract nutribiotic. In a white and tan squeeze bottle. I've been taking that since my last flare in June and haven't had another. I've had four total and the last two were feb and June. I take 12 drops daily and also I take oil of oregano capsules by gai. 2 a day. They are expensive but supposed to be best quality. I'm having twinges now so I will double up on both until they stop. Shawn female 54

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Clare (Banbury, England) on 10/04/2017

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Diverticulitis

I had my first attack of Diverticulitis just over a week ago. I saw a doctor to confirm my self diagnosis and he told me if the attack hadn't got better in two weeks to go back and I would have blood tests. I had no appetite or energy and had pretty much constant gut aches and pains. I lost seven pounds in one week because I didn't want to eat although I had a little fruit twice a day. I came on this site yesterday and saw that someone had had great success with GSE. It was said by someone else that GSE contains two nasty chemicals produced in the processing and thought it might be the two chemicals that stopped the attack. I had some GSE manufactured chemical free. I bought it online because I was also worried about the two chemicals. So I thought I would try the chemical free one made in France as I had had it in my cupboard for a few months and hadn't tried it. I took the recommended 15 drops in half a glass of water and in about two hours the Diverticulitis just went away. I had no pain at all through the night and this morning but thought it would come back as it had caught me out before. I took another dose this morning and the Diverticulitis has not come back. I had my usual fruit for breakfast and at around late lunchtime I felt a bit hungry so I had a small salad. Tonight I had soup and two small slices of Soda bread. First food I have had in the evening for just over a week. I wish I had known about GSE when my mother suffered with Diverticulitis but maybe it wasn't around then.

Replied by Ahlam
(Abu Dhabi)

Could you please let me know the brand name of the chemical free GSE. Thank you

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Dondi (Malibu, Ca) on 09/10/2016

GFSE is a miracle worker for diverticulitis. Had several attacks 2 years ago for which I took Dr's intense antibiotics which made me feel like my intestines we're ruined. Took a month to get back to my normal. I've done many things since then to prevent more attacks but for my last two (year and a half apart) GFSE worked as fast or faster (less than half a day) than the antibiotics to completely stop the pain and then another half day for a natural release of the infection and raised sweaty temperature.

I also used monolaurin (an antibacterial coconut extract) at the same time, so to play it safe I'd say use both.

One (and only one) good word for allopathic meds. Along w the antibiotic prescription, Dr's will usually prescribe an anti-spasmodic which really does help with the painful spasms until the GFSE kicks in.

I do keep the diverticulitis antibiotics on hand as a fallback but hopefully we'll never have to use them again. Also, Very Important, if u don't already know this : don't eat when ur having an attack, stick w water juices and Aloe. Just google what to do for a diverticulitis attack and you'll see Mayo Clinic or other reputable site telling u how to handle the acute phase. Just go very easy on food for a day or two after ur better so as not to damage ur still sensitive intestines.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Lt (Texas) on 08/06/2015

For Diverticulitis - Tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract skeptically ... after 24 hours... I'm better... not totally over it... but able to get around and do some things... I will be incorporating this in a daily regime... but for now.. relief is good...

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Fra-fra (Mineral Wells, Texas) on 03/26/2012 10 posts

I had diverticulitis problems for a long time, I found out several years ago that Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) taken regulary keeps the flair ups at bay. You can take 12 drops of GSE three times a day until you get it under control, then take 12 drops once a day. I used to just put it in a small amount of water and follow it with a full glass of water (really does taste bad). I now get empty capsules and put my 12 drops in them. Hope this helps you as it did me. Blessings

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Cligie (Marietta, Ga, United States) on 02/29/2012

I use grapefruit seed extract only when I have a diverticulitis attack and I find it to be effective. However, researchers have found benzethonium chloride or triclosan in many samples of liquid and powdered grapefruit seed extracts so I would not use it except as necessary. I take 4 oz. of raw milk kefir each day (2 oz. In the morning 1/2-hour before breakfast and 2 oz. before going to bed). I have started using organic UNREFINED coconut oil in my cooking (no coconut taste) and I even spread it on my toast - delicious and still no real coconut taste. During my first attack a few years ago, the medicine was making me very ill so I researched on the internet to see if their was someway I could heal without those terrible meds.

I came upon a site called greattastenopain.com. It is all about how you combine your food. I can eat ANYTHING I want (well, almost anything) as long as I combine it the way the site tells me to combine it. I wish I could say that I stick to it all the time, but I don't. However, if I start to have pain, it will stop almost immediately if I go to that way of eating. There is a four-day free diet on the site and sometimes that is all you need. However, I have purchased her materials and found that they are worth every penny - not that expensive either.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Believer (Franklin, Tn) on 10/09/2011

Diverticulitis and Grapefruit Seed Extract... Thank you Earth Clinic! My husband was about to have surgery and I found this information. He started taking the grapefruit seed extract and NAG (natural pills that help to heal the mucus membrane). He hasn't had any pain or flairups since then!!!! At his follow-up colonoscopy they only found a few MILD diverticulum and the doctor said, "you loook great! ".

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Richard (Omaha, Nebraska) on 09/30/2011

I found this site very helpful. Had divert a year ago and did the standard antibiotics. Now I make sure I use GSE if any first signs appear, also heaping tbsp of psyllium every day, if I remember! Regardng the theory of small seeds affecting the bowel, at least two good doctors in omaha tell me its an old, unproven idea, searching I found comfirmation on webmd and the mayo clinic site that there is no proof that seeds affect.. However, one should keep track of what you eat and determine what affects you. Maybe you will or are bothered by seeds of some sort. you know best how your body reacts to food.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Ti (Houston, Tx) on 03/23/2011

Grapefruit seed extract works miracles when combined with high quality vitamin C.

Usana has an amazing product called proflavanol-C that has both these ingredients. Google usana and read about it. I have been taking 2 per day and it has done wonders for my overall health.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Janet (Alexandria, La, United States) on 10/21/2010

GSE has kept my Diverticulitis at bay for 2 years. At the first dull ache, I drink 2oz orange juice mixed with 15 drops of GSE. Stir well as you drink it, because the GSE settles to the bottom instantly. Repeat 2-3 times a day, then decrease the drops in the following days as you improve. If I take one dose daily or every-other-day, using 6 drops with 2 oz orange juice, I never have attacks. This has kept me free of attacks for 2 years now.

Replied by Monica
(San Diego, Ca)

Hi, I am extremely interested in finding out where can somebody buy the GSE oil? I live in San Diego and I've tried different places. I found the pills but I've been told that the oil is for cooking, so is there a specific place where I can get it, or is it really the cooking oil the one you mention? Also, If I got the pills can I start taking them daily and how many instead of the oil? Please reply, I am desperate trying to help my boyfriend with his diverticulitis problem. Thank you.

Replied by Jayne
(Seattle, Wa)

Monica... You're getting GSE (grapefruit seed extract) mixed up with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is for cooking. Grapefruit seed extract can be purchased at any health food store or natural foods market in either capsules or in liquid drop form. The common brand I use is Nutrabiotic.

Replied by Janet
(Alexandria, La)

Where to buy GSE (GRAPEFRUIT Seed Extract): 1) You can purchase it on the Internet. 2) Whole Foods carries it. 3) Some non-chain Health Food Stores carry it. I have never found it at a chain health food store. If your hometown healthfood store does not carry it, just order it off the internet.

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