Best Natural Detox Remedies for Holistic Wellness

| Modified on Jan 09, 2024
Liver Detoxification: Carbonated Water, Lemon, Sea Salt
Posted by Taylor (Tollhouse, Ca) on 08/30/2009

Stage 4 cirrohsis of the Liver

Internal Body Cleanser,disenfectant & Rejuvenator
Water (Carbonated Spring, mineral) it has to be carbonated.
Pure Lemon Juice ( from lemons, a lemon squeeze, bottled 100% lemon juice)
Sea Salt

If you are not a fan of the salty food this may take some getting use to.This elixer is a rejuvenator for the a sick,dying liver. Not for the healthy.

Mix sea salt into water in large glass, until it is salty to the taste but still drinkable add lemon juice until you taste salty lemon. Drink it slowly. First time you drink it, it will give you severe diarhea. Drink it slowly & have 2 to 3 glasses a day.

Warning: I took lots of slack from the family. The medical professionals won't like the idea either. I knew. I just knew after much research on cirrohsis, that a very sick liver will begin to recover slowly at first & then your blood tests will begin to come back with much better numbers in the various catagories they check for. This is not a quick fix but is meant to be done over a long period of time. You will see an improvement after about 8 weeks. In between drinking this eleixer make sure you drink plenty of water. Eat lots of vegetsbles, fruit & the leaner meats.Stay away from breads, tortillas & eat sweets in strict moderation especially at first.

You need to take care of yourself & make your health a priority.Something that has probably been missing from your life. I have to take monthly blood tests now 4 years after I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrohisis. Say goodbeye to any alcohol addicition, if that's why you got this terrible disease.Your liver is sick, slow & lazy. This elixer will wake it up again.Your blood tests should begin to improve in their results within a few short months.. I went from being on the transplant list, to being moved to hepatology & now a family practitioner for monthly visits & blood tests. I have now had quite a few blood tests come back near normal except for slight anemia.I continue with lasix & spirolactone, also laculose although as time passes in less doses. I once thought myself fortunate to survive 2 years after my terminal diagnosis but now going on 5 yeras, I'm no longer consider myself terminal in any sense of the word. I do not have an expiration date any longer!

Posted by R Adams (Liverpool, United Kingdom) on 02/03/2013


Hi, I tried molybdenum after suffering from and battling candida for a long time, and after around 2 days of taking a high dose recommended by many websites I felt miraculously cured of many of my symptoms, most significantly aching and slow muscles and brainfog. It became very clear that many of my problems were caused by the acetaldehyde produced by the vast amount of dying yeast in my body. Unfortunately after taking molybdenum for over a month I began to develop new symptoms of extreme tiredness and sleepiness during the day. When I described my latest symptoms to friends and family they thought it sounded similar to anemia. I researched the effects of molybdenum and it tured out molybdenum massively depletes copper in the body and, copper defficiency causes a different form of much less common anemia in which the iron levels are normal but fail to be carried in the blood. I have struggled to cure this copper deficiency with copper supplememnts and dietery alterations, for a long time and due to anemia allowing candida to make a come back as the immune system is lowered my candida alas returned. This time I am too scared to use molybdenum again and after just trying pantethine and having some very terrible reaction to it, I am desperately seeking new more safe natural methods of excreting acetaldehyde from the body. I'm hoping there are some herbal remedies that may help. If anyone knows of any other ways of dealing with acetaldehyde, please get back to me.. And BE CAREFUL if you're taking molybdenum in large amounts. It could have been the best thing that ever happened to my health since becoming ill if I had only known to stop after a couple of weeks. Be careful.. It can be dangerous as I've learned the hard way.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Hb (Spokane, Wa) on 11/15/2011

I wanted to add something that I had not read in the comments.

I did an external detox that worked very well instead of taking it internally.

What I did was use one teaspoon in a plastic bowl with enough filtered water to more than cover the dry clay, swished it around a bit, put it the window sill in the sun for 2 hours to charge the clay. Next, I 'massaged' the clay with my fingers to get the clumps to become creamy. Once done, it was ready to use.

This may seem unorthodox, but the plastic bags you get at the grocery store come in handy for this detox. I do this in the evening an hour or two before bed, as this detoxes the body while I sleep.

Make sure your feet are clean and apply the clay all over your foot up to the ankle, between the toes, even under the toenails. You should have enough clay to apply 3 coatings to each foot. When you finish with one foot, put on a plastic bag, tie it gently above the ankle and pull the bag forward to allow ample toe room and gently slip your foot into sandals or slippers without ripping the bag in the toe area. Do the other foot the same way.

It will feel slippery, so be careful when you walk around. (Do not walk around with just the bags on your feet, they may tear and allow air to get in and dry out the clay before it can be absorbed).

Drink some water before bed and leave the bags on your feet until morning. Take off the bags and before getting into the tub use a warm moist washcloth to clean the bottom of your feet. (The clay under your feet can be very slippery! )

Keep in mind, if/when you urinate in the morning, if it worked well for you, it may look orange, (much darker than you are use to). That is toxins that were taken out through your system in the absorbtion process during the night.

Never do a facial more than 15 minutes after the clay dries or essential oils will take some time to return and you may get a dry and unnatural tight feeling in your facial skin. If that happens, you can use organic coconut oil to ease the tight feeling and reduce redness. Or use something natural that you feel comfortable with.

I wrote this note so that those having problems ingesting FOOD GRADE Bentonite clay have options for detoxing.

Master Cleanse
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 10/26/2011

I just wanted to share my recent experience using The Master Cleanse as a detox. I decided to try this cleanse because I have been experiencing very frustrating and strange swings with my thyroid, adrenals, and weight. I normally eat a somewhat healthy diet and take good care of myself physically. I exercise 5 to 7 times a week using my stairstepper, treadmill, free weights, and the great outdoors. I have been regularly gaining weight over the past few months for absolutely no apparent reason. I have researched possible causes and treatments for this strange weight gain and tried just about every supplement, remedy, and post on EC as well as many others that I've found in books and online. Nothing was changing my increase in weight. The only diet changes that I had made in recent months were supposed to be good ones not bad ones. I stopped eating anything with aspartame, msm, and tried to only use extra virgin coconut oil if I used oil at all. I started oil pulling, drinking ACV 2x per day, take 50 mg of iodine per day, and switched my salt to sea salt. I am gluten intolerant so I don't eat bread or anything with gluten in it.

I have graves disease and still have my thyroid in tact. I have been treating it with supplements for almost a year now and it has been fairly normal for most of that time. But the most recent labwork I had done showed a higher TSH (Hopefully due to the recent addition of iodine which caused an unloading of TSH) than I have ever had with normal T3 and T4. My adrenals have been tired for a while as well but after getting diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I have also been treating them with supplements and have found much relief using them. So I was completely at a loss for why my weight was going up (20 lbs in 2 months). I decided the best way to find out what is causing it was to detox and then get a fresh start. I researched some different detox programs and decided to go with the popular "Master Cleanse" which consists of nothing but liquid for at least 10 days. I have never done anything so drastic but was very determined to try it at least once. I drank the concoction 8 to 12 x a day, for 10 days straight. Some days I felt amazing and others I felt drained to the point of giving up. I couldn't exercise as my energy levels dropped drastically over the week and a 1/2. I lost about 1.4 pounds a day with a total of 14 pounds on the morning of the 11th day.

It was very hard to complete some days but now that I am done I am so grateful that I did it. I feel like I have a fresh start. If I start gaining weight now I might be able to pinpoint what it is that I am consuming that is causing it. I am only on the 5th day after completing the cleanse but I feel amazing. I have so much more energy now and am able to stay away from foods I think might be the culprit. Like dairy, chocolate, sweets, or bananas. I used to eat 2 banana's per day, I occasional had some chocolate, and every now and then I ate a gluten free muffin or cinnamon raisan bread w/ coconut oil. I have no desire for any of them now. I have continued to lose a little even after beginning to eat again. I am not tired and lethargic around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon like I was before. I feel like my head is more clear and my will power is rebuilt. I also have a lot more respect for my willpower which I think was lost for a while. I know there are many cons with this diet/detox as well. You loose muscle from not intaking protein. You are drinking 1200 calories a day but there aren't many vitamins and minerals or at least not enough. You gain most of the weight back from what I've read because it is mostly water that you lost. And on and on. I would not suggest that anyone try this detox without researching it forsure. If you have health problems you should definately research it. I still took my supplements because I worried about causing harm to my thyroid and adrenals but you are not supposed to take any vitamins, supplements, minerals, or even medication while on it. I found that there were no strange side effects from taking my supplements and I think it helped to keep my energy up somewhat.

The Recipe: 6 to 12 of these per day

2 tblsp fresh squeezed lemon

2 tblsp grade B maple syrup

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

8 oz water

You are supposed to do a salt water flush in the morning but I did it at night every other day because it sucks.

2 tblsp organic sea salt

1 liter of (warm to hot) water

Chug this and within 30 minutes you will need to be near a toilet for around an hour or so:)

This is to clean out your bowels which would otherwise be static with no food intake.

I also had a few cups of tea per day. Peppermint 1 or 2 x a day and 1 cup of Smooth Move tea to help on the days I didn't drink the salt water drink.

You are supposed to do an "Ease Out" after the cleanse which consists of fresh squeezed orange juice on the 1st and 2nd day. Then raw veggies, broth, and raw fruits and seeds on the following day. Then you can choose to add things that you feel are good for you. You will find that your digestive system will take some serious adjustments. I began taking refrigerated probiotics on the first day of the "Ease Out. " Just to put back the vital bacteria I had washed away.

I will try to update you when I have had a little more time to adjust and see what happens with my thyroid, adrenals, and weight. Good luck to all that choose to do this detox. There is lots of helpful videos on youtube if you want to see how people make it all the way through the 10 days.

Paxil Weaning Remedies
Posted by epeach (United States) on 05/16/2020

Dear Anon,

I was on Paxil for 18 years, 20 mgs a day. 3 years ago I decided I did not want to take it anymore after I found it was contributing to more problems than it was helping (I had brain fog, thyroid issues, headaches...)The final straw was that I found out it contained flouride. I started slowly with just breaking one pill in half on Mondays. So then after 2 weeks, I broke Friday's pill in half as well. I did that for two weeks and then after that I broke Wednesday's pill in half as well. I kept that going every 2 weeks until everyday was a half pill. Then I took all half pills for 2 weeks. Then I skipped Monday's pill. I did that for 2 weeks and then I skipped Friday's pill and so on. I kept filling my prescription. I was afraid I couldn't succeed, so I kept them for a cushion. I still have a bottle in the medicine cabinet and I have never touched it. It was the best thing I ever did. I warned all of my friends and family before I did it so they would know why I was acting strange or crying or whatever. I never suffered from withdrawls as I did before when I stopped cold turkey for a year long ago when I saw sparkles and had brain shakes... Doing it this way prevented all of those symptoms. I did not feel like myself after stopping this time for about a year or so. It takes a long time for your body to flush out those toxins. I will never go back on anything a doctor prescribes for anxiety or depression ever again. The next best thing to Paxil for my mood was B12 injections. I now take them 2 times a week and I feel great, laugh all of the time, and have loads of energy. I think looking back that was probably my problem all along, I was B12 deficient and did not know it. I am not a doctor and would never tell you to do anything, I am just sharing my experience. Everyone is different and responds differently. Good luck on your journey and God bless.

Posted by Brian (Wendouree/Ballarat, Victoria/Australia) on 08/27/2008

When 7 years old, I nearly died with nepthritis [ kidney disease ]. At 39 year old, the pain in that area made me almost weep and it needed to be stopped. I felt something inside said to fast, take only lemon juice and eat "raw" comfrey - I did this from 4.00 pm friday until lunch time sunday and I have never had a pain there since and I am now 68years old. "I thank God for Comfrey" - since then I have spoke to people who have also been set free of disease in the kidneys through comfrey and its healing "alantoin". I only ate about 7 hand sized leaves over 3 days.

Liver Detoxification: Castor Oil
Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, TX) on 03/09/2008

I have always used Castor Oil Packs to strengthen my liver and kidneys. The liver can grow itself back if you take the time to do it.

You get cold pressed castor oil, wool flannel, a heating pad and a piece of plastic - I use a garbage bag. There are sites online that will explain it in details.

I put the castor oil into a sealed container with the wool flannel and shake it up. You want the castor oil to e dripping from it slowly. I then put the container into the microwave for about 15 or 20 seconds - just to get it heated up. I then put a couple of towels onto my bed or couch and lay down on them. Then I take the wool flannel and put it on my stomach. If you are trying to heal the liver, put it a little bit more over your liver, if you are trying to heal the kidneys, put it over that area. Then I put the garbage bag onto th flannel and then the heating pad - all the way on high (or as high as you can handle). Leave it on for at least one hour and meditate on what you are trying to achieve. After you are finished, wipe your self off with a mixture of Baking soda and water,to get your skin back to the proper ph.

Do this for 4-5 days on and then leave off for the remaining days.

The is a good book calld Edgar Cayce and the Palma Christi. It tells of all the wonderful things that Castor Oil (the Palma Christi) does!

Broccoli Sprout Tea
Posted by Rob (Manhattan) on 06/28/2014

This is an excerpt from a Dr. Weil newsletter... which is some positive news for urban dwellers or anyone wanting to detox.

"Researchers from Johns Hopkins and China's Qidong Liver Cancer Institute tested the effects of a tea made with broccoli sprouts among 291 residents of Jiangsu Province, an area of China that which has some of the worst air pollution in the country. The study showed that a daily drink of a half cup of the tea - a combination of freeze-dried broccoli sprout powder, water and pineapple and lime juice - increased elimination of by-products of the cancer-causing toxin benzene by 61 percent, and boosted excretion of acrolein, a lung irritant, by 23 percent. Increased elimination of these substances began immediately after the participants began drinking the tea and continued at the same rate through the study."

here is a link to further info:

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Candace (Small Town, Tx) on 05/05/2013

Bentonite, which contains Hydrous Aluminum (Al2O3) Silicate, is very complex in structure and the aluminum, like all of the elements in bentonite clay, is actually part of the bentonite crystal and not leachable by any means. This is due to the fact that the Aluminum is central to the montmorillonite molecule holding the negative charge around it as a cloud of oxygen molecules. In effect, part of the negative charge of montmorillonite is attributed to the aluminum. Removal of the aluminum from the montmorillonite molecule would result in a loss of the drawing properties of the molecule. Our bodies do not have sufficient digestive juices to split apart such a highly negatively charged molecule. So the bentonite clay is inert in that none of it ever leaves your digestive system. It is very complex in structure and all of the trace minerals are actually part of the bentonite crystal and not leachable by any means.

Maybe the above poster would do some more research before putting out wrong information. Many seriously, cronically ill, even terminal people could benefit from this amazing naturally occuring dirt with healing properties from Elohim. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the kinds of bentonite ie: calcium, sodium, etc. If one is wanting to use this clay theraputically then the bestbentonite. (hint) would be one that is 100% Bentonite Clay. It is very inexpensive and should be afforable for all. Also the 100% clay will accomplish whatever you desire using less. E-bay is a good source. Candace

Posted by Doug (Arizona, US) on 01/02/2015

Hello, I am very fortunate as to finding out that I have a molybdenum deficiency. It causes Wilson's disease. Basically what happens is you can't digest the good parts of your food like amino acids, and sulfur. And it causes massive amounts of candida in the body. Now of course in your case you had a severe crash when you supplemented with molybdenum because it stripped your body of every last bit of copper.

I am on day two of getting my molybdenum from a simple source that also includes copper in it. Diatomacious Earth. I also take it with a couple other things that dissolve it, and help it be transported to the right places in the body.

1st you need some DE powder, but you also need zinc and magnesium with it, the cheap kind from the store will do just fine. I use one 50 mg tablet of zinc and 2 magnesium tablets at 500 mg. Next I get a couple limes which are also high in many minerals, but the main reason I do this is because of the high citric acid in limes. Juice from a squeezed lime will dissolve a penny.

So I take the DE, magnesium, and zinc put them in a glass (made from glass), and squeeze at least 2 limes, (the big ones) and let it dissolve all day. Then before bed I swirl it around in the glass to to mix it up and down it like a shot, I chase it with sparkling mineral water so it is more easily assimilated into my body.

Long story short, I haven't felt this good since November 2002, when my body crashed, and let me tell you I feel fantastic! Of course, I am not a doctor, and you should consult with yours on this.. And while you're in his office ask him to get a nutritional hair analysis done. I will update this post in time. I have no doubt for me that this protocol will continue to work. Good luck, and may the Almighty bless you in Christ's name that you find a solution as he has for me.

Detoxing From Barium Poisoning
Posted by Tom (Calgary Ab) on 12/23/2021

Sad to hear this. I had barium up me and caught inside my intestines for about 6 months where it got very serous. I had meet someone else that also had the same issue with doctors tests mistakes and carelessness. I saw it for own two eyes when I was getting a colonics. today I have issues in that very part of my body. Doctor Hilda Clark has a machine described in the book A Cure for all advanced cancers. She teaches how to build and test for a lot of chemicals in the body. She gives the device away. here is link explaining how to build and use the machine. This machine can also detect good or bad products right off the shelf.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa ) on 11/16/2011

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Thought I'd be smart when I reached 65 and that did not happen. Set next goal at 75 which is in a few weeks. I got my doubts about that number too.

Anyways, let me ramble a bit about what I have learned. Several years ago a dear friend had a stroke and was paralyzed and put into a nursing home. I had never been to a nursing home. I had never seen folks is such shapes. I was shook. I do not want to go out that way. I started to read and did a hair test to see what bad stuff I got into my body. I was loaded with heavy metals and started on a crude detox program. The program did have some good points in that it had flushing Niacin to dilate your capillaries and bentonite to flush out stuff in you innards.

Next we found an anti aging doctor and got into quality supplements and also hormone modulation. Next, I built a custom Far infrared Sauna. Then we began detox baths using Epsom Salt, Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Then I learned of GSE and started using that to keep my nose from becoming a mushroom factory. We bought a juicer and started juicing and we also bought an alkaline water ionizer. We garden and raise our own veggies and fruit and berries. Then we learned of DHEA Chelation and got into that. The pluggage in my corroded arteries went from 50% to 10% so don't tell me that chelation does not work.

I learned that all our vegetable oils now come from genetically modified crops because I personally called Con Agri and they told me that all their Canola Oils are from altered plants. They now no longer use the word Modified because it is not P.C. So here is what we do now.... First we use virgin olive oil and next virgin Coconut oil and last we use Hog lard that I render myself. Every year I buy about 10 # of leaf lard from the local slaughter house and render it in a crock pot on our back stoop. It makes the most beautiful white lard you have ever seen. Now the store bought stuff is hydrogenated and all sorts of bad stuff. This lard is what my gand paw made and he lived to be 90.

We have also done the parasite cleanse and even bought a zapper. We just had a CEDSA test and we got parasite and virus problems we had no clue. That's where we are now. The tester even picked up that I had had a vaccine shot for shingles when my wife came down with it and almost lost her eyesight. I am convinced that Hulda Clark was ahead of her time. I read her book and believe in her.

We do lots of stuff that Earth Clinic folks believe in. We spray our throat every morning with hydrogen peroxide and we don't have the flu or colds, but we also don't shake hands at church starting in October. We do the lemon, ACV, baking soda tonic every morning along with a couple of drops of iodine. I spray my knee with hydrogen peroxide every morning and am good to go. It was treated for a year by MD's with no help.

After our Thanksgiving feast with younguns we will start our 10 day liver and lymph detox limited fast which includes 3 days of crucifers and concludes with a liver flush. This rids you of all the stones in your liver and gall bladder. This year we are adding a week of coffee enemas. All this time we will be doing mineral baths and saunas.

Hell to get old and living on borrowed time. Your strength is your mind, read and learn. Quit asking for a quick fix for there is none.

Yo buddy======ROBERT HENRY========

Detoxing From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 10/29/2011

Good luck trying to get any help from a doctor, unless you went to the emergency room immediately after exposure. I was subjected to lethal levels of CO at work when the furnace behind my office developed a crack. We had a person who had a machine to check the air quality and he had repeatedly said the gas was high. I couldn't even imagine that it was CO and with full knowledge, no one was called in. Only the doors were opened until it cleared temporarily. I kept thinking I had the flu and felt sick every evening, but by morning I felt better and went back to work.

One night I figured it out, called the air quality guy at home and asked him if it was CO that he was measuring and he said yes. I called my Dr. and they wouldn't even give me an appointment. Told me evening appts. were for people with on-going illnesses, like headaches. I told them I would wait for my turn but said they had nothing available. Went to another dr and was told all they would do at the emergency room was give me oxygen and that is what I had been doing all along (I guess she meant I had been breathing).

It was obvious to me that CO poisoning was taboo to the doctors, maybe OK at the ER. I asked if I should have my brain, heart or liver checked for damage and that was a no, too. I have never filed any lawsuit in my life, have good insurance so it had to be the Drs unwillingness to get involved with any possible workers comp patient. I finally bought a CO monitor and put it in my office. It went off at very high readings and finally someone was called to fix the furnace. It was never my intention to hurt the company but I would have liked to have gotten checked out for my own peace of mind.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Dede (London, Ont., Canada) on 09/02/2011

In response to the Detox with DE, I can personally say that after 2 weeks on DE I feel great, it has detoxed me and is working on my energy level as well as some other ailments I suffer with. I found the first few days I was going to the bathroom more frequently.... But that only lasted a short time.... this product is amazing, I use it everywhere, for insects, in my garden, and around my home....

Colon Cleanse
Posted by Still kicking (ORHville) on 01/23/2023

The 1 Tbs baking soda in 8oz water on an empty stomach may be causing the laxative effect.

Fruit and Juice Fast
Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/09/2011

First time for me, fruit and fruit juice fast.. Only 2nd day but not hungry, when get hungry a little, take an orange, grape, banana, or fruit juice.. Just a little takes care of the feeling.. But what l like happens.. When the body gets hungry and tired of the juice.. It attacks the dead cells, the trash, and the fat in the body.. Eats that for nourishment.. It never attacks the healthy cells or healthy parts of the inners of the body. I never knew that.. Thats really great.. I will hold out for 13 days maybe more. got lots of fat for the body to have a feast. looking forward to get rid of the bad stuff


Liver Detoxification: Garlic, ACV Tea
Posted by Brendo (Georgia) on 08/21/2006

The recipe:

3 cloves of garlic cut up in pill sizes
3 tbls. apple cider vinigar and
reg. tea at night.

1 cup a day. Catch the garlic on spoon and swallow like pills, then drink before bed EVERY NIGHT.

This remedy honestly cured my liver, and polyps, acid reflux, gave me energy , made my nails and hair grow. I have taken medicine all my life for seizures, had surgery and the drs can't believe the difference. This drink detoxes your blood, cleans out your system. I have been drinking this for 6 years people and have yet to have a cold, sickness. It is a natural blood thinner, the garlic. It's an old Indian antibiotic. It was a blessing for me and my husband who has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prostate problems. It is a cure, I am living proof. my liver is fine for 5 yrs now, polyps are gone, and no other ailments, please try it. Pills are no good for your organs. The tea will heal them brenda t

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Berte (Los Angeles) on 11/09/2015

I used coffee enemas after being exposed to severe chemicals from a new sofa. The outgassing was so strong I was sent into toxic shock and my entire nervous system and immune system went haywire. I was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. My friend told me about coffee enemas, and I did 1 a day. After 7 days I was 80% better! And completely cured after 3 weeks. I juiced a lot as well. I have found a great glass enema bucket to use, since I have allergies. I recommend Gerson Therapy for anyone needing detoxification of the liver and blood.

Detoxing From Opiates
Posted by Cody (Wi, United States) on 01/14/2015

Hello, I'm looking for as much information and a possible list of things to get for my situation... And any guidance too, my sister final admitted her opiate addiction to me.. I've moved in and today will be the first day of her withdrawals, I'm the only one she has through this and want to help introduce her to natural healing during this.. Show her that prescribed drugs aren't necessary to live a fulfilling life. Maybe even show her the light...

I've heard melatonin to help sleep, loperamide to help with diarrhea, milk thistle (but not sure how or why) vitamin b and c and St. John's wort tea. Any other suggestion of what could help and why would be appreciated so much. I'm scared to see my sister like this but know I have to be strong for her.

Detoxing From Opiates
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/14/2015

Dear Cody,

Your sister is blessed to have you helping her!

You already have great ideas and I am sure your love and emotional support will be the most important thing of all.

Milk Thistle is something people use to help detox the liver, by the way.

Epsom Salt baths are good for detoxing and for relaxing. 1 cup Epsom Salt in a warm/hot bath for 20-30 minutes.

If it is possible to take a walk, exercise and sunshine are both critical for mental and physical health.

Castor Oil packs help to detox. You can use them over the liver area. I find that using a castor oil pack with a heating pad to be relaxing.

Please let us know how it goes. God bless you and your sister during this challenging time!

~Mama to Many~

Detoxing From Opiates
Posted by Myway (Delaware) on 01/14/2015

Make sure the rooms you are occupying are free of noise and at night, completely dark, cool rooms. Limit electronic exposure - play card games, board games for distraction. For sleeping, place a thin layer of castor oil on her eyelids to help her sleep. (I have tried this in the past - it works)! Keep her hydrated with water. Be as kind, gentle, loving and as patient as you can. All negative influences are off the table at this point. Lastly, if you have the energy, give her some good coconut oil massages to help relax.

Your kindness toward your sister will be remembered forever - this is not easy!



Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/04/2013

Hi R Adams... Here is what Ted from Bangkok says about curing candida:

"Magnesium chloride 60% and ascorbic acid with baking soda will control your constipation well. The magnesium chloride drops are 10 drops 4 times a day, should be enough to control constipation. Tannic acid 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water will kill yeast overgrowth, and so will sodium molybdate 10 to 20 mg per day for a couple of days only. The hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful per liter of water as a drinking water and ascorbic acid and baking soda 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda will help control yeast overgrowth too. A spray used as air freshener ammonium chloride 5% to 10% in a water and breathe indirectly will prevent yeast and fungus for forming in the lungs. Borax 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon can be mixed into the hydrogen peroxide drinking water to help control fungus also. If anemia condition caused by fungus eating up iron, artemisinin[from wormwood] around 500 mg will stop the fungus from uptake of iron, thus limiting their growth."


You should only take the high dose molybdenum for a couple of days with continuous breaks. Molybdenum should also be taken on its own -- with no other mineral nutrients like zinc, Iron, copper etc because these minerals use the same absorption pathways and compete with each other. The lack of iron or anemia in your body is not caused so much by the molybdenum but is more likely to be caused by the voracious appetite of candida for iron -- which also helps to convert the candida into its more dangerous and more virulent disseminated or systemic form. This is why you should generally reduce the intake of rare meats(reduce heme iron) in your diet if you have candida.

Supplement molybdenum 10mgs - 20 mgs for two or three days only then take a break for a few days is the way to take it. You took high dose molybdenum for a solid month which is the wrong way to do it. There is nothing that I know of that so efficiently works with the body to help reduce candida toxins -- as well as helping to kill the candida -- like molybdenum. Taking zinc is also helpful for increasing the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in the body to help get rid of excess alcohols that are also produced as waste from candida.

And if you are taking pantethine then you should be taking an equal amount of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) with it. See this article:

The Candida/Aldehyde Detox Pathway

Posted by Happy (Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa) on 02/04/2013


I 2nd the warning that R Adams gave about molybdenum causing severe copper depletion; and in my case that caused a serious cartilage or vertebrae disk damage to the body. It does this by causing a severe copper shortage, or deficiency in the body. This is a well known effect of molybdenum on animals, esp. sheep. 2 people in my family took molybdenum in the 500 mCg. size pill, for about 2 weeks, and both people suffered spinal disk degeneration. The spinal disks began sagging down and allowing the bone vertebrae spacing to collapse, which caused spinal nerve impingements. We began to to get sciatica pains, and our spine bones began to grate together. Our spines were degenerating in just days after starting the molybdenum. I used the internet to try and find out what was happening, and luckily found a couple of good websites which revealed that copper is needed for elastin tissues in sspinal disks, etc, and the molybdenum was causing a shortage of copper. It took about 2 months to get back to normal, after quitting the molybdenum.

I bought $100 worth of hyaluron from a bulk supplier to help with the cartiladge repair, but it turned out to be a defective batch, and did not help any. All hyaluron being sold on the market today is not bio-active. Some of it does not work. When you get good bio-active hyaluron it does work very well and very fast. I could not afford to buy anymore hyaluron after getting the bad batch, so I just done without.

Posted by K (Canada) on 08/17/2016

I would recomend Colloidal silver, this is a natural immune booster as well as a detoxifier,

I have no idea why you would take molybdynum if it is depleting the copper in your system, because thats exactly what the chem trails do they deplete certain minerals our bodys need to stay healthy like copper and potasium even magnesium, I definatly recomend potasium 100% and colloidal silver .

.. colloidal silver repairs dna damage, great for skin and fungus toxins etc, but like everything else too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, so keep track of your body mineral levels and stop taking the cures when your body is balanced or back to normal.

maybe use it once or twice a month afterwards, aluminum nano particles affects the brain .. monoatomic gold repairs the brain and adds super intelligence as well.. among other health benifits,,


these chemicals enter the body this way..through skin and hair. I hope this helped..

General Feedback
Posted by Rorec (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/05/2012

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear how tough things are. Those examples I listed were just to give you an idea or a direction to head towards or perhaps inspire similar ideas. Life truly is a journey and now you must face the challenge of finding what is going to work for you, for your happiness and wellbeing sake.

If you are here reading this than you are in the right direction as you are seeking solutions. No solution is ever found by not looking or giving up. Many I see have replied to your original text here. It's comforting to know that total strangers are interested in your well being and offer helping advice. I foresee you continuing your search, finding what works for you and returning here to help others who are walking the same mile in similar shoes.

I wish you much luck, love and a speedy recovery!

Posted by Bibi (Nashville, Tn) on 08/28/2012

I went a little gung-ho a few years ago on coconut oil and on borax. These are both anti-fungal products... And very helpful, too. Just remember your body can only handle so much toxin die-off at one time, and to give it time to detox. If you overwhelm your system, you might end up with extreme muscle weakness and brain fog. Seems like my symptoms match alcoholism, although I rarely drink. After much research, I learned that the body has trouble with metabolizing acetaldehyde, usually a byproduct of alcoholism, but also of candida/fungal die off. I've included a link to a webpage that gives some information about acetaldehyde. My understanding is that Molybdenum (a mineral) breaks acetaldehyde down into acetic acid, so that it can be metabolized & passed out of your body. Also, there is a nice substitution listed for prednisone (pantethine - pantothenic acid). I hope you'll take the time to read this page. Seems very informative.

Detoxing From Barium Poisoning
Posted by Davye (San Diego, Ca) on 07/03/2012

Thank you Muslim from Oslo, Norway. I started taking the Epsom salt 1/2 tsp in water I'm also taking the Magnesium, Calcium and chlorella My dr gave me a Kenlog shot to stop the symptoms however I requested half the dose I'm still having a racing heart off and on everyday since I had the barium swallow test, which was seven days ago. It seems unreal that Barium could stay in the body this long, but anything is likely. One has to wonder it the radiation exposure damaged the thyroid but I'm praying that it is just toxic effect from barium long. l faithfully continue the Espsom salt and see what happens.

Detoxing From Barium Poisoning
Posted by Davye (S.d, Ca) on 07/05/2012

Thank you, all the symptoms are gone! I will continue the regime to be sure.

Detoxing From Barium Poisoning
Posted by M (Oslo, Norway) on 07/06/2012

Hi dayve, nice to hear that your symptoms are gone! Yes I would suggest to continue magnesium, calcium and chlorella regimen, especially epsom salt. Be careful because magnesium are a little antagonistic to potassium. I would take a little potassium just not get potassium deficiency and get dehydrated. ;) I did also and still have barium toxicity because I had a heart surgery which they used x-ray contrast fluid which is barium sulfate straight to the heart. It got so bad I have never been so sick in my whole life. You can trust my advice these which I have told would work is because it did work for me and others. And it is nutritious minerals which the body needs for enzymes and other biological reactions in the body. I would not take vaccines, they are unnecessary and harmful, Research that. May Allah help you further. Have a good day/night.

Detoxing From Arsenic
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/01/2011

Hi Rebel... There is an easy way to detox arsenic. Much has already been said on the usefulness of Sodium Thiosulfate(ST) on this site for detoxing heavy metals. But ST is also used by the medical profession to help recover people suffering from both cyanide and arsenic poisoning by removing these substances from the body safely. You can buy this online or you can simply go to an aquatics shop and buy the ST there(where I got my ST). Usually it is sold as a 10% solution and is mainly used to remove chlorine from fish tanks because chlorine is highly poisonous to fish. The dosage is 8 to 10 drops in a glass of water(half this dose for children). ST is tasteless and easy take. But when you take ST for the first time it is likely that you will have diarrhea initially -- but this is only due to the ST flushing out heavy metals initially from your intestines and this normally only ever happens once -- it depends on the extent of heavy metals absorption in your body at the time. When I first took ST, I never had diarrhea so it doesn't always happen.

My own detox strategy, since I regard buying organic food as impossible where I am living now, is therefore completely defensive and preventative. So it becomes necessary for me to detox myself continuously against heavy metals, halogens, pesticides and all the rest. For this I simply use alkalizing, lugol's iodine, ST, Vitamin C and fulvic/humic acid as my basic strategy and I also support my liver(which is the main detoxing organ of the body) and kidneys using Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk thistle and Chanca Piedra. This liver support greatly stimulates Glutathione production in the liver, which aids in detoxing and purifying the blood. I also alkalize regularly and drink green tea quite often and I eat cilantro in salads several times a week which all helps to remove heavy metals and helps to balance calcium in the body.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Mary (Whitefish, Montana/united States) on 04/04/2013


I love your article (Detoxing Remedies) I want you to know that I have been studying herbs and natural remedies for over 30 years. I also come from a long line of herbalist on both sides of my family.

Nonetheless, I want to give you a heads up on bentonite. This is clay that I have been studying for decades. I started researching bentonite after my father, grandmother and aunt end up with a very bad case of Alzheimer's. I also noticed that even young people in their 20's (in the same town my family lived) had difficulties with basic tasks that required simple thinking. The town they lived in has an abundant amount of betonite everywhere. It is a white claylike powder that is on the surface of the ground. I do not know of anyone that does not have betonite in their front and back yard there. I am thankful that I did not spend a lot of years in this town for I am sure that I would now have Alzheimer's (my parent separated when I was a kid).

Well, my research found that bentonite contains up to 18 percent aluminum. Some studies show that there is up to 85% aluminum. Betonite also contain silica and dioxins (a by-product of pesticide manufacture, a toxic compound that is carcinogenic).

It is entirely up to you to change the article and maybe do more research. I am in hopes that you will correct this on your post for the sake of people's health. Detoxing with bentonite pollutes the body even more with toxins. It could also have very fatal health consequences.



Dietary Changes
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 06/24/2011

I buy a huge bottle of green tea with ginseng & honey, I also gargle with salt, tea tree oil and warm water, it had to be a snap choice as my mouth felt and tasted like a cotton ball riding a garbage truck, my food tasted bad or no taste at all.

I also take cell food and colloidal silver, I'm hoping whatever I am doing is slowly working.

I read where most wheat has mycosis which is mold, chickens eat a lot of this and get mycosis then we eat chickens, maybe a lot of other animals as well.

I also plan on trying Ted's remedies. I need all the help I can get. I hope to start a program like Montel's program of juicing my own veggies/fruits etc. I have been doing whatever is easy or quick, I gave up red meat where I cheated last week an got a negative feeling body wise.

so I hope to keep trying. I know there is hope & keep trying.Thanks/Peace"

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Jeff (Mckinney, Texas) on 06/15/2011

I haven't received any feedback so I decided to go it on my own. I went to WholeFoods and it just so happens that someone ordered a StoneBreaker (Chanca Piedra) extract and never picked it up. It's in liquid form and contains StoneBreaker herb, Hydrangea root, Celery seed, and Burdock seed. Directions say to take one dropper in a full glass of water 3 times/day. I'm starting with this and I am also going to take 1000mg of Milk Thistle with my evening meal.

I will also be taking Vitamins E, C, and D3 along with some Cholorphyll for additional support. I will report back and let you know the outcome.

Fruit and Juice Fast
Posted by Steve (South Jersey) on 07/30/2016

Keep in mind that Steve Jobs' pancreatic cancer is linked to his fruitopian diet, which included a lot of juice fasts.

Posted by Carly (Seattle , Wa Usa) on 06/06/2011

YES -! The lyph glands have one way valves. They do not empty of their own accord unless you are MOVING. Jumping on a mini trampoline (aka rebounder) is the most effective way to get the toxins out! I bought a cheap rebounder ($30-$35 dollars delivered from Wally Mart online) and I used it for about a month or so until I knew it was something I wanted to do - and then I bought an expensive "springless" model with the bungee cords instead of those noisy springs. The expensive "soft jump" model was worth every penny! I couldn't believe I actually liked the cheap one after I bounced on my new one. Hey, what you don't know.... ;-) If your knees and joints are an issue, you NEED the more expensive model, just be sure it is something you will do, and not just sit there collecting dust and making you feel guilty. Ha ha. Oh, and start off S-L-O-W. I started off at 3 mins... And was exhausted! Thought there was no way I would ever be able to jump long enough for it to have a health benefit. Well, adding a minute here and there I am now up to 20 mins at a time. I am working my way up to 30 mins a day, and will be very happy with that. It is AWESOME exercise, and SO much easier on the body than running. No pounding on a hard surface = NO pain! No, I do not work for any rebounding companies. ;)

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