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Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/29/2012

I have found 5 yr old blood tests that show efgr, creatinine levels really high. Docs never said anything but when I google it it seems to be about kidney distress. I am trying to get all these metals and virus toxins out of me who knows how much candida & pesticides. Has anyone had an organics test done? So expensive. Considering it OR for a good juicer so I can do the MBP - if I can handle it. For the moment, just once a day Ive been blending the beetroot, cooking it for a few mins with fennel in filtered water and drinking immediately. I notice the butter oil & cod liver oil comes highly recommended but Ive been told not to have cod liver oil as it slows down your metabolism.

Im desperate for some reprieve from this pain & being beaten up by chemicals.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)
5 out of 5 stars

Robyn, I dunno what to tell you but one thing for sure: you ARE on your way to healing, keep trying and somehow, somewhere, some day the BINGO will happen!

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I had liver pain after a hep a vaccine for 3 years. I wached this video on youtube about how silica combines with aluminum in the body and then is able to be removed through the urine.

The guy recommended drinking a particular bottled water that naturally contained a very high amount of silica. That brand was expensive but after 6 months of drinking that water every day, the pain went away and I was able sleep on my side again.

Its expensive because its imported fromFrancewhere it is bottled from the source of an old volvic location. When I looked at it from the perspective of this 2. 69 bottle of water being a cheap daily treatment to remove aluminum toxicity, it was well worth 20 bucks a week.

Although, I would drink 3 or 4 bottles a week. I know some people drink that amount in a day but I don't seem to require a lot of water unless its really hot out or I am physically active.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Robyn, Glad to see you're rallying! Good for you... Hadn't seen you on here for awhile and was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. Mmsg is right, you'll find an answer. I know sometimes it seems as if we've hit a dead end but eventually the right answers come. Did you ever use sodium thiosulfate? I can't recall, I know you've tried so many things! The last time you came on you seemed that you were throwing in the towel and were going the mainstream meds direction. What did you decide on? Anyway, wishing you the best, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

I wished I believed this. I approached every remedy, every new practitioner, new doctor, new supplement with positivity but after 20 yrs I dont believe there is an answer that Im going to find from a car & when Im not able to be near people, get into a store etc. To say Im suicidal is an understatement. Im sorry if this upsets anyone but sometimes things go too far. Pesticides do permanently damage. I know now, would have been better if Id known earlier that all organs have some if not permanent damage. yes I did do sodium thiosulfate, carbicarb, pretty much everything on here. I only found the beets protocol recently. Yes, Im still on 3 antibiotics and pulsing in a 4th. The pain is a little less but I cant imagine antibiotics is going to help my mcs and my liver. But what can I do? Im just looking for the tiniest bit of improvement.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I wish I knew more about your exact issue. Are you saying that you know for sure your issues are an overload of toxicity? If so I strongly urge you to research the Gerson Therapy.

I'm pretty sure along the way of researching, you have come across studies, research and personal accounts of how ones outlook effected their health. I will reiterate those ideas.

You physical body responds to negativity and stress but also thoughts of suicide. I know when there seems to be no end in sight to the suffering one endures, such thoughts occur. It would be silly of me to say try to focus on something positive or try to shake it off because I know what its like to have something causing pain that directly generates such negative thoughts.

My advise is to try to become more aware of your emotions that lead you to such thoughts. I realized I tended to have more negative thoughts when my physical body felt very tired from not sleeping well or when I was ill. I was then able to expect such thoughts when ill or sleep deprived and knew they where initiated by these physical states of being.

I take St. Johns wart just before bed to help me sleep deeper. When I am rested the following day I am a bit more optimistic. Just like when we are grouchy when we are hungry, getting rest when we have health challenges or life challenges reduces the tendency of negative thoughts.

Another way to promoting better emotions is through a diet of raw veggies and freshly juiced fruits and veggies, no or very little carbs and meat. After the 4tyh or 5th day your body feels better. Your mind then follows.

Also another thing I'll do is treat myself one a week to something really nice. It could be a really big expensive meal, or buying a ton of junk at ikea. It makes that moment about me and gives me something positive to do physically.

Rest not only helps heal the body but it sooths and rests the mind and emotions.

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Roec, all that you say makes perfect sense. But theres no weekly, monthly, yearly treat. I dont hear from anyone Xmas or birthdays. Its all because of the chemical & all sensitivities. I can NEVER eat anything different or do anything different as it might involve going near a person or a car might come past. And absolutely forget shopping. Cant sit in a park because the council sprays it, thats apart from someone might come near me. Cant read a book, have a hobby, using a computer for these few minutes usually involves hours of further pain. No holidays, weekends off, just sitting in the car waiting for apple cider vinegar to work. Or all the other supplements. Or the antibiotics. Cant get anyone to respond to me re: stem cell therapy. So you see, very difficult to do something different and thoughts will follow.

Replied by Anonymosaurus Rex
(Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead)

Hi Robyn, Roec mentioned that drinking high silica water may make a difference. If you are considering going down that route, I would strongly suggest that buying a bunch of crazy-expensive water is, well, crazy. Especially when diatomaceous earth is 90% silica and food grade stuff is quite cheap online.

If you wanted to supplement your water intake with silica, put a spoonful into a litre bottle of water and allow it to settle (this might take a few days). Drink the water, but be careful not to stir up the water. You can refill the bottle over and over for years this way.

I just thought I'd give you that bit of info to help you save a bunch of money.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi there Robyn, Hope you are doing better. In your last post, you were outlining all that was wrong in life. Bringing all of those emotions together into focus is very heavy and emotionally draining even though what you mentioned is part of your day to day life. I have been taught to do just the opposite and outline all that is good in life when everything feels so wrong. Take a moment to make a list of all the things in life you are grateful for. This exercise occupies your mind and emotions to focus on positive thinking and emoting. This exercise calls for finding other similar ways to occupy your emotions with positive vibrations. And no one ever "masters" these exercises but over time you do improve.

I have also learned that you have to "make" good times in life. When life is shitty or has stopped moving and feels stagnate, make something good. Something good can be a moment to help someone else, taking a trip somewhere awesome, creating something new like painting drawing or composition, paint the house or a room, build something, create something. I'll go hunting around town for black walnuts, Eucalyptus and olive leaves to make a healing FREE tea blend. It costs nothing, very healing and rewarding way to occupy my time and creating something from nothing.

Most of all REST!!! Rest makes a difference on your whole outlook on everything. A tired body makes a tired mind.

And to Rex: I felt it was necessary to state exactly what worked for me after experiencing 3 years of dull liver pain. I did try the diatomatious earth as you recommended but it was very dehydrating and too unpleasant to keep up on a daily basis. Also there are a variety of Diatomatios earth out there. You have to do a bit of research beforehand and make sure what you are getting is not the toxic pool grade DE. Also there is a difference between fresh water and salt water DE. I felt more assured buying DE from the source rather than re-sellers out there that then jack the price up while lowering the quality of the product. If going this route, be sure you drink enough water and be willing to endure the gritty chalky texture daily. I tried to put in my coffee thinking I would notice it less. It was just gross. I still have a tin container here at my desk full of DE from 2010 when I 1st tried it here at work as here I drink the most coffee.

The [mineral] water was easy as I could take the bottled water with me anywhere. I really could not believe this actually worked after spending nearly thousands on a variety of supplements over that 3 year period! It might be more expensive but it was better for me in the long run. I drank every drop of that water, brought bottles to work with me, made gallons of iced tea with it, and kept some in the car. I then gave the empty plastic bottles to the homeless dude who always dumpster dives on Saturday afternoons behind my building.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

To Roec from Los Angeles - Thanks for an awesome, uplifting post. I really appreciated reading it. :-)

Also - I will have to look at [the mineral] water.... sounds interesting.

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Roec, what you say is lovely and in the absence of a diagnosis and 20 yrs ago there was no knowledge of fibro or cfs so I read every positive thinking book in the bookshop/library and did all those exercises and look where thats got me. There was a lot going on inside me and environmentally I needed to know about it so I could stop poisoning myself. And everyone else poisoning me. I can find anything to be grateful for in this much pain, I cant go near anyone to help them, definately cant take a trip, something new? like paint??? I cant go near any hobby type poisons, can't read a book because of the paper & ink, black walnuts, Eucalyptus and olive leaves would make me as sick as a dog. I can't enjoy the company of an animal they make me so sick, grow veges or indeed do anything that is enjoyable. And nothing is really enjoyable when you're in so much pain you're completely locked up and can't move. But thank you for the thought.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Robyn, you've got us here on EC. And btw, you once mentioned a drug taken during pregnancy: there are very many children who survive and thrive even through all manner of medicatons and abuse of all sorts. So take heart.

Replied by Rorec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear how tough things are. Those examples I listed were just to give you an idea or a direction to head towards or perhaps inspire similar ideas. Life truly is a journey and now you must face the challenge of finding what is going to work for you, for your happiness and wellbeing sake.

If you are here reading this than you are in the right direction as you are seeking solutions. No solution is ever found by not looking or giving up. Many I see have replied to your original text here. It's comforting to know that total strangers are interested in your well being and offer helping advice. I foresee you continuing your search, finding what works for you and returning here to help others who are walking the same mile in similar shoes.

I wish you much luck, love and a speedy recovery!

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I just wanted to recommend to research for a mineral water with the highest silica content. I listed the names of but forgot EarthCLinic has policy against product naming.

I'm not sure if links are allowed but below I have linked an article explaining how silica removes aluminum toxicity.

As I had previously mentioned, this totally worked for me. I thought the liver pain was as a result of other issues I was having with my liver at the time. I researched allot of herbs to reverse the condition. The test results after taking the herbs healed my liver but not the dull pain. After watching a youtube video about silica and aluminum, I thought I'd try it.

Bingo! Pain is gone.

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Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/20/2012

I've just seen the mini beet protocol after following this site for years. I had considered juicing only for a few minutes. I'm in too much pain to pull a juicer apart & clean it. I tried a beet & carrot juice from a juice place (not organic) & I felt very ill, I thought because I'm hypoglycemic it had spiked my sugar levels. I don't eat carrots because they make me ill, all starchy veg do. Recently I started to eat beets when I saw on the dr oz show how great they are. Eating seems to be OK but from what I gather this is not going to do the trick. Im still homeless & I do get to bathe but I can't do much about it being in chlorinated flouridated water. I was taking a bath & putting sodium thiosulphate you use in pools to get the chlorine out. Would that help?

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Posted by Cheryl (Alexandria, Va) on 01/08/2012

Hi, I am a big supporter of Earth Clinic and recommend the community to all of my friends and family. I have a quick question for Ted or whomever may know.

Once you stop consuming foods that contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) how long does it take for HFCS to cycle out of your body? Is there a way chelate or remove it from your system?

Thanks in advance for your responses and have a wonderful day!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2075 posts

Cheryl, the fructose that your body doesn't burn during digestion, is converted into triglycerides and stored in fat tissue; this is why high fructose corn syrup can cause obesity.

To remove the triglycerides take lots of B vitamins. B-100 2 or 3 times daily. To further enhance energy production you can add any or all these nutrients: DMG, CoQ10, ALA. To increase thermogenesis, use caffeinated coffee or tea; along with some cardio, this should burn those stubborn fats.

General Feedback
Posted by Just Me (In The Australian Bush, Australia) on 12/06/2011

Due to having been exposed to 2-4D and DIazinone as a kid, and industrial polution, I have chronic health issues, and I can no longer breath in a city... Even a small town leaves me very ill all the time. We live in a world that is now so toxic that even Polar Bears above the Artic circle, have birth defects from polution. No great wonder those of us who lived in big cities, or agriculotural areas with lots of sprays, are sick... and mostly sterile.

The thing I find very useful about this is the relationship between what we eat and breath, our oral health and the rest of the bodies health.


Eating poison food, dousing ourselves in toxic water, breathing toxic air, is hurting all of us. The chlorine in the water creates dioxins when it hits plant matter.. And it kills *US*... Chlorinated water nbo longer kills giardia or crypto and it casues cancer, spina-biffida, miscarriage by failure to implant and serios mood swings (panic attacks and suicidal ideation). Using toxic self care products every day (our soaps, our shampoos, our toothpastes, and make-ups, etc) is contributing in a big way as well... Making the people of the first world very very sick.

When I was a kid ALMOST NOBODY got cancer. Now we are *all* expected to get it at least once. Pollutants are very often oestrogenic and xeno-estrogens MAKE CANCER CELLS GROW AND DIVIDE (a tumor will grow in a plastic petro dish, just from the plastic).

Less than 3% of these changes can be attributed to genetic changes in humans, and the rest is all environmental. Almost none of what is left (97%) is the result of any new micro-organisms. We are doing it to ourselves.... It is being done to us "for our convenience".

A toxic body makes for a sick bowel with bad flora, and a mouth filled with sub-clinical infections (which can poison the entire body) and which the body cannot fight until the body is not toxic anymore.


All that said... If we want people in the medical world to take us seriously, and not disregard all we say, then we honestly need to use terms that make sense in science, and know something about the natural world.

Bacteria reproduce by CELL DIVISION. They do not have embroyos.

They also have the ability to share genetic information with one another directly (rather like having an elephant borrow a few useful genes from a rat and passing them on to the next generation).
BUT...they do not have embryos.

I do believe that this method can have very real positive effects.

I do believe that it could get essential oils and other substances into the body (sublingual is a good route).

I do believe that it could seriously help in the removal of toxins and heavy metals, with a positive effect on overall health and be wonderful for chronic health problems that standard western medicine cannot treat at this point (although they are great at sewing things up, they are horrible at all chronic health issues).
I intend on experimenting with this soon, as I have serious problems with my mouth health.

Replied by Anonymosaurus Rex
(Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead)

Hi there, Thanks for the rant. I liked it :)

Your post got me thinking. 2-4D is one component of Agent Orange, and it is a dioxin. Ted has posted about detoxing from it here:

Diazinon will break down into diaxozon when exposed to acetylcholine, a natural neurotransmitter. If you were exposed to diazinon more than a few months ago, you may be suffering from an accumulation of diaxozon in your body tissues. The best treatment for it is the oxidative therapy as Ted has kindly provided in the link above.

In addition, I would recommend you ensure you have a good amount of vitamin D intake and lecithin.
-For vitamin D get plenty of sunlight (and you probably will living in Australia - good thing you are conveniently located near that hole in the ozone layer, eh?)
-For lecithin, regularly consume poached eggs (just cooked, not over cooked.) Myself, I consume a raw egg in my morning smoothie which provides. You could also take 3 tsp of granulated Lecithin a day if you don't like eggs.

Have you posted the other toxins you have been exposed to on here? There might be people out there that can help you out if you do.

General Feedback
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa ) on 11/16/2011

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Thought I'd be smart when I reached 65 and that did not happen. Set next goal at 75 which is in a few weeks. I got my doubts about that number too.

Anyways, let me ramble a bit about what I have learned. Several years ago a dear friend had a stroke and was paralyzed and put into a nursing home. I had never been to a nursing home. I had never seen folks is such shapes. I was shook. I do not want to go out that way. I started to read and did a hair test to see what bad stuff I got into my body. I was loaded with heavy metals and started on a crude detox program. The program did have some good points in that it had flushing Niacin to dilate your capillaries and bentonite to flush out stuff in you innards.

Next we found an anti aging doctor and got into quality supplements and also hormone modulation. Next, I built a custom Far infrared Sauna. Then we began detox baths using Epsom Salt, Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Then I learned of GSE and started using that to keep my nose from becoming a mushroom factory. We bought a juicer and started juicing and we also bought an alkaline water ionizer. We garden and raise our own veggies and fruit and berries. Then we learned of DHEA Chelation and got into that. The pluggage in my corroded arteries went from 50% to 10% so don't tell me that chelation does not work.

I learned that all our vegetable oils now come from genetically modified crops because I personally called Con Agri and they told me that all their Canola Oils are from altered plants. They now no longer use the word Modified because it is not P.C. So here is what we do now.... First we use virgin olive oil and next virgin Coconut oil and last we use Hog lard that I render myself. Every year I buy about 10 # of leaf lard from the local slaughter house and render it in a crock pot on our back stoop. It makes the most beautiful white lard you have ever seen. Now the store bought stuff is hydrogenated and all sorts of bad stuff. This lard is what my gand paw made and he lived to be 90.

We have also done the parasite cleanse and even bought a zapper. We just had a CEDSA test and we got parasite and virus problems we had no clue. That's where we are now. The tester even picked up that I had had a vaccine shot for shingles when my wife came down with it and almost lost her eyesight. I am convinced that Hulda Clark was ahead of her time. I read her book and believe in her.

We do lots of stuff that Earth Clinic folks believe in. We spray our throat every morning with hydrogen peroxide and we don't have the flu or colds, but we also don't shake hands at church starting in October. We do the lemon, ACV, baking soda tonic every morning along with a couple of drops of iodine. I spray my knee with hydrogen peroxide every morning and am good to go. It was treated for a year by MD's with no help.

After our Thanksgiving feast with younguns we will start our 10 day liver and lymph detox limited fast which includes 3 days of crucifers and concludes with a liver flush. This rids you of all the stones in your liver and gall bladder. This year we are adding a week of coffee enemas. All this time we will be doing mineral baths and saunas.

Hell to get old and living on borrowed time. Your strength is your mind, read and learn. Quit asking for a quick fix for there is none.

Yo buddy======ROBERT HENRY========

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Posted by Jil (Hendersonville, Tn) on 10/19/2011

Do I need to do a liver/kidney/colon cleanse if I am in my 50's and feel healthy? I take meds for hypothyroidism due to Graves and RAI, and more meds for menopause.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2075 posts

Jil, if you are serious about not getting cancer, and living a long, healthy life, it is only prudent to do the cleanses as our environment is so toxic nowadays. The body has not sufficient alert system for many diseases for many people. You may look fine, feel fine, then 1 week later nearly dead from some underlying chronic condition that's been eating away at your defenses.

General Feedback
Posted by Miabella (Atlantic City, Nj) on 07/31/2011

Has anyone tried olive oil and distilled water as a mouth rinse? What about drinking this to cleanse?

General Feedback
Posted by Gmm (Kansas City, Mo) on 05/12/2011
0 out of 5 stars

Had botox in my forehead nearly two months ago and have been suffering with flu like symptoms ever since. My Dr says there is no relation (of course that is what would be said by an MD. Anyone know a good way to purge my poor body of this poison?

Replied by Kamal
(San Diego, California)

hi there. I saw your comment about the Botox in your forehead. I was wondering how you are feeling, and if there was something that made you feel better. I have a friend who has been suffering for 1 year now, since a Botox injection in her forehead. :) thank you so much.

General Feedback
Posted by Reyariel (Manila, Philippines) on 04/27/2011

Dear Earthclinic, Good day to you. I am wondering if you can add in the ailment category for detox as I cannot find it. Or do you have a link in the posts of the readers/contributors regarding for LIVER, KIDNEY and for BOWEL detox. I want to know the different methods that they are doing for all these detox methods/protocol. Thank you very much, Looking forward for your reply.

Respectfully yours,

Rey Ariel from Philippines

EC: Hi Rey Ariel,

Thanks for the great suggestion. We just added a new ailments page for detoxification. We'll search for posts from other pages to add to this new section. In the meantime, here are a few other pages you might want to check out:

Aspartame Detoxification:
Oral Detoxification:
Ionic Foot Detoxification:
Heavy Metal Detoxification:

Grapefruit Juice for Drug Effects

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Posted by Isis (St.louis, Missouri) on 01/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have heard & read that, if you drink grapefruit juice, it slows down the effects of many drugs, if not neutralizing them entirely. As it was over a year ago since I read the book that I got this info from, I do not recall the name of the article. But I heard this exact same info on the DR. OZ show either in October or November of 2011.

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Do you mean that it renders the drugs useless, or does it eliminate the side effects, or both?

Herxheimer Reactions or Toxic Overload

Posted by Wayseeker (Motown, Ca) on 11/25/2013

Herxheimer Reactions or Toxic Overload:

In the name of being helpful, there is an adage by Hippocrates, which is sworn by every medical doctor. It is, in part.. "FIRST DO NO HARM." This, by the way, is the root of the word "hypocrite, " as in one who takes such an oath, and then does not uphold it.

That said, there are sometimes toxic reactions for two reasons: One, for an overload of a toxic substance, whether it be a poison, or a medication. The other, for a "die-off" reaction, when a toxin is released into the bloodstream from out of an organ or body system. Cleansing too rapidly may cause this toxic reaction, and is therefore to be avoided by detoxifying slowly.

I experienced this firsthand with myself, when cleansing, and discovered that I could not move my arms and shoulders hardly at all, and my heart was racing wildly -- even though I was calm and unafraid. I ran in and mixed up some modified citrus pectin and drank it. I vomited a little, and was then perfectly fine. I recall wondering if I would even have had time to drive to the hospital, or call an ambulance, or if anyone would have known what to do to stop this poison.

What I have discovered, is that there is a law, that all ambulances must carry activated charcoal, to be used to treat many such conditions. It is considered 100% safe.

My other experience was with Marvin, my sweetie, when he went into a condition commonly called ammonia-on-the-brain, or hepatic encephalopathy. The first time it ever happened, I gave him lots of distilled water, and it worked.

The second time, he wound up in the hospital for over two months, and was put on about fifteen medications.

Charcoal was likely the best choice, and would have worked, but was not used... as the standard is to use all possible other medications first, and only last, charcoal. Why this is? I think that answer is fairly said, because it costs about ten cents. Charcoal removes ammonia safely, quickly, and easily, particularly in case of a poisonous condition affecting the liver and brain.

So, here we are, and I can only say, drink lots of (distilled, pure, filtered) water to flush out any toxins, particularly if one has been ill, and is attempting to clear a virus or bacteria. And walk, to get the blood moving to help clear the toxic overload when the buggers die off and are thrown into the bloodstream.

Now, in all fairness, Marvin was not drinking enough water, nor moving about nearly enough, and was also not taking one of his prescriptions to help his bowels move-- because it gave him constant diarrhea. Lemon-aid was also refused for the same reason, which also helps to keep the bowels moving these toxins along.

So-- just wanted to share our experience-- because it was a little trip that led to a very big fall, and could have easily been handled with a little bit of knowledge about a simple, safe substance, called charcoal.

I truly apologize if my recent post caused any difficulty, as I in no way believe that anything suggested here had anything to do with what happened. I believe the man simply wasn't moving enough to move his bowels. "Take up your bed (get up out of bed! ) and walk."


Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by H2O2 (Memphis, TN) on 02/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this method with a nebulizer for years. I inhale several times, 2-3 times per day. I used to get the flu twice a year, every year. Since I started H2O2 therapy I have not had even a cold or sniffle in the last 10 years! Could not worry less about Covid.

I have also used it more intensively to help with detoxing (longer sessions 4 times a day), and on the 2nd or 3rd day experienced an intense Herxheimer reaction immediately after, which proved beyond a doubt the effectiveness of this therapy.


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Posted by Alley (Hell, Pa) on 04/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

asparagus juice

totally unrelated to anything ehrer but I had potassium deffiency and we made asparagus one for dinner one night

well you know all those chunks on the asparagus you cant seem soft enough to chew without teeth (one of the reasons juicing was invented just add in pulp in my opinon, so what if it looks like baby food you are gettign your vieggies in). well we did it, I had a osteo infection in my to I was also low on agnesium, calcium, vit d and sick allth e time falling apart and so on. well this recipie go me phone call back from my kidney doctor and the wound clinic.

so I juiced the hard ends, you get a lot of them and (at the cost of eggies anymore, I thought it was wasteful to feed them to the critters in the woods) you gotta go slow and take your time they do take a while to juice up. you get a really thick green thing of juice I tosssed in garglic (natures antibiotic) and stirred in some kep, I can not remember what else. 9at least I did not add the apple cider vinegar. Oh also cayanne pepper, if I recall it's eben a few motnhs. Since my old juicer broke down. :( it only lasted two years.

*ick, good for liver mixed in water*

but when the blodwork came in (the blood work was taken three daysafter id did this) they said my levels were soooo high and stop whateveri was doing. sad thing is, that bone infection well, I was the fasest healign person in the wound clinic.

i would only recomend this about once a week. the drink is thick and its kinda yukky drink but it worked. that is all I have to say. plug your nose vbefore you drink it. oh and I am glas I chose kep and not the moss for the kidneys I can't seem to be able to keep the moss down.

Kidney Detoxification: Lemon Juice, Raw Comfrey

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Posted by Brian (Wendouree/Ballarat, Victoria/Australia) on 08/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

When 7 years old, I nearly died with nepthritis [ kidney disease ]. At 39 year old, the pain in that area made me almost weep and it needed to be stopped. I felt something inside said to fast, take only lemon juice and eat "raw" comfrey - I did this from 4.00 pm friday until lunch time sunday and I have never had a pain there since and I am now 68years old. "I thank God for Comfrey" - since then I have spoke to people who have also been set free of disease in the kidneys through comfrey and its healing "alantoin". I only ate about 7 hand sized leaves over 3 days.

Replied by Kate
(Orange, Nsw, Australia)

I thought comfrey was poisonous?

Liver and Kidney Cleanse

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Posted by Jeff (Mckinney, Texas, United States) on 06/14/2011

What is the best way to cleanse the liver and kidneys and do I need to do it in certain order? I've read to cleanse the kidneys first then the liver but it seems the things Bill & Ted (Yes, we're on an Excellent Adventure -- sorry, couldn't resist! ) recommend are kind of a dual cleanse. Here's what I am thinking:

1) Chanca Piedra - 1000mg 2x a day at meals; OR

2) 2x a day at meals: Alpha Lipoic Acid - 300mg, Selenium - 200 mcgs, and Milk Thistle - 1000 mgs.

Where does Cat's Claw or Heart Vine come into play here? Is there any need to do a parasite cleanse first? I've never done any type of cleanse before so don't know what to expect or even if I need to do it.

Replied by Jeff
(Mckinney, Texas)

I haven't received any feedback so I decided to go it on my own. I went to WholeFoods and it just so happens that someone ordered a StoneBreaker (Chanca Piedra) extract and never picked it up. It's in liquid form and contains StoneBreaker herb, Hydrangea root, Celery seed, and Burdock seed. Directions say to take one dropper in a full glass of water 3 times/day. I'm starting with this and I am also going to take 1000mg of Milk Thistle with my evening meal.

I will also be taking Vitamins E, C, and D3 along with some Cholorphyll for additional support. I will report back and let you know the outcome.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

Hi Jeff, I was just wondering how the cleanse worked out? I have been researching Chanca Piedra and wondering how effective it is. I would love to get your feedback and see how you are feeling now? Thanks!

Replied by Dmg
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
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Be careful with milk thistle - if you are allergic to ragweed you'll be allergic to milk thistle, and it's very itchy way to find out!

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