Effective Natural Remedies for Chalazion

Pin Prick, Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Jojo23 (Norcal) on 03/06/2017

I had to deal with a massive chalazion on my left eye through most of my high school years. I got surgery and it went away and although I thought it was cured and by washing my eyelids daily it would never come back as the doctor said boy was I wrong, it came back a week later, bigger and stronger. So what I did was pop it with a safety pin and put some hydrogen peroxide on it shortly after its been years now and its never came back since.

Pressure Plasters

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Posted by Madiha (Birmingham, U.K) on 02/05/2009

Suggestion about lid cysts: I lived in Pakistan for a year when I was a child. I would often get cysts, particularly in the eye area. They were quickly cured by some type of pressure plasters. These were sticky plasters and would come in a large size with many small holes pierced inside. We were given a piece cut to size, peel off the back and place on the problem area. A couple of hours later, from the painfree pressure of the plasters, the cysts would burst and that was that. I live in England now and have had a lid cyst for over two years at least and have not come across an effective cure.


Posted by Chanda (Germany) on 04/14/2015

hi I need some suggestion for using pulsatilla 200. how should I use it I want to know the dosage how many times per day and for how long. I am asking for eye problems like styes and chalazions.

Replied by Angela

If you are using Pulsatilla 200 and have never used it before you can take 3 doses 1/2 hour or one hour between each. 1 dose can be one pill if they are large or 2 if they are small. The quantity of pills is not the issue so much as the frequency of taking the pills. Why? because homeopathic remedies don't have any amount of the original substance, it is the energy of the substance that is curative.

It may be that the right remedy for you could be another one like staphisagria. I took pulsatilla about a week ago and no change. Went to see my homeopathic dr yesterday and he suggested staphisagria 200 and it has started to seep since last night.

Salt Water Rinse

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Posted by Health nut (NJ) on 02/10/2022

The Salt Water Rinse worked!

I had my chalazion for a couple of months and was trying different cures on and off (ex: ACV, castor oil, colloidal silver, etc) Nothing was as effective and fast as the saltwater rinse.

I did the saltwater rinse two to three times a day using an eyecup. Now my chalazion is hardly even noticeable and it's getting smaller every day. Thank God!

My recipe

1 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in 1 cup of water. This recipe will last about a week.

I hope this helps anyone else with this problem. If not, everyone is different, so keep trying different natural remedies. Above all trust in God, He will guide you to the right cure.

Salt Water Rinse
Posted by Sara (London) on 04/09/2016

I had a ugly cyst under my lower eyelid..you bathe eye with salt and very warm water mixture as many times as you can..let swirl in eye about 60 seconds. Do it the next day too. You will see 24 hours your chalazion will virtually disappear. Mine burst and within a day or two has completely gone. It's the only thing that worked for me. Make sure water is not too hot only as warm as your eye can take. Salt and warm water ..a simple, effective, easy home remedy.

Replied by Reglisse
(New Brunswick)

I tried this and it worked! I had a chalazion for 2 months on my upper lid it was so big I couldn't open my eye properly and my vision was blurry I tried everything else-castor oil, epson salt, vitamine a, cod oil, flax oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar warm water+massage every 2 hours etc,,, . Its really with a strong solution of seasalt water mix (1 teaspoon per cup) that it became all red near the lid (inside) and suddenly decreased in size dramatically.

I already had a chalazion removed on my other eye lid and was so scared!! Not anymore!!! Good luck everyone!

Replied by Kathy

What kind of salt did you use? I have some Himalayan Pink Salt. Do you think this will work? I had a large chalazion removed surgically removed about 6 weeks ago and it has grown back quite large again.

Replied by Sana

How hard was yours? I've had a second one after I removed first by surgery. And it's hard like a pea. Trying out sea salt water. Since three days. No difference

Salt Water Rinse
Posted by Rina (Miami) on 08/15/2015

I feel the need to tell everyone about a remedy that gets rid of chalazion or stye. Everything started a year ago when I sarted having a stye that turned into chalazion, I was desperate to find an answer other then surgery, so...long story sort I came across with a video on YouTube from a makeup artist guy who also suffered from this eye problems.

He used salt water to rinse his eye, when I first saw this video I was skeptical about doing it but anyway I did it just to see if it would work, well it did worked!!! I rinse my eye with clean previously boiled water that cool down to room temperature and added sea salt to a point that I could rinse with my eye and holding the water (open eye) for 5 seconds or so, I repeated the eye rinse 4 times a day, washing my eye before each rinse with baby shampoo.

Note: (I used one of those measure cups that comes with nightquil or liquid vitamins they have 2 tbspoons maximum capacity so I used that and cleaned it very good before each use and yes I rinse with the eye open, stings just a little but I'm telling you it was like a miracle, as soon as I felt one coming I inmediately did it and it would go in 2 days. Good luck everyone!

Replied by Jasmine
(Stockton, California)

Does it work with iodized salt or only sea salt?

Replied by Joe
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Use sea salt.

Treat for Demodex Mites

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Posted by Miss M (New York) on 07/02/2020

I had same issue as Tron below. All of a sudden monster chalazions in eyes. Doctors said they were just styes. Found info on démodex and read many papers about what works against them.

Hope this helps others:

  • One ounce tin
  • vaseline - this will cover and drown them
  • 4 drops tea tree oil
  • 4 drop lavender oil
  • Melt Vaseline add essential oils and stir well.
  • Pour into container.
  • Apply everyday and night.

With the petroleum salve with tea tree and lavender, you only need to swipe your finger and get scant amount for your lashline. You do not need to goop up! If you have applied too much wipe off with a tissue.

Make sure you use different hands, tissues, wipes for each eye you do not want to transfer the little bugs over to another eye.

Sulphur soap is helpful as demodex hate the smell BUT it will dry your face out. You can buy it on Amazon.

Additionally helpful to me was to use Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo - you can take the cap off and add additional tea tree and lavender oil. Wash your hair and face. This shampoo is for oily hair so it can be drying to hair and face.

Wash your bedding in detergent and borax in HOT water. Your pillow case wash as much as humanly possible and use HOT heat.

Buy unscented babywipes for your eyes. Amazon Basics or Costco.

Throw out your eye makeup and do not wear any until condition clears or you will make it worse.

My doctor didn't even know about these things or my ophthalmologist!

Treat for Demodex Mites
Posted by Tron (UK) on 07/01/2020

I had several bouts of chalazions and tried many remedies, tea tree seemed one of the best in soap form, if u are careful not to get it in the eye itself.

After many eyelid bumps and doctors saying it was blepharitis etc, I stumbled on an idea that it might be an over abundance of demodex folliculorum. I recalled then when they first appeared... it was after inspecting my uncle's dog who had mange on his tail.

Mange is caused by the same mite!! So long story a bit shorter.... ivermectin!! Obviously do your own research but I ordered some in a paste took the amount one would take for other diseases it is prescribed for tropical parasites....And Voila!

Gone after 2 plus years of these things....I occasionally dose myself maybe every 6 months but the little critters that apparently live on everyone's skin can proliferate given the right conditions and lead to many things including chalazions.

Replied by Frankie
(Houston, texas)

Would taking ivermectin orally help as well for Chalazions? I've had one under my eye for years now and I've never been able to get rid of it yet. Also the paste where did you buy it from? All I see is ivermectin paste for horses on Amazon. Thanks

Replied by Frankie
(Houston, Texas)

Can you reccomend which ivermectin paste you bought? Was it from Amazon? I just have access to oral ivermectin as of now. When you applied the paste did the Chalazions underneath your eye pop and drain?

Treatment Protocol

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Posted by Cf (Ca, US) on 08/06/2014

I had a large Chalazion that required a lot of effort to get it to heal naturally. It started off looking like a small sty 6 weeks ago, but eventually looked like I had a very large pea under my top eyelid. It was extremely embarrassing.

After seeing my opthalmologist and searching all over the internet for natural remedies for Chalazia, I tried many of the recommendations. Then 3 weeks ago I discovered a combination of remedies that worked wonderfully for me. As of today, the Chalazion appears to be completeley gone!!! If I press on the eyelid I do still feel a tiny bump. So, I'm going to continue with my treatment until the bump is gone.

I thought I would share the treatment that has been working for me in case there are other people who are also suffering with a particularly nasty and stubborn Chalazion.

I should admit... I had to be EXTREMELY patient with my body as it took lots of time to heal from this cyst. And my vanity was surely tested especially at the very beginning of this whole process. When I woke up each morning, my eyelid looked a little better, but after each treatment it temporarily looked a little red and swollen again. This was a very frustrating, but necessary part of the early healing process. The healing was not very noticeable on a day-to-day basis. I had to eventually stop focusing on my eye and stop looking at it several times a day in the mirror and just trust that the treatment was working. Only then did I see that it was absolutely healing. There was noticeable healing from week-to-week. I also asked a few friends and close family members to help me pray for a complete recovery. It was very comforting to know that they were supporting me during this very challenging time.

Do this at least once a day (ex: after you wake up).
For best results, do it several times per day whenever possible.

1. Wash eyelid well with a small amount of Baby Shampoo.

2. Boil tap water in a small bowl.

3. Dip one end of a small Gel Eye Compress into the bowl for a couple of minutes to allow it to heat up.

4. Gently put the heated end of the eye compress over the lid applying a little pressure or massaging motion. Keep the compress on until it starts to cool off.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until water in the bowl is no longer hot enough to heat up the compress.

5. Fill a small coffee cup half full with filtered water. Microwave to heat the water (~15-30 seconds).

6. Add Coarse Sea Salt to make the water salty and stir to dissolve and mix thoroughly.

7. Spoon a small amount of the salt water onto your hand to check the temperature. It should be very warm, but not scalding hot.

8. Spoon enough of the salt water into a Sterile Eye Cup to fill it to the brim.

9. Lean your head forward over a sink and hold the eye cup straight up to your open eye so that your eye is submerged in the very warm water. Keep your eye wide open and roll your eye all around in the water for 1 minute.

10. Dump out the remaining water from the eye cup. Rinse your eyelid gently with tap water.

11. Shake an unrefrigerated bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the 'Mother') to mix the contents thoroughly. Open the bottle, and place a clean Cotton Cosmetic Pad over the opening and tip it over gently to pour a small amount of vinegar onto the pad.

12. Wipe the affected area of the lid with the pad several times.

Now, you can continue with your morning routine: washing your face as usual, showering, etc.

If you usually wear eye makeup, you should ideally wear minimal eye makeup until your eyelid is completely healed. I've only been wearing a little eyeliner and no eyeshadow.


Repeat steps 1-12.

13. Wash your face as usual. Pat it dry with a towel.

14. Pour a small amount of Castor Oil onto your fingertips and massage it over the eyelid.

15. Take one capsule of Oil of Oregano with a glass of water.

If you usually wear moisturizer at night, you can continue with that routine. Just don't put any additional moisturizer on the affected eye.

Triphala, Turmeric

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Posted by Mtnspirit (Boulder, Co) on 09/01/2011

Over the course of the summer, my 9 yo daughter developed styes on both of her eyes. We treated them, with fair success, with Tulsi tea, an Ayurvedic tea from India known as "holy basil". Recently, though, a sty on her left eye began to grow, looked hot and inflamed, and was higher up the eyelid, toward the crease, then her previous styes. My research pointed to the develpment of a chalazion, a somewhat deeper and more difficult infection to clear.

After being informed by a friend that in her youth she was treated for a similar infection by having the inflammations lanced and drained (which resulted in some very faint scarring) while going on a round of antibiotics and using antibiotic ointments and eyedrops, I redoubled my efforts to clear up this lingering ailment. Not only was it tender and painful to the touch, it looked ugly, red, and "angry" as another friend indicated.

I am studying Ayurveda, and decided to use triphala (an ayurvedic combination of the herbs amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki known as "three fruits" used traditionally to soothe skin irritations and burning, red eyes) and turmeric (known Ayurvedically as "haridra") - a powerful and soothing combination, which would fight infection while decreasing inflammation and breaking up any underlying blockage in the pores of the eyelid and eyelashes.

All medical information online says to be patient with natural remedies of sty and chalazion outbreaks - treatment can take 2-4 weeks.

Using triphala/turmeric eye wash, we cleared up my daughter's chalazion in LESS THEN 5 days.

Here's our integrated treatment approach:

1. Hot packs, or fomentation, 3-6x per day; we averaged about 4x/day for 3 days. Read online about proper preparation of hot packs for the eyes, being mindful and careful not to prepare hot packs that are too hot. Gently clean the pores along the base of the eyelashes with the warm cloth to remove waxy buildup, and massage the eyelid gently to encourage drainage.

2. Application of neem oil (sesame oil which has been infused with a decoction of powdered neem), externally, to the eyelid. Medicated neem oil (NOT essential oil of neem) and powdered neem is available online through reputable Ayurvedic herbal distributors.

3. Eye drops prepared with triphala and turmeric, 2-3 drops 2x-3x/day.

When preparing eye wash or eye drops, you MUST thoroughly disinfect and sanitize all work surfaces and equipment (pots, spoons, droppers, measuring cups, drying racks/towels, etc).

Bring 1/2 c. distilled water to a boil, add 1/8 tsp ea: powdered triphala and turmeric, and steep 10 minutes (as if making tea).

Strain thoroughly through a fine mesh sieve lined with clean muslin or other cotton or silk cloth, and set the strained liquid aside to cool. This is your eye wash, and great care must be exercised to keep it fresh. Store in a disinfected jar in the refrigerator.

Bring eye wash to room temp, or body temp, before using in the eyes.

Apply 2-3 eyedrops to each eye, 2-3x per day.

We applied eyedrops morning and night before applying other ointments or medicated oils. My daughter reported some stinging in the infected eye, which would pass quickly.

4. Apply castor oil compress to eyelid at bedtime. Apply 1-2 drops castor oil directly to the eyes, and cover the wound with a piece of cotton secured by a bandage. Castor oil encourages the draining of the wound, helping to draw out infection. It is also traditionally and safely used directly in the eyes to sooth red, irritated eyes.

This is a more complicated protocol of healing then other posts, but will be very helpful in the treatment of chalazion, preventing the need for a physician's visit and more invasive treatments.

Peace and healing blessings!

Replied by Ugly_stye
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Hi! This sounds amazing. I had a chalazion for two weeks and used hot compress and it went away. Unfotunately there is still an ugly scar tissue (pink bump) where the chalazion used to be. No pus though. Do you know of any remedies to get rid of the scar tissue?


Replied by Becca
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have had a chalazion on my upper lid for 4 weeks. Over the last 10 days I have been diligent with hot compresses with the water mixed with Epsom salts ( 50/50) and this seemed to help bring it down a tiny bit. Yesterday I couldn't keep up with my 4-6 times per day of compresses as I had a full day back to work after the holidays. Has anyone dealing with chalazions noticed that they can look more inflamed/larger somedays and smaller, as if going away, on others? I'm really trying to avoid surgery like the plague, so any additional tips or advice to get rid of this little bugger will help tremendously! Peace and love

Replied by Michel
(Hillsboro, Oregon)

I'd be scared of putting anything in my eye not prescribed by a doctor but I also had a chalazion and I can tell you I did the compress as well and it didnt do much for me eithe. So I tried something different I've had boils in the past and tumeric is an all natural antibiotic that can get rid of many things cancer, boils and apparently chalazions. So the reason I mention boils is because a boil is a clogged pore that gets bigger and bigger well a chalazion is a clogged tear ducked thats pretty similar so I decided to try the all natural remedy to get rid of boils for my chalazion. So take one teaspoons of tumeric powder twice a day (morning and night) what I do is I put honey in my mouth to coat it and then dump the teaspoon of tumeric in my mouth and make sure u eat food first might make your stomach upset. Also drink it down with plenty of water. You can take it how ever you want I just found that this was the most tollerable way. I also washed all my pillow cases and wash my face and eye with warm water and gently massaged the lump while washing too loosen it up and help the stuffin the tear ducked break up and move into the blood stream. My eye swole up and I did nothing about it for a week until it got bigger and everyone notice and it was getting sore. Then I took action and did this and in two days it has gone down tremendiously and no one notices it anymore and its almost gone.... I hope this helps you its been extremely helpful for me and it cant hurt to try unless your allergic to tumoric but if you not than no side effects.

Replied by Samadhi
(Morehead City, Nc)

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge. I hope to apply it for my husband. I love Ayurveda!

Replied by Sahana

Can triphala reduce a lid chalazion?

Warm Compress, Baby Wash

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Posted by Faychelsea (California) on 10/03/2016

First, I would like to say sorry to all those that are struggling with a chalazion. Not only are they very concerning, but it may sometimes take a toll on your self esteem. I hope this works for you as it did for me.

I had a chalazion for about 4 months the size of a pea. Sometimes it would go down - sometimes it would get bigger... All in all it just wasn't going away like I thought it would with just warm compresses and salt water rinses.

I looked up a few home remedies I was comfortable with trying. The best thing that worked for me were these steps

1. Warm compresses 2 times a day (heated uncooked rice in clean socks, with a little bit of water for moisture. Microwave for 15-20 seconds, leave rice sock on my eye for 10-15 minutes.)

2. After warm compress I gently wash both eyes using my pinky using a baby body wash (the yellowish/orange bottle) make sure to wash with very warm water and massage throughout.

This made my chalazion go away within weeks. Along with discontinued use of smoking cigarettes and cutting down on dairy. Who knows what truly causes a chalazion, each individual is different but when you're down and out there's nothing that you won't try, so please give this a try.

Update: two months later my chalazion came back. Because I went back into my bad habits (ie: sleeping late, smoking cigarettes, and consuming large amounts of dairy) my chalazion is now the same size as it was before it completely flattened drained and went away. I am currently following the same routine as I mentioned up there ^^ but using apple cider vinegar "with mother" - and my chalazion has already came to a white head! its only been 2 days... With being a white head now i think it is on its way to draining with just another couple of weeks with warm compresses with rice sock and baby shampoo + no dairy and cigarettes.

I hope this works for anyone out there suffering from this terrible chalazion business. Stay strong and don't give up trying to rid yourself of the chalazion. Surgery should be your absolute last option.

Warm Compresses, Massaging

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Posted by Christa (West Bengal) on 07/14/2018

I am suffering from a chalazion for about a month now. It started as a stye which got healed with meds but the chalazion remained. It is inside my left lower lid. I have tried homeopathy but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. Have gone to the eye doctor but he only gave me antibiotic drops and ointment which stopped the infection but didn't reduce the chalazion.

I have been doing warm compresses with salt. The chalazion gets small after the compresses but returns to its original size within a few minutes of the compresses. I have read about sea salt compresses and just started with. Not sure if it would help! Also started applying organic hexane free castor oil on the skin outside of the chalazion and light massages.

My chalazion keeps changing shape and consistency. Sometimes it's soft and sometimes it gets a little hard. But when I massage it with castor oil it's size decreases considerably for an instant and almost becomes flat but gets back its shape soon.

Has anyone else experienced this? I need some help please.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Dear Christa, my son used to get these chalazions one after another, initially what I researched said to give him raisins and apply colloidal silver. So nutritionally something is lacking causing a deficiency and to apply assistance topically. He gets them less frequently now but says the silver stings. Last chazalion I used baking soda paste, mixed with water, it was soothing so he was able to leave it on half hour, and it acted as a poultice drawing the pus out. I only did this twice, morning and night, and there was significant improvement. For you, since you are having good results from castor oil, I would apply a thick layer to the eyelid when I went to bed, so that as you sleep you have constant action of the castor oil, as it is a very slow absorption. I have done this myself, as it helps me go to sleep, if you are using organic cold pressed hexane free it is not an issue if it goes in the eyes. Best to you

Warm Compresses, Massaging
Posted by Nap401 (Omaha, Ne) on 07/19/2013

Hello All- I have had chalazion a couple of times 8 months ago I actually had surgery to remove one on each eye. If you have had them for a while and they start to harden and form a shell over them, then it's to late for hot compress surgery is the only way. I was happy with my surgery, I have a tiny red scar but beats to big red bumps on my eyes. I currently have a chazalion on my lower left eyelid. Went to the doc to confirm and yes she said one is forming. I caught it early so warm compress has helped some but it has only been 3 days since I got my chalazion. You have to get very warm water. I warm up in microwave till nearly boiling and redip every 2 to 3 minutes for a total of 10 minutes. You are suppose to this 7-8 times a day, I know it sucks!! After you compress first thing in the morning grab some baby soap and put a dab on your finger and rub in where the chalazion is forming, repeat after your last compress at night. This will take some time but is really the only way. Trust me I looked for the fastest way possible and there is no such thing. Slow and steady wins the race. I would also suggest artificial tears to help with dryness... GOOD LUCK

Replied by Steve
(San Diego, Ca)

Re your comment about "being too late" when treating a long-term chalazion: I had one for about four months and didn't do anything about it until another occurrence started forming over the existing one. I started with ACV and compresses but the lid swelled and got MUCH worse.

I switched to castor oil and compress, and within two days the new bump was gone, and now another day later the old bump is 90% gone as well.

Castor oil will be my primary treatment if I ever get another one of these buggers.

Regards, Steve


Hi Steve, thanks for your message. How do you put the castor oil and how much do you use? many thanks

Warm Compresses, Massaging
Posted by Jennifer (Sunrise, Fl, Usa) on 06/11/2012

I have been struggling with allergic reactions to something - with what I suspect is a food allergy - the past several weeks and have been dealing with constant eye infections/irritation, and almost daily eczema flare-ups. Just a few weeks ago, when I arrived in France, I developed a chalazion over my left eye, something I've never had before. I tried applying some tea tree oil over it to no avail. Some days it would go away, some days it would come back with a vengeance. It seemed to worsen when my general allergies worsened. Like another reviewer commented below, there seems to be a connection between the two.

I looked for some remedies on Earth Clinic and the internet and saw that a lot of people recommend warm compresses and massage. I am in France at the moment and some people told me that in France, the cure is to rub the chalazion with a gold ring or gold cross. Strangely enough, the folk remedy is similar in the U. S. , to rub it with a gold wedding ring. It seemed like a strange remedy, but I decided to give it a try. Every day I would rub the area with the back of my gold ring gently. I'm not sure if it's just the massage or if it really matters if the ring is gold or not, but it works. I also applied warm tea bags over the eye several times a day.

Today, the chalazion came to a head, and I sterilized a needle and drained the chalazion myself. It relieved a lot of the pressure and now my eye looks so much better. (However, due to the obvious danger of putting a needle that close to your eye, I seriously warn against it unless you have a steady hand and - like me - you are a contact lens wearer who doesn't flinch when you touch your eye. If you have any doubts, please go to a doctor to drain it professionally. ) I've also been taking coconut oil every day which has stopped a lot of my allergic reactions.

I hope this helps someone else - best of luck, Jennifer

Replied by Erin
(Tucson, Az)

My daughter had an allergic reaction to makeup remover cloths the other day and had a lump under each eye suddenly appear. After washing her eyes with water, one completely dissapeared, and the other is now quite large and red. I agree that it is an allergic reaction, so she won't be using the cloths any more. Thank you for your imput on this site, we are trying the rubbing and warm tea bags you recommended.

Warm Compresses, Massaging
Posted by Ry (West Warwick, Ri, Usa) on 02/03/2012

I have had multiple problems with chalazions forming on my eyelids, on and off, for almost 20 yrs. There was a period of about 10 yrs, where I wasn't affected at all, but now, at 41, they have made quite a comeback. There seems to be no warning, and I've had many surgeries to remove them, from the same doctor I went to 20 yrs ago, and one thing I'd like to warn any of you about is.. Scar Tissue. Please note that, over time, and after many removal surgeries, Scar Tissue begins to form, unknowingly, on the inside of the eyelid, and, as in my case, causes problems for the surgeon to remove further chalazions! As I write this, I have another, formed about a wk ago, and from what I now realize, after yrs of warm compresses, and surgeries, and recurrences, I may not be able to have the surgery again! The ever-recurring advice of the "warm compress" and massaging, seems now to be the overall best remedy for chalazions. Even if it doesn't seem to reduce the chalazion at first, I highly recommend several attempts at this, BEFORE resorting to the surgery. Also, if anyone has any other revelations on prevention, or treatment, I am all ears for any further help in this recurring problem. Thank you,

Ryan. (rypuppy1(at)gmail.com)

If any of you are in, or anywhere near new england, I happen to know the BEST doctor in this field, at least locally, and his name is Peter Diblasio, North Providence, RI.

Replied by Chris
(Portland, Or)

Hi Ry and All, My 2 year old son had an issue with chalazions for about a year. During that year we tried most of the above remedies, including the warm compresses 5 times a day, on each eye of A 2YR OLD! We had multiple doctors tell us once he is 5 to look into surgery to have them removed. We left the last doctor visit with two perscriptions, one for an external steroid and one for an oral steroid, he left the option up to us. Up to this point they were about 85% of each of his upper eyelids and about 20% of one of his bottom eyelids. None of the remedies had helped to reduce them much they stayed about the same size although the warm teabag compresses did appear to remove some of the redness.

We met a vendor who farms bees at our Portland Farmers Market in downtown Portland, OR. He was schooling us on the nutritional benefits of bee pollen and the way he herds his bees to different types of fruits to influence the taste of the pollen, we were sold on it as a vitamin suppliment. We began giving our son 1/2 of a teaspoon twice a day and taking it ourselves as well. Within 2 weeks we had noticed our son's chalazions were 1/4 of their normal size. A month later they were gone, only the little pink spots of where they were are left on his eyelids.

It has been almost 8 months now and we still buy our pollen from the same guy and still take it as a vitamin suppliment. My son has not had any chalazions since.

I am not comfortable posting someone else's contact information online but if you are interested in trying some of the pollen to see if it helps, feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks for listening and sharing!


Replied by Chris M
(Portland, Or)

Hi All, I have received an amazing amount of inquiries regarding my post here so I put up a small web page explaining our experience with the pollen and chalazion. Please have a look and if you have any questions you are still welcome to email me!


Replied by Zalmi

Thanks for the advice re Vinegar. This is my first Chalazion and I was getting worried from internet info that it would last weeks. Tea bag compresses didn't help.

After reading your posts, I went to the larder but could only find some Japanese Rice Vinegar. So I figured, maybe .... and dabbed it on the bump, rubbing it lightly with a cotton bud. Almost instantly it opened and the yellow gunk started flowing out. After that, a little blood smear and now it's just an empty swelling. Hope it will be gone by morning.

Replied by Claudia
(Massapequa Park)

i wanted to ask how many times you applied the vingear and if you did any warm compresses before? Ive been dealing with this problem for 2 months. It's depressing. Thanks.

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