Effective Natural Remedies for Chalazion

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Josh (Kamloops, British Columbia) on 12/03/2016
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SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, I have 2 chalazions and nothing works. I don't know what to do. I have 2 chalazions, one on my upper eye lid and one on my lower eye lid, I have tried everything. I have tried camomile tea, hot compress, face steaming, apple cider vinegar, charcoal poultice, hot warm baths for 10 minutes, acne cream, eye drops, and surgery. nothing seems to be working, I am 15 years old and this really ruins my self confidence I hate going out in public or even talking to some of my best friends. Both are very large, noticeable and red, probably the size of a little chickpea plus swelling and redness which makes it look worse. I will try anything please someone help me.