Effective Natural Remedies for Chalazion

Hot Compress

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Posted by Lovelygirl36 (Georgia) on 06/24/2014
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Eye chalazions: I been having this problem for a couple of years but there not inside my eye I have them outside of my eye. I have tried hot compresses and no results I've even popped them and they come right back..

Replied by D
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FORGET HOT WATER ON A RAG!! It doesn't work! I promised myself that if I was to ever find out how to get rid of chalazions without getting them cut out I would share it with everyone because I know how much it sucks having them especially going and getting them cut out 4 times. For two years I have been looking for answers and it wasn't until I actually met someone who used to get them.

Very simple. Get a sock and put a handful of rice in it, tie it in a knot at the top and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, let it cool off and apply if on the chalazion. The heat lasts way longer than hot water on a rag.

I would do this about 4 times a day and between those times, I would massage the chalazion. I had two on my eyelid and one coming on the bottom. Because of the rice in a sock, I no longer have them and life is turning around for the better!

Hope this helps anyone.

Replied by Sharon
(North Carolina)
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I know you will think I'm totally nuts, but this thing drove me nuts. A few weeks ago my adult daughter said she saw "this white thing" on my upper left eyelash line. I must admit when there is something to pick, that's what I do, I'm sorry, but it's the truth. I used a times 10 magnifying mirror and sure enough it looked like a hard white pimple. I did scratch it out. No problems until the next day, there were several tinier ones nearby and I just went for them. 2 days later the right eye. As of today, none are seen, yes the eyelid is red and a bit tender but no more white hard bumps. When I got to them though they weren't easy to get out. They sort of had a bit of whitish "line" coming out. OK so I'm crazy, but I did get them all out, no surgeries. I did try the warm compresses though, didn't do a thing.

Hot Compress, Castor Oil

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Posted by Carol (Demoines, Iowa) on 07/21/2020
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I found that hot compresses 3× daily, along with application of castor oil (especially at night) quite helpful. I did go through a period where I took 2 T. of ACV daily, and applied it to the chalazion with a Q tip as well. This burned and caused the chalazion to crust and peel. I'm not sure if that was ultimately helpful.

In the end, I continued applying the castor oil to the chalazion and to the water line of my upper eyelid. Additionally, the action I believe most helpful, was the gentle pressure and washing of the eyelash area and upper water line (my chalazion was on the upper eyelid). I eventually tapered off the compressed after 1.5 months. I never thought it would go away. It was gone completely within 2.5 - 3 months. I prayed daily, and believed that the probiotic wash which I used to cleanse my upper eyelash area and the water line would heal the chalazion.

The ACV may have helped cleanse my system (I took 2T a day for a week, and the application to the chalazion, and getting it to crust may or may not have been helpful.) To this day, I continue the gentle eyelash and waterline cleansing. Nothing my doctor or opthamalogist prescribed or suggested helped. There are many probiotic washes on the market. Johnson's Baby Shampoo may be a viable option as well.

Best of luck to all of you struggling with this issue. It will go away when you find the solution that works for you. I persisted and researched weekly - with prayer! God bless all of you.

Replied by Missm
(New York)

I had enormous chalazions for the first time this year. They are often caused by demodex mites. Hot compresses do work, but now you must treat for mites.

Demodex mites love oily skin, face oils, face cream, eye makeup. Discard your eye makeup! You must start washing your face with tea tree oil which eliminates the mites. This is a process as it will take a month or more to eradicate them.

You will use only aloe gel as moisturizer. To a quarter size blob of aloe gel add one drop lavender essential oil or tea tree. These oils eradicate mites.

Use a sulphur soap, or PetMd Benzoyl shampoo which has sulphur, benzoyl peroxide and salycylic acid as shampoo and face wash.

Your bedding must be washed in hot water and with detergent and borax. Make sure you dry on high heat. Rotate your pillow cases everyday.

Diet! Mites love dairy. Eliminate! Ask me how I know!

if you cannot get mites under control you might try a pinch of borax in 16 ounces of water see if that helps, if not, then ivermectin might be in your future.

Hot Compress, Essential Oils

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Posted by Telle (Chicago) on 03/31/2017
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Hot Compresses for Chalazions

This works. I poured rice into a clean sock and microwaved it for 2 minutes. I wet a was rag and wrapped it around the sock and held it directly on my eye where the chalazion is for 10 minutes, twice a day. I coupled that with a tea tree oil, garlic oil, coconut oil and frankincense oil mixture, all combined on a clean q-tip. I applied that mixture directly to the chalazion and it has been reducing in size ever since I started the applications. I plan to continue this until the chalazion has completely disappeared. I will update my progress in a few weeks, hopefully shorter depending on healing time. Good luck everyone! Try something until it works.

Iodine, Neem Extract

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Posted by Carolyn (Central, Va) on 09/09/2009
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After my doc put me on an iodine pill, my chalazions went away, except for a very tiny remnant of one that wasn't noticeable to anyone but me. A few months later, after starting daily doses of neem extract (10 drops taken internally), the remaining chalazion went away, as well as most of my rosacea bumps.

Replied by Taylor
(Wilder, Vermont, Usa)

I've had a chalazion for the past year or so in both of my eyes. One stayed very small, only noticing it by the feel of the bump when I rubbed my eye. The other got very large and swollen, affecting my ability to open my eye. This only happened because it got infected, and I needed a steroid shot in the chalazion to reduce the swelling. It stayed away for a half a year, and now it's returning. I'm wetting a washcloth and placing in the microwave on one of those beanbag/rice heating pads and laying down with them over my eyes. Also, I'm going to start washing my eyes with baby shampoo mixed with water because that reduces the oil blockage without pain. My chalazions do not hurt as well.

Replied by Tricia
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My 5 yr old got one last August which we tried treating as a sty. This obviously didn't work.... Because it wasn't hurting her in anyway the docs advice was to leave it alone. If it started to hurt this would mean infection and then sonething would have to be done about it. So I decided to go with his advice. Out of the blue, on the last day of March, it just disappeared. Literally overnight. But her "eye allergy" started up within 2 days. Every year during April her eyes get mucus and itchy. We had her checked out the first year it happened and this was the diagnosis. She doesn't suffer any other form of allergy. I can't help but wonder are the two related. If the chalazion reappears I am going to try local honey to see if the pollen helps.

Manuka Honey

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Posted by Bob W. (Lake Winnipesaukee) on 08/19/2017
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I went to the DMV recently to renew my drivers licence. It was a hot summer day in the late afternoon. The DMV was packed with sweaty people waiting for their numbers to be called. My number was finally called. I stepped up to the machine to have my eyes tested. The machine was filthy with the residual sweat and oil from hundreds of people putting their faces into the machine. I looked for a tissue or some sort of alcohol wipe of some sort but there was nothing to clean off this equipment in sight. The best I could do is wipe it down with my bare hand. I pressed my face into the machine, got my test and proceeded to have my new photo taken and left. I got in the car and used a hand sanitizer to wash my hands. The next morning I woke up with two different infections, one in each eye. I had a bump under my lower left eye lid like a small round ball, which I assumed was a chalazion, and in the right eye on the lower lid itself was a sty.

I didn't want to go to the doctor knowing that all they'd do is prescribe antibiotics, which I didn't want to take if I didn't have to. I proceeded with warm compresses 4x a day. At night and in the morning I applied Active Manuka Honey (15+) directly into both eyes with a Q-tip. I knew Manuka Honey had properties to kill the MRSA virus so figured it must have natural properties in line with antibiotics. The Manuka Honey stings and causes your eyes to water quite a bit for about 3-5min but it goes away completely after that. Also, it's not the big sticky mess you'd imagine with putting honey in your eye. At night I leave the full strength Manuka in my eyes all night long. In the morning I leave it in only while eating breakfast, but combine it with the warm compress.

I've seen increadable results, the sty went away almost immediately. The chalazion takes longer to go away. It has reduced tremendously down to the size of a small buckshot bb. The initial chalazion was even distorting my vision by the pressue it was giving to the eye itself. That has reversed. I occassionally get dry eye and they are sensitive to artifical fragrances, particularly the noxious gas given off by the ubiquitous dryer sheets people use. The Manuka Honey treatment seems to have soothed my eyes and they feel well moistened and healthier.

You can purchase Manuka Honey online or at Whole Foods. The key is to find one which has a higher "UMF rating" of 15+ or higher. Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and is honey derived from bees that pollinate the manuka (tea tree) bush.

Replied by Janet

Bob W. This happened to me. I was not astute enough to realize it.

I went in to renew. Put my face in position. I could not see the screen. I repositioned my face several times. They passed me. But I have no idea what I read. I do not think anything. The tester was abrupt.

Took the drivers portion and passed. Went home and began having problems. Eyes were goopy. Strange breakouts. Feeling off for quite awhile. Eyebrow bumps.

I knew there was a problem with the viewer but did not realize it was an ongoing thing until I read your post. It all makes sense now. This eye and nasal sores, mostly inside nose keeps reoccurring. Whatever was on that thing blinded me somewhat for a short time. Who knows what I picked up.

Thanks for posting.



Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/18/2013

Does anyone have experience in using milk compresses for a chalazion?

Misdiagnosis of Chalazion

Posted by Liza (Largo, Fl) on 06/28/2016

I just wanted to caution everyone here to please get your eye examined by an ophthalmologist. I have what I thought was a chalazion as it had been previously diagnosed. After trying all the home remedies I could find I went to see a specialist. I just found out that I very likely have a malignant tumor. I am having it biopsied on Thursday. The sad thing is that this type of tumor mimics a chalazion and is often misdiagnosed. Please don't take chances with your eyes.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Josh (Kamloops, British Columbia) on 12/03/2016
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SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, I have 2 chalazions and nothing works. I don't know what to do. I have 2 chalazions, one on my upper eye lid and one on my lower eye lid, I have tried everything. I have tried camomile tea, hot compress, face steaming, apple cider vinegar, charcoal poultice, hot warm baths for 10 minutes, acne cream, eye drops, and surgery. nothing seems to be working, I am 15 years old and this really ruins my self confidence I hate going out in public or even talking to some of my best friends. Both are very large, noticeable and red, probably the size of a little chickpea plus swelling and redness which makes it look worse. I will try anything please someone help me.

Replied by Karen

I'd try organic castor oil and/or coconut oil. Good luck

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Muzaffar (Chennai) on 07/24/2016
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Hi, The Following 7 days Plan Worked out for me and cured my chalazions

-Don't use any Electronic devices like Mobile, TV, pC etc for at least 7 days.

-Have a good sleep at least 9 hours a day for 7 days

- Wash your face frequently with water. Mandatory before You sleep. For some people warm water will not work so try cool water. For me cool water works.

-Don't touch your eyes

-Each Night apply a head ache balm to head for at least 7 days. In My case Axe Oil Worked out for me.

Follow all this for at least 7 days & you will see great results!

Replied by Shenika

Thank you for your advice. May I ask why we should stay away from electronic devises?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 07/26/2015

Hi Timh and earth clinic,

I have all of the autoimmune disorders, sjogrens, lymes, etc... so I don't heal fast, but, I now have a giant pea size chalazion on my right, upper eyelid, for 2 weeks, and growing. 4 doctors later, and opthamalic antibiotics, and Tobradex, it is worse every day. They are doing the surgery on it tomorrow. I don't feel that I heal well enough to have surgery. I am desperate to find a natural remedy. If the chalazion shows improvement by tomorrow morning then I can cancel the surgery. I have tried natural stye drops by simil _ _ _ _, hot wet washcloths, ACV externally, I do take a tbsp internally 4 days/wk, tea bags, internal turmeric capsules 1daily, I dont have any jewelry so I can't rub gold on it, I have washed the lid with baby shampoo, massaged it, I tried ice, I have tried a warm hard boiled egg wrapped in a warm wet washcloth, I have put aloe on the lid, I am taking 500mg lysine, 2x/day. What can I do? it's so large that it even covers part of my eye and impairs my vision, plus the lump is so big that my eyelid skin is stretched out and sensitive and purplish. Please advise. Thank you soooooo much. Steph

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Aishah (Oakland, Ca) on 09/05/2013
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My 4 year old has regular chalazions. I notice that he is more likely to get them when he eats or drinks certain milk products. What I do now, is give him probiotics when I give him milk products. I also give him fermented cod-liver oil daily. These two combined has really helped him.

When he has an actual chalazion, I give him colodial silver and a children's echinacea for his immune system. This has helped decrease the time that the chalazion stays on his eye.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 05/18/2011
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Unfortunately, I cannot say which of the remedies I have been using (for other conditions) did the trick to heal my chalazion. The chalazion appeared on my lower left eyelid a little over 5 months ago. In those 5 months I used warm compresses, tea bags, colloidal silver drops, rue fennel wash, etc. It would decrease in size on occasion after one of the above treatments, but stayed noticeable. My PCP recommended an opthalmologist, but I didn't want to see more doctors for something that wasn't an emergency so I searched Earthclinic.

In early April 2011, I started using the Castor Oil for the chalazion, and had started ACV as a tonic for my overall health.

I believe my consumption of diluted ACV (2 teaspoons in 10 ozs, once sometimes twice a day) did the most good, but I was also taking very low doses of Potassium Iodide (300 mcg a day), and I had also started using Castor Oil in/on my eyes (at bedtime, one drop swiped on each eyelid, or one drop in the chalazion eye.

Cautionary note: The ACV I consumed also triggered or boosted my immune system, and possibly raised my body's histamine levels. I've been recovering from a bout of Contact Dermatitis (Dx as per an MD), or a bout of Urticaria/Angioedema (self-Dx'ed).

Replied by Sheila
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

One last thing to note, my chalazion is hardly discernible; no bump, but a tiny shadow on the eyelid margin, and the tissue on the interior of the lower lid is soft again with only some discoloring at a darker pink/reddish. I'm pretty pleased with my results... and no prescribed meds! Now I'm just waiting for a lash or two to grow back out at the spot.

Replied by Sheila
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

My chalazion is gone.

There is a tiny bit of a 'scar' or discoloration on my eye margin, but my eyelashes have grown back in that spot, and there is no longer a bump. There is also no longer 'structural damage' as my PCP called it on the inside of my lower lid.

To the other things I was using, I added Vit A (25000 IU) per day to my supplement regimen, and as an added boost, I used one drop of colloidal silver on the inner lining for two days before bedtime to kill off any infection. I had used colloidal silver before, for pink eye.

Replied by Yana
(Utica, Mi)

Where can I get colloidal silver? Can I get it online?

Replied by Beege
(Sonoma, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about castor oil on this site, I had to try it, as it removed warts on my fingers as a child... I bought the castor oil on Saturday, applied it once then, once Sunday, and once so far today, on a cotton pad, covered with a warm gel eyemask, and a heating pad. When I got out of the shower today, the chalazion, which was birthed in December, was 3/4 gone. Props to castor oil.

Replied by Shina
(Abilene, Tx)

What type of Castor oil did you buy? Was it an eye drop? How long did it take the chalazion to disappear? I have one for 6 months and I want to clear it. I don't want any surgery. Thanks so much.

Replied by Nina
(Boston, Ma)

I've had this chalazion on my upper left eyelid for a little more than a month. After reading your comments, I've decided to try all of these multiple remedies (castor oil, applying the ACV and drinking the teaspoons of ACV daily, washing my eye with baby shampoo and added Vitamin A to my diet). I've been doing this for about 2 days as well as continuing wih the warm compresses. I'll let you all know if my chalazion shows any improvement in about a month.

Replied by Sarah
(Ottawa, Ontario)

Nina! DO you see any improvements on your chalazion? Has it gotten any better for you? I have been suffering from chalazion for the last 2 years. I have gotten several surgeries. I will try the ACV and the castor oil and let you all know if I see any improvements also.

Replied by Bossi
(Boston, MA)

To all suffering from the Chalazion or sty on the eye. My younger brother got these frequently and my Mother would grate the skin of a green apple into a white 100% cotton kerchief or cut T-Shirt. She would put the cotton sack of green apple skin and juice on his eye. And it only took days to heal without leaving a scar. I think he sat for at least an hour with it on his eye.

Pin Prick, Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Jojo23 (Norcal) on 03/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had to deal with a massive chalazion on my left eye through most of my high school years. I got surgery and it went away and although I thought it was cured and by washing my eyelids daily it would never come back as the doctor said boy was I wrong, it came back a week later, bigger and stronger. So what I did was pop it with a safety pin and put some hydrogen peroxide on it shortly after its been years now and its never came back since.

Pressure Plasters

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Posted by Madiha (Birmingham, U.K) on 02/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Suggestion about lid cysts: I lived in Pakistan for a year when I was a child. I would often get cysts, particularly in the eye area. They were quickly cured by some type of pressure plasters. These were sticky plasters and would come in a large size with many small holes pierced inside. We were given a piece cut to size, peel off the back and place on the problem area. A couple of hours later, from the painfree pressure of the plasters, the cysts would burst and that was that. I live in England now and have had a lid cyst for over two years at least and have not come across an effective cure.


Posted by Chanda (Germany) on 04/14/2015

hi I need some suggestion for using pulsatilla 200. how should I use it I want to know the dosage how many times per day and for how long. I am asking for eye problems like styes and chalazions.

Replied by Angela

If you are using Pulsatilla 200 and have never used it before you can take 3 doses 1/2 hour or one hour between each. 1 dose can be one pill if they are large or 2 if they are small. The quantity of pills is not the issue so much as the frequency of taking the pills. Why? because homeopathic remedies don't have any amount of the original substance, it is the energy of the substance that is curative.

It may be that the right remedy for you could be another one like staphisagria. I took pulsatilla about a week ago and no change. Went to see my homeopathic dr yesterday and he suggested staphisagria 200 and it has started to seep since last night.

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