Effective Natural Remedies for Chalazion

Manuka Honey

Posted by Bob W. (Lake Winnipesaukee) on 08/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I went to the DMV recently to renew my drivers licence. It was a hot summer day in the late afternoon. The DMV was packed with sweaty people waiting for their numbers to be called. My number was finally called. I stepped up to the machine to have my eyes tested. The machine was filthy with the residual sweat and oil from hundreds of people putting their faces into the machine. I looked for a tissue or some sort of alcohol wipe of some sort but there was nothing to clean off this equipment in sight. The best I could do is wipe it down with my bare hand. I pressed my face into the machine, got my test and proceeded to have my new photo taken and left. I got in the car and used a hand sanitizer to wash my hands. The next morning I woke up with two different infections, one in each eye. I had a bump under my lower left eye lid like a small round ball, which I assumed was a chalazion, and in the right eye on the lower lid itself was a sty.

I didn't want to go to the doctor knowing that all they'd do is prescribe antibiotics, which I didn't want to take if I didn't have to. I proceeded with warm compresses 4x a day. At night and in the morning I applied Active Manuka Honey (15+) directly into both eyes with a Q-tip. I knew Manuka Honey had properties to kill the MRSA virus so figured it must have natural properties in line with antibiotics. The Manuka Honey stings and causes your eyes to water quite a bit for about 3-5min but it goes away completely after that. Also, it's not the big sticky mess you'd imagine with putting honey in your eye. At night I leave the full strength Manuka in my eyes all night long. In the morning I leave it in only while eating breakfast, but combine it with the warm compress.

I've seen increadable results, the sty went away almost immediately. The chalazion takes longer to go away. It has reduced tremendously down to the size of a small buckshot bb. The initial chalazion was even distorting my vision by the pressue it was giving to the eye itself. That has reversed. I occassionally get dry eye and they are sensitive to artifical fragrances, particularly the noxious gas given off by the ubiquitous dryer sheets people use. The Manuka Honey treatment seems to have soothed my eyes and they feel well moistened and healthier.

You can purchase Manuka Honey online or at Whole Foods. The key is to find one which has a higher "UMF rating" of 15+ or higher. Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and is honey derived from bees that pollinate the manuka (tea tree) bush.