Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies


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Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 03/07/2016


Dr. Morton Walker in his book on DMSO suggests to put a drop of DMSO into the eye with a cataract, for a period of time. I am about to try it, but wonder if anyone has had an experience with it. This would be food grade 99.999% pure and not the stuff one buys as a solvent from the hardware store.

Incidentally, the book is simply fantastic. Thank you for a response.

Replied by Dave


Please DO NOT put neat DMSO in your eye, you MUST always dilute DMSO when using internally, say to 70% with distilled or deionised water. The stuff from Dr Jacobs smells a little like petrol and leaves a taste like that in your mouth that you need to rinse away with a few small glasses or orange juice or any other fruit juice. It should ALWAYS be a little diluted, say to 70% before drinking for instance, I have drunk three double vodka glasses neat at once on several occasions and am still here, but when neat like that it has a slightly irritating and de-oiling effect on tissue, and when used neat externally, it makes skin on the arm raw looking and feeling and uncomfortable, maybe a little cream or oil with it when used on skin externally would be good.

So thinking about this, you don't want the tissue in your eye, which, like the brain, is largely oil, disrupted, this stuff is a powerful chemical, and might cause tissues in your eye to lose integrity when oil is stripped, so dilute at maximum to 70% and you will still notice a slight exothermic reaction, not enough to burn, just a slight warmth like you drank some lukewarm tea.


Using DMSO for eyes suggested only 20% strength, do not use more strength than 20%.

Replied by Donna
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Would it be ok to dilute the DMSO with saline that is used for contact lenses?


It would depend on what else is in the solution besides saline, cause whatever else those ingredients might be, are going to be shooting thru your system. Doesn't that stuff come with cleaning agents as well for the lenses? I would give that a hard pass.

Some sea salt mixed with distilled water would be better for the eyes. A naturopath I used to watch said once that even straight DMSO has been used by a patient of hers for his cataracts. He said it hurt like a mofo for a few mins, but it did heal! I say make your own saline solution, 1% strength would be fine. Dilute the DMSO to your comfort level. I only posted this so you could hear that the undiluted is not harmful, but diluted would be far better, oh, and don't use the contact lens stuff either.

Happy healing.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, TN) on 06/17/2014

HI YOU GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just got in from an appointment with my Opthamologist and he said the critter I saw in my left eye last week was not an alien, but a ruptured blood vessel. He said the difference in my left and right eye color was a cataract forming.

I then ask him about the DMSO , Vit C and Gluthathione drops I am using to clear up the cataract. He began to explain what DMSO was and it should never be put in the eye. Being an Educated Redneck , I explained that I was a Ch. E who worked for CZ in the 60's and they were the company who, via Dr. Jacobs, made DMSO and did all the research. Naturally he was offended that I would challenge his disertation.

He then told me that every procedure must have a double blind test. I then told him that Dr. Jacob's answer was that million dollar horses don't know about such things and if DMSO worked , then they ran, if not , then they didn't. Simple stuff.

He then told me that if my right eye was clear in 9 months then he'd pay attention.

Mighty white of him. Told my wife that all the med schools needed to have a class on God, soes they understand that they are not he.


Replied by Freda
(Utah, US)

What has happened since then??? Please tell, it's been 9 months.

Replied by Jorge
(Los Angeles)

Yes, what happened? Did the right eye clear up? I would really like to find something that helps to dissolve those proteins rather than go under the knife.

There is a nature article that says that a steroids based eye drop has been shown to work but of course is still in animal trials but I happen to have cataracts NOW.

Has anyone had any success with ANYTHING? I've also read about the DMSO drops and MSM drops. I've been using the Life Extension Brite Eyes III drops for months but have seen zero change.

Anyone got anything new that actually works?


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jorge, read up on applying Castor Oil.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Jorge (Los Angeles) ---

Cold pressed castor oil daily five times a week before bed has helped a lady here on EC. However it took three years and all was clear. Operations carry their own risk. I nearly lost a good eye due to a clumsy surgeon.

Raw unheated honey dissolves in the eye and removes diseases. I would use natural homeopathic eye drops as well.

Namaste, Om

DMSO, Glutathione Drops

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Posted by Bev (Fl) on 09/25/2015

You can make your own cataract/macular degeneration eye drops: My eye surgeon (God) would not give me an Rx for these eye drops--he thought it was homeopathic nonsense. However, you can make your own.

  • 1/2 oz. 99.99% DMSO
  • 1/2 oz. distilled water
  • 2-3 pinches finely ground glutathione powder. Some people use MSM instead of DMSO.

Boil the glass dropper and the bottle to sterilize.

These don't sting my eyes, but they may sting yours.

I had cataract surgery on one eye and this formula clouded that lens: DMSO is a solvent. I wish I'd never had the surgery but allowed my son to talk me into it.

You can also make your own liposomal glutathione. One doctor is reversing macular degeneration with glutathione injections but the liposome form is even more powerful. You can buy all the equipment you need for less than the cost of one Dr.'s appointment.

If you want to make your own liposomes, you'll find plenty of YouTube videos showing you how. I use sunflower lecithin instead of the soy the videos use. Also, you need to process glutathione for about 30 minutes as it takes longer to encapsulate than vitamin C.

Replied by Jill
(London, U.k.)

Bev, Do you mean that the formula damaged your lens implant, thus clouding it more?

Replied by Bev S.

That's exactly what I mean. I only used the drops in the eye that did not have the cataract surgery. The problem is that DMSO is a solvent and easily traveled to the eye with the lens.

(Atlanta GA)

Thanks so much, Bev!

I had been reluctant to treat my unoperated eye, being leery of the consequences to the lens implant in the other! 🙏

Replied by Mary

Bev: Have you seen the eye doctor about your clouded eye lens? I saw a study that said the lens can be clouded by calcium buildup.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C

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Posted by Robin (Michigan, USA) on 09/28/2014

I have used the Rx (1.25% ascorbic acid, 1.25% glutathione, 6.25% DMSO) for about six months ... started with one drop in each eye twice a day ... now doing one drop in each eye every other day. Have not gone for eye exam for objective opinion on reduction of low-level cataracts but I have noticed much clearer vision and better vision in lower levels of light. Previously had to have very bright light levels to see clearly close up. So, it appears to be working effectively for me. Hope this helps give some perspective to this treatment.

Replied by J.

Where do you get the dmso/glutathione./vit. eye drops? I have searched online, but you need a prescription and my eye Dr. does not believe in them. Thanks.

Bev S.
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

Dr Robert Rowen, editor of Second Opinion, developed a formula to be used three times daily which can be made by pharmacies with the following ingredients: (Make it yourself. The pharmacy will charge you about $100.)

DMSO - 6.25 percent (Get the Blue glass bottle on Amazon $19.95)
Vitamin C - 1.25 percent
Glutathione - 1.25 percent

Famed herbalist Dr. John Christopher also reported treating cataracts successfully with his herbal eyebright eye drops formula. Some suggest that a combination of the DMSO formula and eyebright might be the best eye drop treatment option of all.

Replied by Bev

You can make your own eye drops. First, your doctor will pooh-pooh the idea (as mine did) and a compounding pharmacy will charge you about $100. Buy the very pure DMSO in the blue glass bottle for $19.95 on Amazon and pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that you can also get from Amazon. You can also get Bulk Supplements' glutathione from Amazon.

Warning: Do not use this formula if you've had cataract surgery--even in just one eye. The DMSO ( a solvent) will blur the plastic lens in the eye. I know because it happened to me.

Glutathione is poorly absorbed when taken orally. I make a my own (absorbable) liposomal combo containing equal amounts of vitamin C and glutathione. This helps macular degeneration.

Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any improvement in my cataract using coconut water drops.

P.S. DMSO has a hundred uses so do a little research. It will be money well spent.

Replied by Shyam
(Palo Alto, CA)

I'm planning to use it on the right eye of my grandmother, (she had cataract surgery on the LEFT 5 years ago) but right now I want to try this before doing surgery. So what you're saying is I shouldn't use it on the LEFT as it has IOL but fine to try on right?


Shyam....please DO NOT use any preparation containing DMSO on someone who has already had cataract surgery. The DMSO is a solvent, and will damage the lens. DMSO travels through the body, and can even cross through cell walls, so even if you place DMSO product in an eye that doesn't have an artificial WILL travel through the body and affect the eye that has had surgery.

Replied by havad
(chiapas, mexico)

How is this recipe made? percentage compared to what? No dilution? Can't be.

Holly H.

I made my own drops using distilled water as the base. Using these and store bought NAC drops plus supplements. Hopefully this will help.

Replied by havad
(chiapas, mex)

I'm not understanding the recipe...Help? thanks...I have dry eyes

Replied by Estee

I have used this formula for a month twice daily 3 times a year because it was quite expensive at the only pharmacy I ever heard of that compounded it. Then they raised their prices. Now they no longer make it. My eye doctor told me my cataracts are not continuing to grow and I can now drive without glasses. Now I am worried I shall not ever find anyone to compound it. My brother has his compounded locally in Canada. I live in the US and it used to be FEDEXed from a Colorado Pharmacy but no more.

M in M

You might google “compounding pharmacies in US”….some good info there.


It used to be that 'Nora Apothecary Pharmacy' on E 86th st in Nora--which is just north of indianapolis in indiana-- did compounding. They appear to still be open. Hope I'm allowed to give the name of this place--i had some homeopathic medicines done there yrs ago and all went well with them. Good luck

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Ron (Platteville, Colorado Usa) on 07/29/2011

Get rid of cataracts without surgery.

Just have the eye doctor call the nearest compounding pharmacy and ask for the following formulation. DMSO 6.25% Glutathione 1.25% Vitamin C 1.25%.

The drops sting a bit, but the stinging passes after about 30 seconds.

The lenses of our eyes respond to high blood sugar levels by helping to remove some of the excess. Unfortunately , the lenses have nowhere to store this access sugar, so over time, it literally " condenses" into cataracts. In other words you could be suffering from sugar-insulin metabolism. So try the eyedrops as a preventative and as a cure. It works for most but not all.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U RON, , , , my cataracts have been coming on for a few years and now are starting to effect my sight. My ophthalmologist told me to call the shot when he puts in a new lens. Recently I came across your eye drop formula via a medical subscription letter and will pick that up this week from a compounding pharmacy. Your post is now several years old, so I would appreciate your feedback from your use of these drops.

As all know, I am SJS, and should have been taking a supplement to help prevent this from happening at all. I will be smart in the next life if I don't come back as a goat. Tests have shown that your aging eye gets depleted of Glutathione and that is the main substance in the eye drop formula that you recommend. My wife's anti- aging doctor put her on NAC supplement because she was low on Glutathione and NAC is the precussor. I now do compounded Gluthathione via a nebulizer, but that's too late for my eyes.

All I read from the natural folks is that it's the free radicals which get you as you age and your natural anti-oxidant , Glutathione, goes down. You can build that back with the NAC supplement , or expensive I.V.'s or inhaling the compound via a nebulizer. I am now convinced that Glutathione is a big deal for folks as they age. Thank you or others, who can shed some light on the topic of Glutathione eye drops to cure cataracts.

====OLE ROBERT HENRY=========

Replied by Eva
(St. Louis)


DMSO (used often with horses: penetrates through the skin if used topically and carries into yr body whatever is mixed with it; an anti-inflammatory), vitamin C and Glutathione is called Dr. Rowen drops. There is a pharmacy that compounds it. Expensive. Did not help me.

Replied by Henry
(Pittsford, Ny)

The latest addition to the DMSO formula is 2000 Vitamin A this was from a local pharmacy


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Posted by Frank (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 05/24/2021

Cataracts & EDTA.

I saw a study that indicated that EDTA might help cure cataracts. This is my experience.

I had an appointment with an eye doctor in November 2019. He indicated I was starting to develop cataracts. I had heard somewhere that EDTA might be a cure. So, I did some investigation on making eye drops using EDTA. I found out that EDTA needed a pH of 8 in order to dissolve. I thought of creating my own pH solution to dissolve the EDTA but decided to check out eye drops to see if any of them had a pH of 8.

I found that 'Systane Ultra' eye drops had a pH of 8. The 'Systane Ultra' dropper bottle was 10 ml. I opened one 600 mg gel capsule of EDTA and dumped the total contents of the capsule into the 10 ml dropper bottle of 'Systane Ultra' eye drops. The EDTA completely dissolved in it with no problem.

So, I used these drops every day and sometimes several times a day. My next appointment was supposed to be in November 2020 but because of covid it was rescheduled to April 20,2021.

The doctor reexamined my eye and found no improvement in the cataract. So, I just wanted to report this to save other people the trouble of doing this experiment again. EDTA for cataracts is also mentioned in the following link:

For what it's worth.


Replied by ORH

FRANK, ORH here, and I have had over 120 EDTA chelations in the last 14 years to clean out my blood vessels and heavy metals. I am also aware that some have no longer needed glasses when good blood flow got to their eyes. I have never heard of EDTA reversing cataracts. I have used a DMSO protocol for that, but the FDA got involved and took my supplier's license. That put me on a guilt trip.

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I wish you would write a book about your musings on life and health and the farm and the tractor driver, football player, and other people with whom you interact. I LOVE your posts. I have nothing in particular to say — only that when I see your initials I read each post thoroughly! Thank you.


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Replied by MICHELE

EDTA needs MSM to drive it in to be effective - here is one PUBMED STUDY:

Enzyme Therapy

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Posted by Bev S. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/25/2017

Digestive enzymes therapy has also been used successfully to treat cataracts by improving blood circulation in the eyes and helping rid the eyes of debris. Suggested enzymes are:

Superoxide dismutase
Trypsin with chymotripsin
Microbial protease

Eye Drops, Lutein

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Posted by Royalbounty (New Mexico) on 03/31/2017

I've been "seeing" very positive results in only 3 weeks using drop that contain active Ingredients: Glycerin 1.0% Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 0.03%Inactive Ingredients: Boric acid, citric acid, N-acetyl-carnosine, potassium bicarbonate, purified benzyl alcohol, and sterile water. 1 drop in each eye every evening.

and 20mg Lutein once daily. Previously I was experiencing cloudy vision and "tired" eyes and was told upon eye examination that I had cataracts. Eyes are no longer tired and I'm reading the bottom line on TV news banners easily from a distance where I couldn't before.

Replied by Eileen
(Brazil~ Sao Paulo)

My mom has severe catsrata and GLAUCOMA. How could I aquire the eye drop you are using? If made ~what are the exact measures? I am desperate.

Replied by Sandy
(Naperville Il)

Hi, did you make your own eye drops using all those ingredients you have mention? Please help and explain

Replied by Aurora

Where do I get this eye drop please? My husband has cataracts and is on a waiting list for surgery :(

Replied by Nonny

To Aurora (Victoria), Sandy (Naperville) and Eileen (Brazil) - If you Google the ingredients from Royalbounty's post (just cut and paste it in Google's search box), you will find the product. I did and it came up with Life Extension's Brite Eyes III. Hope that helps!


Hi I just ordered the life extension eyedrops. How long did it take to see the cataracts improve? I am sure the blue light from all the devices has accelerated this. thanks in advance Lanette

Replied by Ruby
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hi there! Just curious how your eyes are doing long term? I've been experiencing cloudy vision, blurry vision that comes and goes, and glittery vision sometimes.

Replied by Alex
(Thessaloniki - Greece)

N-acetyl-carnosine is not an inactive ingredient for cataract, as you mentioned.

Flaxseed Oil

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Posted by T.r. Stone (Omaha, Ne) on 05/28/2016

Food for thought: I talked to a fellow who worked at a local health-food store, and told him my woeful tale about using Castor oil for my cataract. He shook his head, and said he had several customers tell him that FLAXSEED OIL was the ticket, not the Castor oil. I researched it on the Internet, but could only find a very few sparse references to using flaxseed oil for cataracts--and most of that was on dogs.

Me, I'm not gonna try it. If one of you brave souls want to give it a spin, look into it. If you try flaxseed oil, tell us how/if it works for you.....


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Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Virginia) on 07/31/2014

Has anyone found glutathione helpful for diminishing cataracts? If so, what daily dosage taken and length of time for results, etc.? Thanks.

Posted by Mary (New York, Ny) on 04/04/2014

Glutathione is found in very high concentrations in the lens of the eye and plays a vital role in keeping the lens healthy. Specifically, glutathione functions as an antioxidant, maintains the structure of the lens proteins, acts in various enzyme systems, and participates in amino acid and mineral transport. Glutathione levels are diminished in virtually all forms of cataracts. To raise glutathione levels, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables containing the most glutathione per serving include asparagus, peppers, carrots, onion, broccoli, avocados, squash, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, peaches bananas and melon. The glutathione content in these foods is substantially higher than in their cooked counterparts. Dr. Murray has found that not only can the progression of cataract formation be stopped, but it can even be reversed in the early stages. However, significant reversal of well-developed cataracts does not appear possible at this time. In cases of marked vision impairment, cataract removal and lens implant may be the only alternative. As with most diseases, prevention or treatment at an early stage is most effective. Here is the website with the information


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Posted by Laureen Raftopulos (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 12/17/2007

Glyconutrients were given to my mother on 15-dec-2007 for Cataracts and Glaucoma. My mom is blind in on eye and has 40% vision in the other eye. It has not yet been 2 weeks and already she can read without her glasses on. My mom is 82 and Glaucoma would've lead to blindness. We are thrilled with the results.

Replied by Hasan
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Under the topic of Cataracts on 12/17/2007, a Laureen Raftopulos from Johannesburg, South Africa wrote that her mother was given GLYCONUTRIENTS that cured her cataracts within a week. I would appreciate if you could obtain the exact types glyconutrients (brand name, manufacturer, chemical composition & the dosage involved) or otherwise provide me Laureens email to contact her for the details. Thanks & Regards Hasan

Replied by Jaya
(Detroit, Michigan, Usa)

I would appreciate it if you could obtain the exact types glyconutrients (brand name, manufacturer, chemical composition & the dosage involved) or otherwise provide me Laureens email to contact her for the details. Thank you! Wishing you best of health. Regards Jaya.

Replied by Linda
(Mount Clemens, Michigan, Usa)

I am also interested in exactly what glyconutrients Laureen mother was given and in what quantities or dosage.

I would appreciate it if you would pass this e-mail along to Laureen and give her my e-mail so she can contact me directly with the information please.

I have cataracts and am looking at surgery if I don't find another alternative!

Thank you and wishing you all the best in 2010!

Linda H

EC: Please type "glyconutrients" into a search engine and you will see the word "SCAM" appear repeatedly. We used to have a page on glyconutrients (with mostly negative reviews) but ended up deleting it last year after receiving an email from the legal department of a certain glyconutrient company!

Another thing to note is the date of the original poster's email - 12/2007. We received a few posts on glyconutrients between 2007 - 2009, but they all stopped after February 2009, when a maker of glyconutrients agreed to pay $6 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the Texas attorney general. The state alleged that the  company made false claims about its health benefits and marketed products as cures and treatments for diseases.


Replied by Erin

Thank you so much, Earth Clinic, for the study and answer to why we can stop looking for that. I don't make a move without you!!!

Replied by Thomas

What is glyconutrient and where can find it?

Replied by D
(San diego)

Which brand did you use? My mother is blind is almost blind in both eyes. Please help and give suggestions if effective.

Replied by D
(San diego)

Which brand did you use? My mother is blind is almost blind in both eyes. Please help and give suggestions if effective.

Honey Jatai

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Posted by Marilda (Porto Alegre, Brazil) on 05/12/2016

Here in Brazil we have a kind of honey named "Mel de Jataí" that folk people believe to cure cataract. I have been using it in my eyes and feel a great improvement. It is necessary to use one drop a day in each eye for two months and the cataract will vanish. I was diagnosed with cataract a few months ago. You may research for a correspondent honey in English. I think it is worth trying.

EC: Here's an excerpt on Honey Jatai from Brazil that we found online.

..."The honey of jataí bees is sought after for its medicinal properties and immunological, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, expectorant, desensitizing and antibacterial effects. It is also effective for swollen eyes and treatment of cataracts."


Replied by Carolyn
(San Bernardino, California)

So how does one go about purchasing this honey please?

Replied by Lynne
(Lexington, Ky)

Can you tell me where I could purchase jatai honey please.

Replied by Emily
(Los Angeles, Ca)

How were the results?

Replied by JD
(Phoenix, AZ)

Thank you for sharing this, Marilda. I am currently researching on the cataracts since both my parents were diagnosed with cataracts. This is good start for me and my parents. I wish you a best of luck :)


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Posted by Fil (Portugal) on 04/16/2016


Lemon juice or a dozen lemon drops (+/-) in a little water (boiled and cooled to room temperature) and wash your open eyes with it. As your eyes get better it will sting less and less. Sometime in the beginning of last century there was a doctor who dissected both normal and cataractic eyes. The striking difference he found was the lack of vitamin C in the middle of the cataractic eyes. This you can do forever.

Castor oil also works as it has a lot of omega oils. But you need to make sure it comes from a reputable source. That means that it probable brings a certificate of analysis with it. The reason being that some of the producers may not have the means/habit of being thorough about its purity. If you can get it from a chemists that is ideal.

The ideal is probably, much later on after recovery, and only every so often to put a few castor oil drops before bedtime.

What I found is that the reversal has to be maintained and every case is different. So you need to pay attention to your individual needs.

To be safe you do not put anything in your eyes that you would not eat/drink. (the inverse is not true! :D)

Serrapeptase is really good. Make sure you are not (at the same time) taking meds to thin the blood.

You should also eat raw leaf greens + 1 carrot (medium size - there are daily limits - this is safe) + green apple. And whatever other raw (organic preferably) veg or fruit you wish. You can either do a smoothie or juice it.

Another important thing is to do eye exercises (never force). You will find useful ones on youtube.

Posted by Raphael (Bangkok) on 08/09/2013

For cataracts, try taking fresh lemon and pt 1 drop on each eye. Its burns, you'll cry a bit but it will help to clean the eye and keep it healthy. You can do the same with wild honey!! It works even for colds -- some honey in the eye will dry your nose!!

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