Natural Remedies to Treat Cataracts

Rue Tea

Posted by Barbara (North Haven, Ct., USA) on 12/01/2011

I have heard that a cup of Rue Tea once a day has had positive effects on Cataracts. Has anyone used or heard if this is true?


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Posted by Waysays (Mytown, Ca) on 05/12/2013
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I use fresh mid-stream urine in my eyes, and it is supposedly very healing for all eye issues, including cataracts, styes, and vision. Just what I would do. It has been done for thousands of years. I never have to use my reading glasses anymore! --Waysays

Replied by Wayout
(Central, Ca)

Recall the name M-urine? Also, lutein, found in yellow and orange fruits, and dark green, leafy vegetables is very eye protective and healing toward cataracts. --WayOut

Replied by Anthony
(Edmonton, Allberta)

This is a very amusing method for eye problems. Do you keep your eyes open and aim? Don't you naturally close your eyes when you do that?

Replied by Greta
(Kamloops, Bc Canada)

But what if your urine is not clean? How do you know if it is good or not? How many times a day?

Replied by Festus
(Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria)

How do I apply urine to the eyes to cure cataract and how often?

Replied by Otite
(Ojo Lagos)

How can u use urine to treat cataract, mine generated when I was small through misuse. Please explain properly how to use the urine and which urine is used for the treatment. I so much appreciate your effort.

Replied by Benta
(Kisumu City)

What is mid-stream urine and how many drops of urine do you need in your eyes and for how long in order to cure cataracts without going for surgery

Replied by Genie

How many drops daily?

Replied by Marcus

Does this really work, I don't see anyone else who has tried it, but I do see 55 loves?

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Marcus, lots of information out there for benefits of urine therapy, in fact I just read that babies operated on in the womb don't have scars because of the healing power of the amniotic fluid, consisting mostly of urine! Gives me an idea..

Lots of info here

Replied by Sharon
(Lebanon, Tennessee)

Was wondering if urine could help cure my eye floaters. How many drops per day and how often should I do the drops? Also about how long will it take to work? Days? Weeks? Months? Thanks so much


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Posted by Judy (Beausejour, Manitoba) on 09/28/2015
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I have cataracts from dental xrays. The machine wasnt working properly, so she ramped it up and hit me again. Ive been doing many things, diet, drops, etc. and had stopped the progression. Recently, a dentist claimed he HAD to xray my teeth. I fought it, but finally gave in. Immediately, my vision began to fail in both eyes, but the dentist got to make his $200 for xrays. I made some special drops that seem to have stopped the progression in the left eye, but the right is probably classified as blind. Will keep working on it and keep everyone posted.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello, Judy ( Beausejour, Manitoba) ---

Sorry to hear of your injury to your eyes. Some time ago a lady from Vanc. Island posted that she used cold pressed castor oil on her cataracts five times a week for three years and she was free of them. Castor oil is so good for the eyes in my experience and regrows lashes, too.

Maybe this is a consolation for you. As for the dentist ... that's why I don't see them.

All the best, Namaste, Om

Replied by Sandy

Hello Om

I tried castor oil for few days and some home made solution with white onion juice lemon juice etc. but my cataract has become worse. Now also with great difficulty I am able to type this message. I had several visits to dentist few years ago. recently one of my tooth in lower jaw became loose and dentist told me to remove it. I searchd and search on net how to save my teeth. Last year I went to India and saw a simple dentist and asked him if he can fix my teeth. He pressed my teeth hard, push it down (which was projecting very much up) and put some solution to bind it. When I returned to USA and started driving again, I realised that I am not able to see clearly. Is there no option than to go for surgery? Please help me

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