Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV

Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/01/2023

Has anyone used microcurrent therapy (specially frequency specific microcurrent) to help dissolve the cataracts?

i found Dt. Edward Kondrot while searching for natural remedies for cataracts and he has a program to reverse cataracts and uses microcurrent as one of the remedies, but he is extremely expensive.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used this therapy successfully for cataracts.

Or has anyone used Apple cider vinegar topically to reverse cataracts?

I have read about diluted ACV used as an eyewash but I am too scared to try it. Instead was wondering if we could soak the diluted ACV on a cotton pad and place it over the closed eyelids for a few minutes and get the benefit?

if anyone has tried ACV to dissolve cataracts please respond.

Or what else did you try that helped with reversing cataracts naturally?

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Island Girl, Castor oil is working for me so far, thank G-d. I just apply a drop on each eyelash line (with closed eyes) before bed. It seeps in all night, I guess. So far the doctor's dire predictions about the cataracts have not materialized.

Replied by Island Girl
(Gc, Ci)

Thank you, mmsg. May I ask you how long you have been applying castor oil on your eyelids for? And how long it took for you to notice any difference? Do you do anything else in addition to castor oil? What grade was/is your cataracts? Do you see hallows around headlights and street lights after dark?

(somewhere, europe)

Island Girl, I don't remember how many years ago I started, maybe 3-4. They had told me that I was a 3 or thereabouts and in about 6 years would need cataract operations. Well, I was recently checked and they said it's about 2 or 3....So it seems to be working for me. Again, I don't drop it into my eyes, just extend some on my eyelash line with eyes closed, before sleep. And then again, not every single day.

Replied by Linda

Hi, I'm not sure I have cataracts but I do get floaters and feel like there's a film on my eyes esp when I notice chemtrails are heavy and I'm outside. So I rinse my eyes out with a shot glass of purified water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and 3 drops of 10 ppm colloidal silver and I have immediate results. Even floaters go away when I use it several times in one day.I keep solution from shot glass and reuse it to wash eyes throughout the day. I also will occasionally use Dr. Schulzes eyebright tincture which also helps clear my eyes. It has cayenne pepper in it so I only use 3- drops in shot glass with distilled water and nothing else and reuse it same day with left over solution. I'm 67 and don't wear glasses except readers (150). I also have an Iteracare wand that's high frequency scalar wave light therapy. I just got it so I've only used it a couple of times.I heard it heals eyes but if you have any implants from cataract surgery you can't use it on eyes . In fact you can't use it anywhere on body that has metal including crowns and dental implants in the mouth. Hope this helps.

Island Girl
(Gc, Ci)

Hi Linda, thank you for your response. Which brand of colloidal silver do you use? I use 2-3 drops of Dr. Christopher's eye wash few times a week. It also has cayenne, but much less than Dr. Schulzes. Is it ok to use the left over eye wash the same day again? Where do you store the leftover eye wash? I discard it each time for each eye. Sometime I do just once a day, sometimes twice a day, so that's about 4 eye cups of water being discarded.

Replied by Famcoll

I use a frequency specific microcurrent machine for many things, but had no idea there was a setting for elimination of cataracts. I find the machine excellent for controlling pain, both nerve and muscular. I'm going to ask the healthcare provider (who supplied the machine to me) about a cataract setting. It's my understanding that each machine can hold 99 programs. There are several duplicates on mine, so perhaps I can switch one out. If I learn anything more, I will post it. Thanks for bringing the cataract issue to my attention.

Replied by 'mur'

Just wondering what the microcurrent therapy machine costs and where to buy.

thank you muriel


I paid $1600 and got it via a functional medicine doc over a year ago. However, FSM machines are used regularly now in places like the Cleveland Clinic for pain management. If you are dealing with chronic pain or osteoarthritis and you get to a medical doctor (one both knowledgeable and sympathetic) they can prescribe these machines to you, in which case the cost may be covered by insurance in whole or part. At least, that's my understanding of the situation. The brand I purchased is called MEND Technology. My doc told me it is smaller and easier to use than the original version. They are used not only for pain but for a variety of other things (anxiety, depression, etc), but no main stream doc will prescribe for those non-pain issues. Main stream medicine admits FSM therapy works for pain and that's it. Of course, if your doc loads it for everything, then you have a complete toolbox!

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 05/04/2017 13 posts

I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of a cataract. Of course, the only solution offered at my doctor's office was to, "wait until I needed surgery." Not an option!

The Internet is full of advice, but can be overwhelming. So here's what I've found, so far, and I'll try to keep it brief:

1. Invest in a good quality multi-vitamin. I use a tab without Iron. It will give you base for adding other vitamins and supplements.

2. Purchase a good quality supplement that contains bilberry, gingko, lutein, and eyebright.

3. Glutathione is important in maintaining good eye health...especially as we age. BUT, I just learned today, that it isn't as well absorbed in pill form. Going forward, I will use the spray (sub-lingual).

4. Hyaluronic Acid is important.

5. Extra B5 and Vitamin C is important.

6. Check with your Naturopath as to upper limits and interactions/side effects before you start any supplement regimen.

7. Add rich colored organic fruits, vegetables and juices to your daily diet. I drink a lot of beet and carrot juice and citrus. Have spinach/kale with garlic at least once a week. I also double filter my drinking water. I suppose steam distilled water is best, but I will not buy it at the store in plastic containers. Need to investigate a DIY system.

8. There are a lot of eye exercises that will strengthen your vision. I found a site recently and spoke with one of the business owners. They are one of very few naturopathic optometrists in the U.S. (trust me, I've been looking for weeks): I've already tried the eye exercises and am getting great results.

9. I do a lot of computer work and recently discovered that there is a direct correlation between tightened neck/shoulder muscles and the eyes. Also, with dental work and the eyes. Ask your dentist to limit x-rays, or cover your eyes with another lead blanket. Limit the time that you lie flat in the chair or, during a lengthy procedure, ask if you can sit up or walk around. I developed eye flashes and, later, dark floaters, after a 2 hour procedure at my endodontist's office.

10. Use UV sunglasses. Also, take your glasses off when you can to let your eyes do some of the work and get exercise. Do relaxation and eye exercises before bedtime along with warm and cold compresses and de-stress!

Replied by Sandy

how do you use all the above items listed in your mesage. Please help

Replied by Island Girl
(Gc, Ci)

Hi Lilli, would love to hear an update from you about your cataracts.

Also, if the remedies have helped you to dissolve the cataracts or to stop their progression, can you please let me know the brand names of products that worked for you

N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Yohanan (Israel) on 10/10/2013

Cataracts can now be easily removed without surgery using drops. These drops use a chelation process to remove cataracts, which are advanced glycation end products, from the lens.The drops contain N-Acetyl L-Carnosine and colloidal silver and can be found on the internet. A crust will form outside the eye as the cataracts are removed.

Replied by Prioris

Due to the expense of Can-C, I plan on making my own eye drops with Acetyl-L-Carnosine powder. I will use 100 mg of ALC powder in 5 ml of distilled water to make 2% solution. Is there anything else I need to know?

Replied by Yohanan

Your ingredient proportions are incorrect - see cataract articles on Out of the Box Remedies dot net for more information. The Cataract Terminator is much cheaper than CAN-C, and at least twice as effective. It can be ordered cheaply from the Out of the Box Remedies dot COM website. Also, the N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine will cost you a minimum of $300 for 100 mg!


But I can't find it to purchase anywhere?

(United States)
10 posts

I tried my best to find that product on out of the box which was suggested and I could never find them. The search bar would not find the product for me. I don't know where else to order this could you please tell me? Maybe the product is no longer available on that site.

EC: Please note that and .net websites no longer exist. You can view the old website and products he used to offer at and click on one of the snapshots for 2012 or 2013 to get ideas.

10 posts

I was very hopeful that this product from Out Of The Box was available but found very quickly that it is not! They wrote me back and said they don't have that product. I was pretty upset about that.

Replied by Prioris

The price helps make the cure economically accessible to way more people. If people still can't afford it even at that price then they can make it themselves.

I don't think I have cataracts yet but I'd rather be proactive. Plus it seems to cure a broad spectrum of eye problems and could produce crystal clear vision over time.

Replied by Mike
(Denver, Colorado)

N-acetyl-l-carnosine can be purchased on amazon for hardly anything. Can you just mix the nac with water to make your own home made solution?

Replied by Prioris

I found an online place where one can buy 10 grams of N-acetyl-l-carnosine powder for around $40. Did not find it on amazon.

1 ml of water equals 1 gram. To make 2 percent solution one for 100 mg in water, there would need to be 2 mg of substance added to the water.

Technically, one would need to adjust density of water to account for colloidal solution so one could eye ball it. I don't think it would need to be exact.

I don't have any financial interest in the product but I do think that the cataract terminator is still a good price for people who don't want to muck with the do it yourself stuff so many will prefer the already made solution. One may also need to buy a machine to make the colloidal silver. Also something to measure small amounts and the bottle. Given the varying economic, time and other situations of people, the more options one has the better.

Replied by Mike
(Denver, Colorado)

Prioris: The company that sells the 1 gram of nac for $40 is reputable. The cost is 6 times less than the eye drops. People could put some in a tsp. of water and let that dissolve through the gums to dissolve glycation and ages in the organs and tissues of the body bypassing the digestive system. The digestion may denature the nac. I am not sure but to be sure they can let the nac dissolve through the gums.

Replied by Dev


Where can I find an online company to purchase a small amount of NAC to make ny own eyedrops for cataracts? Thanks, Dev


That's actually the wrong product. We need N-Acetyl L-Carnosine, not Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Replied by Vlc

NAC is quite acidic so you'll need to add something like Potassium Bicarbonate to neutralise the acid.

Replied by Colleen

I thought it was n-Acetyl - l- carnoSine.

Replied by Sandra
(Lubbock, Texas)

not 1 gram for $40.00 it's 10 grams for $40.00 this is Feb.3 2018 and today I received my ALC from Amazon seller Bulk supplements I think it was $33.00 for 10 grams which would make a lot of eye drops. I didn't have any colloidal silver so I just used saline solution like for contact lenses. It really is soothing to the eyes. I used 1/4 tsp. Alc to an ounce of saline.

Replied by Emily
(Los Angeles, Ca)

The Tahoma Dispensary in Washington state!1/Can-CTM+Eye+Drops+2+x+5+ml

Replied by Sandy

tried to order on out of the box dot com but not able to understand the currency and how to pay.

Peperomia Pellucida

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Posted by Jean Marc (Miami, Fl) on 10/19/2009

In the phillipine this plant have several names: Ulasimang Bato | Pansit-Pansitan (Peperomia pellucida) -

It is effective in fighting cataracts, arthritis and gout. The leaves can be eaten fresh (about a cupful) as salad or like tea. For the decoction, boil a cup of clean chopped leaves in 2 cups of water. Boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain, let cool and drink a cup after meals (3 times day).

Peperomia Pellucida
Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/20/2008

A nun in Malaysia discovered that Peperomia pellucida is a cure for cataract by chance. Her family have been using this plant for all kinds of eye diseases for over a hundred years. She takes this plant for her eyes when she has cataract as this is a great plant for eyes disease.

Two weeks later she felt that her eyes were painful, she immediately rub her eyes and to her surprise the thin films covering her eyes were on her finger and her vision is clear once again.A fter this incident she recommanded this plant to lots of cataract patients and all of them also managed to get rid of their cataract without any operation.This plant is a very useful medicine and may be taken raw or cooked.

This plant is also useful for presbyopia, glaucoma, Astigmatism, all other eye diseases, Cancer and many other diseases. In vietnam this plant is eaten raw as a salad.

Pics of
Peperomia pellucida

Replied by Evelyn
(Philadelphia, PA)


Replied by Steffi
(Mumbai, India)

Appreciate if we can get some information as to where we can procure this plant and how it grows. Thanks

Replied by Yash
(Mumbai, India)

Peperomia Pellucida is called Toyakandha and Varshabhoo in SANSKRIT, Mashitandu Chedi in MALYALAM. It grows in wasteland, along roadside throughout India and western ghat OF Maharastra during rainy season. Though used in Ayurvedic medicine I could not find any formulation yet. Try Ayurvedic medical stores in the south.

Replied by Richard Young
(Cebu City, Cebu Province, Philippines)

Hi, This is Richard Young again. Thank you for your "caution". Unfortunately, it was not the answer I was looking for. I repeat my question about peperomia use. How do you use it for cataracts? Do you squeeze it on to your eyes or what?

Replied by Richard Young
(Cebu City, Cebu Province; Philippines)

Based on the picture, this weed grows in my backyard. How is it used for cataracts? I have a cataract on my right eye which I want to remove. Do I squeeze the juice into my right eye? Or do I just eat the weed?

Replied by BJ
(West Branch, MI, USA)

I am seeing my eye doctor to have him set up an appointment for the eye surgeon to have my cataracts removed. I would like to try this remedy. How do you go about it? Do you put it right on your eye? Thanks, this is the first time I have ever seen your site and I can't tell you how much time I have spent on it. It is in my favorites to visit again and again.

Replied by Richard
(Cebu City, Cebu; Philippines)

Cataracts and piperomia Pellucida: No answers yet on how to use this herb?

Replied by DrJ
(Mumbai, India)

It seems that in Ayurveda, Peperomia pellucida "Skiny Bush" (its common english name) is it only used for infectious diseases of the skin. Although it is now being study as a possible anti arthritis drug its not traditionally used for that nor eye diseases. It is used in Africa for eye diseases and in Creole Medicine (Trinadad) for its antibacterial properties. As far as use for eye diseases it seems that the milky juice from stem and leaves are used traditionally for eye diseases. So tablet form may not benificial nor is it available that i can see so far?

Any natural cateract treatment like this must include cleansing dietary protocol to be totally effective. All forms of topical eye treatment for cateracts will fall short unless internal toxins are addressed.

There is a fantastic book in India called "Health in your Hands" By Devendra Vora which details a Cateract cure using a holistic protocol. He claims that poor flow of blood and "electricity", pituitary gland damage, and local lymph gland toxicity causes Cateracts. The sugar toxins that build up in the eye are not removed and "throw of carbon". The carbon causes this transparency! He also states that excess heat that accumulates in the liver has built up and due to suppression of fever and common cold etc. over the years with modern pharma drugs the heat never gets released from the body so over time the liver overheats. This goes in check with the Traditional Chinese Medicine view very well! Liver=Eyes!

Rx: Triphala powder internally as a eye wash diluted in water overnight acts to cure the problem combined with drinking colloidal mineral waters combined with hand reflex and local eye area acupressure treatment. Also cleansing diet of green juices and whole foods. Eye exercises are included such as looking into the sun at sunrise/sunset and doing eye rolling exercises and palming. He also mentions urine therapy also which was used by Indian Prime Minister Desai for his cateract problem.

At present i have given this treatment to several patients which is similar as above but more simple and easier to understand the complicated explanation in the book. At present there has been complete reduction of worsening of the condition and improvement is occuring but its not happening overnight.

Replied by Tan Koon Peng

Cataract: Just eat Peperomia pellucida raw on empty stomach or boil and drink the water.

Replied by Guest Mother
(Toronto, Canada)

I have 2 questions for Dr J from Bombay.

1) What is the cause of cogenital cataract.
2) My daughter was born with. Docs removed the lens to remove the cataract. Is there any possible way to improve her vision as docs say that they can fix lens but she still needs to wear glasses to fix far off vision. Please help.

Replied by Specwiz
(Sydney, Australia)

To Guest Mother from Toronto, according to leading Sydney eye surgeon Richard Rawson, lens implants of different focus can be used, one side for distance and the other eye for near vision which generally avoids the need for glasses. Apparently the brain selects the correct focus at any distance automatically. He also discourages the use of variable focus implant lenses as they do not work and cause glaring.

Replied by Guest Mother
(Toronto, Canada)

Thank you so much for the reply. In my daughter's case, cataract was there only in one eye. Her right eye is completely normal with good eye sight. So the problem of near and far vision is only for left eye. Please advise if the strategy will work in this case too.

Replied by Prairieboy
(Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Seeds are available from this site:

Replied by Gracenmercy
(Blythe, Ga, Usa)

I am writing to ask Prairieboy if basic planting, etc is best for these seeds. Do they need lots of water or little? Thank you so much for giving us this means to secure the plants.

Replied by Drj
(Bombay, India)

Galactosemia Causes Congenital Cataracts most of the time! The Dairy products you eat during Pregnancy! Termed Galactosemic cataract!!!!

Replied by Sherie
(Lakewood, Colorado)


WARNING regarding the testimonial for this herb and it supossedly curing cataracts (posted 6/20/2008 from a Tan Koon Peng) which stated: "Two weeks later she felt that her eyes were painful, she immediately rub her eyes and to her surprise the thin films covering her eyes were on her finger and her vision is clear once again. "

CATARACTS ARE NOT A SURFACE CONDITION OF THE EYE - they are a clouding of the "lense" of the eye which sits behind the Iris and Pupil. (the above is a physical impossibility!!! )

As an FYI - I have spent many years researching cataract causes/hopeful cures. I had my 1st cataract surgery when I was 35 yrs old. As with any disease I believe there is a necessity to understand the "cause" which is often (and still is in my case) a mystery. Even with all the doctors I visited (and got educated from) the most valuable information I gathered was from NORD (the National Organization for Rare Disorders). I believe they list/describe about 19 different Cataracts. Though cataracts are far from "rare" the knowledge and descriptions listed there could educate more than a few of the doctors I have seen over the years and definitely enlightened me on my quest for a cause and a cure. YES, you do have to pay for any reports you order (this site is aimed at assisting Docs/medical community as well) but in my case it was well worth it and didn't cost that much!

Replied by Bev

Warning: If you have had cataract surgery, do not ever use any eye-drop remedy containing DMSO. DMSO is a powerful solvent and will cloud your new plastic lenses and your eyesight will become worse. In fact, even if you use DMSO drops in only one eye, it will affect your other eye.

Reader Q&A

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Posted by Denise (Crescent City, CA) on 01/14/2019 50 posts

Nobody is talking about cataracts? I would love to hear from anyone that has had good results from natural methods. My sister is facing cataract surgery. She is undecided on having it, and open to natural methods. Please let me know if there is anyone here on EC that knows about successful alternatives. I see the remedy lists, but I don't see anyone stepping up with actual good results;) Thank you much, Denise

Replied by Lucia
(Los Angeles)

Denise, The only person that I've found that has a healing method for cataracts is Dr. Sam Berne. His website is He incorporated a 15% msm drops, eye exercises and supplements. Eye exercise are free. My friend tried the CAN-C drops that work for some people, didn't work for him and he is currently using Dr Sam's 4% MSM solution.


Denise, Did Dr. Sams MSM eye drops work for eliminating cataracts? Thank you. Joan

(Los Angeles)

I bought my friend the 15% solution from Dr. Sam Berne. She used the drops from August 2020 to the present and didn't feel there was any improvement. Wish there was. It may be that there is something out there, but haven't found it yet. Other things tried were Can-C and Dr. Teds remedy. Also tried a holist cataract formula. Maybe some remedies work on some people.

(El Monte, CA)

This is to Emily from L.A., Ca. regarding something for cataracts.

I read in Dr. David G. Williams "Alternatives" Newsletter about an ointment or drops from Vietnam. He was having a hard time getting them into the U.S. at the time. It was some 15-20 years ago. Maybe there are some of his ( Dr. David Williams) followers that can update us on that. Sorry, I can't be of much help. I'm sure there is something out there, don't give up. Happy hunting. If you find something, post it. lol.

(somewhere, europe)

Emily, have you tried castor oil on the eylids before bed?

Rue Tea

Posted by Barbara (North Haven, Ct., USA) on 12/01/2011

I have heard that a cup of Rue Tea once a day has had positive effects on Cataracts. Has anyone used or heard if this is true?


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Posted by Waysays (Mytown, Ca) on 05/12/2013

I use fresh mid-stream urine in my eyes, and it is supposedly very healing for all eye issues, including cataracts, styes, and vision. Just what I would do. It has been done for thousands of years. I never have to use my reading glasses anymore! --Waysays

Replied by Wayout
(Central, Ca)

Recall the name M-urine? Also, lutein, found in yellow and orange fruits, and dark green, leafy vegetables is very eye protective and healing toward cataracts. --WayOut

Replied by Anthony
(Edmonton, Allberta)

This is a very amusing method for eye problems. Do you keep your eyes open and aim? Don't you naturally close your eyes when you do that?

Replied by Greta
(Kamloops, Bc Canada)

But what if your urine is not clean? How do you know if it is good or not? How many times a day?

Replied by Festus
(Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria)

How do I apply urine to the eyes to cure cataract and how often?

Replied by Otite
(Ojo Lagos)

How can u use urine to treat cataract, mine generated when I was small through misuse. Please explain properly how to use the urine and which urine is used for the treatment. I so much appreciate your effort.

Replied by Benta
(Kisumu City)

What is mid-stream urine and how many drops of urine do you need in your eyes and for how long in order to cure cataracts without going for surgery

Replied by Genie

How many drops daily?

Replied by Marcus

Does this really work, I don't see anyone else who has tried it, but I do see 55 loves?

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Marcus, lots of information out there for benefits of urine therapy, in fact I just read that babies operated on in the womb don't have scars because of the healing power of the amniotic fluid, consisting mostly of urine! Gives me an idea..

Lots of info here

Replied by Sharon
(Lebanon, Tennessee)

Was wondering if urine could help cure my eye floaters. How many drops per day and how often should I do the drops? Also about how long will it take to work? Days? Weeks? Months? Thanks so much


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Posted by Judy (Beausejour, Manitoba) on 09/28/2015


I have cataracts from dental xrays. The machine wasnt working properly, so she ramped it up and hit me again. Ive been doing many things, diet, drops, etc. and had stopped the progression. Recently, a dentist claimed he HAD to xray my teeth. I fought it, but finally gave in. Immediately, my vision began to fail in both eyes, but the dentist got to make his $200 for xrays. I made some special drops that seem to have stopped the progression in the left eye, but the right is probably classified as blind. Will keep working on it and keep everyone posted.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello, Judy ( Beausejour, Manitoba) ---

Sorry to hear of your injury to your eyes. Some time ago a lady from Vanc. Island posted that she used cold pressed castor oil on her cataracts five times a week for three years and she was free of them. Castor oil is so good for the eyes in my experience and regrows lashes, too.

Maybe this is a consolation for you. As for the dentist ... that's why I don't see them.

All the best, Namaste, Om

Replied by Sandy

Hello Om

I tried castor oil for few days and some home made solution with white onion juice lemon juice etc. but my cataract has become worse. Now also with great difficulty I am able to type this message. I had several visits to dentist few years ago. recently one of my tooth in lower jaw became loose and dentist told me to remove it. I searchd and search on net how to save my teeth. Last year I went to India and saw a simple dentist and asked him if he can fix my teeth. He pressed my teeth hard, push it down (which was projecting very much up) and put some solution to bind it. When I returned to USA and started driving again, I realised that I am not able to see clearly. Is there no option than to go for surgery? Please help me

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