Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

| Modified on Mar 29, 2024
Castor Oil
Posted by Betty (Binghamton NY) on 05/09/2023

Cararacts/ Castor Oil

Make sure when you use Castor Oil on Cataracts that you don't waste your time and eyesight on Castor Oil that is inferior. Get 1) Organic 2) Cold-Pressed 3) Hexane-free and 4) Glass Bottled. Never use plastic bottled Oil. You want the best product to get the best results.

Posted by Terry (Emmett, ID) on 04/30/2023

I mixed a 15% strength DMSO solution using DMSO 99.995% purity with distilled water. I put three drops in each eye, waited 15 minutes, and repeated once more. It stung for a few seconds but didn't feel any worse than normal eye drops. Within an hour, my vision was noticeably brighter and clearer. On my next Ophthalmologist visit, two weeks later, the Doc couldn't find the cataracts he had previously found and tried to get me to have surgery to remove them. Instead of ruining my eyes with unnecessary surgery for a few thousand dollars, I spent maybe a penny, did it myself., and kept my original lenses.

Hippocrates: "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool."

N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, Colloidal Silver
Posted by SaraX (CA) on 04/06/2023

That's actually the wrong product. We need N-Acetyl L-Carnosine, not Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Cataract Remedy Cautions
Posted by Richard P. (Warminster ) on 03/18/2023



I have been researching cataracts for the past 2 years and the best solution would appear to be those in drops tested NIMMH or other pdf clinical trials on a wide variety of solutions etc, one must first know what the underlying cause is, what cataracts are in principle and then go about investigating possibilities, NOT just apply solutions ad hoc. This is dangerous and unproven. There needs to be some study somewhere to back up you need to check the safety of use ie, DMSO on the skin is very drying some dilute it 70 %. Even then it is a solvent that is ok in the eyes? I am currently using the well known isotonic solution from India, but reversing cataracts isn't easy, keep sugar and salt intake down use other supplements to boost antioxidants raise zinc levels etc . Rosmarinic acid was used in trial, but please everybody do some online research first. It is VERY easy to make the situation ten times worse and even blind yourself.

Castor Oil, NAC
Posted by Theresa (Prescott, AZ) on 02/19/2023

I read a post about pharmaceutical grade castor oil, NAC, and the Budwig Protocol to reverse the effects of cataracts. Where can I get more information on these modalities?

Eye Drops, Lutein
Posted by Lanette (Florida) on 01/31/2023

Hi I just ordered the life extension eyedrops. How long did it take to see the cataracts improve? I am sure the blue light from all the devices has accelerated this. thanks in advance Lanette

Castor Oil
Posted by Terry (Las Cruces) on 01/26/2023

What was your castor oil regimen? Did you take it only at night, or day and night? How many drops?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/17/2023

Hi Lilli, would love to hear an update from you about your cataracts.

Also, if the remedies have helped you to dissolve the cataracts or to stop their progression, can you please let me know the brand names of products that worked for you

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/17/2023

Hi Linda, thank you for your response. Which brand of colloidal silver do you use? I use 2-3 drops of Dr. Christopher's eye wash few times a week. It also has cayenne, but much less than Dr. Schulzes. Is it ok to use the left over eye wash the same day again? Where do you store the leftover eye wash? I discard it each time for each eye. Sometime I do just once a day, sometimes twice a day, so that's about 4 eye cups of water being discarded.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Linda (Colorado) on 01/06/2023

Hi, I'm not sure I have cataracts but I do get floaters and feel like there's a film on my eyes esp when I notice chemtrails are heavy and I'm outside. So I rinse my eyes out with a shot glass of purified water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and 3 drops of 10 ppm colloidal silver and I have immediate results. Even floaters go away when I use it several times in one day.I keep solution from shot glass and reuse it to wash eyes throughout the day. I also will occasionally use Dr. Schulzes eyebright tincture which also helps clear my eyes. It has cayenne pepper in it so I only use 3- drops in shot glass with distilled water and nothing else and reuse it same day with left over solution. I'm 67 and don't wear glasses except readers (150). I also have an Iteracare wand that's high frequency scalar wave light therapy. I just got it so I've only used it a couple of times.I heard it heals eyes but if you have any implants from cataract surgery you can't use it on eyes . In fact you can't use it anywhere on body that has metal including crowns and dental implants in the mouth. Hope this helps.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 01/03/2023

Island Girl, I don't remember how many years ago I started, maybe 3-4. They had told me that I was a 3 or thereabouts and in about 6 years would need cataract operations. Well, I was recently checked and they said it's about 2 or 3....So it seems to be working for me. Again, I don't drop it into my eyes, just extend some on my eyelash line with eyes closed, before sleep. And then again, not every single day.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/02/2023

Thank you, mmsg. May I ask you how long you have been applying castor oil on your eyelids for? And how long it took for you to notice any difference? Do you do anything else in addition to castor oil? What grade was/is your cataracts? Do you see hallows around headlights and street lights after dark?

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 01/02/2023

Island Girl, Castor oil is working for me so far, thank G-d. I just apply a drop on each eyelash line (with closed eyes) before bed. It seeps in all night, I guess. So far the doctor's dire predictions about the cataracts have not materialized.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/01/2023

Has anyone used microcurrent therapy (specially frequency specific microcurrent) to help dissolve the cataracts?

i found Dt. Edward Kondrot while searching for natural remedies for cataracts and he has a program to reverse cataracts and uses microcurrent as one of the remedies, but he is extremely expensive.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used this therapy successfully for cataracts.

Or has anyone used Apple cider vinegar topically to reverse cataracts?

I have read about diluted ACV used as an eyewash but I am too scared to try it. Instead was wondering if we could soak the diluted ACV on a cotton pad and place it over the closed eyelids for a few minutes and get the benefit?

if anyone has tried ACV to dissolve cataracts please respond.

Or what else did you try that helped with reversing cataracts naturally?

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Peg (Charlottesville, Va) on 12/25/2022

Following links suggested above by Ben from Washington, on proteolitic enzymes, I feel they are good for many issues, including eyes, that are impacted by impure blood where blood cannot deliver oxygen. With the eyes, issues can occur due to the lack of oxygen to the cornea. Please watch:

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Holly H. (Florida) on 12/16/2022

I made my own drops using distilled water as the base. Using these and store bought NAC drops plus supplements. Hopefully this will help.

Honey Jatai
Posted by JD (Phoenix, AZ) on 11/30/2022

Thank you for sharing this, Marilda. I am currently researching on the cataracts since both my parents were diagnosed with cataracts. This is good start for me and my parents. I wish you a best of luck :)

Castor Oil
Posted by Susan Paul (Kenya) on 11/23/2022

Thanks for the information. Which type of Castor Oil are you using?

Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 11/10/2022

Hi Rob,

You mentioned the eye formula worked for you better. Did it dissolve your cataracts? How long did you take the see the results? How many drops and how often in a day did you use the eye wash?

I want to make sure it will heal, because when I used castor oil and a NAC drops, my cataracts got worse.

Have you tried Wisdom of the Ages eye drops? It contains ACV as an inactive ingredient.


Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 11/10/2022

Thank you for your response, Rob. The vitamin A, B-Complex, C & E should they be by supplements or food sources? I am not able to tolerate supplements.

Also, have you read the book? How many times to use the herbal eye formula as an eye wash? I read some reviews on amazon that it is dangerous and someone stated that they got the cataracts while using these drops.

I only have one good eye, so am trying my best to avoid having cataract surgery (cataracts are in both eyes for me).

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 10/28/2022

Cayenne is used for eyes, however extreme that might sound. Dr. Christopher recalled a student of his standing in front of a lecture and throwing a pinch of cayenne into one eye. Dr. Christopher was sure the student had lost his senses! But in a few moments, the eye stopped watering, and it became clear, bright and healthy-looking.
[This is why Dr. Christopher has Cayenne in his Herbal Eyebright formula].


Coconut Oil
Posted by Milly (northern calif) on 10/26/2022

Hi Jac, I am 80 years and have been putting castor oil for about 3 months on my eye lids to reverse cataracts. I notice when I check the clock radio by my bed the numbers on the clock are getting easier to read. Milly

Coconut Oil
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 10/26/2022

Jac, I put Castor Oil on my eyelids before sleep a few times a week, and so far so good, cataracts haven't grown.

Coconut Oil
Posted by jac (South Croydon, Surrey , UK) on 10/25/2022

Coconut Oil for Cataracts?

  • 2 tablespoons at breakfast - Diarrhea all day
  • frying with it for 4 days - bit of dizziness
  • hoped it might help with cataracts - any chance?
  • female age 84

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 10/23/2022

Read the book “Curing with Cayenne” by Dr. Richard Schulze.


He studied under Dr Christopher and gave him the idea to use cayenne in the eye formula. It will help you understand the mechanics of its use.

Yes, ACV diluted can be used in the eye but it does burn! For me, the eye formula worked better. Just give it time to work.

Also, increase your vitamin A, B-Complex, C & E intake or none of this will have good results.

Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 10/23/2022

Good day,

I was reading about cayenne pepper remedy on Earth Clinic. I notice you have mentioned about Dr. John Christopher there.

I have just started using his Herbal Eyebright Formula for help with my cataracts.

But I am worried about the cayenne in it, not because it stings, but because I have a history of CSR (central serous retinopathy) in my left eye. My left eye is the only good eye I have, and I have had CSR in that eye 4 times, the first time in 1999, then in 2016,2018 and 2020. It heals on its own, but it leaves a scar at the back of the retina.

As steroids / stimulants (like chocolate, coffee, salmon, etc) in excess cause CSR, I am worried that cayenne pepper is a steroid / stimulant. But I have read great reviews of how people have dissolved their cataracts using a Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright. I am using only 2 or 3 drops total diluted in distilled water for 2 eye cups. So about 1 or 1.5. Drops per eye cup, and do it twice a day. The strength of cayenne for 10 drops is 40 HU. I am guessing it is not much for me to worry.

I have used it for about a week and am ok.

I am seeking your valuable advice and guidance.

Also, have you heard of a ACV eye wash helping to dissolve cataracts?

Many thanks,


DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Jenna (Australia ) on 10/21/2022

Shyam....please DO NOT use any preparation containing DMSO on someone who has already had cataract surgery. The DMSO is a solvent, and will damage the lens. DMSO travels through the body, and can even cross through cell walls, so even if you place DMSO product in an eye that doesn't have an artificial WILL travel through the body and affect the eye that has had surgery.

Castor Oil
Posted by martiele swanko (miami) on 10/13/2022

i heard testosterone removes dry eye for good. Google tahoma clinic eye videos.

Posted by MICHELE (Nevada) on 09/25/2022

EDTA needs MSM to drive it in to be effective - here is one PUBMED STUDY:

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Karin (California) on 08/22/2022

Thanks for your input on Can-C for dogs. I accomplished the same for my 125lb shepherd with a product called NuVet, a 1-a-day wafer from a company by the same name. It took 1 month and he went from mistaking my finger for a tasty carrot treat to leading the way on a moonless desert hike in unfamiliar terrain. I recommend the product highly for anyone whose dogs are getting those white glazed over eyes as they age.

Castor Oil
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 08/21/2022

Hello Sankie, how long have you been using the castor oil? Do you put it IN the eye or ON the eyelids? How many drops? How long it takes for each part of what you said above to take place? Did a doctor explain the above to you? The explanation does sound to be good and gives me hope. I have been using it for about 3 months and was about to give up. I do see better in the distance now, though. You have given me renewed hope.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by karen (indiana) on 07/25/2022

It used to be that 'Nora Apothecary Pharmacy' on E 86th st in Nora--which is just north of indianapolis in indiana-- did compounding. They appear to still be open. Hope I'm allowed to give the name of this place--i had some homeopathic medicines done there yrs ago and all went well with them. Good luck

Posted by Joe (Tidewater VA) on 07/24/2022

Best DMSO I have found is from Biogenic Foods ( It is USA produced (TX) and is 99.999% pure.

I looked on Amazon and saw many negative reviews on various other DMSO products. The Biogenics is pricy but my eyes are worth it.

Coconut Water
Posted by Marianne (Arizona) on 07/22/2022

I tried this after reading your post, but the coconut water did nothing. How many times do you have to do it to see results.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by M in M (Md) on 07/16/2022

You might google “compounding pharmacies in US”….some good info there.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Estee (CA) on 07/15/2022

I have used this formula for a month twice daily 3 times a year because it was quite expensive at the only pharmacy I ever heard of that compounded it. Then they raised their prices. Now they no longer make it. My eye doctor told me my cataracts are not continuing to grow and I can now drive without glasses. Now I am worried I shall not ever find anyone to compound it. My brother has his compounded locally in Canada. I live in the US and it used to be FEDEXed from a Colorado Pharmacy but no more.

Castor Oil
Posted by Sankie (South Africa) on 07/07/2022

I start using castor oil as well. At first, my eyes seemed to get more blurry. But now I have seen an improvement. It was explained to me this way. The oil starts off by dissolving the top part of the cataract. That makes your eyes see things blotchy and it thus looks as if the oil does not work. Then the oil will dissolve the thinning sections normally the outer parts. Your eyes will then begin to look clearer in the distancing sight. The longer you use it the more cataract will dissolve until your sight is back to normal. This can take up to a year. It totally depends on the thickness of the cataract. I have been using it for a few months and only now are my eyes getting better.

Do not stop, keep at it, it really works.

Also do not stop at all. If your eyes are corrected, use it once every few days as a cataract might develop again.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Glen (AR) on 06/19/2022

Well, it has been over a year of using castor oil in your belly button. How's the hair?

Posted by Donna (MD) on 06/01/2022

Is it possible to get the recipe for the spinach dmso smoothie?

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by havad (chiapas, mex) on 05/24/2022

I'm not understanding the recipe...Help? thanks...I have dry eyes

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by havad (chiapas, mexico) on 05/24/2022

How is this recipe made? percentage compared to what? No dilution? Can't be.

Posted by Rose (LV NV) on 03/13/2022

Do you have a link to the DMSO you purchased please?

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Shyam (Palo Alto, CA) on 03/10/2022

I'm planning to use it on the right eye of my grandmother, (she had cataract surgery on the LEFT 5 years ago) but right now I want to try this before doing surgery. So what you're saying is I shouldn't use it on the LEFT as it has IOL but fine to try on right?

Eye Drops, Lutein
Posted by Ruby (Columbus, Ohio ) on 03/01/2022

Hi there! Just curious how your eyes are doing long term? I've been experiencing cloudy vision, blurry vision that comes and goes, and glittery vision sometimes.

Castor Oil
Posted by Lin (Florida) on 10/26/2021

The best castor oil for all purposes is Heritage Store's, La Palma Christi. You can find it easily online. The iHerb website is quite good.

Castor Oil
Posted by KS (IL) on 09/29/2021

I tried everything before cataract surgery on my right eye, except castor oil. None of the various drops worked & they were expensive. They might have helped halt progression, but they didn't reverse the cataract. I even used Sapien Medicine frequencies 2x/d & Solgar eye formula-nada. Now I'll be going for the left eye surgery soon. The reality is the sooner you do the surgery, the less complications. If something has helped then it wasn't a cataract.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary ) on 08/17/2021

It would depend on what else is in the solution besides saline, cause whatever else those ingredients might be, are going to be shooting thru your system. Doesn't that stuff come with cleaning agents as well for the lenses? I would give that a hard pass.

Some sea salt mixed with distilled water would be better for the eyes. A naturopath I used to watch said once that even straight DMSO has been used by a patient of hers for his cataracts. He said it hurt like a mofo for a few mins, but it did heal! I say make your own saline solution, 1% strength would be fine. Dilute the DMSO to your comfort level. I only posted this so you could hear that the undiluted is not harmful, but diluted would be far better, oh, and don't use the contact lens stuff either.

Happy healing.

Posted by Donna (Orlando ) on 08/14/2021 2 posts

Would it be ok to dilute the DMSO with saline that is used for contact lenses?

Posted by jeff (australia) on 08/10/2021

Using DMSO for eyes suggested only 20% strength, do not use more strength than 20%.

Posted by JD B. (New York, USA) on 07/09/2021

What do you use to dilute the solution? I ordered this from Amazon.

Would this be Ok to dilute to 70%?

Thank You.

Posted by Ronald (New Hampshire) on 07/02/2021

I have used DMSO diluted to 70% and put one drop in each eye. Yes it does burn, but it only lasts for about 20-30 seconds and is gone. You do this twice a day laying down for five to ten minutes. My cataracts are almost gone and my glaucoma has been cured. DMSO will not hurt your eyes! My vision is so much better also.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 07/01/2021

KS, what helped me was not Castor Oil IN the eyes, but on the lashes and lids. When I remember, I just dab on a little before bed, and if there's anything left on my eyes in the morning, it gets washed off. If I'm remembering the numbers correctly, I went from a 6 to a 2 in probably a year.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by KS (Glenview, IL) on 07/01/2021


I had a cataract in my right eye-tried every drop there is. I first used Can-C for a year or more. After spending hundreds of dollars on drops, I still had to have surgery, as I was virtually blind in that eye, by that time. The drops may have delayed the inevitable (?) I had even listened to Sapien Medicine & Rife frequencies twice a day. Now, I have a bad cataract in the left eye. Since I've given up on drops, I'm only listening to the frequencies. So, far that hasn't worked. Overall, I have a good diet & take some supplements, which vary, don't smoke or drink. I couldn't see myself doing the castor oil, so can't speak to that. Good luck everyone, hope to hear about a cure soon.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/30/2021

KC,,, ORH here, and appreciate your kind words. We love the panhandle of Fla and their beaches. Over a lifetime going to the beach was a hit or miss. We went when I was at Redstone in '61. We did not go when we lived on St Simons in the late 60's. We started going on and off in the 70's but went in earnest when we moved to Selma in '82. That was right after Hurricane Fredrick and the beach was just cabins. Soon they started building high rises and turned the natural beach into a carnival or put- put courses. Thus, we moved east and eventually ended up on St George's Island twice a year, every spring and fall. Now we too old to drive through Atlanta, so we just do our lake thing. We still get our shrimp from Brunswick or St George's Isl. No sewage shrimp for me, thank you.

My story today is about the miracle of hatching eggs. We have chicks that are 4 weeks old and we have another dozen in the incubator. Tractor Driver heard a chirp awhile ago and she checked and yep, one is pecking it's way out of the shell. That is an amazing thing to watch. You put the large or air end of the egg up and that is where the chicks head is. After 21 days they begin to peck a circle in the top and soon the chick is out of their shell. Now some people say that this is the work of our Lord. But I think this happens because we once had a big bang and everything just happened to fall in place. BS, BS, BS. If you work with plants and animals, you know there is a higher being that puts all this into place. Right now we need him more than ever. I ask for his guidance daily.

Go to the farm tomorrow because the field peas did not come up. Have to replant 3 ea 100' rows. Guess I did not dry my seeds properly.

Chick has the top off and it is a Rhode Island Red and not a Plymouth Rock. Phyllis thinks she's their mother and is talking to it. But she also talks to our cats and dog. Strange woman.


Posted by KC (Florida) on 05/30/2021


I wish you would write a book about your musings on life and health and the farm and the tractor driver, football player, and other people with whom you interact. I LOVE your posts. I have nothing in particular to say — only that when I see your initials I read each post thoroughly! Thank you.

Posted by Blake (Wisconsin) on 05/29/2021

DMSO clears cataracts.

I don't have any experience topically, but internally consumed mixed with spinach clears them.

The person I know that did this method used a tsp per day of DMSO in a spinach smoothie.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/25/2021

FRANK, ORH here, and I have had over 120 EDTA chelations in the last 14 years to clean out my blood vessels and heavy metals. I am also aware that some have no longer needed glasses when good blood flow got to their eyes. I have never heard of EDTA reversing cataracts. I have used a DMSO protocol for that, but the FDA got involved and took my supplier's license. That put me on a guilt trip.

Just got in from our little farm and we quit when it hit 90 degrees. Like the ole sayin, "The Ole Gray Mare ain't what she used to be". 15 year old football player is working out because he lives on a farm. Today, I gave him a raise. If he saves his money, he can buy a decent used car by age 16. I require him to know all our veggies and the name of all the trees on our farm. All these kids that have hung with me go on to get degrees and are prepared for life. I send them to HKU.


Posted by Frank (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 05/24/2021

Cataracts & EDTA.

I saw a study that indicated that EDTA might help cure cataracts. This is my experience.

I had an appointment with an eye doctor in November 2019. He indicated I was starting to develop cataracts. I had heard somewhere that EDTA might be a cure. So, I did some investigation on making eye drops using EDTA. I found out that EDTA needed a pH of 8 in order to dissolve. I thought of creating my own pH solution to dissolve the EDTA but decided to check out eye drops to see if any of them had a pH of 8.

I found that 'Systane Ultra' eye drops had a pH of 8. The 'Systane Ultra' dropper bottle was 10 ml. I opened one 600 mg gel capsule of EDTA and dumped the total contents of the capsule into the 10 ml dropper bottle of 'Systane Ultra' eye drops. The EDTA completely dissolved in it with no problem.

So, I used these drops every day and sometimes several times a day. My next appointment was supposed to be in November 2020 but because of covid it was rescheduled to April 20,2021.

The doctor reexamined my eye and found no improvement in the cataract. So, I just wanted to report this to save other people the trouble of doing this experiment again. EDTA for cataracts is also mentioned in the following link:

For what it's worth.


Castor Oil, NAC
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 05/13/2021

Hi Christine,

I believe the original poster was referring to her use of castor oil as the 2 drops per eye nightly. She also mentioned massaging the oil on her hands. I don't believe she was intending to say that she mixes the castor oil with the cottage cheese, or consumes it in any way.

Castor Oil, NAC
Posted by Christine (Florida) on 05/13/2021

I just read the above statement and would like to thank the person who wrote the article. I too take flaxseed oil & cottage cheese for helping me with my breast problems, but will now try taking it with castor there any special type of castor oil I should take??

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by robert (michigan) on 04/25/2021

I also tried the can c eye drop. no noticable difference. I tried the castor oil on eye lids as well. I am now going ayurvedic, rubbing castor oil in my belly button. laugh, but it is supposed to help skin or hair...

Posted by Sharon (Lebanon, Tennessee ) on 04/18/2021

Was wondering if urine could help cure my eye floaters. How many drops per day and how often should I do the drops? Also about how long will it take to work? Days? Weeks? Months? Thanks so much

Coconut Water
Posted by Angie (Mexico) on 03/15/2021

I'd like to ask how is coconut water used for cataracts. Sounds amazing and have tried many things and I know I will beat this somehow with all my faith in God to lead me to the best remedy. The effect it had on your Dad's eyes Lisa sounds amazing and so encouraging to us. Thanks for your reply.

Reader Q&A
Posted by Ignacio (El Monte, CA) on 02/28/2021

This is to Emily from L.A., Ca. regarding something for cataracts.

I read in Dr. David G. Williams "Alternatives" Newsletter about an ointment or drops from Vietnam. He was having a hard time getting them into the U.S. at the time. It was some 15-20 years ago. Maybe there are some of his ( Dr. David Williams) followers that can update us on that. Sorry, I can't be of much help. I'm sure there is something out there, don't give up. Happy hunting. If you find something, post it. lol.

Reader Q&A
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 02/28/2021

Emily, have you tried castor oil on the eylids before bed?

Reader Q&A
Posted by Emily (Los Angeles) on 02/27/2021

I bought my friend the 15% solution from Dr. Sam Berne. She used the drops from August 2020 to the present and didn't feel there was any improvement. Wish there was. It may be that there is something out there, but haven't found it yet. Other things tried were Can-C and Dr. Teds remedy. Also tried a holist cataract formula. Maybe some remedies work on some people.

Coconut Water
Posted by Bob (Maryland) on 02/02/2021

You make it sound as if the cure was instantaneous. Was it? Or did it take weeks? Months? It would be nice to know.

Castor Oil
Posted by Karan (NY) on 01/15/2021

Castor oil will "draw out" as well as push itself deep when used on the skin (lighter molecular weight than any other oil, great as a carrier). Because of it's ability to "draw out" (I'm not sure how else to describe it), if you put castor oil in a plastic bottle, it will draw plastic into itself ... and then push it into YOU when you use it. All the local natural food stores around me sell it only in plastic.

So I went hunting. I found one in a glass bottle that was 100% Pure, USDA Certified, non GMO, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin & Hexane Free on Amazon by Dr Marisol. I've never had a problem using this oil. If you're going to use it medicinally - internally or externally - these variables matter. Get the best quality you can afford.

Posted by Bev S. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/25/2017

Pascalite is a creamy white-colored form of bentonite clay found only in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Cataract patients have reported that applying the clay paste to their eyelids and making eye drops from water filtered through the clay has helped to dissolve their cataracts.

People have also reported that using regular gray bentonite clay, made into a paste, applied to your closed eyelids, and left on for about 30 minutes will eventually get rid of cataracts.
Bentonite has many uses, I keep a small jar of paste (bentonite mixed with water) on my kitchen counter.

If you burn yourself, apply it immediately. It's a bloody miracle! The pain is instantly gone. It's great for insect bites and a zillion other things.

Enzyme Therapy
Posted by Bev S. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/25/2017

Digestive enzymes therapy has also been used successfully to treat cataracts by improving blood circulation in the eyes and helping rid the eyes of debris. Suggested enzymes are:

Superoxide dismutase
Trypsin with chymotripsin
Microbial protease

Posted by D (San diego) on 11/23/2020

Which brand did you use? My mother is blind is almost blind in both eyes. Please help and give suggestions if effective.

Posted by D (San diego) on 11/20/2020

Which brand did you use? My mother is blind is almost blind in both eyes. Please help and give suggestions if effective.

Castor Oil
Posted by Dee (Florida) on 09/13/2020

Choose organic cold pressed hexane free Castor Oil in a glass bottle. I would try Castor Oil on the eyelids first. Some people can be allergic to Castor Oil.

For dry eyes mix a drop of organic honey in a drop of distilled pure water in each eye.

Blink, it will sting at first, then it will soothe the dry eyes.

Castor Oil
Posted by Zander (Usa) on 09/12/2020

I noted you posted your comment in March. That is a season when allergies might just be starting to be an issue. Allergies can develop (and go away) at any time. The dryness and thing in your eye that won't go away really sound like allergy symptoms to me. I had a "phantom eyelash" in my eye until a friend told me it sounded like allergies. Then I knew what to do. CoQ10 can help & try taking vitamin C ....good vitamin C, not ascorbic acid. Something with acerola & rose hips. Ester-C is OK and readily available. Otherwise order NOW Vitamin C and take several grams a day. There is no way to take too much vitamin C. Your body will flush what it cannot use (which makes is a cure for constipation as well.) And get back to your healthy native Indian diet! It's full of vitamins and healthy fats.

Castor Oil
Posted by Violet Brown (Texas) on 09/12/2020

Castor Oil for Cataracts

Dr. Norm Shealy has been using castor oil to treat cataracts in his patients for decades. He does many clinical studies, and he has found an 80% success rate among his patients who followed his castor oil cataract protocol. For me, it was a total failure.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/07/2020

Kathy, shmearing a drop of good Castor Oil on the eyelids before bed, did help my cataracts get smaller. It took several months.