Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

| Modified on Mar 29, 2024
Posted by Waysays (Mytown, Ca) on 05/12/2013

I use fresh mid-stream urine in my eyes, and it is supposedly very healing for all eye issues, including cataracts, styes, and vision. Just what I would do. It has been done for thousands of years. I never have to use my reading glasses anymore! --Waysays

Coconut Water
Posted by Lisa (Mpls) on 02/19/2017

I read in a book about coconuts and how healthy they are for you that if you want to get rid of cataracts, just get a fresh coconut, and strain the water though a coffee filter, and put a few drops in your eyes and BOOM the cataracts are gone. So my dad ran out and bought one and BOOM cataracts were GONE! This is 8 years later and he is now age 80 and they are kind of coming back, so he may do it again soon. AMAZING. SO COOL.

Castor Oil, NAC
Posted by Wdickson (Washington DC, U.S.A.) on 09/02/2012

A month ago, at the end of July, I had my eyes examined at the Medical Center as preparation for renewal of my driver's license, which was to expire in August 2012 on my 81st birthday.

I told them at that time that I felt that I was able to see better without my glasses than with them except for reading fine print in dim light, or for driving at night with the glare of oncoming headlights. The results of that examination were unnerving. My vision was certified at 20/30 left eye, 20/40 right eye, which of course was satisfactory for purposes of the DMV, but the doctor also told me I had cataracts in both eyes and after more definitive eye examination, they may want to discuss cataract surgery with me along with an updated prescription for new bifocals.

So on August 31st I went in for the "more definitive" eye examination. The result of these tests was 20/20 vision in both eyes and no evidence of cataracts! The doctors asked me what I had been doing differently.

I told them I had been taking a new supplement called NAC 600, primarily for my heart condition, but more recently I had been experimenting with 2 drops of pharmaceutical grade Castor Oil in each eye at bedtime each night for the month of August. Their jaws dropped. The doctors were incredulous. They said they had never, ever heard of using castor oil for the eyes before. They said cataracts are not reversible except by surgical procedure.

I told them I found the research on castor oil and NAC on the internet, at various natural medicine web sites. They took notes and entered the information into my VA medical records. They told me no eye glasses need be prescribed since my vision was now 20/20. My eye pressure was about the same as it has been for the past year or so, validating the decision last October to take me off glaucoma prescription eye drops. While a little on the high end (26 left eye, 29 right eye), it appeared to be stabilized, so as far as they were concerned, I was no longer on the glaucoma suspect category that I have been on for the past 20 or so years. And while cataract surgery is the most frequently practiced surgical procedure in America today, it appears at least for the time being that I have successfully avoided cataract surgery by using that three thousand year old remedy known as Castor Oil. The doctor's want to track my eye health with follow up testing and have set up appointments for further eye exams going forward. I'm sure that I am now the "talk" of the VA eye clinic.

So, while my eyes are still a mite cloudy sometimes and when doing close reading of fine print in dim light I need reading glasses, it seems that I am now back to 20/20 vision after less than one month of castor oil eye drops! After all these years (more than two decades! ) on the glaucoma suspect list and a driver's license requiring eye glasses for driving. I will now get back to the doctors to ask for re-certification to get the eye glasses requirement off my driver's license.

Now I am continuing the castor oil application nightly for the present. But I have also continued my research and have developed a new treatment after reading about the anti-oxidant supplement N-acetyl carnosine (NAC eye drops) which, in the eye drop form, are reputed to protect the eyes against glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts, and are prescribed by many practicing ophthmologists today.

I am also watching my "liver spots" on the backs of my hands disappear with nightly castor oil massages.

I credit the Budwig Protocol of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, with fresh-ground flax seeds, in combination with the Castor Oil, with all of my health improvements - renewed vigor, vitality, and vision health.

After several years of FO/CC I noticed my eye sight was progressively improving, and that in general I could see better without than with eyeglasses. I had no way of discerning whether my vision was improving or whether I just needed a new eye glass prescription.

But when the doctor discontinued my glaucoma eye drops last October, I credit the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese regimen. I credit FO/CC in combination with the Castor Oil drops with the reversal of my deteriorating vision and beginnings of cataracts.

The doctors just smile and say very little.

Castor Oil
Posted by Arpad (Ohio) on 10/29/2019

I too have cataracts, had lens replacement surgery on left eye and not real happy with the outcome. I can see the periphery of the lens which makes everything look like a piece of "Picasso", artwork. I had pain in my right eye. It was suggested that it was caused by elevated pressure (glaucoma). I found that putting two, (2) drops of caster oil in the eye at bedtime completely eliminated the eye pain and is very slowly showing slight improvement in clarity. I now use the oil in both eyes at bedtime. It does seem to make my nose a bit runny. The oil also stopped itching due to dry eyes. I wish I'd known this sooner. I now search for natural solutions for everything before considering the often toxic and damaging pharma crap. Good wishes for you in all things!

Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Washington ) on 03/08/2016

Don't even think of trying dmso in concentrated form for cataracts! it burns. Dmso dehydrates the skin in seconds this is why straight dmso stings like crazy when applied to skin. Dmso must be diluted at least 50 percent before use. All dmso is 99.85% pure. The stuff from the feed store is just fine. Same purity. A better way to take the dmso might be to drink it or apply it topically to your skin. Dmso travels around going to where it is needed quite easily.

As for cataracts and eye health you are not getting enough antioxidants. The corneas have a blood filtering mechanism called the blood corneal barrier. It prevents impurities found in the blood from entering the eyes and clouding them. molecules of most antioxidants are too big to flow through the blood corneal barrier. On the other hand the eyes need nutrients and especially oxygen which are impaired by blood conditions like rouleaux. This is a fancy word for thick sticky blood cells all clumped together.

See darkfield microscopy / rouleaux /serrapeptase youtube.

The capillaries are so tiny that blood cells must pass single file. When blood cells are stuck together like glue they can not pass through the capillaries. Now think about that a minute. If your blood cells are all stuck together how can they oxygenate various parts of the body like the corneas? they cant pass through and deliver oxygen at a cellular level. Lacking adequate blood flow through the corneas means chronic low oxygen levels in the corneas. this brings on free radical damage then the corneas start clouding up with cellular debris. Reverse all that by changing your diet to lots of fresh raw vegetables full of antioxidants, lots of super oxide dismutase a free radical scavenger, n-acetyl cysteine and the most powerful antioxidant known for eye health astaxanthin. This stuff is very good for the eyes. I highly urge you to do it every day. Astaxanthin has a very small molecule size meaning it slips right through the blood corneal barrier with ease. Astaxanthin is 50 times more powerful than vitamin c for eye health. You are very deficent on vitamin c by the way!!! Now if you are a smoker then that is where 99.9 percent of your problem originates. Cigarette smoke causes the capillaries to constrict and even further limiting the amount of oxygen your corneas are receiving to practically nothing.

So what else unsticks blood cells and cleans the blood of unwanted debris? Serrapeptase. It scrubs blood cells and cleans out the trash found floating in the blood steam. This means having cleaner blood and better oxygen delivery. Sound like a good idea? See a naturopath if you can, your eyes are very important. To have health in one part of the body you must bring health to all parts of the body. Drink lots of carrot juice! see ya

Castor Oil
Posted by Sankie (South Africa) on 07/07/2022

I start using castor oil as well. At first, my eyes seemed to get more blurry. But now I have seen an improvement. It was explained to me this way. The oil starts off by dissolving the top part of the cataract. That makes your eyes see things blotchy and it thus looks as if the oil does not work. Then the oil will dissolve the thinning sections normally the outer parts. Your eyes will then begin to look clearer in the distancing sight. The longer you use it the more cataract will dissolve until your sight is back to normal. This can take up to a year. It totally depends on the thickness of the cataract. I have been using it for a few months and only now are my eyes getting better.

Do not stop, keep at it, it really works.

Also do not stop at all. If your eyes are corrected, use it once every few days as a cataract might develop again.

Castor Oil
Posted by Karan (NY) on 01/15/2021

Castor oil will "draw out" as well as push itself deep when used on the skin (lighter molecular weight than any other oil, great as a carrier). Because of it's ability to "draw out" (I'm not sure how else to describe it), if you put castor oil in a plastic bottle, it will draw plastic into itself ... and then push it into YOU when you use it. All the local natural food stores around me sell it only in plastic.

So I went hunting. I found one in a glass bottle that was 100% Pure, USDA Certified, non GMO, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin & Hexane Free on Amazon by Dr Marisol. I've never had a problem using this oil. If you're going to use it medicinally - internally or externally - these variables matter. Get the best quality you can afford.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, TN) on 06/17/2014

HI YOU GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just got in from an appointment with my Opthamologist and he said the critter I saw in my left eye last week was not an alien, but a ruptured blood vessel. He said the difference in my left and right eye color was a cataract forming.

I then ask him about the DMSO , Vit C and Gluthathione drops I am using to clear up the cataract. He began to explain what DMSO was and it should never be put in the eye. Being an Educated Redneck , I explained that I was a Ch. E who worked for CZ in the 60's and they were the company who, via Dr. Jacobs, made DMSO and did all the research. Naturally he was offended that I would challenge his disertation.

He then told me that every procedure must have a double blind test. I then told him that Dr. Jacob's answer was that million dollar horses don't know about such things and if DMSO worked , then they ran, if not , then they didn't. Simple stuff.

He then told me that if my right eye was clear in 9 months then he'd pay attention.

Mighty white of him. Told my wife that all the med schools needed to have a class on God, soes they understand that they are not he.


Castor Oil or Salt
Posted by Stephen Castello (Gilbert, Az) on 01/15/2016

Cataracts are the result of the inability to properly digest certain types of protein. Any remedy that will absorb or break down surface proteins will alleviate cataract growth and/or dissolve them completely. Castor oil would work, but even iodized salt will work.

There are far more than 18 effective treatments for cataracts, but then again, health care insurance and physicians frown on people treating themselves. Not to mention the FDA is strictly against home remedies.

Castor Oil
Posted by Olivia (Bahamas) on 01/23/2014

Questions About Castor Oil for Cataracts:

I have cataracts in Both of my eyes and my eyes do be red and I don't like when people ask me if I been dtinking or smoking and I dont smoke, but I do have a drink or two but that's it. And even when I yawn my eyes turn glassy and red thats my reason for looking online to see how to reverse it. They are small but I was looking online and it says I can put castore oil in my eye. I got some organic castor oil hexane free cold pressed the psalmist from the hertiage store. Is that good to put in my eyes. If I can put it in my eyes how many times a day can I put it in my eyes and exactly how to put it in my eyes meaning do I put it on the pupil or on the corner of my eyes do I close my eye and rub it in or just blink a few times.

Castor Oil
Posted by Lynn (Victoria B C, Canada) on 06/25/2014

I had very small cataracts in eyes 3 years ago (age 66), but just had a visit to my eye Dr. today and he confirmed I have perfect eyes.

Initially told I had to go with the flow as there was nothing I could do about it other then surgery down the road. However, I have been taking 1-2 drops of " CASTOR OIL " (organic and expeller pressed) in each eye 5 nights a week for mostly redness/ a little dryness , also a daily warm water compress will relax and add moisture. So stop and rest for 15 minutes daily to revive your eyes. We are so fortunate to have everything at our finger tips and with a little research from these terrific sites we can go natural as that is how it was always meant to be .

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Kurt (Riverview, Florida, Usa) on 01/21/2011

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Cataracts

During the last two years I have been testing the effects of nutrients on my glaucoma and cataracts (not for my myopia and accommodation which have improved recently after I asked for weaker lenses and asigmatism ? but I don't know if nutrients made a difference). For me the cataracts went away in less than a year (both eyes; first evidence noticed in a week) with 100 mg of alpha lipoic acid per day. Last month (after having started pine bark extract [200 mg] for my tinnitus) the doc said I've got new ones ? so I doubled the ALA dose.

After the cataracts had gone away The first time the glaucoma (by retinal, optic nerve, and visual field evidence) went away after I had started 1 g fish oil (w/ EPA and DHA omega-3s).

For others the lack of those nutrients may not seem to be the problem, and it's worth knowing that I was already taking extra vitamin C (1 g for colds resistance), D (2000 IU for bone health, etc. ), Calcium (500 mg with Mg for osteoporosis), E (400 IU for benefits including eye health), and iodine-iodide (Lugol's soln. 12 mg for benefits including eye health). That's on top of a Paleo diet for ten years that is mostly raw, organic vegetables, sprouts, fruits, nuts, fish (wild salmon) And fowl. At age 66 now, my BP has been about 110/70 at 55, blood chem perfect, And I've had to continue prescription drops for my elevated IOP for lack of a natural alternative.

Posted by Ronald (New Hampshire) on 07/02/2021

I have used DMSO diluted to 70% and put one drop in each eye. Yes it does burn, but it only lasts for about 20-30 seconds and is gone. You do this twice a day laying down for five to ten minutes. My cataracts are almost gone and my glaucoma has been cured. DMSO will not hurt your eyes! My vision is so much better also.

Posted by Fil (Portugal) on 04/16/2016


Lemon juice or a dozen lemon drops (+/-) in a little water (boiled and cooled to room temperature) and wash your open eyes with it. As your eyes get better it will sting less and less. Sometime in the beginning of last century there was a doctor who dissected both normal and cataractic eyes. The striking difference he found was the lack of vitamin C in the middle of the cataractic eyes. This you can do forever.

Castor oil also works as it has a lot of omega oils. But you need to make sure it comes from a reputable source. That means that it probable brings a certificate of analysis with it. The reason being that some of the producers may not have the means/habit of being thorough about its purity. If you can get it from a chemists that is ideal.

The ideal is probably, much later on after recovery, and only every so often to put a few castor oil drops before bedtime.

What I found is that the reversal has to be maintained and every case is different. So you need to pay attention to your individual needs.

To be safe you do not put anything in your eyes that you would not eat/drink. (the inverse is not true! :D)

Serrapeptase is really good. Make sure you are not (at the same time) taking meds to thin the blood.

You should also eat raw leaf greens + 1 carrot (medium size - there are daily limits - this is safe) + green apple. And whatever other raw (organic preferably) veg or fruit you wish. You can either do a smoothie or juice it.

Another important thing is to do eye exercises (never force). You will find useful ones on youtube.

Posted by KC (Florida) on 05/30/2021


I wish you would write a book about your musings on life and health and the farm and the tractor driver, football player, and other people with whom you interact. I LOVE your posts. I have nothing in particular to say — only that when I see your initials I read each post thoroughly! Thank you.

Castor Oil or Salt
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/16/2016

Stephen, can you tell us what the 18 remedies are? And do you know if any of them dissolve eye floaters too?

Posted by Terry (Emmett, ID) on 04/30/2023

I mixed a 15% strength DMSO solution using DMSO 99.995% purity with distilled water. I put three drops in each eye, waited 15 minutes, and repeated once more. It stung for a few seconds but didn't feel any worse than normal eye drops. Within an hour, my vision was noticeably brighter and clearer. On my next Ophthalmologist visit, two weeks later, the Doc couldn't find the cataracts he had previously found and tried to get me to have surgery to remove them. Instead of ruining my eyes with unnecessary surgery for a few thousand dollars, I spent maybe a penny, did it myself., and kept my original lenses.

Hippocrates: "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool."

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/30/2021

KC,,, ORH here, and appreciate your kind words. We love the panhandle of Fla and their beaches. Over a lifetime going to the beach was a hit or miss. We went when I was at Redstone in '61. We did not go when we lived on St Simons in the late 60's. We started going on and off in the 70's but went in earnest when we moved to Selma in '82. That was right after Hurricane Fredrick and the beach was just cabins. Soon they started building high rises and turned the natural beach into a carnival or put- put courses. Thus, we moved east and eventually ended up on St George's Island twice a year, every spring and fall. Now we too old to drive through Atlanta, so we just do our lake thing. We still get our shrimp from Brunswick or St George's Isl. No sewage shrimp for me, thank you.

My story today is about the miracle of hatching eggs. We have chicks that are 4 weeks old and we have another dozen in the incubator. Tractor Driver heard a chirp awhile ago and she checked and yep, one is pecking it's way out of the shell. That is an amazing thing to watch. You put the large or air end of the egg up and that is where the chicks head is. After 21 days they begin to peck a circle in the top and soon the chick is out of their shell. Now some people say that this is the work of our Lord. But I think this happens because we once had a big bang and everything just happened to fall in place. BS, BS, BS. If you work with plants and animals, you know there is a higher being that puts all this into place. Right now we need him more than ever. I ask for his guidance daily.

Go to the farm tomorrow because the field peas did not come up. Have to replant 3 ea 100' rows. Guess I did not dry my seeds properly.

Chick has the top off and it is a Rhode Island Red and not a Plymouth Rock. Phyllis thinks she's their mother and is talking to it. But she also talks to our cats and dog. Strange woman.


Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 07/01/2021

KS, what helped me was not Castor Oil IN the eyes, but on the lashes and lids. When I remember, I just dab on a little before bed, and if there's anything left on my eyes in the morning, it gets washed off. If I'm remembering the numbers correctly, I went from a 6 to a 2 in probably a year.

Castor Oil
Posted by Betty (Binghamton NY) on 05/09/2023

Cararacts/ Castor Oil

Make sure when you use Castor Oil on Cataracts that you don't waste your time and eyesight on Castor Oil that is inferior. Get 1) Organic 2) Cold-Pressed 3) Hexane-free and 4) Glass Bottled. Never use plastic bottled Oil. You want the best product to get the best results.