Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 03/07/2016


Dr. Morton Walker in his book on DMSO suggests to put a drop of DMSO into the eye with a cataract, for a period of time. I am about to try it, but wonder if anyone has had an experience with it. This would be food grade 99.999% pure and not the stuff one buys as a solvent from the hardware store.

Incidentally, the book is simply fantastic. Thank you for a response.

Castor Oil or Salt
Posted by Maria (Europe ) on 01/30/2018

Stephen Castello, which are the 18 remedies that could help dissolve cataract? Can you be more specific? Are they for beginning or advanced cataract? Have you tried them? Are they effective?

Castor Oil
Posted by Lin (Florida) on 10/26/2021

The best castor oil for all purposes is Heritage Store's, La Palma Christi. You can find it easily online. The iHerb website is quite good.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Jenna (Australia ) on 10/21/2022

Shyam....please DO NOT use any preparation containing DMSO on someone who has already had cataract surgery. The DMSO is a solvent, and will damage the lens. DMSO travels through the body, and can even cross through cell walls, so even if you place DMSO product in an eye that doesn't have an artificial WILL travel through the body and affect the eye that has had surgery.

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Estee (CA) on 07/15/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have used this formula for a month twice daily 3 times a year because it was quite expensive at the only pharmacy I ever heard of that compounded it. Then they raised their prices. Now they no longer make it. My eye doctor told me my cataracts are not continuing to grow and I can now drive without glasses. Now I am worried I shall not ever find anyone to compound it. My brother has his compounded locally in Canada. I live in the US and it used to be FEDEXed from a Colorado Pharmacy but no more.

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/16/2018 235 posts

Marcus, lots of information out there for benefits of urine therapy, in fact I just read that babies operated on in the womb don't have scars because of the healing power of the amniotic fluid, consisting mostly of urine! Gives me an idea..

Lots of info here

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Eleanor (Red Lodge, Montana) on 12/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear friends, there is a tried and true method for dogs and I am hoping it can be replicated more cheaply. It is developed in the Soviet Union and is available online for $140 or so a tiny bottle-but it works. It is called ____ and contains an amino acid, l-acytlcarnitine. I thought since it had carnitine in it it might be a nutrient found in beef?? Trying to break it down to something local, natural and affordable. But it completely clears up my old dog's cataracts and can be used less for maintenance. Not approved for humans. The sooner you start it the better. About 2-3 times a day at first, then when they're clear, about a few times a week, depending upon the dog, for maintenance. I stop it except for watering down remnants in the bottle during the winter when she's less active and a bottle lasts me most of the summer if I husband it. Gives her practical sight vs. Bumping into things. Miraculous and real. Online accessible. If anyone can replicate it through foods, supplements, please tell me. My vet gets it for me but anyone can order it. Merry Christmas!

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 01/08/2014

HI U RON, , , , my cataracts have been coming on for a few years and now are starting to effect my sight. My ophthalmologist told me to call the shot when he puts in a new lens. Recently I came across your eye drop formula via a medical subscription letter and will pick that up this week from a compounding pharmacy. Your post is now several years old, so I would appreciate your feedback from your use of these drops.

As all know, I am SJS, and should have been taking a supplement to help prevent this from happening at all. I will be smart in the next life if I don't come back as a goat. Tests have shown that your aging eye gets depleted of Glutathione and that is the main substance in the eye drop formula that you recommend. My wife's anti- aging doctor put her on NAC supplement because she was low on Glutathione and NAC is the precussor. I now do compounded Gluthathione via a nebulizer, but that's too late for my eyes.

All I read from the natural folks is that it's the free radicals which get you as you age and your natural anti-oxidant , Glutathione, goes down. You can build that back with the NAC supplement , or expensive I.V.'s or inhaling the compound via a nebulizer. I am now convinced that Glutathione is a big deal for folks as they age. Thank you or others, who can shed some light on the topic of Glutathione eye drops to cure cataracts.

====OLE ROBERT HENRY=========

Castor Oil
Posted by Blanche (New Iberia, Louisiana, United States) on 11/05/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Castor oil for cataracts—I have faithfully applied castor oil to one eye for three months. I very much hoped it would remove it, but my eye doctor did not find any improvement at all, and in fact, said it was worse. To those who wondered about it's safety, I can say it did no harm. My eyelashes became softer and somewhat fuller. I used the regular castor oil from the pharmacy because I didn't know how to get the cold-pressed. I don't know if that mattered.

Castor Oil
Posted by Kelly (Nashville, Tn) on 06/20/2009

for Joyce in Joelton - castor oil: Joyce, I saw your comments on using castor oil in your eye. I had previously read something about using a couple of drops in the eye each night for cataracts. Have you heard anything about this? I was thinking of trying it on my dog who has a catarac. My vet says to try it, she doesn't think it could cause any harm. Thanks! Kelly

Castor Oil
Posted by Judy (Meldrim, GA) on 03/07/2009

Someone from Long Island was asking why the label on castor oil said not to use near the eyes. Well, I called 2 different companies that sell castor oil and asked about that. Both said that they do not actually know if is is harmful for the eyes or not, but the FDA or somebody requires they put that warning on the label if they have not tested to see if it is safe for use in the eyes. It is because they had done skin testing that it is legal for the bottle to say it is safe to apply to the skin.

I'd like to know if anyone else other than the one "yea" testimony has proof it is safe since I'd like to try it as well.

Peperomia Pellucida
Posted by Evelyn (Philadelphia, PA) on 10/06/2008


Peperomia Pellucida
Posted by Richard (Cebu City, Cebu; Philippines) on 02/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cataracts and piperomia Pellucida: No answers yet on how to use this herb?

Peperomia Pellucida
Posted by DrJ (Mumbai, India) on 04/05/2009

It seems that in Ayurveda, Peperomia pellucida "Skiny Bush" (its common english name) is it only used for infectious diseases of the skin. Although it is now being study as a possible anti arthritis drug its not traditionally used for that nor eye diseases. It is used in Africa for eye diseases and in Creole Medicine (Trinadad) for its antibacterial properties. As far as use for eye diseases it seems that the milky juice from stem and leaves are used traditionally for eye diseases. So tablet form may not benificial nor is it available that i can see so far?

Any natural cateract treatment like this must include cleansing dietary protocol to be totally effective. All forms of topical eye treatment for cateracts will fall short unless internal toxins are addressed.

There is a fantastic book in India called "Health in your Hands" By Devendra Vora which details a Cateract cure using a holistic protocol. He claims that poor flow of blood and "electricity", pituitary gland damage, and local lymph gland toxicity causes Cateracts. The sugar toxins that build up in the eye are not removed and "throw of carbon". The carbon causes this transparency! He also states that excess heat that accumulates in the liver has built up and due to suppression of fever and common cold etc. over the years with modern pharma drugs the heat never gets released from the body so over time the liver overheats. This goes in check with the Traditional Chinese Medicine view very well! Liver=Eyes!

Rx: Triphala powder internally as a eye wash diluted in water overnight acts to cure the problem combined with drinking colloidal mineral waters combined with hand reflex and local eye area acupressure treatment. Also cleansing diet of green juices and whole foods. Eye exercises are included such as looking into the sun at sunrise/sunset and doing eye rolling exercises and palming. He also mentions urine therapy also which was used by Indian Prime Minister Desai for his cateract problem.

At present i have given this treatment to several patients which is similar as above but more simple and easier to understand the complicated explanation in the book. At present there has been complete reduction of worsening of the condition and improvement is occuring but its not happening overnight.

Peperomia Pellucida
Posted by Bev (Florida) on 09/08/2016

Warning: If you have had cataract surgery, do not ever use any eye-drop remedy containing DMSO. DMSO is a powerful solvent and will cloud your new plastic lenses and your eyesight will become worse. In fact, even if you use DMSO drops in only one eye, it will affect your other eye.

Posted by Erin (Florida) on 06/16/2015

Thank you so much, Earth Clinic, for the study and answer to why we can stop looking for that. I don't make a move without you!!!

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 01/02/2023

Island Girl, Castor oil is working for me so far, thank G-d. I just apply a drop on each eyelash line (with closed eyes) before bed. It seeps in all night, I guess. So far the doctor's dire predictions about the cataracts have not materialized.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Linda (Colorado) on 01/06/2023

Hi, I'm not sure I have cataracts but I do get floaters and feel like there's a film on my eyes esp when I notice chemtrails are heavy and I'm outside. So I rinse my eyes out with a shot glass of purified water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and 3 drops of 10 ppm colloidal silver and I have immediate results. Even floaters go away when I use it several times in one day.I keep solution from shot glass and reuse it to wash eyes throughout the day. I also will occasionally use Dr. Schulzes eyebright tincture which also helps clear my eyes. It has cayenne pepper in it so I only use 3- drops in shot glass with distilled water and nothing else and reuse it same day with left over solution. I'm 67 and don't wear glasses except readers (150). I also have an Iteracare wand that's high frequency scalar wave light therapy. I just got it so I've only used it a couple of times.I heard it heals eyes but if you have any implants from cataract surgery you can't use it on eyes . In fact you can't use it anywhere on body that has metal including crowns and dental implants in the mouth. Hope this helps.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/17/2023

Hi Linda, thank you for your response. Which brand of colloidal silver do you use? I use 2-3 drops of Dr. Christopher's eye wash few times a week. It also has cayenne, but much less than Dr. Schulzes. Is it ok to use the left over eye wash the same day again? Where do you store the leftover eye wash? I discard it each time for each eye. Sometime I do just once a day, sometimes twice a day, so that's about 4 eye cups of water being discarded.

Coconut Oil
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 10/26/2022

Jac, I put Castor Oil on my eyelids before sleep a few times a week, and so far so good, cataracts haven't grown.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by robert (michigan) on 04/25/2021
1 out of 5 stars

I also tried the can c eye drop. no noticable difference. I tried the castor oil on eye lids as well. I am now going ayurvedic, rubbing castor oil in my belly button. laugh, but it is supposed to help skin or hair...

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Glen (AR) on 06/19/2022

Well, it has been over a year of using castor oil in your belly button. How's the hair?

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Kathy (Illinois) on 09/07/2020
1 out of 5 stars

I bought Can-C drops, and have been using them for a year now with no improvement. I guess I am just in that percentage of people it doesn't work on. Maybe my cataract was just too advanced. You are supposed to see improvement in four to six months.

Eye Drops, Lutein
Posted by Aurora (Victoria ) on 10/23/2017

Where do I get this eye drop please? My husband has cataracts and is on a waiting list for surgery :(

Castor Oil
Posted by Barbara (Glastonbury Uk) on 08/03/2016
1 out of 5 stars

Sadly the Castor Oil has not worked for me. I had my eyes tested a year ago and was told that I had a slow growing cataract. Started with the Castor Oil each evening and hoped that when I had my eyes tested again, he would wonder where the cataract had gone. Today's verdict is that it has grown, not diminished, and I now have a letter for the hospital eye specialist.

Castor Oil
Posted by T.r. Stone (Omaha, Ne) on 05/28/2016

Just wanted to let you know: I found "Ocuguard PLUS" at a local health-food store, and decided to give it a try. I also have some Eyesight Rx tablets coming through the mail, but I'll wait until I eat up the Ocuguard first. I hope you're right about it helping to restore my eyesight....I've been saturation-bombing my cataract eye with 8 drops of Oclumed every day, and I'm just now starting to detect slight gains in my eyesight again. The problem is, it's a slowwwww process, and patience ain't something I'm noted for when it comes to treating my illnesses. ;-)

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/28/2015

Hello, Judy ( Beausejour, Manitoba) ---

Sorry to hear of your injury to your eyes. Some time ago a lady from Vanc. Island posted that she used cold pressed castor oil on her cataracts five times a week for three years and she was free of them. Castor oil is so good for the eyes in my experience and regrows lashes, too.

Maybe this is a consolation for you. As for the dentist ... that's why I don't see them.

All the best, Namaste, Om

DMSO, Glutathione Drops
Posted by Bev S. (Florida) on 07/24/2017

That's exactly what I mean. I only used the drops in the eye that did not have the cataract surgery. The problem is that DMSO is a solvent and easily traveled to the eye with the lens.

DMSO, Glutathione Drops
Posted by Mary (Missouri ) on 09/12/2017

Bev: Have you seen the eye doctor about your clouded eye lens? I saw a study that said the lens can be clouded by calcium buildup.

Castor Oil
Posted by Greta (Kamloops, Bc Canada) on 01/16/2015
0 out of 5 stars

Castor Oil for Cataracts

I used the NOW brand of Castor Oil in my eye at bedtime and every time my heart would just race for quite some time. I kept it up for a week with no difference, but the elevated heart rate was so uncomfortable I stopped using it. Could anyone enlighten me why this would happen? With thanks

Castor Oil
Posted by Sharon (Arizona) on 12/23/2014

I went to Sprouts and found the Now brand of Castor Oil which says it is 100% pure and on the back of the bottle it says that it is considered food grade and that is what you should use. Don't use the other castor oil product that even says not to use in your eyes but only in a pack on your body elsewhere. It feels good in my eyes and I will let you know when it dissolves my cataract. I am putting 2 drops in my cataract eye and one in my other eye. Good luck!

Castor Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/03/2016

For in the eyes, I look for one that is organic and cold pressed (or expeller pressed.)

DMSO, Glutathione, Vitamin C
Posted by karen (indiana) on 07/25/2022

It used to be that 'Nora Apothecary Pharmacy' on E 86th st in Nora--which is just north of indianapolis in indiana-- did compounding. They appear to still be open. Hope I'm allowed to give the name of this place--i had some homeopathic medicines done there yrs ago and all went well with them. Good luck

Posted by Freda (Utah, US) on 03/25/2015

What has happened since then??? Please tell, it's been 9 months.

Posted by Jorge (Los Angeles) on 12/14/2015

Yes, what happened? Did the right eye clear up? I would really like to find something that helps to dissolve those proteins rather than go under the knife.

There is a nature article that says that a steroids based eye drop has been shown to work but of course is still in animal trials but I happen to have cataracts NOW.

Has anyone had any success with ANYTHING? I've also read about the DMSO drops and MSM drops. I've been using the Life Extension Brite Eyes III drops for months but have seen zero change.

Anyone got anything new that actually works?


Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/15/2015

Jorge, read up on applying Castor Oil.

Cataract Surgery Recovery Remedies
Posted by Victoria (San Francisco, Ca) on 02/25/2014


I had cataract surgery on my left eye six months ago; my eye still a little bit inflamed. I have been seeing the ophthalmologist every other week, the doctor has been prescribing eye drops, but they are not helping. Can you kindly tell me what can I use to stop the inflammation.

Thanks a lot, Victoria

N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Yohanan (Israel) on 10/11/2013

Your ingredient proportions are incorrect - see cataract articles on Out of the Box Remedies dot net for more information. The Cataract Terminator is much cheaper than CAN-C, and at least twice as effective. It can be ordered cheaply from the Out of the Box Remedies dot COM website. Also, the N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine will cost you a minimum of $300 for 100 mg!

N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Emily (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/28/2018

The Tahoma Dispensary in Washington state!1/Can-CTM+Eye+Drops+2+x+5+ml

Posted by Anthony (Edmonton, Allberta) on 06/17/2014

This is a very amusing method for eye problems. Do you keep your eyes open and aim? Don't you naturally close your eyes when you do that?

Posted by Festus (Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria) on 03/23/2015

How do I apply urine to the eyes to cure cataract and how often?

Castor Oil
Posted by Cheryl (Bacliff, Texas) on 09/28/2012

I have now purchased my bottle of cold pressed castor oil.... Just like they say, it doesn't hurt a bit, it feels good. I am desperately trying to get rid of my cataract. First question... How long do I do this treatment? Second question, if it dissolves a cataract, will it destroy or dissolve anything else in the eye that my harm your vision further than what the cataract is doing?

Castor Oil
Posted by Taylor (Tempe, Az) on 08/07/2018

It should be Hexane Free 100% Pure Castor Oil - You should input "Uses For Castor Oil" in the browser. You will be surprised at the 1000's of people who have uploaded videos about their own successful experiences using it. You can input the use of all the other remedies mentioned above and you will find many videos on those as well. These are more likely to be honest than any advertisement or article that is also selling something for it.

Castor Oil
Posted by April (Uk) on 02/28/2018

Hi Blanche,

Just read your email. Hope your cataract has improved. Have you tried a product called Can-C eyesdrops (N-acetylcarnosine)? It may help. Castor oil should be cold pressed and contain no hexane.

Unfortunately not everything works for everyone. It may take longer to work, if it does, for you.

Castor Oil
Posted by Cheryl (Baclif, Texas) on 09/15/2012

PLEASE, I need some good quality advice!! I have been reading the pros and cons of the castor oil. Some say it is safe to use in your eyes, while others say it isn't. I had my right cataract removed a few years ago when I had insurance. My left eye is so cloudy (it doesn't look cloudy, but I see everything cloudy). I am about ready to start wearing a patch over my left eye because it is really starting to distort my vision. I don't qualify for insurance because I am diabetic. I can't afford the cataract operation (the cheapest I have found WITH a discount is $3200). I would love to just get rid of this ugly vision. HELP!!!

Posted by Nancy (PA) on 07/25/2023

Curious about actual proportion of DMSO to distilled water to make it safe for eye use. I will hesitate and second guess myself without clear mixing instructions. Thank you!

Cataract Remedy Cautions
Posted by Richard P. (Warminster ) on 03/18/2023
5 out of 5 stars



I have been researching cataracts for the past 2 years and the best solution would appear to be those in drops tested NIMMH or other pdf clinical trials on a wide variety of solutions etc, one must first know what the underlying cause is, what cataracts are in principle and then go about investigating possibilities, NOT just apply solutions ad hoc. This is dangerous and unproven. There needs to be some study somewhere to back up you need to check the safety of use ie, DMSO on the skin is very drying some dilute it 70 %. Even then it is a solvent that is ok in the eyes? I am currently using the well known isotonic solution from India, but reversing cataracts isn't easy, keep sugar and salt intake down use other supplements to boost antioxidants raise zinc levels etc . Rosmarinic acid was used in trial, but please everybody do some online research first. It is VERY easy to make the situation ten times worse and even blind yourself.

Microcurrent Therapy, ACV
Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 01/01/2023

Has anyone used microcurrent therapy (specially frequency specific microcurrent) to help dissolve the cataracts?

i found Dt. Edward Kondrot while searching for natural remedies for cataracts and he has a program to reverse cataracts and uses microcurrent as one of the remedies, but he is extremely expensive.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used this therapy successfully for cataracts.

Or has anyone used Apple cider vinegar topically to reverse cataracts?

I have read about diluted ACV used as an eyewash but I am too scared to try it. Instead was wondering if we could soak the diluted ACV on a cotton pad and place it over the closed eyelids for a few minutes and get the benefit?

if anyone has tried ACV to dissolve cataracts please respond.

Or what else did you try that helped with reversing cataracts naturally?

Posted by Island Girl (Gc, Ci) on 10/23/2022
4 out of 5 stars

Good day,

I was reading about cayenne pepper remedy on Earth Clinic. I notice you have mentioned about Dr. John Christopher there.

I have just started using his Herbal Eyebright Formula for help with my cataracts.

But I am worried about the cayenne in it, not because it stings, but because I have a history of CSR (central serous retinopathy) in my left eye. My left eye is the only good eye I have, and I have had CSR in that eye 4 times, the first time in 1999, then in 2016,2018 and 2020. It heals on its own, but it leaves a scar at the back of the retina.

As steroids / stimulants (like chocolate, coffee, salmon, etc) in excess cause CSR, I am worried that cayenne pepper is a steroid / stimulant. But I have read great reviews of how people have dissolved their cataracts using a Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright. I am using only 2 or 3 drops total diluted in distilled water for 2 eye cups. So about 1 or 1.5. Drops per eye cup, and do it twice a day. The strength of cayenne for 10 drops is 40 HU. I am guessing it is not much for me to worry.

I have used it for about a week and am ok.

I am seeking your valuable advice and guidance.

Also, have you heard of a ACV eye wash helping to dissolve cataracts?

Many thanks,


Castor Oil
Posted by Susan Paul (Kenya) on 11/23/2022

Thanks for the information. Which type of Castor Oil are you using?

Castor Oil
Posted by Terry (Las Cruces) on 01/26/2023

What was your castor oil regimen? Did you take it only at night, or day and night? How many drops?

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by KS (Glenview, IL) on 07/01/2021
1 out of 5 stars


I had a cataract in my right eye-tried every drop there is. I first used Can-C for a year or more. After spending hundreds of dollars on drops, I still had to have surgery, as I was virtually blind in that eye, by that time. The drops may have delayed the inevitable (?) I had even listened to Sapien Medicine & Rife frequencies twice a day. Now, I have a bad cataract in the left eye. Since I've given up on drops, I'm only listening to the frequencies. So, far that hasn't worked. Overall, I have a good diet & take some supplements, which vary, don't smoke or drink. I couldn't see myself doing the castor oil, so can't speak to that. Good luck everyone, hope to hear about a cure soon.

Can-C (N-Acetylcarnosine Drops)
Posted by Peg (Charlottesville, Va) on 12/25/2022

Following links suggested above by Ben from Washington, on proteolitic enzymes, I feel they are good for many issues, including eyes, that are impacted by impure blood where blood cannot deliver oxygen. With the eyes, issues can occur due to the lack of oxygen to the cornea. Please watch:

Posted by MICHELE (Nevada) on 09/25/2022

EDTA needs MSM to drive it in to be effective - here is one PUBMED STUDY:

Reader Q&A
Posted by Lucia (Los Angeles) on 01/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Denise, The only person that I've found that has a healing method for cataracts is Dr. Sam Berne. His website is He incorporated a 15% msm drops, eye exercises and supplements. Eye exercise are free. My friend tried the CAN-C drops that work for some people, didn't work for him and he is currently using Dr Sam's 4% MSM solution.

Reader Q&A
Posted by Emily (Los Angeles) on 02/27/2021

I bought my friend the 15% solution from Dr. Sam Berne. She used the drops from August 2020 to the present and didn't feel there was any improvement. Wish there was. It may be that there is something out there, but haven't found it yet. Other things tried were Can-C and Dr. Teds remedy. Also tried a holist cataract formula. Maybe some remedies work on some people.

Reader Q&A
Posted by Ignacio (El Monte, CA) on 02/28/2021

This is to Emily from L.A., Ca. regarding something for cataracts.

I read in Dr. David G. Williams "Alternatives" Newsletter about an ointment or drops from Vietnam. He was having a hard time getting them into the U.S. at the time. It was some 15-20 years ago. Maybe there are some of his ( Dr. David Williams) followers that can update us on that. Sorry, I can't be of much help. I'm sure there is something out there, don't give up. Happy hunting. If you find something, post it. lol.

Reader Q&A
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 02/28/2021

Emily, have you tried castor oil on the eylids before bed?

Enzyme Therapy
Posted by Bev S. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Digestive enzymes therapy has also been used successfully to treat cataracts by improving blood circulation in the eyes and helping rid the eyes of debris. Suggested enzymes are:

Superoxide dismutase
Trypsin with chymotripsin
Microbial protease

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sandy (Il) on 09/13/2018

how do you use all the above items listed in your mesage. Please help

Eye Drops, Lutein
Posted by Eileen (Brazil~ Sao Paulo) on 06/13/2017

My mom has severe catsrata and GLAUCOMA. How could I aquire the eye drop you are using? If made ~what are the exact measures? I am desperate.

Castor Oil
Posted by KS (IL) on 09/29/2021

I tried everything before cataract surgery on my right eye, except castor oil. None of the various drops worked & they were expensive. They might have helped halt progression, but they didn't reverse the cataract. I even used Sapien Medicine frequencies 2x/d & Solgar eye formula-nada. Now I'll be going for the left eye surgery soon. The reality is the sooner you do the surgery, the less complications. If something has helped then it wasn't a cataract.

Castor Oil
Posted by T.r. Stone (Omaha, Ne) on 05/25/2016

Currently the oral antioxidant regimen I'm following consists of:

*Alpha Lipoic Acid

*Lutein with Zanthaxin (however it's spelled! )

*Bilberry Extract

Castor Oil
Posted by T.r. Stone (Omaha, Ne) on 05/25/2016

Well, look at it this way: here's an example where it certainly didn't help a cataract, and in fact made things worse!

I guess my point really is: if you have a therapy that's working, don't change it for something else.

Honey Jatai
Posted by Lynne (Lexington, Ky) on 02/01/2018

Can you tell me where I could purchase jatai honey please.

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