Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

Castor Oil

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Posted by Suzanne (Norman, Ok) on 03/10/2017

Warning! I got USP organic castor oil to use for cataracts. I put one drop in each eye. A few minutes later my eyes hurt, I was nauseated and had trouble breathing, and felt weak. I immediately used eye wash to thoroughly wash out each eye. I felt somewhat better but continued to have problems throughout the next day. I looked up the symptoms of a bad reaction to castor oil and it was as I described.

Castor oil stays in your system anywhere from 4 to 18 hours. My advice is don't try this for the first time when you're alone - you may need to someone to call for help. Try a smaller amount to start and have something available to wash out your eye if you need it. The literature I read said the bad side effects can accumulate if you continue to use the castor oil. You won't know if you'll have bad side effects unless you try the castor oil.

Thankfully I recovered but it took at least 18 hrs for all effects to dissipate. This won't happen to everyone but please be aware.

Replied by Denise W.
(Westboro Ma)
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If you've never used it before I would start by rubbing it on my skin first allowing your body a chance to become familiar with the substance and to see if you have any reaction. In which case if you do, you wouldn't use in the eyes.

Replied by Frank

Sounds like you are allergic.

Replied by Adrien

Could be an allergy. I have read the castor oil must be hexane free.

Castor Oil
Posted by Barbara (Glastonbury Uk) on 08/03/2016

Sadly the Castor Oil has not worked for me. I had my eyes tested a year ago and was told that I had a slow growing cataract. Started with the Castor Oil each evening and hoped that when I had my eyes tested again, he would wonder where the cataract had gone. Today's verdict is that it has grown, not diminished, and I now have a letter for the hospital eye specialist.

Replied by KS

I tried everything before cataract surgery on my right eye, except castor oil. None of the various drops worked & they were expensive. They might have helped halt progression, but they didn't reverse the cataract. I even used Sapien Medicine frequencies 2x/d & Solgar eye formula-nada. Now I'll be going for the left eye surgery soon. The reality is the sooner you do the surgery, the less complications. If something has helped then it wasn't a cataract.

Castor Oil
Posted by T.R. Stone (Omaha, Ne) on 05/22/2016



I was getting my cataract under control with Oclumed eye drops, then switched to the (organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free) castor oil therapy; a week later, I'm practically blind in my cataract eye now---the cloudiness is horrible, easily twice as bad as it was before. All I did was stop using the Oclumed, and (foolishly) went on the castor oil regimen---I didn't do ANYTHING different than before. Now I'm praying that the Oclumed can bring me back to where I was before I decided to try this stupid experiment.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

T. Stone, different strokes for different folks. I've seen cataracts diminish from applying Castor Oil on the eyelids.

Replied by Timh
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This looks like a case of nutrient deficiency. Low antioxidant status plus other nutrients necessary for eye health prevent many or most chronic eye diseases.

For many yrs there was an natural formula called "Occuguard" which contains many good nutrients for eyes, but I don't know if it's still marketed in this name; or go to local or online health food store for similar formula.

The ingredients list should contain as many of the fallowing nutrients as possible:

  1. Taurine
  2. Billberry herb
  3. Lutein
  4. Zeaxanthin
  5. Vit-A (Cod Liver Oil)
  6. Eyebright herb
  7. Zinc

These nutrients should restore your vision shortly and should not negative interact with the Oclumed product you are taking, however it would be safe to read the "interactions & warnings" labels on the product. If you could disclose what exactly this product contains that would help, but it appears a non-natural product and for short term use.

Replied by T.r. Stone
(Omaha, Ne)

Currently the oral antioxidant regimen I'm following consists of:

*Alpha Lipoic Acid

*Lutein with Zanthaxin (however it's spelled! )

*Bilberry Extract

Replied by T.r. Stone
(Omaha, Ne)

Well, look at it this way: here's an example where it certainly didn't help a cataract, and in fact made things worse!

I guess my point really is: if you have a therapy that's working, don't change it for something else.

Replied by T.r. Stone
(Omaha, Ne)

Just wanted to let you know: I found "Ocuguard PLUS" at a local health-food store, and decided to give it a try. I also have some Eyesight Rx tablets coming through the mail, but I'll wait until I eat up the Ocuguard first. I hope you're right about it helping to restore my eyesight....I've been saturation-bombing my cataract eye with 8 drops of Oclumed every day, and I'm just now starting to detect slight gains in my eyesight again. The problem is, it's a slowwwww process, and patience ain't something I'm noted for when it comes to treating my illnesses. ;-)

Castor Oil
Posted by Elaine F. (New Brighton, Mn) on 04/07/2015

Go to -- he says "Each night, at bedtime, place into each eye one drop of USP castor oil. The reason for bedtime is that the vision will be clouded for a while because of the oil, but it is used up overnight. DO NOT USE THE CASTOR OIL YOU WOULD USE FOR CASTOR OIL PACKS OR BATHS! Cataracts disappear over 2 to 6 months, depending on the degree of development..."

Castor Oil
Posted by Gator (Kamloops, Bc Canada) on 01/25/2015

I tried the Castor Oil in my eyes and each time my heart rate accelerated so I had to stop. Anyone know why this would happen?

Replied by Annie
(North Carolina)

Your accelerated heart rate may quite likely be due to your being allergic to the castor oil. Have read in many journals that one way to test food allergy is to take your pulse before and again after eating a food. If it increases that's a very good indication you are allergic. I have found that to be a great indicator. So since you absorb the castor oil through your skin it would react the same way. I am allergic myself to Castor Oil, otherwise would try it for cataracts but think I'll try the carnosine approach but will definitely muscle test before putting in my eyes. Good luck with your journey!

Castor Oil
Posted by Greta (Kamloops, Bc Canada) on 01/16/2015

Castor Oil for Cataracts

I used the NOW brand of Castor Oil in my eye at bedtime and every time my heart would just race for quite some time. I kept it up for a week with no difference, but the elevated heart rate was so uncomfortable I stopped using it. Could anyone enlighten me why this would happen? With thanks

Castor Oil
Posted by Sandy (Il, US) on 12/22/2014

Can somebody tell me me which castor oil to use for cataract? Is it cold pressed, cold processed organic? and where to buy?

Replied by Sharon

I went to Sprouts and found the Now brand of Castor Oil which says it is 100% pure and on the back of the bottle it says that it is considered food grade and that is what you should use. Don't use the other castor oil product that even says not to use in your eyes but only in a pack on your body elsewhere. It feels good in my eyes and I will let you know when it dissolves my cataract. I am putting 2 drops in my cataract eye and one in my other eye. Good luck!

Replied by Sandy

Thank you Sharon. I will try and let you know about my cataract when it dissolves. God Bless all those who have contributed to develop this site and bless all those who write their experiences.

Replied by Mama To Many

For in the eyes, I look for one that is organic and cold pressed (or expeller pressed.)

Replied by Lin

The best castor oil for all purposes is Heritage Store's, La Palma Christi. You can find it easily online. The iHerb website is quite good.

Castor Oil
Posted by Sharon (Tampa, FL) on 10/08/2014

Just a fyi on castor oil. The pharmacy brands are highly processed, and tend not to work on cataracts and other uses. The cold pressed castor oil retains it's properties and gives a better success rate.

Castor Oil
Posted by Lynn (Victoria B C, Canada) on 06/25/2014

I had very small cataracts in eyes 3 years ago (age 66), but just had a visit to my eye Dr. today and he confirmed I have perfect eyes.

Initially told I had to go with the flow as there was nothing I could do about it other then surgery down the road. However, I have been taking 1-2 drops of " CASTOR OIL " (organic and expeller pressed) in each eye 5 nights a week for mostly redness/ a little dryness , also a daily warm water compress will relax and add moisture. So stop and rest for 15 minutes daily to revive your eyes. We are so fortunate to have everything at our finger tips and with a little research from these terrific sites we can go natural as that is how it was always meant to be .

Castor Oil
Posted by Olivia (Bahamas) on 01/23/2014

Questions About Castor Oil for Cataracts:

I have cataracts in Both of my eyes and my eyes do be red and I don't like when people ask me if I been dtinking or smoking and I dont smoke, but I do have a drink or two but that's it. And even when I yawn my eyes turn glassy and red thats my reason for looking online to see how to reverse it. They are small but I was looking online and it says I can put castore oil in my eye. I got some organic castor oil hexane free cold pressed the psalmist from the hertiage store. Is that good to put in my eyes. If I can put it in my eyes how many times a day can I put it in my eyes and exactly how to put it in my eyes meaning do I put it on the pupil or on the corner of my eyes do I close my eye and rub it in or just blink a few times.

Castor Oil
Posted by Paul (Scottsdale, Az) on 02/14/2013

I feel a little confused as to which castor oil drops for eyes (cataracts) to buy. Because my eyes are my "eyes", I need to feel reassured that what I put on them is okay, safe (e.g. if castor oil dissolves cataracts, will it dissolve other things related to the eyes too, like good things?).

Also, there are 6 areas that some companies say are important related to putting something on your eyeball. I value knowing facts. I value learning from what anyone knows about these items (so I can understand and choose the right castor oil for my eyes). Thank You. Here they are:
1. Organic
2. Hexane-free
3. Sterile
4. Ozone treated
5. Cold-pressed
6. Pharmaceutical quality

I want to be educated and anything you can share would be MOST appreciated. Thank you, Paul Michael

Replied by Wendy
(United Kingdom)

I was recommended the organic hexane free castor oil. I have this morning received it from the USA so have not tried it yet. I have glaucoma in both eyes and use drops every night so will need to use the castor oil during the day. I will give it sometime and then let you know how I get on.

Replied by Dee

Choose organic cold pressed hexane free Castor Oil in a glass bottle. I would try Castor Oil on the eyelids first. Some people can be allergic to Castor Oil.

For dry eyes mix a drop of organic honey in a drop of distilled pure water in each eye.

Blink, it will sting at first, then it will soothe the dry eyes.

Castor Oil
Posted by Cheryl (Bacliff, Texas) on 09/28/2012

I have now purchased my bottle of cold pressed castor oil.... Just like they say, it doesn't hurt a bit, it feels good. I am desperately trying to get rid of my cataract. First question... How long do I do this treatment? Second question, if it dissolves a cataract, will it destroy or dissolve anything else in the eye that my harm your vision further than what the cataract is doing?

Castor Oil
Posted by Susan (Battlefield, Missouri) on 05/31/2012

I have cataracts and I am at the begining stages. I do not want surgery and have been researching natural cures. I have to admit the thought of putting castor oil in my eyes is more than a scary thought. I think if I just put plain ole motor oil in my eye it would work as well. ( Of course I would never do that ). Anyway I need more info before I put something that drastic in my eye little lone my body. Any information on this subject would be great. Yes I live in the show me state. Ha

Replied by Taylor
(Tempe, Az)

It should be Hexane Free 100% Pure Castor Oil - You should input "Uses For Castor Oil" in the browser. You will be surprised at the 1000's of people who have uploaded videos about their own successful experiences using it. You can input the use of all the other remedies mentioned above and you will find many videos on those as well. These are more likely to be honest than any advertisement or article that is also selling something for it.

Castor Oil
Posted by Trudy (Evans, Washington, Usa) on 02/23/2012

I used castor oil for cataracts -- a drop in each eye for 8 nites.... Got rid of cataracts and grew fabulous eye lashes.

Castor Oil
Posted by Trudy (Evans, Wa Usa) on 02/01/2012

A couple 2-3 mos. ago I began seeing double headlights on oncoming cars and a double time (time projected clock) on ceiling at night. I was told upon examination I had a "ripe" cataract in my right eye... After being told for 20 yrs. "... You have a cataract forming in your right eye... ". I did the Castor Oil "cure" (w/100% organic certified cold pressed) a drop in each eye for 8 nights. Soon no more double headlights or time and my eyelashes now grow 2 rows and thicker. Yesterday the doc told me "... It's gone but w/castor oil it may come back.... "

But I'm getting new glasses and feel so much better. Now, to get rid of my ET in my left hand.......

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