Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

Posted by Dave (London) on 03/15/2018


Please DO NOT put neat DMSO in your eye, you MUST always dilute DMSO when using internally, say to 70% with distilled or deionised water. The stuff from Dr Jacobs smells a little like petrol and leaves a taste like that in your mouth that you need to rinse away with a few small glasses or orange juice or any other fruit juice. It should ALWAYS be a little diluted, say to 70% before drinking for instance, I have drunk three double vodka glasses neat at once on several occasions and am still here, but when neat like that it has a slightly irritating and de-oiling effect on tissue, and when used neat externally, it makes skin on the arm raw looking and feeling and uncomfortable, maybe a little cream or oil with it when used on skin externally would be good.

So thinking about this, you don't want the tissue in your eye, which, like the brain, is largely oil, disrupted, this stuff is a powerful chemical, and might cause tissues in your eye to lose integrity when oil is stripped, so dilute at maximum to 70% and you will still notice a slight exothermic reaction, not enough to burn, just a slight warmth like you drank some lukewarm tea.