Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

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If I had one supplement to suggest someone with Atrial Fibrillation or any heart condition for that matter, Magnesium would be that. It took me 4 years to figure this out, but for some reason certain individuals deplete Mag levels in our bodies more than others. Possibly stress , or diet, but there are days I can t keep enough in my system. Ive dealt with Tachycardia several times and a high dose (800-1200mg) of Mag and Hawthorne (2000mg), gets me in NSR. I have not used it yet to get me out of full AF, but I am more confident now than I have ever been on Meds. Hope to never take Meds again.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Bee (New York) on 04/25/2015


I am sorry you went through this but you will no doubt be healing yourself and yes I know about big pharma ; doctors and their pills.. I was diagnosed with hbp two years ago and was put on pills but none of them worked. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't educated about it at the time.. then they gave me a beta blocker and it worked a little but then I started to get smart and found natural remedies and a better diet and sun and grounding and exercise.. well they wouldn't get me off the drug and so I weaned myself off but it was a small nightmare. I was confined to my house for about a year with horrific side effects.. I had every side effect in the book .. I am off the drugs now and using all natural things and I am so greatful that I am okay.. I am still learning and tweaking as I go.

Good Luck

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 01/09/2016

To Mary/Texas:

I have had it for 3 yrs now and always scary! But the supplements seem to help as well as the drugs for me with no side effects Try them too! The doctors don't have much to offer. Just the nasty drugs with side effects and ablation which doesn't have a great success rate either! Have to learn to "manage it" somehow. I have lorazepam for the anxiety that comes with it too. Just 0.5-1.0mg a day usually! Good luck

General Feedback
Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, USA) on 07/31/2012

I have recently read where doctor weston price years ago found out that root canals were responsible for many diseases. his work was overlooked and buried for over 70 years. it seems that these things leak bacteria with no apparent symtoms for years. only when the gums become inflamed and sore does one realize root canals are not what they appear.

then it dawned on me, the fact that shortly after getting 2 root canals in 1995 i started getting afib and tinnitus. could that be the hidden cause of my afib the doctors are clueless about? could that be the one thing all doctors overlook and all dentists say no way? could it be dental procedures are as deadly and dangerous as the poison drugs doctors give us? could it be the entire medical proffesion is out to kill us? i think maybe so. i will know tomorrow when i have these yanked out and replaced with implants. i will post any changes.

Posted by Xylnx (Smithtown, Ny) on 02/29/2012
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I have atrial fribrillation for 10 years and have tried virtually all health foods. Molasses (3 tbl/day) appears to have a major difference so far but I will have to wait a couple more months to be sure. It has also lowered my pulse.

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce
Posted by Heather (Miami, Florida) on 12/07/2009

Thank you Kathleen and Lisa for your response.

To respond to Kathleen, I don't know about my mother, but I eat tamarind, hot peppers and anchovies without a problem.I have been researching this subject the past couple of days and have found some interesting links......

Atrial Fibrillation and MSG

Here's a good page on MSG:

I also found references to corn syrup and racing heart on Earth Clinic! and

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce
Posted by Jane (Passadena, Ca) on 12/07/2009

Interesting links, thank you Heather. I found one of the website's you linked to about MSG and Taurine Deficiency very insightful.

"Taurine is the body's heartbeat regulator. Deficiency states can be induced by MSG because glutamate competes in the body with another sulfur-containing amino acid - cysteine. The body uses cysteine to make taurine - another sulfur-containing amino acid used as a neurotransmitter. A major complaint of MSG symptom complex sufferers is irregular, fast heartbeats, - atrial fibrillation. The same symptom also occurs from taurine deficiency."

Maybe you and your mother can try supplementing with Taurine?

ORH Remedies
Posted by KT (USA) on 02/25/2020
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I no longer have a desktop I can type on easier so this repy is not easy. Hubs diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. I looked up all ingredients of drugs he was put on, side effects and compatibility. He was on all kinds of drugs that have side effects that include high blood pressure. He was then put on drugs for high blood pressure and told he may have to have open heart surgery. The drugs for HBP were two strengths of carvedilol that he couldn't continue to take because they made him feel so bad. Without wordy detail, marjoram contains carvacrol that is supposed to do the same thing as carvedilol just not as fast and doesn't include other fillers. Personally I feel, and it has been my experience that the binders, fillers and capsules cause more problems. I hope this will help. I just started using it. I am going to try to spin it into a powder.

ORH Remedies
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 02/27/2020

Hi ORH... I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with Afib. I only have two suggestions for you. First you should start taking a herb called Arjuna terminalia. In Ayurvedic medicine, this herb is a much revered herb for the heart. This herb resolves a multitude of heart problems including Afib. And when I say it's revered -- it's been a mainstay treatment for multifarious heart problems in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. That means that Arjuna works. Arjuna is a well known cardioprotective and cardiotonic. Arjuna acts to strengthen the heart, corrects heart rhythms, stops hardening of the arteries, cures angina, cures edema and also has anti-inflammatory action. Dosage is 500mg per day to a max dose of 1500mg per day (in 3 split dosages). Arjuna has no known or observable side-effects. It's very safe. Secondly you should seriously consider taking curcumin or tumeric powder as a heart protective. There has been much research on the beneficial activities of tumeric for the heart and I haven't got room to discuss all it's other many benefits here. I'm currently regularly taking organic tumeric in yellow powder form as a heart protective, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, brain protective(anti-dementia), hepatoprotective and anti-fungal because you will get the benefit of the oil soluble curcumin plus the benefit of all the other water soluble constituents of tumeric powder as well. Here's some of the research on tumeric/curcumin: I just take my tumeric dose with my coffee and here's how I prepare it. I add a teaspoon of organic tumeric powder to the coffee cup. Then I add some pepper. Pepper contains piperine which will increase the absorption of tumeric into your body by a factor of about 2000 times. Then I just add some coconut oil because curcumin is oil soluble. Mix well. Then add the coffee and hot water and just sip it down. I take this once or twice a day with coffee from the bean. Also bear in mind that tumeric is a very useful anti-fungal. I mention this because fungus, as well as bacteria and viruses, can and do invade the heart muscle region to cause serious problems. I also freely admit to being somewhat paranoid about fungus -- I never want fungus dominating my body ever again. I also know that you've said in the past that you are still battling with candida problems. And, since candida can invade any organ or tissue in the body, maybe that fungus is the root cause of all your heart problems. So there's another good reason to take tumeric. Just trying to cover all the bases. All the best to you...

Magnesium, Ginger
Posted by Pat McG. (NJ) on 10/15/2019
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So I too was diagnosed with Afib & it was pretty bad. I realized that it seemed to happen when eating or sleeping so I was thinking it was coming from my stomach & not my heart as the doctor says — so I refused all medication. Through trial & error, I found something that got rid of it. First, ReMag magnesium (I take 1/4 tsp in water & sip throughout the day) and the big improvement came by taking ginger — I use Now brand Ginger Root Extract with 5% gingerols. If you don't have that, I use ginger from the spice aisle, 1/4 tsp. in a small glass of water. These 2 has basically made my afib disappear but if I get any signs of it, ginger knocks it out in like 10 minutes. I just read on a site that someone stopped their Afib by taking enzymes when they eat & probiotics in the morning. I'm gonna add that in just for “insurance”. My theory is that I got this Afib from taking levequin, which damaged or aggrevated my vagus nerve. I'm thinking that most Afib comes from a problem with the vagus nerve — research it on the web & you will find lots of info.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN.) on 10/04/2019

HI U RSW,,,,,,,,,, we have corresponded over the years and I appreciate your post. You know that my idol, Hulda Clarke, always said that all disease is because of parasites. MD Anderson is not a favorite place of mine. Had lots of kin and friends go there and they were not helped at all. All died. I research and this new bunch has my interest. They think my heart problem is either due to my skeleton alignment or a toxin. I think they are right. Something is messin up my brain to heart talk. EDTA Chelation was supposed to be my savior. I had no clue about this electrical communication thing. I will reread your URL and maybe start eating dog stuff. I know that I have had low grade cancer several times and handled that naturally. Few people will do that. I have a 71 year old buddy that was drenched daily with Round up in Vietnam. He is now a sick, sick fellow and knows what's ahead and he's gone from the class cut up to a very bitter person. The VA has it down pat. Eventually your whole body goes to pot. He knows his future health. Again, thank you for being my friend. Just hope folks are entertained with my true stories. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by HisJewel (United States) on 03/23/2019

Hi There again ORH and EC, I found Bill Thompson's post on Fulvic Acid and noticed he used Iodine when taking Fulvic Acid to even things out. That may be key to successful use. Here is his post. Bill from San Fernando, Philippines March 14, 2013 at 8:15 am Hi Lauren… I use humic/fulvic acid on a weekly basis. I also just buy it from the garden center as granules or powder because its way cheaper than buying the organic or edible “standardized” forms. To make the drink I just add a small amount of Humic Acid to water so that the water has a light brown see-through appearance(not black). I also always add a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to make the water alkaline. Then I just add a few drops of lugols iodine or a few drops of 10% sodium thiosulphate to remove any heavy metals and bad halogens and then just drink it like that. Humic acid is just 75 million year old plant humus that has been broken down by enzymes and has also had high thermodynamic pressure applied to it because it is found compacted in rock strata. Humic Acid makes body metabolism much more efficient, it is a wonderful detoxer of poisons and also has strong anti-viral action.

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ORH, a good while ago I learnt to stay away from the news. Healthier that way. It's enough what I get from the grapevine.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/21/2017

PAT,,,,,,,,, see that you and I are on the same wave length as to the supplements we take to avoid A FIB. I do take an Rx, Cartizim, that my cardiologist prescribed, but my Integrative doctor insisted that I take until I could find a better solution. I also take Nattokinase to keep my blood thin instead of Rat Poison.

I only take cayenne when I go into A FIB. My CPAP has helped. I keep my Cayenne in my gun bag and my gun bag is with me constantly.

I have not even considered ablation because cayenne extract works for me within 5 minutes. Here is where you can buy it.

Got pictures coming showing our garden that you don't want to miss. I am really concerned about the world situation. Everyone is in total rage and no one is seeking guidance from our Lord. He's going to get enough and there will be nothing left but a greasy spot. At least the folks on EC try to help their fellow man.

I wish you well.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 05/25/2017

MORGAN,,,,,,, To address my AFIB problem..... I solve most of my problems using the shotgun method. I think my problem is due to stress and sleep apnea. The way you breath is important to keep your oxygen up. I sleep in a CPAP and that has helped immensely. I take Nattokinase to keep my blood thin. I take the Rx Cartizen, Taurine, and a Hawthorne supplement and keep my cayenne extract close at hand. I also take magnesium.

I have not had a spell in several months. When I do, I try to chill out, then take 5 drops in 1/3 glass of warm water. My pulse rate drops within a few minutes. I do take lots of supplements I.e. 14,000 iu Vit B 3 /day. Wish I knew enough to help you, but can only relate what seems to work for me.


Posted by Pat (Pa) on 04/22/2016

Thanks! I really think that I wasn't getting enough Mg and especially the Taurine that helped! Off all meds even if I get afib, I convert with a little metapropol and no more fleccanide! I havent had it for about a month now and each time I have had it since January it gets less and less! So I know I'm getting better! The "Heart Calm" has Taurine and Mg in it along with Potassium and coq10.And I take 1000 more Taurine in addition to that a day! So... hoping that I hit on something here! I take Hawthorn and VitC, D, Fish oil, aged garlic and a multi also which I pretty much always took!

Hope you guys are doing well! I am on the run from those doctors and their ablation! Oh and I also use the Magnesium spray oil on my skin 2x a day! I must have needed a lot of Mg! Very depleted it seems! And Taurine is a potent detoxifier as is Mg! All these supplements are costing me more than the meds, but I'd rather do it this way with NO side effects! The only side effect is how good I feel!

Posted by Georgia (Florida) on 06/11/2017

Pat and Dave, Congrats on all your success! I do believe in our bodies ability to heal! I have developed daily proximal afib this past year after having Pac's from dealing with circulatory issues 17years of chronic lyme and mycoplasma with severe symptoms of my scalp muscle and leg spasms. Stress and monthly postmenopausal hemorrhage from altered uterine cells from chronic mycoplasma also occurred during the onset of debilitating daily afib episodes. I take Remag, ReMyte and ReAline to bowel tolerance and other supplements you mentioned but continue with issues. Do you take the Herb Calm and REMag and REMyte? What's the total taurine you take daily as the ReAline does have some? I also do biweekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs to build kidney chi after a vibrant life of 6 kids but now am homebound due to erratic unpredictable afibs (up to 250beats) that have led to passing out, head injury and convulsive syncope. My ekg is ok and blood tests normal. I am looking into ozone for the chronic issues but need to regain NSR which I do have in between serious bouts. You are an inspiration and testimony of body's ability to heal and I appreciate your sharing.Thank you!

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/11/2015

ORH, thank you for your upbeat spirit. I needed that today.

Posted by Bee (New York) on 11/15/2015

I had the same sort of experience Tim .. I had gallstones and I believe giving me palpitations along with the meds I was given for high blood pressure.. beta blocker.... Well I started getting rid of the gallstones with flushes and then started taking a lot of magnesium and yes the COQ10 and carnitine .. I am off the beta blockers now and no more gallbladder pain.. Havent had a palpitation in a very very long time... I k now walk a lot . more than I ever have and there is no more pain in my gallbladder... I do follow Dr. Sinatra and there is where I also got the info. I haven't done the Ribose yet..

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/19/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS, , , , , , , , , , , ended up in the ER this morning when my heart went crazy again. This time my pulse went to 176 but my BP went out the roof. They got it down after several hours. They did get an EKG when it was out of sync and when it got back to normal and sent to my Knoxville cardiologist.

The first line on the side effects of the drug prescribed for me is: " It can cause very bad health problems that may not go away, and sometimes causes death."

Wow, that sure takes a load off my mind. Between cancer, heart problems and an aching back, my life is about as interesting as I can stand. Don't fret for me, because I always find a way to solve my ails.

When I left the ER , I told all that I truly loved them but hoped I never saw them again. They hooted.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 11/20/2015

HI U Rsw, , , , , , , , , yep, you right. It hurt my feeling not to get my pulse down. I tried for about 3 hours and pulled every trick I knew. The thing that the ER doctor said is that my pulse had headed down before their stuff had time to react so he was impressed. I can't believe he did not know that cayenne extract would save you from a heart attack or a stroke. I got this from an old doctor some 25 years ago. I have kept it in my gun bag for some 20 years. I have my gun bag at my side at all times.

I have only seen Marijuana once when the DEA found it on our hunting lease some 15 years ago. When we approached the scene, I ask what was going on. " Who are you". This is our hunting lease. He then hollered to his team..... "here he is". Scared my mule and we told them that this was the first marijuana we had ever seen. He then told not to worry, that they had already investigated us from A to Z.

Since then I have watched the video of the guy in Nova Scotia who raises it and boils it down to a tar and cures his friends cancer. He too is in trouble.

I am convinced that the war on Marijuana is promoted by Big Pharma. Just like the killing of the supplement Anatabloc made from tobacco that was curing arthritis. It works ....... just too bad that greed got involved and the Gov of Va had to go to jail. Now it is not available.

Tobacco is a herb used by the Native Americans since the beginning of time. What killed cigarettes was not tobacco, but the arsenic that was spread on it to kill the boll worms who ate the bolls and the pesticides sprayed on it in the warehouses, and the fungicides sprayed to keep down the fungus.

Enough for one outing. =====ORH======

Posted by Hwkmn05 (NH, US) on 10/12/2014 109 posts

Bee, 37 mg is a pretty low dose and depending on what time of day you take it, H should not interfere with it, if it does at all. Beta blockers limit and weaken stress hormones, while H improves circulation expanding blood vessels. New medical studies have now shown how vital stress is to our hearts, calling it "good stress". That fight or flight hormone being blocked should tell us something as naturally beneficially to us eventually will fail. Lets say you take 250 mg H in Am, and all your Metop at night, your HR at the worst will go down slightly and you can adjust the H the next day. By doing this, I weaned off 200 mg of Flecainide, a much more dangerous med, in 3 months, using H right along with it. This isnt rocket science here. No one ever died from a Drug deficiency, but plenty get sick from nutrition/mineral deficiency.

Posted by Sue (Michigan, US) on 06/23/2014

What type of Magnesium are you taking?

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh, US) on 07/22/2014 109 posts

I use a few different types of Mg because it can be difficult to contain in your small intestine. Mg Citrate is good, but I have recently switched to Mg Malate and find I can retain it longer. Also, Mg Oil. which you can apply topically near your heart, and assimilates quickly. I just used that and Hawthorne, 4-5 times the dose to get out of AF this month. Took about 5 hours, but it hasn't come back.

Posted by Karin Rn (Ca) on 11/10/2016

Have you looked up natural blood thinners such as clove essential oil and maybe cinnamon taken per instructions for the brand and diluted appropriately for the cinnamon since it's a hot oil.

Back Injury Connection to AFIB
Posted by Sarah (Chicago, Il) on 02/16/2014

Hi Linda, it might be peripheral neuropathy OR you might have a magnesium deficiency and/or potassium deficiency and/or electrolyte deficiency triggered when you exert yourself. I would start restoring your magnesium levels each day to see if this helps. Vitamin C packets with electrolytes might be helpful as well. Just make sure to find ones without aspartic acid, an artificial sweetener which can trigger a-fib. Make sure your diet contains no hidden MSG or artificial sweeteners. Please let us know what your diet is like.

Alternatively, you might have a good chiropractor check to see if a rib or two is out of place.

I have heard Alpha Lipoic Acid is good for Peripheral Neuropathy, so you can research that and see if it works.

Back Injury Connection to AFIB
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/16/2014

To Linda from Washington,

Do not wish to give you disconcerting information and certainly hope I am wrong but the symptoms you give would indicate you are verging on very serious heart situation.

If this were me...

And I did have a friend a year (plus) ago who asked for advice with many of the symptoms you mentioned. When we was bending over working in his garden, he'd have an onset of symptoms especially heavy feeling in his chest. Etc.

I told him and tell very careful NOT to exert until corrective action is undertaken .... immediately.

He refused to go to Doc or ER having had bad experience with same a few years earlier.

I told him he must get on the following immediately...

Vitamin E (NATURAL E, d alpha tocopherol, not the synthetic dl....) Get the real thing in health food store not drug store. Start with 200 iu daily and increase to 400 in 30 days, then increase to 600 a month later. I take 1,000 IUs daily of dl alpha tocopherol. E will clean veins and arteries and oxygenate the heart (and other muscles).

PS...You do not have PN. Even if you did, it's the least of your worries.

1,000 mg of Arginine

500 mg of herb Hawthorn

1,000 mg of Co Q 10

100 mg of niacin (causes a flush... read about this on internet)

After you start up with the E, get off the aspirin since the E is a blood thinner and you don't need aspirin to thin once on E.

1,000 mg of magnesium

500 mg of potassium...good source is ACV .... one tablespoon in large glass of water...sipped after last meal of day

Remote possibility you have infection in heart...don't think so...but just in case take two tablespoons of colloidal silver on empty stomach for two weeks...will kill infection if any. Important on empty stomach to get into blood stream.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Wendy (Spokane, Wa) on 10/28/2017

If your A-fib is caused by overstimulation of the Vegas nerve vs. faulty heart valves, you will get A-fib typically during the night and when your turn on your left side. I have the similar problems. I'm still trying to unravel. I hooked up with a Naturopath, who could look at all of me to try to unravel this mystery. Other factors could be adrenal fatigue and thyroid dx.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Joy (Salem, Or) on 12/03/2015

Thank u for your input and I will try some of your suggestions except for the cold water which seems to actually trigger my attacks!! Other triggers seem to be; BENDING OVER change in blood pressure, LOUD NOÌSES, EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCES, ACID REFLUX and COLD DRINKS.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Waltz (India) on 12/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Joy,

Triggers from Loud Noise and Emotional Disturbance both are big symptoms of Magnesium deficiency. Try massaging of Magnesium Chloride oil (from Life Flo or Ancient Minerals) twice daily totaling 20-30 sprays everyday, preferably on the chest and back. You can also orally supplement with Magnesium glycinate pills which do not produce diarrhea like other forms of magnesium. In all 500 to 800 mg of Magnesium per day should start helping you within few weeks.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Nmx (Usa) on 01/14/2017

You might want to try Aconite Homeopathic 30x or c... big heart aid and can regulate the heart... said to stop some heart attacks in their tracks...

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 05/26/2014

About PACE MAKERS and atrial fib...

My father's side of the family all have bad hearts, except for his youngest brother who did, and still does, EVERYTHING wrong health wise. He smoked has been a big drinker from really young, always in bed, or over the pub. My Father, who did EVERYTHING by the book health wise, died young from heart problems and his Mother as well. There were 9 children in his Family of them and only 3 now alive. My uncle his second youngest brother, was told weeks after my Father died he urgently needed a pacemaker or he'd be dead very soon.

My cousin, his eldest daughter, became ill on the day he booked into the hospital for his operation, and he asked the surgeon could he reschedule the operation as his child was ill. The surgeon refused and told him if he left then he wasn't responsible for his death and refused to put him back on the waiting list. LUCKY FOR HIM!!!! All his siblings had heart operations and all ended up with worsening heart problems followed by multiple operations.

HE'S NEVER HAD A HEART ATTACK AND IS STILL ALIVE AND FIT AS A FIDDLE!!! That was 14 year's ago and he's now in his late 70's and no problem's and never been near a Heart Doctor, or his own Doctor for any Heart complaint since that day.

Love Andrea C xxxx

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce
Posted by Ron (Tavernier, Fl) on 11/21/2010


Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 11/22/2010

I was just intending to post a question asking people here how they feel about it. I have just read a very interesting book about MSG and Aspartame written by an American neurosurgeon: Excitotoxins: the taste that kills, and am now in the process of adapting to a life without MSG (I don't drink fizzy drinks anyway so I guess that I don't need to worry about Aspartame). It is not easy as it comes under so many names and then there also the additives that sometimes have it but sometimes not and the ones that often have it but sometimes not! I have come to the conclusion that if you really want to ban this stuff you can hardly eat anything you buy in the shops. But why have things come to this point? Is the quality of food so bad that otherwise nothing tastes anymore?

The other day someone here was saying that it is even injected in chickens and turkeys.... I have heard (maybe not true) that they spray it on fruit and vegetables and that medication contains it as well..... Right now I am using a specialized toothpaste for my gums and I suspect that it might contain MSG too! Why on earth is it used everywhere? Even stuff you buy in the health store contains it!

Now I am reading another book, about E numbers (the additives they add here in Europe) and there the author tells you that there is nothing to fear about MSG and how good all the additives are, only to go on about all the bad side effects! It is a mess........ I used to be a keen cook but right now I don't have the desire to cook at all anymore. Am I overreacting...

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 11/22/2010 120 posts

Hello Francisca, No, I do not think you are over reacting, I also feel the same way about SOY products being in all the foods, even tuna, it is called vegetable broth and it is GMO. I make my own bread, and cook all my food myself, and wash the vegs good but it is impossible to find totally all clean and healthy foods and water, at all times, but keep trying, we must not get lax in our efforts.

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Ladyliza (Granada Hills, Ca) on 01/12/2012 32 posts

Some AF caused by heavy caffeine consumption.. Hopefully you don't imbibe much. Are you drinking ACV daily with water? That will help kill the candida. Also I would suggest not eating any mushrooms, mold, or yeast.. As it contributes to the problem. The ACV will help turn your acidity to alkaline. You need to get off of anything sweet as it is hard to get rid of candida when you eat sugar. I take 3 garlic pills a day and my white coated tongue has improved a lot. Good luck!

Alkaline Diet
Posted by James (NH, US) on 09/26/2014

Pat, Yes, stay off Rat Poison! No doubt that mine and many of others AF episodes are "Vagally mediated" from Vagus nerve. Having never had an issue during the day, only at sleep or just before bed late, I'm sure mine is digestive system related and not adrenal. Tis why they test us for apnea Im guessing. Unfortunately, EPs and Cardios still attempt to prescribe meds that don't address the condition, but the symptoms. Beta blockers will NOT work for Vagus initiated AF. Flecainide does, but wow, what a dangerous med that is. Add to the nocturnal AFers, the disruption of sleep from meds, actually contributes to arrhythmia by disturbing REM sessions at night. So then they are quick to put us on sedatives. This Pharma ball just keeps rolling downward. However, Ablation does seem to have fair success with both vagal and adrenal AF.

To conclude all this, I was on Metoprolol for a time, and still got AF. Then switched to Flec. However I weaned off that after 3 horrible months, so I can't say if it would have worked. I did take Hawthorne while weaning off these meds, but not the dosage I now take. I would start with a low dose, maybe 250 mg with both berrie and flower. Last AF episode, HR never got higher than 72, tho still irregular, and I was NSR in 5 hours. Id say that's as successful as any beta blocker. So now, When I get that feeling, flutter, etc at night, I load up on Malate Mag, 600-900mg, and 500-1500 Hawthorne, over a 1-3 hour period before bed. Keep in mind, I did build up to this over 6 months as Mag is tough to assimilate in small intestines. I do carry the Tuarine and Arginine in cabinet for PIP purposes, but will look at adding that in. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses seem to calm flutter down also. Best wishes.

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jay (Kansas) on 05/21/2016

From the research I've done on meds, I found out most of them CAUSE the same disease you are taking them for. I.e., heart meds CAUSE heart problems thus making them worse and possible killing you. See Dr Sherry Rogers, M.D., "Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?"


Alkaline Diet
Posted by Charlotte (Texas) on 04/04/2017

Blood thinners like Warafin and Coumadin all began with the herb Sweet Clover. Just get this.

EC: Interesting history about the discovery of Coumadin from Sweet Clover fed to cows here:

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Virginia (Canada) on 09/06/2017

We now know that genetically modified foods and glyphosate from spraying Consuming roundup/glyphosate is extremely harmful to our cells. G.M.O.s are not labelled so one has to ensure that you aren't consuming these in condiments, etc. Almost all corn and soy grown in the U.S. and Canada is now g.m.o. You will find corn syrup in many commercial foods. If one wants to eliminate inflammation from the body, one seriously needs to consider a g.m.o.- and glyphosate-free diet. This is crucial for health. Although organic is more expensive, when you consider how expensive is medications and Dr. fees, it makes perfect sense to eat clean.

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Leslei (Alaska) on 11/02/2017

My arrhythmia and heart palpitations start with any alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, wheat, sugar, anything fermented, vinegars. It's just crazy. I know if I get low on magnesium, zinc, dehydrated at all, forget to take some extra sea salt, get hot, or I sweat.... I'm going into afib.

Belt Technique
Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 09/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

A fib:

Wear a snug belt at the naval level. It stops it.

Posted by Janet (Mt. Juliet, TN) on 02/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Two words: Motherwort Tincture.

I have the palpitations, skipped beats, slow heart beat, fast heart beat, high blood pressure, panic attacks, etc.

I read a review of Motherwort tincture that convinced me to give it a try. Why not, I've tried everything else. Magnesium, potassium, Arginine, Lysine, dehydrated beet powder, cayenne, garlic, ginger, hawthorn, etc, etc, etc.

Many of these have helped immensely and kept me from dying. Motherwort stops my sudden high heartbeats, and palpitations as soon as it starts. It's cheap, and tastes like hell, but it may be a real help. Order a bottle and let us know how it has helped you.

Posted by Gee S. (Ontario ) on 09/16/2021
1 out of 5 stars

I tried motherwort and it did not provide any relief for me. I will try a larger dosage and provide updates.

ORH Remedies
Posted by KT (USA) on 02/26/2020

Dear ORH Now that I finally got something posted on here I'll add what the article said about marjoram. I copied it but didn't include the reference. I am looking... "Marjoram helps to widen and relax blood vessels easing the flow of blood which takes strain off the heart and reduces BP." I would suggest you Google compatibility with other meds you are taking. KT

ORH Remedies
Posted by Anon (Canada) on 02/27/2020

Hi ORH - I echo mmsg's sentiments – it's good to hear from you. I'm not an A Team member but my mother had Afib and, although her magnesium levels were fine, her potassium levels were dangerously low so she had to use potassium supplements to get it higher (her appetite had declined so diet really wasn't an option). Potassium really helped (evidently, we need 4,700 mg of potassium daily). You might find the following interesting. I'm glad Bill (definitely an A Team member!) responded to you as well . . . Take care.

ORH Remedies
Posted by Jan (Australia) on 06/18/2020

Soak your feet in a basin with warm water and Epsom Salts for 20 minutes every other day. I have suffered for years and just recently started this and even though I am 75 I mowed the lawn yesterday with no problems. Epsom Salts contain magnesium and the body soaks up what it needs. Also, a friend ended up in hospital recently with a racing heart and after they tried every thing they could think of, they put magnesium in the drip and it stopped immediately. Look up Dr Caroline Dean you will learn more about magnesium and see what she has to say about the benefits of magnesium.

Magnesium, Ginger
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 05/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I too find ginger helpful and believe my afib has to do with vagus aggravation. Eating can bring it on and lately lying down seems to bring on! Always thought it was more to do with my stomach than heart so never did well on the heart meds they tried to give me! Just take very low dose of a beta blocker daily now which I don't even think I need! I also was put on “Cipro” for a UTI right before I was diagnosed and strongly believe this was responsible for bringing it on too! These antibiotics are very toxic! I do take taurine & Hawthorn & Mg which I think help but haven't found anything that has stopped it! Just treat it! That's the best we can do I guess.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/29/2019

ADDRESSING AFIB AND HEART FLUTTER PROBLEM. HI U OLE PATOOTS............. Tested by a wellness group and get a read out if they think they can address this problem by aligning my neck and back to get good nerve communication from my brain to my heart. The Rx I take are working, but you have no quality of life, you just don't die. The MD told me that. I see the Cardiologist in two weeks to ascertain a plan. My ablation attempt was aborted because they could not get to my heart with the electrode because of a kink in my venous vein. Skeleton shrinks but your arteries and veins don't, they just kink like a water hose. Think that's my problem. My doctor has taken an interest in me for some reason, and I will defer to his judgement about another ablation attempt. That does not mean that I don't keep trying to find a solution. The wellness group say toxins can cause my problem, especially H Pylori. I will get that test, but I have already started drinking ozonated water that I make myself. Got a neighbor who gets my ATS e-mails and now has a tooth infection and wants to know where to get the turpentine to treat the problem. Bill of the Philippines was the guy who put me on to this. He saved me about $4000. Just wished the world wanted to help their neighbor like the folks on EC do. All know my goal is to aggravate EC folks until I's 92. Don't know if this group can stand 9 more years of my stuff. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by RSW (OH) on 10/04/2019

Hi ORH, This subject just keeps coming up everywhere I look. Parasites and cancer. Now parasites and heart disease. I am beginning to wonder how much damage these can cause. Any way, I don't know if you read the recent posts on fenbendazole (aka panacur c, a dog dewormer)? It also came up on the LDN site, so I started to pay attention. Here is the link to one man's story and follow-up with others: A doctor at Arthur Anderson told him they had done research on this drug in the 90's on cancer and parasites, and a drug had been created as a result that was pulled because there was no money in it. Interesting, for sure. I think you are on to something very significant here, not only for your heart but the cancer that shows up from time to time on your testing. Please keep us posted. You may be killing more than one bird with this stone! Since it is believed that all autoimmune diseases begin in the gut, I am going to try this, too, and see if I can finally shake off what ails me but seems elusive to remedy. Best of luck to you, as always.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/06/2019

HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just did the camera thing down my throat to see if my AFIB has any stray blood clots to break loose when my Dr does the Ablation next Thursday. None, but I do have genital fat in my heart from birth. They can work around that. What I have learned and will pass on to you for consumption because that AFIB, nor Atrial flutter will not kill you if you keep your blood thin. But, no matter..... you will feel like crap for hence on regardless if the Rx keeps you regulated.. I can't stand that and will take the plunge. Sometimes you have to rely on a good and thoughtful doctor to get through life's struggles. The deal comes off next Thursday, so if I post next week, then I will be full of piss and vinegar and ready to shoot a bear in the ass. I do want to apologize to Mary. I know I got her post all wrong. If you noticed ........ she could have eaten me alive, but she did not. She is a gentle lady. I feel bad about my comments. OH Well, most of you know I shoot form the hip and miss most of the time. ====ORH==== .

ORH Remedies
Posted by RSW (OH) on 09/07/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi ORH, Just wanted to wish you the best on your ablation next Thursday. I will put you on the prayer list at my church and Bible Study. Please try and post at the end of the week so we know you are OK. I hope you feel a lot better after the procedure. I have enjoyed your posts on Earth Clinic for many years, and have learned a lot from you. You are a straight shooter, and that's one of the things I like best about your posts! Take care and may God bless you and your tractor driver.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/09/2019

RSW, NONNIE,,,,,,,,,,,,,, are you kidding me? Was at the farm this morning gathering fire wood when my Tractor Driver shows up and tells me that my Cardiologist folks want to see me today at 3pm. She then picked him a gallon of purple muscadines that are big as jaw breakers. I 'bout in nervous city with all these fun and games. Get there and they tell me that my last test shows that my heart has weaken. They take my oxygen and require me to walk briskly down the hall and back. My oxygen was still good So they tell me to do that again. My oxygen was still good so they said the game is on. We gave them the muscadines and they were grinning from ear to ear. Who said country folks can't get along with city slickers. They knew the sweat it took to grow them. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo of Acoma, NM) on 10/08/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Greetings, ORH. So sorry to hear about the latest development regarding the heart parasites. VRM2 is another option I would highly recommend considering since it is actually for humans, but has been used successfully to treat dogs with heart worms. I cured my old boy, Buddy, using it and he had a severe case. It is available from North Star Chiropractic and is very reasonable. Sending healing blessings your way - always enjoy your posts - good information and a delightful manner of speaking. Keep us posted! Flower's Mom

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN.) on 08/11/2019

HI U OLD PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,, after my CT Scan both my ankles turned red and itched. On research I found that folks with blood cancer have this reaction. I was concerned and I called my Dr's office and was told to stop going on the internet. I think something is wrong because I have had blood cancer in the past and treated it my self. Oh well, I'm ahead of the stats so I should just be thankful. Tn is now spraying the roadside instead of mowing. The sprayed us last month and now my roadside muscadine vines are dying. Wrote our road guy and told him that I will cause him grief.......... and I will. Worked for 25 years to get this orchard and am going to raise holy hell. This is crazy stuff. We are killing ourselves. I do all this garden stuff to avoid Round up and the gov. ruins my garden with what I'm trying to avoid. This is about money. I promise you that our national gov is involved. Some lobbyist hooked a rider on an essential bill that will require the states to use round up instead of mowing. I plan to raise holy hell. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN.) on 07/11/2019
4 out of 5 stars

AFIB.............. HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let me tell you a story about treating AFIB with only natural supplements. I did that for a few years because my natural doctor was treating his AFIB wife with Nattokinase. Now this it a good product, but may not be the total answer. Today I went in for a Vit C IV in prep for my heart ablation procedure in a few weeks. I want to be in the best shape for this invasive procedure. I made this decision and could care less if my heart doctor knows. I call these shots. Plan to do 3 IV's before he address' my heart ablation. What has shaken me up us that my natural doctor's wife in now in a wheel chair following a stroke and many TIA's. What I also know is that she was head strong and would not take his advice ...ever. They are Baptist, but she undoubtably never understood that the man had 51% control. For you Feminist, you need to understand the load this 51% puts you under, is nothing but hard times, you are ultimately responsible for everything that goes wrong in the family. So here is where I am. Sometimes you have to listen and do what the traditional doctor say to do. My AFIB is now under better control with Rx, but the pills keep me feeling badly. I want to do this ablation to get off one Rx that is the culprit. I will still have to keep my blood thinned, and accept that. The Lone Ranger is long gone and he took his silver bullet with him. There are few simple solutions for life's health problems. Now to my garden stuff. Got a new neighbors that are as country as me. We are trying to out give one another. Took them some fresh corn this morning and told the wife that I need to be the winner and keep them obligated to me. Don't like being obligated to others. She just laughed and said ....... we'll see. ATS,,,,,,,,,,, ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, TN) on 06/29/2019

HEART PROCEDURE SCHEDULED HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who said I can't be charming. Met with my electrical cardiologist yesterday and he agreed to go with my heart ablation if I get through the rigors of a few tests. He agreed to this after I have given him a pint of my Tractor Driver's Blackberry Jelly. The Louisiana Cajuns call it Lagniappe. It is a gift for someone when you visit. The thing about garden stuff is that most folks know it's value is in the toil it took to give it to you. I have done this my entire life and the treat comes back ten fold. The bible tells us that. The Rxs have my AFIB under control, but I feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck since taking all these pills. My dad had AFIB because he had destroyed his lungs smoking and he could not get enough oxygen. Back in those days when he went into AFIB and could not get out, then old doc Ranier came to our house and took a handkerchief and tried to pull his tongue out. Sometimes that worked. If not, then he took his thumbs and pushed on his eyeballs. Sometimes that worked. If not , then he stood him up in front of a bed and hit him in the heart as hard as he could with his fist. That always worked. Dad never went to the ER for AFIB because there was no ER in those days.. Ole Doc Ranier just came to the house. Dad's demise was a stroke following an AFIB. I told my doctor that I had done a lot of research before selecting him. He wanted to know what I had found. You got A+ on skills, but do not have good bedside manners. He laughed and said that applied to most all doctors. I did not tell him that is the reason most of my doctors are women. They listen. As all know I have tried to solve my ails naturally over the years. But sometimes you need to see a doctor. This was my time to do so. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, TN) on 04/12/2019

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nothing is working on my AFIB problem, so I have a plan. My main guy tells me now that I need an arterial gram. I see him in two weeks and will agree with that even though I tested zero 7 years ago and have continued my EDTA CHELATIONS. This is all BS, but what you have to go through to solve your problem. If I have no pluggage then , I want an electrical MD involved. My problem is electrical . This is a a heck of a note when you have to solve you own medical problem. I have been down this trail for some 10 years. It has been one helluva pissin contest. My guy says he can solve the problem with drugs. He may can, but an electrical solution may solve the problem permanently and over night. I go Monday and talk to my Nurse RATCHET. I have found the women listen and men don't. My Tractor Driver is going with me because my life is getting about as interesting as I can stand. Hey, I have lived a full life and me and the Lord gee haw. If i go out............ then I go to a better place. ====ORH=====

ORH Remedies
Posted by Trish from MmTN (Belgium) on 04/20/2019

I noticed another person leaving a post also in TN mention something about this parasite in TN after the water system was cleared. I believe it was on a borax post.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, TN) on 03/21/2019

YEP IT'S ME AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you follow this thread you wii find that for a few years , I have all the answers and then for a few years , I don't know sheet. That's the way us humans are. We 'bout half smart. Right now I feel very dumb. ====ORH====

ORH Remedies
Posted by HisJewel (United States) on 03/23/2019

ORH, I just want to add to my previous post that I use a liquid Fulvic Acid. The bottle says, "Fulvic Acid Minerals. HisJewel

Posted by Pat (Pa) on 04/21/2017

Hi Henry! Sounds like you know how to fix it when it comes at least! I'm starting to get better at that! But they want me to have ablation. Have you ever had one? I am not sold on that as of yet.I still believe I can "fix" it with some supplement or alternative treatment myself! Don't want them messing with my electrical system! Hawthorn, Mag, Taurine and CoQ10 have helped me also so I think there has got to be something out there that will work! I will try the cayenne when I get it and see if that shortens it! I take betablockers when I go into afib only.As they don't help to "prevent"it from coming! So I figure, Why take them otherwise?I can slow heart rate down when it comes, using them!

Posted by Morgan (Atlanta) on 05/24/2017

Robert Henry.......I would be very interested to hear more about your Cayenne conversions back into Sinus Rhythm.

How many times have you converted back to SR using the oil? Any info related to this would be greatly appreciated as I currently carry Flec as a PiP (pill in pocket) solution and would love to be able to stop using it. Shocking my system with 300mg of Flec is sometimes a necessary evil for me and I would love to do away with that as a crutch.

Posted by Carolyn (Mich) on 06/30/2017

Hi there ORH, I have been on this site for a while and really enjoy your posts. Just saw a video from Dr. Gliddon on AFIB and he says the cause is the nerves from the T4 vertebrae being compromised somehow. Since you had that injury years back could that still be a contributing factor? Just a thought. God bless you and thank you for all your wonderful advice!

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Hannah (Alabama) on 08/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My atrial fib is caused by MSG. I knew it had to be food related when the atrial fib would occurred 6 hours after I'd eat--always when I'd eat out at certain restaurants. It is very scary and I believe now caffeine and extreme physical exertion can trigger a mild case.For the last 10-15 yrs., I have become sensitive/allergic to sulfur drugs, iodine, sodium, shellfish, dyes, etc. I still believe it has more to do with mineral deficiencies. I have figured out that I seem to do better eating a banana every day and taking magnesium. But, if I don't make sure there is no MSG in the foods every time--even at the same restaurants--I will end up with atrial fib usually around 1 or 2 a.m. Since I will usually eat with friends at night. Some restaurants hate it when I ask and I usually won't return. When this first happened and I went to the Emergency Room they almost killed me by giving me a drip with some kind of sodium. The cardiologist that saw me kept trying to put me on beta blockers but I wouldn't take them. I told him I thought it was something I ate and he thought I was crazy. I'm now with a younger Dr.and she seems to understand and will tell some of her patients about restaurants that may have msg added. I still think there is an underlying problem that causes this, though.

Avoid MSG
Posted by Zofia (Nj) on 10/31/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have the same problem. Have to avoid many foods and chocolate. No gluten and wheat. Trying to find a way of it without any medication. So frustrating.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 04/24/2016 109 posts

Pat, yes supplements arent cheap, but in the long run they are a bargain and we cant put a price on good health, priceless. Metop did slow my HR however, never kept me out of AF and never converted on it. Flec I did in 45min on last episode in 2014. But were all different. You may want to ask about Niacin. I was put on that 6 months ago and it seems to have enhanced the Mag/ Vit C benefit.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 04/24/2016 109 posts

Pat, you can't be getting better, AF is progressive and the sooner you get an ablation, the better off you will be. Isn't that just the MO of every EP out there? My latest PCP referred me to one of those gazillionaire heart scratchers just because he saw I had AF in my records. After a 15 min irritating one sided phone conversation with the EPs nurse, I canceled the appt. Last thing I said was, on your meds I had 4 episodes in 4 months. On my supplements Ive had 0 since 2014 after getting off your meds.

Posted by james (NH) on 12/19/2021 109 posts

Thank goodness the FDA has zero say in supplements. Actually the phony RDA is a ridiculously low suggested dosage. Can't have those natural minerals and vitamins outperforming meds now can we?

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/05/2016

HI U PAT,,,,,,,, I take all the supplements that you posted plus Cartizem. I also take Nattokinase because that is what my chelation doctor has his wife take for A Frib.

As all know, I's smart, jus slow. If I miss my stuff then I wake at night with A Fib and I then check my oxygen. Normally it is 98 but when my heart goes crazy, then it is down to 93. I have concluded that I quit breathing in my sleep which brings this on. No way could I wear the WW II gas mask that has been used, but I think I can live with the new nasal system.

I see a specialist in a few weeks. As usual, my advice to all is not to get old. I'm not a fan of MD's because they treat your symptoms and don't try to keep you healthy. However, sometimes you have to treat the symptoms. I think A Fib may fit in that category. No way am I going to do Rat Poison as I've said before.


Avoid Soy
Posted by Darien (Boston, Ma) on 01/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

SOY is the WORST trigger for me! I would tell anyone with A Fib to steer clear of anything with soy oil or soy protein, any kind of soy!

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Leslei (Alaska Usa) on 03/20/2016

I just read this in comments earlier and read online that afib can be from parathyroid tumor, and can cause bone pain! Check it out. I am going to get my calcium checked. There has to be a reason for this affecting so many people. The diet we had before we all got smarter probably the biggest reason, I don't smoke, I can't drink, I eat all healthy, no sugar, no wheat, no fluoride, no Milk, all organic, very little fruit, lots or organic vegetables and meat, nothing out of can, no RX, but lots of supplements, vitamins, magnesium, potassium. Still if I sweat, get in sun, take a sauna, exercise, drink alcohol, eat chocolate, have any caffeine, my heart goes into afib. Had a surgery to check and see if my second "pace maker" was firing again, and he found nothing wrong.

We are all born with two, but one quits working when one is working correctly as you develop fully before and after birth. The only thing happened after that surgery was I got a blood clot and then my pulse went from a normal 65 to over 90 during rest, sleep, that was 4 years ago and it just now is at 78 on resting. I am thinking after reading about the excess calcium causing heart problems, this might be the reason for my Afib.

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 03/13/2017

Thanks, Dave! I think I'll try the CSilver too! Have been on Mg for awhile and it helped but did not stop the afib issues.I think youre onto something about the heart virus! Will start that and see. Maybe at a little lower dose to begin? 3 tbs 3xday is alot it seems! I will let you know!

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 11/03/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This ditty is not in the running with Bill's post on Alzheimer's and Fungus, but I'm not in the same league with our friend. I do think this is interesting. I wrote this to personal friends and thought it may be perk your mind as to why so many old folks are on rat poison. I am just copying and pasting what I wrote my friends.

HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , , , , , , Reading my cancer book today and one of the authors is big into chelation so I went to his site and here's what he has to say about what it can do for you. He knows far more than I , so I hope this tells you what you want to know. You really need to get the skinny from someone like this guy, instead of me.

Got in from my cardiologist and he put a heart monitor on me for 30 days and will do an echo test on me next week. He thinks I quit breathing at night and my oxygen gets low and my heart goes crazy trying to get blood to my body. I think he may be right as it only happens when I'm prone and sleeping.

My Dad smoked Camels and burned up his lungs and his heart did the same thing. I took him to L.R. and they told him his problem was not his heart but his lungs, and he had burned them up. He died in a doctors office from a massive stroke brought on by his heart fibrillating , the blood pooling, and forming a clot, and when his heart started to beat properly then the clot hit his brain and he died instantly. My doctor's dad did the same thing.

He said I would probably have to get on rat poison. In the meantime, he told me to take a baby aspirin at daylight and dark. I will , but there has got to be a better way and I have some ideas.

This is an oxygen or electrical problem and not a blood thinning problem, but if you solve the problem then you don't need Big Pharma's pills, nor see the Cardiologist every month to test you. Follow the money. The more I talked about the natural things we did to stay healthy, the more irritated he got. Sounds right to me.

My recent stress test showed that there is no obstruction in my heart blood flow, so I know that chelation works. I did some 60 + chelations….. so it cost me over $6000, but I did not spend $400,000 for a couple of by-passes and I'm still alive. To be continued.........


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/13/2015

HI U Timh, , , , , , my Ky neighbor. I reads a lot and sometimes know just enough to be dangerous . I know you have been following my atrial fibrillation situation and it has improved since I started doing more magnesium and electrolytes. I bought a oximeter and now know what my oxygen level is when my heart goes crazy.

Because of all the stuff I do, it stays at 98 to 99 except when I have one of these spells in the middle of the night and it is down to 93. I now think that my cardiologist is right, and I stop breathing during the night. That then causes my heart to beat like mad trying to get oxygen to my body.

Finally, I bring you into the picture. My research shows that L-carnitine can greatly help my plight. What say you and how does this supplement work? Thanks for your counsel.

Our fall garden plants are absolutely luscious . I need to send a picture. We finish cleaning our spring tomorrow so it will be ready for next summers irrigation. We burned off next years garden site with a new LP torch, which should reduce the amount of weeds we have. As I have said before....... I cheats.

Yo Tenn. Buddy. ======ORH========

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/15/2015 2077 posts


Carnitine is used readily by the heart in energy production. Long time back my gallbladder got plugged with stones so bad that my heart was going bonkers, which was a little frightening to say the least. Well I started taking Magnesium w/ good results but then got bad off again and bought some CoQ10.

OK, I'm out there on the farm cutting Tobacco and I really needs my heart & energy so I popped 30mg CoQ10 and was once again able to make it to the end of the row and end of the day. I soon was told by a Chiropractor that I had gallstones and the flush was like lifting a boulder off my back and my heart function returned to normal.

OK, fast forward a couple yrs and I'z got anemic really bad. One day I visited my parents and was so fatigued and week that I wasn't to sure on whether or not I could make it up a long flight of stairs to my apt, as I had just been winded by a short staircase. Well, just so happens I had only a few tablets of L-Carnitine with me for any emergency heart problem that might arise. I took 500mg and within minutes my energy was very much restored, heart no longer hurt, and was able to ascend that length of stair without a great struggle. This was definitely positive proof to me the Carnitine is very valuable in heart conditions.

Dr Sinatra also recommends CoQ10, D-Ribose, along with Carnitine and Magnesium for optimal heart function.

Posted by Namaw (Bama) on 10/14/2016

ORH--until you get your cpap thing, try a fan. My DH has copd and the pulmonary floor is the only one with fans. The moving air prompts them to keep breathing is the theory. doesn't have to be blowing very hard.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (New Hampshire, US) on 10/10/2014 109 posts

Bee, I'm betting it's the Magnesium in Blackstrap Molasses that may be regulating HR. Not a huge amount per Tbls, 15mg maybe, but possibly gets into your system faster than a capsule.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (NH, US) on 10/11/2014 109 posts

Bee, My experience has been that Mag does not lower your HR but works as an anti arrhythmia. I use 3-900 mg per day/night depending on the vices/feeling that day. Big coffee or wine day, double down on Mag. If youre looking to lower your HR, Hawthorne works well. I use about 5-1500 mg and last 2 AF episodes HR stayed under 75. Rate control will not necessarily keep you out of AF, but you will function better until your back to NSR. Ive been Metop/Flecainide free 5 months now and increased exercise 4 times the amount due to more energy level. When the Meds are gone, youll feel like you just lowered your age 10 years.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 10/11/2014

Dear Bee

That medicine is not good for you nor will it make you better. As it is said "if the disease is not killing you, the medicine certainly will".

In Europe, for a long time, Hawthorn has been used without "side effects" . Online you can read up on it. When, for a brief time, I had irregular heartbeat because of stress, Hawthorne corrected it and I am fine . It is useful to combine it with Coq 10 with Ubiquinol. H. is going to strengthen your heart within three months. Your body cannot cope with the poison that "doctors" give you. It is designed to keep you dependent and to need more of allopathic poison drugs. Because it is disease mongering and nothing else.

Maybe a naturopathic doctor could help you with this even with one consultation.

Wishing you well. Namaste, Om

Posted by Pat (Pa, US) on 10/27/2014

Yes, Bee I believe the lowest dose I found of Hawthorne is 500mg but I only take 1 in a.m.and 1at night The directions on bottle say 2tablets 3x a day! Didn't want to take that much with the beta blocker.But I am really feeling like I don't need the toprol much at all anymore. Also tried the BS molasses.My palpitations seem to have completely disappeared.Amazing! Think it is a combo of the H. and the BS molasses! Would have never gotten this much better listening to what those M.D's wanted me to take! I want to go back and tell them, too! But they won't listen or believe! I am taking 12.5 mg beta blocker every other day, now. Afraid to stop it completely! Don't want to get the afib back! I will continue and report back how it goes. Try it out! May help!

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/27/2014

Dear Bee,

Another option for the Hawthorne is to make your own capsules. Then you could control exactly what is in each capsule. I did this for my husband. I made him a mix of 2 parts Hawthorne and 1 part ginger and one part cayenne. I bought a little capsule maker and empty capsules. It is a bit of an investment at the beginning but a big savings in the long run, plus you have control over the amounts. My husband took these for his heart irregularities and they worked! I get the Hawthorne powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. They sell the empty gel caps, too. I think I got the pill maker on Amazon.

Thanks for sharing your journey here. I am enjoying following your progress.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 10/28/2014


You say that the beta blocker is equal to aspirin. I have not found that the case as I wean off of it. Its been a small nightmare.. so many side effects but I did read that some people are highly allergic to this drug.. I am happy though that I got from 100 mgs. down to 25 and did it slowly but I still had side effects. This stuff has messed up some of my life. I now have nightmares, panic attacks and other things in which I never had before and no its not all in my

Now I feel I am addicted to it but I want to stop taking it.....I am on another chat board where people have had much worse things happen when they tried to get off of it.. Maybe because it was Metropolol.. who knows??

thanks for the feedback

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 10/30/2014 109 posts

Bee, you have those effects when you try to stop beta blockers? I guess everyones different. You will need to get off them gradually I would say. Evidently you system has grown accustomed to them and is fighting back. My switch from Flecainide to Hawthorne was pretty smooth, 3 months. Some nights I skipped the meds and doubled the minerals. Had some rough nights where I woke up and took the meds early am. Eventually, I just hung in there and never went back to them. That was 6 months ago, and Im so much better off without them now.

Posted by Pat (Pa) on 01/03/2016

Hi Hwk! I have been looking for you and Bee! I'mtrying to get off this "horrid" flecainide because I can't stand the way it makes me feel anymore! I gave it a good try for the docs but nt going for it anymore! Just can't! You said you've been off for some months and your afib episodes didn't increase? I'd be happy if they would just stay the same at this point They told me last time that they would increase from this since I had increased a little when I went off once before! So I went back on but can't take anymore! It is rough! Please let me know! You seem to have alot of knowledge about all of this and I don't! I have started Taurine as per Dr. Wolfson/Phoenix and it seems to help somewhat! Will increase the Mg as per Dr C.Dean too! Let me know please! Thank you, Pat

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 07/28/2014 109 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I am on a regimen of supplements to control my AF I am going into my 5th year with. I had never gotten back to NSR without cardioversion, one time in AF for 14 days and scoped for clots before CV'd. Not something I wanted to depend on for life not to mention a large co pay. Of course after my last episode in March, cardios wanted me on a high dosage of flecainide daily. I wouldnt mind a PIP of it, but their words were, "Indefinitely" set me searching for alternatives. At that point I sought out a Naturopathic doctor. Asked, can you keep me in NSR or get me back to it with supplements. He was confident he could. I weaned off the meds in 2months and got on Mg, CoQ10, Hawthorne, Taurine, DHA, Zinc, Rib rose, B12, Iodine, and L-carnitine.

I got the test a few weeks ago waking up at 430am in AF. Heart rate was lower than usual episodes I think in part to being on the MG and Hawth, 80-100. I did five times my usual daily amount along with a tincture of cayenne for 4 hours. I was determined not to go to ER or try the PIP flec. At hour 5, I returned to NSR for the first time ever without doctor or cardiaoversion. Called ND and he was ecstatic wanting to know the exact dosage and what I took. He thought it was all good, but believed it was more the Mg and Hawthorne berry that did the trick.

Posted by Bruce (Massachusetts) on 02/20/2015

Hi all, I came across this site and posted on another thread before I fould this afib thread. Thought I'd repost it on this thread.

Anyone hear have afib that their hr gets slower? Any runners with afib and slower heat rates?

Here's my post on another thread:

Posted by Darien (Boston, Ma) on 01/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium Chloride is the best and most absorbable form. I know I can't say brands here, but look for a liquid kind and take 2 teaspoons 3X a day in a glass of water. There are transdermal magnesium chloride brands also that you can just run on the skin.

Posted by Big Al (Bronx Ny) on 03/18/2016

I have afib and a defibrillator. If you have afib you definitely need a defibrillator. I used calcium magnesium for a while when I felt the heart palpitations and it worked. Then they explained to me that when you have afib, if your heart does not go back to normal rhythm, you can die. That's what the defibrillator does for you, it shocks your heart back to normal. It's not a great feeling but its kept me alive for the past 24 years. I am 74 years old now. Recently had a stroke because I refused to take blood thinners. Stupid me, it's not worth it.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 02/17/2014

Linda: I was 50lbs over weight, had many bad conditions, and many terrible diseases. I didn't go to the doctor because I was not able to wait for a long time in a confined space with nothing to do at a free clinic. I studied and tried various natural treatment plans and enjoyed limited success. Then I discovered one treatment plan that changes all the bad conditions to good conditions, cured all the diseases that were causing me so much suffering, and melted off all the fat. Nourishment. Just eating right was the solution that made my body buzz like a bee. I studied what herbivores, carnivores, centenarians, and athletes eat. Organic baby leaves are the best vegetable. The nutrients are locked up in the cellulose so grinding up in the blender is required. I take 8oz/day of the 5 super babies. Organic berries are the best fruit. Activated barley, whole sugars, bananas, and water kefir made from whole flours are the best carbs. They have to be organic. Chili is the best herb. Desiccated liver is the best meat. Non denatured whey and colostrum are the best dairy. Expeller pressed coconut oil is the best saturated fat. Black chia seeds are the best unsaturated fat. The super foods are the best protein. Skate liver oil is best for fat soluble nutrients. I take the carbs, oils, and proteins together and keep fat below 10%/calorie or 5%/g with 1 pint of kefir and water every hour.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 09/04/2014

I also was diagnosed while going thru menopause. Try the magnesium (high doses) and taurine and l arginine. Also possible adrenal fatigue from too much stress(I believe I was under extreme amounts). The women's health network recommended. I try a supplement for that called serrinisol. I have been taking that too. They all seem to help. still take a low dose of toprol (half of a 25 mg) to keep my heart rate from going too fast.and also because I am afraid to stop it totally but have gotten down to a very low dose! Good luck!

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 03/14/2017

Please have your husband ask his doctor, point blank, "how is cardio version (CV) done?", and make the doctor be specific since it's your husband's first time. I had my first one done last May. Totally not a big deal! But, I was really nervous too, at first.

What actually happened is this: 1) I was wheeled into a surgical room, given a mild IV medicine that made me sleep so I wouldn't feel anything;

2) The doctor did the CV which is basically shocking the heart for 2-5 seconds (at least for me); 3) the doc woke me up with another dose of an IV med (I think this is correct; confirm with your doctor).

The whole process lasted 5 minutes! For me this 1-time CV worked, and I've been afib-free since (knock on wood!). Also here's a link that describes CV in more detail:

I want to add that the CV does NOT hurt at all, and is not scary. Of course, if it's your first time you will be anxious about it. But have your doctor explain the process in a way that really makes sense to you and puts you at ease. If he doesn't, insist that he does! :-)

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by George (Attica Ny) on 08/04/2017

I had the very same experience with cardio version. No pain, and no adverse reactions. Done in February 2017 and still in Sinus Rhythm in August. I have not been able to take either of the drugs to help maintain SR because of side effects. (Tikosyn and don't remember what the other was) but thank God I am still in SR. I do take a product called Kroeger Circu Flow and read somewhere on here that a person taking it felt that that helped. I was taking it before to help clear my arteries which I believe it did. The doctor told me I have no significant blockage. I continue taking it in hopes that it helps keep me in SR.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Scott (Los Angeles) on 08/13/2017

Be careful recommending coconut oil- it can cause heart palps in some people - read the side effects reviews of it on earth clinic.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Ed (Alabama) on 08/13/2017

Be careful with colloidal silver! I have used it on and off for many years. Last year I took 1 oz of 30ppm Colloidal silver twice a day to try to cure a urinary infection. Within a few days I had pressure feelings in my chest. It was Afib which soon became tachycardia. After about 3 days in the hospital and all the heart meds the cardiologist could throw at me, my heart went back to normal rhythm on its own in my opinion. The doctors, of course, did not know anything about colloidal silver or believe that it had anything to do with the Afib. Weeks after being discharged from the hospital, I had another urinary tract infection which was MRSA. My Doctor prescribed an antibiotic that cured it. To prevent re-occurrence, I again took colloidal silver (20 mL of 30ppm) daily for 1 year; it worked. Then I had a re-occurrence of Shingles and was prescribed Acyclovir and Tramadol (both list Afib as a possible side effect). I was not eating well or consuming enough water. After 1 week on the Acyclovir and Tramadol, I got Afib again. After a few days in the hospital and a different heart doctor and a different batch of meds thrown at me my heart slowed down but was in Atrial Flutter instead of Afib. The doctor persuaded me to have cardioversion which worked after the 2nd shock. In my opinion, both Afib attacks were because of taking colloidal silver, my age of 73, and side effects of medications; I do not have any other heart problems.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Rpstone (Texas, Usa) on 10/06/2017

Same thing with me. I was terrified but did not even have burns or anything. Just the oval marks of the electrodes of the cardiovert.

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Julietta C. (London) on 05/02/2018

This is interesting and very helpful. What are baby leaves, this is not something I recognise.

Many thanks

A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Angela (MIchigan) on 01/10/2021

I have had the same experience of having an A-fib attack soon after bending over and lifting or especially pulling out in my yard, weeds, etc. It started out with just feeling ill and having to sit down thinking I had a heart attack. Being a woman I ignored it lol, but eventually I developed A-fib and I'm determined to find the cure. I've read that a chiropractor can help a lot, but I'm quite nervous about them.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Mat (Brisbane, Australia) on 05/28/2015

Doesn't surprise me that a Cardiologist would say something like that, let alone any doctor. They generally have no idea! There's clinical data to back up Omega 3,6,9 supplementation and the benefits of diets which in them from natural sources. Don't be afraid of questioning your doctor. I did, and found an excellent holistic gp who is switched on!

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Beth (Smith) on 06/02/2018

Well the big thing here is vitamins And D which act like a see saw--take one and the other goes down. This is most significant when tslking about the heart because D routes calcium to the bones. Without it you end up with calcium where you don't want it (atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis-- I think, I'm no nutritionist). Ok so that's pertinent. So when you take fish oil see if its high in A and thus lowering D. Now, this is really key and some European countries are onto it: calcium's responsible for contraction, magnesium is responsible for relaxing muscles. Low magnesium can give people palpitations or cramps, contracted muscle problems. And calcium and magnesium are a seesaw pair. If you take magnesium you lower calcium levels in the blood and vice versa. Food manufacturers are putting milk powder in just everything and it's causing such a problem with my arthritis. Now I have AFib, lately with palpitations, and I suspect a connection with the calcium. But since I'm new I haven't figured out what.

I share your hospital sentiments. Mom's cardiologist was fabulous and said: "try to keep her out of the hospital." It's not the MDs, it's the nurses and others!

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 05/29/2015

Mat (Brisbane, Australia), I would be interested in knowing the name of your holistic GP.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Mary (Texas) on 08/15/2015 3 posts

I think the drug Levofloxacin after a bout of pneumonia brought on my a-fib. The pharmacist verified that she has many clients that have reacted the same. She said sometime it is permanent and sometimes not. I just hope it is temporary. A-fib started April, 2015 .. It is August now and the attack frequency has lessen greatly. It has been 2 months with no attack .. and then 2 a.m. this morning ..I had an attack. I have avoided the drugs much to cardiologist's dismay. Magnesium works.. cold water works... and the breathing exercises. but scary every time. I do take the krill oil, coq10, R-Lipoic Acid and other stuff.

Several ER visits and one overnight at the hospital. Scary stuff. Feels like a heart attack. My throat gets tight and pressure in my ears and of course all the rest that goes with it. I will get more regular with the bentonite clay to get rid of toxins. So Thankful for this site. Thank you all for your input. Don't take Levofloxacin or any of the Levoquins if you can avoid it.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 03/13/2017

I agree! Spasms in colon always was what I suspected when I first got diagnosed.But how do you stop them? Olive oil? Will that stop the spasms?

Oat Bran
Posted by Roland (Wedowee, Al) on 03/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Afib and Oat Bran: My Doc suggested a diet and exercise to reduce my cholesterol (239) but I've been doing that for years with little success. I've also had my heart skipping a beat about once or twice per minute (for years).

So, I read where an 8 week diet of a half cup of oat bran each day would lower my cholesterol. I started Feb. 21st and the amazing thing to me is that my heart palpitations stopped on the 22nd and I've not had ONE skip and it's only a few days away from being a month. I feel so much better, so much more energy.

My wife has been making delicious oat bran muffins, pancakes, and also just hot cereal with blueberries, so we haven't had problems sticking with thie diet. I will have my cholesterol checked again after another month but sure don't plan to abandon this diet if things continue as they are now.

Oat Bran
Posted by Patrick (Mt Vernon, Wa) on 11/06/2015

DO NOT Use just any oatmeal.....use ORGANIC ONLY!!!! all Wheat, Soy and I suspect other grains are soaked with pesticides!!!! Use Raw Honey as your sweetener and I like to use Organic Raisins too. You can get the organic oatmeal at any heath food store in Bulk.

Dental Issues
Posted by Kevin (Brooklyn, Ny) on 05/17/2013

Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Pat (Pa, US) on 11/04/2014

To Xylnx:I, too have started taking molasses and it has really helped me with the afib too. Seems to be safe enough I guess. I only take 1 tbsp.every other day. Was taking it every day for a week or so. And all palps seemed to go away. Lowered the dose, then. Although I did have an afib episode one night and didn't have to medicate, though. Went away on its own. Fell asleep so don't think it lasted too long! Also am taking Hawthorne and some other supplements that friends on "earth clinic" recommended. Think they help, too. Anyway, I'm much better than I was when I was listening to the arrythmia doctors and taking their meds! Hope it keeps up!

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