Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

Dietary Changes
Posted by GeeMan (Canada) on 09/28/2021
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I had AFIB for a while, most of the time after eating and sometimes not.

I decide not to eat after 7.00pm and let my stomach rest. Also, I found trapped gas in the upper digestive system always started the AFIB.

I would force the burp but sometimes not enough, but a couple of days with not eating past my 7.00pm time and it has practically gone. I tried lots of supplements but I cut down on these and just not eating lots of different foods and only eating when your stomach signals (not your mind and the habits) it has saved me so far ( approx 3 weeks).

I think the foods produce gas that may push the diaphragm close to touching the Heart and so causing the AFIB ( my theory).

Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/23/2020
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HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, reads alot and thinks. Read a few days back that cold water to your face will settle your Vagus nerve and calm down your AFIB. I's SJS, so I decided to do that with ice packs. Guess what neighbor........ it works. With my condition, I feel bad all the time. When I do the ice thing, then I am good to go. Working with my KAATSU guys on my heart problem. They cautioned me to go slow with their restricted blood flow program. Meet our friends at the farm in the morning to pick the rest of our corn. This will be probably 4 or 5 bushels. We will shuck it at the farm and put it up as cream corn in the freezer. We once tried to raise 4 planting of corn but that is hard work. We now only do two plantings. Pulled up our pinto beans the other day and have dried them. Normally we freeze them but running out of room. Purple Hull peas are blooming and will be ready to pick in a week or so. Am a sorry guy and bought a pea sheller a few years ago. Got to turn the crank, but is bettern your finger nails. Friends, when you work with the earth, you get a totally different attitude toward nature. I have little empathy with tree huggers. Most just talk the walk. I promise you that I have planted far more trees than these folks. Won't say what I want to say because I'm on a tight rope with D, and lots of EC folks think I am not a good guy. I beat my wife, etc. What most don't understand is that she can whip my fanny any day of the week. I told you she was a tough hide. Is life interesting or what? ====ORH====

Posted by Amanda (Boston, Ma) on 12/27/2016
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I just posted this in the Hyperthyroid section as well - I had A Fib caused by hyperthyroidism - I'm taking 10,000 mcg Biotin and from the very 1st day, it helped me tremendously! I am so much calmer now, I sleep 8- 10 hrs a night, and my heart rarely skips!

Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 05/20/2016
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I was able to reduce my afib with a drop of clear potassium iodide and more protein (red meat). However, if I get it, 100 or sometimes 200 mgs of tryptophan completely eradicates it. This answer came to me through a dream. Strange, I know!

I have started taking about 50 mg of tryptophan before bed and I sleep great. I don't know why it works so well in my case for afib!!!! Might be worth a try. I am using a pretty low dose. I've had afib since I was 3 years old. I agree that taurine is good too. But that didn't actually stop my afib. Tryptophan completely stops it within an hour!!!!

Hope this helps someone!

Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 12/17/2021

Referring to Hwk's comments about doctor's ways, 2016, I just saw a so called doctor, he was a "hospitalist" working in a clinic as a doctor who, very early in the conversation told me flat out to stop taking any supplements because none of them work! If he wanted to impress me, he should have kept that to himself. Since low thyroid runs in my family, and I do have it and mentioned that I had to get off levothyroxine because of the side effects, he told me levothyroxine is a very good drug, very effective. When I mentioned a book called "Stop the Thyroid Madness" which addresses the problems some of us have when taking synthetic thyroid, he sneered and said that book has been completely debunked. When I mentioned the blog run by the woman who wrote the book, and all the entries by people who are having problems trying to take Synthroid or Levo or what have you drugs, he didn't say anything. At another point he said supplements are not regulated by the FDA and they are not tested. So I mentioned that there is a government website, National Institutes of Health?, that shows extensive testing of many supplements, herbal, etc. Again he said nothing. Think I should go back to see this guy?? Lol!!!

Orange Juice (or Vitamin C)
Posted by Endrun (Tennessee ) on 09/19/2015
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I had an ablation for A Fib in 2005 and for the most part things went well. However, I will have an event 3 or 4 times a year. I discovered a few years ago the Texas Heart Institute gave patients orange juice before and after heart surgery to keep them from going into A Fib. A couple of years ago I had an episode and after 8 hours I remembered the orange juice.

I drank 16 ounces of orange juice and 3 hours later my heart rate had gone from 160 to 75 beats per minute. I usually have 3 or 4 events per year and as soon as it starts I grab the orange juice. I have successfully taken care of every event, since then, in 2 to 3 hours without going to the ER.

Orange juice does the trick for me. I have read where people drink 8 ounces every day and their A Fib pretty much goes away. It is well worth a try and a whole lot less than going to the ER.

See article.

Sodium Bentonite Clay
Posted by Ron (Fl) on 04/08/2014
5 out of 5 stars

At last I can finally say I have cured my a fib. I had tried every thing there was to cure it in the past and nothing worked. I had all day everyday 24 hour a fib. It was worse at night when I would wake up with my heart racing, or when I laid down to sleep I heard the thumping in my ear drum. For all that are serious about a cure, the vitamins, are useless, the juicing helps, all other supplements do not make a dent in the problem. The cure I found was to remove toxic acids from the body, mostly from the colon. The best way to do that is with sodium bentonite clay. I try to take 5 tablespoons each day but it is not easy to do at at times it can be contipating but the body rids itself of acids and toxins with good healthy large bowel movements. It will take time, mine was 6 months before noticeable improvement, and for some 6 months to 2 years and it should be continued for as long you want to keep the body clean and toxin free. Also with the bentonite it is vital to take probiotics. Healing begins in the colon and healing is a longer process than what many want but we did not get Afib overnight and will not cure it overnight. I have suggested this to others on other websites but they say I did not cure myself and that I am wrong yet they still suffer. I suspect there may be others that say the same here, but for those that want relief, do it and you will be cured as I am.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by June P. (Cincinnati ) on 02/16/2017

I believe that afib is often caused by spasms in the colon, which irritate the vagus nerve, which irritates the heart. It's all a web! Sometimes a few tablespoons of olive oil can quiet the colon and taurine may help. Just my experience.

ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 02/25/2020
3 out of 5 stars

ORH here,,,,,,,,,, life is still interesting as my AFIB is roaring since the Doc had to abort my ablation due to a kink in my Venus vein. His Rx are worse than death so I stopped all but the blood thinner. At 83, I have lived a full life. The only reason I want to keep on keeping on is to tell folks my stories. I have shot a bull in the ass in my life and have many stories to tell. Folks that just do hand games , have no stories to tell. I ask the Lord to give me wisdom to solve my own problems. I think he wants me to ask some of you that have been down this trail. I am doing all that I have read to do, but nothing is helping. Would appreciate what any have done to keep their heart from going crazy. I do Mg, ACV, Iodine , Cayenne, CoQ10, Hawthorne, Taurine, and CBD. I stay on my PEMF mat, nebulize Glutathione, spray 1/2 % H202 into my nostrils day and night. Lots more. Half smart, so don't need advice from a novice. Need an A Team member to step up and suggest a path. Thank you. ORH

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 07/24/2021

Cayenne may interfere with blood-thinning medicines such as warfarin, aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen. For this reason, doctors usually recommend their patients to stop taking cayenne pepper in medical dosing form at least two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery. With that being said, if I were facing Atrial Fibrillation (a friend of mine currently is and this is what I told him). None of the pills or even stopping and starting of his heart to reset the rhyme has worked. God put cayenne pepper here on earth for a reason. Monitor your heart rhyme, blood thickness, start with small doses, stop stressing over the small stuff and put the dam pepper in your mouth!

Posted by Janet (In) on 03/25/2017

Robert Henry. Again I am looking at your symptoms. Mold or fungus.

This bane of my life. I think I have conquered it and bam. Another hit.

In the beginning of my journey it was a pounding racing heart that scared me to death...nearly. But having to retrace the cause everytime over these last 5 years. It is always the same.

My sensitivities expand with each exposure. The chemical sensitivities add more fun to the show as they expand and grow unchecked until I am on the floor.

In our house of six. I am mold crazy sick like kryptonite to superman. I have 5 other people. One is mold sensitive. One is on the road to meet me on the floor, two that could roll in it and not get sick. The other one is sensitive when her digestion is not optimal.

We have 3 spots in our home that had hidden mold. I have solved. We got rid of the car that had it. I drove off the road while driving it. Sitting up with eyes open listening to the radio.

Ken and I stay at hotels with swimming pools in our room. Crazy I know. The cleanest most well maintained pools and rooms I have ever seen. I never get sick and I cannot tolerate bound chlorine in pools. Allergic. But free chlorine no problem as long as I have sodium thiosulfate crystal to take.

We stayed at a different one last month. No mold smell. I was on the floor within 24 hours. The shower had 5 pinhead size black mold spots. Almost impossible to see. I did not have my ozone machine with to run before moving our stuff in. Out of nowhere bam.

This week my kids left the showerhead outside the tub. It dripped a little. Heart racing. Pounding. I had no idea. I am the bass ackwards detective. Like Sam Spade...under the hot lights questioning suspects until the the truth emerges.

My point is that this devil can be anywhere and everywhere. A garage, a mattress, even the most well maintained and clean places can get you.

My arsenal is vast as different molds create different symptoms. Often unrelatable to what I see.

Sodium molybdate 1/4 tsp or a pinch in water before food in the am. I add 1/4 tsp, a pinch of potassium carbonte to further help. The molybdate is the mold workhorse. I make this in ozonated water. The potassium cleans up and helps the heart. D3 and selenium yeast 200 mcg every morning. Again selenium is the work horse for mold. K2 or an oz of gouda cheese. This moves calcium out of circulation puts it into bones where it belongs. So we use gouda high in k2 3 days. 100mg k2 2 days equaling 5days out of seven.

Humic acid. 2 tsp in a pretty bottle on the counter with distilled liter of water 1 1/2 tsp of sea salt. Blend or shake. Leave grains at the bottom. 1 tsp or 2 of this a day in water.

Serrapeptase high strength 2x a day away from food.

Chromium I take it at night. Reduces any sugars that sneak in. Cortisol does not jump all over the place during the night.

You already know everything. But your mystery says mold to me. You know about alkalizing. You know supplements.

The other 1 heart pounding fix is topical magnesium oil right on your chest every night. I find I have to do it.

No flour foods preferable.. no grains ideally. Even just a few days to see if it is not one of the culprits.

I know ...shut up Janet. But we want you around always.

No sugar or fruictose (fruit). Makes cortisol unstable. J

Posted by Dave Jones (South Wales) on 11/28/2016

Hi to you all

I too hate taking prescribed drugs only because I know they will never be an answer for afib and in the end will come with their own problems, but while big pharma is in control believe me cures are not their business, so all research done is for more toxic drugs to contain this awful condition for more profit, I believe my afib is a symptom of some imbalance in the nervous system which feeds every organ of the body. I work with pumps all day long and it is no different to the heart if there is any blockages or air trap along network of pipes then it will show in the pump which can go erratic (common sense). So it is no good to keep messing with a perfectly good pump when the problem is elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we have a medical system of experts who know nothing about the human body other than their own area of so call expertise it is so frightening we have been going down the wrong road of health care for far too long, just listen to people like Dr John Bergman total common sense stuff which you would think all doctor would know, but they dont, health care now is base on fear and offer no solutions, afib is certainly based on fear, but as long as no-one is looking at the whole picture then there cannot be a permanent answer, drugs only do two things the either block or kill that's it folks!!!, our bodies are miracles and have been doing a great job keeping us healthy all our lifes, so our job is to fine out why this problem is now occurring and eliminate it, not poison it with more toxins.

To start with it is no good eating raw food diet or more greens if they are full of pesticides(toxic) it as to be organic. Get yourself a good water filter to clean the water you drink, take a good omega 3, but if you can get your nervous system checked out by a good chiropractor, If you live in the usa I recommend John Bergman, I live in the uk and I am having trouble finding a chiropractor who does a nervous system check? but always believe you can cure this don't fall into the black hole of despair, try yoga, meditation, and prayer. Don't bottle up your fears like I did for years. It will only make you ill.

Good luck,


Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/21/2016

Hello Leslie,

How much magnesium are you getting a day? I take about 500 mg. Lack of Magnesium is the most typical reason for afib issues. That coupled with a virus infection on or in the heart can make the problem worse. The virus issue is the curve ball. Have you had any significant and long lasting infections in the time prior to your afib? If so, that might be a clue that the afib is being caused by not only possibly by a lack of magnesium but also a virus. If me, under such conditions, I'd be on two tablespoons of colloidal silver three times a day for a month; constantly monitoring the condition. I take that much CS every day just to keep virus infestation low.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/13/2016

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,, hope you have been following this old fogey's saga because you will learn some things. About 25 years ago I had my throat and nose cut out due to sleep apnea. I was not going to wear that WW ll gas masks that was used in those days.

As all know, I's smart, jus slow. When I awake in the middle of the night and my heart is racing, I check my oxygen and it is low at 93. My PT folks say they will not treat anyone whose level is 92. I have now concluded that my sleep apnea is back and I stop breathing in my sleep. If I don't address this situation then all my organs will slowly die, and then me too.

My next move is to see a sleep doctor and get one on those rigs that force you to breath at night. Is life interesting or what? Don't get old.


A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Sabiha (Bowmanville, Ontario) on 11/01/2017

I agree with you that after 10years I have learned my body and it's difficulty about digestion. When I get into AFIB it is the food and indigestion and acidic gut, enlarged liver suppresing the vagus nerve. So I take gas x, aloevera, sodiumbicarbonate, manuka honey, org. apple cider to convert my gut system to alkaline state that heath goes back to sinus mode. I also gave up on beans, sugar, gas forming foods even vegetables.I take mag-taurine- K, Bcomplex, Vit D, CoQ ubiniqual 100, many other supplements. Please get your calcium levels checked. I wish you all good health and it is in our hands...

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Artemis (Florida) on 04/24/2015

Don't know how valid this is, but my Cariologist just the other day told me NOT to take "fish oils". I said to him, but I eat skinless/boneless sardines and, he said, no, that's OK?I mean the fish oils like the Omegas 3,6 etc. I was recently hospitalized twice with pneumonia and now am told I have AFib. Well, they totally destroyed my body and health in the damned hospital with the thousands of drugs they had me on 24/7. My hair has been falling out like crazy?I have sores all over my body and other damage to my health. I stopped taking all but 4 of the drugs and am trying desperately to develop my "natural remedy protocol" in addition to the drugs. Just wanted to tell you what he said about the fish oils. But of course I will research this and also see a more well informed doctor who also has knowledge with natural remedies. They are killing everyone in this freaking country with drugs?and our damned government is all paid off by Big Pharma and lobbyists. Sorry - my apologies for my ranting but it makes me crazy what I see every day and now I am a victim also?but not for long.

This site is a god send - blessings of the Universe to you all for all your support, advice and for just being there.

Dental Issues
Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 08/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Well it has been over 72 hours since my root canal infected teeth were pulled. The dentist showed me the pus that was festering in my gums and had to scrape pus and dead tissue from my bone, do a bone graft and fill a big hole where tissue had died. The other dentist really did a number on me. For years this infected mess called root canals that was suppose to safe was pumping toxic waste into my body affecting heart, my sinuses, and possibly my colon and liver. I was a toxic mess. I am sitting here still with the sore mouth the swelling has almost gone away, the afib is not being noticed at all. I have a bridge in my mouth, not as comfortable as the other teeth but not as deadly either. I suspect it will be much more comfotable when the stiches are pulled on the 15th of Aug. 2012. Any with afib should look up the dangers of root canals and you will see the most affected organ from root canals is the heart. I am sure I have cured my a fib and am continuing with my life as a juicer, a faster, and an aloe vera drinking man knowing now I will hit at least 100 years unless I go by accident.. Those years will not be sick years they will be healthy and wise years. The human body has the capacity to live 120 years yet almost no one in this country ever comes close while persons of other countries those that live in high fertile areas do. Maybe its because they drink that dangerous raw milk every day or eat that unpasturized deadly raw yogurt this sick and stupid country bans.

Magnesium, CoQ10
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/11/2020

TONYA, if my Tractor Driver will allow, I kiss you right in the mouth. I will try this, because nothing I do is working. Thank you.


ORH Remedies
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN.) on 03/09/2020

ORH here, self isolating and hunkering to avoid this virus stuff. Anyways, I's been reading and learned that you can make apple cider vinegar from apple scraps. As all know we have an apple orchard and make many gallons of apple juice each year, and throw our scraps in the woods for critters to eat. We have always bought Braggs over the years and all this time I could have been making it myself. It has an almost unlimited self life and thus , I have a new project. The Lord said he would provide and he does…. if we would just listen. Had several slices of the pork belly for breakfast that I cured a few weeks ago. Pretty good and reminded me of my youth when almost all bacon was salt cured . I fried it in the leaf lard that I had recently rendered. Doing lots of things that Bill and the fine lady from Denver told me to do about my AFIB situation. It ain't right, but I's still above ground. Got a struggling couple that want to help us garden on shares, otherwise, think gardening would be a thing of the past for us. I truly think something good will come out of this pandemic. This one world stuff is not working. Life is best when it is a family and community thing. ====ORH====

Posted by Helena (Norwich UK) on 01/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My Mum has had atrial Fib for many years, she is 89, ended up in hospital many times because of it and also had very high pulse. Medications don't work anymore, she also had pacemaker fitted in many years ago but it didn't seem to work for atrial Fib. She also had 3 cardioversions, last one before last Christmas. I wanted to share what she did to bring her heart beat and pulse to normal. She had shoulder pain and used electric massage to relieve the pain, as last cardioversion worked only for a few hours she was back to square one with her heart going like crazy and high pulse, so she had an idea to put this massage gadget near her heart but on the other side not close to her pacemaker and she noticed that after a few minutes her heart rhythm came back to normal. It was a month ago more or less, she used it a few times when it started again and it calmed down straight away and her pulse came down. She was amazed herself and so was I but happy that something worked for her as it is a horrible and frightening illness. She told her GP about it another day and her doctor was very interested how she did it and said it's a home cardioversion she did and was happy for her. I wanted to share it, maybe somebody would benefit from it.

Posted by Tom (Sedona, Az) on 08/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Slullcap tincture definitely helps with A Fib symptoms - I don't take it every day because it makes me hungry for some reason, I just take it when my symptoms flare up and it helps - Skullcap and also magnesium chloride liquid.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/26/2017

JANET,,,,,, thanks for your concern. You may be right about the mold thing because me and my Tractor Driver both show up black mold in our quarterly DNA test. Our Integrative Doctor gave us homeopathic drops for that. We do live on a lake where the humidity is high. We keep a dehumidifier going full time. I wrote about us having our HVAC duct work professionally cleaned two years ago and afterward we sprayed down the entire house using a theater fogger with a GSE solution bought from Tenn Mold in Knoxville. I sent our test mold kit off and called the biologist about the mold found. He said none of the mold was the kind that cause humans grief.

I do have a Plasma Rife Machine that can address mold or fungus. Corresponded with a guy in Britain that had mites the same time I did and I told how I killed them with my IFR SAUNA. He said he had already killed his with a Rife Machine. My current problem is that I have too many health toys and there are only so many hours in a day.

I am going to print out your post and study what all the things you have done. Did I tell you that Janet is one of my top ten female names?

Wish you well.====ORH=====

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/30/2017

HI U CAROLYN,,,,,,,,,, I have no clue and as you have read, I use a shotgun. The culprit is dead, but I don't know what shot killed it. As far as my back pain is concerned, I think the Ginger Root Extract cured my sciatica pain. Many have written about this recently. I also think the Ozone and blood platlete plasma shot helped. I think my PT helped. I use DMSO and transdermal stuff.

As far as my AFIB, I keep my blood thin with Nattokinase, I take my Rx, and I try to chill out. I also use my CPAC at night. None of this crap happened until I got old. That is my admonition...... don't get old. When you get old you got lots of stories to tell, but no solutions.


Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Donna (Ct) on 02/21/2017

There is a homeopathic remedy for msg and you can also so take taurine after you consume any msg and it helps. Msg is a trigger for me also.

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Wild Rose (North Mississippi) on 12/18/2015

I have had Afib for years. I worked nights as a nurse and finally gave in to going to Cardiologist. Meds were given and I'm allergic to most things. I'm even allergic to the rat poison! my triggers are high copper foods, nitrates, nitrites, white sugar, MSG, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, olives, olive leaf, kava kava, sunflowers and their oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, any vegetable oil, soy products, the cultures in yogurt ( the L-Bac. (sp?) I have seen cause seizures that is in yogurt in a patient I had) avocados, root beer, eggs with all the new added omegas added and the other additives trigger my afib and ocular migraines. there are many more triggers but these are the worst of them.

I took medicines for years and they messed up my heart beat worse than the afib did so I quit. I took they had tried me on 5 others I could not tolerate at all while in the hospital in 2005. I saw my blood pressure on the monitor go to 258 / 178 and I always converted back to regular rhythm on my own. a quick help in the hospital was my husband going for some celery, it always helps me convert back. I got so bad with afib and arthritis and weight from all the pills I had to quit work and go for disability.

I started digging me out of medicines and started natural things to see if I could figure out how to help myself. I have been reading on this site for about a month now and have started with some of the suggestions for blood pressure problems and for afib that I had not been trying. I was taking homeopathics mag-phos #8 and Arnica Montana 6X for my a fib before finding this site. I read about this combination on a site about a man outliving 5 of his cardiologists so I figured if he could so could I. it worked much better than the meds and I still take them some but I am taking the amino acids and bilberry (this strengthens and repairs the blood vessels) which I need for I now have narrowing blood vessels behind my eyes on my optic vessels from the high blood pressure if it continues I go blind)and ginko and vit C 750 mg and Vit D3000 IU. I still have severe bone pain and no one has ever come up with why I do have this pain.

I have a master herbalist that helps me with doses for I am just learning about these things and will never go back to taking meds nor giving chemicals to folks again. it was time to renew my licenses but it has been 5 years since I practiced so I am letting the nursing licenses go and would love to find something natural to help people with to truly help them be better after I get better myself. MY weight went way up on the pills and finding something that will help with weight lost is not easy.

Thank you for your site. I also take black strap molasses and chlorophyll for indigestion. MY diet still needs much work. thanks for all the post and for all the help this makes my decisions about my own health much easier and encouraging to know I'm not the only one against doctors orders.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Will (Northbridge, Ma) on 12/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have been reading many different A-Fib sites and blogs and have not seen any mention of Aloe Vera softgels. It really has done wonders for my a-fib issues. Has anyone else tried this supplement?

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/06/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well life is still interesting as I spent half a day trying to get my heart beat to normal. I stayed in the 176 area for about 3 hours. I pulled every trick I knew to get it down. I finally took a xanax and half a soma and it went to normal.

I am a kick ass and take names kind of guy and that is probably my problem. Right now our government has me upset. The numb nuts are trying to get Ben Carson because he was offered a scholarship to West Point in high school. The news media can find no record so they are saying he is a liar. They got the lying thing right but it is they who are the liars.

Good people, we are at a crossroads. If things continue like they are going then your health will not be a consideration.

Hey, I'm as spooked as you. We do the survival things, but that may not be enough.

Do the Boy Scout thing and BE PREPARED.


Posted by Robert Herny (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/10/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , went to my hip doctor today and he said my pain is not from my hip but my spine. He wanted to give me a cortisone shot, but I declined. I have already lined up 5 appointments in Atlanta for ozone shots. He said my hips were no where close to replacement like my right knee was. I did not tell him that the ozone shots have already addressed that problem. It's a money thing. I spent a few hundred and he wants $40,000.

He is a nice guy and I did not want to get into a pissin contest with him about ozone regenerating cartilidge. He is a college grad- u- -ate. Whoo pe doo.

Tomorrow I go to Knoxville for an echo heart test to try and determine why I am going into arterial fibrillation. It appears that for me to get to 92 is going to be a chore. I love the challenge.

Most folks get into deep sheet and want to give up........ me , I just got a new challenge. Like I keep telling you sorry rascals, don't give up, keep fighting. You can whip most health problems with knowledge.

Out of spit ======ORH==========

Antibiotic Connection to AFIB
Posted by Mike (Fairport, Ny) on 04/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Interesting reads here. I was given an antibiotic a few years ago, and noticed I seem to have a lot of digestive issues since. I also ended up with constant AFIB not long after. Besides all of the nasty associated side affects of having it (anxiety, shortness of breath) I also started having a lot of issues sleeping. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with apnea. I was administered to the hospital for 3 days and given Tikosyn, which put me right back in rythym. Guess what?? Apnea went away. It's not apnea that caused my Afib, it was the other way around!! Hmmmm.......

I'm going to try probiotics and a lot of excercise, I am optimistic this will help and I can get rid of the meds someday. Mike

Posted by Joan (South Riding, US) on 10/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Over the years, I have found that coffee (more specifically, caffeine) causes me to have irregular heartbeats. Now, every cup of coffee contains a bit of organic Blackstrap Molasses. No longer do I experience heart beats that feel like my heart is flopping around. No longer do I get that shortness of breath feeling. In fact, all I have to do, if I haven't had BSM in a while and experience an irregular heartbeat, is dip my finger into BSM and the irregularity subsides.

Posted by Pat (Pennsylvania) on 09/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Afib - I was reading the posts from everyone and thought I would try the taurine and l arginine, magnesium etc. and I really think it is helping. I have tried other supplements but these seem to help. I will let you know if it is long lasting! Also taking something called serrinisol for adrenal fatigue which is also a possibility since this all began around menopause for me. They say it lowers my cortisol count. Whatever it is hope it keeps on working! Thanks to all of know more than the doctors!

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