Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

| Modified on Jan 30, 2024

As a potentially serious condition of the heart, atrial fibrillation is concerning; however, the issue is not without natural treatment. While most doctors simply put a “Band-Aid” on the condition by prescribing medication, a number of other factors can be combined to achieve a natural, holistic treatment plan. Caused by a variety of issues, atrial fibrillation typically responds well to lifestyle and dietary changes as well as the addition of certain supplements.

The Problem

Atrial fibrillation is a common heart condition that involves the abnormal rhythm of the heart. It is often called an arrhythmia and causes an irregular, often rapid heart rate that results in poor blood flow to the body. A number of common conditions contribute to the condition including high blood pressure, heart attack, abnormal heart valves, heart defects, overactive thyroid, metabolic imbalance, exposure to stimulants, sick sinus syndrome, viral infections, stress, and a number of others.

The Holistic Solution

With such a wide variety of causes, atrial fibrillation is often best treated using a varied approach. Controlling your lifestyle and diet reduces stress on the body and ultimately the heart. Likewise, a holistic approach helps support overall health while treating the condition at the same time.

Lifestyle Changes

A number of lifestyle changes can be made to help support treatment of atrial fibrillation. Reducing stress is the number one way you can help control your heart’s natural rhythm. Begin by identifying and eliminating common stressors in your life. Likewise, adopt a regular exercise routine, such as yoga, that relaxes and calms your body.

Dietary Changes

Whether you know it or not, many of the items you are consuming are likely contributing to your condition. In addition to reducing stress, limit caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. You’ll also want to reduce your consumption of processed foods and increase your intake of whole, organic foods. Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners as well.

Supplements and Other Treatment Options

Specific supplements also help treat the condition. Magnesium, potassium, and calcium are especially important for supporting heart health, so consider taking a daily supplement of each of these.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or have been dealing with the issue for years, a holistic approach to treatment will likely offer you relief and treatment. Begin by making one positive change at a time, and you’ll be on your way to natural health and wellness in no time.

Continue reading below to see what supplements and home remedies our readers recommend for Afib!

Alkaline Diet

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Posted by RON (TAVERNIER, FL) on 03/03/2009

As you know i have been here before with many hit and miss theories about what is going on in my body. i have stumbled across some information and compared it to my current conditions aside from the atrial fib and think i have found the key. it is my belief my atrial fib was caused by a toxic substance in my blood. i had been found as having leaky gut syndrome some time ago and having a toxin in my blood by those that do blood work with a microscope. i thought little of it then and now i am starting to put pieces to together. those pieces are antibiotic use in the past, a poor gut flora, fungus under my toenails, poor digestion, malabsorbtion, sinus problems, post nasal drip, blowing my nose after eating, constipation and or diarrea, itchy skin rashes that come and go for no reason, and some other irritaions not enough to worry about alone but then as a whole have indicated i need probiotics to repair the leaky gut that is leaking toxins into my blood stream. and to correct the obvious candidasis in my body.

since taking the probiotics i have noticed some improvements in my body and realize it can take some time to correct the issues but i appear to be on track to correcting what ails me. for the very first time i think i have really hit on the root source of the atril fib problem and that the atrial fib is a symptom of other things going on and not the cause of the off balanced body. my body can not become alkaline with foreign bodies and pathogens living inside.

no chronic condition can be corrected until the body becomes alkaline and that body can not become alkaline if the gut flora is dominated by putrid toxin creating bacteria and that body can not correct itself with candida caused by the medical profession giving out antibiotics like candy. i have found out more and more with each passing day that if one wants to live a good life and a long life they need to stay away from doctors unless they have had an accident or stab wound or something similar because other than that they are pretty much killing us with drugs.

EC: Thank you for the update, Ron!

Replied by Soyjim
(East Alton, Illinois)

I came across your post under fibrillation. My mother has this condition and is under a medical doctors care. I also thought that fungal infections might have an impact on this condition. She and I have splotches on our skin. My sisters have them also. They all think they are just age spots and I am puffing in the wind when I suggest they are fungal related. The five doctors I have been to for the condition have humored me somewhat giving me some medications that helped some but did not cure me. Antibiotics, prednisone, Lamisil pills, Nizaral pills, and one other anti fungal pill that the name escapes me. I have calloused red feet that I believe is a moccasin type Fungal infection. If I could get rid of that I now think my problem would be solved. For several years nothing has been able to eliminate this but it is not intolerable. I believe your ph balance theory is a good idea. The three things I have done that I believe have been most effective for what I believe is a systemic fungal infection are listed next. started drinking the borax water about a month ago, have used vinegar solution soaks off and on for several years. recently added peroxide to this which I think may be better. Thirdly I grow a pro biotic culture in a warm brewers yeast and tap water solution. I have been drinking this for about ten months. Good luck and post If you find something that solves a long standing fungal problem.

Replied by Ron
(Tavernier, Fl)

No chronic condition can be corrected without getting the ph right and flushing toxins from the body. Drugs are a band aid and do not work. Let food be your medicine. Alkalize your body with vegetable juice and use plenty of raw garlic. Avoid all flour, sugar and processed foods. Start a raw foods diet and do plenty of juicing.

Your doctor is not schooled to heal, he is schooled to give liver damaging drugs and has no clue about your condition. It is my belief if one wants to stay healthy one should avoid a doctor and his drugs. Cellular cleansing allows the body to heal, drugs contaminate the body. Use the internet and investigate for yourself.

Replied by Ladyliza
(Granada Hills, Ca)
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Some AF caused by heavy caffeine consumption.. Hopefully you don't imbibe much. Are you drinking ACV daily with water? That will help kill the candida. Also I would suggest not eating any mushrooms, mold, or yeast.. As it contributes to the problem. The ACV will help turn your acidity to alkaline. You need to get off of anything sweet as it is hard to get rid of candida when you eat sugar. I take 3 garlic pills a day and my white coated tongue has improved a lot. Good luck!

Replied by Pat
(Pennsylvania, US)

I too believe that the digestive system is also involved with the afib. I think probiotics are a good idea.I started them, too. Makes sense since every episode of afib usually starts with "noises" in my stomach(gas?) Hope it helps!


Interesting observation........ .I have been diagnosed with methane sabo and have started having AFIB this seems very related to my stomach issues........which often makes it hard for me to breathe..........doctors just can't seem to figure it out.

Replied by Pat
(Pennsylvania, US)

Have been taking taurine and arginine for close to a month now and no afib. (unusual for me!). I also started the probiotic every day. Do you think that I can take the Hawthorne with the low dose of beta blocker? Don't know if I should stop it yet. Still feel like I need to keep my heart rate down to stay out of afib., but I think the supplements are keeping me from being symptomatic! Afib without the symptoms (which a lot of people have and don't know they even have it) is better to me than having "symptoms".

Wish I can get to that point. And I am not going to take the "rat poisoning" to thin by blood which they tell me I will have to take by age 65 (I am 62)! Will anticoagulate with aspirin and vitamin E which I already do.

Forgot to mention the supplement recommended by the "womens health network" called Serrinisol. I think it helps the "adrenal system". Another helpful site I found since losing faith in our traditional medical system to cure me of this. It is a slow process, but I believe I am finally getting somewhere after 2 years of this! I also think "prayer" has helped me a lot, too! Doctors aren't the only people that can heal us! And I believe God will lead me to cures that will heal me! After all, he led me to this website! Just be patient and the healing will come! Thank you all for your helpful input!

Replied by James
(NH, US)

Pat, Yes, stay off Rat Poison! No doubt that mine and many of others AF episodes are "Vagally mediated" from Vagus nerve. Having never had an issue during the day, only at sleep or just before bed late, I'm sure mine is digestive system related and not adrenal. Tis why they test us for apnea Im guessing. Unfortunately, EPs and Cardios still attempt to prescribe meds that don't address the condition, but the symptoms. Beta blockers will NOT work for Vagus initiated AF. Flecainide does, but wow, what a dangerous med that is. Add to the nocturnal AFers, the disruption of sleep from meds, actually contributes to arrhythmia by disturbing REM sessions at night. So then they are quick to put us on sedatives. This Pharma ball just keeps rolling downward. However, Ablation does seem to have fair success with both vagal and adrenal AF.

To conclude all this, I was on Metoprolol for a time, and still got AF. Then switched to Flec. However I weaned off that after 3 horrible months, so I can't say if it would have worked. I did take Hawthorne while weaning off these meds, but not the dosage I now take. I would start with a low dose, maybe 250 mg with both berrie and flower. Last AF episode, HR never got higher than 72, tho still irregular, and I was NSR in 5 hours. Id say that's as successful as any beta blocker. So now, When I get that feeling, flutter, etc at night, I load up on Malate Mag, 600-900mg, and 500-1500 Hawthorne, over a 1-3 hour period before bed. Keep in mind, I did build up to this over 6 months as Mag is tough to assimilate in small intestines. I do carry the Tuarine and Arginine in cabinet for PIP purposes, but will look at adding that in. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses seem to calm flutter down also. Best wishes.

Eve Zhu
15 posts

What happened to you with Flecainide? My 27 year old son has been on it and his mental health has really suffered. Plus, he still gets afib episodes on it. He's recently been put back onto a beta blocker Axapaban.

Replied by Pat
(Pa., US)

To James.Thanks, I may get the ablation eventually but trying to work with supplements and meds right now. I will try the Hawthorne. I only take 12.5 mg a day of toprol. I really don't think it does anything but am afraid it may keep my HR a little lower so that when I do get afib it isn't quite as fast! But as far as the supplements go, none of them seem to rid me of the afib completely! Sooo, I guess I'll just keep going on my same regimen with supplements and meds. You are fight about the fleccanide, it also didn't prevent the afib so I stopped taking it every day and take a "rescue dose" 400 mg when I go into it, which lately is about every 3 weeks. It still takes about 2 hrs for it to work and even that is too long! Hope they come up with a new cure soon! Hanging in and hope you are too! Pray for us all!

Replied by Pat

Correction to my last statement! The rescue dose is 4 tablets fleccainide which is 200 mg not 400 mg.Sorry! Taken when I go into the fast heart rate which still scares me every time! I never get used to it! Thanks, Pat

Replied by James
(NH, US)
108 posts

Whew, Im glad you clarified that 400mg!! Im a big guy and I was told no more than 3 of my 100mg Flec to get back to NSR. Of course I haven't had the chance to try that because I've converted with Mag and Haw last 2 times. ND says to try the flec to see if that's quicker, but it doesn't sound as tho it is. Don't give up on the supplements and the healing process just yet, it could take 12-18 months to build up the stores of Mag and other good things, not to mention heal the inflammation. Every 3 weeks isn't bad, I'm about 1-2 months, but with the Hawthorne, HR stays low to tolerate. If you're only doing 12.5 of Toprol, you should be ok with Haw. Ablation is not in my thought process right now because you still are bound to Meds after, sometimes forever. One quick hint with my condition, I'm a nocturnal Fibber. So when I get that odd feeling, I load up on Mag, 6-900 mg along with 1 gm Taurine, 500 mg Haw, just before bed. That takes away all the pausing/flutter before bed and I sleep solid and wake up refreshed. Keep in mind that Mag is a blood thinner in its own right, so be careful if you're still on the Decon.

Replied by Pat
(Pa, USA)

To James: Yes I started the Hawthorne. So far just 250 once a day. But for some reason I'm getting alot of intermittent afib which is alot slower than normal but comes more often! As I said, I also take Taurine and Serrinisol. I take 25mg of Toprol split into 2 doses because I can't handle it all together. Makes me feel lousy! I think it's because I have low normal BP and since it lowers my pressure and I really don't need it to, it makes me feel tired. I do seem to be getting the afib more at night now too! It comes in cycles! Wish it would go away for good! But I'll take it on a lesser level, as lately been.Not so fast and scary! I know there has to be a reason for this and sometimes I think they have messed up our electrical systems with all the technology in the world now! All those towers and everything! Some of our hearts are sensitive to it all! They're definitely killing us on this planet! Will let you know how the hawthorne works out.They also gave me Atavan to take for the anxiety I get from it! But only take 0.5 (maybe) a day, if I need to. Don't wanna get hooked on that, too! Don't really like it much. Good luck with yours! Maybe I'll get off them all like you too some day soon!


Can you suggest 'brand names' of Taurine, Arginine, Magnesium, etc.

I am on Metaprololol as well as Lisinopril and Pradaxa. Still get AFib at night, regularly. Cardiologist is pushing for me to have the ablation. Really don't want to do that just yet. According to the Holter Monitor after 10 days, I seem to have more of A-Flutter than A-Fib.....

Pat McG

I had terrible afib but would not take drugs. I luckily found ReMag magnesium which is the best — it goes directly into the cells & also you can take as much as you need without getting diarrhea. Also what I've found by trial & error is diet is key for me. My afib always happens around food. I have found that giving up carbs, pasta, pizza, bread, sugar & processed foods is key. If you really want to knock it out, try juicing & eating raw fruits & vegetables 80%, and 20% cooked food — but giving up dairy & gluten. I did this & I didn't even need to take the magnesium because the afib was gone!

l think my afib is vagus nerve related & most recently I had another problem called IC. Both of these problems happens around food. I researched like crazy & I believe now that both are autoimmune problems triggered by eating. I believe I got these problems from taking way too much Levequin & Cipro. When I did the juicing & raw food diet, both problems disappeared after a week. The other thing that I think really helped is these IC aloe capsules I found...I think aloe somehow helps the gut & digestion.

Pacific Coast Lady
(Crescent City, CA)

Hello Patg, I would so love to hear from you again if you are around? I was just diagnosed with sight a-fib and the cardio wanted me on drugs, and a battery of tests I don't believe are necessary. I'll just wait and see if you are around the forum but I'll add that I am already eating a Ketogenic diet, but with dairy. My cheese and yogurt are of course processed so I probably will need to get rid of those foods, also butter.

Anyone is welcome to respond, but I can tell you I am nervous and afraid because I have a pace-maker that was put in 1997. So I am on my 3rd now. I have led an active lifestyle, but was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes just over a year ago, but have that under control by dropping all sugars & carbs except for cruciferous vegies, and the small, very low carb nuts, chia seeds, and the yogurt I eat is just 2 g of sugar and didn't spike my Blood glucose.

I just don't trust conventional doctors and their tests any longer, or, big pharma's drugs. I only take supplements, and they are only Mag., and B1, B12 right now. Thank you in advance for any help.

Robyn Lynne

Think I may have Afib, I'll have to get diagnosed. Started off and on past few months. I thought my hot flashes had returned?! I think its mostly after I eat!!! I eat very healthy and am active and healthy. Thanks for your info. Taking notes! Don't want to get diagnosed and go on horrid meds!


I'm in the same boat!

Replied by James
(New Hampshire, US)
108 posts

Pat, Yes, with that on meds, they get you hooked and are not only hard to get off, youre body misses that fix also. But, of the 2, Id say the Magnesium is the most important. Hawthorne does slow rate, but if your doing the Metop, that is already slowing things down. Lowering your HR does not keep you out of Fib, whether its a med or supplement. Mag takes away my flutter or paps in minutes. (No AF this past month) Try loading up on that before bed, start with 300, and get to 6-900mg as soon as you can. It wont hurt you, just will eliminate it next day. Get the oil or gel form also, easier to hold in. Your condition is worse than avg, but Ive seen much worse and heard of successes without surgery. One lady I knew had it every day, for hours. Got on one supplement, and poof, gone and not returned for 5 years. COQ10 once a day was all she took!! I was envious. I take that also, but guess what? It doesnt work without adequate levels of Mag. Obviously she was getting her Mag levels from food sources. Cells towers, micro waves etc, Id believe that, its not like theyve conducted studies and proven any of it is completely safe.

Replied by Pat
(Pa., US)

Thank you for your advice, James. Am now down to I 12.5 dose of Toprol a day and using hawthorne (500) mg once a day with the mag (maybe 500-800) a day and feeling better. Palps come less severe and slower when I get them. Hoping that takes care of all the fast erratic episodes of AF. Will report back as time goes by.

So glad to have some relief and not to feel so desperate as to get ablation! Talking to you and earth clinic has helped me lots! Just for the record, I also have been taking coq10 and fish oil and a few other supplements for some time now also. Going to pick up the molasses this week and start that too. Even cancelled my appointment for tomorrow! If all goes well, will let the md's know later on. I will reschedule in a month or so!

Your advice about not giving up on the healing helped too! I'm sure this is some kind of deficiency or something and I always have been! Kept trying to tell them that but they have another agenda! Do also take baby aspirin about 4x a week. And when I remember Vit E few times a week also just to let everyone know! That keeps my blood thin! So does at least 24 oz of water a day! Don't intend to take Big Pharma blood thinner! They tell me by age 65 I should be on it! Hope not!

Replied by James
(NH, US)
108 posts

Pat, that sounds great and promising. I like the slow approach of weaning off the "crutches" and building a foundation of healing. You will possibly find that the Metop is basically adding little to your latest success and will feel like a million bucks when thats gone. You can always grab it in a pinch, I have that and Flec on hand as PIP, but have never used.

Thats the thing with Meds vs supplements, we live in a society of having it all now and drugs allow us that instant fix. It can take as long as a year for us to build stores of Magnesium and other minerals. I just read somewhere that women need much more Mag than men. I like that you cancelled you appt, but suggest you do find a good Naturalpath MD. They arent cheap, and most insurance won't cover, but in the long run, they will save you bouque bucks and aggravation. Mine lets me call him for free when I need advice. One thing he added that I have not taken is Lily Valley. Its like foxglove, digoxin natural, but not as strong. Great anti arrhythmia. The thing with blood "thinners" is, they're not! They once again blocked something, just like all drugs do. At 60 I'm not looking to sign up for all that Pharma has in store for us.

Replied by Pat
(Pa., US)

Now up to 2 doses of hawthorne per day and it works pretty well. Although when I started it I had alot of palps for about the first week or so.they seem to have calmed down. Also pumped up the mag to about 600 a day. And still taking the Taurine and the probiotic with a few additional supplements ( vit C and E). Only taking 12.5 toprol because I believe it does nothing for the afib! Fish oil is another one I started! Will keep going with these for a while.

I can even have 1 glass of wine when I go out (which I couldn't have before) and I don't go right into afib! For some reason the alcohol put me right into afib after the first sip! That really made me angry! No more alcohol ever again??? No fun! Believe me, I was never a big drinker but I do enjoy a cocktail when I go out once in a while!

I'm looking for a good "naturopathic doctor" in the area but not a lot of them around in close proximity! It would be nice to get some advice from them, I agree! Helps having all your input with everyone else! Gives me hope for this lousy condition! I think we can get a handle on it if we try! And I sure wasn't with the traditional M.D.'s! It was just getting worse! I honestly think the toprol at times can cause afib! And the "flec" did too! It was weird.Sometimes they helped and sometimes they made me worse! Very strange! I just couldn't figure it out! But I am learning a lot! Hope our luck holds out!


IF you are going to have wine consider French wine. Seemed to work for use as may have less phosphates I hear. Or if you can find organic wine.

Replied by James

Too funny on the wine/alcohol myth. After my first few episodes, cardios wanted to sign me up for AA. My friends laughed because Im always a beer or 2 behind them. So I quit for a year to humor them and went into AF still. Sure, throw booze, caffeine, stress, and all the other things that deplete minerals, mainly Magnesium into the mix. I drink 4-6 glasses of wine a week now, no issues, just load up on mag and haw before and after.

12.5 of Metop is such a low dose, I doubt it will put you in or keep you out of AF. If youre staying out tho, just keep taking it for now, not as dangerous as the Flec and others. Yes, the meds do work and may keep you out for a time, but alas, like all meds eventually stop working as they deplete all the good stuff too.

It took me a while to find a good ND who as familiar with AF and cures. Lucky to be near Vt where there are hundreds and found a good one near Burlington. He lets me call him for free advice any time, and only see him when I feel I need to. Some states are a challenge for NDs, only 17 license them. Happy hunting!

Replied by Pat
(Pa, US)

To James, NH, US: Still hunting for a good naturopathic m.d. but trying to treat myself, in the meantime.About drinking the wine, do you just take more hawthorne & mag when you have a glass? Also stopped eating yogurt. When this all started I was having yogurt every day. So I thought I would stop and just having one the other day brought on the afib about 7 hrs later.After not having any for a while I am starting to wonder if yogurt has anything to do with it! Who knows! Also, how did you go off the metapropolol? I'm taking only 12.5 every other day now.Should I skip 2 days and take one every 2 days?

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

Your mind/body should tell you how you feel and if it's right to take more or none at all of what your concerns are. Most people follow their gut/instincts. If you feel ok with out what ever you question is, then keep trying that path, then if you begin to feel as though you should go back on previous regiment then do so. But my self// I don't do doctors very well, I came very close to a heart attack because of taking conventional meds..Follow your heart. It has never led me wrong yet. Good Luck.

Replied by James
(NH, US)

Pat, yes , mostly take Mag 300mg before I drink and at bedtime take 300 more along with 500mg Haw. Alcohol raises my HR, hence the Haw. My ND told me also to take Alpho lipoic acid before drinking. Supposedly releases enzymes in liver to deal with alcohol, not sure on that one. I havent really tested that one.

Metop was easy, the Flecainide took me a few months. Yes, I think that is a good protocol, one day on one day off etc. I was taking 25mg twice a day, and then went to night only 50mg, then 25, then 12.5,7.5.....stopped. I would say over 3 months is reasonable.

Yogurt has something in that has never agreed with me and I hardly touch the stuff. Curious what it is that would cause AF tho?

Replied by Bee
(New York, US)

James.. I read your post about getting off Metoprolol so easy.. I have been doing this for about 8 l/2 months now.. I am going by how I feel but wow this seems like a long time..but I read that I could be overly sensitive to this drug or something..

I am down to 25 mgs. now but it was not without a huge struggle and huge side effects and no I don't have any other issues... I couldn't just cut the pills either . I had to extend the time I took them and then cut them.. There is a site I look at where people have had really aweful time getting off and horrible experiences.. I wish I was one of those..but sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong.

thank You

Replied by Hazel
(Toronto, Ontario)

@ Pat: The "rat poison" will likely save you from getting a devastating stroke, which is much worse than AFIB vit C, garlic and aspirin will thin blood but urgently needed is clot reducing, less clots forming in the pool created by afib enough that when the heart suddenly goes into correct rhythm, there are no clots to be pushed out into your blood stream. Do not be stubborn, you need it; you just have to be monitored for the therapeutic ÍNR range and kept in this range by a doctor that understands the process well to manage it correctly and to eat consistent vitamin K veggies.

Trust me, I am a victim of being too stubborn (3 years post stroke and now disabled with a useless left side/hand for being stubborn), you need it you just have to be monitored for the therapeutic INR range and kept in this range by a doctor that understands the process well to manage it correctly. The trouble with medical community they're trained to pass out drugs but are very poor at explaining why sometimes they are life saving/ very important, I now wish I was not stubborn as a mule but you know what is said about hindsight 20/20, if you knew how to explain the process well rather than just say you have to take this I immediately thought of how the rats bled to death on this cocktail and I was scared out of my mind because I did not know there was a safe way to use the poison that has been tried and proven over many years in several countries across the globe including USA/Canada/Australia and Europe - all doctors should be made to take extra English Language classes on how to explain what they know to patients properly as mandatory requirement before they are given licenses to practice chosen profession.

Replied by Manny
(Texas U.s.a)


Do some research on HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) for your stroke. The general concensus is 40, one-hour dives for starters. Remember to get HBOT in a hard chamber, not the soft, inflatable chambers some clinics use.

An authority on HBOT for TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a physician in the New Orleans, La., area. His book is, "The Oxygen Revolution."

Replied by Pat

Ron, I was reading your post and thought I probably have alot of toxins also. Maybe even parasites! That's pretty gross! But... what can I take to detoxify? I do have a cup of detox tea few x a week. And am taking supplements Mg, Haw, Taurine, etc.Episodes have gotten less severe but not less often! Appreciate your post!

Replied by Pat

To Hazel: So sorry about your stroke. I know that sometimes we need to take the blood thinner but so far, the doctors haven't asked me to go on it.I understand that the "magic" age they choose to suggest that you begin is 65yrs. I'm not there yet. So, I also think that there are supplements that are blood thinning and can be used for such. I haven't researched all this yet since I have not been advised to take this med yet. And who knows if they prevent all strokes in everyone or not? Wish you the best in your recovery process! Thanks!

Replied by Nh

Check out cayenne and garlic for their blood thinning properties, if you are interested in an herbal alternative.

Replied by Jay

From the research I've done on meds, I found out most of them CAUSE the same disease you are taking them for. I.e., heart meds CAUSE heart problems thus making them worse and possible killing you. See Dr Sherry Rogers, M.D., "Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?"


Replied by Doug

Leaky Gut cannot be repaired with probiotics, all that they do is crowd out pathogenic organisms that can infect the bowel and damage bowel lining. Bovine Colostrum is the only clinically proven remedy. One of its primary purposes is to provide the original introduction of beneficial bacteria and to insure their growth and colonization. Then the growth factors in colostrum can prevent and heal GI damage. Both animal and Human clinical peer reviewed studies prove its efficacy.

Replied by Twila

Have you tried using a almost runny paste of Goldenseal Root? Works great on athletes foot and toenail fungus. Moisten it with water - a little goes a long way- a little less thinner than pancake batter. Spread it on the infected area, let dry completely, wash off. Great stuff!

Replied by Sue

I am interested in the probiotic made with brewers yeast. Can anyone explain how you make that?

Replied by KT

Hi Sue,

Try searching on Google with these key words "how to make probiotics made with brewer's yeast".

Replied by Patricia

Ron, I have similar condition.. Afib caused by antibiotic Levoquin. I would love to hear an update... have you conquered the afib? Please let us know.

Replied by Charlotte

Blood thinners like Warafin and Coumadin all began with the herb Sweet Clover. Just get this.

EC: Interesting history about the discovery of Coumadin from Sweet Clover fed to cows here:

Replied by Virginia

We now know that genetically modified foods and glyphosate from spraying Consuming roundup/glyphosate is extremely harmful to our cells. G.M.O.s are not labelled so one has to ensure that you aren't consuming these in condiments, etc. Almost all corn and soy grown in the U.S. and Canada is now g.m.o. You will find corn syrup in many commercial foods. If one wants to eliminate inflammation from the body, one seriously needs to consider a g.m.o.- and glyphosate-free diet. This is crucial for health. Although organic is more expensive, when you consider how expensive is medications and Dr. fees, it makes perfect sense to eat clean.

Replied by Leslei

My arrhythmia and heart palpitations start with any alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, wheat, sugar, anything fermented, vinegars. It's just crazy. I know if I get low on magnesium, zinc, dehydrated at all, forget to take some extra sea salt, get hot, or I sweat.... I'm going into afib.

Replied by Bob

To thin the blood and regulate coagulation use concentrated garlic oil gel`s + Fish oils, my personal choice is krill oil or cod liver oil / add these oils to regulate coagulation & general heart health,

Real olive oil, just a teaspoon a week has been shown to balance out the blood coagulation / clotting + 100% pure cold pressed Coconut oil excellent for heart health + Macadamia nut oil as a supplement 1 tbs. daily + you can cook with it to but it is expensive and oil is not needed except for veggies. Another thing I just started is to make a cup of tea with the following Tea of choice + 1 tbs. of ACV + 1 tbs. honey of choice + small amount of real powered stevia ** The liquid is no good tastes awful and not sweet ** 1 capsule of Ceylon Cinnamon 500mg ** Supplement but has multi use **.

I have constant A.Fib and related problems like high blood pressure but after taking the Tea Concoction I noticed that the A Fib improves along with Blood Pressure, this will help regulate blood sugar but works better with a TBS. of Black Seed oil for the Type 2 Diabetes or Pre Diabetes and hydration,

I don`t get dry mouth or leg cramps. I too was taking the same meds mentioned with the same results meaning only it did not work and made everything worse.The reason I only go to a doctor if something natural won`t work, so far so good and no flu shot and no flu this year either, long story about this & something else that vaccines should have prevented but did not, I got the measles anyway 3-4 times as a adult.

My first time was right after I got the measles shot in the 60`s then 3 more times as a adult around 30...Ps. If you take anything try to get it in liquid form or ionic form it gets 100% absorbed within 5 minutes unlike pills.

Replied by Orh
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U BOB, ORH here, thank you for this post. I am at my wits end. My med folks told me that I would not die, but just wish I had because taking their Rx results in a low quality of life. I stopped all but the blood thinner because I rather die than feel like that. Am considering doing the ECCP thing. The KAATSU system I bought, does not seem to be helping, but I am not doing it 2X a day like they said. I planned on the plug-gage thing, but did not know about this electrical thing. I have explained that my Vagus vein is crimped so they can't get the welding machine to my heart to scar it and stop the AFIB. Now my guy says he can use a stiffer wire and force the vein to open. AYSM? You are playing with my life and not yours. Getting a lot of crap from Vanderbilt but they, like football teams, have first stringers and 3 stringers. I am not interested in the B team. Bob, that is the reason I write interesting stories. I have been down some dusty trails and can spin a yarn. ==ORH==

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I was reading earlier about Wright Salt by Tahoma Clinic, Jonathan Wright. I think it was saying for treating afib...It might be a tree to bark up. Blessings, Charity


We are electrical beings. Once electricity stops running through our bodies we are dead. This is not science, but common sense.

”The age of biophysical understanding is approaching and this understanding will effectively end the paradigm of understanding biochemical basis of life.”

This is a huge topic few understand or want to understand, for it is engraved in our brains - we are what we eat (digest).

I am not a scientist of any sorts. I have a compromised heart function with no rhyme or reason. Official diagnosis is Dysautonomia, POTS variety, so to speak. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and one of those people who didn't respond to any treatment, diet or lifestyle change.

POTS is not just an elevated heart rate upon standing when BP remains normal. My heart goes into such acrobatics and weird rhythms that it surprises me I am still alive. My EKG is always abnormal and 13 years of heart dysfunction has weakened it.

I know for sure, 100%, that I am an EMF sensitive person. Not sure why but it is a fact.. I started thinking that being Rh negative has something to do with it..Science only looks into Rh negative from the pregnancy point of view assuming we are no different from Rh positive. But the difference is huge, in fact we are sort of different species so to speak. Only 2% are Rh negative

So if someone experiences any heart rhythm problems, should first observe their living and working environment for EMF levels and test it for the dirty electricity. They should distance their bodies from EMF emitting devices, including Apple Watch and take other measures to shield themselves from harmful EMF exposure. Remember that inflicting damage on your body is silent yet cumulative..

Once you have done that you can focus on diet, supplements, etc. But without first reducing the EMF levels in your environment, diet and supplements won't accomplish much.

There is a saying: One can't get healthy in the same environment he got sick. 100% true

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Will (Northbridge, Ma) on 12/10/2015

I have been reading many different A-Fib sites and blogs and have not seen any mention of Aloe Vera softgels. It really has done wonders for my a-fib issues. Has anyone else tried this supplement?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Will,

Very interesting info on the use of Aloe Vera helping A-Fib. I've used Magnesium which I've seen work over and over. Aloe may work because it has 20 minerals in it, Magnesium being one of them. If we assume that A-Fib is often related to mineral deficiency (especially Magnesium) then it would make sense Aloe could work.

Antibiotic Connection to AFIB

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Posted by Mike (Fairport, Ny) on 04/13/2015

Interesting reads here. I was given an antibiotic a few years ago, and noticed I seem to have a lot of digestive issues since. I also ended up with constant AFIB not long after. Besides all of the nasty associated side affects of having it (anxiety, shortness of breath) I also started having a lot of issues sleeping. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with apnea. I was administered to the hospital for 3 days and given Tikosyn, which put me right back in rythym. Guess what?? Apnea went away. It's not apnea that caused my Afib, it was the other way around!! Hmmmm.......

I'm going to try probiotics and a lot of excercise, I am optimistic this will help and I can get rid of the meds someday. Mike

Atrial Fib Triggers

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Posted by Postal Canary (Kirkland, Washington ) on 06/27/2018

So for myself, AFIB is DEFINITELY caused by chemical exposure. I NEVER EVER had heart issues of any kind. Until about 6 years. Actually, that's not correct I had 2 AFIB episodes 20 yrs that put me in the hospital. I was in my hubbies auto shop. They were one more treatment away from putting me to sleep and shocking my heart. After those 2, I didn't have another episode until 6 yrs ago.

I finally began to notice a pattern. On the days I would help my husband in his shop, it would happen then. Sometimes while I was in the shop with him, others later that day.

I then noticed when I put on certain perfumes in the morning, by the time I was walking into work, my heart beat would start to skip and jump. Another time I was getting a pedicure. While I was looking at the nail polish colors, trying to choose, my heart did a backflip. It landed with a hard THUD. I wasn't sure it was going to start pumping again. It did.

Hugging people with perfumes and lotions on can do it. NOW, my latest thing I'm reacting to is laundry soap products!!! In particular fabric softeners. Same thing makes my heart race and skip.

About 2 yrs into this, I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY. I had heard of it before, but kind thought it was sort of crazy that people could pass out, get dizzy and shake let alone get AFIB from being around everyday chemicals. In fact, just tiny amounts can set me off. So about a yr ago, a friend of mine developed AFIB. She knows all about my thots on AFIB and chemicals.

It wasn't until she was desperate that she started paying attention to her surroundings and looking for PATTERNS of WHEN and maybe WHY these AFIB episodes were happening. I quit drinking coffee first off. I only ever had 2 SUPER STRONG cups a day.
( prob = to 4 cups lol) I never was a pop drinker. That didn't affect it at all. But I did fall asleep easier. That was nice.

My friend would get these attacks ALMOST every morning. Turned out it was from the stuff she used to clean the kitchen counters off with after feeding the kids. This product was also used at work. Chemical sensitivity is a weird thing. Some get it from being exposed in a big way from something like pesticides. Others develop MCS from mold. Mold in ur home or work place. U may not know it's even there. But if the windows get condensation on them, u have mold spores in ur home. Products u have used all ur life with no problem can suddenly become a problem. MCS symptoms don't ALWAYS involve AFIB, but for a decent percentage of us, it does. Some people never figure why chemicals all of a sudden r affecting them. Even the flea drops used on pets can set me off, just being in the same room. The neighbor spraying her roses. The other neighbors having their lawn treated for bugs and weeds. THAT GETS ME BAD!!
Shaking a man hands that used them to put on cologne or aftershave can start it.

USUALLY, if I can get away, wash my face and hands, sometimes I need to change my clothing too, will get it to start calming down. Then stop. I'm SO grateful I figured this out. Yes, it means I have to avoid a lot of things and have had to quit getting my toenails done, lol. I use vinegar and water to clean with and TIDE free. No scents. If u were to actually look at the ingredients used in these products, it's shocking. Even more shocking is these companies and perfume co. r the worst, they r not required to LIST what is used to make them. almost everything chemical wise starts with petroleum-based chemicals! I read that formaldehyde was first used in perfumes to make the scent last longer. Formaldehyde comes in many different names. It's in a ton of stuff. I also think that SOME people that have been diagnosed with panic attacks r actually having a reaction to a chemical(s). to figure it out, I had to REALLy pay attention to what I was doing and what was around me.

One last thing about MCS. It's NOT the smell people react to, it certain chemicals that make up that smell.
One would think the FDA and EPA watches out for us. But... they really don't. they r biased.
Our bodies r like buckets. One day, we just get full.
Ok. That's it. I HOPE this helps someone. It has been a 100 percent turn around for me. It took some time to understand what I react too. Most of the time I can track it down now. But the learning curve for MCS can be steep. Partly cuz it's just SO HARD to believe it's real.

Hugs everyone.

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Hannah (Alabama) on 08/19/2016

My atrial fib is caused by MSG. I knew it had to be food related when the atrial fib would occurred 6 hours after I'd eat--always when I'd eat out at certain restaurants. It is very scary and I believe now caffeine and extreme physical exertion can trigger a mild case.For the last 10-15 yrs., I have become sensitive/allergic to sulfur drugs, iodine, sodium, shellfish, dyes, etc. I still believe it has more to do with mineral deficiencies. I have figured out that I seem to do better eating a banana every day and taking magnesium. But, if I don't make sure there is no MSG in the foods every time--even at the same restaurants--I will end up with atrial fib usually around 1 or 2 a.m. Since I will usually eat with friends at night. Some restaurants hate it when I ask and I usually won't return. When this first happened and I went to the Emergency Room they almost killed me by giving me a drip with some kind of sodium. The cardiologist that saw me kept trying to put me on beta blockers but I wouldn't take them. I told him I thought it was something I ate and he thought I was crazy. I'm now with a younger Dr.and she seems to understand and will tell some of her patients about restaurants that may have msg added. I still think there is an underlying problem that causes this, though.

Replied by Zofia

I have the same problem. Have to avoid many foods and chocolate. No gluten and wheat. Trying to find a way of it without any medication. So frustrating.

Replied by Donna

There is a homeopathic remedy for msg and you can also so take taurine after you consume any msg and it helps. Msg is a trigger for me also.

Atrial Fib Triggers
Posted by Wild Rose (North Mississippi) on 12/18/2015

I have had Afib for years. I worked nights as a nurse and finally gave in to going to Cardiologist. Meds were given and I'm allergic to most things. I'm even allergic to the rat poison! my triggers are high copper foods, nitrates, nitrites, white sugar, MSG, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, olives, olive leaf, kava kava, sunflowers and their oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, any vegetable oil, soy products, the cultures in yogurt ( the L-Bac. (sp?) I have seen cause seizures that is in yogurt in a patient I had) avocados, root beer, eggs with all the new added omegas added and the other additives trigger my afib and ocular migraines. there are many more triggers but these are the worst of them.

I took medicines for years and they messed up my heart beat worse than the afib did so I quit. I took they had tried me on 5 others I could not tolerate at all while in the hospital in 2005. I saw my blood pressure on the monitor go to 258 / 178 and I always converted back to regular rhythm on my own. a quick help in the hospital was my husband going for some celery, it always helps me convert back. I got so bad with afib and arthritis and weight from all the pills I had to quit work and go for disability.

I started digging me out of medicines and started natural things to see if I could figure out how to help myself. I have been reading on this site for about a month now and have started with some of the suggestions for blood pressure problems and for afib that I had not been trying. I was taking homeopathics mag-phos #8 and Arnica Montana 6X for my a fib before finding this site. I read about this combination on a site about a man outliving 5 of his cardiologists so I figured if he could so could I. it worked much better than the meds and I still take them some but I am taking the amino acids and bilberry (this strengthens and repairs the blood vessels) which I need for I now have narrowing blood vessels behind my eyes on my optic vessels from the high blood pressure if it continues I go blind)and ginko and vit C 750 mg and Vit D3000 IU. I still have severe bone pain and no one has ever come up with why I do have this pain.

I have a master herbalist that helps me with doses for I am just learning about these things and will never go back to taking meds nor giving chemicals to folks again. it was time to renew my licenses but it has been 5 years since I practiced so I am letting the nursing licenses go and would love to find something natural to help people with to truly help them be better after I get better myself. MY weight went way up on the pills and finding something that will help with weight lost is not easy.

Thank you for your site. I also take black strap molasses and chlorophyll for indigestion. MY diet still needs much work. thanks for all the post and for all the help this makes my decisions about my own health much easier and encouraging to know I'm not the only one against doctors orders.

Replied by Leslei
(Alaska Usa)

I just read this in comments earlier and read online that afib can be from parathyroid tumor, and can cause bone pain! Check it out. I am going to get my calcium checked. There has to be a reason for this affecting so many people. The diet we had before we all got smarter probably the biggest reason, I don't smoke, I can't drink, I eat all healthy, no sugar, no wheat, no fluoride, no Milk, all organic, very little fruit, lots or organic vegetables and meat, nothing out of can, no RX, but lots of supplements, vitamins, magnesium, potassium. Still if I sweat, get in sun, take a sauna, exercise, drink alcohol, eat chocolate, have any caffeine, my heart goes into afib. Had a surgery to check and see if my second "pace maker" was firing again, and he found nothing wrong.

We are all born with two, but one quits working when one is working correctly as you develop fully before and after birth. The only thing happened after that surgery was I got a blood clot and then my pulse went from a normal 65 to over 90 during rest, sleep, that was 4 years ago and it just now is at 78 on resting. I am thinking after reading about the excess calcium causing heart problems, this might be the reason for my Afib.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Leslie,

How much magnesium are you getting a day? I take about 500 mg. Lack of Magnesium is the most typical reason for afib issues. That coupled with a virus infection on or in the heart can make the problem worse. The virus issue is the curve ball. Have you had any significant and long lasting infections in the time prior to your afib? If so, that might be a clue that the afib is being caused by not only possibly by a lack of magnesium but also a virus. If me, under such conditions, I'd be on two tablespoons of colloidal silver three times a day for a month; constantly monitoring the condition. I take that much CS every day just to keep virus infestation low.

Replied by Pat

Thanks, Dave! I think I'll try the CSilver too! Have been on Mg for awhile and it helped but did not stop the afib issues.I think youre onto something about the heart virus! Will start that and see. Maybe at a little lower dose to begin? 3 tbs 3xday is alot it seems! I will let you know!

Replied by Leslei

Thanks, I'll try that Dave!! I didn't have any infection that I was aware of. Hadn't been sick either. This is all very stressful in itself.

Replied by Leslei

I also take about 800mg divided doses of magnesium throughout the day. Two things I have just started again. Iodine protocol, but starting slow so it doesn't set off my A-fib, and the Dr. Budwig. Read her book. Amazing. The flax seed oil gets your electrical circuits going in your body again. Have to eat healthy, no meats or butter or any other oil. I just started a week ago. It's suppose to cure cancer and any other issues, including heart palpitations.

Avoid Soy

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Posted by Darien (Boston, Ma) on 01/19/2016

SOY is the WORST trigger for me! I would tell anyone with A Fib to steer clear of anything with soy oil or soy protein, any kind of soy!

Avoid Stimulants

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Posted by Snowbird (Connecticut And Florida, US) on 04/06/2015

For me, Chocolate brings on the A Fib (couldn't resist the Easter chocolates everyone bought me) and then by taking some slow-release magnesium at bedtime, along with one extra blood pressure pill, and the A Fib is gone in the morning. Done this about 4 times now. Yes, I have a Hx of A Fib, have had the cardiac conversion (shock treatment) twice and am on Pradaxa to prevent blood clots. Any stimulant like coffee or caffeine brings it on for me. My A Fib all started after a non-cancerous tumor was discovered inside my heart and it was removed. That was 8 years ago. I'm 67 now.

Replied by Gina

I was wondering about the vagus nerve also and what correlation it may have to A-Fib. I noticed lately when I changed positions in bed, like turning to lay on my side, the A-fib starts up. I always wait and try to move in certain positions, and even try bouncing on the bed to try to convert it back, but it never works. I have to take 4 tablets of Propafenone to convert it. That drug usually works, but I have had two cardioversions done in the hospital with the pads. I really want to find a cure for this condition, because it is always a fear I have of it.

Back Injury Connection to AFIB

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Posted by A Verma (India) on 02/03/2015

hmmm, I too had same experience with afib. After a lot of research found out that my FACET joints in my upper back (right behind the chest) is experiencing problem (due to injury). it caused pressing of the spinal nerves situated behind and around the spinal cord.

Replied by Terry
(Beverly Hills, Ca)

There is indeed a connection between back injuries, nerve trauma/inflammation and A-Fib. Dr. Joel Wallach speaks about this in interviews and his books. For many people according to him, A-Fib has to do with the vagus nerve function being impacted by nerve issues related to back injury or misalignment. There are some scientific papers looking at this association you can find online.

Back Injury Connection to AFIB
Posted by Linda (Washington) on 02/16/2014

I have a question. Is it possible due to an injury to my upper back that there was damage to a nerve that would also cause A-Fib symptoms? I have been studying this possibility because I had an injury a herniated disk with so much pain in my upper back. I am 65. A few months later was doing a lot of scrubbing and general cleaning but was bending over and using my arms and shoulders for lifting as well. Soon after had an attack of a racing heart and shortness of breath. Was rushed to the ER and was admitted to the hospital over night. Soon after admitting the racing heart stopped on its own and breathing was back to normal. They couldn't find anything wrong. I was set up with a Cardio and had all the tests. Wore a monitor over a few days. They could find nothing wrong with my heart said it was A-Fib and put me on toprol and low dose aspirin. Said go home that's all that could be done. If it got worse come back. The only time I have these attacks is when I over do and do too much physical work that involves my back and shoulders and arms. Also I seem to be able to help it to ease a little just by changing position and it only seems to happen after going to sleep. I sleep hard and don't seem to change position and when I wake the back of my head is numb and now I notice that the tip of my nose gets numb at different times depending on how I sit or stand. So does anyone know could this be caused by Peripheral Neuropathy? The Doctors that I question say you have A-Fib live with it. I doubt that. I think it may be something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Mike62

Linda: I had the same thing 10 years ago. Good simple nutrients like vitamins and minerals from raw organic whole foods make good hormones that are vasodilators. More nutrients and oxygen get through to the tissues. Bad simple nutrients and toxins from cooked conventionally grown foods make bad hormones that are vasoconstrictors so less oxygen and nutrients get to the tissues. Take a green smoothie made from 1oz organic baby leaves, 12oz water, 1/4g sun dried sea salt, and some organic chili every 2 hours. Eat lots of organic berries. Take 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 flax oil for fats. Keep oils below 5%/g. Eat 30g non denatured whey isolate or concentrate for protein. Eat a combination of organic bananas including the peel and organic whole sugars for carbs. Take the carbs, proteins, and oils together every 2 hours. Take 2ml skate liver oil/day.

Replied by Sarah
(Chicago, Il)

Hi Linda, it might be peripheral neuropathy OR you might have a magnesium deficiency and/or potassium deficiency and/or electrolyte deficiency triggered when you exert yourself. I would start restoring your magnesium levels each day to see if this helps. Vitamin C packets with electrolytes might be helpful as well. Just make sure to find ones without aspartic acid, an artificial sweetener which can trigger a-fib. Make sure your diet contains no hidden MSG or artificial sweeteners. Please let us know what your diet is like.

Alternatively, you might have a good chiropractor check to see if a rib or two is out of place.

I have heard Alpha Lipoic Acid is good for Peripheral Neuropathy, so you can research that and see if it works.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Linda from Washington,

Do not wish to give you disconcerting information and certainly hope I am wrong but the symptoms you give would indicate you are verging on very serious heart situation.

If this were me...

And I did have a friend a year (plus) ago who asked for advice with many of the symptoms you mentioned. When we was bending over working in his garden, he'd have an onset of symptoms especially heavy feeling in his chest. Etc.

I told him and tell very careful NOT to exert until corrective action is undertaken .... immediately.

He refused to go to Doc or ER having had bad experience with same a few years earlier.

I told him he must get on the following immediately...

Vitamin E (NATURAL E, d alpha tocopherol, not the synthetic dl....) Get the real thing in health food store not drug store. Start with 200 iu daily and increase to 400 in 30 days, then increase to 600 a month later. I take 1,000 IUs daily of dl alpha tocopherol. E will clean veins and arteries and oxygenate the heart (and other muscles).

PS...You do not have PN. Even if you did, it's the least of your worries.

1,000 mg of Arginine

500 mg of herb Hawthorn

1,000 mg of Co Q 10

100 mg of niacin (causes a flush... read about this on internet)

After you start up with the E, get off the aspirin since the E is a blood thinner and you don't need aspirin to thin once on E.

1,000 mg of magnesium

500 mg of potassium...good source is ACV .... one tablespoon in large glass of water...sipped after last meal of day

Remote possibility you have infection in heart...don't think so...but just in case take two tablespoons of colloidal silver on empty stomach for two weeks...will kill infection if any. Important on empty stomach to get into blood stream.

Replied by Linda

To Dave, Thank You so much for your quick response. I will purchase and try these things you have suggested. Anything that will lead me in the right direction is a blessing. You and Earth Clinic are so very important to the well being of people that have given up on conventional medicine. But, still need guidance in how to help themselves. I will report back if I find that this has helped even in the slightest.

Thank you Sarah. At the time this first happened I was on a terrible diet. I m sure I did deplete my minerals. No matter the diet I can't seem to lose weight. So I simply gave up food except for a salad a day with small portion of chicken. Went like this for months and only lost 6 pounds. I don't eat breads or pasta, potatoes or rice. Stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners. I try to keep up with the fresh fruits and veggies not always successful. I guess some would call it a low carb diet, I gain weight very easily so I just don't eat the way I should. Thank you for your help.

Thank you Mike62. It is good to hear that you overcame this problem and that something can actually be done. I was told to live with it. I have hope now that it can be reversed by means of good nutrition and vitamins. Do you believe that your problem was A-fib or Peripheral Neuropathy?

Replied by Mike62

Linda: I was 50lbs over weight, had many bad conditions, and many terrible diseases. I didn't go to the doctor because I was not able to wait for a long time in a confined space with nothing to do at a free clinic. I studied and tried various natural treatment plans and enjoyed limited success. Then I discovered one treatment plan that changes all the bad conditions to good conditions, cured all the diseases that were causing me so much suffering, and melted off all the fat. Nourishment. Just eating right was the solution that made my body buzz like a bee. I studied what herbivores, carnivores, centenarians, and athletes eat. Organic baby leaves are the best vegetable. The nutrients are locked up in the cellulose so grinding up in the blender is required. I take 8oz/day of the 5 super babies. Organic berries are the best fruit. Activated barley, whole sugars, bananas, and water kefir made from whole flours are the best carbs. They have to be organic. Chili is the best herb. Desiccated liver is the best meat. Non denatured whey and colostrum are the best dairy. Expeller pressed coconut oil is the best saturated fat. Black chia seeds are the best unsaturated fat. The super foods are the best protein. Skate liver oil is best for fat soluble nutrients. I take the carbs, oils, and proteins together and keep fat below 10%/calorie or 5%/g with 1 pint of kefir and water every hour.

Replied by Shannon
(San Francisco, CA)

Linda, that is interesting about upper back injury and a fib. I was in fender bender (hit from behind) that caused whiplash and a fib started shortly after. My epsiodes occur like yours: in bed when falling asleep. I got chiro treatment right after accident, and have regular visits. I also had all of the following prior to my a fib, which I heard cause a fib:

hot flashes, had just started menopause.

root canal, just had my 1st and only one.

high doses vit D, had started for menopause.

stress, had extra stress.

I've been taking the above supps. for 3 months with no improvement. Stopped the niacin after one day as that is too painful. Was scheduled for ablation but canceled due to stress of blood draws and fear of the procedure. Might sign up for yoga but usually can't stand the classes. Am trying to do deep breathing when stressed.

Replied by Pat

I also was diagnosed while going thru menopause. Try the magnesium (high doses) and taurine and l arginine. Also possible adrenal fatigue from too much stress(I believe I was under extreme amounts). The women's health network recommended. I try a supplement for that called serrinisol. I have been taking that too. They all seem to help. still take a low dose of toprol (half of a 25 mg) to keep my heart rate from going too fast.and also because I am afraid to stop it totally but have gotten down to a very low dose! Good luck!

Replied by James
108 posts

Pat, I too was on Metoprolol low dose for a time. Side effects were mild as I took at night. Tho it did not keep me in NSR. I just had a slower, yet irregular HR. Since May I tossed all the meds, Flec, Torp, etc and went to supplements. Have self converted twice since then but did notice that Hawthrone berry had the same effect as Met with no side effects in keeping HR low. In AF 15 hours and HR was averaging 72 bpm.

Replied by Pat

Hi James, Nh

I was reading your some of the posts on this website and you say you're off the Toprol, Flec etc? I am so happy to hear that since I am just going off at least that awful "flec"! Can't take that drug! It is nasty to take! But they tell me I won't stay out of "afib".I will take the "flec" just when I get it(about once a week now! ) I just a=don't like it every day! I take Toprol 25mg just at night.Couldn't stand the side effects of that one during the day either! What supplements do youtake a=every day?

Replied by Rosebud

Could you please tell us what conversion is like and how they do it. My husband has been told he needs it but scared to do it. I don't blame him. The Dr. doesn't really explain how it is done. Does it hurt and isn't it scary?? I am sure this is expensive also. Is it worth it to try it. My husband is getting worse and worse.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

Please have your husband ask his doctor, point blank, "how is cardio version (CV) done?", and make the doctor be specific since it's your husband's first time. I had my first one done last May. Totally not a big deal! But, I was really nervous too, at first.

What actually happened is this: 1) I was wheeled into a surgical room, given a mild IV medicine that made me sleep so I wouldn't feel anything;

2) The doctor did the CV which is basically shocking the heart for 2-5 seconds (at least for me); 3) the doc woke me up with another dose of an IV med (I think this is correct; confirm with your doctor).

The whole process lasted 5 minutes! For me this 1-time CV worked, and I've been afib-free since (knock on wood!). Also here's a link that describes CV in more detail:

I want to add that the CV does NOT hurt at all, and is not scary. Of course, if it's your first time you will be anxious about it. But have your doctor explain the process in a way that really makes sense to you and puts you at ease. If he doesn't, insist that he does! :-)

Replied by George
(Attica Ny)

I had the very same experience with cardio version. No pain, and no adverse reactions. Done in February 2017 and still in Sinus Rhythm in August. I have not been able to take either of the drugs to help maintain SR because of side effects. (Tikosyn and don't remember what the other was) but thank God I am still in SR. I do take a product called Kroeger Circu Flow and read somewhere on here that a person taking it felt that that helped. I was taking it before to help clear my arteries which I believe it did. The doctor told me I have no significant blockage. I continue taking it in hopes that it helps keep me in SR.

Replied by Scott
(Los Angeles)

Be careful recommending coconut oil- it can cause heart palps in some people - read the side effects reviews of it on earth clinic.

Replied by Ed

Be careful with colloidal silver! I have used it on and off for many years. Last year I took 1 oz of 30ppm Colloidal silver twice a day to try to cure a urinary infection. Within a few days I had pressure feelings in my chest. It was Afib which soon became tachycardia. After about 3 days in the hospital and all the heart meds the cardiologist could throw at me, my heart went back to normal rhythm on its own in my opinion. The doctors, of course, did not know anything about colloidal silver or believe that it had anything to do with the Afib. Weeks after being discharged from the hospital, I had another urinary tract infection which was MRSA. My Doctor prescribed an antibiotic that cured it. To prevent re-occurrence, I again took colloidal silver (20 mL of 30ppm) daily for 1 year; it worked. Then I had a re-occurrence of Shingles and was prescribed Acyclovir and Tramadol (both list Afib as a possible side effect). I was not eating well or consuming enough water. After 1 week on the Acyclovir and Tramadol, I got Afib again. After a few days in the hospital and a different heart doctor and a different batch of meds thrown at me my heart slowed down but was in Atrial Flutter instead of Afib. The doctor persuaded me to have cardioversion which worked after the 2nd shock. In my opinion, both Afib attacks were because of taking colloidal silver, my age of 73, and side effects of medications; I do not have any other heart problems.

Replied by Rpstone
(Texas, Usa)

Same thing with me. I was terrified but did not even have burns or anything. Just the oval marks of the electrodes of the cardiovert.

Replied by Wendy
(Spokane, Wa)

Yes, if you do not have heart valve problems, then your A-fib maybe caused by a faulty electrical system and your Vagus nerve, which wanders through your body. I got mine after menopause and it was occasion

Replied by Wendy
(Spokane, Wa)

If your A-fib is caused by overstimulation of the Vegas nerve vs. faulty heart valves, you will get A-fib typically during the night and when your turn on your left side. I have the similar problems. I'm still trying to unravel. I hooked up with a Naturopath, who could look at all of me to try to unravel this mystery. Other factors could be adrenal fatigue and thyroid dx.

Replied by Sabiha
(Bowmanville, Ontario)

I agree with you that after 10years I have learned my body and it's difficulty about digestion. When I get into AFIB it is the food and indigestion and acidic gut, enlarged liver suppresing the vagus nerve. So I take gas x, aloevera, sodiumbicarbonate, manuka honey, org. apple cider to convert my gut system to alkaline state that heath goes back to sinus mode. I also gave up on beans, sugar, gas forming foods even vegetables.I take mag-taurine- K, Bcomplex, Vit D, CoQ ubiniqual 100, many other supplements. Please get your calcium levels checked. I wish you all good health and it is in our hands...

Replied by Julietta C.

This is interesting and very helpful. What are baby leaves, this is not something I recognise.

Many thanks

Replied by Angela

I have had the same experience of having an A-fib attack soon after bending over and lifting or especially pulling out in my yard, weeds, etc. It started out with just feeling ill and having to sit down thinking I had a heart attack. Being a woman I ignored it lol, but eventually I developed A-fib and I'm determined to find the cure. I've read that a chiropractor can help a lot, but I'm quite nervous about them.

Belt Technique

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Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 09/07/2020

A fib:

Wear a snug belt at the naval level. It stops it.


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Posted by Amanda (Boston, Ma) on 12/27/2016

I just posted this in the Hyperthyroid section as well - I had A Fib caused by hyperthyroidism - I'm taking 10,000 mcg Biotin and from the very 1st day, it helped me tremendously! I am so much calmer now, I sleep 8- 10 hrs a night, and my heart rarely skips!


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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/08/2018

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,, most have heard my stories about Cayenne Extract and the heart. These two are new because when they happened when I was on a sabbatical from EC last year. The first one happened in our Anti-Aging Doctors office when my heart went crazy when the nurse was taking my blood pressure. The nurse, nor the doctor knew what to do. I told my Tractor Driver to go to the car and get my Cayenne Extract. Told the nurse to get me half a glass of hot water. Added 6 drops and my heart was back to normal within 10 minutes. Never been to med school, but I read. The next episode was in my Cardiologist's office and same song but second verse. They told me that they were going to call 911 and send me to ParkWest emergency room in Knoxville. Told them to hold their mule and sent my tractor driver back to the car. By the way, I keep my cayenne extract in my gun bag because this day and time I always have my gun with me. They could not believe their eyes. No ambulance scene, just a glass of hot water with Cayenne.

Here's the problem. I read this some 20 years ago in a book written by an old country doctor in NC. If I know this, then why does not our doctors, especially our heart doctors. They don't want to know it. Too simple and too cheap. Need a high $$$ scene of a person dying, lights flashing etc.etc.

The Mexican people do not have heart problems because they spice all their food with Cayenne. Yep, they have heart problems when the come here and eat what we eat.

So here is my admonition...... buy you Cayenne Extract and keep it at your side day and night. The Lord says you can't work your way into heaven. For some reason, I keep trying.


Replied by Eve
15 posts

Is it safe to have cayenne when on blood thinners?


Cayenne may interfere with blood-thinning medicines such as warfarin, aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen. For this reason, doctors usually recommend their patients to stop taking cayenne pepper in medical dosing form at least two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery. With that being said, if I were facing Atrial Fibrillation (a friend of mine currently is and this is what I told him). None of the pills or even stopping and starting of his heart to reset the rhyme has worked. God put cayenne pepper here on earth for a reason. Monitor your heart rhyme, blood thickness, start with small doses, stop stressing over the small stuff and put the dam pepper in your mouth!

(Sydney, Australia)
15 posts

Thanks, Rob, good to know. My son's taking Apaxaban blood thinner. Do you have any idea if that's ok to have with cayenne? Also, do you think cayenne extract is more effective than cayenne powder?

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/24/2017

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,, got my mule scared this morning when I went into A FIB and it was not caused by low oxygen due to sleep apnea. My oxygen was at 98 and my pulse was at 172. I'm exasperated that I have not found a solution to prevent this from occurring. What I do know is how to get out of the problem and that is 5 drops of cayenne extract in about 1/3 glass of warm water. That is about as hot as I can stand. The solution works in about 5 minutes.

The Rx I take is Cartizem and supplements are magnesium, hawthorn, nattokinase and taurine. I have changed from taking this in the morning to taking it at night. This is not the solution, but I can promise you that if I miss taking these, then I have a spell.... so it has to be helping. I truly believe that our stressful times are affecting me personally as I stay involved with the current news. That is just my life style and I opt not to change.

I read and almost wept when a poster related how she almost died when treated by a doctor for her A FIB problem. I have yet to read of a successful medical laser treatment. Got to go, as our football player is due to help me put out brush beds to draw crappie into our lake dock. I cheats as all know.


Replied by Janet

Robert Henry. Again I am looking at your symptoms. Mold or fungus.

This bane of my life. I think I have conquered it and bam. Another hit.

In the beginning of my journey it was a pounding racing heart that scared me to death...nearly. But having to retrace the cause everytime over these last 5 years. It is always the same.

My sensitivities expand with each exposure. The chemical sensitivities add more fun to the show as they expand and grow unchecked until I am on the floor.

In our house of six. I am mold crazy sick like kryptonite to superman. I have 5 other people. One is mold sensitive. One is on the road to meet me on the floor, two that could roll in it and not get sick. The other one is sensitive when her digestion is not optimal.

We have 3 spots in our home that had hidden mold. I have solved. We got rid of the car that had it. I drove off the road while driving it. Sitting up with eyes open listening to the radio.

Ken and I stay at hotels with swimming pools in our room. Crazy I know. The cleanest most well maintained pools and rooms I have ever seen. I never get sick and I cannot tolerate bound chlorine in pools. Allergic. But free chlorine no problem as long as I have sodium thiosulfate crystal to take.

We stayed at a different one last month. No mold smell. I was on the floor within 24 hours. The shower had 5 pinhead size black mold spots. Almost impossible to see. I did not have my ozone machine with to run before moving our stuff in. Out of nowhere bam.

This week my kids left the showerhead outside the tub. It dripped a little. Heart racing. Pounding. I had no idea. I am the bass ackwards detective. Like Sam Spade...under the hot lights questioning suspects until the the truth emerges.

My point is that this devil can be anywhere and everywhere. A garage, a mattress, even the most well maintained and clean places can get you.

My arsenal is vast as different molds create different symptoms. Often unrelatable to what I see.

Sodium molybdate 1/4 tsp or a pinch in water before food in the am. I add 1/4 tsp, a pinch of potassium carbonte to further help. The molybdate is the mold workhorse. I make this in ozonated water. The potassium cleans up and helps the heart. D3 and selenium yeast 200 mcg every morning. Again selenium is the work horse for mold. K2 or an oz of gouda cheese. This moves calcium out of circulation puts it into bones where it belongs. So we use gouda high in k2 3 days. 100mg k2 2 days equaling 5days out of seven.

Humic acid. 2 tsp in a pretty bottle on the counter with distilled liter of water 1 1/2 tsp of sea salt. Blend or shake. Leave grains at the bottom. 1 tsp or 2 of this a day in water.

Serrapeptase high strength 2x a day away from food.

Chromium I take it at night. Reduces any sugars that sneak in. Cortisol does not jump all over the place during the night.

You already know everything. But your mystery says mold to me. You know about alkalizing. You know supplements.

The other 1 heart pounding fix is topical magnesium oil right on your chest every night. I find I have to do it.

No flour foods preferable.. no grains ideally. Even just a few days to see if it is not one of the culprits.

I know ...shut up Janet. But we want you around always.

No sugar or fruictose (fruit). Makes cortisol unstable. J

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, a good while ago I learnt to stay away from the news. Healthier that way. It's enough what I get from the grapevine.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

JANET,,,,,, thanks for your concern. You may be right about the mold thing because me and my Tractor Driver both show up black mold in our quarterly DNA test. Our Integrative Doctor gave us homeopathic drops for that. We do live on a lake where the humidity is high. We keep a dehumidifier going full time. I wrote about us having our HVAC duct work professionally cleaned two years ago and afterward we sprayed down the entire house using a theater fogger with a GSE solution bought from Tenn Mold in Knoxville. I sent our test mold kit off and called the biologist about the mold found. He said none of the mold was the kind that cause humans grief.

I do have a Plasma Rife Machine that can address mold or fungus. Corresponded with a guy in Britain that had mites the same time I did and I told how I killed them with my IFR SAUNA. He said he had already killed his with a Rife Machine. My current problem is that I have too many health toys and there are only so many hours in a day.

I am going to print out your post and study what all the things you have done. Did I tell you that Janet is one of my top ten female names?

Wish you well.====ORH=====

Replied by Pat

Hi Henry! Sounds like you know how to fix it when it comes at least! I'm starting to get better at that! But they want me to have ablation. Have you ever had one? I am not sold on that as of yet.I still believe I can "fix" it with some supplement or alternative treatment myself! Don't want them messing with my electrical system! Hawthorn, Mag, Taurine and CoQ10 have helped me also so I think there has got to be something out there that will work! I will try the cayenne when I get it and see if that shortens it! I take betablockers when I go into afib only.As they don't help to "prevent"it from coming! So I figure, Why take them otherwise?I can slow heart rate down when it comes, using them!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

PAT,,,,,,,,, see that you and I are on the same wave length as to the supplements we take to avoid A FIB. I do take an Rx, Cartizim, that my cardiologist prescribed, but my Integrative doctor insisted that I take until I could find a better solution. I also take Nattokinase to keep my blood thin instead of Rat Poison.

I only take cayenne when I go into A FIB. My CPAP has helped. I keep my Cayenne in my gun bag and my gun bag is with me constantly.

I have not even considered ablation because cayenne extract works for me within 5 minutes. Here is where you can buy it.

Got pictures coming showing our garden that you don't want to miss. I am really concerned about the world situation. Everyone is in total rage and no one is seeking guidance from our Lord. He's going to get enough and there will be nothing left but a greasy spot. At least the folks on EC try to help their fellow man.

I wish you well.


Replied by Morgan

Robert Henry.......I would be very interested to hear more about your Cayenne conversions back into Sinus Rhythm.

How many times have you converted back to SR using the oil? Any info related to this would be greatly appreciated as I currently carry Flec as a PiP (pill in pocket) solution and would love to be able to stop using it. Shocking my system with 300mg of Flec is sometimes a necessary evil for me and I would love to do away with that as a crutch.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

MORGAN,,,,,,, To address my AFIB problem..... I solve most of my problems using the shotgun method. I think my problem is due to stress and sleep apnea. The way you breath is important to keep your oxygen up. I sleep in a CPAP and that has helped immensely. I take Nattokinase to keep my blood thin. I take the Rx Cartizen, Taurine, and a Hawthorne supplement and keep my cayenne extract close at hand. I also take magnesium.

I have not had a spell in several months. When I do, I try to chill out, then take 5 drops in 1/3 glass of warm water. My pulse rate drops within a few minutes. I do take lots of supplements I.e. 14,000 iu Vit B 3 /day. Wish I knew enough to help you, but can only relate what seems to work for me.


Replied by Carolyn

Hi there ORH, I have been on this site for a while and really enjoy your posts. Just saw a video from Dr. Gliddon on AFIB and he says the cause is the nerves from the T4 vertebrae being compromised somehow. Since you had that injury years back could that still be a contributing factor? Just a thought. God bless you and thank you for all your wonderful advice!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U CAROLYN,,,,,,,,,, I have no clue and as you have read, I use a shotgun. The culprit is dead, but I don't know what shot killed it. As far as my back pain is concerned, I think the Ginger Root Extract cured my sciatica pain. Many have written about this recently. I also think the Ozone and blood platlete plasma shot helped. I think my PT helped. I use DMSO and transdermal stuff.

As far as my AFIB, I keep my blood thin with Nattokinase, I take my Rx, and I try to chill out. I also use my CPAC at night. None of this crap happened until I got old. That is my admonition...... don't get old. When you get old you got lots of stories to tell, but no solutions.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 10/31/2015


HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

It appears that I was late to this health thing as I now have atrial fibrillation in addition to cancer and a bad back. Last night was the third time I have caught my pulse rate over 156. I did all the medical tests to see if what my problem was and the tests all came out normal. I have an appointment with my cardiologist this Tuesday and I'm sure I'll be wearing a monitor because this thing comes and goes.

Last night I awoke with a bad sensation and called my Tractor Driver to get my monitor and see what was happening. My blood pressure was OK, but my pulse was 156 and stayed that way until I added Cayenne extract to a power ade and drank that and watched my pulse go to normal. This trick is old as the hills but our present doctors have no clue. I know I have a problem, but I am not interested in taking rat poison to stay alive.

Atrial fibrillation is an electrical problem and there is the way I intend to solve it.

So here I am with cancer, a bad back, and a heart problem. I am not throwing in the towel. I will solve all of these using natural methods. I want all you birds to keep up with my saga. If I get to my age goal of 92 then you need to heed my messages, otherwise, do what your doctor says.

We go Thursday to get our fall blood irradiation instead of a flu shot. This too is old as the hills.

If you are 50+ then you need cayenne extract in your gun bag. It will save your life if you have a heart attack or a blood clot. If you don't carry a gun bag then you are not worth saving.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This ditty is not in the running with Bill's post on Alzheimer's and Fungus, but I'm not in the same league with our friend. I do think this is interesting. I wrote this to personal friends and thought it may be perk your mind as to why so many old folks are on rat poison. I am just copying and pasting what I wrote my friends.

HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , , , , , , Reading my cancer book today and one of the authors is big into chelation so I went to his site and here's what he has to say about what it can do for you. He knows far more than I , so I hope this tells you what you want to know. You really need to get the skinny from someone like this guy, instead of me.

Got in from my cardiologist and he put a heart monitor on me for 30 days and will do an echo test on me next week. He thinks I quit breathing at night and my oxygen gets low and my heart goes crazy trying to get blood to my body. I think he may be right as it only happens when I'm prone and sleeping.

My Dad smoked Camels and burned up his lungs and his heart did the same thing. I took him to L.R. and they told him his problem was not his heart but his lungs, and he had burned them up. He died in a doctors office from a massive stroke brought on by his heart fibrillating , the blood pooling, and forming a clot, and when his heart started to beat properly then the clot hit his brain and he died instantly. My doctor's dad did the same thing.

He said I would probably have to get on rat poison. In the meantime, he told me to take a baby aspirin at daylight and dark. I will , but there has got to be a better way and I have some ideas.

This is an oxygen or electrical problem and not a blood thinning problem, but if you solve the problem then you don't need Big Pharma's pills, nor see the Cardiologist every month to test you. Follow the money. The more I talked about the natural things we did to stay healthy, the more irritated he got. Sounds right to me.

My recent stress test showed that there is no obstruction in my heart blood flow, so I know that chelation works. I did some 60 + chelations….. so it cost me over $6000, but I did not spend $400,000 for a couple of by-passes and I'm still alive. To be continued.........


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well life is still interesting as I spent half a day trying to get my heart beat to normal. I stayed in the 176 area for about 3 hours. I pulled every trick I knew to get it down. I finally took a xanax and half a soma and it went to normal.

I am a kick ass and take names kind of guy and that is probably my problem. Right now our government has me upset. The numb nuts are trying to get Ben Carson because he was offered a scholarship to West Point in high school. The news media can find no record so they are saying he is a liar. They got the lying thing right but it is they who are the liars.

Good people, we are at a crossroads. If things continue like they are going then your health will not be a consideration.

Hey, I'm as spooked as you. We do the survival things, but that may not be enough.

Do the Boy Scout thing and BE PREPARED.


Replied by Robert Herny
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , went to my hip doctor today and he said my pain is not from my hip but my spine. He wanted to give me a cortisone shot, but I declined. I have already lined up 5 appointments in Atlanta for ozone shots. He said my hips were no where close to replacement like my right knee was. I did not tell him that the ozone shots have already addressed that problem. It's a money thing. I spent a few hundred and he wants $40,000.

He is a nice guy and I did not want to get into a pissin contest with him about ozone regenerating cartilidge. He is a college grad- u- -ate. Whoo pe doo.

Tomorrow I go to Knoxville for an echo heart test to try and determine why I am going into arterial fibrillation. It appears that for me to get to 92 is going to be a chore. I love the challenge.

Most folks get into deep sheet and want to give up........ me , I just got a new challenge. Like I keep telling you sorry rascals, don't give up, keep fighting. You can whip most health problems with knowledge.

Out of spit ======ORH==========

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, thank you for your upbeat spirit. I needed that today.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U Timh, , , , , , my Ky neighbor. I reads a lot and sometimes know just enough to be dangerous . I know you have been following my atrial fibrillation situation and it has improved since I started doing more magnesium and electrolytes. I bought a oximeter and now know what my oxygen level is when my heart goes crazy.

Because of all the stuff I do, it stays at 98 to 99 except when I have one of these spells in the middle of the night and it is down to 93. I now think that my cardiologist is right, and I stop breathing during the night. That then causes my heart to beat like mad trying to get oxygen to my body.

Finally, I bring you into the picture. My research shows that L-carnitine can greatly help my plight. What say you and how does this supplement work? Thanks for your counsel.

Our fall garden plants are absolutely luscious . I need to send a picture. We finish cleaning our spring tomorrow so it will be ready for next summers irrigation. We burned off next years garden site with a new LP torch, which should reduce the amount of weeds we have. As I have said before....... I cheats.

Yo Tenn. Buddy. ======ORH========

Replied by Maura

Dear Robert Henry,

Concerning your atrial fibrillation, I read in a medical journal (Biological Trace Mineral Research) that low zinc was associated with episodes of atrial fibrillation after bypass surgery. I suffered with this condition so I thought perhaps I was very low in zinc as foods are so depleted in minerals now days. I also read it was safe to do high dose zinc for 3 months. I took 100mgs of zinc gluconate per day. The episodes very quickly became less intense, then less frequent and by 3 months had stopped. I now take 25mgs most days and I have not had a recurrence for 2 years. I hope this is useful to you.

Replied by Timh
2064 posts


Carnitine is used readily by the heart in energy production. Long time back my gallbladder got plugged with stones so bad that my heart was going bonkers, which was a little frightening to say the least. Well I started taking Magnesium w/ good results but then got bad off again and bought some CoQ10.

OK, I'm out there on the farm cutting Tobacco and I really needs my heart & energy so I popped 30mg CoQ10 and was once again able to make it to the end of the row and end of the day. I soon was told by a Chiropractor that I had gallstones and the flush was like lifting a boulder off my back and my heart function returned to normal.

OK, fast forward a couple yrs and I'z got anemic really bad. One day I visited my parents and was so fatigued and week that I wasn't to sure on whether or not I could make it up a long flight of stairs to my apt, as I had just been winded by a short staircase. Well, just so happens I had only a few tablets of L-Carnitine with me for any emergency heart problem that might arise. I took 500mg and within minutes my energy was very much restored, heart no longer hurt, and was able to ascend that length of stair without a great struggle. This was definitely positive proof to me the Carnitine is very valuable in heart conditions.

Dr Sinatra also recommends CoQ10, D-Ribose, along with Carnitine and Magnesium for optimal heart function.

Replied by Bee
(New York)

I had the same sort of experience Tim .. I had gallstones and I believe giving me palpitations along with the meds I was given for high blood pressure.. beta blocker.... Well I started getting rid of the gallstones with flushes and then started taking a lot of magnesium and yes the COQ10 and carnitine .. I am off the beta blockers now and no more gallbladder pain.. Havent had a palpitation in a very very long time... I k now walk a lot . more than I ever have and there is no more pain in my gallbladder... I do follow Dr. Sinatra and there is where I also got the info. I haven't done the Ribose yet..

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS, , , , , , , , , , , ended up in the ER this morning when my heart went crazy again. This time my pulse went to 176 but my BP went out the roof. They got it down after several hours. They did get an EKG when it was out of sync and when it got back to normal and sent to my Knoxville cardiologist.

The first line on the side effects of the drug prescribed for me is: " It can cause very bad health problems that may not go away, and sometimes causes death."

Wow, that sure takes a load off my mind. Between cancer, heart problems and an aching back, my life is about as interesting as I can stand. Don't fret for me, because I always find a way to solve my ails.

When I left the ER , I told all that I truly loved them but hoped I never saw them again. They hooted.


Replied by Rsw


Glad to hear you are back on your feet and out of the hospital. It must have been pretty upsetting for you to head over there! For some reason I keep thinking some medical grade MJ may be of help, both for the high blood pressure and heart rhythm. I just read that it can help with eye pressure in glaucoma, and thought it might help settle things down, even the cancer (per Rick Simpson) Is there anyway you might get your hands on some that stuff that looks like black tar? Is a trip to CO in your future? Ha! Just a thouqht. Have a great Thanksgiving and take care. Give our best to your tractor driver, too.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U Rsw, , , , , , , , , yep, you right. It hurt my feeling not to get my pulse down. I tried for about 3 hours and pulled every trick I knew. The thing that the ER doctor said is that my pulse had headed down before their stuff had time to react so he was impressed. I can't believe he did not know that cayenne extract would save you from a heart attack or a stroke. I got this from an old doctor some 25 years ago. I have kept it in my gun bag for some 20 years. I have my gun bag at my side at all times.

I have only seen Marijuana once when the DEA found it on our hunting lease some 15 years ago. When we approached the scene, I ask what was going on. " Who are you". This is our hunting lease. He then hollered to his team..... "here he is". Scared my mule and we told them that this was the first marijuana we had ever seen. He then told not to worry, that they had already investigated us from A to Z.

Since then I have watched the video of the guy in Nova Scotia who raises it and boils it down to a tar and cures his friends cancer. He too is in trouble.

I am convinced that the war on Marijuana is promoted by Big Pharma. Just like the killing of the supplement Anatabloc made from tobacco that was curing arthritis. It works ....... just too bad that greed got involved and the Gov of Va had to go to jail. Now it is not available.

Tobacco is a herb used by the Native Americans since the beginning of time. What killed cigarettes was not tobacco, but the arsenic that was spread on it to kill the boll worms who ate the bolls and the pesticides sprayed on it in the warehouses, and the fungicides sprayed to keep down the fungus.

Enough for one outing. =====ORH======

Replied by Janet

Dear Robert Henry,

As I read this, Ted's writing on edta Chelation keeps popping up in my mind. His warning about calcium EDTA and heart issues. I have tried to find the particular email, alas cannot. But I am not Computer smart. I have walked away thinking you know this. But the nag in my head keeps drawing me back, to at least mention it. I know he said most IV's are done from calcium EDTA. I bought the trisodium and use it by drops. Just maybe something to look at.

Blessings, Janet

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JANET, , , , , , , , , , , , , , found lots of articles by Ted on Calcium EDTA. I did Disodium EDTA Chelation.

What I did find is a snotty article by Wikipedia. Of course we all know that this is a fictional rag written by self appointed experts.

I do thank you for thinking of my plight. It is what it is.


Replied by Patrick

Hey ORH.......been reading all your posts figured I'd take the time to give you some info that should help you. Look up everything by Dr Wallach on YouTube. He has a product put out by Youngevity that has the 90 things our bodies need. They are 60 rare earth minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty oils....well actually the Tangy Tangerine only has 87 as it is missing the 3 oils but it also has 115 Super Juices.

If our bodies have all 90 it can not get sick and if you have a problem and start taking it the body can regenerate parts and repair almost anything.

Look for a video called, "The Secrets the Globalists don't want you to know about. It is Dr Wallach and Ben fukes who is a compounding pharmacist and you will hear info that will blow your mind. I sware by Tangy Tangerine and if you start on it your life wiil be changed.

The cheapest place I have found to buy it is if you buy 3 or more. It is about $50 a canister but that will be the best money you can spend on your health.

Hoping for You to be healed


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U PATRICK, , , , , , , , , , as you know I's on new turf and appreciate all the help I can get. I see my cardiologist tomorrow and don't know what to expect . He is a big Texan and has a mind set. I just know one thing. I am also having a tussle with cancer, so I think cumin is not in the cards if I keep doing crucifiers to fight cancer. They do not Gee -Haw.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. I appreciate your input and will research what you say.

I thank you ======ORH=========

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)


HI U BIRDS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, me, not so good. As all know, I's a hard charger...... kick ass and take names. Well, it appears that my stressful life has caught up with me because my self imposed stress is keeping me in atrial fibrillation. I can bring it on in a heart beat.

I can get out to it after awhile with magnesium, cayenne, hawthorn and chilling. What I know is to keep my blood dilute least it form a clot and I go to the happy hunting ground.

Excuse me, Hillary got into trouble by saying that she can handle men who get off the reservation and that pissed off the Indians. My comment probably gets their ire too, and I could care less. Everyone is in stress because they are afraid of offending anyone. If you read my posts, the more I offend, the more loves I get. Folks have had enough of this PC crap.

Anyway, we headed to SGI and I am going to try and think good thoughts for a change, while soaking in the gulf waters next week. There I will get positive ions, magnesium and fresh sea food.

One thing I have learned on my live's journey ...... don't get old.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI ALL,,,,,,,, most know I have no discipline . I have not taken my A Fib supplements and prescription drug in two days. Today it hit. I knew it right away as you get this weird feeling. I took my pulse and it was 188. I got in my easy chair and tried to chill out. I also asked my Tractor Driver to mix 5 drops of my cayenne extract into half a glass of warm water. I drank that and my pulse dropped to normal in about 10 minutes. Country doctors have know this trick for many a year.



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That's mighty impressive, ORH!

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HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,, hope you have been following this old fogey's saga because you will learn some things. About 25 years ago I had my throat and nose cut out due to sleep apnea. I was not going to wear that WW ll gas masks that was used in those days.

As all know, I's smart, jus slow. When I awake in the middle of the night and my heart is racing, I check my oxygen and it is low at 93. My PT folks say they will not treat anyone whose level is 92. I have now concluded that my sleep apnea is back and I stop breathing in my sleep. If I don't address this situation then all my organs will slowly die, and then me too.

My next move is to see a sleep doctor and get one on those rigs that force you to breath at night. Is life interesting or what? Don't get old.


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ORH--until you get your cpap thing, try a fan. My DH has copd and the pulmonary floor is the only one with fans. The moving air prompts them to keep breathing is the theory. doesn't have to be blowing very hard.

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(Sweden stockholm)

Does it still work, the cayenne formula? I already take magnesium selen d3 omega3 zink and always have cayenne pepper chili pepper garlic curcumin and ginger in my dinner everyday, shall test the cilliextrakt now