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Yamoa Powder
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 07/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Yamoa Powder For Asthma

I notice this remedy is not anywhere on this site, and certainly not under Asthma or Hay Fever/allergies.

It was introduced into Britain in the mid-1990's by a Ghanaian immigrant, a Mr. Yamoa, and supposedly is used there quite widely. Britain, likely due to its huge congestion (61 million in a tiny island) has a large percentage of people with asthma or allergies/respiratory ailments. The actual plant extract powder comes from the bark of a species of tree in Ghana. It is sold in capsule form in health stores. Also, there is no need to take it for life prophylacticly. It balances the immune system so that the asthma attacks stop (or the allergies/hay fevers). One will know within the first 2 months of taking the therapeutic dosage if it has worked. There's retail sellers on the Internet, but I can't vouch for any. Just use a search engine.