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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Vitamin D3
Posted by Wendy (Raymore, Missouri, United States) on 06/03/2013
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I would like to propose a theory regarding asthma that is two-fold and possible remedies.

Both my daughter and I had a very bad chest cold in January 2007. At that time she was 5 years old. Then in March that year, she suddenly developed asthma and had to be on inhalers and nebulizer. Over the next two years I noticed that in the Summer, she did not need any of her meds but within a month of starting school, her symptoms came back. I started researching VitaminD3 and had both our levels checked when we went to the doctor in the Spring of 2009. Normal readings should be 40-70ng/ml and she was at 38 and I was at 37. So I purchased VitaminD3 liquid drops @ 400iu per drop and we started taking 2 drops per day (800iu) only during the Fall/Winter months of 2009 and had our levels check in the Spring of 2010. Her level was at 39 and mine was at 40-better but still low. We increased to 4000iu drops in the Fall/Winter only and get adequate sunshine during the Spring/Summer.

What I have found is that by taking the D3, her asthma has been kept under control and she rarely needs her inhaler and both of us have not had a bad cold/flu for the past 3 years.

The other theory I have come across in my research is clinical trials regarding people who have had bronchitis/chest cold that became asthmatic following the illness. Two different bacteria have been shown to be the culprits: mycoplasma pnuemonia and clamydia pnuemonia, causing approx. 50% of childhood asthma and 70% of adult-onset asthma. Researchers have done clinical trials using azithromycin for extended periods to kill the bacteria and have found that the asthma symptoms of the test subjects improve or are completely cured. I am not a big fan of antibiotics though and am not promoting it, however, if the research suggests bacterial infections are a cause of asthma perhaps using an antibacterial natural remedy would be helpful, i.e., collodial silver in a nebulizer. I have not tried this, just a thought.

I have also dabbled in Homeopathy but for now the VitaminD3 seems to be working well.

I hope this information is informative.

Thanks to EarthClinic for a wonderful source of alternative cures.

Best of Health! Wendy