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Onion Poultice
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 08/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! My 9 year old had a terrible asthma attack last night. She coughed and wheezed all night. By morning, the coughing was non-stop. All night I tried remedy after remedy and nothing was working. (She had this trouble a year ago and we found a number of natural solutions for her. Then she only had a little trouble every so often, easily treatable with nettles and quercetin.) Anyway, I was reading through all the asthma stuff here on earth clinic and trying what I had on hand. ACV didn't work. Essential Oils didn't work. Lobelia tincture didn't work. And Epsom Salt bath didn't work. Green tea didn't work. Coffee didn't work. Herbal steam didn't work and nettles and quercetin didn't work. ) Previously, many of these things had worked for her, so I was really baffled.

Finally, I called a friend (when the hour was decent) to ask her about a remedy she had once used on her son who has bad asthma. It was an "Onion Poultice." I sauteed about 1/4 cup of onion in coconut oil until it was soft. I put it on a cloth. I added a lot of salt. (at least 1/4 cup. ) I wrapped it in the cloth and when it was no longer too hot (test on forearm) I put in on her chest (which had some oil as a barrier on it, so the onion wouldn't burn. ) In a few minutes she stopped coughing and slept with not a single cough for almost 2 hours. She was still wheezing but not coughing. When she woke up, I gave her 4 nettles capsules and 2 quercetin capsules. When I checked her breathing with a stethoscope 30 minutes later, her lungs sounded almost normal.

By the way, if you have a stethoscope, here is a great website to know what you are hearing. I found it very helpful.

She may have a little cold that brought this one and perhaps ate something yesterday at a pot luck that didn't agree with her (she went to bed with a migraine.)

I was thinking we might end up in the ER and was so grateful that we didn't have to do that. Thank God for onion.

I hope that helps another mom one of these nights when you are searching and searching for what will help you child!

~Mama to Many~