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Natural Asthma Remedies: Effective Herbal & Supplement Relief

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 08/28/2014

When one of my children was 11 or 12, he began to have trouble with asthma. It would flare up after a cold or due to seasonal allergies. It was bad enough that he needed steroid inhalers a couple of times. His doctor wanted him to take over the counter allergy medicine all the time. I did not want to go that route!

I started to give him nettle leaf powder in capsules. He took 4 nettle leaf capsules, twice a day. He also took 2 quercetin capsules twice a day. If he started sneezing from allergies during the day, he took another dose mid-day. He took these things for at least a year, maybe longer. Not only did this control his asthma, over time it seemed to completely heal it. Nettles is great for allergies and it also is a blood purifier. I wonder if it healed whatever was going on that was causing him to be asthmatic in the first place.

This did not work as well for my daughter. It took a lot more trial and error for her. Milk Kefir seems to be the cure for her.

Interestingly, the son who had asthma problems also had terrible, terrible reactions to poison ivy. We used to say he could just look at a picture of it and get it. He would get a little bit and it would spread terribly, it seemed to go systemic on him. Once he had it on his tongue. He took steroids for this a number of times. Anyway, he no longer gets severe poison ivy reactions. He gets a bit of poison ivy here and there but I know he is around it and "should" be getting it severely. It never even warrants treatment in his mind, and he used to be almost bedridden with it at times! (Recently, he was even with the brother who was weed wacking and got some poison ivy on his arms that I mention in another post! )

Nettles is so safe and gentle to use internally. I am amazed at how healing it can be!

~Mama to Many~