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Natural Asthma Remedies: Effective Herbal & Supplement Relief

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vania (Clarksville, Tn, Usa) on 05/14/2012

I am nearly 43 years old, and I'm a lifelong asthmatic. Instead of "growing out of it", I've had to endure increased asthma problems during adulthood. My situation has worsened again because I got the flu about 5 years ago, and I have severe acid reflux. I get bronchitis very regularly, and when I haven't been diagnosed with it, I still don't breathe freely.

Approximately 3 months ago, one of my mother's friends recommended remedies, from a popular home shopping network, for Acid Reflux. The main remedies are: CoQ10 and N-Acetyl Cysteine. I started taking 4 CoQ10 (100 mg capsules) and 4 NAC (500 mg capsules) in the morning. I usually take the NAC once or twice again during the day. They did not stop my Acid Reflux, but they did greatly reduce my asthma symptoms. For real.

I ran out of the very expensive CoQ10 once, so I bought a less expensive brand at my local mega-market (yes, that one), which worked just as well.

During the 3 months that I've been taking these two remedies, I've only used my nebulizer once (before, I used it 4 times/day), and my inhalers approximately 4 times. I haven't used inhalers in about 3 weeks. That is progress.

I'm not touting these supplements as a cure, because I have to keep taking them to get the benefits. That's fine with me. Every day, I'm shocked and delighted to be breathing freely!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kristen (Mt. Hood, Oregon) on 03/22/2011

I have had asthma problems for years and after a bad two months with bronchitis I was having even worse asthma. My Dr. told me I needed to be on steriods, inhaler, antihistamines, and get rid of my dogs! Yea right... I'm not an idiot. I never went back to that Dr. but my asthma has gotten better. I did take antihistamines at first (out of desperation) just to settle the allergy induced asthma and get the initial inflamation out of my lungs.

So after two years I have found a few things that work. Every morning before I eat or drink anything else I have a cup of really hot, strong, organic black coffee from our french press. This seems to break up everything that has settled in my lungs while I was sleeping. Cutting out dairy really helps but I tend not to follow my own advice on that. Throughout the day I drink at least two glasses of water with 1-2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar in them. I notice my asthma is way better on days when I spend time outdoors, at least open your windows. I moved from Portland to the Cascade mountain range and that helped imennsley within two months. And Yoga helps so much too, especially the warrior two position. I do steam inhalation over a pot of boiling water for 3-5 min. Befor bed everynight... This makes my skin look great too.

Two years after having horrible bronchitus I have went from taking my inhaler twice a day to taking it maybe once a week. I'm starting on organic virgin coconut oil so I'm excited to see more positive changes. ACV also cures my boyfriends windburn/rosecea he gets from working outside in the harsh elements. He drinks a glass with 2 tablespoons ACV after work everyday and it clears up within an hour. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Karen (Sealrock, Usa) on 09/22/2010

Health to All... I am 63 yrs, never smoked, vegetarian from age 7, yoga teacher, great stamina all day, weight 124 lbs, 5'5" female. It started a couple of years ago with a cough only at night when I would lay down. It then went into a tightening of my lungs & I had trouble breathing. Hard to breath in - Hard to breath out. My sleep every night was disrupted to the extent that I wasn't sleeping at all, had to get up & totally exhausted, I needed oxygen! It got worse with each month until landing in the Emergency room for inhalation. They gave me a puffer which I ended up using every night about 3:00am sometimes 2ce at night, I could see myself dragging an oxygen tank around with me if I didn't come up with a cure soon. I had two separate labs test two large pieces of yellow phlegm that I was finally able to cough up. It didn't happen easily. Both labs said they were not viral or microbial. I did a fast for worms & candida which helped some.

Started using the ACV with baking soda 2ce day. Coconut oil in morning coffee & all hot foods, Vit C with methylene blue 4-8 drops daily, MSM, Magnesium powder at night 1/2 tsp, live on foods low in sugar, use sea salt only, take kelp powder 1tbl daily & iodine drops 15 @ 3%, gave up dairy, tried for 3 months an inhalator with 3% peroxide, with the results all being positive and every week getting better.

It has been 1 year now since I went into the ER for emergency air. I only use the puffer approx. 3 times a month. Now I cough up once in a while these tiny round, formed, mucus balls (smaller than a BB) plus small strings of mucus about 3mm long and less than a pencil lead in width. After they are coughed out I can breath nearly perfect. If only I knew what to take to cleanse the lungs (aveoli) of these "plugs" Please help if any one knows how to cleanse the lungs of these mucus plugs forever. I still have the usual cracking & wheezing with these plugs which still greatly interfere with nightly sleep & oxygen intake. The huge amounts of former mucus is gone, it's only these tiny plugs to get rid of now. Then I will pronounce myself cured of Asthma!