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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

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Posted by Ron (Radford, VA) on 04/16/2009
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I have read the postings on asthma, I have some bad asthma and it has seemed to got worse with age I have had it since I was like 7 and now im 33! I have been trying these natural remedies but so far I don't think any of them have really worked. I took the apple cider and it didn't work, I have been taking vitamin b-12(methyl) but I don't know if its working yet. I tried eualyptus oil but it worked just briefly. I stopped taking my allergie shots because I didn't feel they were working. On average every 2 months I go to the ER. Question: Should I be drinking the ACV when I am feeling good? I also heard about Boswellia Extract, I heard that is good, but I know it is good for your joints also, should I take this? I have also tried a hot shower, eating fruits, any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.