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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Lung Herbal Tonics, Salt Therapy
Posted by Jennifer (Phoenix, Az) on 11/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Have had breathing problems since a little girl due to swimming in chlorinated pool. I finally found a way to cure my lung issues. I take a lung tonic which is a liquid I purchased from a health food store with herbs for the lungs. I take this while I use an herbal inhaler that I got from the health food store. I purchased it at Whole foods. then I did Salt therapy. There are salt therapy clinics all over the country where you sit in a salt room and inhale the salts. Go slow as it can make things very constricted at first. Like 10 minutes to start. I also have purchased a cheap nebulizer on ebay and nebulized salt water into the air where I can breath it in. I have done some essential oils also. You have to go really slow though. As it cleanses your lungs of all the toxins, it can make things feel worse at first. I have also found that a little red wine can loosen things up. I mean a tiny bit. I started to drink it a long time ago after one episode of breathing issues that lasted a year, and finally gave up and started to drink some red wine. And low and behold my breathing came back. I don't know if it was this or all the lung herbs I drank in a tea, like lungwart, lobelia etc.

The most recent situation was very life threatening as I moved into a new home with new construction dust. I almost died. And had to stay at a hotel where someone setoff a smoke bomb outside my hotel room. And I was in massive distress. The taking the tonics I got at Whole foods, and their inhalation stick, together with nebulizing some salt water and essential oils eventually cleared my lungs. I also took some stabilized oxygen pills (non chlorinated - very important) but that doesn't help by itself.

I would also treat for candida and mold knowing that my environmenal scientist friend says that our air is filled with it.