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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

H2O2 Inhalation Therapy
Posted by Ja (Philadelphia, Pa) on 02/28/2013
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H2OH Inhalation for Asthma: The first time I tried the h2oh in my neb, I didnt have the unstabilized kind, but was desperate and used one with a stabilizer. It worked instantly. I went and food the arron brands and started using that. Since then, Every time I try to start the treatment I get really really bad reactions. My asthma gets worse than ever, my heart rate goes crazy going from 40-100 bpm at random, and one one very bad night it was racing and then stopping for about 4 beats. At first I thought the asthma attack were coinciding with my efforts, but after trying so many times, I think it is a result. I have always had some sort of allergy to mold but was never diagnosed by a doctor. I was traveling in Boston at the age of twenty when the first bad attack happened and went to the er around there. They x-rayed my lungs and said there were no signs of asthma but thats the diagnosis because my symptoms point that way. Suddenly getting asthma at the age of twenty seemed like a joke to me!! Isnt that what a 20 year old girl dreams of? I imagined wearing an inhaler on a neclace. Since these reactions, I am wondering if I have some sort of fungus or virus in my lungs, and they are reacting spitefully to the threat of thier environment the excess oxygen is bringing? I did cough up a lot of mucus and some bloody mucus or clots.

Every time I try the treatment I end up having to get an rx for prednisone because I can't take how bad the asthma is. I get really erratic and upset, maybe the lack of oxygen? I also get a chemical smell when my asthma is at its worse. I thought it was my car, but I get whiffs of it everywhere and no one else can smell it. The only chemical I use is mouse in the roots of my hair, don't even use body wash (got a three year skin allergic reaction, not taking that chance again), homemade pure laundry detergent, etc.

Any ideas of how I can safely use the h20h, what the smell is, and if my asthma is really some sort of infection? It has been five years now, the only time I did not have asthma was when I was pregnant and breastfeeding.