Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Green Tea
Posted by Nadine (NY)
5 out of 5 stars

i drink green tea for my asthma. i found this out by accident. a friend of mine gave me some spaghetti sauce and i had a reaction to it. my throat started to close up pn me and i was already having trouble breathing from my asthma and i didnt have my inhaler prescription filled. well i had some green tea made up that i was trying for the first time because everyone was saying green tea is good for you so i thought i'd try it. well i drank the tea and went into the other room to sit and try to breath and relax. i was in there a little while when i realized i was breathing well better than i had before i ate the spaghetti sauce so i was a science major at the time in college so i thought i'll just experiment and see if this is real so i went back out and ate some more spaghetti sauce. immediately my throat started to close up on me i drank some more tea and in a very short time i could breathe and my throat no longer closed up on me. ive been drinking the green tea for my asthma ever since. it works faster than provental for me and i very rarely ever use an inhaler. my doctor asked me what i was using to treat my asthma as i hadn't gotten prevental in a year and i told him green tea. you can imagine the reaction i got! LOL. well he said maybe all the water youve been drinking cut it for you. lol. i drink it every day for my asthma, especially if i'm having a hard time breathing. it won't cure your asthma but it will help.