Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Garlic, Oregano
Posted by Michael (Covington, Louisiana) on 04/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have found fantastic results from a combination of ACV, Oregano and Garlic for what the conventional Dr. called simply "Adult onset asthma".

A little background: 4 years ago I began having (gradually) more difficulty breathing at night. During day was fine and I was active. But, at night the tightness in chest was apparent, and along came the wheezing too. It became unbearable and I could not lay down totally without feeling like I was going to choke. Anyway, I went to a conventional Dr. I knew and he did tests and simply said I had developed Adult onset Asthma (I was 35 at the time). He prescribed Advair and I took it (for about 1. 5 yrs) and it helped a ton. But cost a lot too. I eventually sought out a cheaper alternative and he prescribed Symbicort. It cost a lot too. I used it sparingly...

In Nov 2010, I was jogging (as I normally did) and my heart began to race, became light-headed, and almost passed out and had to walk home. Haven't jogged since. Everytime I do any strenuous activity my heart would race and I almost pass out. I did pass out in my yard on March 12 of 2011. Trying to use a hand saw to simply cut down a small tree (5" diameter). That pushed me to solve my issues and get off the prescription. [About this same time, a friend had recommended a website where a man detailed his fight against asthma AND his own doctor. His research concluded that he might not be suffering from asthma, but rather a very serious bacterial infection in his lungs (Chlamydia Pneumonia). He had to convince his doctor to presrcibe a serious regimen of antibiotics to solve the problem... and it did]. To confirm it wasnt a heart issue I got a $59 CTScan to confirm there was no blockage, or issues that weren't solely lung related.

I suspected my issue was the same, especially given my doctor had NO reason for why my "asthma" magically developed. So, being more inclined to try an alternative method OTHER than antibiotics, I used this combination to garner awesome results:

Oregano Oil drops-- 5 to 10 drops into an empty capsule (3x/day) taken before meal-- and topically-- 3 drops on chest-rubbed in, 2 drops on each ankle (inside just above heel), 1 drop on each side of nose rubbed in (stay away from eyes! )-- 1x/day (first week only)-- I smelled awful for a couple hours-- but the fumes felt therapeutic!


Garlic Powder Capsules- 3 to 4 capsules (3x/day) = about 3500-4500mg/day (just before meals)


Apple Cider Vinegar (pills)-3 to 4 pills (3x/day) = 5-7g/day (just before meals)


Baking soda water (1 glass every morning--1st thing)--hoping to improve systemic alkalinity


Sporadic use of Hydrogen Peroxide- [I emptied a nasal sprayer and replaced with H2O2]. Inhaled (5-10x/day) directly in mouth- Hoping to aid in the break up of deeply rooted/lodged infection/bacteria


Regimen began 3/14/2011, I still used inhaler 1x/day (as normal) until 3/16...then began skipping days. Used this method for 5 days and then the Healing Crisis began. From 3/19 to 3/22 a sore throat appeared. Followed by the addition of a runny nose & raspy voice. On the 24th (11th day of treatment)I also was sneezing and felt clammy. Rough night onthe 25th-- Deep Sore throat, cough, major lung discharge of mucus, & nasal mucus discharge too ( but no fever). Sat 26th, same sore throat, lung discharge and no fever (26th marked 1 week since last inhaler use! ). Sun 27th, mild sore throat, reduced discharge and night sweat (like the breaking of a fever)... Noticeable increase in chest cavity when inhaling over the past week!! Still mild tightness only felt at night when laying down.. BUT MUCH better than before and NO inhaler! . 28th-31st, still using regimen and getting slightly better in every respect. I plan to continue the regimen for a full 30days. 31st-converted from oregano oil drops (ran out), to capsules and will continue til mid April.

I am chronicling this as further evidence that alternative methods work, they work well and they can replace MANY conventional methods without the nasty side effects and the high costs! tomorrow will be two weeks since I last used the inhaler and I have 0 desire or need to use it. I am only hoping in the next few weeks I can get back to the full exercise regimen I was used to without my heart racing again (Symbicort side effect [per the insert] -- "irregular heartbeat, racing heartbeat")

I hope this may help someone with "asthma"--look into a possible alternative treatment that CURES them!