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Posted by Liz (West Bend, WI) on 10/15/2008
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I developed asthma when I was pregnant with my daughter about two years ago. I think I had it for much longer as dust has always bothered me and caused me to have lung infections. I was taking meds, not religiously, but on occausion for the first year. I finally decided to see an allergist in March 08, and had reactions to the 6 most common indoor and outdoor allergens in varying degrees. I know the scale is from 0-4 and I'm a 4 for dust and cat dander. I'm also allergic to different tree pollens. I was trying to find the sheet that listed them all but I'm not sure where it is.

I believe my asthma is caused by my allergies and have been oil pulling two times a day for 5min, taking 2TBS raw organic ACV twice a day with 1/8tea of baking soda, 1 TBS raw honey, and have also recently added 1tea cinnamon and 1-2 tea lemon juice. I know these things help with my overall health but they haven't largely helped my asthma.

I also drink tea on a regular basis and have tried peppermint, licorice root, green tea, black teas. They seem to help while I'm drinking it but the effects are short lived.

I have also tried green tea with ACV and Cayenne pep during a cold, which did seem to help but didn't completely eradicate it.

Basically I'm looking for other alternative treatments to try. I have been having asthma attacks more frequently and I'm not sure if its my indoor air quality or what. I live in WI and its getting cold so all the windows are closed. I want to buy more plants to help filter the air which I think would help some.

I was also thinking of trying to do a clinical study by Dr.David Hahn. He believes that asthma is caused by a bacteria in your lungs I posted the links to his website under a post for azithromycin. I think that may be promising for some asthma sufferers.

Also,my asthma acts up when I excercise (which I try to do every day) and the highest I can blow on a peak flow meter is 300, lowest I get when having an attack is 90-150. Avg person gets between 400-700. My husband can max my device out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have twin boys and a daugther all under the age of five and my asthma takes my life away. Plus, I want to be able to help my kids if they develope asthma/allergies.
Thanks for your time,