Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy Heals Multiple Ailments in C

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Posted by Sammy (Wisconsin) on 10/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

First time poster, but reading everything I can, for taking care of ourselves and our pets, naturally. We heard cries one day on our property in July and followed the cries to find a little frightened kitten with a severe limp and very swollen in two areas of her leg. She was also sick with green discharge from her nose and eyes and very thin.

Took her to the vet to see about the leg. Two possible fractures, knee and femur. The vet was throwing out numbers, two x-rays at $150.00 each, a specialist, possible cast, or, surgery to remove the leg etc. etc. All at about $600.00 - $800.00 dollars to start. Or, you can just put her down.

I found out she was a girl, and only 8 weeks old, give or take. I had just met her three days prior. I wasn't sure what to do, but I was already attached, and the thought of putting her down, was not an option.

I had asked for pain meds, for now. When the Doctor left, I was in tears, and I had asked the nurse if there was any other way. She said the following; Put her in a large dog pen, with a pet taxi, bedding, a litter box, food and water, for 6 to 9 weeks. In other words, (I realized) limit her mobility.

My mind was made up, I was going to care for her, now named Smokie. She is gray with adorable white paws. Since she was going to be in lockdown, if you will, I decided to have her spayed and all the shots, distemper, rabies, leukemia and a chip placed in her.

In the meantime waiting for her appointment, I gave her ACV w/mother in her food (with homemade chicken broth) and the back of her neck, with a cotton ball soaked, twice a day. She also had stools with blood. She was a mess. After one day, her eyes were already better and in one week she was cured.

Eyes bright, no more discharge from her nose, or blood in her stool. I took her in for her appointment. Brought her home the next day, and she had kennel cough. I was angry, after all of this. No, I didn't call the vet. What for? they would have given me more useless meds and another bill. Got out the ACV and walla, she was in good shape again. She is now out of her small pen, and we have built her a 10 x 6 x 10 outdoor chainlink pen attached to our shop and cut out a little door for her to go in and out of. There are two walnut trees (they were already next to the shop), we cut down to fit perfectly within the pen, so she can climb up and down them. And put up shelves for her, for a destination, once she went up the trees.

We purchased a wood stove to heat it and she has an indoor shop that is 15' x 23' with all kinds of room, to play. She has, what I call, the "bad dog boogies" or, the "crazies", all the time.

Yes, her leg is completely healed, you would never know, this was the same kitten, just 3 1/2 months ago. And she has gained weight and her coat is really nice. We have a bond, she knows, I was there for her. Every day I took her carefully out of her little pen, to let her know, she was not abandoned and hold her, until her leg was healed. She wants this everyday still. She knows...

ACV, in my opinion is good for kittens at any age, this is far better than what the vet is going to give you, that probably wouldn't work anyway. I mention this, because other posters have shown concern. This is a natural product, good for all animals and beings. I still give it to her for maintenance. Just a 1/4 teaspoon in her food.

Thank you, Earth Clinic, for all you do for us and Smokie.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Luckyjoann (Hartford, Al) on 05/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was feeding my cats tuna. I thought I was doing something loving. I stopped that.

I read about the vinegar put on the back of the neck and paws. My older cat, Lucky was very sick, Kindey failure. It cleared his right eye almost overnight. I finally had to put him to sleep last Thursday. That was so sad. I wish I had known about all of this a long time ago.

I started adding the vinegar to their wet food. Lucky started eating again. He had quit for awhile. Oreo, has been eating more than I've seen her eat in all the years I've had her. If she leaves some, I add a little more water and she eats the rest. Her coat is glossy. Fleas are almost gone. And she has gained weight, at least 2lbs. You could feel her ribs and spine. No more.

Thank y'all so much for the info about the vinegar. I never realize the need for the liquids. Use to, she would nibble at her food and walk away. It would sit there and dry up. Lucky ate all of his all this time. But he did drink an awful lot of water.

Replied by Emilybh
(South Carolina)

I think what may explain why your cats are responding favorably to the ACV is because it facilitates the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

For humans, taking ACV with the mother and a little honey and water before meals helps digestion and assimilation of nutrients greatly - especially after age 40 when we don't manufacture as much hydrochloric acid as we do when younger. ACV and water stops acid reflux in its tracks too.