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 Re: Need Info on Bee Propolis For Dry Socket Pain

Thu, 28 Apr 16 06:29:55 -0500
Posted by Dave Donate
(Fountain Inn, Sc) on 04/28/2016

Hello Maureen;

I've had wisdom tooth extracted also. If me, I wouldn't leave anything on extracted site for more than a few hours. I'd try any number of what you had suggested; also I'd try aloe vera gel which is a burn soothing healer. Also as I think what might be going on with this situation you have... wonder if maybe it could be an infection? Maybe would not hurt to try a gauze soaked in colloidal silver just to make sure no bacteria or virus is setting up. Consider also some of the essential oils.

 Re: Looking for Remedies for Essential Thrombocytopenia

Thu, 28 Apr 16 02:39:24 -0500
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 04/28/2016

BP: Juicing, particularly the Mini Beet Protocol seems like a very good first choice in the natural remedy dept.

Here's the page

Need Info on Bee Propolis For Dry Socket Pain

Wed, 27 Apr 16 22:02:32 -0500
Posted by Maureen (New Paltz, Ny) on 04/27/2016

Hi. It's been 8 days since my wisdom tooth extraction, and my nerves are completely exposed still. I went to my dentist yesterday and she explained that I had dry socket. She stuffed a long narrow strip of cloth soaked in a cream into the socket. She said it would deaden the nerves. She was super vague about how long I should keep it in there, so, thinking I didn't want the socket to heal around the cloth, I took it out before bed. I woke up this morning with intense pain, yet again, and I hear that propolis extract can be helpful in pain relief and speeding up recovery. How exactly do I apply the propolis? Do I just drop it in the socket? Soak a ball of gauze and stuff it in there? If so, how long do I keep it in there? I'm desperate for this pain to go away, it's unbearable. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  Re: Neurofibromatosis Type I

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:58:39 -0500
Posted by Alisa (Loveland, Co) on 04/27/2016

Hello, I have a 5 yr old daughter with NF1 and two optic nerve gliomas. I want to start her on curcumin (she's already on Vit D and Acetyl-L-Carnitine) but I can't seem to find dosage info anywhere. For those of you with kids taking it, what dosage do you give based on body weight?

  Re: Robert's Remedies for Sinus Infections and Adult Acne

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:57:17 -0500
Posted by Kathy (Upper Darby, Pa) on 04/27/2016


I am very interested in what you have written regarding Sinus Infections. I am a Nurse and work in an environment where MRSA is prevalent and believe I have a colonization in my sinus area. I would love to try this spray. I have Oregano Oil. Is this too strong? I am not familiar with Oregano Juice, but live in an area where there are many resources for natural products. I am willing to try anything at this point. I didn't know what was happening in my left nostril for the past two years. I would get a dry crust inside my nose at night and it would blow out when I used a tissue in the morning. I thought it was a from the dry air in my home. It progressed to these sores that crust over. Now it is spreading to my right nostril. Funny thing is I work in ENT and the docs checked me at work and were like, "Oh you hava a staph colonization, more than likely, just use mupuricin for 6 weeks." Thanks doc! Anyhow, OI would really like to try the Oregano Juice and was looking to see if the oil would work if it was diluted.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Low BCAA Protein Diet for Depression

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:48:38 -0500
Posted by Lilac (New England) on 04/27/2016

[YEA]  I am tremendously helped with my chronic depression by a diet that cuts way down on Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's). That is because BCAA'S lower the serotonin and the dopamine in the brain. And you need serotonin and dopamine to feel good. Do your own research. Google "Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Depression."

To experiment with this, try this diet for a few days to a week and see if it works for you:

Vegan + no or very limited nuts, beans, & seeds. Simple.

Explained in more detail:

Vegan means no beef, chicken, lamb, pork, ham, cold cuts, turkey, eggs, dairy (no yogurt, cheese, milk, etc.) IN OTHER WORDS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND EXCEPT HONEY AND GHEE ARE OKAY.

AS WELL, cut way down on these plant proteins: legumes, beans, lentils, peas, all nuts, all seeds. I remember the diet this way:

Vegan plus nuts, beans, seeds. So simple.

It's a limited diet, yes. But you may see good results, as I do. You will have more serotonin and dopamine, which will free your mind. It works for me.

Plus I uploaded my DNA results from 23andMe to Nutrahacker, and now I know what supplements/foods are good for me and which to avoid. For example I'm positive for the MTHFR mutation, so I take folate. Usually one with the MTHFR mutation takes methylfolate, but Nutrahacker tells me I don't tolerate methyl groups well, so It take folinic acid instead. Nutrahacker told me lots else, too. For example I have the CBS mutation, which means I must follow a low-protein, low thiols sulfur diet. No time to go into it all here. It will cost you around $199.00 for 23andMe plus around $35.00 for Nutrahacker. You will never regret it.

For me, my Nutrahacker results plus the low BCAA diet and low sulfur diet is great. Take it from someone who has searched high and low to cure my dysthymia, and doesn't like pharmaceuticals.

  Re: L-Methylfolate for Depression

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:46:27 -0500
Posted by Lilac (New England) on 04/27/2016

Methylfolate is especially helpful if someone has mutations on the MTHFR gene. You can find out by getting your DNA sequenced by 23andMe, and then uploading your results to a number of good online apps, like geneticgenie or nutrahacker. See the work of Amy Yasko. SNPedia is also for MTHFR.

  Re: Minor Reflux and Gas

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:42:47 -0500
Posted by Dodiboe (St. Pete) on 04/27/2016

Google search: h pylori

Your Primary Physician can give you a breath test, to see if you have h pylori. At the Doctors office they have you breath into a bag then you drink a (what they call) cocktail. 15 minutes. later you breath into another bag. It gets sent out, and you get back the results in about a week. Better to know and treat, than not to know. Best wishes!

  Re: Serrapeptase Not Dissolving During Digestion for Abdominal Adhesions

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:40:45 -0500
Posted by Broehe (Seattle, Wa) on 04/27/2016

Adhesions, as you know, are the body's way of stitching you up after major surgery. Its a survival response, not a long-term response. Ultimately, there's a healthy plan there. We just want you to move toward long-term total recovery.

Adhesions are Connective Tissue, or Scar Tissue; made up of the same kind of cells. Connective tissue is laid down, like disorganized bandaid. As scar tissue, you've experienced it can become problematic.

The bad news is that you're having pain and digestive obstruction. Sorry to hear that.

The good news is that its a tissue issue. Connective tissue responds to wonderfully to abdominal and visceral massage or manual therapy.

A Massage Therapist with a Visceral Bodywork specialty, or Mayan Abdominal Massage or even Myofascial work will be able to loosen up those tissues. These kinds of bodywork were developed to treat these kinds of problems. And they work.

I hope you get a chance to try especially Visceral or Abdominal bodywork.

And, you yourself, with a gentle touch, can also loosen the tissues. Hold a tender or painful spot with a pressure that does not add pain. Hold and breathe into that spot. Gently, breathing calmly like you would as you held a newborn, gently explore the area around the painful spot. Breathe abundantly into the entire area; you are increasing local circulation too. That will help. Stay with it for 10-15 minutes. You may find that it changes. The tissue will be changed, for the better, as long as the pressure is right for you.

I wish you the best in your recovery.

 Re: Ted's Weight Loss Remedies

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:39:57 -0500
Posted by Monica (Houston, Tx ) on 04/27/2016

Hi Ted,

In reference to HGH and your formula= L -glutamine, L-glycine, and Niacin, how much do I take at night? I am a 46 year old female and was told this would be good for me.

OH! And how much Vit B5 and Magnesium:)

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You!

  Re: C-Diff Post From 2009

Wed, 27 Apr 16 21:36:01 -0500
Posted by Richard (Clearwater Fla) on 04/27/2016

Same situation happened to my father in the hospital, they only used flagyl and vanco and refused to do anything else. Doc said he is too old and no cure for this at his age and he died Feb, 2016. This post was from 2009 and still no cure?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum Contagiosum

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:38:58 -0500
Posted by Sam (Kentucky) on 04/27/2016

I recently found out I have molluscum on my the inside part of my backside after getting a regular check up at my gyno. She told me to "ride it out" and that it'll cure itself in 4-6 months even though its highly contagious….ok? Less than a week later I find a bump on my face. So I did research found the apple cider vinegar approach and I applied the apple cider vinegar using bands wherever fit. After one night of soaking my face in the vinegar it is now white and there appears to be a faint black dot in the middle, however, I'm really scared to "de-core" it. I don't want it to scar. Is it ok to just keep soaking it in the vinegar and it goes away naturally or do I have to essentially pop them all?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:37:09 -0500
Posted by Kari (Iowa) on 04/27/2016

Give yourself a dedicated full 2 months taking apple cider vinegar 2 tbls in 6-8oz water, 3 times a day (before each meal). After the 2nd week, go down to twice a day. After the 4th week, you may be able to go down to once a day. No doctor here, but I followed this plan and my daily acid reflux struggle decreased to only once or twice a month (after eating a trigger food)! If that's not worth a try than I don't know what is!

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Candida

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:35:53 -0500
Posted by Gaiamuse (Massachusetts) on 04/27/2016

[YEA]  I have recently developed serious candida for the second time in 20 years. I was nauseated 24/7 but didn't know why -- until I figured out that I had stomach candida and that that was the cause of the nausea. (The why of how I got candida this time is a longer story that I'll skip.) I know all the candida remedies from my first bout 20 years ago -- and I decide to start with Grapefruit Seed Extract - which I've been taking for the past 3 days. The amazing thing is it's great clinical proof of the efficacy of GSE against candida. The moment I take the stuff the nausea decreases or goes away. Last night I made the mistake of having bread -- and within an hour or so I was really nauseated. I took the GSE and within minutes the nausea level had greatly declined. Great stuff. Just make sure you get a recognized brand that regularly tests their product so you don't run into the toxic contamination issue.

I have taken GSE off and on for years so I have a high tolerance and went straight to 15 drops in water 3 times a day -- pretty bitter -- but I'll drink as much I want of that glass over a period of about 4 hours until it runs out and then do it again.

Chronic Cough Caused by Prescription Medication

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:29:42 -0500
Posted by Crew Chief (Texas) on 04/27/2016

Beware of Lisinopril!! For blood pressure. Been fighting a cough for years and a new doctor took me off of Lisinopril and it went away quickly. My energy level went up and I feel better than ever. Just Google Lisinopril and you will see tons of horror stories. Good Luck!

Need Help Fine Tuning Diet for Diabetic Husband

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:27:24 -0500
Posted by Sandy (Usa) on 04/27/2016


My husband recently realised that he has type two diabetes. When he checked first time it was 300. He blamed it on to the jet lag because he was in plane for nearly 16 hours/20 hours because he was travelling abroad.

He immediately stopped rice, sweets and anything made out of white flour. He does not take any medication. Then in one month his sugar came down to 160. My question is what kind of fruits and naturals sweetners he can consume. Can he eat coconut sugar? He has a sweet tooth. Can I make bars using dates and figs as sweetners? What kind of fruits he can consume? I have seen diabetic people take their medicines and eat regular food including desserts made using regular sugar. He too wants to eat desserts. Please let me know whether he can eat dates, figs, or desserts made out of black strap mollasses

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:24:03 -0500
Posted by Irina (Doha, Qatar ) on 04/27/2016

Dear Mr., I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding your treatment. My husband has been on Nexium prescribed by doctors for a few years until his health became horrible, we had no idea where all those issues were coming from until I decided to check Nexium side effects. He stopped the pills and started ACV treatment 3 days ago, 1 tbsp twice a day before meal but doesn't feel any relief yet. So I would appreciate if you share with us your dosage and for how long you had to take it until it worked. Thanks in advance.

  Re: ACV for Folliculitis

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:23:17 -0500
Posted by Mikael (Finland) on 04/27/2016

How did you use apple cider vinegar? Did you drink it, or put it on your scalp? And same for example oregano oil? How has people used them, straight to where there is problem areas?

  Re: Question for Bill from the Philippines about Home Grown Herbs

Wed, 27 Apr 16 14:22:39 -0500
Posted by Léa (France) on 04/27/2016

Hello Bill Can you please help me to tell how much tinospora cordifolia and chanca piedra should I take and for how long to pass one single 1.5 cm / 22 mm gall stone? My doctor ask me to remove gall bladder and I am very scared of surgery please help.


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