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 Re: BHT for Hepatitis C

Wed, 27 Aug 14 18:10:12 -0500

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/27/2014

Dear Penny from Chico, I am glad to hear of improvement with BHT. But, it is very important that you stay with taking BHT on a daily basis. This stopping and starting the BHT treatment is NOT the way to get good results. Every time you stop the BHT treatment you are allowing the virus to spread to uninfected liver cells. I want to see you get well and stay well. It will probably take at least 2 years of daily dosing with BHT to be truly CURED. You are truly CURED when you test NEGATIVE with the HCV antibodies test. Testing NO VIRUS DETECTED is NOT being cured. That simply means the BHT treatment is working the way it is supposed to. Those viral load count tests are a blood test. The HCV and HBV viruses reproduce in the liver cells and NOT the blood cells. I know of people who got to NO VIRUS DETECTED with the viral load count tests using BHT and stopped the treatment. Those people ALWAYS relapsed eventually. The same is true for people using the prescribed treatments.

Like I said it takes at least 2 years of daily dosing with BHT to be truly CURED. Liver cells live on average about 200 days. One person did get CURED in somewhat less than one year. But he was very lucky. So stay with the BHT treatment UNTIL you test NEGATIVE with the ANTIBODIES test.

Most doctors do NOT know this. It seems obvious to me. But they are taught erroneous information about all this. I have been at this since 1997. The hepatitis C websites devoted to the conventional treatments are FULL of stories by people who got to NO VIRUS DETECTED with that viral load count test only to RELAPSE in a few years .

So, just keep taking the BHT like you have been and eventually you will be CURED. Keeping the treatment simple like you have been is the way to do this treatment. Just stick with it until you test negative with the ANTIBODIES test. That usually takes a few years....Oscar

 Re: Kratom for Crohn's - Update

Wed, 27 Aug 14 18:07:48 -0500

Posted by Meredith (Greensboro, North Carolina) on 08/27/2014

Update 8/27:

Blood volume came back great again, this time at a 13.4!

 Eye Floaters and Macular Degeneration

Wed, 27 Aug 14 17:54:23 -0500

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, OH) on 08/27/2014


Your symptoms could be concerning and a visit to your eye doctor may be in order. Here are the signs that you may have a detached retina:

This can be corrected if caught early. Best wishes.

 Re: Questions About Treatment Regimen for Perioral Dermatitis

Wed, 27 Aug 14 17:52:33 -0500

Posted by Charmaine (California, US) on 08/27/2014

I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis by a dermatologist and have had it for five months now. It is not severe as it seems to be with others, but there is noticeable redness and small bumps that flake, located around my mouth on the chin and between the chin and nose, as well as between my eyes and under my eyes near the outer corners. I work in a people-oriented job full time (Human Resources) and this condition is embarrassing. Thank goodness I have a wonderful partner who is accepting and supportive.

I was first prescribed antibiotic gel and cortisone cream. This lessened the symptoms some but did not clear it. I was then prescribed an antifungal and told to use all three creams. No change. I have tried non-fluoridated toothpaste, my shampoo and conditioner are SLS free, I've switched to all natural makeup. No change. I tried ACV and calendula cream. No change. I tried grapefruit seed oil. No change. I then changed my diet to no sugar, processed foods, or starchy foods. I did eat some grains like flax seed or quinoa. I used unsweetened coconut milk instead of cow's milk and I used xylitol in my coffee (I didn't give this morning ritual up or an occasional beer or glass of dry red wine in the evening).

I've cheated some on the diet in other ways, too. Legumes give you so many more protein options, and it is hard to not even try fruit from my own garden! I'm taking grapefruit seed extract capsules, and continue to apply the prescription antifungal cream morning and night and I supplement it with a facial mask of plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and turmeric, followed by pure aloe vera gel at midday approximately three times a week. Sometimes I apply coconut oil and leave it overnight. After two weeks, there was a little improvement, but it still did not clear. I felt disappointed and splurged a little the last couple of days, eating some bread, some rice, some fruit, a dish with a tomato sauce base and had a glass of white wine night before last. I really miss certain foods! I love to eat and have always enjoyed lots of different kinds of foods.

The POD seems to be a little worse now. Others on this site say it cleared for them in a few days when they treated POD with remedies like what I tried. I'm wondering if mine is just more tenacious and if I should give it more time, or maybe I should be stricter with the diet? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Wed, 27 Aug 14 13:01:09 -0500

Posted by Victor (Houston, TX) on 08/27/2014

It is interesting to note that human cells are slightly alkaline and plant cells are slightly acidic, though plant cells leave an alkaline “ash” after being digested. If the human body remains in an acidic state for too long, human cells become, like plant cells, acidic–creating a more receptive atmosphere for the initiation and promotion of cancer cell colonies.

Not all acidic foods, however, increase acidity inside your body. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, for example, are extremely acidic with a pH of 3.5 because of their citric acid content. But during digestion the citric acid breaks apart, and the potassium and magnesium form alkaline ions called potassium or magnesium citrate that actually increases alkalinity.

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Gallbladder Attacks

Wed, 27 Aug 14 12:20:22 -0500

Posted by Richard (Miami, Florida, US) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  I have used apple cider vinegar for so many different purposes. Besides helping alkalize the body, I have found that it works great for people who are going through a full blown gallbladder attack.

The recipe that I have used is adding one or two tablespoons in an 8 ounce glass of organic apple juice at least 3 times a day. This really works miracles. But it does not take care of the actual cause which are gallstones or congestion. Only works if you are going through some gallbladder symptoms or as a preventive measure.

 Re: Side Effects from Niacin for Cholesterol

Wed, 27 Aug 14 12:17:39 -0500

Posted by Gertg (Tennessee, USA) on 08/27/2014

I didn't mind the flush, even tho it was uncomfortable. What got me was the lowered blood pressure that caused me to black out. I'd like to take the niacin for the cholesterol, but I can't be passing out every day. I felt weak all day after that yesterday. I can get some lower dose niacin and start on that, but wow, I wasn't expecting to faint.

Where to Buy Hydrogen Peroxide in Dakar, Senegal?

Wed, 27 Aug 14 10:13:55 -0500

Posted by Ablaye (Dakar, Senegal) on 08/27/2014

Hi All;

I need to purchase 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Dakar, Senegal. Anyone knows if it's available anywhere in this country?


Acne Treatment

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:34:22 -0500

Posted by Elsa (Wellington, Nz) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  My two daughters used this formula For can try this If you want..Take one to two tbsp of brewers yeast, one to two tbsp lecithin granules or two caps, one tbsp cold pressed safflower oil. Take with milk, nonfat dairy milk, or apple juice.

to remove acne scar, apply a thin layer aloe Vera gel (cut the leaves close to the ground) over the skin twice a day for as long as it takes. In addition, use a natural fruit peel to continuously exfoliate and encourage new skin.

Really effective!!

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Works on Keloids With Time and Patience

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:19:48 -0500

Posted by Violet (Nigeria) on 08/27/2014

i have a keliod scar from the CS operation to have my son. its so big and ugly that I am so ashamed even to undress in front of a mirror or before my husband. I have had it removed with surgery but it grew back even bigger this time.

I saw your post on ACV and I have decided to use it. after the first day it looked like there was dirt on the scar. I have used it for three days now and today it looks like the skin is peeling off. I am worried cos I dont want anther injury there, but I want to know if its normal.

truly it smells bad. but if it would work I am willing to stick to using it.

 Re: Vitamin Deficiency and Essential Tremors

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:09:21 -0500

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/27/2014

Deb, I don't know about Essential Tremors but I do know that I increased my Vitamin D from 8, by making sure to be out in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes every day. And since it can get very hot here, I would break it up into 5 minutes or less at a time.

Boron and Other Treatments for Hyperparathyroidism

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:06:14 -0500

Posted by James (Florida, US) on 08/27/2014

I suggest anyone who has a parathyroid problem to look into " boron parathyroid ". Boron controls the parathyroids. The highest concentration of boron in the whole body is in the parathyroids, and without it you will have hyperparathyroid. Do a simple google search of " boron parathyroid ". Extensive information not told to you by ENT doctors. Instead they want to cut them out. Real smart! Also vitamin D3 plays a part in parathyroid, as well as magnesium. And lastly iodine is needed for the thyroid to produce calcitonin. Calcitonin controls blood calcium cells. Look into this aswell as hypothyroid is another cause for elevated blood calcium. Oh and dehydration if youre not getting enough real salt can raise serum calcium. Give these a shot but boron is number one! Its a mineral!

 Re: Herx Reaction in Lyme Disease

Wed, 27 Aug 14 08:03:00 -0500

Posted by Andrea C (Wales, UK) on 08/27/2014

Hi regarding your question 'what is herx?' It's another name for 'The Healing Crisis' which you can Google. Here is also inflammation on Herx in Lyme disease.

Love Andrea C xxx

Eye Floaters and Macular Degeneration

Wed, 27 Aug 14 07:54:20 -0500

Posted by Dennis (San Jose, CA) on 08/27/2014

Ted, my wife "Noy" and myself both started developing eye problems recently.

She has been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and I have suddenly developed very noticeable floaters as well as flashes of light (streaks look like lightning).

We have for about 1 1/2 years fermented Nam-Mak in 55 gallon barrels in our back yard. We have most fruits, vegetables, cacti, melons and some more exotic Thai items like Magroot. We also have numerous other health problems. Is there any advise regarding use of Nam-Mak to correct the eye problems, joint pain, heart disease, prostate disease, etc.?

Can I impose on you to email your recommendations? Thank you.

 Re: Locating BHT in India

Wed, 27 Aug 14 07:47:54 -0500

Posted by Ranjith (Kerala, India) on 08/26/2014

hai mint

Where are you from in India? I have got from coimbatore, if you want to talk to me, kindly send me your mobile number


 Re: Side Effects from Niacin for Cholesterol

Wed, 27 Aug 14 00:21:52 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/27/2014

Some more information on Niacin. it's true that people will have differing flush reactions when taking higher dose niacin, but there are several other options open to you.

First, you can just try taking higher dose niacin at mealtimes.Taking it with food greatly lessens the flush effect because of slower absorption into the body with the food.

Secondly, you can take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin. You will have very little, if any, flushing effects using this method.

Thirdly, you can supplement the no-flush niacin or inositol hexanicotinate which is the slow release niacin form that has no flushing effects at all. With this method you can take up to 1500 mgs twice a day with no side-effects.

BHT for Hepatitis C

Tue, 26 Aug 14 23:34:05 -0500

Posted by Penny (Chico, California, USA) on 08/26/2014

[YEA]  I took BHT for three weeks in January and then again for the entire months of April and May. I am trying to cure Hep C. In June 2013 my viral load was 1,570,000 and in June 2014 my viral load is 1,000,074. My numbers had been increasing each year since 2006, so this is a great improvement. I didn't take anything but BHT.

 Re: Locating BHT in India

Tue, 26 Aug 14 23:33:18 -0500

Posted by Mint (India) on 08/26/2014

Hi Kumar_pp123,

Where did you buy BHT in India..please help.

Vitamin Deficiency and Essential Tremors

Tue, 26 Aug 14 23:32:04 -0500

Posted by Deb (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) on 08/26/2014

Essential tremors and vitamin D:

I have a vitamin d deficiency, my level was 15 after 3 months of 50,000 IU once weekly prescribed by doctor about 2 months later I had my D rechecked and it was 14, my Dr. has me on another round of vitamin D and then will recheck he said if not better I'm going to see endocrinologist. My boss mentioned my tremors have gotten worse. Can this be attributed to vitamin D deficiency?

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