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  Re: Kefir Cure for Diabetes Type II

Mon, 17 Oct 16 08:46:13 -0700
Posted by Nawaz (Uk) on 10/16/2016

Hi Raghavan,

Thank you for the reply.

I was diagnosed as type II diabetic about almost two weeks ago. My bsl was 26.9mmol (UK standards/units). I had exericsed and eaten less than hour before my blood was taken. This might have been the cause for the high reading.

About six days later I provided a fasting blood sample (I didn't consume anything for about 14 hours prior). The bsl came back over 14mmol. And the longer term reading was in the 130s or 140s (I am not sure what - I haven't been back to discuss this result yet).

I started the Kefir about 8 days ago (Saturday), and have been consuming approx. 250ml (250cc) daily, in the mornings on an empty stomach. I plan to continue this for two months, or until my next blood test. I am keeping a diary with this information.

Is there anyway I can test the blood myself - perhaps purchase something from amazon (if not too expensive) that will give reliable results. This way I can monitor if the kefir is working for me.

  Re: Acupressure for Frequent Urination

Mon, 17 Oct 16 08:45:44 -0700
Posted by Kimberly (Santa Rosa, California) on 10/16/2016

Wow! How did you know what I need? I have been dealing with Lyme's since my early 30's. I am now 58. I can control my bladder really well during the day. It is the night time frequency that drives me "bonkers". Anywhere from 5-8 times a night. I am eager to try this.

I have discovered something that helped my dry eyes yesterday. I was getting a facial with steam and after that I was able to wear my "contacts" comfortably the rest of the day.

Thank you so much for sharing, Mary Beth!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Pterygium

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:45:17 -0700
Posted by Ann (Tassie) on 10/15/2016

Hello, just follow up, how long did the Apple Cider Vinegar take effect?? Few hours?? Few days?? Few weeks?? Thanks

  Re: Castor Oil for Baby Soft Feet and Toe Nail Fungus

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:44:33 -0700
Posted by Lisa (San Jose) on 10/16/2016

Sounds like a great idea, but please be aware of the slip factor when you apply any oil to your feet! Promptly put on socks, don't walk around in bare feet! A few years ago my mother applied oil to her feet and body after a bath and promptly slipped getting out of the tub. She cracked her head on the tile and got a nasty concussion. So please everyone be very careful when you apply oil on the feet!

 Re: Magnesium Chloride for Viral Conjunctivitis

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:42:46 -0700
Posted by Waleed (Ny) on 10/16/2016


I got pink eye, and tried colloidal silver to no improvement so out of frustration, I put a drop of undiluted magnesium chloride oil in my eye and I had never in my left felt such immense pain. It felt like I had gone blind!? Do you think it's possible to have damaged the eye tissue from that application? I woke up this morning and don't see very clearly.

 Re: 5 Year Old With Kidney Problems

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:40:29 -0700
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/16/2016

Two natural substances to eradicate infection from the Kidneys is D-Mannose and Cranberry; you can purchase these in capsule form at online or local health food stores. Also another product that goes beyond merely removing infection but cleans & strengthens the Kidneys is Dr Christopher's Kidney/Bladder herbal formula.

I have used all the above products to successfully lower my B.P.

Probiotics for Lichen Planus

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:40:04 -0700
Posted by Jdh (New Mexico) on 10/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had Lichen Planus for 10+ years. I started taking the probiotic strain Lactobacillus casei for arthritis I believed was caused by oral bacteria. Within 30 days my arthritis had improved but the lichen had almost disappeared!! After more research I found there is a link between the two so I added a women's probiotic and vitamin C. 60 days out and only a few white dots left and no itching!! Purchased both on Amazon.

Remedies for Resistant Ringworm

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:19:25 -0700
Posted by Edwardjohn (Staten Island, New York) on 10/15/2016

Hello, was looking for something on a safe form of motor oil ( new) to treat resistant ringworm infections. The topic of ringworm when you include the jock itch and athletes foot is clearly alleged by more as one professional as in the member of the yeast family. If it is as the one lady doctor claimed on I health, then this would be an indication of a systemic infection of Candida albicans which according to another article 24 of 26 strains of candida could be treated with garlic, I believe that was the substance that was formed when you crush or chew it. Loosely and becoming more fest that the bulk of a lot of sicknesses and issues comes between toxins, fungal, and co- infecting bacteria some of which is alleged to be inoculated from the diet(yeast and different cultures in yogurts ) and the very antibiotics and vaccinations that people so blindly infect or poison themselves with( the one article claims that all antibiotics are made from fungals-penicillin and its children was from mold on bread, and another one gave the analogy that using antibiotics is like using fungus to kill some of the bacteria in some of their stages of development but that you also end up infecting yourself with fungal residuals and are only killing bacteria in certain stages of growth so you will not eliminate the infectors through that medicinal method ;another one stating it was like using a nuke on your immune system).

Further throw in the one site that the guy had to do with stomach acid that everyone is actually low in stomach acid and they are lied to about how strong the stomach acid should be and the safe guards that are suppose to be in place that get disrupted between medicine and dentistry to cause your stomach acid to decrease or cease and therefore you instantly get sick from the inside out and manifest diseases inside there labeling game.

This is not an overnight reading from one source in one language in one area only but spans from my child days through present but more hardcore since 1994 and with real live practice on myself to attempt to heal from different conditions that I suspect started between the tuberculosis shot, the first metal filling, the city tap water stagnant in a bubbler, and the parents loss of income where our diet was restricted both by volume, freshness, and despite being in the country I see from now backwards that it doesn't look like they knew some of the nutrient aspects of raw foods let alone mind warfare and psyche terrorizing despite spirit warfare I have found allegations dates back thousands of years into Chinese history.

  Re: What is Your Opinion on Flu Shots?

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:09:02 -0700
Posted by Deborah C (Ga) on 10/16/2016

Do you recommend taking a Flu Shot? My niece is pregnant and was informed by her pediatrician that all family members should have a Flu Shot if they wanted to have contact with the baby...I disagree with taking a Flu Shot. Tell me your opinion about this matter.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Rat Lung Worm Disease (Eosiniphilic Meningitis)

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:07:31 -0700
Posted by Begzie (Manila) on 10/16/2016

Just put pure colloidal silver into the nebulizer chamber where you put medicines when you nebulize. Always use the mask and inhale throu the nose.

 Re: Seeking Remedies to Restore Health After Taking Epilepsy Meds

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:04:12 -0700
Posted by K (Northern California) on 10/16/2016

While researching keto diet I came across blogs and youtube information about good oil being used by parents in place of pharmaceuticals to successfully treat children with epilepsy. Check it out.

  Re: Solution for Turmeric Causing Body Odor

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:03:01 -0700
Posted by K (Northern California) on 10/16/2016

Regarding turmeric and body odor when taking it:

I rescued an Akita, very ill and stressed. I added turmeric powder to his sardines and rice daily. He started to smell like cat pee. Didn't put it together until I read on an animal natural health blog that that odor is from ingesting turmeric, and the solution is to add cinnamon. It worked for Rocky. He is so healthy now and smells great. Vet is amazed at the transformation.

  Re: Long Term Use of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:01:41 -0700
Posted by Patricia (Missouri) on 10/16/2016

I've been taking hydrogen peroxide for 4 weeks now, and seem to be so much better. But when I read some posts that say don't take it...that its dangerous... that kinda scares me. I don't know anyone personally that takes it or has ever taken it. When I tell them I ingest it they are like, "that's not good." So are you still taking it?

  Re: Essential Oils for Mold Exposure

Sun, 16 Oct 16 09:00:26 -0700
Posted by Debee (Minnesota) on 10/16/2016

Be sure to use the right diffuser when using oils for mold. Putting moisture in the air is not helping your mold problem, but encourages growth! You need a pro diffuser and pure essential oils that kill the mold along with treating the area and than removing the source professionally. I hope this helps.

 Re: Seeking Remedies to Restore Health After Taking Epilepsy Meds

Sun, 16 Oct 16 08:58:16 -0700
Posted by Jim (Frostburg) on 10/16/2016

Hi Karl,

At age 18 you may have found Magnesium (or a product on the market which contained magnesium) greatly helpful to limiting your seizures. Perhaps you were taking magnesium (or the product containing it) until you turned 21; then you experienced your bowel-troubles. Magnesium generally leads to more elimination/movements, and taking that element for years would have allowed your body to adjust to it and depend upon it. Perhaps you then stopped the magnesium (or the product), having found another remedy. This could be the culprit to your current gut-malady.

I'm just 'throwing' that theory 'out there'.

Due to the variety of symptoms you cited, I more suspect that your current situation is due to a candida over-growth within your body. Go to Amazon and order some D-Limone capsules. D-limonene is derived from the zest of lime and/or other citrus peel. Read the reviews wherein experiences and advice is offered. If I were experiencing your symptoms then I would take a D-limone capsule once or twice per day, typically around the meal or before bedtime. D-Limonene will right your gut and also kill fungus and mold within your bloodstream.

Kerosene and gum spirits of turpentine are two other agents that will perform in the same manner. Typically you take a TSP of Kerosene, or a half-TSP of turps. Having 'tested' all three agents myself, I will relate that Kerosene tastes better than turps or limonene; however, the limonene being in capsules eliminates the tongue-exposure.

 Re: Pancreatic Fat Lowering Supplements?

Sun, 16 Oct 16 08:57:47 -0700
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/16/2016

Yes, you can buy "Digestive Enzymes" at health food stores. Supplementing TMG and/or Taurine will also help digestion. Baking Soda taken orally also helps the Pancreas.

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses in India

Sun, 16 Oct 16 08:57:20 -0700
Posted by Manik (Mumbai) on 10/16/2016

Mollasses in marathi called as KAKAVI.

or sugarcane honey or jliquid jaggery or concentrated sugarcane juice

we have molasses production in mahatarshtra india.and Brand is SANIKA KAKAVI

Castor Oil for Baby Soft Feet and Toe Nail Fungus

Sun, 16 Oct 16 08:49:59 -0700
Posted by Rejoice (Usa) on 10/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Put Organic Castor Oil on Feet after every shower/ bath will improve feet / toenails --- make them like Babies.. it is anti-fungal.

  Re: Lavender Oil Capsules for Anxiety

Sat, 15 Oct 16 21:15:44 -0700
Posted by Heather (Ontario) on 10/14/2016

Anxiety... I can help you there. My anxiety story is much like your hemorrhoid story. I've tried everything, endured horrible side effects. Never really felt good. In fact, over time, I got worse.

Here's what works: double the package recommended dose of lavender oil capsules - just oil, not herb. Plus double dose of Gaba and HTP. It took three months to really be positive it was working, but you can take it with dr.'s meds, so who cares, right?

I do these as extras: long baths in lavender oil & epsom salts, and a swig of magnesium with calcium and K2 at bedtime. Magnesium is a calmer and this gives two ways - absorption through the skin and swallowing. Lavender in bathwater - well, you can smell it and over time it seems to calm me. After a few weeks of these baths, I really don't like to go without. They really do make a difference. It just takes a while of doing it before you notice the difference without.