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 Re: Coconut Oil for Hemorrhoids

Sun, 29 Mar 15 18:43:10 -0500
Posted by Pbird (Western Wa) on 03/29/2015

The Trader Joe product is fine.

You can make little bullets of the oil, get them cold enough to hold shape and then insert quickly.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda for Arrhythmia

Sun, 29 Mar 15 18:42:32 -0500
Posted by Charles (Malaysia) on 03/29/2015

Hi Anna,

Magnesium chloride is magic mineral. It can cure or prevent many diseases.

 Re: Msg

Sun, 29 Mar 15 18:41:00 -0500
Posted by Charlie (Kuala Lumpur) on 03/29/2015

Dear Loria,

Have you recovered from ventricular arrhythmia after taking Magnesium? Hope to hear from you.

 Perioral Dermatitis Remedy Update

Sun, 29 Mar 15 17:54:29 -0500
Posted by Cara (Sydney) on 03/29/2015


Hi again, just thought I'd update you all on my progress.

It has been 6 days now and my rash is almost 85% cleared! There is a lot of dryness and some slight redness left, but there is not a single pustule or bump in sight!

The rash has completely healed all around my cheeks, nose, & under my eyes - you wouldn't know anything was wrong even if I told you to be completely honest!

My lower chin has some redness where the rash was originally, but when I say tiny, I mean it. The only thing I have left now is slight dryness. (However, 2 days ago, my redness was HORRIFIC - it's just the body healing itself. Don't give up, you are NOT making it worse. It's the bacteria playing tricks on you. I know it hurts, but believe me, it's worth it.)

I feel it is important to note that some days I saw much improvement, but initially the area was very raw, sore, and it appeared as though I was doing more damage than good. This continued, for me, for the first 4 or 5 days. I believe this is simply because use of ACV is so strong - it needs to bring the rash OUT first prior to it being killed off! You will question if it is working or if it is making it worse. I almost stopped, thinking I was doing the wrong thing and that my face was just getting worse, not better.

But by day 5, I knew it was getting better. The difference is amazing!

I think it is important to note that this DOES work, but it may take longer for some to see an overall improvement - it depends on how quickly you get to it (I started three days after going off steroid creams - which I was on for a year) and how bad your rash is.

I have stopped using ACV x2 a day, and now use it at full strength once at night. I began only using it once on day 5. Twice per day before that, as well as consuming it orally. I then apply calendula cream over the top and sleep with the mix on.

If you use ACV, you MUST use the one with 'the mother' enzyme. I can't stress that enough. Make sure it is organic as well.

Please don't give up hope.

I have also been doing the following, which I believe is very important in my quick results:

Taking Probiotics (Inner-Health Plus) to assist in reducing my candida overgrowth. According to my natropath, I have a candida overgrowth - which can result in this horrible mess I had on my face. Apparently, taking a good probiotic can slow down and reverse my Candida overgrowth.Probiotics work by attacking the Candida in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they restore your intestinal system to balance by replacing the good bacteria that were lost when my Candida overgrowth started. Secondly, probiotics keep the Candida under control by inhibiting its growth.

Drinking water with 'Violet Extract' in it: I also noticed whilst doing my research that many others had great success in using VE - so I thought I'd give it a try too. Apparently, many herbalists through the ages have attributed a number of benefits to the plant: it's been used for coughs, colds, dizziness, insomnia and nervous exhaustion. It is known as a cooling, cleansing, and antiseptic herb. I'm assuming it's antiseptic properties is what is helping to cleanse my system.

Using cleansers (face wash, moisturiser, body wash & hair care) free from SLS & Paragons: These have been known to cause rashes on the body ? do your research, it's mind-blowing!

L-Glutomine supplements - To restore my gut health and reduce the candida overgrowth;

Consuming Oregano oil internally: Oregano oil contains strong immune-enhancing and antioxidant properties and supports the respiratory system. I believe this may be helping to kill bacteria internally, and as a result - helping my skin condition.

Stoping the use of Fluoride Toothpaste: as it has been known to cause an allergic reaction in some people and may cause perioral dermatitis.

Using Calendula Cream: at night, following my ACV treatment To aid healing and prevent dryness.

Taking Zinc Supplements: very helpful, great for skin and healing I believe.

Candida Diet: I have also begun to follow the Candida Diet - which basically means cutting out all dairy, yeast products (e.g. breads, in condiments etc), ALL FRUIT and anything processed. I found a few great websites that helped me to distinguish what I can and cannot eat - if you are interested, see the 'Food matters' website or 'The Candida Diet'.

Basically, many skin conditions such as perioral dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis & acne are the result of a candida overgrowth ? and the quickest way to fix it is to starve the little buggers. Candida flourish in the presence of both refined and unrefined sugar, such as fresh fruit, dried fruit and fruit juice. Cutting off their food supply can bring their numbers back to a healthy level.

They also love refined flour products and anything fermented, such as alcohol and soy, so if you have a serious overgrowth, you may need to cut out all of the above for a number of consecutive weeks. I have found this t be particularly helpful.

Each of these elements is fighting the external effects of my candida overgrowth, particularly my perioral dermatitis. I don't believe in taking antibiotics anymore ? my problem is clearly my body trying to tell me something, and I wholeheartedly believe many of my issues are largely due to a candida overgrowth. My natropath took one look at my tongue and said I certainly do have a yeast overgrowth. He prescribed me L-Glutomine, oregano oil, and probiotics. He also suggested I begin the Candida Diet immediately, which I have.

There is a test to see if you have candida overgrowth -

  • When you get up in the morning, and before you brush your teeth, eat or drink anything, fill a glass with bottled water at room temperature.
  • Spit some saliva gently into the glass.
  • Come back every 20 minutes for the next hour and check for some of these tell-tale signs of Candida: - ?Strings' coming down through the water from the saliva at the top ? Cloudy saliva sitting at the bottom of the glass ? or Opaque specks of saliva suspended in the water are all signs that you have it.

Do your research on the effects this can have on the body - it is likely if you have it you will present with many of the symptoms and have no idea that they are all actually related. Our skin does not just REACT this way for no reason - it could be an indication of leaky gut, candida overgrowth - or many other causes. It is crying out for help, and it is our job to fix it. Anyway, hope that is some food for thought. Sorry for the lengthy update, but I have learnt so much in the preceding week that I had to share. I cannot believe the difference I have seen, please don't give up hope. It will work, just give it TIME. Each of us have different underlying causes and extents of this rash, it is not surprising some take a lot longer to respond to ACV or that others have bad initial effects to it - given the extent of their rash already.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on my progress. Hope this helped someone in the way everyone's responses did me.


 Re: Potato In The Pocket for Hip Pain

Sun, 29 Mar 15 17:52:47 -0500
Posted by Elaine (Edmond, Oklahoma) on 03/29/2015

Sweet Potato.

 Re: DMSO Combinations

Sun, 29 Mar 15 17:24:36 -0500
Posted by Dee (Ca) on 03/29/2015

Be very careful with DMSO. It's a great product but remember it will carry anything it's connected to through the skin - bacteria, viruses, dirt. So while its anti-inflammatory properties are great and you hook it up with the Ellawood to get it in, it can also take anything else so you have to have a scrupulous technique and make sure your hands are clean. Make sure you got medical grade DMSO for that matter.

Can Oils be Combined for Oil Pulling?

Sun, 29 Mar 15 13:31:13 -0500
Posted by Lord Raistlin (Texas, US) on 03/28/2015

Question: Can you combine 2 or more oils together for a pulling? For instance mixing Olive and Sunflower and then swooshing in the mouth for 10 mins.

 Apple Cider Vinegar for Conjunctivitis

Sun, 29 Mar 15 13:13:42 -0500
Posted by Mlafay (Portland, Or) on 03/29/2015

[YEA]  I've had viral conjunctivitis for a couple month's now. My doc said there was nothing out there that would "cure" it and to just let it run it's course - up to 3 months!

I just did the 5:1 ratio with ACV and it burned like hell for about 30 seconds - and wa-la! My vision cleared up - been blurry ever since I contracted this. And my redness went down considerably. I am so thankful I found this remedy!!

 Re: Unbearable Suffering With Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)

Sun, 29 Mar 15 13:07:46 -0500
Posted by Kim Lambert (Cincinnati Ohio) on 03/29/2015

[YEA]  Hi, I am new to this site but just wanted to tell you that I am anxious to try your remedy as I have been dealing with LPR undiagnosed for years thinking it was all allergy/sinus related. I have had sinus infections for years and had sinus surgery in 2012. I also am a chronic ibuprofen user. Chocolate and caffeine have been my heroes for years until now. They are the culprit and part of why I got into this mess. Thanks for all the advice, I look forward to healing:)

Multiple Remedies Not Helping Burning Mouth Syndrome

Sun, 29 Mar 15 13:07:24 -0500
Posted by Carrie (North Palm Beach, Fl) on 03/28/2015

[NAY]  I have suffered for at least 20 yrs with Burning Mouth Syndrome. Although it has been off and on (approx 2x yr for about 2-6 weeks at a time ) but truly pushes you to the brink. Can't talk or think after struggling through a day of work (my poor husband and kids). Anyway, did have my worst episode a few yrs ago when eating little to no carbs or sugar - had lost good amount of weight but healthy and happy until til it came back with a vengeance. Went to dr who worked hard for me. I had severe B1 defiency and very low iron. Got supps and evntually got better. Broadened diet but slacked on vits of course bc was better. Here I am a year later and miserable again so back on every B, iron, ALA...going to get bloodwork again.miserable...keep gum or lump of paper towel or cankercoger stuck to tongue 24/7 now. Can't stand tongue to touch teeth, roof of mouth etc. Also started klonopin, had in house and helps simmer you and it down? Need to get a script for sure but don't know if its the end all.

May need to go to clean limited diet. Will do what it takes. i am 44 but come on, had this as far back as 21. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

Multiple Remedies for COPD and Degenerative Disc Disease

Sun, 29 Mar 15 13:02:07 -0500
Posted by Gabbysue (Haltom City, Texas) on 03/28/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  First off, I LOVE EC website. I have read a lot of great ideas and researched them, but I do not know where to start. I have been drinking organic Apple Cider Vinegar for several weeks. A tsp several times a day for energy...none. I started using h202 inhalation and over did it. I think I loosened so much stuff from my lungs too fast and ended up in the hospital.

About a week ago I started drinking ginger root tea made with fresh grated ginger. I slept most of the night without leg pain. It has helped my lower back some. Like I said though, I have only drank it for about a week. I am praying with continued use it will help my back, hip, & leg pain.

I recently started cayenne, lemon juice w/3 oz tomatoe juice. I have not noticed any help with breathing from either one. I drink the tea at night. Two nights ago I woke up with my left lung hurting...a lot! It scared me at first but I thought "pain before gain" so I drank it again that night. I was awaken with both lungs in pain. I will continue unless I can't breath at all. But I was wondering with my ddd & copd if anyone has had both and what they did.

Smart Meters and Unexplained Health Issues

Sun, 29 Mar 15 12:48:30 -0500
Posted by Sam (Miami, Florida) on 03/28/2015

Unexplained health issues? Just in case, check if you have smart meters on the other side of your bedroom wall.

..."Wireless smart meters typically produce atypical, relatively potent and very short pulsed RF/microwaves whose biological effects have never been fully tested. They emit these millisecond-long RF bursts on average 9,600 times a day with a maximum of 190,000 daily transmissions and a peak level emission two and a half times higher than the stated safety signal Perlingieri's italics, as the California utility Pacific Gas Electric recognized before that State's Public Utilities Commission. Thus people in proximity to a smart meter are at risk of significantly greater aggregate exposure than with a cell phone, not to mention the cumulative levels of RF/microwaves that people living near several meters are exposed to.

People are exposed to cell phone microwaves primarily in the head and neck, and only when they use their device. With smart meters, the entire body is exposed to the microwaves, which increases the risk of overexposure to many organs.

In addition to these erratic bursts of modulated microwaves coming from smart meters that are transferring usage data to electric, gas and water utilities, wireless and wired smart (powerline communication) meters are also a major source of ''dirty electricity'' (electrical interference of high frequency voltage transients typically of kilohertz frequencies). Indeed, some scientists, such as American epidemiologist Sam Milham, believe that many of the health complaints about smart meters may also be caused by dirty electricity generated by the switching power supply activating all smart meters. Since the installation of filters to reduce dirty electricity circulating on house wiring has been found to relieve symptoms of EHS in some people, this method should be considered among the priorities aimed at reducing potential adverse impacts...

So many scientists and medical experts urgently recommend that measures following the Precautionary Principle be applied immediately such as using wired meters to reduce biologically inappropriate microwave exposure. We are not advocating the abolishment of RF technologies, only the use of common sense and the development and implementation of best practices in using these technologies in order to reduce exposure and risk of health hazards."

(Canadian magazine, La maison du 21e sicle the house of the 21st century, Dr. David O. Carpenter, a distinguished physician and former founding dean of the School of Public Health, State University, Albany (New York), has just published a letter called Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation.(**) Google for the letter in its entirety.)

 Re: Terrible Dizziness Both Day and Night

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:25:31 -0500
Posted by Mr. Ree (Usa) on 03/29/2015

Mindy, There is a product from located in New Mexico called "Lightheadedness." It is a sublingual homeopathic tablet...It works for dizziness in about one minute. A bottle of 100 costs about $12.00. It has worked for everyone I have recommended it so far...Good luck.

 Re: Nothing is Working for Morgellons or Mites, Please Help!

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:16:25 -0500
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Queensland) on 03/29/2015

Patricia, how did you heal physically, internally and externally on skin? Ted's protocol? Frances

 Re: Need Help for Extreme Oily Skin

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:16:03 -0500
Posted by Vee (Fort Hood, Texas) on 03/29/2015

I've used zinc supplements several times a week for several months with no clear improvement for oily skin.

I also tried bentonite clay for 2-3 months (mixed with ACV) with no improvement.

Milk of Magnesia worked some but I have to keep applying it throughout the day and since I don't wear makeup, it can leave white streaks on my face once dry and slightly irritated my acne.

Using a store bought toner seems to get excess dirt off my face after washing, but it makes my skin more oily than anything else.

Witch Hazel makes me break out, lemon juice burns and & I saw no improvement. I've kind of given up. I use at least 6 oil absorbing sheets PER DAY. But yeah, I've heard about oily skin sufferers having less wrinkles, but that isn't doing me any good now.

Boric Acid Capsules are Working for Bacterial Vaginosis

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:11:22 -0500
Posted by Cassandra (Oxford, Mississippi) on 03/29/2015

[YEA]  I started using my homemade boric acid suppositories with boric acid powder and gelatin capsules. Found the powder on the shelf at my drug store with first-aid supplies. Filled up large side of capsule and put small side on as others have done. Used 1 first 2 nights and didn't seem to help. Used 2 capsules the next 2 nights and felt almost completely better after the first night. So if 1 doesn't work try 2 before you give up. Hope it continues to work. I have tried eating yogurt, acidophilus, tea tree oil, and hydrogen peroxide without it helping at all. So don't give up.

 Re: Multiple Remedies for Boils

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:03:19 -0500
Posted by Dreadfulwitchdoctor (Texas, US) on 03/29/2015

Just wanted to update after applying the turmeric paste with added chamomile tincture, Rescue Remedy, and a drop of turmeric essential oil. These additions seemed to help considerably. The boil is gone, most of the redness is gone, the swelling is gone, the hard lump is gone. Friday evening, I had a purple/black lump the size of a marble on my chin. This is Sunday morning and I have a small, flat pinkish area that I expect to be almost fully healed by tomorrow morning. I was honestly shocked when I took the bandaid off this morning.

I've started applying the comfrey salve to speed the healing of the skin. I do have some peeling of the top layer of skin.

I'm a firm believer in attacking problems from multiple angles. I think turmeric is a powerful healer of boils, but I also think the combination of all the remedies I've been using have worked in harmony to heal my boil even faster than the turmeric would have on its own.

Mother has Interstitial Lung Disease, Advanced Stage

Sun, 29 Mar 15 11:01:40 -0500
Posted by Khalid (Pakistan) on 03/29/2015

Hello all: I have an appeal request to all. My mother is ill with Interstitial lung disease in the advanced stage (progressive). Please tell me the homeopathic medicines for her. I shall be prayerful.

 Re: Castor Oil Cures Floaters in the Eye

Sun, 29 Mar 15 10:48:04 -0500
Posted by Diane (Dover, Delaware) on 03/29/2015

So are you saying it's safe to put castor oil in the eye and if so how much?

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