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Re: Strong Peppermints for Esophageal Stricture
Fri, 25 Jul 14 14:42:44 -0500

[YEA]  07/25/2014: Jody from Fredericton, Canada: "I've had esophagus issues most of my adult life and there are several things that work to help get through the rough ones. Milk helps a lot when I have pain. Soda water or club soda help a lot-gets rid of the acid without the sugar which can compound problems. Finally, if I'm in the throes of an esophagus spasm or other pain there I use fresh Altoids. Just let them dissolve like usual and the strong real peppermint loosens everything up. Now to cut back or quit the coffee, red wine and nice cigars:("

Re: Ted
Fri, 25 Jul 14 14:41:36 -0500

07/25/2014: Kate from Uk: "Hi, I am a big fan of your site and find its advice extremely useful, especially with regard to ACV.

However I am less than impressed with the advice given by "Ted". He seems very dogmatic and authoritarian, but not all that well informed. In some cases I know his advice is plain wrong, for example his reply to a breast-feeding mother. His insistence on taking bicarb with Apple Cider Vinegar is also suspect. Users are clearly relying on his advice which I consider worrying.

There was a "Ted" posting similarly on Money Saving Expert a while back. He was banned from the site as he had no medical background but persisted in giving dogmatic and quite extreme advice on supplements etc. Is this him?

I think this is a shame as the site is a wonderful resource, but it seems to me that users see Ted as a guru figure and in fact he is just a very opinionated lay person. People need to find their own way in this field - it can be dangerous to rely on the dogmatic advice of someone like Ted when there is little medical evidence to support his assertions. I wonder if you have considered the implications of his posts.

Regards, Kate"

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attack
Fri, 25 Jul 14 14:40:40 -0500

[YEA]  07/25/2014: K from Delray Beach, Fl: "Gallbladder Attack Treatment - it really works!!!

I've been sick for 4 days, and can't go to the hospital. This is nothing short of miraculous. I drank the ACV in fresh apple cider, and within 30 minutes, pain started to subside. With next glass, I fell asleep and woke up with NO PAIN!!!! Does this mean it is not a valve problem? I hope so, because I plan to proceed with the cleanse tonight unless someone out there has had a bad experience or a reason to not do the cleanse just yet."

Re: Baking Soda for Cold Sores
Fri, 25 Jul 14 14:38:48 -0500

[YEA]  07/25/2014: Inez from Kent, Uk: "Bicarbonate of soda for cold sores:

Been having cold sores all my life but it effects me more now as I have fallen in love. Massive cold sore came up yesterday (Thursday )above my lip found this site and made the paste put it on the sore and it went down within an hour. I covered my whole face with it and my skin is so soft and glowing now thank you so much


Re: Moringa for Hyperthyroidism
Fri, 25 Jul 14 14:37:36 -0500

[YEA]  07/25/2014: Alyssa from Boston, MA: "I have Hyperthyroidism and Moringa has helped me to feel very calm and sleep well. I have not gotten my levels re-checked or anything, just feel a LOT better! I also have been getting my periods longer, something that is shortened when I get a hyperthyroid episode. I read this about Moringa:

Moringa oleifera leaf extract has been observed to decrease the conversion of T4 to T3 in female but not in male adult Swiss rats, therefore increasing the T4/T3 ratio, [7] indicating a potential use for therapy of hyperthyroidism"

Re: Oil Pulling
Fri, 25 Jul 14 12:50:48 -0500

07/25/2014: Tracy from Washington State, US: "I have had terrible problems with teeth and gums since childhood. As an adult it is too expensive to get all the repair work done. So I heard about the oil pulling and thought why not, it can only help. I have been cooking with the high quality organic coconut oil for a year now, so I have some on hand. I tried a tsp this morning because I was afraid it would make me want to gag. But I was surprised it didn' did the "pulling" while showering. Which was kind of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy..had to concentrate. So I will do this each morning now to see how it works. It certainly isn't going to hurt anything."

  Re: Researching Drug Interactions
Fri, 25 Jul 14 12:47:00 -0500

07/25/2014: Lilac from Northern Usa: "Leslie, it seems to me that you can try anything you read about if you first check with your pharmacist or physician to make sure there will not be any negative interactions with something you are already taking. Typically the mainline physicians are not familiar with natural remedies, so they may not be able to give you any advice about them. However, they may be able to advise you if there are contraindications with any drugs you may be taking, and certainly a pharmacist could advise you about that. After all this is a big part of a pharmacist's job, and they have the resources to look up these things. The WebMD site also lists interactions, so you might check there, too. By the way my sister is a neurologist, and I know she's big on fish oil. She recommends it for her patients and she takes it herself. She like most physicians is strong on evidence-based medicine (double-blind studies); so she would not be taking and recommending fish oil unless the studies backed it up. On the government website you can look up the results of studies--yes, even for natural remedies, the kind discussed here. See"

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for Prostate Cancer and More
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:14:25 -0500

[YEA]  07/25/2014: Bob from California: "I used the 35% (drops in a glass of water), drank it according to "Benefits of drinking Hydrogen Peroxide, " by Dr. Williams. It cured my Prostate cancer. Also relieved my arthritis and joint pain."

  Re: Help for Depression
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:13:21 -0500

07/25/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Dave,

I, too, am so sorry for your loss.

I and many here at EC so appreciate your love and friendship and hate to see you hurting.

I love John and the Psalms, too.

You are in my prayers.

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for MRSA
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:08:08 -0500

07/25/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Robert Henry,

What a sad story. I am so sorry for that boy.

I too have seen people suffer and not be willing to try something that is safe and easy because it seems, well, ridiculous to them. But I know you know that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I don't know if pushing the issue will help. I have taken natural things to sick people and they don't even try them. Or take one dose of whatever and decide it doesn't work.

I know you have the best interest of other's at heart.

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Periwinkle
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:07:39 -0500

07/25/2014: Qoolmama from Mobile, AL: "Diane, that is because they are in with the pharmaceutical companies. They get incentives for pushing to drugs. Big business - big money. That is why they scare people away from herbal remedies."

Re: MMS And HCG Diet
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:03:22 -0500

07/25/2014: Mary from Saskchewan, CA: "Hi does anyone have any idea how using MMS would react or not with the HCG diet which I will be starting shortly? Does anyone have any experience with that. It seems to me that the incredible rate at which fat is lost in this diet would put a strain on the liver. I want to support the liver by neutralizing toxins and helping the liver cope with this task.

Thanks, Mary"

  Re: Ginger for Nausea
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:00:33 -0500

07/25/2014: Kt from Usa: "A nutrition almanac declares ginger is good to use for nausea and vomiting. I would think it is safer than alcohol. It is also reported to kill salmonella and contains an antidepressant ingredient."

  Re: Natural Remedies
Fri, 25 Jul 14 09:00:05 -0500

07/25/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Cindy,

I have wondered about that, too. I have made and used Black Walnut Tincture but do not know how much iodine it has in it compared to Lugol's. Down the road I may try substituting the tincture for Lugol's and see how much it takes to keep me feeling well. (If I stop Lugol's I get hypo thyroid symptoms.) I like the idea of being able to make my own iodine should it become difficult to obtain on the economy. Also, I like to find ways to keep natural health solutions as inexpensive and accessible as possible, so that one's income does not affect whether or not they obtain health solutions.

I know when I have peeled black walnuts the hulls have stained my hands a lot. And it looks like a lot of iodine. I just don't know how to find out the actual content.

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Contaminated Methylene Blue
Fri, 25 Jul 14 08:54:45 -0500

07/25/2014: Chickkie from Chelmsford, Ma: "I found out the hard way. Methylene blue is sometimes deliberately contaminated with arsenic, possibly to prevent us from benefiting from a safe effective product. The type I bought had a warning label not to be used in food producing fish. I called the store I bought it from, they said it did not have arsenic. This was a lie.

I suffered greatly from severe arsenic poisoning. I wish there was a way to be sure the source was pure, because aside from the arsenic, methylene blue was great stuff."

  Re: Info Needed on Using Hydrogen Peroxide
Fri, 25 Jul 14 08:52:20 -0500

07/25/2014: Chenani from Aurora, Co: "to Peter from Slate Hill, NY

What grade of H202 are you using?

How much are you spraying on your face?

What is the ratio or mixture of H202 / water you are using?"

  Re: Mama's Sports Injury Smoothie Recipe
Fri, 25 Jul 14 08:50:05 -0500

07/25/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Good morning!

I made my green comfrey/turmeric smoothie this morning and added some mint leaves - a couple of tablespoons. (Fresh.) I could have added more. I like mint. But it does improve the flavor some, if you like mint, that is.

My shoulder is feeling improved this morning. I won't go suggesting that this smoothie will cure rotator issues overnight. I suspect my strain/injury/whatever was quite mild in the scheme of things. (Rotator cuff injuries are dreadful and the recovery from surgery (if you get to that point) is brutal.)

By the way, the only critical ingredients were the comfrey, turmeric, pepper and milk kefir. Bananas could be used instead of cucumber. (One banana.) And I would leave out the nutritional yeast if I used banana. Whole milk or some water with a teaspoon of coconut oil could be substituted for the milk kefir.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Dosage for Apple Cider Vinegar for Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Fri, 25 Jul 14 08:47:32 -0500

07/25/2014: Nancie from Escondido, Ca Usa: "How much apple cider vinegar do I take and how often for Polymyalgia Rheumatica?"

  Re: Help for Depression
Fri, 25 Jul 14 08:45:53 -0500

07/24/2014: Lilac from Northern Usa: "Dave, I'm sorry about your loss. Thank you for the tip to read Psalms and John. I will try that. Those books are elevating.

It also helps me to feel in touch with God when I contemplate the immensity of the cosmos. When your blues come knocking, contemplate the famous photo called "Pale Blue Dot." You can find it online. It puts your issues in perspective.

I'm not familiar with using gold. I never ran across any information on it. I do have much experience with Valerian. It works excellently for sleep. However if used regularly, Valerian can bring on depression. So I use it only as needed.

If you want to use your computer at night, just block the blue light waves that emanate from the screen. You can do that by wearing amber-lens glasses or covering your screen with an amber lens. (I got cheap amber goggles on Amazon, but pricier glasses are also sold for this purpose.) If you google "blue light waves and sleep, " you should find out much about this topic. I read an excellent book on the topic that you can get on Amazon: GREAT SLEEP! REDUCED CANCER! By Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D. The new energy-saver light bulbs that are everywhere now have more of these blue waves than the older incandescent bulbs, so they too are a problem, as is the light from cell phones. If you look up "Insomnia" here on the earthclinic site, there is an entry called "Block Blue Light, " that will tell you what you need to know.

Recently I came across information that Vitamin C is needed for the body to make neurotransmitters that are important for overcoming depression. Consequently I am now also trying a high dose of Vitamin C. Here is the quote which I found for Vitamin C made from tapioca:

"Vitamin C inhibits candida and promotes wound and gut healing. This vitamin is also important in the biosynthesis of carnitine, serotonin, and certain neurotransmitters, including norephinephrine."

I regret those feelings of desolation you have, and I will think about you. I hope that, day by day, your desolation will fade and joy and wellbeing will visit. Your new beginning may be just around the corner, and something of great value may replace your loss."

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