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  Re: Cataracts
Sat, 05 Apr 14 09:56:54 -0500

04/04/2014: Mary from New York, Ny: "Glutathione is found in very high concentrations in the lens of the eye and plays a vital role in keeping the lens healthy. Specifically, glutathione functions as an antioxidant, maintains the structure of the lens proteins, acts in various enzyme systems, and participates in amino acid and mineral transport. Glutathione levels are diminished in virtually all forms of cataracts. To raise glutathione levels, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables containing the most glutathione per serving include asparagus, peppers, carrots, onion, broccoli, avocados, squash, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, peaches bananas and melon. The glutathione content in these foods is substantially higher than in their cooked counterparts. Dr. Murray has found that not only can the progression of cataract formation be stopped, but it can even be reversed in the early stages. However, significant reversal of well-developed cataracts does not appear possible at this time. In cases of marked vision impairment, cataract removal and lens implant may be the only alternative. As with most diseases, prevention or treatment at an early stage is most effective. Here is the website with the information http://doctormurray.com/health-conditions/cataracts/"

  Re: Mullein and Hyssop Emphysema Treatment
Sat, 05 Apr 14 09:49:44 -0500

04/04/2014: Willowmopper from Virginia, US: "Good evening! I have printed your recipe. Do you have any advise for those who have the mullen, lobella, and hyssop in drop form?



  Re: Licorace Extract for Shingles
Sat, 05 Apr 14 04:39:23 -0500

04/05/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Kilee,

Re Shingles

You might also consider this: The ongoing nerve pain might be that the virus is still working. That is the virus has not been killed. Look under the Shingles (Ailment Section) on Earth Clinic and you'll see numerous remedies to deal with Shingles.

I have a post there and relate my experience with Shingles. I used a combo of Cayenne and Vitamin E and DMSO and Colloidal Silver as a salve. The CS and Cayenne were used to kill the virus; the E to make sure the Cayenne did not burn the skin and of course the DMSO was the carrier. And it too is anti viral.

Next, consider the possibility that the virus has damaged the nerves. So even if you do kill the virus, some shingles cases continue to hurt because of nerve damage. To help with nerve healing I use "AEP" and it's called Calcium AEP. (NOT just calcium.) The AEP is what you are after. Google; nutrition review calcium AEP. Great article. Dr Robert Adkins used it as primary item in treating his MS patients."

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Sat, 05 Apr 14 04:02:48 -0500

04/05/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Mama to Many;

Re Papaya and Ice Cream...

I'd forgotten about Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream!!! That most certainly will be added to the list. So far, with the CCMIC, I've got seven to test.

Wow. This is hard work."

  Re: Spider Veins
Sat, 05 Apr 14 02:26:43 -0500

04/05/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Embarassed...Using Nattokinase or Serrapeptase, which are protein digesting enzymes, will act to dissolve the dead organic fibrin build up in the capillaries that generally causes the varicose veins problem.

As additional support you should also take niacin or slow release niacin(no flush niacin -- also called Inositol Hexanicotinate). The purpose of the niacin protocol is to change and thin the blood safely. It also prevents blood lipoproteins becoming too sticky, which causes the blockages at the extremeties of the body. Niacin also opens up the blood vessels and capillaries, which helps to allow the serrepeptase or nattokinase to be delivered more efficiently to the extremeties (hands and feet) where it is needed most without problems.

If you can, also take a strong liquid kelp extract. Kelp contains iodine which acts to make fats/proteins more soluble for easier removal by the liver. Thus excessive fats/proteins in the blood are actively reduced, also helping to eliminate another reason for the varicose vein problem.

Supplement Brewer's Yeast.


Serrapeptase or Nattokinase(as advised on the bottle). Always take these supplements outside mealtimes because you want them to act in the blood.

Liquid Kelp Extract -- As advised on the bottle. The liquid kelp will help you in many other ways as well -- too numerous to mention.

Inositol Hexanicotinate(slow release form) -- 1500 mgs twice a day at meals. If you prefer to take niacin (cheaper flush form) then the per diem dose is lower because of the flush -- 500 mgs twice a day taken at mealtimes.

Brewer's Yeast -- One tablespoon once a day with water at breakfast. Brewer's Yeast contains all the B Vitamins (except B12). All the B vitamins depend on each other, which is why taking brewer's Yeast will naturally add to the effectiveness of the niacin."

  Re: Rash, remedy needed
Sat, 05 Apr 14 01:20:23 -0500

04/05/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi She from Virginia...The probable reason that topical remedies like coconut oil, tea tree oil etc didn't work is mainly because these oils are not so well absorbed into the subdermal layers of the skin.

Here's a remedy that should work for subdermal rash problems.

You will need:

99% DMSO (DimethylSulfoxide solution)

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Borax (20 Mule team Borax is fine to use -unperfumed and not scented)

Aloe Vera Oil or Gel.

The remedy:

To a container(such as a glass saucer) add:

9 teaspoons of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1 teaspoon DMSO

1/16 tspn of Borax (250 mgs approx)

Mix all these ingredients into solution which eventually gives you a solution approximately containing 3% HP, 10% DMSO with a small amount of Borax. This solution will kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungus, viruses and mycoplasma etc within the sub-epidermal layers of the skin.

Using cotton wool, dab the fungal areas with this solution 3 times a day. 20 mins after application apply aloe vera gel or oil(which also kills pathogens and helps protect the skin as well).

Make sure to always apply this solution last thing at night(when you are not wearing your bra). Wash your bras in borax to get rid of possible fungal contamination.

For myself, I've found the above remedy to be very effective against topical and subdermal rash problems because it kills fungus, viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma etc very quickly within the skin itself (not just topically).

The secret to this remedy is the DMSO -- which has the ability to carry or pull other nutrients (that are not normally so well absorbed into the subdermal layers) through the skin and even into the blood. None of the above nutrients, even if they are carried into the blood, will cause you harm in the dosages advised.

And if this remedy does not work, as Mama to Many has already suggested, then you probably have an internal or systemic fungal/bacterial infection in your blood which will require a different internal protocol to get rid of it. In other words that your topical fungal rash problem may be just a symptom of a deeper systemic fungal issue in your blood."

  Re: To Bill Regarding Hepatitis C & Peripheral Neuropathy
Fri, 04 Apr 14 23:49:54 -0500

04/04/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Josh1875...A burning sensation when peeing indicates acid blood. Turpentine also acts as a diuretic -- it clears excess water(and minerals) from the blood. I never have a burning sensation when peeing after I take Turpentine. So the answer to this problem is simply to alkalize the blood by taking either the sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) with water remedy or by taking the ACV, bicarbonate and water remedy as shown here on EC. This should help to reduce the burning.

Being unable to pee is also indicative of either an infection in the bladder or prostatitis so I would get your bladder checked to be safe. Nutrients that will help with bladder infections are cranberry juice and/or D-Mannose. Larger dose Lugol's iodine (at least 8 drops or 50 mgs a day in split doses) will help both against bladder infections and help against prostatitis.

Research evidence has shown that Iodine prevents and reduces cysts in fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroid and prostate cyst formation (prostatitis). See this research."

  Re: Coconut Oil for Hypothyroidism
Fri, 04 Apr 14 21:44:13 -0500

04/04/2014: Sasha from Seattle, WA: "The whole idea of being " within range" idea is old idea that no longer applies. Since most doctors got smart Many people are having the effects of hypothyroidism without being " within range". You can be on the verge of hypothyroidism and having full blown symptoms that can hospitalize you . I got smart and went to a Naturopathic doctor. I take 1 tsp organic virgin coconut oil harvested from fresh coconuts and lugols iodine and as is well!"

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Fri, 04 Apr 14 21:21:01 -0500

04/04/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Dave,

Wow, your sacrifice for the sake of science and humanity will be remembered and appreciated by many!

Let me know if you find that Papaya makes chocolate chip mint ice cream more digestible.


~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Activated Charcoal
Fri, 04 Apr 14 20:56:22 -0500

04/04/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Lauren,

I would be happy to share what I have tried for my low thyroid…I hope it will be helpful to you. Of course you may have already tried these things if you have been working on healing for so long. It sure can be vexing to try remedy after remedy and not find the answer.

Currently I am taking 2 droppers of Lugol’s 2% iodine and 200mcg of Selenium. I take Vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin D as needed. I use Celtic Sea Salt daily. For a long time I was using 2 T. of extra virgin coconut oil daily, but I have gotten lax about that. We are on well water so I don’t have to worry about the chlorine or fluoride in the water, which apparently can be an issue for some. I eat a pretty good but far from perfect diet. I eat a lot of whole foods but it is not all organic or anything. We eat out some and I love chocolate. :) I try not to worry so much about what I am consuming when out with friends as it is important to me to be able to enjoy times with friends and family without having to stress about food. I think what I eat cheerfully probably is better for my heath than what I don’t eat fearfully, if that makes sense.

That is the short answer…here is a longer version with some other thoughts. Four years ago I was having unquenchable thirst. 20 cups of water a day and I still had a dry mouth. I went to a doctor who tested me for thyroid issues. My thyroid was off and I started to take a low dose of synthroid. My mouth was not dry any more, but I felt awful and my hair was falling out in handfuls. So, I quit synthroid and tried other things. I know the next time I had bloodwork, maybe 6 months later, my thyroid was still off, though I didn’t feel as bad as I had on synthroid. But a year or two later, my bloodwork showed the thyroid to be working. Apparently you can have normal blood numbers and still have a thyroid issue, so I tend to go by how I feel. If I run out of iodine, my dry mouth symptoms return. But it took me a year or two to get the right amount of iodine for me.

So, I wish that this would work for everyone. It seems to work for some. But it seems that everyone is different and there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Some people need to add dessicated thyroid to what they take. Maybe the stuff I am doing only works because of other stuff I am doing and I am unaware of the connection. I do try to walk regularly. I use Apple Cider Vinegar most days. I took Burdock Root for neuropathy for 6 or 12 months. I take 3 capsules of Borage oil daily to help skin issues. Sometimes I take turmeric. Maybe one of those things helps the other stuff to work for me. And but for the grace of God, none of this would work.

If you don’t mind a bit of rambling, I think health is related to things beyond just our intake. I think what we eat is important, but there are so many things that also affect our health. A few years ago I read about a study that linked heart problems and high cholesterol to stress and not to diet. Thousands of years ago, Solomon said that a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Richard Wurmbrand was a pastor who was imprisoned under dreadfully inhumane conditions with very little and poor quality food, and yet he went on to live quite a long and productive life. God was sustaining him in spite of a horrendous diet and living conditions.

It puzzles me that my children’s health is not identical. They eat the same food, have the same genes, live in the same house. But they recover differently from sickness. One has had some chronic health problems. So, I have to conclude that there is more to it than just supplements and diet. I know people that have “near perfect” diets that still struggle with health problems. I had a friend who had an amazing diet and was so sweet and cheerful and she died of cancer. There are just some things that are beyond our control. (Lots of things, really! )

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble there a little.

Oh, and I am blessed to not yet be dealing with menopause. That will be a whole new set of things to learn about…I am 47, so I am figuring sooner than later. Anyway, I have read a little bit about Dong Quai and Black Cohosh for menopause symptoms and those will be some things I may try when I get to that point.

Well, keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Spider Veins
Fri, 04 Apr 14 20:25:39 -0500

04/04/2014: Ladymars from Florida, Us: "Hi, you might want to check out the remedies listed under 'Varicose Veins' on this website. Good luck!"

  Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Fri, 04 Apr 14 20:17:17 -0500

04/04/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Cindy: Dave takes supplements. I follow the 80/10/10 program. The idea behind the program is that raw organic fruit is going to have more energy than in regular food because of the enzymes, humic fulvic acids, xeronines, and trace minerals. We believe this is the best food program. People can eat as much raw organic fruit as they want whenever they want. The only two technical aspects are soaking nuts and seeds for protein and oil and getting the proper ratio of carbs to oil. I would encourage you to try the program."

Re: Spider Veins
Fri, 04 Apr 14 20:09:44 -0500

04/04/2014: Embarrased from United States: "Requesting help from Bill from san Fernando or anyone successfully removing spider veins. Mine have gotten worse since last summer and I doubt I will feel comfortable enough to go with anything but long pants come warm weather. I am 50plus y/o female and on my feet all day with my work, tho I don't know that that is real cause. Anyway they are on inside of my ankles, above ankle bone and all the way down my feet on both legs. Appreciate ANY help. thanks in advance."

  Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Fri, 04 Apr 14 19:30:01 -0500

04/04/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hey there Cindy;

Re: Your question in reference to my post to Robert Henry..

First, thank you for the nice compliment. I am such a believer in natural E to ward off cardio and circulation related issues.

Now your question was, I think, what 40 pills do I take and then you asked about the 80/10/10 diet with the 80 being raw.

Well, I am a patient of Dr Nick Gonzales of Manhattan, and he did want me on a more raw diet but classified my metabolic type as "meat eater."

But I don't follow the 80/10/10 even though I should and could even under Dr Gonzales' classification.

I am a terrible sinner. I eat bad things and this is a major fault of mine. Very little exercise (I adhere to the HIIT method...High Intensity Interval Training.) I practice flexibility movements and shadow boxing from the "old days" to keep up agility and speed (or a semblance of it). I practice elementary karate kicks.

And, as mentioned, I take a lot of nutrients. Were, you asking for a list of what I take? Sorry, I wasn't following exactly but just listed my list of what I do and what I shouldn't do.

If you want the list I'll be glad to do so."

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Fri, 04 Apr 14 19:12:17 -0500

04/04/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Ed from Canada;

Re Papaya enzyme...

Thank you so much for the correction; "Papain" is the dominate enzyme.

Another experiment with Papaya:

Tonight I used some chopped up Papaya in a mix of ice cream (butter pecan) and Greek yogurt...then refroze. Turned out to be a nice "ad lib" concoction. Creamier than normal ice cream and the Papaya didn't overpower the taste of either the yogurt or the ice cream. And the real purpose of the Papaya was to make the rich creamy desert digestible...so I am not "hit" with an attack of reflux. We'll see. If I had not put Papaya with such a cream/milk based mix...unless I downed a lot of ACV before bed...reflux would be likely.

So I continue to test the limits of Papaya in digestive matters. I didn't eat the black seeds tonight so I am wondering whether that will influence the "test." I intentionally won't take ACV this evening just to push the "digestive" envelope.

Now some "critic" may suggest that I'm doing this "ice cream test" as a ploy, a mere excuse to eat ice cream.

How could such a hypothetical critic, such as my wife, think such a thing.

I am wanting to see the digestive limits of Papaya. And that is all.

However, I may have to test the Papaya digestive limits with various ice cream flavors...chocolate (with Papaya), strawberry (with Papaya) etc.

Just as a test, mind you.

For purely scientific purposes.

Yes, I am willing to sacrifice myself in such a "test"... for all to know the benefits. Will report back the results six pounds from now...ah....six days from now.

Big Dave from Fountain Inn"

  Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Fri, 04 Apr 14 18:18:40 -0500

04/04/2014: Cindy from Usa: "To Dave: as always enjoy reading your helpful informative posts. This is only a curious question not meant to imply anything-if you follow 80/10/10 diet why 40 pills a day? I take supplements too, don't get me wrong, just wondering what you take? thanks also, is the 80 raw? what are the 10/10.thanks"

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses Helped Possible Blood Clot in Leg
Fri, 04 Apr 14 16:51:44 -0500

04/04/2014: Airforce Wifey from Joint Base Andrews, Md: "Is Blackstrap Molasses ok to take while on Warfarin and some other ulcer/colitis meds? :( Trying to stay hopeful for the hubby."

  Re: Alkaline pH for Tachycardia
Fri, 04 Apr 14 16:50:39 -0500

04/04/2014: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "I don't think Wendy from Barrie has responded about the "concentrated mineral supplement" she took.

However, I'm wondering if it is ConcenTrace (you can get it from health food stores, as well as Amazon). The bottle says "full-spectrum body-balanced ionic minerals and trace elements" and states you are to take 10 to 20 drops up to twice a day in water or liquid. Some people have to work up to that level due to the laxative effect it may have on them. People also use it to re-mineralize distilled or reverse-osmosis water.

This product is quite popular so perhaps it's the one she used. Hope that helps! Best of health to you and yours, Bess"

  Re: Comfrey Root Ointment for Lichen Planus
Fri, 04 Apr 14 16:27:23 -0500

04/04/2014: June from Herts UK: "Georgina can you please give me comfrey root ointment recipe for lichen planus thanks"

  Re: Licorace Extract for Shingles
Fri, 04 Apr 14 16:03:51 -0500

04/04/2014: Mr. Ree from Usa: "For $8.95 it's certainly worth a try...I have always recommended "Natures Answer.' I have not tried other licorice extract...I got rid of my shingles in 3 days about 1 1/2 months after it surfaced...Then beat it twice more when it hit the same day...In one hour! I still have the bottle a couple of years later and it's 1/2 full."

  Re: Activated Charcoal
Fri, 04 Apr 14 15:57:01 -0500

04/04/2014: Lauren from Queens, Ny: "Thank you Mama to many for your response. You are very kind and helpful always. I am curious though.....what did you do to become symptom free from thyroid disease? I have been trying for the past four years to achieve that....I mean I feel like I have taken every vitamin out there, I have drunk every green juice on this earth, I rarely eat junk food and yet I am struggling especially since menopause...any suggestions would greatly help....thank you so much"

Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Gray Hair
Fri, 04 Apr 14 12:32:26 -0500

[NAY]  04/04/2014: Alysajade381 from Allentown, Pa: "Today is the 7th week I've been taking 2 tbsp of Blackstrap Molasses every morning for my gray hair. I have black hair and I've had gray hair since in my 30's. And I don't see any change of my hair color from the roots. I had high hopes because I am extremely allergic to Permanent hair dye. It makes my scalp swell up & itches like crazy & I been using temp hair dye but the color fades fast. I was hoping to at least get a slight darker change of my gray. But no results here. I will keep taking it for couple of months longer. I'm not giving up that easy LOL!"

Re: ACV for Perioral Dermatitis
Fri, 04 Apr 14 12:07:44 -0500

[YEA]  04/04/2014: Slvb from New York, US: "I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis about 9 months ago but I have had the condition for quite a bit longer. I don't remember when it first appeared because I have sensitive pale skin which is prone to break-outs so I assumed what I had was irritated skin. I also had a couple of bouts with sinus infections and took antibiotics for those. On me, perioral dermatitis looks like a red irritated ring of skin around my mouth. I moiturized and tried to calm the skin to no avail before finally admitting to myself that I needed to seek professional help.

My dermatologist recognized it right away and prescribed Oracea (antibiotic) and Elydel cream (non-steroid cream). I took Oracea for two months and the redness went away but my skin began to look dry and aged. I stopped taking Oracea and before long the redness was back and I began to break out. I also noticed my blemishes took a very long time to heal and the skin around my mouth was raw and peeling. To cover up when I did go out I relied on BB cream but it caused me to peel even more. Sometimes my faced peeled several times a day. Not wanting to go back to anti-booties

I began o search for answers when stumbled on to this site. I read accounts for hours and decided to try applying organic apple cider vinegar diluted 50% with sterilized water. I was nervous because the thought of applying something acidic to my raw irritated skin seemed so counter-intuitive but the accounts of all the people who found relief gave me the courage to try. It did sting. I applied it with a cotton pad twice a day and rinsed it off after a few minutes each time. I also consumed the apple cider vinegar in a homemade vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil and honey on my salads.

Each day I was 50% better than the day before. After a couple of days, the vinegar solution no longer stings when applied. I also relied on an oil-less face oil called squalane during the day and an omega-3 repair oil for face at night to create a protective healing barrier. I stopped using BB creams with sunscreen and switched to mineral make-up to cover redness and blemishes. I cleansed my skin with a face wash that gently exfoliated sensitive skin before using the vinegar solution. Two weeks later, My skin is not completely clear yet but it continues to improve. My on-line research got me to thinking that when this condition appears, it is likely a signal from our bodies to address systemic inflammation. My plan includes consuming more raw fruits and vegetables that are alkalizing for the body (just like apple cider vinegar is! ) and also to consume more probiotics. These posts got me to focus on improving my overall health and my skin is healing because of these small healthful changes. I vowed to return and write a post so that I might contribute my experience and try to help others like the posts I read here helped me."

  Re: Parkinson's and Other Ailments
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:34:34 -0500

04/04/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas: "Barb, investigate vit b12 and vit D deficiency for the Parkinson's and muscle weakness. Steroids deplete B12.

The pharmaceuticals she has taken all her life may have been depleting her of necessary nutrients. See the book "Drug Muggers" to find out more about these drugs in particular.

I suspect that when people have a sudden decline in health and function like your mom, that they are completely tapped out of trace minerals and vitamins."

  Re: Licorace Extract for Shingles
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:28:20 -0500

04/04/2014: Kilee from Ontario, Canada: "Mr Ree from Usa Thank for your suggestion that I try licorice extract for shingles. I am over four months into this , left with the horrible scarring and the nerve pain that just goes on and on. Do you think the licorice extract will still work this late in? If you think so , I will definitely give it a try. thank you , Kilee"

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Dosage and Others
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:25:10 -0500

04/04/2014: Courtney from Granbury, Texas : "Please elaborate on treatment for Myelodysplastic Syndrome. You mention hydrogen peroxide therapy as well as gingerol and one other what dosage?"

Banana Peel for Warts
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:21:50 -0500

[YEA]  04/04/2014: Matin Saghari from Rasht, Iran: "The banana peel is excellent for wart.. I had 2 plantars wart on my feets and a wart on my finger... After one week I was amazed black dots had been drawn out of the wart. I continued with this method for about a month they seemed better and then finished the treatment off. After 3 months they completely disappeared!

I want to thank God for Helping me to find this site and thanks all of you."

  Re: Husband with Mystery Diagnosis Involving Hypoglycemia
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:20:45 -0500

04/04/2014: Robin from New York: "To Becky from Jefferson. Check your husband's stool for a parasite. Get Hulda Clark's remedies to kill the parasite. The protocol is very easy. If not a parasite check his hormones. Cortisol levels and adrenals could be off and hidden behind the hypoglycemic crashes.

Good luck!


  Re: Alkaline pH for Tachycardia
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:20:18 -0500

04/04/2014: Pat R from Osceola, Indiana: "Did Wendy from Barrie, Ontario Canada ever write back to let us know what was the concentrated mineral supplement was that she used?"

  Re: Borax for Psoriasis
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:19:54 -0500

04/04/2014: Anthony from Philly Pa: "Hi. I'm gonna try this. Have you had any other issues besides the skin problem? Any digestive problems? Also, do u take this every day? Thank you!"

  Re: Tachycardia
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:17:39 -0500

04/04/2014: Pat R from Osceola, In: "I have also noticed a connection between my stomach, just the act of eating or even sometimes drinking water, and tachycardia (SVT I think). What would one do if they had the gastric - cardiac syndrome mentioned by Dr. Margret Holland? When I mentioned this connection before to my doctors, they just ignored it. I am so tired of my life as it is right now, I want to get better but do not know what to do."

Re: Witch Hazel and Coconut Oil Cured Fistula
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:17:02 -0500

[YEA]  04/04/2014: Cindy from Nh: "A few years ago I developed what I first thought was a hemorrhoid. Couldn't really see what was going on, but really, really painful. Tried baths and Preperation-H, lots of fiber. Didn't help that much. I finally went to my doctor who said it was a fistula!! Yikes. Then sent to a surgeon who agreed and wanted to operate. Everyone said it was the only way to "fix" it. (But also said one couldn't be sure it was a fistula until you found the other "internal" end. ). Well, maybe it wasn't a fistula, but I cured whatever it was by cleaning area really well with witch hazel and then applying coconut oil. Took months, but my doctor was impressed on my next yearly physical. Said area was completely healed. I haven't had a problem since. Love both these products and use them for lots of issues."

  Re: Parkinson's and Other Ailments
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:15:49 -0500

04/04/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Barb: There are hundreds of videos of many people who have recovered from everything eating mostly raw organic fruit and taking 0 supplements. For those who believe in God and have faith in His Goodies, like me, she can follow the 80/10/10 program, like me. The program was begun by a PHD. in the life sciences and the nutritionist to Martina Navratilova. They have many followers all over the world, like me."

  Re: Flea Bite Prevention on Humans
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:12:26 -0500

04/04/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Oceanman58: Wondercide."

  Re: Black Tea for Eyes
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:05:56 -0500

[YEA]  04/04/2014: Sonia from London, Uk: "Thank you so much for this remedy. It has helped me so much. I simply boiled a tea bag in some water let it cool until it was warmish. Put a Cotton wool in it and cleaned my sons eye with it about every hour until the redness reduced in both eyes. And it's working so well. He's almost 2 and I needed something quick and natural to soothe his eyes. Thank you!!"

Re: Depression and Epilepsy
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:03:48 -0500

04/04/2014: Leslie from Mc Calla, Alabama: "What can I take for depression that will not interfere with my epilepsy"

  Re: To Bill Regarding Hepatitis C & Peripheral Neuropathy
Fri, 04 Apr 14 11:00:57 -0500

04/04/2014: Josh1875 from Ft Worth, Texas: "I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why everytime I try to take a teaspoon of turp mixed with honey or oil I start to get a burning sensation when I go to pee and feel like I need to go pee and can.t go for hours; sometimes it is unbearable"

  Re: Help Requested for Father with Painful Anal Fissure
Fri, 04 Apr 14 10:41:01 -0500

04/04/2014: Mardi from Australia: "Hope my experiences will help someone. I had chronic anal fissures which my doctor suggested to look at surgery and also a extremely bad heamorriod episode . It took awhile to get them healed and had to have antibiotics to help the heamorriods issue. I used Chlorophyll 30mls daily after this episode. Its now been 2 years and I have continued to take Chlorophyll with good success. My Fissues have settled and have had no real problems since. Ive noticed someone said to also use Coconut Oil. That's great too as it is a great product for any viral bacterial or fungus problems and a good healer to use internally and externally. Love the product but make sure it's the organic kind. So good for the skin and this comes from personal experience. Good luck to you. hope you will be ok."

  Re: ACV and Iodine
Fri, 04 Apr 14 10:24:52 -0500

04/04/2014: Catootje from Netherlands: "Not sure if above statement is true? I thought ACV depletes the body from iodine?"

  Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Fri, 04 Apr 14 10:11:27 -0500

04/04/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile , Tn: "HI U DAVE, , , , , , , you hit it on the head. I take a toe sack full of supplements but do not specifically take Vitamin E , but will get it tomorrow.

Appreciate your counsel and words of encouragement. As you might imagine, I'm pretty low these days and you have given me a lift.

Got the boys coming tomorrow to finish our Bamboo Crappie Condo's. Hope to fill the freezer during the spring spawn.

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY======="

Re: Parkinson's and Other Ailments
Fri, 04 Apr 14 10:05:42 -0500

04/04/2014: Barb from Cleveland, Ms: "Hi, my mom is 58 yrs. old and has recently been told by her doctor that she has polymyositis and parkinson's disease. Since childhood she has had thyroid problems and is on levothyroxine, and takes metoprolol for blood pressure. She had been on lyrica as well. well, to get to my point, as of nov 2013 she was fine, then dec 2013 she started going down hill fast.. falling, weakness, pain. Doctor put her in the hospital and gave her high dose steroids and after a month she is now unable to walk at all. Can't get out of bed on her own, unable to move her leg to the other side of the bed.

I recently had to put her in a nursing home cause I was unable to give her the care she needed. I want to help her so bad!!!!!! I don't think the doctors know whats really wrong and something has totally disabled my mom!!! I am so upset because before she went to the hospital for the high dose steriod treatments she was bad but could get around on her own some...now not at all!!! Is there anything you can think of to try...anything at all that can help her get back some of her mobility...i really want my mom back home!!!! I am 37 years old and asking myself will this be me in 20 years...i love my mom dearly and really want to help her...just a little mobility will help me get her back home where she belongs. Thanks in advance, Barbara Butler"

Re: Flea Bite Prevention on Humans
Fri, 04 Apr 14 09:53:18 -0500

04/04/2014: Oceanman58 from Los Alamitos, CA: "Does anybody, especially from other countries know of foods to add to your diet to prevent getting bit by fleas? I, unfortunately, have that system that has always attracted fleas. My dog is flea free but when taking her for a walk, I can get bit and bit..Here is a list of things I have tried that have not worked....Garlic cloves and supplements, B1, ACV internally, eradicating sweets from diet, tea tree oil spray on clothes, lavender oil spray on clothes, ACV spray on clothes, a combination of these things.. If someone knows that right vegetable or fruit and/or combo, thank you thank you thank you!!!"

EC: Brewer's yeast was recommended as a preventative for black flies. Do not know if it would work with fleas.


  Re: Jack's Emphysema Formula
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:48:43 -0500

04/04/2014: Raybo from Northern Kentucky: "RE: Jack's Recipe for the tea for COPD Hello Sir, My mother has COPD and is really suffering from the illness. She was Hospitalized with pneumonia in January and nearly died. We are desperate for some kind of help for her. I read the stories on EarthClinic and found your Address there. Please send me the recipe for the tea. I found the following on Amazon.com and Am considering ordering them for her. Will these items work if I use them in Hot water for her? *Omega Nutrition Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar *Frontier All Natural Cayenne Pepper Ground *Nature's Answer Lobelia Herb 1 ounce bottle drops *Nature's Answer Mullein Leaf 1 ounce bottle drops *Hyssop Herb I ounce bottle drops or they have it also sifted in 1 lb bag *Manuke Doctor Bio Active 10 Plus Honey 8.75 ounces Can I use the above mentioned to make a good quality tea? We really appreciate your help. I anxiously await your reply. Sincerely, RAYBO"

  Re: Coconut Oil for Thyroid
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:45:22 -0500

[YEA]  04/04/2014: Sasha from San Diego: "I take 1 to 2 tablespoons and I feel much better and take lugol's iodine as well, I weigh 108 plus I'm mostly raw vegetarain but I did cut back and eat a small lite dinner no weight gain from VCO at all. Plus skin and hair look very healthy and my eyes look brighter clearer."

Problem Signing Up for Emails
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:22:03 -0500

04/03/2014: Marilyn from Calhoun, Georgia: "When I tried to sign up to receive your health emails I was asked to type in the 2 security words; however there were no words posted for me to type in. Therefore I was not able to complete the registration. Is there another option for me to register?"

EC: HI Marilyn, thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is a problem that lies with Constant Contact's anti-spam filter. Constant Contact is the company that handles our email subscriptions. We just tested the form and found that if you type in the string of numbers that are being displayed, it will confirm your subscription even though it asks for "two words separated by a space". We have contacted the company to see if they can fix this confusing language. Sorry about that!

  Re: Coconut Oil
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:09:00 -0500

04/04/2014: Cononutty from Pdx: "This might be a reason for increased heart rate in some individuals when taking virgin coconut oil, because if it is dried then processed it oil it may have mycotoxins this can cause an allergic reaction...I figure no ones body likes mycotoxins! So please make sure you are buying Organic virgin coconut oil harvested from FRESH coconuts that means it has NO myctotoxins and is safe for consumption."

  Re: Cordyceps to Treat H. Pylori or Candida
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:08:15 -0500

04/03/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa: "Hello Loiz from Ireland:

I've been using a stand-alone cordyceps as treatment for candida for over 5 months now. I also take a multiple medicinal mushroom formula to go with it. Let me just give you my results.

I do have increased energy levels along with seeing some candida in the toilet. However, cordyceps or any medicinal mushroom formula alone WILL NOT get rid of candida. It takes much much more than that. Have you looked at Bill's candida protocol here at EC? Go to the ailments section and then look for candida.

The key part is getting rid of the biofilms associated with candida. This will take turpentine or Nattokinase to remove the biofilms. Plus, a few other supplements will be needed as well. You can't just use cordyceps alone to get rid of candida overgrowth. I too wished it was this easy but candida are stubborn little boogers. Takes a holistic approach for sure! They are very hard to get rid of from the entire body once they become widespread in growth. Hope you have some success! God Bless!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Cellulitis (in Spanish)
Fri, 04 Apr 14 00:07:45 -0500

[YEA]  04/03/2014: Vannessa from Ecuador: "Hola. Me interesa el consejo sobre celulitis pero no me qued? claro el tipo de cepillo que se usar?a en este caso. Gracias. Vannessa"

  Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Thu, 03 Apr 14 22:53:49 -0500

04/03/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Robert Henry, 'ol buddy;

Re: all your problems

First: Cordical Atrophy of both kidneys.

Second: Edema of the legs.

Third: Crushed vertebra.

The cordical is the cortex or the outer layer and is usually associated with the brain but can also relate to kidney. So the MRI showed the outer area of both kidneys is atrophying. Dangerous and potentially lethal as I'm sure the MDs have told you.

The Edema is the big clue that tells us the cause of the atrophy. I have a 91 year old pal who takes lots of nutritional stuff and has for 40 years. I went to see him in the assisted care facility and there he was ... laid up with special wrappings around his legs... legs lifted; Edema.

What is going on, I asked him. With all the great nutritionals you swallow why should you have a circulation problem? And after talking to him, that was just about the only problem he had. His mind is still sharp; he looks good (outnumbered 7 to 1 female to male residents he is the center of attention at the Saturday night "events" there at the Facility).

But I digress.

I insisted on reviewing his nutrient inventory. Mercy. He takes more pills than I do, and I take 40 or so a day.

HOWEVER, the one I was looking for, and there were some exotic ones in his "box" was missing.

What, dear reader, will facilitate the bloods circulation more than any other?

What, is the greatest cause of Edema? Circulatory insufficiency. And as to the previous question...what will facilitate blood circulation, and vein and arterial dilation, and elimination of inflammation that can restrict circulation and even plaque removal which certainly will cause Edema...

I am sure the astute reader and you, Robert Henry, know the answer to this question. But do you know what? My old friend, the one in the nursing home was not, I say NOT taking that fundamental...absolutely bottom line essential vitamin. And literally, within 10 days of adding that ONE nutrient to his regimen he was nearly Edema free.

And...and...watch this: Lack of blood flow as evidenced by the Edema MIGHT also be the cause of the atrophying kidneys. May Be....

THE KEY is NATURAL VITAMIN E....Lack of proper circulation is killing you. It can only help in your recovery of the vertebra. If surgery, E can help the healing.

The Doctors "Shute"... brothers... and Canadian physicians back in the 50s were talking about Edema and Vitamin E. Circulation and Vitamin E. Clot removal and Vitamin E.

If this were me, I'd start with 200 IUs daily of Natural E (d alpha tocopherol, and not the dl form which is synthetic). After a few weeks, increase to 400 IUs, and two weeks later same increase and two weeks later same increase. I take 1000 IUs daily and have for ... oh, 30 years or so. And make sure your are taking Magnesium and Arginine. 500 mg of each. (I take 5 thousand mg of Arginine.) Some folks, if facing big circulatory problems will take DMSO cream and mix in Vitamin E and apply topically to the effected areas; goes straight to the site, through the skin. And some folks, if the problem is not resolved, will increase the oral dosage to 2000 IUs.

Robert Henry, you are REALLY smart. Now, try to think of anything else to improve circulation, because (re the kidney) whatever the cause is (Cysts?), the improved circulation on the outside of the Kidney (Cortex = Cortical) will benefit both that problem and the Edema.

Now as many nutrients as you do take, maybe you'll tell me you are taking 1, 000 natural Vitamin E. But if that is the case, then SOMETHING is stopping it from acting. Are you sure it is natural? REALLY synthetic (sure it's cheap) but it won't work. Magnesium? Enhances the E and so does Vitamin C and selenium. Robert Henry, think now; you've helped thousands. You can figure this out. Don't give up.

You are loved and we need you.

And one more thing: Act fast.

Your old pal,

And YOUR student,


  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Thu, 03 Apr 14 21:44:55 -0500

04/03/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Mike, my friend;

Re Papaya....

Tonight I ate a "hot" soup prepared by my Indian friend from Malaysia for my wife and me. "Hot" as in spicy. Normally, that kind of hot would cause some skin irritation, but having little will power in culinary matters, I consumed a big bowl anyway. And to counter the inevitable irritation, a few minutes later, I ate three or four bites of Papaya, cool and soothing. Now, 40 minutes later, I feel no irritation at all and by now I certainly would have. So....another Papaya story.

And thank you for the compliment about my standing among the "illuminati" at "Rocky Mountain High"!!!!

YOUR student,


  Re: Weaning off meds for HBP
Thu, 03 Apr 14 20:58:30 -0500

04/03/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Mike from Denver.. My diet is mostly raw and mostly vegetarian with fish.. I hardly eat much .. I do not eat the American standard diet.. No processed foods, junk food or fast food.. I do not eat red meat or even turkey or chicken or soy.. Most of what I eat is natural and wheat and gluten free... the only thing I drink is water and lemons.. the only fruit I eat is watermelon.. I take Spirulina and wheat grass once in awhile.. I use lecithin and cinnamon and turmeric on food and sometimes cayenne... I use ACV, olive leaf, Taurine, magnesium, beet root and I eat beets. I drink eggplant water and I use organic products all the time.. I also use astragulus and have added a few things.. I walk a few times a week.. I don't eat sugar and watch carbs and sugars....there isn't much more I can do.. I do add and subtract things as I go and experiment all the time. I will be 60 soon and yes I am depleted in things as I age so I added COQ10 and L Carnitine and ALpha lopic acid.. Oh; and I am trying out sea salt. I am just trying things out to see what works the best.. I also ground myself and get sun when I can..

I will add Cod liver oil to my bag of tricks.

it is just frustrating to see what works and what doesn't.. I am feeling like a science experiment.. thank you"

Re: Cortical Atrophy of Both Kidneys
Thu, 03 Apr 14 20:20:45 -0500

04/03/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, TN: "HI YA'LL DOIN, me not so good. The back brace has my lymph fluids trapped in my lower legs and they look like Dumbo the elephant's legs. Going to a physical therapist, which is helping.

What is so disturbing to me is the MRI for my crushed vertebrate revealed that both my kidneys are in cortical atrophy. Don't think that is good and would appreciate any advice you birds have. I am now fighting a crushed vertebrae, endema of my legs and now a kidney problem. Don't think ACV will solve my old age problems.

Do what you can when you are young. Things don't respond so well when you are long in tooth.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY======"

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Thu, 03 Apr 14 20:03:22 -0500

04/03/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Dave: Thanks for the excellent explanation that encouraged me to try the remedy. I feel better. All us ordinary folk here in Rocky Mountain High think you are an enlightened knowledgeable wise man."

  Re: Weaning off meds for HBP
Thu, 03 Apr 14 19:56:37 -0500

04/03/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Bee: A nuclear powered sub requires a lot of parts. They have to be properly prepared from reputable companies. Some require maintenance every month, some every year. Same with nutrition. D's half life is 6 weeks. This is why many people get sick in late winter. C from whole food depletes at 8%/hour. The best way to do nutrition is to take all the nutrients in small doses every hour or two with water. Raw has enzymes. Organic and grass fed has activators and trace minerals. The nutrients in a raw organic banana are going to have higher energies than those of a noodle. The best way to eat is like an ape. They eat 1/2 leaves and 1/2 fruit. Pound for pound they have twice the strength of the strongest human. Organic baby leaves are the best veggie. They have growth factors and hormones not in mature veggies. They do not require a juicer. Make a green smoothie from 1oz, some organic chili, water, and 30g organic whole sugar every two hours. You can take fruit instead of sugar. High carb requires 10?t/calorie or less."

  Re: Penis Size
Thu, 03 Apr 14 19:53:49 -0500

04/03/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Vinam: I have tried various products to enlarge my penis and prolong ejaculation. They are other people money schemes."

  Re: Three Remedies for Gum Disease
Thu, 03 Apr 14 19:51:57 -0500

04/03/2014: Mvangelis from New York, NY: "What brand of bee propolis are you using? can anyone recommend a truly effective brand? (or extract %) thank you!"

Re: Chest Congestion Remedy
Thu, 03 Apr 14 19:48:34 -0500

04/03/2014: Joan from Mi: "Great Home Remedy for Chest Congestions

3 -4 cups of water.

1 tbspn whole flax seeds

4 pepper corns or more

1 large onion sliced

2" pc of fresh ginger smashed

2" cinnamon stick

Boil it all until the mix is thick and slightly slimy (with cinnamon). Drink this twice a day. It helps loosen up phelgm in the chest.

Another sure cure is 1.5 cups of milk, 1 tspn or 1/2 tspn of organic tumeric powder, 1/4 tspn black pepper powder. 5 peeled cloves of garlic.Boiled until milk is 1 cup or so. Drink as hot as you can(honey is optional). Once just before bedtime or if possible twice (once morn n once evening) if your tummy can tolerate it. this helps to remove phelgm in the body through the stools. Have this for 5 days only or more if your body can handle the tumeric. 5 days should be more than enough."

Re: Advise on H2O2 Treatment
Thu, 03 Apr 14 19:21:18 -0500

04/03/2014: Beinghopeful007 from Waterford, Mi: "Hello, I was diagnosed with herpes type 2. Have read that this oxygen therapy may cure my herpes. I am going to try the food grade 35% h2o2. 3 drops 3x times each day in a 6 oz glass cup! Then, day 2 it goes up to 4 drops 3x times each day and I will keep increasing the number of drops untilI have reached the maximum of 25 drops.

Then the very next day I will start dropping the amount back down to 24 drops 3x times each day, then 23 drops 3x each day and I will continue down to maintenance level of 10,5,3-whatever feels right! Is this ok?

Also, I am bit confused about this whole regime like others. So.. I know it has to be taken with distilled water on an empty stomach 1 hour before food and 3 hours after food and water or liquids 1/2 hr after is ok.

But I have also heard of the three hr window too. I am a bit confused on to how to complete this oxygen therapy. When to eat.. Etc.. What can?I drink? Can I go back to drinking spring water after the 1/2 hr? I do take mulit-vitamins so I've read that it is a no no. But, is that only between the 3 hr window or the 1 hr before food and 3 hrs after food thing? Any information I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much!!! :) oh!

Also, was thinking about taking the hperoxide 35% food grade into a bath because I think I would have a hard time following the procedures of taking it orally and I have heard that you can eat whenever while inducing the formula into a warm bath so that might be the way to go for me but was wondering if it would have the same effects as taking it orally as a result to try to get rid of the simplex virus! ? Again, thank you so much. I do look forward to hearing form you! I am excited to start! " I am really not sure how this site works. Posted this about three times and have not gotten a reply from Ted or anyone? feel free to email me so I can get a response. Thank you."

Re: Cordyceps to Treat H. Pylori or Candida
Thu, 03 Apr 14 18:09:56 -0500

04/03/2014: Loiz from Ireland: "Hi there, I wondered if anyone had success with cordyceps for treating h. pylori or candida? thanks"

  Re: Chia Seeds for Constipation
Thu, 03 Apr 14 17:04:47 -0500

04/03/2014: Loiz from Ireland: "Yes chia seeds also cause low blood pressure for me"

  Re: Inversion Board Helps Back Pain
Thu, 03 Apr 14 16:31:06 -0500

04/03/2014: Rebel from Somewhere, Usa: "Looking at possibly buying the Teeter 950 tomorrow. I know they sell for about $400.00 brand new. Person has one, he says in excellent condition and still has paper work on it for $250.00. He says table is his grand mothers and she can no longer use it as per her doctor, because she had some fusing done to her spine. May be able to get a little less than the $250.00, I will probably offer him $200.00.

I have been having some back pain, specific to the upper back and neck. Will post if I purchase to let everyone know my review.

Anyone with info on the Teeter 950, please comment on pros and cons. Thank You, Rebel"

  Re: Where to Buy Borax in Melbourne, Australia
Thu, 03 Apr 14 15:39:47 -0500

04/03/2014: Suseeq from Sydney, Australia: "Emanuel , try IGA that's where I bought mine"

  Re: Oscar's BHT Treatment for Viral Hepatitis
Thu, 03 Apr 14 15:08:37 -0500

04/03/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York: "Dear Yureg from US, I very much appreciate your input or feedback about BHT as a treatment for viral hepatitis. As you pointed out in your last posting: Getting a NO VIRUS DETECTED with a blood test does NOT mean you are cured. It means the treatment you are using is working. Also, as you stated: The FDA approved treatments are often very hard on different organs or tissues. For you it was your kidneys. For many it is their bone marrow. The good thing about BHT is: If used in safe dosages their is NO tissue damage so you can keep taking BHT as long as necessary to achieve a true cure. A very many people relapse after a supposedly successful treatment with FDA approved drugs.

It amazes me that the medical establishment seems to NOT understand that a true cure is when a person tests NEGATIVE with the ANTIBODIES tests for the different viral hepatitis infections.

Anyway, I have thoughts of starting yet again another new BHT cures group. I have serious concerns about doing so. I was threatened by one of the former groups members with some sort of legal action by the FDA. I was very clear about BHT NOT being an FDA approved treatment for any disease or condition. This person was advised to lower his daily intake of BHT. He never once had any blood tests done. He seems to hate me for some reason and said he was determined to cause me legal problems. That is the reason I ended that group.

My thinking is that any possible future BHT cures group be a restricted group. And I have only vague ideas on how that could be done. I would only want members that believe in the treatment and are willing to have blood tests done. These blood tests are the only way of knowing if the treatment is working and or how well it is working.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have on starting a new BHT cures group.

Anyone out there can check in with their thoughts on this. If there are people interested in creating such a group say so....Oscar"

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide
Thu, 03 Apr 14 13:39:36 -0500

04/03/2014: Smartattimes from Pdx: "Sorry to hear about your illness.

However, Food grade hydrogen peroxide is not carcinogenic it is used in breads pastries, noodles all over the world. Did you use Food grade hydrogen peroxide? However I like to look at both sides. My MD gave me hydrogen peroxide IV's so he is an specialist and he really knows his chemistry. Then again sometimes we think things are safe then it comes out it is not

  • The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) had evaluated the safety of hydrogen peroxide in 1that ingestion of small amount of hydrogen peroxide would produce no toxicological effects due to rapid decomposition of the chemical by the enzyme catalase of the intestinal cells.

  • Regarding the carcinogenicity of hydrogen peroxide, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considered that there was inadequate evidence for carcinogenicity in human.


  Re: Mystery ailment
Thu, 03 Apr 14 13:18:18 -0500

04/03/2014: Ladymars from Florida, Us: "Hi James, you really need to get a diagnosis before trying to treat your problem. Best wishes."

Re: A-Fib or Peripheral Neuropathy
Thu, 03 Apr 14 12:56:52 -0500

[YEA]  04/03/2014: Faith from Oregon: "Fluttering heart can be caused from hormonal imbalance , endocrinology issues, parasites , allergic reactions to food, ( I would stop wheat for sure ) pollen, plants, pets, hidden mold etc. oh yeah, tea bag, coffee bags or filters might have chemicals. This sent a friend to the ER; took? months to figure it out, vitamin deficiencies, viral bacterial infection. and just stress, caffeine or course hidden dental infections. I had PVC; the cardiologist gave me something Metrophale something I was so sick - migraine sick vomiting.? Ditched the cardiologist and found a great Chinese Medicine doctor First week of taking Chinese herbs I felt so much better , and then I also started taking organic virgin coconut oil harvested from FRESH coconuts. This is key so there are no mycotoxins. I now feel dramatically better."

Re: Mystery ailment
Thu, 03 Apr 14 12:48:10 -0500

04/03/2014: James Loh from Tutong, Brunei: "The skin on my left face and neck is pulling in lately. I have to always touch it or move to loose that sensation.

My current conditions:
- have hot and cold fever long
- stuffy nose if hot / warm
- sleep sitting / slanting a lot
- stomach ache when hungry
- splashed water everytime overheated
- easily cold


Re: Penis Size
Thu, 03 Apr 14 12:45:05 -0500

04/03/2014: Vinam from Mauritius: "I need your help. I have a problem with my penis size. I have consulted a few doctors here in Mauritius for this problem but with no positive feedback. I am a boy of 28yrs old. Height 1.84cm and weight 107kg and I have a penis of 8cm at erection. I was sent for some medical test, for which the results are all normal as per the doctors and as such they told me that they cannot do much for me as I have already passed my puberty age. The only option left for me is surgeries to grow my penis size a bit. I guess more than me you are fully aware of the consequences and side effects of such kind of surgeries. That why I was wondering if you could help me out, to find a better way out for my problem.

Hope to have a positive feedback.

Thank you in advance.


  Re: Weaning off meds for HBP
Thu, 03 Apr 14 12:17:34 -0500

04/03/2014: Bee from New York, US : "Mike from Denver.. Wow that is what the wise old woman told me in the healthfood store.. Not sure what you are using but I did buy some Hemp powder so I will try that... I also use Lecithin.. will get some cod liver oil.. Oh; the woman told me to juice green veggies and drink two large glasses a day.. Now I have to buy a juicer.

thanks but what did you list??"

  Re: Borax for Psoriasis
Thu, 03 Apr 14 12:14:17 -0500

[YEA]  04/03/2014: Zevn7tp from Stockton, California: "I've been using 20 Mule Team Borax for a week now with 500mg of Magnesium and I'm almost fully psoriasis free. Dose 1 tsp of Borax in one liter of water to make a concentrate. Then take only 2 tsp of the concentrate and mix it into a glass of water. Drink that with food. I do it at breakfast. Be sure to take a 500 mg magnesium pill with it also, or the Borax WILL NOT activate. Borax alone will do nothing for psoriasis. You have to have the magnesium with it. Hope this works better for you. It's working for me. I'm actually stunned that I've had this stupid psoriasis all these years and it was such a simple fix. Summer time shorts here I come."





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