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 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Fri, 24 Oct 14 00:04:53 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/24/2014

Cindy...Any form of organic, pressed castor oil will do. I use organic castor oil made by Sweet Sunnah which you can buy on Ebay.

I always take the castor oil with turpentine now. Two ways to take it.

Take 1 tspn turps with 1 tablespoon castor oil. This will just loosen your stool(that's what it does for me anyway). This can be taken once a week or on a day on, day off basis. I call this the Gentle Turpentine Protocol.

Then there is the second method of taking this protocol which you can take for serious candida issues in your gut once a week. This is the full blown laxative version -- 1 tspn turpentine and 3 to 4 tablespoons(depending on your size/weight). If you decide to take this version then make sure you're on a free day and ensure that there is a toilet within easy reach. Take this version only once a week. Very effective at killing large amounts of candida, parasites, bacteria, removing biofilm etc and expelling them quickly -- all in one laxative protocol. Cleans and disinfects the whole intestines in one stroke.

Just to also emphasize that the above protocol is only useful for clearing the gut of candida and other pathogens. But you will still have to take other nutrients -- LI, Borax, Alkalizing -- to kill the fungal candida form in the blood, tissues and organs. If you don't do this, the fungal candida form will just come back and reinfect the intestines from the blood.

Just to also repeat, from the research, that turpentine does not kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Thu, 23 Oct 14 23:25:19 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

Hi Silversurfer...Regarding Boswellia, it was Ted from Bangkok who gave me that tip in an email recently which is why I wanted to test it on myself. I received the Boswellia and yesterday tried 1/2 tspn of the powder in a tea which was the Ayurvedic recommendation. It tends to clump together and tastes a bit gritty like sand -- not very soluble or miscible in water. So next I'll try mixing it with turps and take it like that -- the Boswellia resin powder should be completely soluble in turps.

Regarding enemas, I really wouldn't try anything fancy, I would use the standard enemas on there own like hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, coffee enema etc. I must also confess that I haven't yet tried any enema yet, because I've never needed to use one. I would probably favour the coffee enema of Max Gerson which also helps to detox the liver so well. The sodium Bicarbonate enema is also a good one from the accounts I've read and there are even a few that use turpentine.

I would also never use or supplement LI together with turpentine in any instance as they react somewhat vigorously together which causes an exothermic (heat generating) reaction that might be explosive. Borax is also not chemically compatible when mixed with Iodine. please be careful what you mix together.

For a useful, full account of what you can use in remedy combos by Ted from Bangkok(who is a qualified biochemist) -- see this post stream on EC:

Safe Remedy Combinations

 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Thu, 23 Oct 14 21:26:19 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

Hi Prioris...Its quite common to use a sodium bicarbonate mixture with psyllium/water to alkalize the intestines but, as you suggest, you can use other nutrients as well. And you're quite right, using psyllium like this as a sort of slow release vehicle that releases the ingredients that you add to the psyllium slowly thereby more more efficiently treating the whole intestines.

I also see no reason why you cannot mix nutrients like iodine, coconut oil, undecanoic acid or just borax water etc directly into the psyllium before you add the water. These nutrients will be absorbed and stored in the psyllium to later be released more slowly and beneficially throughout the intestines.

Other different variations, such as making one liter of tea from Gymnema sylvestre and just adding the following nutrients:

Borax(1/8 for women or 1/4 tspn for men)

1 tablespoon ACV

One squeezed lemon or lime

Vitamin C powder (3, 000mgs),

MSM (1/2 tspn)

Glutamine (500 mgs)

Add Sodium Bicarbonate until the fizzing stops.

You can also add 1 to 3 tspns of psyllium husks to this drink on a per glass basis whenever you drink it for a more longer lasting beneficial effect throughout the intestines. This is a highly effective drink against candida.

This drink is strongly anti-fungal(Borax, GS), repairs the intestines(MSM, Vit C, Glutamine), alkalizes the body, immune booster, reduces blood sugar(GS).

Drink this throughout the day on a 5 days on 2 days off basis because of the borax. This is a very easy way of taking these important nutrients. You know about most of these ingredients already but the Gymnema sylvestre(GS) is important and useful and well known to revert the fungal form of candida back to the yeast form which is much easier to treat. This remedy effectively shuts down and removes the more virulent fungal candida form mainly because of the GS tea. GS also removes sugar from the blood -- that's why it's also particularly useful for diabetics.

If you prefer you can also just subtract the borax from the above remedy and just add in Lugols Iodine(8 drops) and drink this every day for good effect.

The iodine form of this drink acts as a strong, wide-acting anti-pathogen(LI), helps low or hypothyroid problems(LI), immune booster(LI), repairs intestines(MSM, LI, Vit C, glutamine), reduces blood sugar(GS) etc.

Or you could simply drink the borax form and the iodine form of this drink on alternate days without problems for a wider beneficial effect.

Also please be aware that you should never mix borax and Iodine together in the same drink or take them at the same time.

I would also recommend enemas as you suggest, but I still believe that the turps/CO protocol is probably the only protocol that is able to spread the turps(or any other nutrient that will dissolve in CO) evenly throughout the whole area of the intestines. The trick here is not to keep increasing the turps dosage -- but keep increasing the castor oil dosage until you have a full and strong laxative effect throughout the whole intestines to quickly clear out the candida, heavy metals, parasites, other poisons, biofilms etc from this region. You should only do this full strength laxative protocol once a week.

On other days take the same dose of turps (1 tspn) with only 1 tablespoon of castor oil. I use this latter dose as my "quieter" maintenance dose once a week only. It tends to just loosen the stool. But you can use this version one on a day on, day off basis. Then I will occasionally use the full and strong laxative protocol (1 tspn turps, 3 to 4 tablespoons CO) to clear up any build up or problems in my intestines. This stronger laxative version is very effective and works quite well but I really wouldn't stray too far from a toilet if you are using the full strength laxative version of the turps/CO laxative protocol...

To clear out the colon/lower intestines area, have you ever considered colonic irrigation?

 Re: Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Thu, 23 Oct 14 20:37:40 -0500

Posted by Rita (Burson, Ca) on 10/23/2014

There are lots of eye exercise books out, the first one probably being by William H. Bates. Though he taught just the opposite. He encouraged blinking, as staring causes strain and takes away from relaxation.

 Re: Struggling with Morgellons and Not Doing Well

Thu, 23 Oct 14 20:04:57 -0500

Posted by Dana (Oakland Ca) on 10/23/2014

I saw my dad for a moment today. He tried to hug me but I backed away. I haven't told the family I won't be with them this holiday. Dad is making the turkey this year. I am so sick today and have no one to turn to but here. My stomach hurts so bad. I've had alternating constipation and diarrhea, nausea, brain fog. I feel very confused. My apartment is a mess. I can't eat. I'm overloaded with protocols. I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore. I put some EDTA and ammonium in this cup of water and am drinking it. I didn't measure. I wish someone could just hold me and help me. It's so hard to go on like this. There's no way to defeat this thing. It's going to win. I can feel it. I just hope my dad and I get into heaven. There we can hug.

Clove/ACV/Tagamet Curing Daughter's Molluscum Contagiosum

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:53:27 -0500

Posted by Annie's Mom (Houston, Tx) on 10/23/2014

[YEA]  Cannot thank previous posters enough for recommending Tagamet, it made a huge difference for my daughter and her sensitive skin. The clove oil burned her skin, and the ACV directly was too irritating for her (sensitive skin). It's been 2 weeks on the clove/ACV/Tagamet routine and the difference is amazing. I know it's the Tagamet working because on days she doesn't take it, I see no progress. I crushed the tabs and put them in a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and she doesn't know the difference.

Her dermatologist-- I could shoot him-- blamed me for not keeping her eczema at bay with more moisturizing, and told me to apply more barrier Triamcinolone ointment. Like a fool, I did, and guess what? Those 20 or so blisters turned into 200 almost overnight! Ankles, legs, buttocks, kneecaps, and elbows. Three weeks from that appt and now we're almost MC (molluscum contagiosum) free, thanks to the remedies suggested here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

 Re: Mold in the HVAC Ducts

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:48:08 -0500

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn.) on 10/23/2014

HI U KATHY, , , , , , , , , , , , , I do some, but when you are exposed constantly to toxins you have to remove them before you can address them. I think mold and EMF's are the silent killers of our modern life style. They get us and we don't have a clue.

As you know I'm a story teller and I am glad that I have at least one fan. We took our girls to Ontario in the 70's and they were astounded at the diverse culture you have. They were reared Rednecks as you would expect.

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY======

 Re: Having Problems with Pain in Right Heel

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:47:13 -0500

Posted by Sp (Wb, Nj) on 10/23/2014

Hi Geet, do a search for plantar fasciitis.

Alum and Mouth Wash for Muceole (Cyst in Mouth)

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:45:45 -0500

Posted by Cb (Ny, US) on 10/23/2014

[YEA]  I waited until a month after I tried my remedy to write this post to make sure it didn't come back. I found out that I had gotten a muceole (cyst in mouth) from biting my lip and did EVERYTHING wrong. I tried to pop it like a pimple, I poked at it with a needle, ate hot/ spicy foods, and played with it with my tongue and teeth. Of course after two and a half weeks of having it, I learned what it is and everything I shouldn't do. I should say muceoles seem to expand and contract everyday or so - I thought a few times it was going away by itself, but it always came back until I tried this remedy.

Buy some Alum (a pickling agent, should be able to find it in the spice aisle) and some mouth wash (I don't think it matters but I used a antiseptic tartar control one). Using your finger or a cotton swab dab some (not much, maybe a pinch) of alum onto the muceole and leave it alone as long as you can keeping the area dry by holding your lip (or wherever) out of the wetness of your mouth. I did for a about 20 mins - then wash it out carefully. WARNING - alum does not taste good and will feel strange in your mouth. Then use the mouth wash. The alum should "dry up" the muceole and the mouth wash will keep it from getting infected or bigger.

The next day (I did the first time at night) I noticed where I had placed the alum had dried the skin, much of my mouth was dry with peeling skin (not as bad as it sounds). I repeated this process three times within a six hour period the day after I started the remedy. I recommend starting on a weekend so you have time to do this. At this point I could see the white spot within the muceole (salivary gland) which is a good sign. After that I used mouth wash consistently for three days and my muceole healed and completely went away. It's now been a month without it coming back. Hope this helps someone out there!

 Re: Husband has Polycythemia Vera

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:39:02 -0500

Posted by Amy (Wisconsin, US) on 10/23/2014

My husband, 47 years old had high platelets and now also has high red cells. Has anyone found anything that is helping them?

 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Thu, 23 Oct 14 19:36:39 -0500

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 10/23/2014

to Bill: is there a particular brand of castor oil to use internally? and how much and how often? thanks in advance for your help

7 Year Old with Molluscum

Thu, 23 Oct 14 15:10:21 -0500

Posted by Jennifer (Hanford, Ca) on 10/23/2014

I love the home remedy information I've read on molluscum. My issue is my 7 year old daughter contracted it, but it's in clusters in her butt crack. It looks so bad! Because of the area, some of them look like flattened skin tags. The dermatologist said it won't go away in a year because the larger ones won't allow her body to fight it off. So he prescribed Veregen for the inflammation and in a couple of weeks, he'll start the Beetlejuice treatments. My problem is that the Veregen is a non-formulary and is $1200!! That is just insane! I want to see if I can get the inflammation down without that medication. The sample the doctor gave worked right away, but the sample is the size of my pinky! Like I said, it's in a real sensitive spot and that is my concern. Any suggestions?

Having Problems with Pain in Right Heel

Thu, 23 Oct 14 14:11:40 -0500

Posted by Geet (India) on 10/23/2014

My right heel , a sharp pain persists specially if bare feet. I need to wear soft sole heel slippers to get rid of it and on bare feet if I press with my fingers pains again. What could be the reason. Am 44 years old female. Appreciate any response!! Thanks in advance

 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Thu, 23 Oct 14 12:46:37 -0500

Posted by Prioris (Florida, US) on 10/23/2014

Bill, this is a generic question. What about pre soaking whatever one is using with psyllium husk or similar and imbibing that. This would seem like something that would work against not only fungus but other pathogens. I do plan on doing my first enema ever today. I plan on using stuff like AMP and uvi ursi in alkaline solution. Enemas only hit half way up the descending colon. I need to disinfect my rectum and sigmoid. I can imagine that sludge buildup around that area would protect infections more.

 Question on Using Turmeric for Fatty Liver

Thu, 23 Oct 14 12:41:25 -0500

Posted by Bishikesan (India) on 10/23/2014

Hello, this is true. I have fatty liver.
Should I use fresh turmeric or powder, please answer.
Now how are you.. I hope enough good, thanks.

 Re: Questions About Borax for Bird Mites, Mold or Infection

Thu, 23 Oct 14 12:39:04 -0500

Posted by Andrea C (Wales, Uk) on 10/23/2014

Hi if you read my post properly I pointed out I looked after some one else's Budgie year's ago, not I have one.

Love Andrea C XXX

 Re: Question for Bill on Different Ingredients for Enemas

Thu, 23 Oct 14 12:37:17 -0500

Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/23/2014


Thanks for the added tips. I was not aware that boswelia had anti-fungal properties before this. I recommend boswelia on a fairly regular basis to my clients for pain and inflammation with good success. I look forward to hearing how effective it is as a tool for candidiasis per your observations.

So after reading through these responses, my question would then be what would the ideal enema program be to match the nutrients being taken orally in your book. If I was to use Borax, alkalizing formula, LI, CO, Turpentine, and most of the supporting nutrients orally, what would the best corresponding enema program look like? Options?

I am really wondering whether LI, turpentine, co, etc can be mixed into an enema and used safely and effectively for the lower intestines. And possibly followed up with probiotic infused enemas to replenish gut bacteria quickly.

 Re: Where to Buy BSM in Lagos

Thu, 23 Oct 14 09:16:06 -0500

Posted by Ann (Lagos) on 10/23/2014

Register with and you can buy the blackstrap mollasses from walmart or amazon and they will ship to your address. For Apple Cider Vinegar a lot of pharmacies and big super markets sell them.

 Re: Mold in the HVAC Ducts

Thu, 23 Oct 14 08:32:03 -0500

Posted by Kathy (Ontario, Ca) on 10/23/2014

Great sleuthing! Have you ever considered essential oils? They are amazing. Aches, pains, killing mold spores even! I enjoy reading your posts!

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