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 Questions on Dosing and Timing of Candida Protocol

Mon, 24 Nov 14 19:40:31 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 11/24/2014

Hi Cj...Here are some remedy combination rules that you can follow:

* Never take lugols iodine(LI) together with turpentine, sodium thiosulphate, methylene blue or borax.

* Borax can be mixed in with any of Ted's alkalizing drinks.

* Methylene Blue and iodine should never be taken in the evening because they are stimulating and so might inhibit sleep.

* Always mix methylene blue with vitamin c whenever you take it.

* LI can be mixed in with a vitamin c solution without problems.

For more remedy combinations see Ted's list here.

Here are some examples of useful remedy combinations:

Special Alkalizing Combo No 1

In one glass of water add:

1 tablespoon squeezed Lemon/Lime

1 tablespoon ACV

Add MSM – Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane(1/2 tspn)

Add Glutamine (1/8 tspn or 500 mgs)

Add 5% Lugol's Iodine (6 drops)

Add Vitamin C as Ascorbic acid (1/4 tspn or 1000 mgs)

Add Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda) until the fizzing stops

Take this drink twice a day outside mealtimes(take it up to one hour before or two hours after meals as a rough guide). Useful against candida/pathogens, digestive problems, low or hypothyroid conditions, heavy metal and halide detoxer and useful for damaged gut/allergies.

This drink is a strong alkalizer, heavy metal detoxer (MSM, Vitamin C, LI), strong anti-pathogen(due to LI), repairs intestines(due to MSM, glutamine and vitamin C), benefits the thyroid gland(LI), strong Immune booster etc. If you haven't got all the ingredients, it really doesn't matter. Just add in what you can and you will benefit from it.

Special Alkalizing Combo No 2

This is virtually the same remedy as the first drink except you just subtract the Lugols Iodine and ordinary water and just add in Ted's borax water instead.

In one glass add:

1 tablespoon squeezed Lemon or Lime

1 tablespoon ACV

Add a full glass of Ted's Borax Water

Add MSM – Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane(1/2 tspn)

Add Glutamine (1/8 tspn or 500 mgs)

Add Vitamin C as Ascorbic acid(1/4 tspn or 1000 mgs)

Add Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda) until the fizzing stops.

Take this remedy up to one hour before or two hours after meals. Useful against candida, an arthritis cure, detoxer and beneficial for damaged gut/allergies. This drink is strongly anti-fungal, strongly alkalizing, fluoride detoxer, repairs intestines, heavy metal detoxer(MSM, vitamin C), immune booster etc. If you haven't got all the ingredients, it doesn't matter. Just add what you can and you will benefit from its effects.

Another Variation of Ted's Borax Water Remedy

Make a liter of Ted's Borax Water as above and you can optionally add in the following nutrients:

* Add in Green Tea or Gymnema sylvestre tea*.

* Add glycerin for sweetness. No sugar.

* Vitamin C powder -- 3000 mgs .

* Glutamine powder -- 1000 mgs

* 1/2 tspn Methyl Sulfonyl Methane(MSM)

* 1/2 tspn sodium bicarbonate(baking soda)

* Drink this mixture throughout the day.

* Take this remedy up to one hour before or two hours after meals.

* Recent research has discovered that extracts from Gymnema sylvestre actively inhibits the candida morphing into its more virulent fungal parasitic form in the body. The yeast form is much easier to deal with.

 Edgar Cayce's Crude Oil Treatment for Hair Loss

Mon, 24 Nov 14 19:11:58 -0500

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 11/24/2014


At 78, my head hair is wholesale leaving. Since I's a vain individual I am addressing that problem like I did my dogs who had the mange. I just bought a jar of Pennsylvania crude oil with the intentions of ending up with the looks of Wolf Man in the movies.

Since I's walking the talk, I don't want no more comments from you know who. Jus messin with all, but I am going to try this for my disappearing hair. If it work, that will just be another story I get to tell. This is not original with me as I got the idea from a patron on EC a week or so ago.


 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:47:42 -0500

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 11/24/2014

Hi Melvin (New York) ----

Couple of days ago I took the time to read on EC remedies for hemorrhoids. There are several pages full of good remedial options.

While I know myself how uncomfortable and painful this condition is, don't misunderstand me if I say that a small number of fellow sufferers had such incredible humour that I laughed really hard for a while, and others did too. This is also a remedy, which helps to keep on the path of recovery.

So peruse what is available. My try is four to six peppercorns morn and night for a few days. One has to start somewhere and try what works.

Namaste, Om

Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon for Joint Pain

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:19:32 -0500

Posted by Genny (Inglewood, California) on 11/24/2014

I take (1) tablespoon of turmeric, (1) teaspoon of ginger and (1) teaspoon of cinnamon with a pinch of black pepper daily for joint pain. I also take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil daily. It takes about 6 weeks but your pain will go away. its excellent and really works!

Craniosacral Therapy Brought Some Relief for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:17:40 -0500

Posted by Angela (Toronto, Ontario) on 11/24/2014


My mother (69) has trigeminal neuralgia and has found some relief with Craniosacral therapy.



Clove Oil and Hydrogen Peroxide Cured Gum Infection

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:10:19 -0500

Posted by Sallypants (Calgary, CA) on 11/24/2014

[YEA]  For a day or two, I was feeling a slight, dull ache when I moved my upper dentures around. I had never felt this before and didn't think too much of it. When I took them out, I felt two pockets of pus in the upper gumline. They were fair sized but curiously didn't hurt. I used what I had on hand already, some ground cloves mixed with olive oil, soaked a cotton ball and applied for 20 mins, and hydrogen peroxide rinse. I'm happy to say that the infection was gone in just a few swishes and cotton ball soakings, with no side effects. Thank you, Earth Clinic. This is why I luv coming here so much!

 Prolozone for Pain Relief

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:09:41 -0500

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 11/24/2014

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Got my 4th ozone back shot in Atlanta today and while waiting to pay my bill. There was a little ole lady that everyone that came by was hugging and carrying on like crazy. When things settled down I asked her if this was about Prolozone. She told me she was in her 80's and had not been able to walk without assistance or pain for several years. After 6 Ozone shots she was now walking alone and without pain.

What makes me want to cry is this procedure can only be done in 16 states because it is not approved by the medical boards. One shot cost's $175 and is not covered by insurance. They had rather you pay hundred of thousands on operations which usually leaves you disabled. We are one sick country.

Won't keep beating this dead horse, but a review of Prolozone should be done if you are in joint pain.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Sinus Infection

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:06:09 -0500

Posted by Cathleen (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/24/2014

[YEA]  ACV for sinus infection: It does work but its not easy. I find that I can eliminate a sinus infection using ACV (Bragg's) mixed with water in a 3 to 5 days if I drink it diluted throughout the day. It does make my stomach upset because it is so acidic but without a doubt it works.

I'm going to try using the ACV capsules and see if they make me feel less sick on the stomach because I can barely stand it long enough for the sinus infection to begin to retreat.

 Re: Questions Regarding Bill's Candida Diet Updated Protocol

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:04:50 -0500

Posted by Buzymom (Idaho, US) on 11/24/2014

Thank you Bill and Diamond for the great ideas.

Questions on Dosing and Timing of Candida Protocol

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:03:46 -0500

Posted by Cj (Texas, US) on 11/24/2014


When using STS, Methylene Blue, turpentine (Georgia version), sodium bicarb, trisodium phosphate, iodine, and there any general guidance on how to time taking these? IE, I know from drugs dot com there might be interaction between iodine and MB. I also know that turpentine should be taken on its own at night, so that means STS and turpentine are taken separately on different nights. Any other helpful advice? Main goal is candida killing, hoping the candida is what is causing my hypothyroid/migraines/brain fog.

 Re: Video on Removing Heavy Metals

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:03:20 -0500

Posted by James222 (New Hampshire) on 11/24/2014

I just read your post with great interest regarding heavy metals and it inspired me to write an easy to follow plan. Having successfully cleared out my own heavy metals I hope you find it useful.

Stay tuned it's already been sent off to EC for approval .

Kindest Regards


 Re: Borax for Loss of Smell and Chronic Sinus Issues

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:02:47 -0500

Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 11/24/2014

I have lost my sense of smell since March 2013 but I am going to try the borax.

Cheese Helped Stop Bout of Diarrhea

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:02:26 -0500

Posted by Linda (St Amans De Pellagal, France) on 11/24/2014

[YEA]  I've had very watery diarrhea for three days, and tried several things - cider vinegar, activated charcoal, turmeric, rice water - with no success.

I read something in a book of mine which suggested cheese. This seemed kind of counterintuitive, I've not been eating in the hope that this would run its course, but figured I would give it a go. So I had some cheese, and I was kind of hungry so it was welcome, and a couple of hours later another piece.

Well, I now feel so much better, no more rushing to the toilet. Apparently it sort of binds things up - whatever the case, it's worked.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids

Mon, 24 Nov 14 17:01:06 -0500

Posted by Melvin (New York) on 11/24/2014

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  My original hemorrhoid problem started when I was constipated pretty bad, and work I couldn't hold off from going to the bathroom, and just pushed out the hardened stool, that felt like a tear in my ass. This was just under 3 months ago.

Using all kinds of OTC creams didn't do much help, since I was applying them outer area. Finally I started using suppositories, which helped but didn't fully fix the issue.

Then I started using undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar by pouring it on the witch hazel hemorrhoid wipes, and it did work initially. I would sleep with the wipe tucked between my cheeks, I did this for 3 days or so, until I dropped the ball on my fiber intake and ate out two days in a row, consumed alcohol and lowered my water intake. This caused my stool to harden up a little, and the next bowl movement I had was a bad experience, I had blood in my stool, and the passage of the stool felt like I was passing glass. Since then I have lost my progress, and now my ass is on fire for the last 24 hours, I started using apple cider again the same way I have been using but this time it has been really stinging a lot more, and I have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the wipe because I find traces of blood. Mind you the traces of blood are from going to the bathroom before bedtime, and applying Apple Cider Vinegar on the wipe and leaving it in place.

Now I also started swallowing a teaspoon of vinegar followed by drink a glass of water twice a day.

I am also back on my fiber intake, and drinking water.

Any idea how long will it be before I get out of the woods? Any other suggestions are appreciated...


Can I use Curcumin if I am Without a Gallbladder?

Mon, 24 Nov 14 16:56:02 -0500

Posted by Ginger (Quebec, CA) on 11/24/2014

I am without a Gallbladder-I would like to use Curcumin. I would appreciate any advice/information explaining the most absorbable type to use - with piperine...or? I have not been able to find information on using Curcumin, if one has had an open Cholecystectomy. I would be very grateful to receive opinions - especially to know if I CAN? safely use it? Thank you.

How to Remove Heavy Metals Safely from Your Body

Mon, 24 Nov 14 16:54:10 -0500

Posted by James222 (New Hampshire, US) on 11/24/2014

All too often illness becomes over complicated leaving the patient confused and frustrated.

To simplify ill health let us break it down to it's most basic form.

You and I are made of cells, trillions of them, from your eyes to your toes. When you become sick it is only one of two problems.

Either your cells (that's you) cannot absorb the the correct nutrients (hello poor diet) or the cells (that's you again) are over loaded with toxins.

In a nut shell getting the toxins out and the nutrients in is the key to all good health.

The secret to removing the toxins / heavy metals is to do it gently, the chances are your liver and kidneys have not being doing their job correctly which has now resulted in you becoming sick and feeling the need to read this.

So if that is true it would be prudent not to dump a whole load of heavy metals into you blood stream expecting your liver and kidneys to pick up the slack, it ain't going to happen and you will run the risk of becoming even more sick.

A sensible approach is whats needed but we are all in such a rush to get back to functioning so that we can work /pay our bills on time etc etc that we can sometimes throw common sense out of the window.

Here's the rub, heavy metals can be stored anywhere, even in your brain, (think Mercury) eyes, muscles and even in your bones. (lead)

So before we open the flood gates it might be worth having our vital detoxification organs working on our team.

A solid kidney cleanse is the first thing I would suggest and one can be found at Granma's Herbs, I have personally used this to good effect but as always start small and go slow, at the same time you can start a very gentle liver detox using Milk Thistle, there are numerous brands on the market that have acceptable results.

Cleaning the liver and kidneys are not things you can do over night but you are now moving in the right direction. I would suggest you stay on this protocol for at least 8 weeks and don't be too shocked if as a side effect you start to feel a little better. You know your body better than anyone else and I would urge you to use your own judgement, it might take a little longer and that's OK too.

OK so far so good, now we can start to look at removing the burden of heavy metals from your system. While there are numerous ways to do this I don't want to make this any more complicated than it has to be.

A great starting point would be to use a quarter teaspoon of Chlorella 3 times a day, this will bind up mostly Mercury from the gut, it's not going to remove it from the brain but as always I like to suggest we do one thing at a time and do our best to do it right.

Stick with the Chlorella for a month or so and don't be surprised if once again a welcome side effect is you start to feel a little better.

Stay with me here we haven't said anything yet that you can't do, all too often when a person suffers from heavy metals toxicity it's a real effort to stay focused without becoming overwhelmed.

So let me recap, we are going to assist the kidneys and the ideal product to do that you will find at Granma's, a decent Milk thistle you will find on Amazon, do these two things until you feel a little more prepared for the fight ahead of you. This can take as long as you feel comfortable with, it's not hard or fast.

Once you get to a point where you feel your life is improving we can start to take a new product called Chlorella. Small but regular doses of Chlorella are a God send, a good size is quarter of a tea spoon 3 times a day.

Once you feel you have your life back under control there are many numerous and wild paths available to you but I really want to make your life and path to healing very simple.

I feel it unwise to go on in great detail writing about too many products or speak about those important areas such as the blood brain barrier when at this moment in time all's you really you need is a fix right? (Please take note I did not say quick fix)

Of all the products out there some are expensive some are darn right dangerous but one in particular is extremely useful.

The name of this product is Chelorex and it was designed by Dr. Alan Greenberg. It takes all of the guess work out of removing heavy metals. It's really not that expensive and I know that it works

With heavy metals there is a healing triangle consisting of 3 things, Chlorealla ALA and Cilantro, get these 3 things in the wrong balance you will wish you never started, cilantro on it's own will only serve to stir things up, Chlorella as we learned earlier will only bind up metals in the gut, ALA will indeed cross the blood brain barrier but these need to be in the correct balance. Fortunately this combination has been calculated for you in the Chelorex formula.

I am a firm believer in starting anything new with a small test dose, so I would suggest for the first few weeks doing a half of what it says on the label. I have suggested this product on several people and all have come back to me with positive results. I have personally used Chelorex to astonishing effect,

So your path to healing is fairly simple, Yes there are many other ways but all too often people become confused by the mountain of information out there, they go off and try a little of this and a little of that and it ends up not working.To make it easier I am again going to recap below. If you stay on this path health is yours to claim back, from then on it's up to you to keep it.

Step 1. Get your filters working again (liver/kidney) do this slowly and gently, this is not something to rush. Only move to the next step when you "feel" it's right to do so. This might take 8 weeks or more. You know your own body far better than me or anyone else.

Step 2. Start a small but regular dose of Chlorella, quarter of teaspoon 3 times a day. Again stay at this point until YOU feel it's within you reach to move forward.

Step 3. Order Chelorex and take it at half the recommended dose, do this for several months or simply stay there until you get back to a reasonable form of health.

Step 4. You should by now be reducing Heavy metals faster than they are coming into your body. This is great but in order to win this battle you must now start to be pro active and stop new toxins entering your body.

Stay away from fish, ignorant dentists, most household chemicals (do some homework on this) and question the over use of vaccines. They have the potential to a great deal of harm. Your Doctor has the potential to make incredibly poor judgement calls that can have long term affects on you and your children.

Step 5. I urge you to question what has always been, do your own independent research BEFORE you go to the doctors or the dentist. Go that extra mile and be comfortable in your knowledge of such things rather than accepting some one else's word. Above all else take responsibility for your own health.

Step 6. Change your diet, it might seem strange leaving this so late on this list but it's far easier for me to overwhelm you than it is to get you to listen.

Had I started talking about the importance of diet earlier I'm sure you would have jumped to so many conclusions that I would have lost your interest and wasted my time.

I hear you Diet, yup Blar Blar Balr. But the absolute truth is diet is critical . We all think we have a good diet but people with great diets rarely get sick. If you take home one message from this section let it be this, Green to detoxify, greens are your friend, greens will help you, greens will keep you from slipping back. EAT THEM!

Step 7. In a world of too much information I can reveal in one word the diet you should follow. Paelo. It's the way your ancestors used to eat and it's really very easy to follow, There are no calories to count, you just eat as many fresh vegetables as you want, as much fresh fruit as you want and as much decent quality meat as you want, yes its important to combine them but I will save that for another topic. Yes, I know organic is expensive (but so is ill health) so if money is tight I would still urge you to make that first step and start eating greens, fresh fruit and decent quality meats. (grass fed would be awesome) This is a process and you shouldn't need to feel the added pressure of me forcing a new diet on you. Take it a step at a time, try to improve your diet a little at a time.

Step 8. Last but by no means least, once you are back on your feet remember there are people out here willing to give up their time to help you, a complete stranger. We don't seek any recognition reward or gain.

It would really mean a lot to me personally if you once you are well you could in turn find the time to help someone else.

Be Well

Kindest Regards, James222

What is Best Cure for Sinus Drainage and Coughing?

Mon, 24 Nov 14 16:51:00 -0500
Posted by Lawanda (Statesboro, Ga) on 11/24/2014

Hi EC, just wanted to know if there is anything that can stop sinus drainage and coughing? Enjoy your website. Interesting recipes, but have not tried any yet. No congestion, I used Simply Saline for that.

Re: Video on Removing Heavy Metals

Mon, 24 Nov 14 16:45:36 -0500

Posted by Don (Ne, Ontario) on 11/24/2014

I have just wasted 30 min listening to: "REMOVE heavy metals from your body."

I listed to chap babble on ? who does not have enough respect for himself or his audience to comb his hair.

You have just undermined any respect for your web site on what is an important subject. Terrible, terrible babble!!!! Even just leaving a pitcher of water out when you go to bed results in less chlorine in the water by morning.

EC: Hi Don,

Kindly tell us where you saw this horrible video. Earth Clinic only has a few videos out and removing heavy metals is not one of them!

 Re: Castor Oil for Diarrhea?

Mon, 24 Nov 14 16:42:03 -0500
Posted by Sally (Calgary) on 11/24/2014

Not internally. You could make a Castor Oil Pack, for 1 hr at a time, over your son's abdomen. This is said to attract the body's T11, leukocyte healing cells to the area. Castor Oil Packs were called for frequently by Edgar Cayce. I have used them frequenty for many ddifferent ailments and they have never let me down. Instructions are on this site. Good luck.

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