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  Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Sat, 22 Oct 16 15:08:38 -0700
Posted by Robin (Montreal, Canada) on 10/21/2016

I hope you tried acupuncture. I am sure you have excellent practitioners in the Philippines.

Thankfully, I have a mild case that seems to go away with Advil, an anti-inflammatory but it could get worse so I want to get ready! I am taking vitamin Bs which are good for the nervous system (nerves in the body). And I am also taking B12 under my tongue which I hope will help, too.

Good luck to you.

Robin in Montreal

  Re: Staph Infection and Antibiotics

Sat, 22 Oct 16 15:07:45 -0700
Posted by Donna M (Missouri) on 10/20/2016

Because a staph infection is treated with antibiotics and warm water compresses 4 times a day. Ampicillin or amoxicillin, as nearly as I can recall. The medicine kills the staph, and the warm wet compresses bring the boil to a head as it dries out.

I know a man who had 2 boils as a child. This is what the doctor did, and it worked- boil gone and healed over in 10 days. The "head" of the boil looked like an open pore the diameter of a #2 pencil lead. It was the color of pus, but there was no seepage. The skin around the boil was a dark red, about 4" diameter. After 8 days, the child pressed down on the skin around that open hole, and a hardened core, resembling an apple core, popped out. Then the site healed.

  Re: Liver Flushes for Sjogren's Syndrome

Sat, 22 Oct 16 15:04:55 -0700
Posted by Jan (Bahrain) on 10/20/2016

Can you kindly provide your liver flush programme as there are different ones online? I'd hugely appreciate it since no one else says anything worked for this syndrome.

  Re: Turpentine Side Effects

Sat, 22 Oct 16 15:02:36 -0700
Posted by Amishakti (Us) on 10/20/2016

Hi Enjera! I do believe the homicidal/suicidal feelings were indeed caused by die-off chemicals, as I too, experienced this when taking food-grade DE (diatomaceous earth) to try and rid my body of parasites. I couldn't even tolerate 1/8-1/4 of a tsp when most people start with 1 tsp, at least. However, I didn't prep with any detoxing or diet back then.

Thanks so much for your comment, so I know this may happen again when I try the turpentine. It's on order and I will really start out slow on the turp to try and not feel so horrible. I was more in danger of hurting myself, and having graphic visions of many different ways to do it! It was terrible, and I'm sorry you had similar side effects. It's good to be aware that this kind of thing can happen with any major die-off of parasites/pathogens in the body.

  Re:Iodine on Scalp for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Sat, 22 Oct 16 15:02:08 -0700
Posted by Deidra (Ill) on 10/20/2016

Hi. Can you use this iodine on your scalp?

Nutmeg for Overactive Bladder

Fri, 21 Oct 16 09:50:48 -0700
Posted by Lori (Farmersville, Tx) on 10/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Nutmeg for Overactive Bladder and Stress Incontinence:

I am shocked to say it absolutely worked. I went to the store and bought some nutmeg. Ate a little on the way home and nearly immediately it stopped my nearly constant urge to use the restroom. Amazing.

  Re: Grover's Skin Rash

Fri, 21 Oct 16 09:47:39 -0700
Posted by Margie (Frederick, Md.) on 10/19/2016

I have been battling Grover's disease for 16 years. At first the only help I got was from injections of kenelog and prednisone once a day for about 16 months. It settled down after that and I could control the flair-ups with a prescription cortizone cream. My husband passed away and my whole life has changed. Went from lovely country home in Tennessee to condo in Maryland to be near son whom I seldom see. Last week I had a flair up of Grover's like in the beginning and once the prednisone was finished it started all over again. I am desperately in need of help. The itch is like being in a red ant hill and it is even in my scalp. I am 67 and while my life is not at all like I would like it, the Grover's is about to drive me over the edge.

  Re: Turpentine for Parasites

Fri, 21 Oct 16 09:46:24 -0700
Posted by Janie (Mechanicsville) on 10/20/2016

I did the turpentine parasite dosing, 1/2 tsp twice, with castor oil. This was over 2 weeks ago, but now I'm getting diarrhea. Not so unusual for me, but the smell is very odd. Kind of chemically? Is this normal?

  Re: Is This Borax Safe for Consumption?

Thu, 20 Oct 16 17:22:54 -0700
Posted by Katie (Boston) on 10/20/2016

As long as its only ingredient is Sodium Tetraborate, you should be fine. I use 20 Mule Team and it does not have a chemical breakdown printed on the box like your does, but I assume it's the same product.

  Re: Castor Oil for Wrinkles

Thu, 20 Oct 16 17:12:09 -0700
Posted by Debi (Kaneohe, Hawaii ) on 10/20/2016

Hi, To bombshell, I'm interested in how you make your black rice hylauronic acid serum and your liposomal vitamin C and what type of castor oil for, do use, where'd you get it from, u give great info, I try so hard to eat right, & what put on my skin that's natural but I'm having a hard time keeping wrinkles away. Thx u

Vitamin C For Depression

Thu, 20 Oct 16 17:06:43 -0700
Posted by Stephanie (Napa, Ca) on 10/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C for depression.

I started taking 1,000mg of vitamin C per day for my skin and immediately started noticing an elevated, happier mood, for no apparent reason. I have tried many supplements for depression and anxiety over the years and I have to say that staying hydrated and taking vitamin C regularly have proven to be directly related to my ups and downs. I also found the following, which relates vitamin C to seratonin production.

Dr. Hugh Riordan also supports using vitamin C as a treatment for depression. He teaches medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He received the Linus Pauling Award from the American College for Advancement in Medicine. He believes that vitamin C is effective against depression because it increases serotonin production. That's the brain chemical that improves mood and promotes relaxation.

“Medical text books [used] to indicate that one of the most common effects of inadequate vitamin C is depression, " says Dr. Riordan. “But we very seldom go to a psychiatrist who measures our vitamin C level."

Did Increased Estrogen From Herbs Cause BV?

Thu, 20 Oct 16 17:05:28 -0700
Posted by Shanita (Atlanta ) on 10/20/2016

I was taking herbs and they increased my estrogen significantly. As a result, I bled during ovulation. I got worried because I have a copper IUD and haven't checked it on a year. I fished around in the shower and felt it but I had soap residue on my hand. Then I noticed a few days later a slight sensation on me cervix... Followed by sharp pains in my vulva. I tried some probiotic with coconut oil. The pain went away. Then 3 days later I noticed a burning sensation inside my vagina and some cervix pain. I got really worried and did a hydrogen peroxide douche and inserted acidophilus mixed with coconut oil. Do you think I got it right with bacterial vaginitis? I really don't want to go to the doctors as I have never had good luck they always misdiagnose and mess me up worse.

Desitin, Tea Tree Oil for Vulvodynia

Thu, 20 Oct 16 17:02:03 -0700
Posted by Connie (Usa) on 10/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just have to share my experience after hearing these Vulvodynia horror stories. I suffered for 3 years, yes years, with this pain. Add menstrual cycle of blood and the pain was consuming. Saw about 4 specialists, had biopsies, laser treatments, ablations, etc. I read, and read and read. Mix up a potion of Desitin and few drops of tea tree oil. I kept it in a tiny container in my purse, to use after urination through out the day. I cleaned the area with sensitive wipes, then applied the creme. Oh my gosh, so much relief...not too much tea tree oil, it too can burn.

At my worst, I also wore an estrogen patch. Also took plenty of Vit E, Vit D3, and some coconut capsules.

If this helps just one other person, glad I took the time to post.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt for Sinus Infections

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:59:47 -0700
Posted by Ed (Pa) on 10/20/2016

I just used it and had almost all the same feelings; Chest, ears, sinuses, but not my throat. Anyway, although I had the same pain like symptoms that you had, it wasn't as bad as you explain it. It actually felt like I was being cleansed not killed.. Kind of like when you clean out a cut with peroxide...... Haha. By the feeling I got, I knew that the mixture hit my sinuses which is exactly what I wanted so Indodnt mind. Maybe you put too much peroxide in. I could tell you that I just free poured it so I definitely out more than I should have. Peroxide and Salt can not kill you. But I just did it so I am not sure how the ending "results" will be. Hopefully by tomorrow my sinuses will be in a little better shape, than all that pain will be worth it.

  Re: Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:56:58 -0700
Posted by Amelia's (Singapore) on 10/19/2016

Hi, it has been 6 years since r Wife got cancer. How has she been? My mum just got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It has spread to her brain. She's still active but once on the geotrif medicine, she becomes frail and side effects is not pleasant. Could u share with me on what complementary treatments shld I do on her so as to prolong lifespan??

  Re: Did Not Have Good Results Using Boric Acid for BV

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:55:29 -0700
Posted by Mona (California) on 10/19/2016

The premade suppositories probably contained other chemicals that you don't find in homemade suppositories. I suggest buying a bottle of boric acid, and gel capsules, and making your own suppositories.

  Re: MSM and Licorice for Melasma

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:52:36 -0700
Posted by Nicole (Chantilly, Va) on 10/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

She likely means I did this and I saw a noticeable lightening after putting licorice extract on my dark areas after one night. First time I diluted it w coconut oil but 2nd night I just put it on straight and slept w it. It's sticky though and some got on my pillow case. I exfoliate first well to allow it to penetrate more. I also started taking it internally after a few days as it heals acne, stomach issues, and hormone imbalance including the afternoon slump (cortisol drop). It has really helped with all those areas. I'm so pleased with this unassuming bark.

  Re: Microwave Use

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:52:00 -0700
Posted by Cynthia (Canterbury) on 10/19/2016

I also reckon that microwaves are the cause of cancer. I remember when microwaves came on the market there was a massive increase of cancer. I have never had a microwave and won't have one. My brother got rid of his and my neighbour has just biffed his out . We all have benchtop ovens and they are fantastic!!!

Multiple Remedies for Lichen Planus

Thu, 20 Oct 16 16:51:27 -0700
Posted by Tashya (Lawrence, Ks) on 10/19/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Severe lichen plains healing:

I have had lichen planus for over 14 years now. The dermatologists say I have the worst case they have ever seen. One even wanted a picture for his medical journal! I have lost all 20 nails, have hair loss, and my esophagus and vagina have constricted and I have to do monthly dilations. I have many other conditions so will list them with the solutions that I have found.

First of all, over the years I have found that any treatment given for herpes works for my lichen flare ups. (Yes, I have been tested for herpes and it is negative). My obgyn had stopped my period to avoid eroding of the membranes, baths with lavender and lemon balm help. I have even applied lemon balm directly to the area when not raw. For severe flare ups, she prescribes me herpes medicine (valtrex).

For brushing teeth, I use Tom's natural toothpaste with propolis and myrrh, and a natural mouthwash. Gums never hurt and blisters have gone away. Dentist can't even tell that I have it in my mouth. I drink whole leaf aloe juice everyday, 4 oz. in with my green tea 2x a day. I watch my argenine to l lysine intake. A diet high in l lysine and low in argenine has worked wonders. A list can be found online. I take omega 369. I take isotonix brand vitamins and the ingredients in the opc 3 help the most.

Hope this helps someone with relief thru my years of finding alternatives to taking steroids. This week, I am going to start researching the immune boosting benefits that mushrooms have, thanks to the advice of the local health food stores. Best wishes on your path to healing.