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 Re: Dosage Warning on B Vitamins

Wed, 04 Mar 15 11:15:04 -0500
Posted by Brainbuster (Indianapolis, IN) on 03/04/2015

6000 mg?? Vitamin B 2 or 6 is toxic above 100 mg.

 Re: Where Can I Buy Supplements Without Fillers?

Wed, 04 Mar 15 11:13:26 -0500
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 03/04/2015

Hi Bill, thank you so much for the site.

Sorry but are you the person who told me about the Lemonine (sp) I cant seem to find the post. I was detoxing from a beta blocker and having a hard time and someone suggested this. Been searching for the post .. It was under Afib and written in Feb. by someone else but then someone mentioned my name and the Lemonine.. sorry if is this confusing, just have more questions about the detox.. with new issues coming up.. thank you

 Re: Suffering from Chronic Systemic Candidiasis

Wed, 04 Mar 15 09:59:30 -0500
Posted by Holly (Toronto, CA) on 03/04/2015

Hi TimH

Thanks for your post....I have since found and read Bill's book. FINALLY, I can see what has been the problem in my recovery from this's the mature biofilms. I've used the protease enzymes in the past, but now have learned that they are slow dissolving, which means I probably didn't take them long enough to really get through all the mature biofilms.

I've purchased the items on the total protocol from the Candida book and will be starting them once they arrive.

Over the last month, I've been using 25 drops of 35% food grade H202 in 6 oz H20 internally 3/day, in conjunction with protease enzymes and the lemon alkalizing solutions 2/day. I've been on a strict diet...cut out all bread, dairy (except ghee and butter), all processed or other junk foods, sugar, wheat, fruit and coffee...had a terrible Herx for over three weeks, but the skin itching subsided. Then I had a colonic to help get things moving along, and the skin itching has retuned with a vengeance. Is it normal to have this reaction this far into this cleanse? Did the colonic do this somehow?

After reading Bill's book, it sounds to me like the biofilms in my body have had a lot of time to mature and harden, but I'm really frightened of using turpentine because of it being classified as a paint thinner with big poison symbols on the container. Although the 35% H202 is also corrosive, but fine when diluted as I have experienced. I'm having a hard time getting over the stigma of turpentine ingestion.

Also, what do I do long term for maintenance during and after a pregnancy? Is the protocol in Bill's book safe during this time?

Thank you for your help! I will also read the Dr. Shallenberger's book too!

 Natural Treatment Needed for Hyperparathyroidism

Wed, 04 Mar 15 07:01:32 -0500
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/04/2015

Hi Fae...Hyperparathyroidism is generally caused by lack of boron leading to unregulated magnesium with consequent high levels of calcium in the blood and tissues. This is what causes the symptoms of severe tissue pain because the calcium levels in the cells are too high causing calcification of the cell mitochondria and pain. The thyroid and Iodine are also important for the parathyroid to help regulate bone formation via calcitonin and to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Here is Ted from Bangkok's remedy for hyperparathyroidism:

"The saliva pH is something I would measure first. The pH should be 7 to 7.3. If it is not, it's likely that the parathyroid/thyroid is low in iodine. The low levels comes from eating white flour products and bread, which contains bromine and it kicks out iodine. The other pH is the urine pH, which should be pH 6.5 to 7, if it is below, this also indicates low bicarbonates and taking baking soda or sodium citrate will get to normal levels. The iodine I will take is lugol's solution 1-2 drops a day plus vitamin C 500-1500 mg a day, sodium ascorbate, not calcium ascorbate. The potassium citrate, or potassium bicarbonate I used is 1/4 teaspoon a day plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate taken on an empty stomach should relieve most of the pain from the back area is my experience. It takes about 3 days to get the pain out, but the dose is around 250-500 mg. a day. The bone tiredness is one of the indicators I used to gauge magnesium deficiency. Boron may also help some of the tiredness, as well as vitamin C. The boron I used is borax, but is taken only 3 days at 1/8 teaspoon in a liter of drinking water taken over the course of the day.

As to the lack of sleep, lugol's solution and baking soda and potassium should relieve most of the problems. I would however avoid fluoridated toothpaste since it accumulates in the pineal gland, disturbing the circadium rhythm and caused sleeplessness. The acid brain issue, should be alkalized with plenty of baking soda and potassium, as well as 1-2 drops of lugols in a cup of warm water taken in early evening along with vitamin c.


EC Source:

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Ringworm

Wed, 04 Mar 15 06:05:03 -0500
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/04/2015

Hello Sandra;

Re the ringworm fungus...

Of course, not a worm but a fungus;

I had success with Lamisil anti fungal cream.

 Re: Natural Cure for Insomnia, Niacinamide

Wed, 04 Mar 15 02:05:24 -0500
Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/04/2015

L: To gain the most benefits I almost always take 50mg Niacin w/ either 500mg Nicinamide or 500mg Inositolhexaniacinate. At 50mg Niacin, taken several times per day, the flush is almost never for me. This must be why they make a 500mg Niacin as a "time release" which some folks report w/ good results.

Using all three forms of Niacin must produce a more broadspectuim effect which may be necessary for some folks that don't get such a positive response w/ only Nicinamde as yourself.

Speaking of "broad spectrim", Chromium and Ribose synergize w/ Niacin to produce benefits like lowering blood lipids & sugars, as well as needed weight loss.

Natural Treatment Needed for Hyperparathyroidism

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:48:20 -0500
Posted by Fae (Northridge, Ca) on 03/04/2015

Somebody stop the madness!! I have been pretty darn successful using the Earth Clinic remedies, as I despise big pharma and don't have much faith in western medicine. Unfortunately, I am also a Dialysis patient. I have ESRD (end-stage renal disease), and am in line for a kidney transplant, but that could be years away. My doctor just told me I have to be on a medication called "SENSIPAR". I just came from the pharmacy where they wanted $750 for a 3 month supply! Well, I sure don't have that kind of money available... and after reading the side effects... OMG! SENSIPAR is supposed to treat hyperparathyroidism. Please tell me there is a natural course of treatment!

 Re: Betaine HCL for GERD

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:47:58 -0500
Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/04/2015

I would advocate the avoidance of any bile products that are harvested from Ox or Bear cadavers. Living in a cage w/ a catheter is quite inhumane. Anyway, it's not necessary.

The human body makes bile from the amino acids Taurine and Glycine. Take 500mg each of these, and along w/ digestive enzymes you should be ok. Yellowdock, Dandelion, and Artichoke promote bile flow and may help. Eat Beets or drink Beet Juice regularly to keep the liver clean.

 Re: How to Use Home Remedies for Salivary Gland Stones

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:44:20 -0500
Posted by Tommymac (San Diego, CA) on 03/04/2015

From Jonathan V. Wright at the Tahoma Clinic: Here is the link to the site and the article from which the quote below was taken:

Quote: "Although it's not a common condition, from time to time someone will come to my office at Tahoma Clinic inquiring about alternatives to surgery for "parotid duct stone". These are "stones" which can form in the saliva-carrying duct(s) from the major salivary glands ("parotid" glands, located at the "angle of the jaw"). 3 to 4 drops of SSKI (Potassium Iodide) taken in water daily will almost always dissolve parotid duct stones within four to eight months."

 Re: Travelling to India, Never Had Immunizations

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:36:53 -0500
Posted by Caleb (Missouri, US) on 03/03/2015

Hello, while I completely understand the concerns you have about getting certain vaccines, as well as your wish to seek out natural remedies and immune boosters, there are some things I think you should be aware of. When traveling to third world and developing countries such as India, a person should take the proper precautions to protect themselves from sickness and disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, the potential diseases a person could contract in India are: Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Malaria, cholera, and Japanese Encephalitis. In the case of Japanese Encephalitis, there are reported human cases in nearly all states, with high rates in southern India where there is year round contamination season in some places. Japanese encephalitis otherwise known as JE virus is a single-stranded RNA virus that belongs to the genus Flavivirus and is closely related to West Nile and Saint Louis encephalitis viruses. JE virus is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. In the case of Typhoid, also known as enteric fever, there are 21.5 million persons who come in contact with Typhoid in developing countries each year. Typhoid is life threatening and is the top most communicable disease in India. The cause of this disease is a bacterium called Salmonella typhi. You can come in contact with it if you eat or drink water that has been contaminated. It can take as long as three weeks for a person to begin to see symptoms of the disease. Again I respect your viewpoint and feelings, but I'm just concerned for your wellbeing. If you have any further questions or are curious, you should check out these links:



--traveldoctor: TD Health Fact Sheet India.pdf


 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Ringworm

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:33:38 -0500
Posted by Sandra (New York, US) on 03/03/2015

I have ringworms omg this is my first time and I'm freaking out. My doctor gave me terbinafine and my husband bought me an anti fungal cream but nothing is working!!! I literally was crying they have spread all over my body..... I found this site and I'm praying the ACV works I have 2 tbs in a glass of water at morning and again at night. I also rub on the affected area morning and again at night. They are scabbing but how do I know when to stop? It does burn when I apply the ACV but I don't care. I want these things gone! I follow the ACV with an anti fungal cream. Any advice you can give me would help. Thanks, Sandra

 Re: Questions About the Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

Wed, 04 Mar 15 01:29:43 -0500
Posted by Jeanette (Denmark) on 03/03/2015

Vitamin D deficiency is a symptom of the cause. The cause is twofold, the one being gut flora, and the other being industrial (exhaust fumes, chemical waste, etc, primarily metal residues), environmental (mold toxins), or by ill-placed allopathic advice (repeated antibiotic treatments, amalgams in teeth), activities that interfere with the base of the type 1 diabetic's immune system, the gut wall lining and the interplay between it and it's inhabitants.

Seek information on butyric acid (butyrate).

Butyrate is a product of gut flora feeding off of resistant starches present in very fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a short-chain fatty acid, and is used in epithelial tissues, the production of neurotransmitters, reduction of inflammatory responses, raising insulin sensitivity, skin health, and the development of beta islet cells.

Also, Segmented Filamentous Bacteria in the jejunum (2nd part, small intestine) prevent the development of type 1 Diabetes by helping the Th17 immune system cells to develop and mature. These are vital in the immune system's responce to inflammation and microbial attack beyond the gut lining.

The lining of the gut is an epithelial tissue. Progenitor cells for alpha, beta and gamma cells in the islet of lagerhans originate in the gut wall, migrate through the bloodstream to the pancreas, and are matured into their different types in a process also mediated by butyrate (at the mitochondrial level).

Gut flora are also vital for the synthesis of all vitamins, especially the ones lacking to varying degrees in diabetics, A, D, E and K(1 and 2).

The battle begins at the body tissue level for diabetics both type 1 & 2, as systematic biofilm infections live together with whatever toxic agent has allowed their growth to accelerate. (Youtube search biofilms/mycoplasma and type 1 diabetes for confirmation. Don't stop at just knowing the name. Get to know what they are).

'Silver' fillings are the secondary culprit beside stress and secondhand smoke in my case. Biofilm colonies thrive in the presence of metallic compounds, and amalgams are designed to kill colonising bacteria in the mouth - they also do so in the gut. There are /other/ gut flora components that thrive despite the metallic contaminants.

Once the epithelial lining of the gut wall is compromised by a reduction in the production of butyric acid in the colon, food particles and gut flora can spread easily into the surrounding tissues via the bloodstream.

The pancreas is just one of those organs first struck by those ingredients for disaster.

I suggest research on gut diversity, prebiotic and probiotic foods (fermented foods), the gut biome changes in type 1 diabetic children in mexico, techniques for combatting systematic candidiasis, and gentle detoxification therapies.

 Re: Castor Oil for Wrinkles

Tue, 03 Mar 15 23:05:33 -0500
Posted by Rose (Miami Fl.) on 03/03/2015

What is the name of the bottle that you get in Walmart for $2?Thanks.

 Re: Sores Inside Nose that Won't Heal

Tue, 03 Mar 15 22:28:38 -0500
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/03/2015

Eileen...The probable reason that you cannot get rid of the sore area in your nostril is because it is always slightly infected. So an easy way to safely disinfect your nostrils and the sore region would be to first buy some 3% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy and dilute it down to 1% (1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water) and use a nasal sprayer or a dropper to carefully bath the sore area in your nose with this mix. Do this 3 or 4 times a day and the sore should eventually heal properly and disappear.

Using a dropper and 4 drops of iodine mixed with a capful of water should also work in the same way -- but this method might sting somewhat because of the iodine.

 Re: Betaine HCL for GERD

Tue, 03 Mar 15 21:53:46 -0500
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/03/2015

Hi Gene...Bile is needed in digestion to emulsify fats in order to aid in the efficient absorption of fats into the blood from the intestines. Bile is also alkaline and, together with the bicarbonates from the pancreatic juices, helps to create soap. This soap helps to move the feces down the intestines easily and without problems.

Generally, if you are heavily lacking in bile from the liver, then this could manifest as a serious ongoing constipation issue. People who have had their gallbladders remove usually always have trouble with constipation due to lack of bile because the gallbladder is the main reservoir and dispersal point for bile during digestion.

There's really no need to take ox-bile unless your stools are pale yellow or green or if you are seriously constipated. These days, you can easily buy pancreatin enzymes combined with ox-bile.

But if you have had your gallbladder removed or you are seriously lacking in bile then you will need to take much higher amounts of ox-bile to compensate for your lack of bile -- and that's when ox-bile tablets should be used and taken on there own at mealtimes.

 Re: Where Can I Buy Supplements Without Fillers?

Tue, 03 Mar 15 21:29:37 -0500
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/03/2015

Hi Bee...For pure powders, you could try purebulk(dot)com. They sell powders with no extra additives and have quite a big range of vitamins, minerals and herbs in powder form. They also sell CoQ10 in pure powder form.

 Re: Looking for Czech Remedy for Splinters

Tue, 03 Mar 15 20:20:52 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 03/03/2015

HI U CATHY OF TEXAS, , , , , , , , I think you got the right string, but the wrong yoyo. Years ago folks used Ichthammol Ointment to bring a boil to a head or splinters that could not be removed without going to an MD. It is a petroleum product worked like the crude old coal tar shampoos that would cure hair dandruff , fungus or Roseasa. Amazing , shampoo your hair and cure the roseasa on your face. Those products I can no longer find. It's doctor thing.

Watched the Netanyaho speech and saw many of the congressman have red noses and face. That is a sign the they have heath problems big time. I have a red nose and red face and I know I have health problems.

This ointment would cause pus to form around a splinter and then with pressure it would come out. I'm convinced the medical folks sought it's demise because you could heal lots of problems without seeking a doctor's service. Thats just the way folks are these days. You too dumb to self medicate, you must go to a doctor.

This ointment now has to be specially ordered and we did that a few years ago. Most folks under 50 have no clue about this ointment. Don't need it often, but it works as you remember.

Wish you well.


 Re: Is Alpha Borax OK to Use for South Africans?

Tue, 03 Mar 15 20:15:47 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 03/03/2015

Dear Nola,

Is "Alpha" perhaps the name of the product?

Is there an ingredient list? Borax would be called one of the following:

sodium tetraborate decahydrate


sodium borate


sodium tetraborate


disodium tetraborate.

So, if one of those things is the only ingredient listed, it should be just borax, the same thing I buy in the US. I get "Mule Team Borax" but it is just borax.

~Mama to Many~

Have Hep C and Peripheral Neuropathy - Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Me?

Tue, 03 Mar 15 20:12:30 -0500
Posted by Diane (Sherborn, Ma.) on 03/03/2015

Dear Ted or Bill:

I am considering taking Diatomaceous earth...I have hepatitis c and peripheral neuropathy...Will DE be OK to take with these conditions? My neuropathy is extremely painful. I have been on morphine, fentanyl patches and 4 other pain medications and nothing has worked...And I'm not a fan of drugs...Thank you much.

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