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  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Fri, 11 Apr 14 17:09:47 -0500

04/11/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Dave: I take a Digestive enzyme supplement w/ my main meal and eat Pineapple regularly. I think the enzyme inhibition you mentioned must be from mature Ascaris found in the digestive tract; but the most insidious problems arise from the eggs, larvae, and juveniles.

I will quote some of Hulda Clark's observation to help clarify.

"When you kill the Ascaris worms by zapping or herbal tincture, they are mortally wounded. They are dying, but the eggs inside them are not. They were sheltered. Within a day these trapped eggs begin to leave the dying worms. Soon hordes of eggs are dispersing in your body again. And in another 24 hrs they begin to hatch into larvae. {I believe this event is evidences by the heart pain which I have experienced}.

The eggs, even if unfertilized, may do more harm than the worms. Ascaris eggs bring three very important pathogens that spread throughout the body: Rhizobium leguminosarum, Mycobacterium avium/intracellulare, and the common cold virus Adinovirus. {I believe that most of the warm-blooded (wild) animals infected w/ Ascaris, eventually die of these infections}.

The primitive metabolism used by Ascaris (and other parasites) is called the Gloxylate cycle. The gloxylate cycle commanders our Krebs cycle.

Another thing that Ascaris does is destroy all the Vit-C in the organ by oxidizing it (removing the hydrogen atom)."

Reprinted without permission from The Cure To All Cancers, by Hulda Clark."

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Fri, 11 Apr 14 17:09:02 -0500

04/11/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "To Mama to Many and anyone interested in the Papaya experiments;

Update; I continue to attempt dietary suicide by consuming ALLLL the foods that I KNOW will kill me.

Well, perhaps this is hyperbolae. "Exaggeration for the sake of effect"...otherwise known as a "lie" is OK if it has literary value. So says some philosopher of ethics I read one time. Can't recall who. But some philosopher must have said it at some point in time because philosophers say most everything.

Back to the point: Certain foods will cause me terrific problems; too much creamy stuff, too much coffee and red meat and for SURE; Reflux. I mean for sure.

ANY salsa and for sure, skin irritation is immediate; especially back of scalp...and burning eyes.

That scalp condition has been a reaction since I was a child and the reflux developed ten years ago.

Well, I have indulged; And my wife, intrigued at my new attempt at such an "adventurous" life style, her elbow on kitchen counter, head in palm of her hand just gazing at me as I stuff chip after chip laden with hot salsa into my burning mouth.

"What?" I ask as bits of salsa fall over my reddened lip.

"Just watching. And waiting. I have the phone ready to call 911."

"Very funny." I gulp down the twentieth chip. I choke a bit but recover.

"Push that bowl of Papaya and Mango over here. You're not getting the insurance money that easily, love. Watch this."

And with that, I down eight soothing...cooling spoonfuls of the blend of one Papaya and three much smaller Mangos, blended and then strained to make a thick, beautiful orange/yellow "soup." I do not dilute; just using a spoon I consume letting the mild, mellow liquid soak into my mouth before swallowing.

"There. Saved."

"We'll see." And she continued to stare at me.

I neither died NOR broke out in the slightest rash.

And as a further "update" I tried to induce Reflux by downing a huge container of Coffee ice cream. ALL for the sake of science; followed by Papaya again. (Mama to Many...you alone seem to understand the sacrifice involved ... bless you.)

No Reflux. Yet.

There has to be some point of excess that the Papaya can't overcome and I am determined, for the sake of science, to find THAT POINT.

AND; I have ONLY gained two pounds in this .... this experiment... thus far.

I am only doing this for you...dear EC readers. Testing the limits..." boldly going where no man has gone before..." Some philosopher said that too. Plato I do believe. Maybe Wittgenstein. The Later Wittgenstein.

And if that point...which I spoke of is reached...over some bowl of forbidden flavors, don't be surprised if my wife, newly attired in the finest of apparel, holds a series of "appreciation" events at a few selected sites...

And don't feel sorry for her. She'll be traveling around the globe for a while; overcoming her grief and looking for new "remedies" out of love and respect for her deceased husband; who died while looking for solutions to ailments...only trying to help those hurting."

  Re: Thyroid Problems with Supplements and Medications
Fri, 11 Apr 14 16:31:35 -0500

04/11/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Elizabeth: A small amount of heavy metal or radiation will make such drastic reactions in the Thyroid.

First thing I would (and have done) is apply magnet therapy to end the inflammation. A refrigerator magnet would be a good start but you may need to graduate to a stronger magnet. Selenium & Vit-E, & Vit-A protects the glands from harm. Zinc lozenges will protect and improve T function. You can use Cod Liver Oil topically directly over the T area of the neck as this will bring major protection to the sensitive gland. I sometimes use a small hand-held vibrator gadget to clean and stimulate the Thyroid as well as Thymus glands.

Any antioxidant nutrients/supplements of oral route will help. I would recommend Grapeseed Extract of at least 100mg daily. Multicaratinoid complex will help along w/ 50mg Zinc to help conversion."

  Re: Thyroid Problems with Supplements and Medications
Fri, 11 Apr 14 16:23:12 -0500

04/11/2014: Elizabeth from Nashville, Tn: "Thanks for the info....I'll be checking on Selenium and see if that's an option."

  Re: MSM for Blepharitis
Fri, 11 Apr 14 16:09:29 -0500

04/11/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Meiday,

Re your eyelid condition;

On this EC website, if you look under Ailments, you'll see the introduction which states the cause of Blepharitis is a bacterial or viral infection that impacts the oil gland of the eye lid.

In that case, assuming an infection is the cause; if me, I'd consider applying Colloidal Silver to eye lid using an unscented handkerchief. I do this three times daily for four or five days. If improved in a few days, I'd continue until infection resolved.

I use CS when I get Pink Eye; two drops in each eye, twice daily for two days. Knocks out PE quickly...at least for me. So even if I get a bit of the CS in the eye when applying to eye lid, I know that won't hurt the eye."

  Re: MSM for Blepharitis
Fri, 11 Apr 14 15:08:41 -0500

[YEA]  04/11/2014: Amyk from Los Angeles, Ca: "Hi Meiday,

Do you have allergies to dust, outdoors, grass, pollen etc.-- meaning airborne allergies? You should see if that is the cause. I have had airborne allergies all my life and then about 3 years ago I developed blepharitis in both eyes, which was due to my allergies. My eyes were burning, peeling, crusty, wrinkly and made my eyes droop. It was horrible! I tried castor oil, that made it worse for me. I kept changing out washcloths and even put frozen foods on them hoping it would help the burning, but it didn't. I also used an eyewash they sell at the drugstore, but that didn't matter either. Somehow I finally stumbled on MSM pills and after 3 days I was better. I bought MSM pills (it's the sulfur content) from CVS (1000mg per capsule), took 2 capsules 3 times a day, and that helped completely-- no more burning eyes! And then for the crusty, flaky, droopy part, I just used Cetaphil face lotion, just something really moisturizing, and really piled it on at night, and that took care of that. After about a month or two, I reduced my dosage to 2 capsules 1 time a day. I still take this dose today everyday on an empty stomach in the morning with some water and it keeps my blepharitis away. If for some reason I don't take it for a few days, my eyes start to feel the burn. Also, I had read that MSM and Vitamin C works well when taken together, but this wasn't so for me. For some reason for me, the Vitamin C canceled out the effects of the MSM, and made my eyes burn again. So I suggest that you take the MSM on an empty stomach with water, and not with orange juice or any kind of Vitamin C. Good luck!"

  Re: Thyroid Problems with Supplements and Medications
Fri, 11 Apr 14 13:47:44 -0500

04/11/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Tx: "Research selenium--this is supposed to help with iodine supplementation to keep the thyroid from being hyper."

  Re: Severe Pain in Sacroiliac and Other Joints
Fri, 11 Apr 14 13:44:31 -0500

04/11/2014: Thehandyman1947 from Ohio, US: "KIM, you need to know what arthritis you have. If you're stiff in the morning, it's probably rheumatoid. Diet is the key to health, no white potatoes, also wheat, try it for a few months, it dose not cost anything. This is probably the cause of inflamation. Also if your diet is acidic over time you are not asimilating magnesium, copper, zinc, and calcium. 1000 mg vit c, 1000 mg msm, together they build new cells in the body. Also 1000 mg of calcium, and 1000 mg chicken collagen, preferably with hyaluronic acid and chondroitin. Every 12 hours or 2x a day, important every 12 hours for even cell growth. May take up to 6 months to work, don't give up, it usually takes a lot less than 6 months. if it is osteo. Google Dr Hans A Nieper, he has a good treatment for osteo. You mentioned candida, if you put weight on around the waist it's a sign of sugar in the future. Don't over dose on the calcium or the magnesium, magnesium overdose can cause very unpleasant problems"

Re: Fibroid and Blackstrap Molasses
Fri, 11 Apr 14 13:38:54 -0500

04/11/2014: Souha from Dearborn, Mi: "I have a 8.5 cm fibroid. I had it for 8 years. doctors tell me to go for hysterectomy. I tried everything to avoid it. I take whole food based supplements to balance my hormones, it took almost a year to balance them, my period is much better and my fibroid did not grow within a year which is a good sign but I needed it to shrink. I heard about the blackstrap molasses, I started taking it four days ago two times a day two tablespoons. Do you think it will help shrink the fibroid now especially that my hormones are balanced? Is two tablespoons a day enough to help shrink the fibroid and how long do you think it will take."

  Re: Multiple Remedies
Fri, 11 Apr 14 11:31:26 -0500

04/11/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hi Kelly;

thanks for the information and great job.

Yes I am trying your remedy of the COQ10 and Carnitine and ALA... I also use Vit.D and E and yes apple cidar vinegar on most days.......and some other things.. I think I get enough potassium from raw veggies and things..

Yes my diet is pretty good.. I don't eat red meat because I don't like it.. I eat fish and veggies and limited fruits.. Eggs and no cheese and very limited dairy but I have been this way for a very long time so I think I am used to it... everything in moderation... The woman in health food store told me to juice and I will but I know I wont get in habit of it though.

oh; So I am down to 50mgs. of the medication and am doing it very slowly as suggested.....Okay keep up good work and thank you

Oh; I also do EFT and listen to binaural beats on utube for hypertension ..It puts me to sleep at night and calms the nerves. Oh; do you think you would ever take natokinase or serrapeptase..?? thanks again"

  Re: Thyroid Problems with Supplements and Medications
Fri, 11 Apr 14 11:27:41 -0500

04/11/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Elizabeth: Properly nourished glands make 37 hormones from good cholesterol. A properly nourished liver makes good cholesterol. Improper nourishment from eating cooked conventionally grown food is causing a bad liver to make bad cholesterol, bad glands to make bad hormones, and bad things like cysts and fibroids. A few supplements is not going to fix this. Eating the best food the right way does. The program I follow is called 80/10/10."

  Re: Ted's Input Requested for Jumping Legs
Fri, 11 Apr 14 10:14:45 -0500

04/11/2014: Lynn from Madison, Wi: "My husband gets terrible leg aches from varicose legs, he has very bad circulation. He gets a ton of relief from eating bananas everyday. I believe it's the potassium. You say you sweat a lot, you may have a deficiency of potassium. It's easy and cheap, and delicious. I suffer from restless legs and have a terrible time if I drink too much caffeine, alcohol, and I find that medications aggravate it too. Ibuprofen, melatonin, cold meds, all make it worse. I use a homeopathic combination to relieve it when I wake up at night from it. There's also a combination for leg cramps, I don't know if that would help. Good luck!"

  Re: Aloe Vera
Fri, 11 Apr 14 10:13:09 -0500

04/11/2014: Older Mommy from Usa: "I recommend George's aloe vera., tastes like water., no straining. I don't know the dosage."

Re: Thyroid Problems with Supplements and Medications
Fri, 11 Apr 14 09:10:00 -0500

04/11/2014: Elizabeth from Nashville, Tn: "Sorry in advance for the long post but I want to give as much information as possible.

I'm 34 and me and my husband are ttc (trying to conceive) after his vasectomy reversal. First, I need to get my hormones in check and I need help. My periods are irregular (every 30-45 days, I never know) and I fear I have ovarian cysts and maybe even uterine fibroids. I've researched fertility supplements that can help your body regulate itself and I bought Fertilaid.

The problem is the effect it has on my thyroid. My thyroid "ran hot", or went hyperthyroid, for a short period of time back in 2011. I believe this was iodine induced as I was taking supplements that had kelp in it. After I quit taking them, my thyroid calmed down. Last year, a small nodule was found on the right side of the thyroid and the Dr. said it doesn't seem suspicious, but to keep an eye on it. Well, after taking the Fertilaid, which has kelp and other thyroid stimulating herbs, my thyroid became inflamed, like I was choking. This was only after 4 or 5 days of taking the supplement. Yesterday, the right side with the nodule became so sore and painful that I quit taking Fertilaid. I'm very disheartened as I was hoping that would regulate my periods and help me ovulate.

I bought Vitex. or chasteberry, yesterday (helps to regulate hormones) to see if that would work, and my thyroid went crazy after I took it (inflammation and pain). I just don't know what to do. I have an appointment with the GYN in a couple weeks, so I will ask for hormone tests. I know back in 2009 I was low on progesterone, cortisol and had adrenal insufficiency.

Has anyone heard of the thyroid going berzerk after taking certain supplements? I really wanted to regulate my thyroid so my hormones would be in check but I'm at a standstill.

Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I really want to start our ttc journey as soon as possible, I'm not getting any younger :(

Thanks to all.

P.S. On a different note, I would recommend serrapeptase for ovarian cysts, etc. It's greatly reduced my pain and bloating. Hopefully, it will keep working and eventually dissolve the cysts!"

  Re: Multiple Remedies
Fri, 11 Apr 14 09:03:45 -0500

04/11/2014: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma: "Hi Bee,

I currently take 100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day, 1 capsule twice a day of the Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo and a big clove of chopped garlic each day. I also sip on potassium broth or potassium-rich coconut water all day.

I am down to only 1/4 tablet of my BP medicine (Metoprolol) and hope to get off of it entirely, soon. I'm not quite there yet, though.

I eat very clean and also try to keep my blood sugar from spiking by eating more frequently. I don't have blood sugar issues, but I've found that keeping things steady has helped my BP some.

Like you, I've tried many, many natural treatments, including all of the ones I've seen you mention. It truly is a trial and error process and there's really no way around it since what works for one person might not for another.

There was a time when ACV worked well for me, but for whatever reason, it ceased to work about a year ago and I've spent the past year trying different combinations. At this point, there's not much I haven't tried.

I'm happy to be down to 1/4 of my BP medicine, though. I'm getting there! You will, too. :)"

  Re: Question on Mask
Fri, 11 Apr 14 08:55:39 -0500

04/11/2014: Buket from Turkey: "I have been experiencing the same problem with dreams. Could you plz tell what kind of mask you are using? Thnx"

Re: Severe Pain in Sacroiliac and Other Joints
Fri, 11 Apr 14 08:51:22 -0500

04/11/2014: Kim from Australia, Act: "Hello,

I'm not sure where this post will end up but I need to ask for some very much needed help. I'm in more and more pain everyday particularly in my sacroiliac joint. I feel arthritic pain in all my joints but this one is debilitating me and it's crushing me because I"m only 24 years old and meant to be in my prime active days. I have always been hard working on my feet without proper support and have fallen on my but a few times but this feels deeper than that like I'm not getting some nutrients necessary for lubrication and ease of movement in joints. Any help is much appreciated. I have thought maybe candid has something to do with it but I believe I have taken care of that a long time ago. Cheers, Kim"

  Re: Parkinson's and Other Ailments
Fri, 11 Apr 14 08:47:22 -0500

04/11/2014: Siddavis from Springfield, Mo: "Have you read Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter? Also look up ketogenic diet videos on youtube and watch as many as you can of those by doctors and researchers or do a google search.

Perlmutter's recommendation for neurological degeneration like Alzheimer's, ALS, MS, and Parkinson's is a diet high in saturated fats and extremely low in carbohydrates (ideally 75% saturated fats, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates with the carbohydrates coming only from a few nuts and some greens).

The evidence is that unsaturated fats (seed oils like corn oil, soybean oil, etc.) are a great danger, and lead to cellular damage. This is because unsaturated fats are easily oxidized. This comes from the hydrogen atom next to the double carbon bond in these chains of fat being extremely weak and easily combined with free radicals. And it is no wonder that your mother has thyroid problems because polyunsaturated fats also suppress thyroid function by reacting with iodine at the double carbon bond, thus depriving the thyroid gland of iodine, an essential part of thyroid hormone.

Unlike polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats do not react with iodine. As a matter of fact the way chemists in labs determine if a fat is saturated or unsaturated is to see how much iodine a given amount of fat absorbs.

Carbohydrates break down into blood sugar. A teaspoon of wheat actually has more glucose in it than a teaspoon of table sugar because table sugar is 1/2 glucose and 1/2 fructose. When you ingest carbohydrates, you body produces insulin to bring down glucose presence in your blood because otherwise you would die from too much sugar in your blood as has happened to many type I diabetics over the years. The insulin carries the glucose into your cells to be stored or burned as fuel, but over the years your cells develop resistance to insulin as a protective measure since the repeated high amounts of insulin from eating a diet high in carbohydrates causes cellular inflammation. Type II diabetes is a result of this insulin resistance in cells, and what is being called type III diabetes is that same resistance that develops in nerve cells. In type III diabetes, the nerve cells start to die from the inability to import glucose, and neurological diseases like your mother's degeneration follow.

What a high fat, low carbohydrate diet does is starve your body of glucose, and keeps your blood sugar so low that insulin production is suppressed. To compensate ketone bodies like beta-hydroxybuterate are produced from fats. These are easily absorbed into all your cells for fuel without needing insulin, and are particularly favored by brain cells. Adaptation to burning ketone bodies happens in a very short time (days, not months). You don't need carbohydrates to live as native populations in the Arctic prove since they can't grow plants to eat; however, you would die without fats and proteins. Any glucose your body might need is manufactured in your liver by breaking down the protein in your diet in the process called neoglycogenesis. You will no doubt be told by the poorly informed that ketosis is dangerous. It is not because in nutritional ketosis resulting from a low carbohydrate diet, it is controlled by your bodies continued ability to produce insulin if needed. Diabetics can't produce enough insulin no matter what, so they can go into ketoacidosis which is the uncontrolled production of ketone bodies, which can be fatal to them without insulin injections. If you mother doesn't need insulin injections now, she would have no problem with ketosis.

I can see you would have a big problem getting a nursing home to feed your mom the ketogenic diet she needs. Too many physicians buy into the low fat, high carbohydrate "heart healthy" baloney even though the evidence says they are wrong, and in fact evidence shows the original study that led to the low fat diet fad was scientific fraud at worst or scientific incompetence at best engineered by Ansel Keys in the 1950's.

What your mom should be eating is at least three tablespoons a day of MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride oil) or unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil which you can get at a good price at Sam's club. She should be eating eggs, bacon, heavy cream, high fat cheeses, fatty steaks, liver, and fatty pork. She should not eat any starchy vegetables, cereals, breads or other grains; no sugars or sweets of any kind; no sodas.

Read the antioxidants that Dr. Permutter recommends and give her those, too.

As for the thyroid issue, like most people she probably doesn't get enough iodine and thyroid deficiency diseases result. You might need to watch her thyroid hormone levels because eliminating polyunsaturated fats will free up some iodine, and she might make more of her own thyroid hormone. She at a minimum should be taking selenium which regulates her own thyroid hormone, and should have as a goal to wean herself from the artificial thyroid hormones she has been prescribed, and replace them with iodine supplements.

if you can find a iodine friendly, ketone friendly doctor, I would say that is about your best shot. If you try this yourself while she is at a nursing home, they might take you to court and force her to eat the garbage they feed at nursing homes.

I personally have done this diet for myself, to address neurological degeneration and lost 70 pounds in the process, a nice side effect. But I read many, many books and research studies, and was not as badly deteriorated as you say is your mother. I take 25 mg of iodine (Iodoral) a day along with 400 mcg of selenium and 500 mg of L-tyrosine in addition to a general health food type vitamin and mineral regimen. I live on about 1,500 kcalories a day with 75% coming from fat, and 20% coming from protein, and I love it. Yum, yum. I avoid doctors but did get my blood work done and all my numbers are well within normal range; the doctor who I went to just scratched his head because being indoctrinated in the faulty wisdom of medical school he couldn't bring himself to believe that a high fat diet was healthful.

All this information is available on the internet if you look hard enough. Good luck."

  Re: Requesting Ted's Help for Renal Cell Carcinoma
Fri, 11 Apr 14 08:39:53 -0500

04/11/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Chance: I went to the fortune teller just to see what condition my condition was in. She said the bad news is I am sick, suffering, stupid, and schizophrenic. The good news is you can get well at the Olympic committee of folk medicine. The gold medal goes to raw eggs. Pastured are best. Organic cage free are good enough. During the night turn on the light and read the first saga in the folk medicine bible. An old woman, who had two days to live, ate 66 raw organic cage free eggs in two days and recovered. Need I say more. The silver medal goes to raw organic fruit. Berries are best. You can make smoothies with the peels. There is a video of a twenty seven year old who recovered from fourth stage glandular cancer, the worst kind, in three weeks eating mostly raw organic fruit. People say do not eat sugar because cancer eats sugar. The three wise men did not believe Herod. The cancer does not eat the sugar because the nutrients create an atmosphere where cells thrive and the tumor dies. A dead tumor does not eat sugar. The bronze medal goes to drinking green smoothies every couple hours made from the best vegetable, organic baby leaves, and the best herb, organic chili. You can add some unrefined sea salt."

Re: Chiropractic for Chronic Fatique
Fri, 11 Apr 14 08:36:03 -0500

[YEA]  04/11/2014: Daffodil from Seattle, Wa: "I had debilitating fatigue for years...like 10 years. I slept all the time and was fatigued with the brain fog, etc. when I was awake. I had really tried everything to fix it but nothing really worked. Then I went to a chiropractor (I found him online, he had very good reviews). The first time I went to him he did an adjustment on me, and there was this massive cracking and popping. I don't know how this works but after this adjustment I just felt so much different- I could fall asleep relatively easily, I slept well, and I could wake up at a normal hour. I know that different people have different responses to chiropractic care, but I had never heard of this as a potential solution to my fatigue, and it has changed my life. If you have tried everything else, it might be useful to find a trusted chiropractor and see if a chiropractic adjustment helps you."

Re: Requesting Ted's Help for Renal Cell Carcinoma
Thu, 10 Apr 14 23:59:20 -0500

04/10/2014: Chance from London: "Dear Ted,

I would be be deeply appreciative for your advise. I have Kidney cancer, which had invaded the vena cava. My left kidney was removed, 18 months ago. After the operation I was in considerable pain for over a year. I was prescribed co- codamol, but I have discovered, that long term use, causes colon cancer.

I have been told recently that my cancer has returned, but has not metastastised, then 3 weeks later, I am now being told that it has. And they want to immediately start chemo. I do not believe their story, as I have been taking Selenium, initially 200 mcg a day, and now 700 mcg a day.

Please can you advise. Chance"

  Re: Frankincense Oil for Lichen Sclerosus
Thu, 10 Apr 14 23:52:01 -0500

04/10/2014: Mary from Minneapolis, Mn: "I had a question about the frankincense oil, did you use it straight or diluted?"

  Re: Magnesium for Insomnia
Thu, 10 Apr 14 23:49:57 -0500

04/10/2014: Tim from Chicago, Illinois: "Liquid forms of magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate are great, and there is also a pill form of Magnesium Glycinate that's also very effective. Magnesium definitely helps to cure insomnia, that's for sure! Best, too, if you take small doses throughout the day, not just at night when you want to go to sleep. Take it throughout the day so it can build up in your system. A lot of times people (and people in general) with insomnia are deficient in magnesium."

  Re: Coconut Oil for Insomnia
Thu, 10 Apr 14 23:48:55 -0500

[NAY]  04/10/2014: Tim from Chicago, Illinois: "Unfortunately coconut oil made me extremely jittery with heart racing."

  Re: Hepatitis C Questions for Bill or Ted
Thu, 10 Apr 14 22:16:11 -0500

04/10/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Betsy...Ted's Hep C remedy concerns supplementing lysine, glutamine, threonine, beta glucan and vitamin C. The full remedy and schedule is shown here:


If you are suffering from cirrhosis of the liver then Milk Thistle(450 mgs twice a day), Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day) and Selenium(200 mcg twice a day) are also advised. Taken at mealtimes."

  Re: Ted's Remedies for Gray Hair
Thu, 10 Apr 14 21:08:30 -0500

04/10/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Wruku: I am sorry we did not reply. Please let me give you folk medicine 101 so that you can be aware. The Dalai Lama wears glasses. He has not been able to reverse his condition despite taking the best remedies all of his life. His body and brain are good but not his eyes. Many people have successfully treated greying hair with a variety of remedies. Many people have not been successful despite taking those exact same remedies. I have tried many remedies to regrow the hair I lost. I have not been successful. I have not lost any more hair and do not have grey hair. My two cousins are almost bald and have white hair. We are the same age. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything alright but I can not. Folk medicine requires studying and experimenting."

  Re: Food and Chemical Sensitivities
Thu, 10 Apr 14 20:29:43 -0500

04/10/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Debby...In answer to your questions:

1. Because I am so chemically sensitive sometimes even supplements give me a really bad headache. Will I get any die off from this remedy and do you think I will be able to cope with 6 drops of luguls in one drink?

I would test all the supplements that you suspect might cause sensitivities individually on your skin first to see if you are allergic/sensitive. Also, particularly for Lugol's Iodine, work up to the full daily dosage(6 drops drops twice a day) using smaller drop dosages initially in case there are any Herx or Detox effects. If this occurs then adjust the dosage lower to suit your needs accordingly.

2. Secondly, because I am taking the sodium molybdate should I take a copper supplement and if so what one do you recommend? Or do you think 2 weeks would not be long enough to deplete the copper.

Generally, candida welcomes excess copper into the body. Excess copper makes candida more virulent and copper is also incorporated into their biofims. So don't worry about the copper, worry about the candida instead. Taking molybdenum will also act to neutralize and reduce the waste toxins in your body from candida, thus reducing the Herx reaction. Molybdenum also kills candida as well. That's why I would avoid taking copper supplements altogether if you have candida. And, as I've already said, taking lugol's iodine(plus all the companion nutrients) will improve your low thyroid problem. Iodine is also essential for healthy nails, skin and hair. The MSM in the drink will also provide sulfur which is also essential for healthy skin, nails and hair.

Another idea for you -- if you suspect mineral imbalance then just get a hair analysis done(quite cheap). This will not only tell what minerals you are lacking but will also tell you what heavy metals you have in excess in your body as well. Armed with this knowledge you should be able to use a more focused protocol to achieve health and balance."

Re: Rooibos Tea for Hyperthyroid, Anxiety and Insomnia
Thu, 10 Apr 14 18:57:31 -0500

[YEA]  04/10/2014: Adriana from Los Angeles, Ca: "Rooibos tea is so calming and relaxing. Other teas, even the caffeine free herbal types can make me jittery but Rooibos just calms me down almost immediately. I tend to put 2-3 tea bags in a cup at a time, and I have 2-3 cups when I need to be extra relaxed and have a great night's sleep. A true miracle product! Rooibos tea and magnesium are the best in calming a hyperactive nervous system."

  Re: Ted's Remedies for Gray Hair
Thu, 10 Apr 14 17:04:05 -0500

04/10/2014: Wruku from Irving, Texas: "I have been emailing third time in the past 30 days without any reply. Does anybody replies for the question? Is this real site or fake site?"

EC: Dear Wruku,

Ted rarely has time to look at posts on Earth Clinic these days. He's too busy treating people in Bangkok. You can try emailing him: parhatsathid@gmail.com.

Re: Coconut Milk Yogurt
Thu, 10 Apr 14 16:58:41 -0500

04/10/2014: Shadel from Nebraska, US: "I tried to make the 'Coconut milk yogurt' as the recipe listed, but it didn't thicken. It is still the consistency of milk. Could someone tell me what I did wrong? Thanks for your help."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Thu, 10 Apr 14 15:10:36 -0500

04/10/2014: Dave from Fountin Inn, Sc: "Hello Timh:

About Ascaris

You mention being hit by the parasite, and I read that it hits the digestive enzymes especially. The "Ascaris carboxypeptidase inhibitor" (wow)... is part of the parasite's defense mechanism...so that means that the enzyme pepsin (and two others) would be deficient as the worm emits the "inhibitor" stopping the human digestive enzyme from working. I'm sure you could lecture to me about all this. And, I'm sure you've tried (lately my favorite digestive help) ... Papaya. Its enzyme, Papain, is very similar to Pepsin...or so I've read. So I wonder if consuming Papaya could help overcome the parasite's inhibitor action. Even if you are rid of the parasite, the action of the inhibitor may still be at work.

Let me know how you've dealt with the digestion issue. Thanks. I know you've gone through much agony. You are just hero for not giving up."

  Re: Throbbing Feet
Thu, 10 Apr 14 12:41:32 -0500

04/10/2014: Pain In Feet from Sacramento, Ca: "Thanks Timh. I will give these things a try!

I forgot to mention I already tried the Ionic foot bath and it didn't help my throbbing feet. But at least I've got the impurities out of my system due to a series of Ionic foot baths."

  Re: Niacin Flush
Thu, 10 Apr 14 09:49:58 -0500

04/10/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hi Kelly Thanks for the info.. Yes I do see some flush free Niacin.

What else are you trying? I did up my COQ10 and I am using the LCarnitine and Taurine and ACV among other things..Hopefully something will work but weaning off these meds are a challenge..

I know that when I had lost a lot of weight and walked 2 miles a day my bp was fine.. Now I have gained some weight back .. still walking but not as much. It must take awhile to figure it all out.... how are you doing?? thank you"

Re: Extreme Body Odor
Thu, 10 Apr 14 09:47:45 -0500

04/10/2014: Mae0012 from Manila, Philippines: "I have a huge problem about my body odor. I tried lots of antiperspirant deodorants; at first it worked but after few days of using it, the smell came back. I don't know what to do anymore. I read some article about the benefits of baking soda but it has side effect like skin rash. Can anyone give me some tips about getting rid of body odor. Thank u so much!"

  Re: Peppermint Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Thu, 10 Apr 14 07:25:06 -0500

[YEA]  04/10/2014: Jodi from London, UK: "I used peppermint oil last night on all the spots and holy crap! If it didn't work. I was amazed! It woke up my entire face and my eyes watered a bit (I have a lot of spots at my temples), but after having lots of lam probe (needle) sessions, this was the cheapest and easiest remedy! I suspect that they will diminish over time by continually using this oil. Thank you!!!!"

  Re: Food and Chemical Sensitivities
Thu, 10 Apr 14 07:21:24 -0500

04/10/2014: Debby from Sydney, Australia: "Thank you Bill for your wonderful advice!!

About 20 years ago I got the Epstein Barr Virus, doctors said I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. No doubt I would have CANDIDA. Over time my energy levels got better, however my chemical/food sensitivities have worsened especially around menopause. So I am really excited to try this new remedy. This is keeping things very simple for me which is just what I need... just a couple of questions.

1. Because I am so chemically sensitive sometimes even supplements give me a really bad headache. Will I get any die off from this remedy and do you think I will be able to cope with 6 drops of luguls in one drink?

2. Secondly, because I am taking the sodium molybdate should I take a copper supplement and if so what one do you recommend? Or do you think 2 weeks would not be long enough to deplete the copper.

Thanking you in advance Bill. Regards, Debby"

Re: Hepatitis C Questions for Bill or Ted
Thu, 10 Apr 14 07:11:10 -0500

04/09/2014: Betsy from San Diego, CA: "I'm going to start taking acetyl-l carnitine and am wondering if it's better to take it on an empty stomach before bed or take it with food. Have read various suggestions..

Also is Arginine OK to take since I have hep-c. I want to take it with lysine, which is supposed to nullify the possible reaction to liver. I want to take it for the nitric oxide effect...Or maybe take L- citrulline?..

Thx much guys..and sending blessings to all on this site."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Thu, 10 Apr 14 02:11:04 -0500

04/10/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Dave: Thanks for your concern and I am making slow progress from near dead for 2 yrs. Lately I only post here on my "good days", but I always find enough energy and focus to read the post.

I will second your observation on Beck, but what I noticed was his general stature and mobility. I would venture to guess Beck was, by birth, somewhat delicate.

Yes, the cardio system is definitely a victim of time and stress. I take several measures of prevention in this area as my heart has been major stressed especially by Hypertension and Ascaris hyperinfestation. I still have occasional "bouts" but most times I am pain free.

I cook half-gallon batches of C.S. in about 1 hr time. It is only of late that I can actually notice improvements from C.S. as yrs past the toxicity was simply too severe.

On the MMS. If you are a fan of lemonade, you can simply add drops of Sodium Chlorite and presto, you have MMS. There is a slight taste of Chlorine but tolerable. As little as two drops daily will culminate in major improvements for the immune system. And if I might add, MMS is probably the best home remedy for Bee, Snake, Scorpion, and Spider bites & stings; a must item in the first-aid kit while in the bush or outback. I had a 6 drop dose tonight w/ a very little nausea. This is currently my max drop level.

I also take 1 dose each of Lipo C and Lipo Borax daily."

  Re: Throbbing Feet
Thu, 10 Apr 14 01:35:39 -0500

04/10/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "I have had this problem for many yrs, except the pain part is not-so-bad as I have significant nerve damage in both feet as well, resulting in predominate numbness.

Mineral, especially Epsom Salt foot baths I take daily.

For heavy metal detox you can take Ted's recommended amounts of Sodium Thiosulfate without the prescription or supervision of a dr.

Detox Foot Pads and Ionic Foot Spa will remove toxins from the soles of feet. I use both these daily/nightly."

  Re: Help Requested Detoxing Aspartame After Drinking Crystal Light
Thu, 10 Apr 14 01:25:15 -0500

04/10/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Zinc, Niacin, and Molybdenum supplementation will empower the alcohol detox system and prevent the hazards of poisoning."

  Re: Hair Loss
Wed, 09 Apr 14 22:03:25 -0500

04/09/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa: "Hello Same Ya from Singapore:

Diatomaceous Earth(DE) will grow hair back after a period of time. Go to the remedies section here at EC. Look for DE and read about it. I've read quite a few testimonials on the net about DE restoring hair in people that had either become completely bald or mostly bald from hair loss. Thanks!"

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 21:51:31 -0500

04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello again Bill,

My "microbe" killing regimen is not as extensive as yours. I keep drinking CS daily (five days a week at least) and occasional Echinacea in water. I do use CS in sinus and ears. In sinus nearly every day as I think just as you; the sinus is where so much microbe action takes place.

On the THC; I watched a Rick Simpson report about a year ago. It was fascinating.

Here is something interesting: I watched on "LINK" TV an Ayurveda guru who mixed a baked substance that he added to the POISON mercury. And then orally consumed the combination. Yes, he knew mercury would poison, but he pointed out that mercury was the most effective microbe killer and that the "addition" kept the mercury from staying in the system, and like CS, would just be washed out after a few days. Ever since I saw that (LINK repeated the show on Indian Ayurveda three times, and I watched all three times)...ever since I saw that I knew that amazing substances were available if...IF...we only had access to the right methods. So my point is that the search for new mechanisms is one that should be seen as wide open. That is why I'm willing to consider MMS, for instance.

But your use of Turpentine is something I need to give more consideration to. And the Boron is also a new addition after reading about it on EC. H202 is something that I use occasionally.

So your approach is more eclectic than mine. Likely better as you are painting with a broader brush."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 21:12:37 -0500

04/09/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Bill: Vertebrates have survived 5 mass extinctions and thrived in between because they have a communication system that encourages the tissues to cooperate with each other. 2mg/day cannabinoids, raw or cooked, activate the system. I buy one ounce cherry flavored 1500mg CBD oil from a company who makes theirs from the flowers of organic Canadian hemp. 750 days for $93. Black pepper and oregano have a special terpene that also activates the system. I am not sure of the dose."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 20:26:14 -0500

04/09/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Dave...Much thanks for your post which I enjoyed reading for sure.

Just to perhaps extend my explanation a bit. I regularly use protocols which I affectionately refer to as protecting my "Caves and Orifices" which entails doing the following.

Ears. Regularly wash out with either Hydrogen Peroxide or a few drops of LI in water a few times a week.

Nose -- I forgot to mention this one as a hiding place (think sinusitis or rhinitis that never goes away). The nose is a prime area for fungal build-up. Use a dropper to wash out the nose with either 1% HP or drops of Lugols iodine and water to clear fungus/bacteria build up. You can also use a neti pot with sea salt.

Teeth(root canals and gums) -- Use a few drops of gum turpentine in the mouth several times daily to help protect the gums and teeth roots. Turps is strongly absorbed by the gums. Or you can use a teaspoon of 50% DMSO(as Hulda Clark recommends) with a few drops of LI. Hold and swish it in the mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out to allow absorption into the gums/roots. In all cases, the absorption and anti-pathogen effect helps to rid inflammation, pain and infection in the gum and root regions. Use 3% HP as your regular mouthwash -- helps whiten teeth as well.

Synovial Regions -- Use DMSO and anti-pathogens(such as clove oil, LI, borax) locally and topically to drive out the hiding viruses etc into the blood. A strong and capable immune system should do the rest.

Lower Intestines(caecum, colon) -- Use laxatives and enemas to clear this region.

Biofilms -- Gum turpentine and protease enzymes are the only remedies that will get rid of biofilms.

Like you I wonder if there is a single cure-all out there. The closest I have ever come to such a remedy in my own research is THC -- the direct whole extract from the cannabis plant. Rick Simpson from Nova Scotia is the guru here. This plant extract cures everything from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and MS to many forms of cancer and no-one knows why and no-one cares. THC is probably on of the most powerful and safe anti-inflammatory and painkilling remedies in existence today. I have also read that THC adjusts body homeostasis back to healthy levels again -- I know of no single natural remedy or cure that can do this. Rick Simpson comes from a simple farming community in Nova Scotia. These people are not in the habit of lying. Here is a video about medicinal THC that will perhaps astonish you as to the range of what it actually cures (from the testimonials on the video):

Run from the Cure

Unfortunately THC or medicinal cannabis is against the law and unobtainable -- unless, of course, you are lucky enough to live in Denver Colorado..."

  Re: Ted's Input Requested for Jumping Legs
Wed, 09 Apr 14 19:55:59 -0500

04/09/2014: Candy from Fort Madison, Iowa: "You might benefit greatly by using oil of magnesium. You can rub some on bottom of your feet, or back of legs, and/or get a small dish tub and soak your feet in it with some warm water. Hope this helps."

  Re: Help Requested Detoxing Aspartame After Drinking Crystal Light
Wed, 09 Apr 14 19:51:22 -0500

04/09/2014: Kt from Usa: "Try a TBS of BSM (blackstrap molasses) in 8-10 oz. warm water and drink slowly. Getting this source of B-vitamins and necessary minerals will help replace all that was lost from the prep.

I don't know of any antidote to Aspartame but I can certainly relate to the numbness, tingling and even losing my vision. I don't know how long I was off of it before the toxic effects went away. However, I still use some drops for my eyes when my vision dims.

FYI: Turmeric and ginger are both good for inflammation."

  Re: Hair Loss
Wed, 09 Apr 14 19:44:14 -0500

04/09/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Same Ya: I had hair falling out and dandruff for forty years. This is the way you can cure the hair problems in just one day. First give the hair a buzz cut and get some sunshine and air for short periods several times per day. Next wet the hair and apply a few drops each of Jamaican black castor oil, cold pressed rose hip seed and carrot seed oils. Then take jiaogulan, hu zhang, and he sho wu. Get properly prepared products from reputable companies. Finally make green smoothies from organic baby leaves and eat either raw organic fruit or take various concentrated powders."

  Re: Throbbing Feet
Wed, 09 Apr 14 19:09:42 -0500

04/09/2014: Pain In Feet from Sacramento, Ca: "Hi, my physician/insurance wouldn't do the chelation, before and after urine test, so then I had a blood test to check metal levels. A nurse here at work has an affiliation with a lab so I paid for it out-of-pocket. The chemical levels turned out normal. But, I started taking DMSA for 3 months any way to see if it made any difference but my feet kept throbbing so I stopped taking it. It's weird, my feet throb all day/night, but they only swell if it's real hot outside."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 16:17:44 -0500

04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Greetings Bill from the Philippines;

Re you VERY enlightening post...Lots of insights on "vulnerable locations" in your post....where the little devils hide out and where is their "base of operations."

The Eustachian Tube is a key...often a stubborn upper infection can be traced there and in fact regular medicine recognized the Eustachian Tube as a key source for "secondary infections" which are not killed by antibiotics. Why? Not much blood gets there and so the bacteria (and viruses) hide out there only to re-infect the system again.

Suppose we could devise a "super" killer...a combo of CS, MMS, DMSO (there are a lot of good broad based anti virals that could go in a mix.

Question about that and you mention the most insidious of them all...that Walter Last calls (and you mentioned) the nano bacteria...the "pleomorphic microbes" which may cause ... who knows what, since they morph into something new. Probably they are susceptible to assault when they are in the changing mode.

Susceptible like coated viruses...susceptible when they are multiplying. That means the virus killer / microbe killer etc must be in a constant "flush" mode for many months. One dose won't do it...of anything.

Not for the killers we're talking about.

But back to your "master list" of targets for the invaders...you are SO right in the likely sites. I think of this as like a bee hive...I mean by way of analogy. The microbes "localize" in a home...an organ or "place" and multiply from there in explosive moments of opportunity...perhaps when the immune system is impaired; or even when their victim is depressed. Then they fire out their offspring to invade elsewhere in the body; when they "sense" immune weakness.

And there you have it...attacking in a myriad set of methods. The most vulnerable you listed.

I'm in search mode for the "super" cleanse...a combo? As much of a proponent of CS as I am, I think it has its weaknesses. Which is why I often mention other anti microbes like Echinacea. Oh, for a lab and some funding."

  Re: Ted: Mystery Ailment
Wed, 09 Apr 14 15:26:48 -0500

04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Neguarian,

I'm not Ted but just a question relative to your daughter's condition. You do not give any of her history...medical, physical or anything else that might help Ted figure out what is going on...or for that matter anyone else who would want to help her. For instance, has she been on medication of any kind? Statins in the last year? Any history of A Fib? Any history of serious infection (mono, strep etc)? If an infection (a memorable and serious infection...what was it and where in the body)...Any accidents in the past year?

And...When was onset of the headaches? Does she think the headaches are related to the rest of the problems? Is she depleted of energy? If so, did the energy depletion coincide with the onset of the other symptoms?

You said she had an MRI of the head...nothing of the spine that might be showing lesions?

There are two parts to good analysis: First an accurate diagnosis and Second a possible array of either cures for the problem or "helps" to alleviate symptoms.

The more clues you can give Ted, the better he (or others) can give you good suggestions."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 15:09:54 -0500

04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello there Timh

How are you doing these days?

Re...Bob Beck...there is even a youtube video of him making full strength CS using what I call the "fast" method. Exactly how I was taught. And in that video he drinks it undiluted!!! I was NOT taught that.

But, he died too young...only 77 from heart failure. Which is a lesson to us all. The "machine" is multifaceted. We have to keep all the parts in proper working order. I noticed in progressive videos of Bob, he wasn't looking vigorous. I asked myself; what is Bob doing wrong...something is absent in his nutrition program and I suspected lack of cardio because his face was looking "leathery" and bleached, as if not enough circulation was present.

So; viruses and fungi and bacterial infestation did not kill Bob...oh too soon...but I believe lack of cardio nutrients likely did.

Pay attention to ALL the parts. All the issues must be addressed. That's why a whole foods approach with a broad array of nutrients is what I think is best. I'm trying to cover all the bases."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 14:34:21 -0500

04/09/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "*correction* Bob Beck"

  Natural Remedies for Breast Enhancement?
Wed, 09 Apr 14 14:21:32 -0500

[YEA]  04/09/2014: Jane from Massachusetts, US: "The herbs that will enhance breast size are Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam and Fenugreek. There are breast enlargement pills that contain all three, that seem to have good reviews. However you can buy all three herbs individually for a lot less.

Massaging your breasts, I'm assuming, is a form of jelqing, which is done in many cultures by men, since the beginning of time, to increase the size of their member. I have a friend who was rebounding (using a mini trampoline) as exercise and claimed that her bust was increasing in size. This is the first thing I thought of."

Re: Ted: Mystery Ailment
Wed, 09 Apr 14 14:14:51 -0500

04/09/2014: Neguarin-dubeibe from Raleigh, NC: "This is a question for Ted. It is about my daughter 22yo. Healthy until the last four months when she started with a headache and tingling sensation for about three weeks, then that sensation move to her knees and sometimes to her feet. Take her to the doctor. Head MRI done nothing wrong. Only thing low was Vitamin D (12). Started taking almost 7 thousand units everyday. She felt bad. Then pain on her chest. EKG done, nothing wrong. She complains every day from a different thing. Numbness on her right leg has been the last problem. Every single pain comes and goes. She cries because she said she wants to feel fine at least one day. I don't know what to do. Any ideas? Please respond to me. Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful and useful website, God bless you."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attacks
Wed, 09 Apr 14 14:10:43 -0500

[YEA]  04/09/2014: Arya926 from Port Huron, Mi: "to Macy fromSan Juan City: I am also afraid to have my gallbladder removed. I was recently released from the hospital and I am determined to do anything necessary to keep all my parts. I learned that barberry bark will slowly dissolve gallstones and it is the main ingredient in Dr.christopher's liver and gall bladder formula. I have been taking it since I got home from the hospital and, although it has only been about 10 days, I am feeling much better.

i have tried to cut many of the fats from my diet and I also take a digestive enzyme tablet before each meal. If the meal will contain fat, I add a betaine hcl tablet to help digest the fat so my gall bladder and pancreas don't have to work so hard.

i indulged a bit last night and ended up sick all night; however, I took some Apple Cider Vinegar and the symptoms have subsided. Usually, I am sick for several days so I think it really helped."

Re: Lupus with Nephritis 2, for Ted
Wed, 09 Apr 14 14:05:40 -0500

04/09/2014: Asma from Karachi, PK: "DEAR TED, Hi!

My sister diagnosed SLE since 6 month ago. Doctor prescribed her deltacotrain and she eating since 6 month but there is no relief in pain .. her right side (arm and legs) have severe pain. Now she got a problem of Utris as she feeling its going down. She had 03 children.

Now I want to start this natural way, but I don't know where should I start? and from where I can got all supplement and your recommendation. Can you please give me a detail brief for it.

thanks for you response."

Re: Hair Loss
Wed, 09 Apr 14 12:11:14 -0500

04/09/2014: Same Ya from Singapore: "Hi, I was having severe hair fall and dandruff for which I have consulted doctor he has advised clobex and steiprox shampoo using daily alternatively, then dandruff was controlled n hair fall too then he started regro 3 monoxide for hair loss for 1month and it has started again hair fall and due to that I have stopped using regro but my hair are falling a lot please suggest me some solution for stoping hair fall."

  Re: Levofloxacin for Sinusitis
Wed, 09 Apr 14 12:08:32 -0500

04/09/2014: Dani from Miami, Florida: "Is Levoflaxin the same as Levaquin? I took Levaquin for a sinus infection and it almost killed me! I could not move my arms for months because of the pain! If anyone here has taken Levaquin, you must detoxify it! Glutathione drips have been found to get it out and they helped eliminate my pain along with other natural homeopathic remedies. Levaquin and Fluoroquinolones can cause tendon rupture and pain that never goes away along with other terrible problems! These medications do have black box warnings! If your doctor prescribes a Flouroquinoline drug to you, he/she is irresponsible and risking your life! These drugs are poisons that can be lethal and need to be taken off the market ASAP before they do more irrepairable damage to people! There are tons of message boards online filled with people who have lost their health and are incapacitated because of drugs like Levaquin in the Flouroquinoline family."

Help Requested Detoxing Aspartame After Drinking Crystal Light
Wed, 09 Apr 14 12:03:54 -0500

[SIDE EFFECTS]  04/09/2014: Crystal from Brooklyn, Ny: "I had to drink something for my colonoscopy and added crystal light because they said it help with the taste. Didn't know it contain aspartame until I finished a gallon in a day started having alot of pain. I have the numbness/tingling in the limbs effect and it hurts bad, can't sleep. Please first time it's the second day of pain. What can I take?"

  Re: Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak for Scabies
Wed, 09 Apr 14 12:00:36 -0500

[YEA]  04/09/2014: Smittymom from Des Moines, LA: "I just wanted to comment on the Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide post. You have saved my sanity!!! I have 4 kids under 9 and we think my husband brought home scabies from work. It has been a horrible experience! Especially for our 15 month old who was struggling terribly-up hours at night screaming etc. I was desperate. After several internet search attempts I found this site. I did not want to use Ivermectin and Permethrin creams-so I tried several home remedies--lots of coconut oil (which my 15mo old reacted to so we had to switch her to grapeseed oil-worked great) We used those carrier oils for the young living's Thieves oil-which worked great for relief-but didn't cure. We also used Naturasil stuff-lavender/sulfer soap, tea tree oil soak, the sulfer lotion, and the spray to kill stuff--along with washing everything-everyday. All of those things helped-and maybe even cured my husband--but my baby girl had nests all over-and head to toe rash--she was in misery. Not until we started the hydrogen peroxide/borax soak did she truly see results--and I saw them the first day!!!!! It was amazing!!! I only used about 1/3 c borax and 1/4 c. hydrogen peroxide for her--borax is hard on skin so be careful! Will really dry out. for myself I followed the 1c borax and 1/2 c Hydrogen peroxide. We so far have done 2 nights of borax baths and this is the first day I can say she has no new spots and the old ones are fading fast. It's been 10 days of hell for us (my husband started itching 2 months ago) but the last week and a half were awful.

I also made up a spray bottle of about 20oz warm water and added 2 Tbs borax and 2Tbs hydrogen peroxide. I spray this all over my house and when I have an itch I put it on my skin and let it dry there. After that I still use the coconut oil (2Tbs melted) with 4-5drops of Thieves oil-its got clove in it--and I put that on the itchy spots as well. We also put the tea tree oil in the baths at night as well-we then air dry to let the oil and borax stay on our skin. After that I cover in the coconut oil I have found some very dry/leathery like spots on my skin after borax-but its so much better than a scabies itch-so I will lotion or oil up. We also put borax in all our laundry loads washing everything on super hot (we turned our hot water heater all the way up) and drying everything completely (and putting all pillows in the dryer daily for 20-30min)

We will continue the nightly bath ritual (which takes about 4 hours for 6 people it seems). For a few more days at least-until the baby is completely healed-and then we will probably do every 2-3 days for awhile just in case-I'm not risking re-infection--this has been a nightmare.

This was an AMAZING find!! Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide made all the difference for the cure!!!! Thank You Thank You thank you!!! Getting our lives back. :)"

  Could Acidophilus Capsule Not Dissolve Fully and Get Stuck?
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:59:45 -0500

04/09/2014: Silm from Australia: "I just read most comments about BV and inserting acidophilus. I have used it vaginally, but never had BV. Late last year I went to the Dr because of bleeding after sex and a smell that was horrible. All STD checks and BV check was clear. I did however use a acidophilus capsule vaginally to help with the odour. My Dr never heard of this.

I also have a Mirena and wondered if the Mirena can cause imbalances in the ph level down there.

Nevertheless the symptoms came back and the Ultrasound revealed that there is a foreign object stuck, length 2cm. My Dr thinks its the residual of the capsule I used vaginally. Either way after the ultrasound went back to the Dr. to remove this 'object.' Strange thing is she can't see nor feel it and called a second Dr to confirm. Same. Then she sent me off to the womens hospital. Same story, two Dr checked and no findings. Now I am booked in for a surgery, D and C, removal of the 'object, ' taking out the mirena and put a new one in at the same time. My question is is it possible for the capsule to not fully dissolve and get stuck so far up that one needs surgery to remove it? I don't think it is a retained tampon, nor does my Dr, as the measurements don't correspond. Apart from that I haven't put anything else in my vagina, tampons or a capsule on the occasion."

  Re: Rave Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:56:51 -0500

04/09/2014: Ron from Fl: "Few realize the actual cause of RA. That cause originates in the bowels and has everything to do with digestion, leaky gut and toxic colon. Juice fasts certainly help the problem but in order to speed that process, I also recommend sodium bentonite powder, five tablespoons each day for about a year to heal the bowel and body. That can be done with the juicing. What you are doing with the juicing will work it will just take more time to cure. Those that continue to take the doctor prescribed medication have no idea that the medication is actually contributing to the problem making things worse and that is why people have to change drugs after a time. Another very important part to the healing process is probiotics. Happy healing."

  Re: Niacin Flush
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:50:41 -0500

04/09/2014: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma: "Bee, I ordered my Inositol Hexanicotinate (flush-free Niacin) from Amazon, so if you copy/paste what I italicized above into Amazon's search box, you'll find the brand.

It should appear as the second result of the search (white bottle w/ yellow cap). It's very inexpensive, which is always a plus. :)"

  Re: How to Treat SLE Disease (Lupus)
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:50:04 -0500

04/09/2014: Asma from Karachi: "Thanks. Is it in the name of deltacotrain also ?? She is taking it ... but symptoms are still there and they got side effects over it. so we want some natural ways."

Banana Peel for Hypertension
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:45:38 -0500

04/09/2014: Faeqa from Amman, Jordan, Jordan: "I read this information in a Chinese site and I want to submit it for readers who have High blood pressure, I didn’t try it because I don’t have Hypertension.

Banana peel for Hypertension: boil eight dry banana peel a day, and pour it in the bottle and drunk as a tea all the day, drink eight days, you cannot cut off, no grade less than sixty four banana. Drink eight days to heal.

Anyone try it please let us know the effect of it.


Apple Cider Vinegar for a Sty
Wed, 09 Apr 14 11:43:52 -0500

[YEA]  04/09/2014: Lisa from Brisbane: "Sty:

I noticed a red rash above my eye yesterday morning and as the morning went on it got puffier & puffier (suspecting it may turn into a sty) so I put 2 Tablespoons of ACV in a cup of water and each hour bathed my eye with cotton wool and the ACV solution. It was alot bettter by nighttime. My eye was still abit puffy when I awoke this morning, so kept bathing my eye every hour for the next 5 hours and its great. Cured. Fantastic site for solutions to problems."

  Re: Question for Dave Regarding Viral Link to Autoimmunity
Wed, 09 Apr 14 02:54:45 -0500

04/09/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Dave: I think it was Walter Beck that proclaimed that using both Colloidal Silver & Zapping, in sufficient quantity would, in a matter of wks or months, kill ALL pathogens in the body.

I am zapping at maximum and am drinking 1 cup C.S. daily and am slowly making progress. It's been several days that I haven't taken 6 drop MMS dose and am beginning to think it impossible to kill all these pathogens without MMS. Jim Humble nicknamed MMS the Tasmanian Devil as it systematically destroys almost every known pathogen."

  Re: Aloe Vera Oil for Pulmonary Fibrosis
Tue, 08 Apr 14 23:46:58 -0500

04/09/2014: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "I used 20 drops three times a day of aloe vera minimum. Selenium and taurine may help too. Ted"

Tammy's ACV Recipe
Tue, 08 Apr 14 23:34:23 -0500

04/08/2014: Tammy from Los Angeles, Ca: "Here is my daily tonic. 2 tbls of ACV, 4 teaspoons of raw honey preferably from your local beekeeper and 1 tsp of Ceylon cinnamon. I heat up a little water in a coffee cup and put the cinnamon in it and let it steep for 20 minutes. I then pour the cinnamon into my drinking container and add the ACV and honey, stir and fill up the bottle with purified water and drink it 30 minutes before each meal. Amazing health benefits in honey and cinnamon and you won't even taste the ACV..."

Ted's Lime Formula Helped Ailments, But Now Experiencing Side Effects
Tue, 08 Apr 14 23:30:50 -0500

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  04/08/2014: Intiyaz from Surrey Bc: "Hi earth clinic, I have been using your lime and baking soda formula and it has worked really well, I had gout using this formula of 2 tbsp or lime n 1/2 bs it solved all my problem. Burning tongue bad taste no joint pains lost lots of weight in process. The problem what I run into is I have burning hands mouth lips. My leg shins mostly . I don't know if I am missing something which is causing this sensations. I don't know if I am lack other vitamins? I do this 4 on 3 off days. Is it ok to drink ACV daily 1 tbsp in just plain water once every other. Day? Thanks . This site is great I have told many of my friends about this site. Reply ASAP"





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