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 Re: Can I Apply Lugol's Iodine Topically for a Breast Tumor?

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:54:19 -0500
Posted by Yvonne (Millersville) on 10/03/2015

I have a friend who applies 2% Lugols topically to the breast. Caffeine makes cysts worse for some people, too.

 Re: My Toddler Does Not Drink Milk and is a Picky Eater

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:53:50 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 10/03/2015

Dear Aronmor,

I have adult children who are very healthy and almost never drank milk once they were weaned. They really couldn't tolerate it. Yogurt is great. And fruits are very nutritious. Toddlers often do not eat a lot and that is okay.

You are right - do not force him to eat. Do continue to put small amounts of new foods on his plate but don't make a big deal out of it, even if he doesn't eat them.

I would not give fruit juice to drink. Water is fine for children who do not drink milk. Fruit juice fills them up a surprising amount and can affect their appetite. Just let meal time be a pleasant family time and he will likely increase what he eats on his own.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:52:41 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 10/03/2015

Dear Ladonna,

I would try the tea tree essential oil diluted in some extra virgin coconut oil topically once or twice a day. 1-3 drops of tea tree essential oil per teaspoon of coconut oil.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Doctors Won't Help My Father with Bladder Cancer

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:51:34 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 10/03/2015

Dear Sophia,

I am sorry about your father. It is discouraging to have the elderly written off like that.

Look here for some ideas to help him. Earth Clinic Bladder Cancer Page

And enjoy your days with him. None of us knows how many days we will have with any of our loved ones, no matter their age.

~Mama to Many~

Sonic Toothbrush for Receding Gums and Gum Disease

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:31:27 -0500
Posted by Robert (Ca, Usa) on 10/03/2015

Above link is a dental archive. Most commentors have success with sonic toothbrushes. Other remedies such as CoQ10(ubiquinol), 100mgs per day is also mentioned but nothing miraculous.

My Toddler Does Not Drink Milk and is a Picky Eater

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:28:58 -0500
Posted by Aronmor (Ireland, Dublin) on 10/03/2015

My son is 2 years and 9 months and it's been a month now that he does not drink pure milk. I tried to look online for what can be given to him as alternative and I found yogurt and soya products. Now he's taking yogurt milk and probiotics. I give him vitamins and mineral supplements prescribed by his pediatrician. Although I have read that cow's milk is not actually good for children I still worry that he does not get enough nutrients. He's a picky eater. He does not want vegetables but he likes all fruits.

Can you please give me some tips on how to make him eat nutritious foods? When he does not want to eat, we cannot force him because he will cry and vomit if we do.

Looking for Natural Remedies for Enlarged Adenoids in Three Year Old Child

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:25:06 -0500
Posted by Komal (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh) on 10/03/2015

I want to know the treatment for adenoids through homeopathic medicine or through natural remedies.. My 3 years old child has such problem ...

Can I Apply Lugol's Iodine Topically for a Breast Tumor?

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:18:03 -0500
Posted by Goodhealth (New Jersey) on 10/03/2015

Is it safe to topically apply Lugol's iodine directly on the breast with the tumor?

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:15:28 -0500
Posted by Ladonna (Nc) on 10/03/2015

I have sebaceous hyperplagia, this is Very distressing for me. Will tea tree oil help? And how do I use it? Does it need to be diluted. Please help!

Doctors Won't Help My Father with Bladder Cancer

Sat, 03 Oct 15 19:13:32 -0500
Posted by Sofia (Birmingham, England ) on 10/01/2015

My dad has bladder cancer, Doctors are not helping, They won't help as my dad is old. Please help me cure my dad. Help me.

  Re: Castor Oil for Abdominal Adhesions

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:39:30 -0500
Posted by Prem (Bangalore, India) on 10/03/2015

Hi Ellie,

I am from India and am facing the similar problem of abdominal adhesions after a major surgery. If you can suggest your doctor from India and the process of appying castor oil pack, may help me as well. Really appreciate your response.

 Re: Help Needed for Chronic Tonsillitis

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:37:11 -0500
Posted by Robert (Ca) on 10/03/2015

I had frequent tonsilitis about 40yrs ago & cured it with one large dose of comfrey herb cooked with chicken soup. As you are vegie, you might try the tea. I worked in medicine & they wanted to remove them, however they are intact today. This may not work for all however & it appears you have many complications. When using vit-C, use the powdered sodium ascorbate, which is buffered, non-gmo type to get a minimum of 10 grams per day in divided doses. More is always better & take up to bowel tolerance. 1000mgs, (1-gram), does not make a 'dent' in any illness.Search out 'orthomolecular medicine' for details. It is near impossible to advise further without a proper 'intake', I.e., complete profile regards your entire self, diet, etc., so there are many unknowns. A good licensed naturopath would, for example, spend up to 2-hrs with you to get all the details, order proper lab tests, etc. Barring that expense, try the 'doctoryourself(dot)com website for all disease states & orthomolecular research. Andy Saul, PhD, has been a biochem professor & researcher for over 40yrs. I highly recommend his site & himself as a professional & human being. He offers over 300,000 articles freely on his site. I personally met & knew one of the founders, David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, (deceased), who founded orthomolecular psychiatry, another great human being.

 Re: What Alternatives Are There for Fluoride Toothpastes for Children?

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:36:31 -0500
Posted by Robert (Ca) on 10/03/2015

Besides toothpaste, are there other sources of fluoride such as water, vegie produce, etc.? Here, in the USA, both the CDC & FDA state that fluoride is for topical use only & not for ingestion, thereby disclaiming any liability, even though the Federal gov't mandates fluoridation of the water supplies in most states.It's a political issue & not health, but I digress. Non-fluoridated toothpaste/powder can be obtained online, assuming you have no local resources, or make your own. I would caution on baking soda or clay due to the abrasion it causes on enamel. Fluoride is removed/displaced from the thyroid via iodine from direct supplement, or diet such as sea foods, algae, fish, etc.

Black Walnut, Wormwood, Garlic for Parasites

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:35:48 -0500
Posted by Cloud17 (Massachusetts) on 10/03/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi, for about a year now I've been having some weird health problem. I did some research and discovered all my stomach, sleep and fatigue issues were probably cause my a parasite infestation.

So for about a month I've been doing a cleanse using black walnut, wormwood and garlic. Was thinking of adding cloves cause it been maybe a little over a month and some of my issues have gone away but I randomly keep getting like flu sick with stomach pain and diarrhea. When this happens I see a lot of them coming out. I was just curious if this is normal and I still keeps seeing eggs and my girlfriend who has been doing it with me hasn't really noticed anything except eggs and about every two weeks I see a ton of eggs coming out. Been getting really thirsty, drinking about a gallon of water a day.

Am I making good progress and should just keep going or try a new combo? I have been doing the capsule supplement 500 mg each. Just looking for some advice.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:32:32 -0500
Posted by Anne (Ellicott City, Md) on 10/03/2015

[YEA]  I was suffering from menorrhagia as I am perimenopause at age 47 and had an IUD inserted to stop the bleeding in the moment. I was getting chest pains, shortness of breath and heart palpitations with this IUD and recently read that this IUD causes breast cancer and decided to have it removed and opted for bioidentical progesterone. When the IUD was removed I immediately started bleeding which became heavier and heavier. I searched and then came here to Earth Clinic and decided to try organic ACV since it had gotten such rave reviews from other women with a similar condition. I literally went from heavy clotted flow to light then nothing in 2 days! I was floored! It really does work and I am so grateful to all of the women that commented here.

I would also recommend bioidentical progesterone replacement as that has heart protective benefits. I am taking 50mg CMP progesterone and drinking 2 tbsp ACV 2x per day. I feel amazing!

My doctor explained that we are subjected to xenoestrogens in just about every processed product we consume (including bottled water made with BPH) and touch in our lives. These xenoestrogens cause hormonal imbalance in the form of estrogen dominance and that can cause heavy menstruation. The ACV helps to eliminate these xenoestrogens, thus restoring balance along with the bioidentical hormone replacement. LOVE IT!!!!

  Re: Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:30:59 -0500
Posted by Lee (Mercer, Pa) on 10/03/2015

Get tested for Lyme. The symptoms and ailments you described where exactly what I experienced when I first got Lyme.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Brain Fog

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:30:41 -0500
Posted by Sarah (United States) on 10/03/2015

The brain can also use ketones instead of glucose. Hence the concept of the ketogenic diet and other similar diets. Coconut oil aids in the production of ketones so it can help feed the brain in the absence of glucose.

Clay Poultice for Shingles

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:29:48 -0500
Posted by Danny (Toronto, Canada) on 10/03/2015

[YEA]  I had shingles on my back over thirty years ago.

I have a book Our Earth Our Cure. It suggested to use a clay poultice on the area. I went to the Heath food store and bought regular powdered clay. You take a glass or ceramic bowl, put some clay in the bottom and cover with tap water.Let it sit for a couple of hours. Get a white piece of cotton cloth and put some clay on it with a wooden spoon ( no metal ). Place the cloth on the affected area. Since it was on my back I used one of those elastic bandages and wound it around my body.Keep it on overnight and re-apply in the morning. Within 24 hours the pain disappeared.

I kept it up for a whole month and have never had any recurrences since then.

  Re: Borax for Mycoplasmas

Sat, 03 Oct 15 18:27:12 -0500
Posted by Margaret (Nc) on 10/03/2015

Hi all,

I thought it was dangerous to take clove oil internally? Can someone comment? Is there such a thing as food-grade borax?

I have been doing a lot of research trying to find natural treatments for Myco. and each website seems to say a different thing!

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